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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 20331

Chapter 20331 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Bloch, S.; Bischoff, J.L., 1979:
The effect of low-temperature alteration of basalt on the oceanic budget of potassium

Paul, R.K.lso; Subir, K.B.nerjee; Horst-Ulrich Worm, 1991:
The effect of low-temperature hydrothermal alteration on the remanent magnetization of synthetic titanomagnetites; a case for acquisition of chemical remanent magnetization

Yulong Cui; Kenneth, L.V.rosub; Andrew, P.R.berts, 1994:
The effect of low-temperature oxidation on large multi-domain magnetite

John, R.H.pper; W.R.ger Buck, 1996:
The effect of lower crustal flow on continental extension and passive margin formation

Holk Gregory, J.; Taylor Hugh, P.J., 1997:
The effect of lower plate magmatism on detachment fault-related meteoric-hydrothermal systems; (super 18) O/ (super 16) O data from the southern Omineca Belt, British Columbia

X.G.angquan; Xing Jun; L.J.etang, 1999:
The effect of lowering ground water levels on shaft wall rupture

Babeshko, V.A.; Zolotareva, L.I.; Zolotarev, A.A., 1983:
The effect of lowering the vibrational source on the formation of wave fields in elastic materials

Williams, K.K.; Greeley, R., 1997:
The effect of lunar crustal thickness on the morphologic transition from central peak to peak-ring craters

L.Q.qi; Ding Jianhai, 1998:
The effect of lunar phase on aftershock activity of the Taiwan Strait earthquake with Ms 7.3

Chen Xuezhong; Zhong Nancai; Ding Jianhai, 1998:
The effect of lunar phase on seismicity in northern China and its significance for earthquake prediction

Anonymous, 1994:
The effect of lysine and valine fed during lactation on sow and litter lactation performance

M.N.B.gde; V.P.troĆĄ, 2005:
The effect of machine behaviour and mechanical properties of intact sandstone under static and dynamic uniaxial cyclic loading

Dapples Edward Charles, 1942:
The effect of macro-organisms upon near-shore marine sediments

Woodland, A.; Bussod, G.; Kornprobst, J.; Bodinier, J.L.; Macpherson, E.; Menzies, M., 1992:
The effect of mafic dike emplacement on surrounding peridotite; evidence from spinel evidence and estimated redox states

Lowenstern, J.B., 1992:
The effect of magma chemistry on the behavior of Mo in igneous systems

Massol, H.; Koyaguchi, T., 2005:
The effect of magma flow on nucleation of gas bubbles in a volcanic conduit

Robyn Thomas, L., 1984:
The effect of magma zonation on ore-forming processes; a review and critique

Urabe, T.; Baker, E.T.; Ishibashi, J.; Feely, R.A.; Marumo, K.; Massoth, G.J.; Maruyama, A.; Shitashima, K.; Okamura, K.; Lupton, J.E.; Sonoda, A.; Yamazaki, T.; Aoki, M.; Gendron, J.; Greene, R.; Kaiho, Y.; Kisimoto, K.; Lebon, G.; Matsumoto, T.; Nakamura, K.; Nishizawa, A.; Okano, O.; Paradis, G.; Roe, K.; Shibata, T.; Tennant, D.; Vance, T.; Walker, S.L.; Yabuki, T.; Ytow, N., 1995:
The effect of magmatic activity on hydrothermal venting along the superfast-spreading East pacific rise

Wang Fuquan, 1991:
The effect of magmatism on mineralization process of endogenetic mineral deposits

Hamilton, N., 1967:
The effect of magnetic and hydrodynamic control on the susceptibility anisotropy of redeposited silt

Raposo Maria Irene Bartolomeu; d Agrella Filho Manoel Souza; Siqueira Roberto, 2003:
The effect of magnetic anisotropy on paleomagnetic directions in high-grade metamorphic rocks from the Juiz de Fora Complex, SE Brazil

Sattel Daniel, 2000:
The effect of magnetic anomalies on transient electromagnetic data

Anonymous, 2007:
The effect of magnetic field on permeability of egg shells of salmonid fishes

Mackenzie, K.J.D.; Fry, B.M.; Brown, I.W.M.; Bowden, M.E., 1983:
The effect of magnetic fields on the thermal reactions of nontronite

Callaghan, C.C., 1983:
The effect of magnetism on radiometric instruments

Stolz John, F.; Chang Shih Bin, R.; Kirschvink Joseph, L., 1989:
The effect of magnetotactic bacteria on the magnetic properties of marine sediments

Huang Futang; Zou Xinfang; Zhang Zuaxiang, 1998:
The effect of major acids in formation waters on the physical properties of reservoir rocks

Tyson, R.M.; Hemphill, W.R.; Theisen Arnold, F., 1986:
The effect of major and trace element chemistry on the luminescence spectra of the scheelite-powellite series

Grocott, G.G., 1995:
The effect of major erosion on State Highway 7, Lewis Pass

Musa Khairul Anam; Akhir Juhari Mat; Abdullah Ibrahim, 2002:
The effect of major faults and folds in hard rock groundwater potential mapping; an example from Langat Basin, Selangor

Knauss Kevin, G.; Copenhaver Sally, A., 1995:
The effect of malonate on the dissolution kinetics of albite, quartz, and microcline as a function of pH at 70 degrees C

Simons Daryl, B.; Simons Robert, K., 1989:
The effect of man on the hydrology, hydraulics and geomorphology of the Mississippi River

Uziak, S.; Klimowicz, Z., 1984:
The effect of man's economic activity on soils in southeastern Poland

Steven, R.B.hlen; Arthur, L.B.ettcher; Wayne, A.D.llase; Eric, J.E.sene, 1980:
The effect of manganese on olivine-quartz-orthopyroxene stability

Bohlen, S.R.; Boettcher, A.L., 1978:
The effect of manganese on orthopyroxene-olivine-quartz stability; orthopyroxene geobarometry

Huang, P.M.; Krishnamurti, G.S.R., 1989:
The effect of manganese on the formation of iron oxide minerals

Burdige, D.J.; Dhakar, S.P., 1991:
The effect of manganese oxide mineralogy on manganese reduction in the marine environment

P.G.B.rrang; E.V.G.ill, 1974:
The effect of manganese oxide scavenging on molybdenum in Saanich Inlet, British Columbia

Zhang Yongxia; L.L.ling, 1987:
The effect of mantle heat source activities on hydrocarbons of marine carbonate in South China

V.D.hant; J.Z.chau, 1989:
The effect of mantle inelasticity on tidal gravity; a comparison between the spherical and the elliptical Earth model

Donald, J.W.idner; Geoffery, D.P.ice, 1988:
The effect of many-body forces on the elastic properties of simple oxides and olivine

Veniale, F.; Soggetti, F.; Pigorini, B.; Dal Negro, A., 1974:
The effect of marine currents on the dispersion of clay minerals in sediments on the Adriatic sea floor; I, From the Po River to Trieste

Byrne John Vincent, 1954:
The effect of marine organisms on the pH of sea water

Hansen Thor, A.; Kelley Patricia, H., 1995:
The effect of mass extinctions on escalation in molluscs; a test at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary

Gor kov V.A., 1994:
The effect of massive explosion and time factors on the stability of high chamber mining

C.N.urath; R.B.S.ith, 1982:
The effect of material properties on growth rates of folding and boudinage; experiments with wax models

Anonymous, 2007:
The effect of maternal and fetal lead concentration on birth weight: polluted versus non-polluted areas of Iran

Wigby, S.; Domanitskaya, E.V.; Choffat, Y.; Kubli, E.; Chapman, T., 2007:
The effect of mating on immunity can be masked by experimental piercing in female Drosophila melanogaster

Nova Spackova, A., 1971:
The effect of matrix elements in the spectroscopic analysis of minerals; calcite, dolomite, fluorite and barite

A.S.M.ckenzie; R.L.P.tience; D.A.Y.n; J.R.M.xwell, 1982:
The effect of maturation on the configurations of acyclic isoprenoid acids in sediments

Warton Ben; Alexander Robert; Kagi Robert, I., 1998:
The effect of maturation on the distribution of moneothylalkanes in Late Cretaceous sedimentary rocks and crude oils from the Gippsland Basin, Australia

D.R.gby; B.D.B.tts; J.W.S.ith, 1981:
The effect of maturation on the isotopic composition of fossil fuels

Sanchez, C.J.; Parras, J.; Carretero, M.I., 2002:
The effect of maturation upon the mineralogical and physicochemical properties of illitic-smectitic clays for pelotherapy

Trevor, P.B.stow; Robert Alexander; Robert, I.K.gi; Iman, B.S.srowidjojo, 1998:
The effect of maturity and biodegradation on the enantiomeric composition of sedimentary dihydro-ar-curcumene and related compounds

Schouten Stefan; Hopmans Ellen, C.; Sinninghe Damste Jaap, S., 2004:
The effect of maturity and depositional redox conditions on archaeal tetraether lipid palaeothermometry

Robert Alexander; Robert, I.K.gi; Raj, K.S.ngh; Imam, B.S.srowidjojo, 1994:
The effect of maturity on the relative abundances of cadalene and isocadalene in sediments from the Gippsland Basin, Australia

Donath, F.A., 1975:
The effect of mean pressure and state of stress on the deformational behavior of rock

Rayne Todd, W.; Bradbury Kenneth, R., 1993:
The effect of measurement scale on hydraulic conductivity

Zawadzki Willy; Beckie Roger, 1996:
The effect of measurement scale on the worth of hydraulic conductivity data; slug tests and pumping tests

Chittleborough, D.J., 1986:
The effect of mechanical and chemical pretreatment on the yield of clay and fine clay

Brady, B.T., 1969:
The effect of mechanical anisotropy on the transmission of low-amplitude stress waves in brittle rock

Park, J.C.; Renshaw, C.E., 1997:
The effect of mechanical interaction on the scaling of fracture aperture

Afremov, L.L.; Belokon, V.I., 1980:
The effect of mechanical stresses on processes of formation and breakdown of the remanent magnetization of a system of single-domain particles

Kristof Eva; Juhasz, A.Z.ltan; Vassanyi Istvan, 1993:
The effect of mechanical treatment on the crystal structure and thermal behavior of kaolinite

Rybicki, K.R., 1991:
The effect of medium inhomogeneities on strike-slip fault moving in the vertical direction; quasi-static case

O.N.ill H.S.C.; Eggins, S.M., 1999:
The effect of melt composition on the activity coefficients of some siderophile element components (FeO, NiO, CoO, MoO (sub 2) , MoO (sub 3) and WO (sub 2) ) in melts in the CMAS system

B.J.W.namaker; D.L.K.hlstedt, 1991:
The effect of melt composition on the wetting angle between silicate melts and olivine

O.N.ill Hugh, S.C.; Eggins Stephen, M., 2002:
The effect of melt composition on trace element partitioning; an experimental investigation of the activity coefficients of FeO, NiO, CoO, MoO (sub 2) and MoO (sub 3) in silicate melts

Dimanov, A.; Wirth, R.; Dresen, G., 2000:
The effect of melt distribution on the rheology of plagioclase rocks

Sato, H.; Ida, Y., 1983:
The effect of melt geometry on low frequency electrical impedance in partially molten gabbro

Hirose Kei; Kushiro Ikuo, 1998:
The effect of melt segregation on polybaric mantle melting; estimation from the incremental melting experiments

Bychkov, A.M.; Polosin, A.V.; Borisov, A.A., 1992:
The effect of melt temperature on the structural state of iron ions; Mossbauer study

Kadik, A.A., 1988:
The effect of melting on the evolution of fluid and redox regimes in the Earth's upper mantle

Holzheid Astrid; Grove Timothy, L., 2005:
The effect of metal composition on Fe-Ni partition behavior between olivine and Fe-Ni metal, Fe-Ni carbide, Fe-Ni sulfide at elevated pressure

Kun, B., 2000:
The effect of metal prices and their predicted change on the production, planning, and exploitation of the Recsk ore deposit

A.D.L.Skelton, 1997:
The effect of metamorphic fluid flow on the nucleation and growth of garnets from Troms, North Norway

L.H.ngyan; Jahn Bor Ming; Liu Dunyi, 2004:
The effect of metamorphic recrystallization on zircon U-Pb dating of the UHP metamorphic rocks in the Dabie-Sulu Orogen, China

Rougvie James, R.; Carlson William, D., 1993:
The effect of metamorphic-fluid flow on Rb-Sr ages for the Valley Spring Gneiss, Llano Uplift, central Texas

Frolova, N.S., 1982:
The effect of metamorphism on deformation properties of rocks in the Talas Alatau

Sal nikov V.N., 1975:
The effect of metamorphism on electroconductivity of rocks and minerals

Barnes Hubert Lloyd, 1959:
The effect of metamorphism on metal distribution near base metal deposits

Hibti Mohamed; Bouabdelli Mohamed; Mouttaqi Abdellah; Sagon Jean Paul, 1999:
The effect of metamorphism on sulfide mineralizations in the Hercynian Province (southwestern Meseta, Morocco); example of the Hajjar and Kettara sulfide deposits

H.Y.xing; H.D.qian; Fan Chunguang, 1987:
The effect of metamorphism on the chemical composition of magno-ferro micas in Precambrian regional metamorphic areas of northern China

Olejniczak Kamilla; Puziewicz Jacek, 2000 :
The effect of metamorphism on the sedimentary mineral assemblages in quartzites of the northern part of the Zulova pluton cover (eastern part of the Fore-Sudetic Block)

Murrell, S.A.F.; Ismail, I.A.H., 1981:
The effect of metamorphism, involving decomposition of hydrous minerals, on the mechanical properties of rocks

Rundkvist, D.V.; Denisenko, V.K., 1967:
The effect of metasomatism in the formation of ore veins of complex tungsten deposits, USSR

Grieco Giovanni; Ferrario Alfredo; Mathez Edmond, A., 2004:
The effect of metasomatism on the Cr-PGE mineralization in the Finero Complex, Ivrea Zone, southern Alps

Redfield Alfred, C.; Friedman Irving, 1969:
The effect of meteoric water, melt water and brine on the composition of polar sea water and of the deep waters of the ocean

Zelazny Miroslaw, 2003:
The effect of meteorological conditions on the chemical composition of total atmospheric precipitation

Hildebrandt Radke Iwona, 1999:
The effect of meteorological factors on aeolian transport on the beach of the Gardno-Leba Barrier

Zittel, W.; Selzer, H., 1990:
The effect of methane on climate

Zimmermann Stefan; Hughes Rob, G.; Fluegel Hans, J., 1997:
The effect of methane seepage on the spatial distribution of oxygen and dissolved sulphide within a muddy sediment

Ongeng, D.; Ryckeboer, J.; Vermeulen, A.; Devlieghere, F., 2007:
The effect of micro-architectural structure of cabbage substratum and or background bacterial flora on the growth of Listeria monocytogenes

Nabi Bidhendi, M.; King, M.S., 1996:
The effect of micro-properties on P- and S- wave attenuation in rocks

Lepeshinskiy, I.Yu, 1979:
The effect of microanisotropy on relative resistivity and the magnification coefficient of rock resistivity

Arnon Shai; Adar Eilon; Ronen Zeev; Yakirevich Alexander; Nativ Ronit, 2005:
The effect of microbial activity on biodegradation of 2,4,6-tribromophenol and flow in naturally fractured chalk cores

West Julia, M.; McKinley Ian, G.; Chapman Neil, A., 1982:
The effect of microbial activity on the containment of radioactive waste in a deep geological repository

West, J.M.; Cave, M.; Higgo, J.J.W.; Milodowski, A.E.; Rochelle, C.A.; Ross, C.A.M., 1992:
The effect of microbial activity on the near and far fields of a Swiss type B repository

Welch, S.A.; Ullman, W.J., 1999:
The effect of microbial glucose metabolism on bytownite feldspar dissolution rates between 5 degrees and 35 degrees C

Liu Chao Li; Hackley Keith, C.; Coleman Dennis, D.; Kroitoru Levy; Cheng Songlin, 1990:
The effect of microbial methane formation on the carbon isotopic composition and radiocarbon age of dissolved inorganic carbon in groundwater

Gates, W.P.; Tessier, D.; Jaunet, A.M.; Wilkinson, H.T.; Stucki, J.W., 1996:
The effect of microbial reduction on clay swelling and texture

Murphy, E.M., 1991:
The effect of microbial respiration of reaction-path modeling of groundwater ages

Suraj, G.; Iyer, C.S.P.; Rugmini, S.; Lalithambika, M., 1997:
The effect of micronization on kaolinites and their sorption behaviour

Anonymous, 2006:
The effect of micronutrients on yield attributes, yield and nutrient uptake of hybrid rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Kasama Takeshi; Murakami Takashi, 2001:
The effect of microorganisms on Fe precipitation rates at neutral pH

Updegraff David, M., 1983:
The effect of microorganisms on the permeability and porosity of petroleum reservoir rock

Siitari Kauppi, M.; Lindberg, A.; Hellmuth, K.H.; Timonen, J.; Vaatainen, K.; Hartikainen, J.; Hartikainen, K., 1997:
The effect of microscale pore structure on matrix diffusion; a site-specific study on tonalite

Endres Anthony, L.; Knight Rosemary, 1989:
The effect of microscopic fluid distribution on elastic wave velocities

Worrall Lisa; Clarke Jonathan, D.A., 2004:
The effect of middle to late Tertiary fluctuations of sea level on the geochemical evolution of west Australian regolith

Safronova, T.P., 1982:
The effect of migration processes on formation of the composition of petroleum in strata; a summary

Tikhomolova, T.V., 1982:
The effect of migration processes on the distribution of hydrocarbon systems according to a section within the boundaries of the Dnieper-Donets Basin

Altabet Mark, A.; Higginson Matthew, J.; Murray David, W., 2002 :
The effect of millennial-scale changes in Arabian Sea denitrification on atmospheric CO (sub 2)

Shestopalov, V.M.; Ksenda, I.M.; Korzhenevskiy, B.A., 1988:
The effect of mine water pumping on ground water and water intakes of the Donets Basin and problems of the protection of the geological environment

Brooks, C., 1966:
The effect of mineral age discordancies on total-rock Rb-Sr isochrons of the Heemskirk granite, western Tasmania

Balcerzak, E.; Dobrzynski, D.; Parafiniuk, J., 1992:
The effect of mineral alterations on the chemical composition of waters in weathered zone of pyrite-bearing schists in Wiesciszowice, Rudawy Janowickie, western Sudeten, Poland

Morrow, C.A.; Moore, D.E.; Lockner, D.A., 2000:
The effect of mineral bond strength and absorbed water on fault gouge frictional strength

W.L.yan; Zhou Guangxin; Liming Wang; L.Y.ng, 1983:
The effect of mineral composition on the amount of pyrolyzed hydrocarbons and T (sub max)

Nemes Zoltan; Nagy Noemi, M.; Komlosi Andrea; Konya Jozsef, 2006:
The effect of mineral composition on the interaction of strontium ions with geological formations

Bayuk, Y.I., 1984:
The effect of mineral content and structure on the physical properties of rocks under high P-T conditions

Zimmerman, A.; Goyne, K.; Chorover, J.; Kubicki, J.; Komarneni, S.; Brantley, S., 2002:
The effect of mineral mesoporosity on amino acid adsorption

Murphy, E.M.; Zachara John, M.; Smith, S.C., 1988:
The effect of mineral-bound humic substances on the adsoprtion of hydrophobic organic compounds

Srebrodol skiy B.I., 1977:
The effect of mineral-forming medium on delta C (super 13) in calcite crystals

Gudok, N.S., 1983:
The effect of mineralization of water on the relative resistance of argillaceous rocks

Gomes, C., 1986:
The effect of mineralizers, introduced in the space between structural layers of kaolinite, on the development of high temperature metaphases and phases

Stiller, H.; Wagner, C.; Heinrich, R.; Freund, D., 1969:
The effect of mineralogical-petrographic relationships on the pressure dependence of the acoustic velocity of rocks

Knatz, H.; Schimazek, J., 1973:
The effect of mineralogy on gallery construction in coal mining

M.R.€isĂ€nen; K.K.piainen; H.T.rvahattu, 2003:
The effect of mineralogy, texture and mechanical properties of anti-skid and asphalt aggregates on urban dust

Zivor Roman; Klos Pavel; Pechoc Jiri; Broz Milan, 2002:
The effect of mining activity on the surface in the safety shaft pillar area of Mayrau Mine

Grosbois Cecile, A.; Horowitz Arthur, J.; Smith James, J.; Elrick Kent, A., 2002:
The effect of mining and related activities on the sediment trace element geochemistry of the Spokane River basin, Washington, USA

Kelm, R., 1982:
The effect of mining mass displacements on precise geodetic survey designed for deformation analysis

Horowitz Arthur, J.; Elrick Kent, A.; Callender Edward, 1988:
The effect of mining on the sediment-trace element geochemistry of cores from the Cheyenne River arm of Lake Oahe, South Dakota, U.S.A

Csicsay, A., 1989:
The effect of mining operations on the environment

van Antwerpen, H.E.F.; Spengler, M.G., 1984:
The effect of mining-related seismicity on excavations at East Rand Proprietary Mines, Limited

Almeev, R.R.; Holtz, F.; Koepke, J.; Ariskin, A.A., 2007:
The effect of minor H (sub 2) O content on crystallization in MORB; experiments, model, applications

Rahmani Amel; Guiraud Michel; Kienast Jean Robert, 1994:
The effect of minor elements Fe (super 3+) and Cr on the stability of granulitic assemblages in the In Ouzzal region, Ahaggar, Algeria

George Simon, C.; Boreham Christopher, J.; Minifie Sandra, A.; Teerman Stan, C., 2002:
The effect of minor to moderate biodegradation on C (sub 5) to C (sub 9) hydrocarbons in crude oils

Tingle Tracy, N.; Neuhoff Philip, S.; Ostergren John, D.; Jones Robert, E.; Donovan John, J., 1996:
The effect of missing (unanalyzed) oxygen on quantitative electron probe microanalysis of hydrous silicate and oxide minerals

Yesikov, N.P.; Yudin, V.S., 1978:
The effect of mistakes in azimuthal and basal line measurements on component crustal deformation

Kuhnle Roger, A., 1987:
The effect of mobile-bed armoring on the sediment transport rate vs. shear stress relation in a gravel-bed laboratory channel

Hus, J.; Jordanova, D., 2000:
The effect of moderate heating on rock magnetic properties of loess-Palaeosol sequences and its implication on magnetic palaeoclimate proxies

Clark, V.A., 1979:
The effect of moderate temperature on the seismic Q of Boise Sandstone

Shul kin V.M.; Tsukanova, Y.V.; Mayboroda, A.B., 1992:
The effect of modern hydrothermal activities on metal dispersion in the Matupi Bay, Papua New Guinea

Nielsen, T.; Leufven, A., 2008:
The effect of modified atmosphere packaging on the quality of Honeoye and Korona strawberries

Anonymous, 1992:
The effect of moist and dry extrusion processing on growth performance and nitrogen digestibility in the early-weaned pig

P. R Armstrong, ; J. E. Lingenfelser, ; L. McKinney,, 2007:
The effect of moisture content on determining corn hardness from grinding time, grinding energy, and near-infrared spectroscopy

Maxfield Blake, T.; Ginosar Daniel, M.; McMurtrey Ryan, D.; Rollins Harry, W.; Shook, G.M.chael, 2005:
The effect of moisture content on retention of fluorocarbon tracers on sand

Beaty Chester, B., 1972:
The effect of moisture on slope stability; a classic example from southern Alberta, Canada

Kiknadze, D.A.; Chikhradze, S.G., 1968:
The effect of moisture on the heat coefficients of some granular sedimentary rocks

Berezkin, M.A. (Bereskin), 1938:
The effect of moisture upon the thermic constants of some rocks

Brooks Teresa, D.; Shakoor Abdul, 1998:
The effect of molding water content on the engineering properties of compacted soils

Asfaha, T A.J.oste, A, 2007:
The effect of monetary changes on relative agricultural prices

Carl, D.Palmer, 1988:
The effect of monitoring well storage on the shape of breakthrough curves; a theoretical study

Z.A.zenshtat; I.M.loslavsky; L.H.ller-Kallai, 1984:
The effect of montmorillonite on the thermal decomposition of fatty acids under bulk flow conditions

W.J.G.uld; E.S.mbuco, 1975:
The effect of mooring type on measured values of ocean currents

Blagoveshchenskiy, V.P., 1977:
The effect of morphology and morphometry of avalanche breeding grounds upon some properties of avalanche activity

Christophel David, C.; Johnson Kirk, R., 1990:
The effect of mosaic rainforest distribution and taphonomy on the physiognomy of modern leaf deposits; implications for Cretaceous and Paleogene paleoclimatic reconstructions

Vaios Avdis, 1991:
The effect of movement on high-angle faults on stratigraphy and structure; the Attico-Cycladic Massif, Greece

Obando Jorge, A.; Montero Walter, K., 1994:
The effect of moving oceanic features in a transpressional sliver in the outer fore arc of southern Costa Rica-eastern Panama

Nowell Arthur, R.M.; Uhlinger, D.; Thistle, D.; White, D.; Jumars, P., 1981:
The effect of mucous adhesion on the entrainment of sediments

Bowsky, M.C., 1942:
The effect of mud resistivities on the intensities of electrical logs

Pannemans Bart; van Rensbergen Pieter; Cunha Marina; Bilova Evgeniya (Bilova Yevgeniya); Henriet Jean Pierre; Ivanov Michael; Pinheiro Luis; van Gaever Saskia, 2004:
The effect of mud volcano activity on biodiversity at shallow to deep water mud volcanoes at the Moroccan Atlantic slope and in the Gulf of Cadiz

Sinel nikov D.A.; Svistun, V.I., 1980:
The effect of mud volcano eruptions on the results of leveling

Rowe, R.K.; Booker, J.R.; Hammoud, A., 1989:
The effect of multi-directional matrix diffusion on contaminant transport through fractured systems

Bugno, T.; Cianciara, B.; Marcak, H., 1975:
The effect of multichannel filtration on the quality of interpretation of seismic reflection data

Anonymous, 2007:
The effect of multiple choices for grain and protein sources of differing in ruminal degradability on diet selection and performance of lactating goats

Brenninkmeyer, B.M.; Benno, M.; Huidobro, P.; Wood, L.J., 1980:
The effect of multiple coastal structures at selected Massachusetts sites

Khoury, S.G.; Tilford, N.R.; Chandra Umesh; Amick David, 1983:
The effect of multiple events on isoseismal maps of the 1981 earthquakes at the Gulf of Corinth, Greece

Chai Zhenyi; Zhenyi Chai, 1983:
The effect of multiple reflection in a layered medium

van Borselen, R., 1998:
The effect of multiple removal on AVO analysis

Szymanski Kazimierz, 1999:
The effect of municipal landfills on ground water

Fic Michal; Kregiel Jaroslaw, 2003:
The effect of municipal sewage discharge on ground water

Aliyev, I.K.; Sayfutdinov, A.I., 1981:
The effect of mutual correlation and phase displacements of high harmonics on the seismic response of a system with multi-level independence

Burri Conrad, 1973:
The effect of narrow rims of differing compositions on the total composition of plagioclases

Krasil shchikov L.A., 1979:
The effect of natural and economic factors on the estimated ground-water yield

Karstunen Minna; Naatanen Anu; Lojander Matti, 1995:
The effect of natural anisotropy of clays

Anonymous, 2007:
The effect of natural antioxidants on the oxidative processes in beef

Kuteynikova, N.S.; Lopatin, B.G., 1984:
The effect of natural conditions in the Arctic on the usefulness of satellite imagery

Cording, E.J.; Mahar, J.W., 1974:
The effect of natural geologic discontinuities on behavior of rock in tunnels

Shlykov, V.G.; Luksha, V.L., 1984:
The effect of natural organic acids on the structure of montmorillonite in hydrothermal reorganization

Chris Anbeek, 1993:
The effect of natural weathering on dissolution rates

N.C.auer; J.R.O.Neil; C.B.nnot-Courtois, 1982:
The effect of natural weathering on the chemical and isotopic compositions of biotites

Johnson Lane, R.; Korneev Valeri, A. (Korneyev Valeriy A), 1995:
The effect of near-receiver scattering on seismograms

Newman, G.A., 1988:
The effect of near-surface conductors on transient electromagnetic soundings with a grounded wire

Holthusen Helmut; Vidmar Paul, J., 1982:
The effect of near-surface layering on the reflectivity of the ocean bottom

Buselli, G., 1982:
The effect of near-surface superparamagnetic material on electromagnetic measurements

Chen, Z.; Economides, M.J., 1998:
The effect of near-wellbore fracture geometry on fracture execution and post-treatment well production of deviated and horizontal wells

Panov Boris, 1997:
The effect of neomineralisation in coal waste heaps

Panov, B.S.; Privalova, V.A., 1995:
The effect of neomineralization in coal waste heaps

L.Jin gang, 1982:
The effect of neotectonic movements on formation and evolution of soils in the Yangtze Delta

Grachev, A.F.; Magnitsky, V.A.; Mukhamediev, S.A.; Nikolaev, V.A., 2001:
The effect of neotectonic movements on the gradients and curvatures of the northern Eurasian lithosphere surface

Krasil shchikov L.A., 1989:
The effect of neotectonic processes on the formation of ground water in piedmont regions

Kozhevnikov, A.V., 1978:
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