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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 20323

Chapter 20323 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zhu Fengjun, 1988:
The dissolution kinetics of carbonate rock fissure and its application for karst water resources research

Busenberg, E.; Clemency, C.V., 1976:
The dissolution kinetics of feldspars at 25 degrees C and 1 atm CO (sub 2) partial pressure

Busenberg, E., 1974:
The dissolution kinetics of feldspars at 25.5 C and 1 atm pCO (sub 2)

Hellmann, R., 1996:
The dissolution kinetics of feldspars at elevated temperatures and pressures

Faux, R.F.; Busenberg Eurybiades; Plummer, L.N.; Candela, P.A., 1986:
The dissolution kinetics of magnesite from 25 degrees -85 degrees C and pH's of 0 to 10 at atmospheric P (sub CO2)

Bendz, D.; Tüchsen, P.L.; Christensen, T.H., 2007:
The dissolution kinetics of major elements in municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash particles

Morse John, W.; Arvidson Rolf, S., 2002:
The dissolution kinetics of major sedimentary carbonate minerals

Westrich Henry, R.; Cygan Randall, T.; Casey William, H.; Zemitis Collette; Arnold George, W., 1993:
The dissolution kinetics of mixed-cation orthosilicate minerals

Knauss Kevin, G.; Wolery Thomas, J., 1987:
The dissolution kinetics of quartz as a function of pH and time at 70 degrees C

Patricia M Dove, 1999:
The dissolution kinetics of quartz in aqueous mixed cation solutions

Dove Patricia, M., 1994:
The dissolution kinetics of quartz in sodium chloride solutions at 25 degrees to 300 degrees C

Lorier Troy, H.; Dove Patricia, M., 1999:
The dissolution kinetics of quartz in terrestrial waters

Lynn, M.W.lter; John, W.M.rse, 1985:
The dissolution kinetics of shallow marine carbonates in seawater; a laboratory study

Fleer Varda, N.; White William, B., 1981:
The dissolution kinetics of synthetic strontium feldspar

Gong Zizhen; L.Z.aolin, 1992:
The dissolution mechanism and karst features of carbonate rocks in Fengfeng region

Taylor, W.R., 1990:
The dissolution mechanism of CO (sub 2) in aluminosilicate melts; infrared spectroscopic constraints on the cationic environment of dissolved (CO (sub 3) ) (sub 2)

Xue, X.; Kanzaki, M.; Fraser, D.G., 2002:
The dissolution mechanisms of forsterite and enstatite; constraints from (super 29) Si and (super 1) H MAS NMR

Fraser, D.G.; Berry, A.J.; Refson, K.; Mejias, J.A.; Wogelius, R.A., 1997:
The dissolution mechanisms of periclase and forsterite; a mechanism for the incorporation of water in the deep mantle

Kohn, S.C., 2000:
The dissolution mechanisms of water in silicate melts; a synthesis of recent data

Yaguchi, E.M.; Conway, H.L., 1977:
The dissolution of Asterionella formosa frustules

Jones, S.W.; Wheat, J.D.; Davies, G.J.; Benfield Robert, C., 2004:
The dissolution of a conceptual model; the karst hydrogeology of U. S. DOE Oak Ridge Reservation

Valsami Jones Eva; Ragnarsdottir Kristin Vala; Putnis, A.; Bosbach, D.; Kemp, A.J.; Cressey, G., 1998:
The dissolution of apatite in the presence of aqueous metal cations at pH 2-7

Gronow Janet, R., 1987:
The dissolution of asbestos fibres in water

Guoshun Zhuang; Robert, A.D.ce; Dana, R.K.ster, 1990:
The dissolution of atmospheric iron in surface seawater of the open ocean

Vrskovy, B., 1986:
The dissolution of barite under geothermal conditions

Turpault, M.P.; Trotignon, L., 1994:
The dissolution of biotite single crystals in dilute HNO (sub 3) at 24 degrees C; evidence of an anisotropic corrosion process of micas in acidic solutions

R.G.Compton and K.L.Pritchard, 1990:
The dissolution of calcite at pH <7; kinetics and mechanism

Plummer, L.N.; Wigley, T.M.L., 1976:
The dissolution of calcite in CO (sub 2) -saturated solutions at 25 degrees C and 1 atmosphere total pressure

R.G.Compton and P.R.Unwin, 1990:
The dissolution of calcite in aqueous solution at pH <4; kinetics and mechanism

Estrada Maldonado, C.F.; Giroir, G.; Dandurand, J.L.; Schott, J., 1992:
The dissolution of calcite in seawater from 40 degrees to 90 degrees C at atmospheric pressure and 35 (super 0) / (sub 00) salinity

Coor Jennifer, L.; Harris, M.S.ott; Slusher Darlene, L., 2005:
The dissolution of calcium carbonate beneath the lower Coastal Plain of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Johnson Richard, L., 1992:
The dissolution of dense immiscible solvents into groundwater; implications for site characterization and remediation

Nicod, J., 1971:
The dissolution of dolomite

Siebert Robert, M., 1970:
The dissolution of dolomite below 100 degrees C

Sobolev, V.K., 1978:
The dissolution of garnets

Bosbach Dirk; Charlet Laurent; Bickmore Barry; Hochella Michael, F.J., 2000:
The dissolution of hectorite; in-situ, real-time observations using atomic force microscopy

Duro Lara; E.A.mrani Fatima; Rovira Miquel; Gimenez Javier; Casas Ignasi; de Pablo Joan; Bruno Jordi, 2005:
The dissolution of high-FeO olivine rock from the Lovasjarvi intrusion (SE Finland) at 25 degrees C as a function of pH

Kadik, A.; Pineau, F.; Litvin Yu; Javoy, M., 2002:
The dissolution of hydrogen and carbon in reduced silicate melt

Polzer, W.L.; Hem, J.D., 1965:
The dissolution of kaolinite

Chris Anbeek; Nico Van Breemen; Edward, L.M.ijer; Leendert Van Der Plas, 1994:
The dissolution of naturally weathered feldspar and quartz

Sanemasa Isao; Yoshida Minoru; Ozawa Takejiro, 1972:
The dissolution of olivine in aqueous solutions of inorganic acids

Stumm Werner; Furrer Gerhard, 1987:
The dissolution of oxides and aluminum silicates; examples of surface-coordination-controlled kinetics

Bennett, P.C.; Melcer, M.E.; Siegel, D.I.; Hassett, J.P., 1988:
The dissolution of quartz in dilute aqueous solutions of organic acids at 25 degrees C

Anderson Michael, R.; Johnson Richard, L.; Pankow James, F., 1987:
The dissolution of residual dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) from a saturated porous medium

Lewin Joyce, C., 1961:
The dissolution of silica from diatom walls

Ilton Eugene, S.; Liu, C.; Yantasee Wassana; Wang, Z.; Moore Dean, A.; Felmy Andrew, R.; Zachara, J.M., 2006:
The dissolution of synthetic Na-boltwoodite in sodium carbonate solutions

Charlesworth, H.A.K.; Charlesworth, J.K., 1955:
The dissolution of the ice in County Leitrim and the adjacent parts of County Sligo and County Roscommon

Gelkers Eric, H.; Schott Jacques, 1992 :
The dissolution rate of albite as a function of chemical affinity and the stoichiometry of activated complexes in aluminosilicate dissolution reactions

Grandstaff, D.E., 1980:
The dissolution rate of forsteritic olivine from Hawaiian beach sand

Grandstaff David, E., 1986:
The dissolution rate of forsteritic olivine from Hawaiian beach sand

Dietzel, M.; Boehme, G., 2005:
The dissolution rates of gibbsite in the presence of chloride, nitrate, silica, sulfate, and citrate in open and closed systems at 20 degrees C

Wolff Boenisch Domenik; Gislason Sigurdur, R.; Oelkers Eric, H.; Putnis Christine, V., 2004:
The dissolution rates of natural glasses as a function of their composition at pH 4 and 10.6, and temperatures from 25 degrees C to 74 degrees C

Oelkers Eric, H.; Schott Jacques; Ward David, B.; Brady Patrick, V.; Gout Robert, 1995:
The dissolution rates of single and multi-(hydr)oxide silicate minerals, I; Experimental observations

Schott Jacques; Oelkers Eric, H.; Ward David, B.; Brady Patrick, V., 1995:
The dissolution rates of single and multi-(hydro)oxide silicate minerals: II, Rate of equations and predictions

Mook, W.G., 1976:
The dissolution-exchange model for dating groundwater with (super 14) C

Kroopnick Peter, 1974:
The dissolved O (sub 2) -CO (sub 2) - (super 13) C system in the eastern equatorial Pacific

Ben Othman, D.; Luck, J.M.; Telouk, P.; Albarede, F., 1999:
The dissolved and particulate loads of rains constrained by lead, strontium isotopes, and major and trace elements

A.T.Grove, 1972:
The dissolved and solid load carried by some West African rivers; Senegal, Niger, Benue and Shari

Grosbois, C.; Negrel, P.; Grimaud, D.; Fouillac, C., 1998:
The dissolved load of the Loire River; natural inputs and anthropogenic activities contributions

Paul, E.R.bbins; John, M.T.ole, 1997:
The dissolved silica budget as a constraint on the meridional overturning circulation of the Indian Ocean

Drake, J.J.; Ford, D.C., 1976:
The dissolved solids regime and hydrology of two mountain rivers

Sid ko F.Y.; Aponasenko, A.D.; Filimonov, V.S.; Lopatin, V.N.; Sid ko A.F., 1996:
The dissolved yellow matter as a natural indicator in hydrological investigations

Vujanovicj Vojislav (Vujanovic Vojislav); Teofilovicj Milorad (Teofilovic Milorad), 1980:
The dissolving capacity of carbon dioxide in mineral waters; based on mineral waters of Serbia

Vincent, P.J., 1983:
The dissolving landscape

Alonso Belen; Ercilla Gemma; Baraza Jesus; Casas David; Chiocci Francesco, L.; Estrada Ferran; Farran Marcel, L.; Conthier Eliane; Perez Belzuz Fernando; Pirmez Carlos; Reeder Mike; Torres Jose; Urgeles Roger, 1997:
The distal Orinoco turbidite system and sediment wave field; preliminary results of the ORINOCO'97 Hesperides cruise

Alloway, B.V.; Pillans, B.; Naish, T.R.; Abbott, S.; Palmer, A.; Westgate, J., 2004:
The distal archive of North Island silicic volcanism recorded in Pleistocene shallow marine sediments of Wanganui Basin, New Zealand

Hawke, B.R.y; Head James, W., 1980:
The distal deposits of lunar basins at the Apollo 14 and 16 landing sites

Beka Francis, T.; Oti Michael, N., 1995:
The distal offshore Niger Delta; frontier prospects of a mature petroleum province

C.Leah Moore, 1991:
The distal terrestrial record of explosive rhyolitic volcanism; an example from Auckland, New Zealand

Dagosto Marian, 1984:
The distal tibia of the Omomyidae

W.C.aorong; D.C.unyan, 2001:
The distal turbidite fan of the lower Paleogene Shahejie Formation in Liaohe Basin, China

Iguchi Masato; Kamo Kosuke, 1984:
The distance attained by blocks and lapilli ejected by volcanic eruptions

Zhang Liren, 1986:
The distance between seismic faulting belts

Ratti Giuseppe; Armando Ernesto, 1980:
The distance between the Frejus railway and motorway tunnel; the concentration of tension and vibration from explosions

Brice Karen, L., 1993:
The distance between us and them; sea floor spreading in the Atlantic Ocean

Oller Sala, J.M., 1981:
The distance defined by polynomial distribution and its possible application

Kennett, B.L.N., 1993:
The distance dependence of regional phase discriminants

Ivochkina, L.G., 1987:
The distance range of carry-over of fine and very fine gold; results of an experimental study

Potter, A.E.; Killen, R.M.; Morgan, T.H., 2001:
The distant sodium tail of Mercury

Krepelin, G., 1970:
The distillation and gasification of the Posidonomya shales

Verdel, T., 1994:
The distinct element method (DEM); a tool for the evaluation of risk instability of blocky stone monuments; application to Egyptian monuments

Seyferth, M.; Henk, A., 2002:
The distinct element method; a new tool in quantitative sedimentary basin analysis

Roberts, B.; Merriman, R.J., 1984:
The distinction between Caledonian burial and regional metamorphism in metapelites from North Wales; an analysis of isocryst patterns

Smout, A.H.; Eames, F.E., 1960:
The distinction between Operculina and Operculinella

Gardner Michael, H., 2001:
The distinction between ancient fluvial and valley-fill sandstone reservoirs; semantics or economics

Visser, J.N.J., 1989:
The distinction between ancient mountain and shelf glaciation

Suwa Hiroshi, 1996:
The distinction between debris flow deposits and sieve deposits

Porter, E.M.; Owens, W.H.; Bouchez Jean Luc; Courrioux, G.; Hutton Donald, H.W., 1999:
The distinction between diapirs and balloons; the Criffel-Dalbeattie Granite (Scotland)

Harcourt, G.Alan, 1937:
The distinction between enargite and famatinite (luzonite)

Simonson Bruce, M., 1996:
The distinction between flat pebble conglomerates and intraformational breccias in Precambrian iron formations

Robert, L.Folk, 1954:
The distinction between grain size and mineral composition in sedimentaryrock nomenclature

Barriere Michel, 1972:
The distinction between hypoaluminous, aluminous, and hyperaluminous granites

Waring, C.L., 1991:
The distinction between metamorphosed stratiform Pb-Zn-Ag mineralisation and metamorphic syntectonic Cu mineralisation at Mt Isa

Lameyre, J.; Rocci, G.; Didier, J., 1975:
The distinction between orogenic and cratonic granites; a fundamental aspect of geotectonics

Gee, Henry., 1993:
The distinction between postcranial bones of Bos primigenius Bojanus, 1827 and Bison priscus Bojanus, 1827 from the British Pleistocene and the taxonomic status of Bos and Bison

D.F.W.tson; G.M.P.ilip, 1986:
The distinction between probabilistic prediction and statistical decision-making

Northcote, EM.; Mourer-Chauvire, C., 1985:
The distinction between the extinct Pleistocene European crane, Grus primigenia, and the extant Asian Sarus crane, G. antigone

Sigogneau Russell, D., 1975:
The distinction between the genera Champsosaurus and Simoedosaurus, and their simultaneous occurrence in the French Paleocene

Clauer, N.; Tardy Yves, 1971:
The distinction between the strontium isotope composition of carbonates found in an ancient crystalline basement of continental environment and a marine environment

Tlili, A.; Smith, D.C.; Robert, J.L.; Beny, J.M., 1988:
The distinction of Si-O-Si and Si-O-Al vibrations in natural and synthetic di- & tri-octahedral K-Na-micas

Niedzialkowska, E., 1983:
The distinction of alluvial facies of the Wisloka River near Debica in the light of particle size analysis

Domack Eugene, W.; Anderson John, B.; Kurtz Dennis, D., 1982:
The distinction of glacial and glacial marine diamictons

Stockton Carol, M.; Kane Robert, E., 1988:
The distinction of natural from synthetic alexandrite by infrared spectroscpy

Sunagawa Ichiro, 1995:
The distinction of natural from synthetic diamonds

Broster Bruce, E., 1998:
The distinction of neotectonic structures in glaciated areas

Penteado Margarida, M.; Filho Archimedes, P.; Machado Maria, L.A., 1973 :
The distinction of surficial sediments by sedimentologic analysis

Bilotte, M.; Fondecave, M.J.; Peybernes, B.; Souquet, P.; Wallez, J.P., 1973:
The distinction of the Albian and the upper Cretaceous in the Axat Synclinorium, Pyrenees

Gil kman A.I.; Savenko, N.G.; Barg, I.M., 1981:
The distinction of the upper Tortonian deposits in northern Odessa region

Peter Kathy, D., 1980:
The distinction of three Lower Cretaceous aquifers in a section of the Northern Great Plains using hydrochemical facies maps

Khokhlova, O.S.; Oleinik, S.A.; Kovalevskaya, I.S., 2000:
The distinctions between diagenesis and epigenetic types of carbonate concentrations in the buried Holocene soils of the Chernozemic zone

Morel, A., 1991:
The distinctive character of the Saharan mountains

Conquere Fernand, 1972:
The distinctive characteristics and genesis of the peridotites associated with pyroxenolites in the lherzolites of the Pyrenees, Ariege, France

Wan Tianfeng; Zeng Hualin, 2002:
The distinctive characteristics of the Sino-Korean and the Yangtze plates

Leroux, M., 1991:
The distinctive climate of the Saharan mountains

Kosachyuk Galina, P., 2004:
The distinctive features of geological structure and hydrocarbon resources of the Caspian Sea region

E.A.S.dova; N.V.V.silevskaya, 2007:
The distinctive features of ontogenetic processes of Andromeda polifolia L. (Ericaceae Juss.) in the European subarctic

Babushkin, V.D.; Lebedyanskaya, P.Z.; Plotnikov, J.J., 1984:
The distinctive features of predicting total water discharge to deep-level mines in fissured and karst rocks (exemplified by one of the Northern Urals mineral deposits)

Kondrushkin, Y.M.; Krutykh, L.G.; Allakhverdiyeva, L.I.; Ragimli, A.A., 1990:
The distinctive features of the VIII horizon studies of the Bulla-More Field in connection with hydrocarbon reserves estimation

Nekhmetdinov, A.S.; Kusherbayev, A.M.; Demeshev, V.N., 1989:
The distinctive features of the deep structure of Volgo-Ural anteclise conjunction with the Ural Foredeep and the Caspian Syneclise

Bowles John, F.W., 1984:
The distinctive low-silver gold of Indonesia and East Malaysia

Voinova, I.P.; Mints, M.V.; Samozvantseva, Z.M., 1974:
The distinctive petrochemical features of the Cretaceous volcanoplutonic association in the southwestern part of the Ul'ya Basin

Udintsev, G.B.; Agapova, G.V.; Beresnev, A.F.; Verzhbitskiy, Y.V.; Suzyumov, A.Y.; Filipas, S.F., 1974:
The distinctive structure of the lithosphere in the geosynclinal basin of the Bismarck Sea and its frame

Bowles John, F.W., 1981:
The distinctive suite of platinum-group minerals from Guma Water, Sierra Leone

Wust, G.H.; Baehni, L.A., 1986:
The distinctive tectonometamorphic evolution of two basement complexes belonging to the Grand-Saint-Bernard nappe (Val de Bagnes, Valais)

Zhang Zhanshi; Zhou Wenbin, 1998:
The distinguishing characteristics of interlayer oxidation zones and burial oxidation zones

Putnis, A., 1980:
The distortion index in anhydrous Mg-cordierite

Takeuchi, Y., 1975:
The distortion of Si(Al)-tetrahedra in sheet silicates

Yevchatov, G.P., 1981:
The distortion of signals in vibrational seismograms for non-periodic diffracted phases of vibrator oscillations from task programs

Cassen, P.; Young, R.E.; Schubert, G., 1978:
The distortion of the Moon due to convection

Murashko, Y.I.; Gribanova, L.V.; Primenova, Z.S., 1983:
The distortion of the kinematic characteristics of the total path of a time section during an incomplete calculation of velocity during a common-depth-point survey

Colliston, W.P.; Schoch, A.E., 2006:
The distribition and diagnostic features of deformed plutonic rocks in two terranes of the Namaque mobile belt along the Orange (Gariep) River, South Africa

Strupczewski Witold, G.; Napiorkowski Jarostaw, J.; Dooge James, C.I., 1989:
The distributed Muskingum model

Magazenkov, L.N.; Shvets, M.Y.; Shneyerov, B.Y., 1971:
The distributed analysis approach to integration of equations of dynamics of a barotropic fluid over a long time interval

Campbell James, E.; Longsine Dennis, E.; Reeves Mark, 1982:
The distributed velocity method of solving the convective-dispersion equation

Casey William, H.; Larsen Ingvar, L.; Olsen Curtis, R., 1986:
The distributin of cosmogenic (super 7) Be in salt marsh sediments

Anonymous, 2007:
The distributing and insecticide tolerance analyse of flora that cause infection on hemodialysis sufferer

L.W.ngou; Liu Yiqun; Feng Qiao; Wang Wuhe, 1997:
The distributing characteristics of sedimentary facies belts and sandstone bodies of Jurassic in Turpan-Hami Basin, Xinjiang, China

Barnes Stephen, J.; Brand Nigel, W., 1999:
The distribution Cr, Ni, and chromite in komatiites, and application to exploration for komatiite-hosted nickel sulfide deposits

Mondragon Jennifer; Etherington Lisa, L.; Taggart, S.J.mes; Hooge Philip, N., 2007:
The distribution and abundance of Pacific halibut in a recently deglaciated fjord; implications for marine reserve design

Strakhov, N.M., 1979:
The distribution and accumulation of phosphorus and rare metal elements

Liu-Zeng-Jia; Gong-Zhan-Wei; Shi-Shu-Zhen; Yang-Yin-Shu; Feng-Xiao-Yan, 2007:
The distribution and activity rhythm of the important blood-sucking insects (Diptera) along the Qinghai-Tibet railway line from Gerrmu to Tanggula Mountain

Coxon, P.; O.C.llaghan P., 1987:
The distribution and age of pingo remnants in Ireland.; 1

Nestell, M.K.; Pronina, G.P., 1997:
The distribution and age of the genus Hemigordiopsis

Soderblom Laurence Albert, 1971:
The distribution and ages of regional lithologies in the lunar maria

Harris, C., 1982:
The distribution and altitudinal zonation of periglacial landforms, Okstindan, Norway

Turner, A.R., 1968:
The distribution and association of nickel in the ferruginous zones of the laterites of the Giles Complex

L.X.uxia; Qian Xingzhen; She Zhongsheng, 1987:
The distribution and background values of trace elements in Jingpo Lake water

Coale Kenneth, H.; Gordon, R.M.chael; Wang Xiujun, 2005:
The distribution and behavior of dissolved and particulate iron and zinc in the Ross Sea and Antarctic Circumpolar Current along 170 degrees W

Shimmield Graham, B.; Murray James, W.; Thomson John; Bacon Michael, P.; Anderson Robert, F.; Price, N.B.ian, 1986:
The distribution and behaviour of (super 230úTh and (super 231úPa at an ocean margin, Baja California, Mexico

Burton, K.W.; Schiano, P.; Birck, J.L.; Allegre, C.J.; Rehkaemper, M.; Halliday, A.N.; Dawson, J.B., 2000:
The distribution and behaviour of rhenium and osmium amongst mantle minerals and the age of the lithospheric mantle beneath Tanzania

Zhu Cuishan; Zhao Hong; Wang Peirong; Zhang Zebo; Chen Anding, 2003:
The distribution and carbon isotopic composition of unusual polycyclic alkanes in the Cretaceous Lengshuiwu Formation, China

Moore, R.; Dibb, T.M.; Billing, D.W., 1992:
The distribution and causes of mass movement in Aurora Province, Philippines

Julian, A.Dowdeswell, 1986:
The distribution and character of sediments in a tidewater glacier, southern Baffin Island, N.W.T., Canada

Furcron Aurelius Sydney, 1959:
The distribution and character of stone for aggregate in Georgia

Thomas Richard, L.; Kemp Anthony, L.W.; Lewis Christopher, F.M., 1970:
The distribution and characteristics of Lake Ontario surface sediments

Chen, F.Hua, 1984:
The distribution and characteristics of expansive soils in China

Costard, F., 1990:
The distribution and characteristics of permafrost on Mars, and its effect on certain geomorphologic traits

Nash, V.E.; Pettry, D.E., 1976:
The distribution and characteristics of the non-crystalline clay component of soils in the different physiographic regions of Mississippi

Carlson, E.H., 1979:
The distribution and characteristics of the strata bound mineralization in northwestern Ohio

Terada Kikuo; Hamano Madoka; Komura Kazuhisa; Matsumoto Ken, 1986:
The distribution and characterization of (super 137úCs in shallow water sediments

Preez, J.W. du; Barber, W., 1965:
The distribution and chemical quality of groundwater in northern Nigeria

Brewster Renee Harrison; Simmons William, B., 1986:
The distribution and chemistry of allanite and samarskite in the South Platte pegmatite district and their genetic implications

Zhu Yangming; Zhang Hongbo, 1998:
The distribution and composition of aromatic hydrocarbons in various oils from the Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, China

Larskaya, Y.S.; Pentina, T.Y.; Telkova, M.S.; Polyanskaya, V.S.; Khramova, E.V.; Zagulova, O.P., 1991:
The distribution and composition of bitumens in productive field strata

Kharin, G.S.; Zangalis, K.P., 1977:
The distribution and composition of clay minerals in sediments of the Faeroe-Iceland Ridge and the Faeroe-Shetland trough

Ahmed, M.; Barclay, S.A.; George, S.C.; McDonald, B.; Volk, H.; Smith, J.W., 2004:
The distribution and composition of sulphur isotopes and flash pyrolysis products of solid bitumens from Papua New Guinea

Guo Zhigang; Yang Zuosheng; Lei Kun; Gao Lan; Q.Y.nhui, 2001:
The distribution and composition of suspended matters and their influencing factors in the central-southern area of Okinawa Trough and its adjacent shelf sea

Baker, E.T.; Nevins, J.B., 1978:
The distribution and composition of suspended particulate matter above the manganese nodule province of the eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean

Wang Jimin, 1985:
The distribution and computation of 3-D stacking velocity

Cardich Loarte, L.; Schroll, E., 1973:
The distribution and correlation of some elements in an ore-bearing limestone profile of the Bleiberg Facies, Bleiberg, Carinthia, Rudolfschacht, Austria

Daniel Cossa; Jean-Marie Martin; Kazufumi Takayanagi; Jane Sanjuan, 1997:
The distribution and cycling of mercury species in the western Mediterranean

Granberg, K.; Granberg, J., 1985:
The distribution and decomposition of lignosulphonates in Lake Paijanne, central Finland

Xiaojuan Feng; Myrna, J.S.mpson, 2007:
The distribution and degradation of biomarkers in Alberta grassland soil profiles

Wang Biao; Sheng Yu; Liu Jianping, 2001:
The distribution and degradation of permafrost in Xiao Hinggan Ling along the Heihe-Dalian Highway

Tang Tienfu; Xue Yao song; Y.C.ng liu, 1981:
The distribution and depositional environment of the Sinian carbonate

Hosking, K.F.G., 1989:
The distribution and development of arsenolite (As (sub 2) O (sub 3) ) crystals on a polished section of native arsenic from the Bau Goldfield, Sarawak

Wagner, R.H.; Varker, W.J., 1971:
The distribution and development of post-Leonian strata (upper Westphalian D, Cantabrian, Stephanian A) in northern Palencia, Spain

Mei Zhengxing, 1982:
The distribution and development of subterranean streams in the Dushan District, Guizhou Province

Q.Jie, 1985:
The distribution and development of the sedimentary system in the paralic lacustrine basins in eastern China

Terashima, M., 1988:
The distribution and diagenesis of monosaccharides in skeletal carbonates and carbonate sediments

Bidgood, D.E.T., 1970:
The distribution and diapiric nature of some Nova Scotia evaporites; a geophysical evaluation

Mack Greg, H.; Cole David, R.; Trevino Leandro, 2000:
The distribution and discrimination of shallow, authigenic carbonate in the Pliocene-Pleistocene Palomas Basin, southern Rio Grande Rift

Yoon, H.I.; Han Myung Woo; Park Byong Kwon; Han Sang Joon, 1991:
The distribution and dispersal pattern of clay minerals in the surface sediments of the Bransfield Strait, Antarctica

Gooday, AJ.; Levin, LA.; Thomas, CL.; Hecker, B., 1992:
The distribution and ecology of Bathysiphon filiformis Sars and B. major de Folin (Protista, Foraminiferida) on the continental slope off North Carolina

Saidova, K.M., 1969:
The distribution and ecology of the Recent benthonic foraminifera of the Pacific Ocean

Venzlaff Helmut, 1969:
The distribution and economic significance of uranium ore deposits

Ward, TJ.; Warren, LJ.; Tiller, KG., 1984:
The distribution and effects of metals in the marine environment near a lead-zinc smelter, South Australia

Feely Richard, A.; Massoth Gary, J.; Paulson Anthony, J., 1980:
The distribution and elemental composition of suspended particulate matter in Norton Sound and the northeastern Bering Sea Shelf; implications for Mn and Zn recycling in coastal waters

White, T.S.; Davis, A.; Morrison, J.L., 1989:
The distribution and emplacement of pyrite in the Clarion Coal of western Pennsylvania

Gordon, F.R., 1984:
The distribution and engineering influence of Precambrian igneous rocks at the Worsley Alumina Refinery site, South West Division, Western Australia

Katel, T.P.; Pokharel, G.S.; Upreti, B.N., 1995:
The distribution and engineering properties of fine grained soils of Kathmandu Valley

Wright, M.D., 1983:
The distribution and engineering significance of superficial deposits in the Upper Clydach Valley, south Wales

Kotuby Amacher, J.; Gambrell, R.P.; Amacher, M.C., 1992:
The distribution and environmental chemistry of lead in soil at an abandoned battery reclamation site

Guo Jingheng; Piao Hechun; Liu Qiming, 2000:
The distribution and environmental effects of carbohydrates in soil

Marker Margaret, E.; Holmes Peter, J., 2002:
The distribution and environmental implications of coversand deposits in the Southern Cape, South Africa

Zhou Guoxing, 2003:
The distribution and evolution of Pongo in south China

Xiang Mingju; Shi Jiyang; Zhou Youping; Q.D.ngchuang, 1997:
The distribution and evolution of fatty acids in various sediments and its significance

Fan Shanfa; Jiang Shanchun; X.F.nfang, 1981:
The distribution and evolution of isoprenoid in crude oil

Guo Qingfu; Liu Yaoguang, 1982:
The distribution and evolution of isoprenoids in the source rocks and crude oil of the Songliao Basin and their geological application

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