The most effective trends in petroleum exploration work in the northwestern part of lower Vartov region

Muslimov, R.K.; Nenarokov, S.Y.; Gatiatullin, N.S.; Iskhakova, N.S.; Liberman, V.B.; Voytanis, V.V.; Pudova, L.A.

Neftyanoye Khozyaystvo 1989(5): 33-36


Accession: 020394576

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General analysis of the previous survey made possible the selection of additional promising areas in order to perform geological survey operations to increase oil reserves information. Twenty one stage areas are defined for the considered territory and 14 facilities targeted within their limits. A detailed seismic survey is recommended. Analysis of the available data allows development of planning and method to perform oil production operations. It includes deep oil production drilling, detailed seismic survey operations by means of the common depth-point shooting method over a system of multiple (24 or more) overlapping, mobile methods (high frequency gravitation survey, magnetic survey, aerospace survey). Problems and results at each stage are presented. Drilling performed in 1988 indicates the effectiveness of the method of facilities preparation developed in Tataria and proposed to be employed in West Siberia.