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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 20283

Chapter 20283 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Selonen Olavi; Ehlers Carl; Luodes Hannu; Lerssi Jouni, 2005:
The Vehmaa rapakivi granite batholith; an assemblage of successive intrusions indicating a piston-type collapsing centre

Higgins Edwin, 1911:
The Vekol copper deposits

Kohut Milan, 1992:
The Vel'ka Fatra granitoid pluton; an example of a Variscan zoned body in the Western Carpathians

Morgan Henry J.Jr., 1931:
The Velasco-Mendez contact in the vicinity of the Ebano field, Mexico

Strougo A., 1986:
The Velascoensis event; a significant episode of tectonic activity in the Egyptian Paleogene

Anonymous, 1993:
The Velate Tunnel, Navarra

Dupraz J., 1986:
The Velay Batholith and its metamorphic and plutonic country rock, French Massif Central

Ledru P.; Courrioux G.; Dallain C.; Lardeaux J.M.; Montel J.M.; Vanderhaeghe Olivier; Vitel G., 2001:
The Velay Dome (French Massif Central); melt generation and granite emplacement during orogenic evolution

Reille M.; de Beaulieu J.L., 1989 :
The Velay Maars (Massif Central, France); key sites for the middle and upper Pleistocene pollen sequences

Bonifay E., 1982:
The Velay Maars and the volcano-sedimentary fills

Ledru P.; Courrioux G.; Dallain C.; Feybesse J.L.; Scanvic J.Y., 1990:
The Velay granitic massif (French Central Massif); preliminary results of 1:100,000 mapping

Hoehl G., 1982:
The Veldensteiner Forest of the Northern Franconian Alb and the Wiesent Alb

Sonkin L.S.; Teodorovich Y.N., 1980:
The Veliko-Gadominets Deposit of high-grade kaolin

Petrov Peter; Tsenov Ludmil; Boncheva Haritina; Sotirov Peter; Glavcheva Rumiana, 1980:
The Velingrad earthquake of November 3, 1977

Cassoli A.; Ruggeri A., 1999:
The Velino-Ocre-Sirente Group (Abruzzi Apennines); a geological site to protect

Hornik S., 1978:
The Velky Spicak cryoplanation terraces in the Bohemian-Moravian highlands

Georgsson L.S.; Haraldsson G.I.; Johannesson H.; Gunnlaugsson E., 1985:
The Vellir thermal field in Borgarfjoerdur, West Iceland

Rutledge Richard Boyden, 1944:
The Velma (oil) field, Stephens County, Oklahoma

Kelch Hans Juergen; Paulus Bruno, 1980:
The Velpke-Asse Devon Project in the framework of the search for a pre-Upper Carboniferous natural gas reservoir

Maarleveld G.C., 1962:
The Veluwe

Johnson D.; Hogg Nelson G.; Biscaye Pierre E.; Gardner W., 1981:
The Vema Channel project; oceanographic perspective and scientific objectives

Johnson David A., 1984:
The Vema Channel; physiography, structure, and sediment-current interactions

Eittreim Stephen L.; Ewing John I., 1974:
The Vema Fracture Zone transform fault; its sediment expression

Faugeres Jean Claude; Zaragosi S.; Mezerais M.L.; Masse L., 2002:
The Vema contourite fan in the South Brazilian Basin

Von Herzen R.P.; van Andel T.H.; Phillips J.D., 1971:
The Vema fracture and tectonics of transverse shear zones in oceanic crustal plates

Vai G.B.; Lucchi F.R., 1976:
The Vena del Gesso in Northern Apennines; growth and mechanical break-down of gypsified algal crusts

Calvo; Bolz Angela, 1987:
The Venado sequence, a tropical estuary of the middle Miocene, San Carlos, Costa Rica

Weber David L., 1989:
The Venango portable drilling machine

Bulgatov A.N., 1994:
The Vend-Cambrian grabens in framing of the Central Asian paleoocean

Fournier H.G.; Benderitter Y.; Febrer J., 1973:
The Vendee magnetotelluric sounding, France

McCall G.J.H., 2006:
The Vendian (Ediacaran) in the geological record; enigmas in geology's prelude to the Cambrian explosion

Gnilovskaya M.B., 1979:
The Vendian Metaphyta

Sokolov B.S., 1972:
The Vendian Stage in Earth History

Sokolov B.S., 1972:
The Vendian Stage in the Earth history

Ivanovskiy A.B., 1984:
The Vendian Stage in the evolution of the organic world

Khomentovsky, VV., 1986:
The Vendian System of Siberia and a standard stratigraphic scale

Sokolov B.S., 1985:
The Vendian System; historical-geological and paleontological basis

Keller B.M., 1982:
The Vendian and Cambrian boundary

Korolev V.G.; Maksumova R.A.; Mambetov A.M.; Ogurtsova R.N., 1984:
The Vendian and Lower Cambrian in the paleozoids of the Tien Shan

Aksenov Y.M., 1984:
The Vendian and its historical-geologic position

Sokolov Boris Sergeevich, 1964:
The Vendian and the problem of the boundary between the Pre-Cambrian and the Palaeozoic group

Sokolov Boris S.; Fedonkin Mikhail A., 1984:
The Vendian as the terminal system of the Precambrian

Aksenov Y.M., 1967:
The Vendian complex in the eastern Russian platform

Zaika Novatskiy V.S.; Aseyeva Y.A.; Velikanov V.A., 1969:
The Vendian complex of Podolia

Fedonkin Mikhail A.; Waggoner Benjamin M., 1996:
The Vendian fossil Kimberella; the oldest mollusk known

Yakobson K.E., 1984:
The Vendian in its type region

Kirsanov V.V., 1970:
The Vendian in the central part of the Russian platform

Makhnach A.S.; Veretennikov N.V.; Shkuratov V.I., 1986:
The Vendian in the western part of the East European Platform

Khomentovskiy V.V., 1984:
The Vendian of Siberia and its general stratigraphic scale

Stankovskiy A.F.; Verichev Y.M.; Dobeyko M.P., 1985:
The Vendian of southeastern Belomorye

Khomentovsky V.V. (Khomentovskiy V.V.; Postnikov A.A.; Karlova G.A.; Kochnev B.B.; Yakshin M.S.; Ponomarchuk V.A., 2004:
The Vendian of the Baikal-Patom Upland, Siberia

Aksenov Y.M., 1985:
The Vendian of the East European Platform

Aksenov Y.M. ), 1984:
The Vendian of the East-European Platform

Kruglov S.S., 1976:
The Vendian of the Flysch Carpathians

Khomentovskiy V.V., 1985:
The Vendian of the Siberian Platform

Butakov Y.P.; Karpinskiy R.B.; Ustalov V.V., 1975:
The Vendian of the Teisk-Chapa region of the Yenisei Ridge

Bekker Y.R., 1985:
The Vendian of the Urals

Yakobson K.E., 1984:
The Vendian of the stratotype region

Makhnach A.S.; Veretennikov N.V.; Shkuratov V.I., 1986:
The Vendian of the western East European Platform

Makhnach A.S.; Veretennikov N.V.; Shuratov V.I., 1984:
The Vendian of the western part of the East-European Platform

Maidanskaya Irina D., 1996:
The Vendian paleogeography of the East European Platform

E.F.L.tnikova; A.B.K.znetsov; S.V.V.shcheva; V.P.K.vach, 2006:
The Vendian passive continental margin of the southern Siberian Craton; evidence from geochemical, Sm-Nd, and Sr isotope data

Sokolov Boris Sergeyevich, 1984:
The Vendian period in the history of the Earth

Pelechaty Shane M., 1996:
The Vendian petroleum system with emphasis on a breached oilfield in northern Siberia

Kaufman Alan J.; Jacobsen Stein B.; Knoll Andrew H., 1993:
The Vendian record of Sr and C isotopic variations in seawater; implications for tectonics and paleoclimate

Hambrey M., 1983:
The Vendian sequence of northeastern Spitsbergen; a dolomite-tillite association

Hambrey Michael J.; Moncrieff Andrew C.M., 1988:
The Vendian succession of East Greenland; a record of sub-polar type glaciation

Fairchild, I.J.; Hambrey, M.J., 1984:
The Vendian succession of northeastern Spitsbergen; petrogenesis of a dolomite-tillite association

Korolev V.G.; Maksumova R.A.; Sagyndykov K.S., 1981:
The Vendian tilloid complex of Tien Shan, U.S.S.R

Uchio Yuko; Isozaki Yukio; Nohda Susumu; Kawahata Hodaka; Ota Tsutomu; Buslov Mikhail M.; Maruyama Shigenori, 2001:
The Vendian to Cambrian paleo-environment in shallow mid-ocean; stratigraphy of Vendo-Cambrian seamount-top limestone in the Gorny Altai Mountains, southern Russia

Keller B.M., 1983:
The Vendian-Cambrian boundary

Bukatchuk P.D., 1972:
The Vendian-Cambrian boundary in the relation to Cambrian stratigraphy of Moldavia

Markova N.G.; Korobov M.N.; Zhuravleva Z.A., 1972:
The Vendian-Cambrian section in southwestern Mongolia

Puchkov Victor (Puchkov Viktor), 1992:
The Vendian-Paleozoic history of the western half of the Uralo-Mongolian folded belt

Seslavinsky K.B. (Seslavinskiy K.B.; Maidanskaya I.D.; Kusnetsov N.B., 1995:
The Vendian-early Paleozoic paleogeographical zonality of the East European Platform

Sliaupa Saulius; Fokin Pavel; Lazauskiene Jurga; Stephenson Randell A., 2006:
The Vendian-early Paleozoic sedimentary basins of the East European Craton

Mardon A.A.; Mardon E.G., 2002:
The Venerable Bede's observation of the comet of 729 A.D

Doglioni C., 1992:
The Venetian Alps thrust belt

Brandes H., 2000:
The Venezuela flash floods and debris flows of 15-16 December 1999

Davey John C., 1947:
The Venezuelan Andes and the coastal and interior ranges

Davey John C., 1949:
The Venezuelan Andes and the coastal and interior ranges; pt. 3, The eastern coast range

Shagam Reginald, 1972:
The Venezuelan Andes, a backdoor to the Caribbean

Blin B., 1990:
The Venezuelan Caribbean Mountain Range front between Serrania de Portuguesa and the Tiznados area; lithostratigraphy and tectonics

Rodriguez Simon E., 1995:
The Venezuelan Coast Cordillera; an important reservoir of industrial mineral

Bizzi L.A., 2005:
The Venezuelan Guyana Shield basement dating project, progress report, 1999

Carreno Rafael; Ohep Elizabeth; Urbani Franco, 1997:
The Venezuelan Survey of Artificial Cavities; a proposal and progress report

Lugo Jairo; Audemard Felipe, 1996:
The Venezuelan foredeeps; Part I; Stratigraphy

Audemard Felipe; Lugo Jairo, 1996:
The Venezuelan foredeeps; Part II, Structure

James K.H., 1990:
The Venezuelan hydrocarbon habitat

James K.H., 2000:
The Venezuelan hydrocarbon habitat; Part 1, Tectonics, structure, palaeogeography and source rocks

Melon A., 1977:
The Venezuelan traveler Francisco Michelena y Rojas, after and against Humboldt

Vivian R.; Chapuis C., 1971 :
The Veni valley; a study of glacial morphology

Barbero R.S., 1976:
The Venice 2 borehole; stratigraphy and paleoecology

Meli Sandro; Sassi Raffaele, 2003:
The Venice Granodiorite constraints on the Caledonian and Variscan events in the Alpine domain

Bandarin, F, 1994:
The Venice Project; a challenge for modern engineering

Hess H.H., 1957:
The Vening Meinesz negative gravity anomaly belt of islands arcs 1926-1956

Fenti V.; Friz C., 1975:
The Venosta Valley (Alto Adige) state speedway project; applied geology studies of the Curon Tunnel

Fenti V.; Fontanive F.; Friz C., 1975:
The Venosta Valley speedway project (Alto Adige); applied geomorphology map of Venosta Valley through the Resia and Malles passes

Bryan, K.Apez, 1985:
The Ventersdorp Contact placer; a gold-pyrite placer of stream and debris-flow origins from the Archaean Witwatersrand Basin of South Africa

Visser J.N.J.; Grobler N.J.; Joubert C.W.; Potgieter C.D.; Potgieter G.J.A.; McLaren C.H.; Liebenberg J., 1976:
The Ventersdorp Group between Taung and Britstown, northern Cape Province

D.Kock W.P., 1940:
The Ventersdorp contact reef

Hall R.C.B.; Els B.G.; Mayer J.J., 1997:
The Ventersdorp contact reef; final phase of the Witwatersrand Basin, independent formation, or precursor to the Ventersdorp Supergroup?

D.Kock W.P., 1940:
The Ventersdorp contact reef; its nature, mode of occurrence and economic significance; with special reference to the Far West Rand

Craddock W.N., 1924:
The Ventura (Avenue) field , California

Kuffel George Cole, 1947:
The Ventura Basin (California)

Eaton J.E., 1926:
The Ventura oil field, California; a brief review of its stratigraphy and structure

Sickbert Timothy B.; Peterson Eric W., 2005:
The Venturi effect and hyporheic flow

Cutting E.; Kwok J.H.; Mohan S.N., 1984:
The Venus Radar Mapper Mission

Makarenko G.F., 1998:
The Venus and the Earth have structural axial symmetry

Skey H.F., 1924:
The Venus-Sun effect in the horizontal magnetic field at Christchurch

Schaber Gerald G.; Shoemaker Eugene M.; Kozak Richard C., 1987:
The Venusian surface; is it really old?

Blumberg Dan G., 2001:
The Venusian wind streaks; understanding Venus aeolian morphologies and near-surface climate

Ivanov M., 1979:
The Veporides problem

Serrano C.; Pelaez J.; Bouso J.L., 1996:
The Vera Cruz de Potosi riverbank

da Silva Rubens Borges; Etchebehere Mario Lincoln de Carlos; Saad Antonio Roberto; Zaine Jose Eduardo; Ramos Reinaldo Gomes Nogueira, 1990:
The Vera Cruz-Garca structural high, Sao Paulo

Lopez Gutierrez J.; Martinez Frias J.; Lunar R., 1994:
The Vera-Garrucha mineralized area as a basis of a tectono-metallogenic basin-and-range model in southeastern Iberia

Irvine H.M., 1974:
The Veracruz Earthquake of 28 August 1973

Cavallo Alessandro; Bigioggero Biagio; Colombo Annita; Tunesi Annalisa, 2004:
The Verbano Cusio Ossola Province; a land of quarries in northern Italy, Piedmont

Delannoy J.J., 1984:
The Vercors; a massif of the middle Alpine mountains

Leighton F.B.ach; Cann Lawrence; Poormand Iraj, 1984:
The Verde Canyon Landslide, City of San Clemente, California

Wirt Laurie, 2005:
The Verde River headwaters, Yavapai County, Arizona

Miller George Washington, 1903:
The Verde mining district, Yavapai County, Arizona

Reed R.D.; Meland Norman, 1924:
The Verden sandstone

Trexler James H.J.; Cashman Patricia H.; Henry Christopher D., 1999:
The Verdi Basin; a syntectonic Neogene basin in western Nevada

Odin G.S.; Debenay J.P.; Froget C.; Rigolot P., 1987:
The Verdine Facies; neoformation of phyllite in a sub-reefal environment

Fourie Petrus J., 2000:
The Vergenoeg fayalite iron oxide fluorite deposit, South Africa; some new aspects

Borrok David M.; Kelser Stephen E.; Boer Rudolf H.; Essene Eric J., 1998:
The Vergenoeg magnetite-fluorite deposit, South Africa; support for a hydrothermal model for massive iron oxide deposits

Campy M.; Andre S.; Pharisat A., 1978:
The Vergranne Fissure (Doubs); preliminary report after excavation of the fill

Zin kova E., 2000:
The Verkhistsky Batholith

Tuayev N.P., 1967:
The Verkhne (Upper)-Amu Darya Depression as an example of an activated platform in connection with problems of oil and gas contents

Buchwald V.F.; Clarke Roy S.J., 1987:
The Verkhne Dnieprovsk iron meteorite specimens in the Vienna collection and the confusion of Verkhne Dnieprovsk with Augustinovka

Kolesov G.M.; Zaslavskaya N.I.; Tiyrmaa R.T., 1984:
The Verkhne-Dnieprovsk Meteorite from the collection of the Geology Institute, ESSR Academy of Science

Chekhov A.D.; Aleksandrov A.A.; Palandzhyan S.A.; Petrov A.N., 1980:
The Verkhne-Hatyr serpentinite melange in the central Koryak Range

Chekhov A.D.; Aleksandrov A.A.; Palandzhyan S.A.; Petrov A.N., 1980:
The Verkhne-Khatyrka serpentinite melange (central area of Koryak Highlands)

Russkikh S.S.; Shatov V.V., 1996:
The Verkhnee Qairaqty scheelite stockwork deposit in Central Kazakhstan

Shatov V.V., 1996:
The Verkhnee Qairaqty scheelite stockwork deposit in central Kazakhstan; geochemistry and petrology of wallrock alteration

Yudin S.S., 1994:
The Verkhnekolymian magmatogenic dome of late Mesozoic age; its structure and metallogeny (northeastern Russia)

Budnicov I.V. (Budnikov I.V.; Grinenco V.S. (Grinenko V.S.; Klets A.G., 1995:
The Verkhoyansk Foldbelt; a key region for solving major stratigraphic problems of the upper Paleozoic in Siberia

Karavanov K.P., 1971:
The Verkhoyansk and Baikal-Aldan hydrogeological fold provinces; the East Siberian artesian province

Dranovskiy Y.A., 1974:
The Verkhoyansk-Kolyma Fold System

Albuquerque M.A.C.; Alves C.; Cordeiro R.A.C.; Ribeiro E.S.C., 2000:
The Vermelho nickel deposit; new perspectives

Alves Carlos Alberto; Bernardelli Arthur Luiz; Beisiegel Vanderlei de Rui, 1986:
The Vermelho nickel laterite deposit, Serra dos Carajas, Para

Keen A.M., 1979:
The Vermetidae; gastropod non-conformists

Fravega P.; Giammarino S.; Vannucci G., 1983:
The Vermetus cristatus platform in the Gulf of Cofano, northwestern Sicily

Grout Frank Fitch, 1925:
The Vermilion Batholith of Minnesota

Southwick D.L.; Sims P.K., 1980:
The Vermilion Granitic Complex; a new name for old rocks in northern Minnesota

Rohn Kenneth H., 2004:
The Vermilion Lake gold rush; a 19th-century hoax sparks Minnesota's iron industry

Coleman Arthur Philemon, 1901:
The Vermilion River placers

Southwick D.L., 1978:
The Vermilion granitic complex, northern Minnesota

Reid Ian L., 1956:
The Vermilion range

Braud J.; Brunn J.H.; Campion G.; Didelot J.; Fourmaintraux D.; Lemaitre J.P.; Mercier J.L.; Pichon J.F.; Vergely P., 1984:
The Vermion mountain chain, its nappes and pulverized zone

Fay Albert Hill, 1909:
The Vermont Copper Company

Jacobs Elbridge Churchill, 1944 :
The Vermont Copper Company, Inc.

Jacobs Elbridge Churchill, 1946:
The Vermont Geological Survey, 1844-1946

Meade Lance P., 1980:
The Vermont marble belt and the economics of current operations

Armstrong Thomas R., 1990:
The Vermont pre-Silurian cover sequence; regional tectonostratigraphic relationships based on detailed structural and lithological analysis

Zubreva M.Yu, 1988:
The Vernadskiy Museum in Moscow

Aucant Y., 1978:
The Verneau (Nans sous Sainte Anne-Deservillers, Doubs, France); state of exploration

Huault M.F.; Lefebvre D., 1984:
The Vernier swamp during the Holocene

Volkert Richard A.; Drake Avery Ala Jr., 1998:
The Vernon Supersuite; Mesoproterozoic A-type granitoid rocks in the New Jersey highlands

Richardson Shanna, 2005:
The Vernor mammoth site; the conservation of a Columbian mammoth

Sellards Elias Howard, 1937:
The Vero finds in the light of present knowledge

Wieland, G.R., 1918:
The Vero Man And The Sabre Tooth

Martin J.; Pharisat A.; Rangheard Y., 1991:
The Verrieres Syncline (High Jura Mountains); new structural interpretation

Uncini Giuseppe, 1988:
The Verrucano Formation of the basal complex of Mount Argentario

Aldinucci Mauro; Pandeli Enrico; Sandrelli Fabio, 2004:
The Verrucano Succession of Elba Island (Tuscan Archipelago); new insights into the Mesozoic continental rifting recorded in the Northern Apennines (Italy)

Wernli R.; Broennimann P., 1973:
The Verrucano and the Triassic of Taninges, Haute-Savoie, France; lithology and micropaleontology

Wachsmuth Werner, 1970:
The Verrucano in Tuscany

Heissel W., 1972:
The Verrucano in western Austria

Meccheri M.; Moretti A.; Volterrani S., 1987:
The Verrucano structure of M. Leoni (southern Tuscany, Italy); lithostratigraphic preliminary notes and deformative history

Tischler S.E., 1978:
The Verrucano- and Buntsandstein ores in northern Tyrol

Company M., 1985:
The Verrucosum sub-zone (upper Valanginian) near Querola, southeastern Spain

Sani M., 1985:
The Versilia Breccia between the Tuscany metamorphic series and the Tuscany Nappe in the Casoli-Metato region, southern Apuane Alps

Fanucci F.; Fierro G.; Piccazzo M., 1977:
The Versilian of the Ligurian continental shelf; neotectonism and sedimentation

Ulzega A.; Ozer A., 1982:
The Versilian transgression in Sardinia

Loubat H., 1975:
The Versoyan Zone; possible intersection between an oceanic volcanic ridge and the continental margin

Loubat H.; Delaloye M., 1984:
The Versoyen region, Franco-Italian Alps; evidence of an enclosing Mesozoic oceanization constituting a hybrid subvolcanic-sedimentary environment with mobilizates and adinoles

Cannic S.; Lapierre H.; Mugnier J.L., 1993:
The Versoyen; an intriguing metamorphic basaltic complex at the boundary between internal and external domains of the Alps

Jagir S.Randhawa, 1971:
The Vertical Distribution of Ozone near the Equator

Wilson Jim, 1969:
The Vertical Eight and the Horizontal Twelve

Debele Berhanu, 1985:
The Vertisols of Ethiopia; their properties, classification and management

Anonymous, 2001:
The Vertisols of Texas

Torii M.; Horng C.S., 1999:
The Verwey transition as a remarkably sensitive indicator of minor amount of magnetite in sediments

Cannon Bart, 1991:
The Vesper Peak garnet deposit, Snohomish County, Washington

Bankwitz P.; Bankwitz E.; Kemnitz H., 1998:
The Vesser Rift; a relic of Late Cambrian rifting at the peri-Gondwanan margin

Marzari F.; Cellino A.; Davis D.R.; Farinella P.; Zappala V.; Vanzani V., 1996:
The Vesta Asteroid family; origin and evolution

P.H.mpel; R.S.hreiber; L.J.hnson; J.T.iede, 1991:
The Vesterisbanken Seamount (Greenland Basin); patterns of morphology and sediment distribution

Ottesen Dag; Rise Leif; Knies Jochen; Olsen Lars; Henriksen Sverre, 2005:
The Vestfjorden-Traenadjupet palaeo-ice stream drainage system, mid-Norwegian continental shelf

Pickard John, 1986:
The Vestfold Hills; a window on Antarctica

Gardet Gustave, 1967:
The Vesulian of Haute-Marne with an additional note

Part G.M., 1944:
The Vesuvian lava of the March, 1944, eruption

Rolandi G.; Russo F., 1993:
The Vesuvius eruption of 1631

Mastrolorenzo G.; D.A.essio G.; Munno R.; Rolandi G., 1989:
The Vesuvius eruption of 1906

Nazzaro A., 2000 :
The Vesuvius shape before 79 A.D. eruption according to a new finding from a Pompei fresco

Holzmann H.; Salzer H., 1989:
The Veterani Cave at the Iron Gate, Romania; on the 200th anniversary of its defense against the Turks

Kimerling, R.; Gima, K.; Smith, M.W.; Street, A.; Frayne, S., 2007:
The Veterans Health Administration and military sexual trauma

Vaytekunas P.P.; Khomutova V.I., 1972:
The Vetigal cross-section and its stratigraphic significance; Lithuania

Vaytekunas P.P.; Khomutova V.I., 1973:
The Vetigala Section, Lithuania, and its stratigraphic significance

Raleigh C.B.; Hubbert, 1982:
The Vetlesen Prize to M. King Hubbert

Zinkevich V.P.; Tsukanov N.V., 1994:
The Vetlovsk sutural collision zone, eastern Kamchatka

Blom G.I., 1973:
The Vetluga Series of Obshchiy Syrt

Denisov N.D., 1978:
The Vetluga achondrite

Einarsson T.; Luettig G., 1976:
The Vetni-Lift Project; the possibilities of extensive use of geothermal energy in Iceland

Clark Bruce R., 1986:
The Via de Las Olas slide, Pacific palisades, California

Dal Piaz G.V.; Natale P.; Nervo R.; Omenetto P.; Polino R., 1979:
The Viafiorcia pyrite-copper deposit; Cottian Alps

Maquil R.; Loehnertz W., 1984:
The Vianden reservoir and the geology of its vicinity; Excurion B, April 24, 1984

Alterman Z.; Burridge R.; Loewenthal D., 1971:
The Vibration of an Elastic Plane and Half Plane due to the Sudden Appearance of a Crack

Chen Tai Shen, 1988:
The Vibroseis exploration in Taiwan

Newman Barry J., 1994:
The Vibroseis exploration method; a processor's perspective

Lian Suiren, 1983:
The Vibroseis method and its development

Baeten G.J.M.; Ziolkowski A.M., 1990:
The Vibroseis source

Smith C.B., 1963:
The Vibroseis system - a practical field tool

Garten R.E.Jr., 1976:
The Vibroseis system provides amplitude anomalies

Chapman W.L.; Brown G.L.; Fair D.W., 1980:
The Vibroseis system; a high-frequency tool

Jennett Charles J.; Bolter E.; Gale N.; Tranter W.; Hardie M., 1975:
The Viburnum Trend, Southeast Missouri; the largest lead-mining district in the world-environmental effects and controls

Jones Bob, 1976:
The Viburnum Trend; Minerals from the new lead mines of Missouri

Nuelle Laurence M., 2001:
The Viburnum Trend; North America's premier lead producer; the result of access to public land

Dunn Robert G.Jr., 1995:
The Viburnum Trend; notes and perspective on the southern portion

Truc Georges; Chellai E.H.ssane; E.Y.ussi Mohamed, 1987:
The Vicentinia Limestone level, in the Bou Anguer Syncline (near Timhadit, Moroccan Middle-Atlas) represents polyphasic calcareous encrustations of Eocene age, containing a malacofauna identical to Bulimes found in Tunisia and Algeria, in the back land of the phosphate plateau

Henriques Ake, 1957:
The Vickers hardness of zinc blende

Combes Janet M., 1993:
The Vicksburg Formation of Texas; depositional systems distribution, sequence stratigraphy, and petroleum geology

Simpson Lloyd W., 1968:
The Vicksburg Group at its type locality

Dockery David T.I.I., 1986:
The Vicksburg Group at the Haynes Bluff Quarry

Coleman James L.Jr., 1983:
The Vicksburg Group carbonates; a look at Gulf Coast Paleogene carbonate banks

Whitbread Tony; Nicholson Todd; Owens Bill, 2000 :
The Vicksburg of South Texas; a shelf-delta system with an attitude

Lambert Robert A., 1991:
The Victor Field, blocks 49/ 17, 49/ 22, UK North Sea

W.H.eke; A.W.nninger, 1985:
The Victor Hensen Seahill (central Ionian Sea); morphology and structural aspects

Werner Hieke, 1978:
The Victor Hensen Seahill; part of a tectonic structure in the central Ionian Sea

Markovics Gabor, 1990:
The Victoria (Australia) Certificate of Education (VCE) in geology for senior secondary-school students

Kim Yeadong; McGinnis L.D.; Bowen R.H., 1986:
The Victoria Land Basin; part of an extended crustal complex between East and West Antarctica

Anderson John G.; Brune James N., 1991:
The Victoria accelerogram for the 1980 Mexicali Valley earthquake

Wong V.; Frez J.; Suarez F., 1997:
The Victoria, Mexico, earthquake of June 9, 1980

Beavis, FC.; Beavis, S., 1974:
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The Wakeham Supergroup in the northeastern Grenville Province

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The Wakeham Terrane; a Mesoproterozoic terrestrial rift in the eastern part of the Grenville Province

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The Wakulla Springs mastodon

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The Wakulla cave

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The Walbank-Deville area, Gaspe

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The Walcha Road Adamellite; a large zoned pluton in the New England Batholith Australia

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The Walcha Road adamellite; an example of a large restite-poor zoned pluton

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The Walcott-Rust Quarry; Middle Ordovician trilobite Konservat-Lagerstaetten

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The Walcott-Rust Quarry; a unique Ordovician trilobite konservat-lagerstatte

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The Waldbach Spring Cave in Dachstein, Upper Austria

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The Walden Creek Group; is it part of the Ocoee Supergroup?

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The Walden Gem Mine

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The Waldoboro Moraine and associated morainal ridges, Lincoln and Knox counties, Maine

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The Waldoboro Moraine and related glaciomarine deposits, Lincoln and Knox counties, Maine

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The Waldviertel high bogs

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The Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

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The Walford Creek Prospect; an exploration overview

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The Walgau Gallery Project; cavity support during mechanical excavation; experiences and reflections

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The Walha granite boss, near Adigrat, Tigrai Province, northern Ethiopia

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The Walhalla district, S. C

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The Walker Creek Field; a Smackover diagenetic trap

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The Walker Lane Belt in northeastern California

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The Walker Lane and Gulf of California; related expressions of Pacific-North American Plate boundary development

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The Walker Pass earthquakes and structure of the southern Sierra Nevada

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The Walker interglacial swamp, Washington, D. C

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The Wall collection of Jamaican Cretaceous Mollusca in the British Museum (Natural History)

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The Wall; a mine and its minerals preserved for the future

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The Wallaby Plateau; continental or oceanic?

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The Wallfisch thrust fault in an exposure along highway A 77 and its tectonic setting in the southern Ruhr district

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The Walloon Coal Measures; integration of clastic and organic facies as a guide to oil potential

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The Walloon Coal Measures; the next coal seam gas target?

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The Walloon coal measures; a compilation

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The Wallowa Batholith

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The Wallowa Mountains ; geology and economic geography

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The Wallowa Mountains, Northeast Oregon

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The Wallowa ice cap of northeastern Oregon, an exercise in the interpretation of glacial landforms

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The Walloway artesian basin

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The Walls boundary fault, Shetland, British Isles

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The Walltown, Kentucky, meteorite

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The Wallula fault zone and constraints on the timing and nature of deformation along the Olympic-Wallowa Lineament

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The Wallumbilla-Gladstone state gas pipeline

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The Walnut Hill spodumene ledge near South Worthington, Massachusetts

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The Walnut, California, earthquakes of July-August, 1959

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The Walsenburg coal district

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The Walserberg Series near Salzburg

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The Walter Dupoy Cave

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The Walter-Outalpa shear zone eastern Weekaroo Inlier, Olary Block, South Australia

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The Walters meteorite

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The Waltman Shale total petroleum system; does it have a favorable future?

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The Walton Field, Eastland County, Texas

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The Walton barite deposit

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The Walton, N. S., barite deposit

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The Walvis Ridge transect, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 74; the geologic evolution of an oceanic plateau in the South Atlantic Ocean

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The Walvis Ridge; a review

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The Wamsutter sweetspot; a continuing enigma in tight formation gas

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The Wanapitei gabbronorite intrusion, northeastern Ontario; an example of reverse differentiation

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The Wanapitei intrusion, northeastern Ontario, Canada; an example of a mafic intrusion with cycles of reverse differentiation

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The Wandel Hav strike-slip mobile belt; a Mesozoic plate boundary in north Greenland

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The Wandel Valley Formation (Early-Middle Ordovician) of North Greenland and its correlatives

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The Wandrawandian Tuffs; felsic volcanism associated with the Currarong Orogen, Mid-Permian, southern Sydney Basin

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The Wang 720B/ 702 system in acoustic oceanography

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The Wang Phar tungsten deposits

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The Wang Phar wolframite mine (South Thailand)

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The Wanganui Monocline, expression of lithospheric buckling in the North Island, New Zealand

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The Wangjiawan Sinian section in Jinning County, Kunming, with reference to the division of the Sinian in eastern Yunnan Province

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The Wangkathaa Orogeny; an example of episodic regional D (sub 2) in the late Archaean Eastern Goldfields Province, Western Australia

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The Wangsan Fault; one of the most active faults in South Korea?

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The Wangtianlong primary vortex structure and its mineralization

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The Wanna Beds; an analogue of Recent North Sea sediments

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The Wano Formation of Amami (Oshima)

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The Wantabadgery landscape: evidence for local versus regional landscaping factors

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The Wapanucket No. 8 site; A Clovis-Archaic site in Massachusetts

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The Wapawekka Narrows Area (north half)

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The Wapet story - from Rough Range to Barrow Island

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The Wapolu gold deposit, Papua New Guinea; discovery to development

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The Wapolu gold prospect, D'Entrecasteaux Islands, Papua New Guinea

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The Wapolu predevelopment gold project, Papua New Guinea - an overview

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The Wappingers Falls, New York, earthquake of June 7, 1974, and its aftershocks

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The Warburton Range nickel-rich ataxite

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The Ward Hunt ice shelf, Spring 1982

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The Ward-Coonley collection of meteorites

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The Warda Warra emerald deposit

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The Wardang Volcanics, Wardang Island, Yorke Peninsula

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The Warden-Othello dike system

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The Warder Formation; cyclic fluvial sedimentation during the Ngaterian (late Albian-Cenomanian) of Marlborough, New Zealand

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The Warepan stage (Triassic); definition and correlation

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The Warm Springs Ranch dinosaur locality, Thermopolis, Wyoming

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The Warm Springs Ranch dinosaur locality, Thermopolis, Wyoming; preliminary floral and faunal analysis

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The Warm Springs Valley fault system, a major right-lateral fault of the northern Walker Lane, western Nevada

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The Warmbaths Freeway active clay roadbed experiment; performance after six years

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The Warmisried Field; an example of Barthel Eberl's contribution to the knowledge of glaciation

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The Warner Valley earthquake sequence; May and June, 1968

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The Warner Valley, Oregon; a test of pluvial climatic conditions

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The Warneton Pedocomplex; where are we? Paleopedologic and micromorphologic balance

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The Warrabin Trough, western Adavale Basin, Queensland

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The Warramunga seismic array

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The Warratta Fault; geophysical architecture and landscape evolution significance

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The Warrego Mine - a rotated orebody

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The Warren School of X-ray diffraction at M.I.T

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The Warrensburg Sandstone and its subjacent anticline; a structurally controlled deposit or a valley controlled structure?

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The Warrensburg Sandstone; a structurally controlled channel-fill deposit

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The Warrensburg, New York earthquake of 1931; an event triggered by reservoir fillings?

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The Warrigundi igneous complex; volcanic centres for the Werrie Basalt, N.S.W

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The Warrior Basin

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The Warrior coal basin in the Birmingham Quadrangle, Alabama

Butts Charles, 1905:
The Warrior coal basin in the Brookwood Quadrangle, Alabama

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The Warsak basic rocks; initial-rift stage continental tholeiites of Permo-Triassic Panjal affinity

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The Warsaw Formation

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The Warstein Massenkalk; hydrogeology and water management

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The Warta Glaciation (stage) within the Widawka drainage basin and the Belchatow Mine

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The Warta Glaciation deposits against a background of the Pleistocene sediments in the central part of the Mazury Lakeland

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The Warta Stade in eastern Poland

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The Warta Stage in the context of one hundred years of research on the Silesian rampart

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The Warta and Flaming Glaciations in the lowland part of Lower Silesia

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The Warta glaciation deposits within the non-glaciated zone in the Polesie Lubelskie

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The Warta ice-sheet marginal zone in the vicinity of Biardy near Lukow; methods of formation

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The Wartanian Siedlec Sandur (Zedlitzer Sander) southwards the Trzebnica Hills, Silesian Lowland, southwestern Poland; re-examination after fifty years

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The Wartenberg near Muttenz, Basel region

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The Warthe Glaciation and the Treene Interglacial in Boxlund; new observations

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The Warwickshire thick coal and its mining environment

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The Wasapika gold area

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The Wasatch Fault Zone; General Aspects

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The Wasatch Fault megatrench of 1999; evidence for temporal clustering of post-Bonneville paleoearthquakes

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The Wasatch Fault zone in Salt Lake County

Marsell Ray E., 1964:
The Wasatch Fault zone in north central Utah; introduction

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The Wasatch Front public water supply; a complex, integrated system

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The Wasatch and Salt Lake formations of southeastern Idaho

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The Wasatch fault zone in north central Utah

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The Wasatch fault zone, U.S.A

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The Wasatch fault zone, Utah; Holocene surface faulting and fault segmentation; a summary

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The Wasatch fault zone, Utah; segmentation and history of Holocene earthquakes

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The Wasatch fault zone, earthquakes and Salt Lake City; G.K. Gilbert to the present

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The Wasatch, Canyon, and House ranges, Utah

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The Wasatch/ Mesaverde petroleum system of the Uinta Basin, Utah and Piceance Basin, Colorado; a unique model for basin-centered gas accumulations

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The Wasatchian-Bridgerian land mammal age boundary (early to middle Eocene) in the southeastern Green River basin, Wyoming

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The Washakie Formation of Bridgerian-Uintan Ages, and the Related Faunas

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The Washakie, a volcanic ash formation

Smith Carl David, 1909:
The Washburn lignite field, North Dakota

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The Washington Bibliography; one state's experience

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The Washington Earth Science Initiative; a teacher workshop for development of research-based environmental curriculum for K-12 classrooms

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The Washington Pass volcanic center, Chuska Mountains, New Mexico

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The Washington State Geological Survey in 1909

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The Washington State Geologists

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The Washington State Geothermal Resources Assessment Program of the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geology and Earth Resources

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The Washington and Oregon mid-shelf silt deposit and its relation to the late Holocene Columbia River sediment budget

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The Washington continental slope; Quaternary tectonics and sedimentation

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The Washington Meeting Of The Geological Society Of America, December 30, 31, 1902, January 1 And 2, 1903

Davis Adam M., 2005:
The Washington, D.C.-area geologic map database; a tool for solving environmental and resource problems

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The Washington-Moscow seismic hot line

Ross Alex R., 1962:
The Washita River, a preliminary report

Schiebe F.R.; Peter K.D.; Elliott R.L., 1992:
The Washita global change hydrologic facility

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The Washougal meteorite

Jerome Dominique Y.; Michel Levy M.C.ristophe, 1972:
The Washougal meteorite

Pruett J.Hugh, 1939:
The Washougal, Washington, aerolite

Barchyn Dan, 1984:
The Waskada Lower Amaranth (Spearfish) oil pool, southwestern Manitoba; a model for Spearfish exploration in Saskatchewan

Weart Wendell D., 2000:
The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant; developing confidence in its long-term performance

Brandstetter A.; Harwell M.A., 1980:
The Waste Isolation Safety Assessment Programme

Whittaker A., 1972:
The Watchet Fault, a post-Liassic transcurrent reverse fault

Puffer John H., 1989:
The Watchung Basalts of northern New Jersey

Puffer John H., 1989:
The Watchung Basalts, New Jersey; a reinvestigation

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The Watchung basalt and the paragenesis of its zeolites and other secondary minerals

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The Watchung basalts revisited

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The Water Balance in Aso Caldera Basin

Flanagan Dennis C.; Ascough James C.I.I.; Nearing Mark A.; Laflen John M., 2001:
The Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) model

Berteaud Pascal, 2003:
The Water Framework Directive and ground water

Mainwaring P.R.; Naldrett A.J., 1974:
The Water Hen Intrusion-a discrete layered body in the Troctolitic Series of the Duluth Complex

Anonymous, 1990:
The Water Law Project; in the interest of the environment

Flinspach D., 1983:
The Water Quality Commission of the DVGW takes a stand on the report on water supply and water quality

Anonymous, 1987:
The Water Resource Survey; research and survey news

Minchin Stuart, 2007:
The Water Resources Observation Network (WRON)

Moss Marshall E., 1987:
The Water Resources Research Act of 1984

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The Water Volume in Oceans and Seas

Morris Sheriden, 2005:
The Water for a Healthy Country Flagship GBR Catchment Theme; integrating multi disciplinary science outcomes for on-ground solutions

Lins H.F., 1990:
The Water, Energy, and Biogeochemical Budgets (WEBB) Program of the U. S. Geological Survey

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