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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 20306

Chapter 20306 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ashley George Hall, 1939:
The coal fields of Pennsylvania

Anonymous, 1902:
The coal fields of Routt County

Haddock, M.H., 1933:
The coal fields of Russia; the Moscow basins

Haddock, M.H., 1933:
The coal fields of Russia; the West Ural or Kizel coal field

Thomas Roger; Wnuk Christopher; Landis Edwin, R.; Outerbridge Bill; SanFilipo John, R.; Khan Shafiq, A.; Chandio Altaf; Kazmi Ali, H., 1992:
The coal fields of Sindh, Pakistan

Ries Heinrich, 1905:
The coal fields of Texas

Ash, S.H., 1931:
The coal fields of Washington

Burrowa John Shober, 1915:
The coal fields of West Virginia

Walker Charles, W., 1982:
The coal fields of central Washington

Cooper William Funk, 1905:
The coal formation of Bay County

Sharov, G.N.; Berezikov, Y.K.; Avdeyev, A.P.; Makeyev, V.F.; Natura, V.G.; Zimakov, B.M., 1992:
The coal gas of the Kuznetsk Basin and the prospects of its industrial exploitation

Stephenson, H.G.rry; Allison Thomas, W., 1982:
The coal geologist's role in underground coal mine safety

Scott Andrew, C.; Mao Bangzhuo, 1993:
The coal geology of China

Ezra, D.J., 1973:
The coal industry

Elliott Martin, A.; Yohe, G.R.bert, 1981:
The coal industry and coal research and development in perspective

Anonymous, 1983:
The coal industry in Canada; a review of progress

Ehrenberger, V., 1983:
The coal industry in Czechoslovakia

Schnitzler, M., 1981:
The coal industry in Hungary

Ludlow Edwin, 1909:
The coal industry in Mexico

Murray, N.; Granville, A., 1982:
The coal industry in South Africa

Johnson Walter, J., 1953:
The coal industry in northern Wyoming and the state of Montana

Noetstaller, R., 1979:
The coal industry in the Colombian Cauca Valley

Nargundkar, S.K., 1961:
The coal industry in the south; the last decade 1950-60

Young, C.M., 1917:
The coal industry of Illinois

Jamme, H.P.; Petersen, D., 1981:
The coal industry of the European Common Market; situation and possibilities in the eighties

Jamme, H.P.; Petersen, D., 1982:
The coal industry of the European Community given priority

Viejobueno, C.D., 1981:
The coal industry; its evolution in the context of concerted action

Ting, F.T.C.; Spackman, W., 1975:
The coal lithotype concept and seam profile

Briggs Henry, 1934:
The coal measure climate

Moore Leslie Rowsell; Hubert Cox Arthur, 1943:
The coal measure sequence in the Taff valley, Glamorgan, and its correlation with the Rhondda valley sequence (with discussion)

MacKenzie John David, 1922:
The coal measures of Cumberland and vicinity, Vancouver Island

Evans, W.H.; Brian Simpson, 1934:
The coal measures of the Maesteg District, South Wales

Taylor Richard Cowling, 1847:
The coal mines and coal trade of Belgium; historical, statistical, and commercial

Sheridan, J.E., 1909:
The coal mines and plant of the Stag Canon Fuel County, Dawson, New Mexico

Ries Heinrich, 1903:
The coal mines at Las Esperanzas, Mexico

Cardozo Duran Arcangel, 2003:
The coal mines of Naricual, Venezuela; 1848-1946 licensing and exploitation

Schleifer, G., 1982:
The coal mines of the Lorraine Basin

Wiesegart Kurt, 1993:
The coal mining industry in India

Artieda, J.I., 1984:
The coal mining industry in Spain

Roglin Uwe, 1975:
The coal mining industry of Canada

Rowe Jesse Perry, 1909:
The coal mining industry of Montana

Rowe Jesse Perry, 1910:
The coal mining industry of Montana in 1909

Ortsack Wilhelm, 1974:
The coal mining industry of the Federal Republic of Germany in the first half of 1974

Gwynn Thomas, A., 1975:
The coal mining picture isn't all black

Hall, T.C.F., 1950:
The coal of Gondwanaland

Hall, T.C.F., 1977:
The coal of Gondwanaland

Anonymous, 1981:
The coal of Provence; exploitation of coal in southern France; there where the citrus flourishes

Machado Eurico Romulo, 1966:
The coal of Rio Grande do Sul; stratigraphy, deposits, and reserves

Zamora, A., 1981:
The coal of Sanchez

Grijalva Noriega Francisco, J.; Arriaga Arredondo Francisco, 1993:
The coal of northeastern Sonora

Chen Peiyuan; L.X.aoyan; Gao Wensheng, 1987:
The coal petrographical features and genetic analysis of Permo-Carboniferous coal in Xishan, Taiyuan

Noltimier, H.C.; Kopacz, M.A., 1975:
The coal pole

Kopacz, M.A.; Noltimier, H.C., 1976:
The coal pole and the Kittanning reversal

Noltimier, H.C.; Ellwood, B.B., 1977:
The coal pole; paleomagnetic results from Westphalian B, C and D coals, Wales

Anonymous, 1845:
The coal policy of Pennsylvania

Cherepovskiy, V.F., 1981:
The coal potential of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic basins in the Baikal-Amur Railroad Zone

Gurevich, A.B., 1978:
The coal potential of the northern part of the Tunguska Basin

Miss van der Haagen, 1982:
The coal problem in Belgium; matters related to the economy and the environment

Poole Henry Skeffington, 1902:
The coal problem in New Brunswick

Leighton Morris Morgan, 1944:
The coal research program of the Illinois Geological Survey

Campbell, C.M., 1940:
The coal reserves of Canada

Pierce Brenda, S.; Martirossian Artur; Amazaspian Hamlet; Kochinian Gohar, 1997:
The coal resources of Armenia

Cartwright, J.A., 1984:
The coal resources of Brunei

Patton Milton John, 1925:
The coal resources of Canada

DeWolf Frank Walbridge, 1908:
The coal resources of Illinois

Kendarsi, R., 1985:
The coal resources of Indonesia and Southeast Asia

Henderson, J., 1934:
The coal resources of New Zealand

Gould Charles Newton, 1908:
The coal resources of Oklahoma

Bell, K., 1994:
The coal resources of South Africa

Celada Tamames, B.; Luque Cabal, V.; Rambaud Perez, C., 1981:
The coal resources of Spain; perspectives on the mechanization of tilted surfaces

Bacon, C.A., 1986:
The coal resources of Tasmania

Evans George, W., 1929:
The coal resources of the Northwest

Dowling Donaldson Bogart, 1914:
The coal resources of the world; a summary

Jake Thomas, R., 1986:
The coal resources program; an example from Preston County

Major, M.; Reeves, J.J.; Regueiro, J.; Bahavar, M., 1981:
The coal seam as a waveguide

Zeng Yong; Q.Y.nghua; Song Jinbao, 2000:
The coal seam fissure system and its influence on the occurrence of coal seams

Mathew David, 2006:
The coal seam gas industry in northern Australia

Banerjee Ramendranath, 1958:
The coal seams of the Barakar measure of the area around Ray, Hazaribagh District

Anonymous, 1847:
The coal trade of Pennsylvania

Childs Cephas Greer, 1849:
The coal trade of the United States

Richardson, J.A., 1941:
The coal veins of British Malaya

Phillips William Battle, 1904:
The coal, lignite, and asphalt rocks of Texas

Meyerhoff, A.A., 1980:
The coal, petroleum and natural gas potential of China

Glushko, V.V.; Dosin, G.D., 1978:
The coal-bearing Carboniferous at the structural base of the eastern Carpathians and its significance for estimating oil and gas prospects

Weiss, G., 1992:
The coal-bearing Carboniferous on the eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif

Bokcic, P.; Radovic, N., 1969:
The coal-bearing Lias of Vratarnica, eastern Serbia

Langenberg Willem, 1990:
The coal-bearing Luscar Group of western Alberta

Kushniruk, V.A.; Byk, S.I.; Bartoshinskaya, Y.S., 1980:
The coal-bearing nature and coal quality of the Lower Dniester coal region; the Obrudzha Paleozoic depression

Kabalov, V.K.; Pogrebnov, N.I., 1980:
The coal-bearing state and tectonic evolution of platform systems; the Uralian Foreland, for example

Cabrera Lluis; Hagemann Hans, W.; Pickel Walter; Saez Alberto, 1995:
The coal-bearing, Cenozoic As Pontes Basin (northwestern Spain); geological influence on coal characteristics

Punanov, V.G.; Moskalev, N.P.; Seregin, A.M., 1980:
The coal-bearing, terrigenous, structural-formation complex of deposits in the Fergana Basin and its oil- and gas-bearing capabilities

Gould, R., 1980:
The coal-forming flora of the Wallon Coal Measures

Parsons Floyd, W., 1907:
The coal-mining situation in northern Wyoming

Fan Shengli; L.F.chang; Yuan Zhengwen, 1996:
The coalbed gas enrichment pattern and selection of areas to exploitation in North China

Scott Andrew, R.; Balin Donna, F., 2006:
The coalbed methane potential of Louisiana and Texas

Kalkreuth Wolfgang; Holz, M.; Burger, H.; Lemos de Sousa, M.; Rodrigues, C.; Suffert, T., 2000 :
The coalbed methane potential of Permian coals in the Parana Basin of Brazil; preliminary results

Kern Marcio Luciano; Kalkreuth Wolfgang Dieter, 2001:
The coalbed methane potential of the Parana Basin in Rio Grande do Sul State, southern Brazil

Wong, R.H.C.; Chau, K.T., 1997:
The coalescence of frictional cracks and the shear zone formation in brittle solids under compressive stresses

Mitchell Richard Scott; Corey Alice, S., 1954:
The coalescence of hexagonal and cubic polymorphs in tetrahedral structures as illustrated by some wurtzite-sphalerite crystal groups

Collier Arthur James, 1904:
The coalfields of Cape Lisburne, Alaska

Rao, G.R., 1958:
The coalfields of Madhya Pradesh

Smith, D.A.M.; Whittaker, R.R.L.G., 1986:
The coalfields of Southern Africa, an introduction

Duguid, K.B., 1986:
The coalfields of Zimbabwe

Schiller, E.A.; Grieve David, A., 1983:
The coalfields of southeastern British Columbia

Hoffman, G.L.; Jordan, G.R., 1984:
The coalfields of the northern foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Maehlmann Rafael Ferreiro; Petschick Rainer, 1998:
The coalification map of the Alps between the rivers Inn, Isar and Rhein (Austria and Switzerland)

Snyman, C.P.; Barclay, J., 1989:
The coalification of South African coal

Paech Hans Juergen; Koch Joachim, 1999:
The coalification of Tertiary/ Cretaceous rocks in northern Greenland and Spitsbergen and the palaeotectonic background

Volkova, I.B.; Bogdanova, M.V., 1980:
The coalification of diffused organic materials in a sedimentary-metamorphic complex of central Kyzylkum

Reutter, K.J.; Teichmueller, M.; Teichmueller Rolf; Zanzucchi, G., 1983:
The coalification pattern in the Northern Apennines and palaeogeothermic and tectonic significance

Cecil, C.B.aine; Dulong Frank, T.; Neuzil Sandra, G., 2001:
The coalification phase of coal systems

Kopp Otto, C., 1984:
The coalification process; where does diagenesis end and metamorphism begin?

Dowling Donaldson Bogart, 1907:
The coals and coal fields of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

Prakash Anand, 1995:
The coals and lignites of India

Bain Harry Foster, 1906:
The coals of Illinois

Ponomarev, T.N., 1942:
The coals of Pechora as a source of fuel for metal industry

Anonymous, 1981:
The coals of Provence; exploitation of coal in southern France

Russell Philip, G., 1918:
The coals of Sexton Creek

Crider Albert Foster, 1915:
The coals of the Drakesboro Quadrangle

Crider Albert Foster, 1915:
The coals of the Little Muddy Quadrangle

Seyer, C., 1981:
The coals of the Lorraine Basin; their recent evolution

Halberstadt Baird, 1914:
The coals of the Pocono (No. X) formation in Pennsylvania

Griswold William Tudor, 1907:
The coals of the Steubenville Quadrangle in West Virginia

Hoeing Joseph Bernard, 1913:
The coals of the upper Big Sandy Valley and the headwaters of the North Fork of the Kentucky River

Hodge James Michael, 1913:
The coals of the upper Carr Fork and Big Branch and Bull Creek region of North Fork of Kentucky River

Chalmers, R.O., 1939:
The coals of your fire

Jelonek Iwona, 2003:
The coaly matter in fly ash from Katowice Steel Work Power Station

Meilliez, F., 1982:
The coarse deposits of Lower Devonian of Montcomet in Ardennes

Kaczka Ryszard, J., 2003:
The coarse woody debris dams in mountain streams of Central Europe, structure and distribution

Lane Alfred Church, 1905:
The coarseness of igneous rocks and its meaning

Robert, H.McCallister, 1978:
The coarsening kinetics associated with exsolution in an iron-free clinopyroxene

Wentworth Chester Keeler, 1932:
The coarser-grained clastic sedimentary products

Hallegouet Bernard; Levoy Franck; Lenotre Nicole; Watremez Pierre; Walker Parice; Dubreuilh Jacques; Sustrac Gerard; Pelletier Jean Jacques, 1999:
The coast

Barker Mike; Brett Tony; Darby John; Dugan Jenifer; Hubbard David; Johnson Peter; Mladenov Philip; Patrick Brian; Peake Barrie; Probert Keith; Smith Abigail; Spencer Hamish; Walker Susan, 2003:
The coast

B.K.oppers; W.E.au; A.G.F.gueiredo, 1999:
The coast and shelf of east and northeast Brazil and material transport

Archikov, Y.A.; Ivashinnikov, Y.K., 1978:
The coast and shelf of the southwestern Okhotsk in morphostructure

Orrico Blazquez, J.; Arnaiz Alonso, J.C.; Garcia Campuzano, A.; Jalon Jalon, E.; Ayuso Mateo, E.; Martinez Llop, R.; Santiago Gonzalez, E., 1997:
The coast and trains

White, A.; Polatajko, O.W., 1978:
The coast effect in geomagnetic variations in South Australia

M.M.nvielle; J.C.R.ssignol; P.T.rits, 1982:
The coast effect in terms of deviated electric currents; a numerical study

H.W.D.sso; Z.W.M.ng, 1992:
The coast effect response in geomagnetic field measurements

Pagano, M.; Pescatore, T.; Rippa, F., 1997:
The coast in the area of the Herculaneum excavations at the time of the Romans

Ogilvie Noel John (1880 ), 1935:
The coast line and islands of Hudson Bay

L.Homer, A., 1989:
The coast of Aigues-Mortes at the end of the thirteenth century

Bastide Julia; Anthony Edward; Dolique Franck, 2007:
The coast of Bas-Champs subjected to perpetual risks of flood

O.Brien Morrough Parker, 1936:
The coast of California as a beach-erosion laboratory

Wang Ying, 1980:
The coast of China

Dossor John, 1955:
The coast of Holderness; the problem of erosion

Russell, R.J., 1971 :
The coast of Louisiana

Kidson, C., 1977:
The coast of South West England

Bowen, D.Q., 1977:
The coast of Wales

Schou Axel, 1968:
The coast of lower Brittany

King Cuchlaine, A.M., 1956:
The coast of south-east Iceland near Ingolfshoefdi

Martin, A., 1992:
The coast of the eastern plain in Corsica; an example of the evolution of a sandy coast affected by land management activities

Regnauld, H., 1985:
The coast of the islands of the Colon Archipelago (Galapagos Islands); variation of morphogenetic processes as a function of oceanic dift from a hot spot

Dufournet, P., 1975:
The coast of the ocean and the English Channel

Hill, R.T., 1901:
The Coast Prairie of Texas

Saggau, W., 1988:
The coast protection scheme for the North Sea Coast; closing the south dike

Milligan Peter; Hitchman Adrian, P.; Lilley, F.E.M., 1998:
The coast-effect at micro-pulsation frequencies, and its implications for high-resolution aeromagnetic surveys

Attia, A.Ashour, 1965:
The coast-line effect on rapid geomagnetic variations

Watt, W.Stuart, 1969:
The coast-parallel dike swarm of southwest Greenland in relation to the opening of the Labrador sea

Storetvedt, K.M.; Mitchell, J.G.; Abranches, M.C.; Maaloe, S.; Robin, G., 1992:
The coast-parallel dolerite dykes of East Madagascar; age of intrusion, remagnetization and tectonic aspects

Brahimi, C., 1969:
The coastal Iberomaurusian of the Algiers area

Rossi Georges, 1981:
The coastal Quaternary of Kenya

Mercado Abraham, 1980:
The coastal aquifer in Israel; some quality aspects of groundwater management

Gomez de Llarena Joaquin, 1969:
The coastal area of the Guipuzcoa marine abrasion platform, Spain

Bird, E.C.F., 1961:
The coastal barriers of East Gippsland, Australia

Collignon Maurice, 1973:
The coastal basin of the Menabe Gulf, Madagascar; the endemic character of its fauna

Mbede, E.I.; Dualeh, A., 1997:
The coastal basins of Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania

Sina Armando, 1987 :
The coastal batholith between Algarrobo and Rocas de Santo Domingo, central Chile, 33 degrees 30'S; geology and petrogenic interpretation

Pitcher Wallace, S., 1981:
The coastal batholith of Peru in the three dimensions; a synopsis

O.D.y Michael; Kramer, J.C.rtis, 1972:
The coastal belt of the northern California Coast Ranges

Igarzabal, A.P., 1979:
The coastal characteristics of Deception Island, south of the Shetland Islands

Picard, X., 1976:
The coastal cliffs between Puerto Cabello and Cabo Codera; coastal cordillera of Venezuela

Coats Robert, 2000:
The coastal connection; cumulative impacts to lagoons and estuaries

Korotayev, G.K.; Shapiro, N.V., 1971:
The coastal counter-current near the Gulf Stream

Hails, J.R., 1964:
The coastal depositional features of south-eastern Queensland

Liu, J.T.; Huang, J.S.; Hsu, R.T.; Chyan, J.M., 2000:
The coastal depositional system of a small mountainous river; a perspective from grain-size distributions

Tazawa Kentaro, 1984:
The coastal deposits of Izu-Oshima Island; their implications in the volcanic activity and sea level change

Dheeradilok Phisit; Tiyapan Sermsak; Thirarangsikul Narametr, 1991:
The coastal deposits of Pattani area, southern Thailand

Borgel, O.Reynaldo, 1973:
The coastal desert of Chile

Diaz del Rio, V.; Somoza, L.; Goy, J.L.; Zazo, C.; Mateu, G., 1993:
The coastal domain in the Mar Menor and Palma beach areas

Bruun Per, 1989:
The coastal drain; what can it do or not do?

Timms, BV., 1986:
The coastal dune lakes of eastern Australia

Jelgersma, S.; Jong, J. de; Zagwijn, W.H.; Regteren Altena, J.F. van, 1970:
The coastal dunes of the western Netherlands; geology, vegetational history and archeology

M.Z.ongquan; Zhu Dakui; Dai Jun, 1990:
The coastal dynamic geomorphology of Wangtan Harbour site of Hebei Province and the problem of its harbour construction

Zilinskas Gintautas; Jarmalavicius Darius, 2001:
The coastal dynamics of Curonian Lagoon in the Nemunas Delta area

Marderfel d B.Y.; Kobzova, V.M.; Moroz, I.P.; Rodionov, A.V., 1976:
The coastal effect in geomagnetic variations using laboratory models

Dubar, M.; Damblon, F.; Nicol Pichard, S.; Vernet, J.L.; Chaix, L.; Cataliotti, J.; Irr, F.; Babinot, J.F., 1986:
The coastal environment of the Alpes-Maritimes at the end of the Versilian transgression from the biostratigraphic study and investigation of l'Etoile in Nice, France

Souza Celia Regina de Gouveia; Suguio Kenitiro, 2003 :
The coastal erosion risk zoning and the Sao Paulo State plan for coastal management

Prost, M.T.; Lointier, M.; Barthes, B., 1988:
The coastal evolution of French Guiana, the Sinnamary Zone

Goulliart Maurice, 1967:
The coastal fault system of southern Audresselles

McCann, S.B.; Richards Anthony, 1969:
The coastal features of the island of Rhum in the Inner Hebrides

Chalmers, J.A.; Whittaker, R.C.; Skaarup, N.; Pulvertaft, T.C.R.; Geoffroy, L.; Skuce, A.G.; Angelier, J.; Gelard, J.P.; Lepvrier, C.; Olivier, P., 1999:
The coastal flexure of Disko (West Greenland), onshore expression of the oblique reflectors; discussion and reply

Bruun Per, 2000:
The coastal geomorphological development of the Skagen Spit, Jutland, Denmark; its fate during the next century; coastal erosion and accretion

Cooke, H.J., 1974:
The coastal geomorphology of Tanga, Tanzania

Rossello Verger, V.M., 1971:
The coastal geomorphology of southern Valencia, Spain

Owens, E.H.; McCann, S.B., 1980:
The coastal geomorphology of the Magdalen Islands, Quebec

Urish Daniel, W.; Ozbilgin Melih, M., 1989:
The coastal ground-water boundary

Polania Jaime; Santos Martinez Adriana; Mancera Pineda Jose Ernesto; Arboleda Leonor Botero, 2000 :
The coastal lagoon Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta, Colombia

Debenay, J.P.; Moguedet, G., 1990:
The coastal lagoons and the Songolo Estuary in the Congo, and the Congo-Zaire River estuary; presentation and description of the benthic foraminiferal assemblages

Howell David, G.; Brunsden Denys; Lee, E.M., 2000:
The coastal landslides of west Dorset, United Kingdom

Arber Muriel, A., 1971:
The coastal landslips of south-east Devon

Damborenea, J., 1986:
The coastal menace

McLaren, P.; Barrie, W.B.; Sempels Jean Marie, 1981:
The coastal morphology and sedimentology of Cape Hatt; implications for the Baffin Island oil spill project (BIOS)

Clarke, B.B., 1962:
The coastal morphology of the Padstow peninsula

Oldfield Frank, 1960:
The coastal mud-bed at Mouligna, Bidart, and the age of the Asturian industry in the Pays Basque

Faure Hugues; Walter Robert, C.; Grant Douglas, R., 2002:
The coastal oasis; ice age springs on emerged continental shelves

Hoelemann Jens; Wegner Carolyn; Churun Vladimir; Timokhov Leonid; Kassens Heidemarie; Kirillov Sergey; Haas Christian, 2004:
The coastal ocean along the Siberian Arctic; new process-oriented studies of the physical environment of the southeastern Laptev Sea shelf

Wollast, R., 1991 :
The coastal organic carbon cycle; fluxes, sources, and sinks

Ashwin, D.P., 1958:
The coastal outcrop of the Culm measures of south-west England ; Conf. Geol. & Geomorph. South-West England, Abs. Pr

Carr, A.P., 1987:
The coastal papers in a broader context

Watson Edward; Watson Sybil, 1970:
The coastal periglacial slope deposits of the Cotentin peninsula

Montaigne, M., 1972:
The coastal plain facies and its border in the Canche region

Somme, J.; Cabal, M., 1972:
The coastal plain in the Ardres region, Pas-de-Calais and the Noires-Terres archaeological site

King Lester, 1972:
The coastal plain of Southeast Africa; its form, deposits and development

King Lester, 1974:
The coastal plain of Southeast Africa; reply

Akhir, A.B.M., 1978:
The coastal plain soils of peninsular Malaysia

Martin, E.C., 1938:
The coastal plain west of Worthing

Goskar Kathleen, L.Trueman, A.E., 1934:
The coastal plateaus of south Wales

Ramalho Maria de Jesus; Cachao Mario; Freitas Conceicao; Cruces Anabela, 2004:
The coastal record of calcareous nannoplankton inside the lagoons of Melides and Santo Andre (SW Portugal)

Rice Tracy Monegan, 1999:
The coastal risk assessment method for estuarine shorelines (CRAMES)

Coaldrake, J.E., 1962:
The coastal sand dunes of southern Queensland

Sainz Amor, E., 1971:
The coastal sands of Cape Palos and Grossa Island, Murcia

Sainz Amor, E., 1981:
The coastal sands of Minorca

Sainz Amor, E., 1982:
The coastal sands of the Catalan shore; the Gaia River-L'Ampolla Section

Moura Armando Reis, 1969:
The coastal sandstone of the Sul do Save, Mozambique

Davies, J.L., 1974:
The coastal sediment compartment

Bleackley, D., 1958:
The coastal sediments and artesian water supply of British Guiana

Zenkovich, V.P., 1969:
The coastal shoals of western Cuba and their deposits

Cucarzi Mauro; Iannelli, M.T.; Rivolta, A., 1995:
The coastal site of Bivona; its detection and its environmental changes as revealed by geoarchaeological explorations

Medina Villaverde, J.M., 1993:
The coastal spit of Punta Umbria (Huelva)

Long Antony, 2003:
The coastal strip; sea-level change, coastal evolution and land-ocean correlation

Thompson, A.O., 1944:
The coastal terraces of eastern Pondoland

Nakata Takashi, 1968:
The coastal terraces of the Tane-ga-shima island and the mode of its crustal movement

Goscombe Ben; Gray, D.R., 2007:
The coastal terrane of the Kaoko Belt, Namibia; outboard arc terrane and tectonic significance

Retallack Greg, J.; Dilcher David, L., 1979:
The coastal theory of flowering plant origins, dispersal and rise to dominance

Smith, J.S., 1986:
The coastal topography of the Moray Firth

Liu, Y.An.H.Ng, 1998:
The coastal transition at the mouth of a small mountainous river in Taiwan

Marabini Francesco, 1995:
The coastal zone and its climatic changes

Lennon, G.W., 1978:
The coastal zone and the commitment to physical oceanography

Aybulatov, N.A., 1982:
The coastal zone as the upper part of the shelf

King Stephen, D., 2003:
The coastal zone environment; a place to work, rest, play and to manage

Gorder, L., 1975:
The coastal zone in northeastern Wisconsin

Castillo Theodore, 1996:
The coastal zone of Belize

Radkevich, Y.A.; Radkevich, R.O.; Datsenko, K.V., 1977:
The coastal zone of the southern Kuril Island arc according to data from continuous seismo-acoustical profiling

Suzdal skiy O.V.; Slobodin, V.Y.; Krutoyarskii, M.A.; Andreyeva, I.A., 1972:
The coastal zone of the southern part of Chesha Bay, the Barents Sea

Crossland Christopher, J.; Baird Dan; Ducrotoy Jean Paul; Lindeboom Han, J.; Buddemeier Robert, W.; Dennison William, C.; Maxwell Bruce, A.; Smith Stephen, V.; Swaney Dennis, P., 2005:
The coastal zone; a domain of global interactions

Haines John, W.; Williams, S.J.ffress, 2000:
The coastal zone; a resource at risk

Rotnicki Karol, 1995:
The coastal zone; present, past and future

Zhuang Zhenye; X.W.idong; L.X.elun, 1991:
The coastline evolution on the south coast of the Bohai Bay since 6ka B.P

Meservey, R., 1971:
The coastline fit of Africa and South America

Frolov, A.P.; Khublaryan, M.G.; Mosolova, T.Y., 1994:
The coastline geometry effect on sea water intrusion into aquifers

Schou Axel, 1971:
The coastline of Djursland; a study in east Danish shoreline development

Schou Axel, 1960:
The coastline of Djursland; a study in east-Danish shoreline development

Bondesan, M.; Calderoni, G.; Dal Cin, R., 1978:
The coastline of Ferrara and Ravenna provinces, Alto Adriatico; morphological evolution and sediment distribution

Green Charles; Larwood, G.P.; Martin, A.J., 1954:
The coastline of Flegg, from Caister point to Hemsby gap, Norfolk

Steers, J.A., 1957:
The coastline of Great Britain; a brief word picture

Stephens, N., 1970:
The coastline of Ireland

Stephens, N., 1976:
The coastline of Ireland

Bremner, J.M., 1985:
The coastline of Namibia

Steers, J.A., 1952:
The coastline of Scotland

Walton, K., 1976:
The coastline of Scotland

Corre, J.J., 1992:
The coastline of the Gulf of Lions; impact of a warming of the atmosphere in the next few decades

Black John, A., 1987:
The coastline of the Queen Charlotte Islands

Black John, A., 1986:
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The coming domestic oil and gas boom

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The coming of age for 4D seismic

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