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The application of an integrated geophysical-geochemical method to the exploration of the Kalatangk copper-nickel sulfide deposits in Xinjiang, China

Liu Guanghai

Bulletin of the Institute of Mineral Deposits, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences 27: 1-30


Accession: 020291015

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Magmatic copper-nickel sulfide deposits are spatially and genetically in close connection with basic-ultrabasic rock bodies and deep faults as well as their adjacent subsidiary fractures. The Kalatongk ore-bearing rock body exhibits composite geophysical-geochemical anomalies characterized by high polarizability, high gravity anomalies, high magnetic anomalies, low resistivity anomalies and high Cu, Ni and Co geochemical anomalies. The integrated geophysical-geochemical prospecting model for copper-nickel deposits might be reduced to "four high values and one low value". The integrated geophysical-geochemical method is effective in reconnaissance and exploration of copper-nickel deposits.

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