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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 20446

Chapter 20446 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

L.Z.ngwen; H.Q.ao, 1993:
The software design for measuring system of WJH varied functional potential analytical instrument

Nakamura Koji, 1999:
The software for displaying GPS data (SEIS-GPS)

Zhu Jieshou; Yan Zhongqiong; Cao Junxing; Zhang Xuemei, 1998:
The software package for geophysical crosshole tomography and its application

Lin Jinxuan; Lian Guolin, 1987:
The software package of data processing for geotechnical test-processing data of test with microcomputer

Yang Wenjiu; Wang Runsheng; Liu Xinji; Zhang Weiqing; Yang Wenli; Jin Peidong, 1991:
The software package of image processing for multi-geoscience information integration in geological exploration

Tang Can; Zhou Pinggen, 1999:
The soil CO (sub 2) and its driving action on karstification in a typical karst area in Beijing

Cassagnau, P., 1981:
The soil Collemboles; biogeographic markers in the Indian subcontinent and Himalayas

Vukashinovitch, M., 1976:
The soil acceleration excited by the earthquake of May 6, 1976

Palanchon, A., 1979 :
The soil and water in the impact study of the habitation zone of the small plain; 500 dwellings

Memon, M.M., 1969:
The soil and water resources of the lower Indus region

Raats Petrus, A.C., 1967:
The soil as a continuous medium

Cottenie, A., 1977:
The soil as a natural reservoir and buffer in the environment

Evans James, O., 1970:
The soil as a resource renovator

Berger, C., 1999:
The soil as geotope; statement and assessment of its merit for protection

Dan, J.; Yaalon, D.H.; Koyumdjisky, H.; Raz, Z., 1972:
The soil association map of Israel (1:1,000,000)

Hall, B.R., 1966:
The soil associations of Furness

Conklin Alfred, R.Jr., 2002:
The soil atmosphere

Watson, J.P., 1970:
The soil balance

Wilde Hugh; Baisden Troy, 2006:
The soil carbon monitoring system

Almond Peter, C., 2004:
The soil catena through geomorphological glasses

Young, A., 1972:
The soil catena; a systematic approach

Sarma, V.V.J.gannadha; Prasad, N.V.B.S.S.; Prasad, P.R.jendra, 1983:
The soil characteristics along a part of the east coast of India; a case study

Tikhomirov, F.A.; Kasparov, S.V.; Moiseev, I.T. (Moiseyev, I.T., 1981:
The soil chemistry of radioiodides

Dumbleton, M.J., 1973:
The soil classification system proposed for use in the revised Code of Practice on Site Investigations

Sanches Furtado, A.F.A., 1969:
The soil clays of Bie district, Angola

Sokolov, I.A.; Ananko, T.V.; Konyushkov, D.Y., 2004:
The soil cover of central Siberia

Kovalev, R.V.; Khmelev, V.A.; Volkovintser, V.I.; Korsunov, V.M., 1974:
The soil cover of the Altai-Sayan mountain regions and its utilization

Mikhailov, I.S., 2002:
The soil cover of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago and adjacent territories of South America

Bostrom, R.C.; Sherif, M.A., 1971:
The soil cover of the ocean floor

Kovda, V.A., 1975:
The soil cover of the planet and its investigations

Souissi, A.; Mami, A., 1981:
The soil data bank of Tunisia; current experience

Moore, J.P.; Ping, C.L., 1993:
The soil data layer in Arctic ecological studies

Richter, G., 1991:
The soil erosion measurement station and its program

Richter, G., 1980:
The soil erosion problem in Central Europe

Finkel Herman, J., 1986:
The soil erosion process

Loughry, F.G., 1967:
The soil factor in sanitary landfill

Alvarez, A.M.; Cala, V.; Gonzalez, J., 1993:
The soil factor in wetlands of Cantalejo, Segovia

Loughry, F.Glade, 1966:
The soil facts for Montgomery County planning

Haantjens, H.A., 1976:
The soil families

Kuemmerer Klaus, 2002:
The soil from which we live; sustainable interactions with soils from a temporal and ecological viewpoint

Boelhouwers, J.; Holness, S., 2001:
The soil frost environment of Marion Island, maritime subantarctic

Rolston Dennis, E., 2002:
The soil gas phase; introduction

Morgan Cedwyn; Klingler Charles, 1987:
The soil gas survey as a preliminary investigation tool for hydrocarbon releases; cost-effective field techniques and an evaluation of factors influencing the effectiveness of the survey

Turkyilmaz Bayram; Sasmaz Ahmet, 2000:
The soil geochemistry of the area between Cansizhimik, Galusagi and Topalkem, Baskil-Elazig, villages

Naumov, E.M., 1976:
The soil geography of the North-east Asian taiga

Sorokina, N.P.; Kozlovskii, F.I. (Kozlovskiy, F.I., 1976:
The soil individual and elementary analysis of the soil-cover pattern

Hrasko, J.; Kobza, J.; Linkes, V., 1998:
The soil information system of Slovakia and its utilization in land evaluation

Keskin Sebahattin, 2000:
The soil information system of Turkey

Ruetz, D., 1986:
The soil mechanical double consolidation model of Lade and Arslan; numerical conversion in an FEM program

Knoblich, K., 1973:
The soil mechanics of the upper Oligocene Gail Clay of the Giessner Basin

Macphail Richard, I.; Cruise Jill, 2001:
The soil micromorphologist as team player; a multianalytical approach to the study of European microstratigraphy

Jauhiainen Erkki, 1971:
The soil of a Hungarian conifer forest

Kocman Asaf, 1984:
The soil of the Upper Kuras watershed area; northeastern Anatolia

Valentine, K.W.G.; Lavkulich, L.M., 1978:
The soil orders of British Columbia.; 2

Smith Guy, D., 1970:
The soil orders of the classification used in the USA

Wang Genxu; Cheng Guodong; Shen Yongping, 2002:
The soil organic carbon pool in grasslands on the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau and its global implications

Orbell, G.E., 1992:
The soil pattern of Tonga

Fearnley Sarah Mary, 2005:
The soil physical and chemical properties of restored and natural back-barrier salt marsh on Isles Dernieres, Louisiana

Fearnley, Sarah, 2008:
The soil physical and chemical properties of restored and natural back-barrier salt marsh on Isles Dernieres, Louisiana

Heimsath Arjun, M.; Dietrich William, E.; Nishiizumi Kuni; Finkel Robert, C., 1996:
The soil production function; cosmogenic nuclides, soil depth and topography in the Oregon Coast Range and Marin County, California

Murphy Brian, W.; Murphy Casey, L., 2000:
The soil profile.; 2

Brierley, J.A.; Hiley, J.C., 1993:
The soil resource and associated agricultural land use in the Palliser Triangle

Fenton Thomas, E.; Collins Mary, E., 2000:
The soil resource and its inventory

Carter, W.T., 1944:
The soil resources of Texas

Laffan, M.D., 1988:
The soil resources of the Atherton Tableland, North Queensland, Australia

Brevik Eric, C., 1999:
The soil science; geology connection

Simonson, R.W., 1964:
The soil series as used in the U.S.A

Wynd, F.L., 1944:
The soil series represented in Hidalgo County, Texas

G Corti; A Agnelli; G Certini; F.C Ugolini, 2001:
The soil skeleton as a tool for disentangling pedogenetic history; a case study in Tuscany, central Italy

Schwab, A.P., 2000:
The soil solution

Topp, G.C.arke; Ferre, P.A.; Davis, J.L.; Annan, A.P.; Starr James, L.; Paltineanu Ioan, C.; McNairn, H.; Pultz, T.J.; Boisvert, J.B.; Kachanoski, R.G.ry; Hendrickx Jan, M.H.; de Jong, E.; Hignett Cliff; Evett Steven, R.; Preston Caroline, M., 2002:
The soil solution phase; water content

Watanabe, K.; Takeda, E., 1973:
The soil stabilization test for Suwa lacustrine deposits

Hutson, J.L. (reviewer), 1994:
The soil stack; an interactive, introductory guide to the science, technology, degradation, management and care of soil; book review

Luo Ting; Yao Yangping; Hajime Matsuoka, 2000:
The soil strength equation in plane strain based on spatially mobilized planes

Kopp, E., 1972:
The soil structure as an expression of energy conditions

Kutanis, M.; Elmas, M., 2000:
The soil structure interaction analysis based on substructure method in time domain

Swanson David, K., 1993:
The soil survey as paradigm-based science; discussion

Vedby, S., 1978:
The soil surveys of Herlufmagle-Kirkelyng Mose in relation to ground-water levels

Ronkko Maria, 2000:
The soil temperature in the permafrost region

Correa Geraldo Terceiro; de Souza Filho Edvard Elias, 1999:
The soil use in Mutum-Porto Rico Archipelago, upper Parana River, MS/ PR

Metson, A.J., 1974:
The soil we live on (1)

Thorp James, 1968:
The soil, a reflection of Quaternary environments in Illinois

Fridland, V.M., 1976:
The soil-cover pattern; problems and methods of investigation

Johnson Donald, L.; Watson Stegner Donna, 1990:
The soil-evolution model as a framework for evaluating pedoturbation in archaeological site formation

H.Wind, 1979:
The soil-freezing method for large tunnel constructions

Jaramillo, J.Daniel Francisco, 1992:
The soil-physiography relationship in the Rio Riachon valley and surrounding areas

Bruckert, S.; Gaiffe, M., 1990:
The soil-rock subsurface systems, pedogenetic models; examples of karst and non-karst regions in Franche-Comte

Redondo Prieto, B.; Gomez Gutierrez, J.M., 1981:
The soil-vegetation interrelations in semi-arid pastures on granites

Kay, B.D.; Groenevelt, P.H., 1975:
The soil-water-ice complex

de Bode, A.; Hardenberg, S.P.L., 1995:
The soilbank Rotterdam

John, D.T., 1980:
The soils and superficial deposits on the North Downs of Surrey

Joshi, R.V.; Sabnis, M.S., 1954:
The soils and the irrigation problems of the northern Karnatak (Bombay)

Nemeth, G.; Merkel, P.; Udluft, P., 1985:
The soils and the unsaturated zone of ground water formations

Madrau Salvatore, 2004:
The soils as palaeoclimatic indicators; a few sequences of paleosols in the Fiume Santo area (Sassari, Sardinia); preliminary observations

Lessig Heber, D., 1961:
The soils developed on Wisconsin and Illinoian age glacial outwash terraces along Little Beaver Creek and the adjoining upper Ohio Valley, Columbiana County, Ohio

Parichi, M., 1971:
The soils formed on loess and loessic deposits of the terraces of the Jijia and Prut Rivers, Moldavia, Romania

Forteza, J.; Garcia Rodriguez, A.; Nieto, J.L., 1978:
The soils from the left margin of the Esla River, Zamora Province; evolution of the sesquioxides

Moreno Real, L.; Barahona, E.; Martin Lara, M.; Bruque, S., 1983:
The soils from the lower basin of the Guadalhorce River, Malaga; III, Luvisols

Lamouroux, M., 1964:
The soils map of Togo with the scale of 1:1,000,000 (1st approximation)

Pias, J., 1972:
The soils of Afghanistan; ancient and present-day pedogenesis

Griffith Taylor, 1933:
The soils of Australia in relation to topography and climate

Bonsteel Jay, A.; Burke, R.T.A., 1907:
The soils of Calvert County

Bottini Ottaviano, 1971 :
The soils of Campania, Italy

Hoyos, D.C.stro A.; Monturiol, F., 1981:
The soils of Carabana region

Lankelis, A., 1993:
The soils of Cepkeliai bogs

Pias, J., 1964:
The soils of Chad

Malchow Richard, L., 1963:
The soils of Duck Lake Valley

Abdel Gaphour, E.S.; Fiedler, H.J., 1987:
The soils of Egypt in relation to rock and relief as soil forming factors

Mudarra Gomez, J.L., 1989:
The soils of El Aljarafe, Seville; their origin and evolution

Sacadura Garcia, J.A.; Cardoso Carvalho, J., 1964:
The soils of Goa

Stensland Carl Harold, 1956:
The soils of Guam

Avnimelech, A., 1973:
The soils of Hanita; first notes on agrarian geology of Eretz Israel

Dan, J.; Koyumdjisky, H., 1963:
The soils of Israel and their distribution

Averitt, S.D., 1915:
The soils of Kentucky

Beckett, P.H.T., 1958:
The soils of Kerman, south Persia

Malchow Richard, L., 1963:
The soils of Long Valley

Escario, V., 1978:
The soils of Madrid and the deformability of the TOSCO determined by the settlements of a tall building

Stecker, A., 1983:
The soils of Marchfeld

Banin Amos, 1988:
The soils of Mars

Carroll, D.M., 1980:
The soils of Mid-Northumberland

Lueders, R., 1975:
The soils of Misburg near Hanover and their significance as a component of the ecological potential

Abruna, F.; Lugo Lopez, M.A.; Escolar, R.P., 1977:
The soils of Puerto Rico

Darch Janice, P., 1983:
The soils of Pulltrouser Swamp; classification and characteristics

Sehgal Jawahar, L., 1970:
The soils of Punjab (India); I, Geographical conditions

Sehgal Jawahar, L.; Sys, C., 1971:
The soils of Punjab (India); II, Application of the '7th Approximation' to the classification of the soils of Punjab; some problems, considerations and criteria

Bonsteel Jay, A., 1907:
The soils of Saint Mary's County

Nadir Armando, R.; Chafatinos Teodoro, 1999:
The soils of Salta

Aru, A., 1985:
The soils of Sardinia and their state of conservation

Avril, P., 1982:
The soils of Wallonia; first part

Patterson, J.C.; Fanning, D.S.; Stein, C.E., 1974:
The soils of Washington, D. C

Martin, D.; Segalen, P., 1964:
The soils of West Cameroon

Charlier, R.H., 1970:
The soils of cold zone in the Northern Hemisphere

Wall, J.R.D.; Hansell, J.R.F., 1971:
The soils of some Quaternary marine terraces in the British Solomon Islands protectorate and their agricultural use

Muro Elsa, E., 1988:
The soils of southern Carmen de Patagones District, Buenos Aires Province

Matthews, B., 1982:
The soils of the Abbey Town area and excursion route

Romagnoli, L., 1964:
The soils of the Apuane Alps

Barbu, N.; Lupascu, G.; Rusu, C.; Barbu, A.; Toderita, M., 1978:
The soils of the Bicaz Mountains

Tamaskar, B.G., 1968:
The soils of the Dagar-Damoh plateau

Bottini Ottaviano, 1971:
The soils of the Ernico volcanic area, Italy

Heinemann, B., 1973:
The soils of the Gehrden Mountains

Tricart J., 1972:
The soils of the Jaguaribe River basin, Brazil

Oelkers Karl Heinz, 1970:
The soils of the Leine Valley; their characteristics, distribution, genesis, and classification, an example of the valley soils in median ranges and their foreland

Schuetzenmeister Werner, 1972:
The soils of the Leipzig region; possibilities and problems of their amelioration

Bullock, P., 1971:
The soils of the Malham Tarn area

Hirayama Ryoji; Carating Rodelio; Ohkura Toshiaki; Castaneda Virgilio; Vinluan Mario, 2002:
The soils of the Philippines

P.A.James, 1970:
The soils of the Rankin Inlet area, Keewatin, N.W.T., Canada

Giovagnotti Celso, 1969:
The soils of the Rieti basin

Lavardiere, M.; Martel, Y., 1978:
The soils of the Saint Lawrence Lowlands

Janetzko, P., 1978:
The soils of the Stoer and Bramau areas (TK 25, Nr. 2023/ 2024) in their relationship to geological-morphological landscape classification

Janetzko, P., 1978:
The soils of the Stoer and Bramau areas (TK 25, Number 2023/ 2024) in reference to their geologic-morphologic regional distribution

Bryssine Georges, 1971:
The soils of the Tangier region; summary

Villegas Soto, M.; Trujillo, T.R.; Gomez Tagle Rojas, A., 1977:
The soils of the Tehuitzingo region, Puebla

Johnson, P.A., 1973:
The soils of the Tideswell area

Carloni, L.; Riffaldi, R.; Leviminzi, R.; Pacciardi, A., 1981:
The soils of the Tombolo Farm; I, The soils of dunes

Willard Daniel Everett, 1906:
The soils of the Tower Quadrangle

Madrau, S.; Perria, M.D., 1985:
The soils of the coastal plain between the Rio Perdas de Fogu and the Torre di Abbacurrente, northwestern Sardinia; Note II, Preliminary observations on the soils of aolian and loam rocks in the Sassari Field

Pofali, R.M.; Vadivelu, S.; Swaminathan, M., 1991:
The soils of the deltas of India

Dahm Arens, H., 1986:
The soils of the limestone massif from Atterdorn

Prusinkiewicz, Z.; Bednarek, R.; Pokojska, U., 1980:
The soils of the podzolozem-class in Poland

Dan, J., 1973:
The soils of western Galilee

Shinagawa Akio; Miyanchi Nobufumi; Higashi Teruo; Djuwansah Rachman; Sule Achmad, 1985:
The soils on the Krakatau Island

Oncu, M., 1996:
The soils on the Mures Corridor; pedogeographical considerations

Urushibara Yoshino, K., 1994:
The soils on the calcareous sand dunes in southeast of South Australia

Jessup, R.W., 1951:
The soils, geology and vegetation of north-western South Australia

Doyle, R.B., 1991:
The soils, geomorphology and erosion history of the Leipsokouki Catchment, Nomos of Grevena, Greece

Hofmann, B., 1985:
The soils; explanatory text for sheet number 7546; Neuhaus am Inn

Grottenthaler, W., 1985:
The soils; explanatory text for sheet number 8334; Kochel Lake

Grottenthaler, W., 1985:
The soils; explanatory text for sheet number 8338; Bavaria region

Williams, G.D.; Moody, K.R.; Smalley, M.V.; King, S.M., 1994:
The sol concentration effect in n-butylammonium vermiculite swelling

Holweger, H., 1977:
The solar Na/ Ca and S/ Ca ratios; a close comparison with carbonaceous chondrites

S.R.C.M.lin; B.R.L.aton, 1967:
The solar and luni-solar daily variations of the geomagnetic field at hartland during the igy

Bohumila Bedná?ová-Nováková, 1966:
The solar causes of the occurrence of selected geomagnetic storms and geomagnetic quiet

Shapkin, A.I.; Sidorov, Y.I., 1994:
The solar chondrite as the product of postcondensation evolution of nebula matter

B.A.K.shiwa; Corey, B.K.shiwa, 2008:
The solar cyclone: a solar chimney for harvesting atmospheric water

Maravilla Dolores, 2000:
The solar dust ring

Vanallen, J.A.; Wende, C.D., 1969:
The solar flare of july 8, 1968

Huntington Ellsworth, 1914:
The solar hypothesis of climatic changes

Boss, A.P., 2004:
The solar nebula

Marie C Johnson, 1986:
The solar nebula redox state as recorded by the most reduced chondrules of five primitive chondrites

R.C.W.Ens.G.R.H.Ss.D.S.B.Rnett, 1999:
The solar oxygen-isotopic composition; predictions and implications for solar nebula processes

Franceschini, G.A., 1979:
The solar radiation environment in the eastern tropical North Pacific Ocean

Steven, L.Forman, 1988:
The solar resetting of thermoluminescence of sediments in a glacier-dominated fiord environment in Spitsbergen; geochronologic implications

Wold Dieter; Palme Herbert, 2001:
The solar system abundances of phosphorus and titanium and the nebular volatility of phosphorus

Strom Robert, G., 1984:
The solar system cratering record and the origin of impacting objects

Robert, G.Strom, 1987:
The solar system cratering record; Voyager 2 results at Uranus and implications for the origin of impacting objects

Olano, C.A., 2000:
The solar system linked to a gigantic interstellar cloud, during 500 myr; implications for a galactic theory of terrestrial catastrophism

Dwornik Stephen, E., 1979:
The solar system view in 1975

Ireland Trevor, R.; Fegley Bruce Jr., 2000:
The solar system's earliest chemistry; systematics of refractory inclusions

Kerr, R.A., 1994:
The Solar System's New Diversity

Israel Guy, 1988:
The solar system.; 2

Cazenave Anny, 1988:
The solar system; characteristics and dynamics.; 2

Woolfson, M.M., 1993:
The solar system; its origin and evolution; a personal view

Bertaux Jean Loup, 1988:
The solar system; the origin of the atmospheres.; 2

Mustel, E.R., 1967:
The solar wind and interplanetary magnetic fields

Smirnov, R.V., 1967:
The solar wind and the temperature field of the troposphere

Johnson Francis, S., 1967:
The solar wind in space

Slavin James, A.; Holzer Robert, E., 1981:
The solar wind interaction with Mars re-visited

Beard, D.B., 1967:
The solar wind, n reports on progress in physics, v. 30, pt. 2

Stephen Sargent Visher, 1925:
The solar-cyclonic hypothesis and the glacial period

V.C.A.Ferraro, 1969:
The solar-terrestrial environment-an historical survey

Snyder, C.W.; Clay, D.R.; Neugebauer Marcia, 1970:
The solar-wind spectrometer experiment

Raleigh Barry; Burke Kevin, 1985:
The solid Earth in Earth systems science

Cole, G.H.A. (reviewer), 1991:
The solid Earth; book review

Price, R., 2006:
The solid foundation of a career

Roberts, D.G., 1975:
The solid geology of the Rockall Plateau

Eden, R.A.; Wright, J.E.; Bullerwell, W., 1971:
The solid geology of the east Atlantic continental margin adjacent to the British Isles

Grossman Robert, B.; Reinsch Thomas, G., 2002:
The solid phase

Fuetterer Dieter, K., 2000:
The solid phase of marine sediments

Engi Martin, 1980:
The solid solution behaviour of olivine in the temperature-range from 500 K to 1500 K

Hoisch Thomas, D.; Thomas Warren, M., 1984:
The solid solution chemistry of idocrase

Hoisch, T.D., 1985:
The solid solution chemistry of vesuvianite

Moya Corral, J.S.; Verduch, A.G., 1978:
The solid solution of silica in celsian

Bird Graham; Brewer Paul, A.; Macklin Mark, G.; Balteanu Dan; Driga Basarab; Serban Mihaela; Zaharia Sorin, 2003:
The solid state partitioning of contaminant metals and As in river channel sediments of the mining affected Tisa drainage basin, northwestern Romania and eastern Hungary

Skocilasova, B., 1986:
The solid waste

Armando Savino, A., 1997:
The solid waste management situation in cities of Argentina and its risks

W.M.Schwerdtner, 1989:
The solid-body tilt of deformed paleohorizontal planes; application to an Archean transpression zone, southern Canadian Shield

O.Keeffe, M., 1983:
The solid-electrolyte transition and some geochemical implications

Ziegenbalg Gerald; Emons Hans Heinz; Fanghaenel Thomas, 1991:
The solid-liquid phase equilibria of the ocean salts

Turner, A.; Millward, G.E.; Bale, A.J.; Morris, A.W., 1992:
The solid-solution partitioning of trace metals in the southern North Sea; in situ radiochemical experiments

Handy Mark, R., 1990:
The solid-state flow of polymineralic rocks

Zheng Xiangshen, 1983:
The solid-state inclusions in anorthoclase phenocrysts of pantellerite in Baitoushan, Jilin Province

Knittle Elise, 1998:
The solid/ liquid partitioning of major and radiogenic elements at lower mantle pressures; implications for the core-mantle boundary region

Jaeger, J.C., 1958:
The solidification and cooling of intrusive sheets

Aston James, 1909:
The solidification of alloys and magmas

Frenkel, M.Y.; Zabaluyeva, Y.V., 1983:
The solidification of effusive magmas on Venus and the Earth

Madanyan, O.G., 1970:
The solidification temperature of inclusions of mineral-forming solutions

Roseboom Eugene Holloway Jr.; Kullerud Gunnar, 1958:
The solids in the system Cu-Fe-S between 400 degrees and 800 degrees C

Falloon Trevor, J.; Green David, H., 1989:
The solidus of carbonated, fertile peridotite

Langmuir Donald, 1996:
The solubilities of amorphous forms of uraninite and coffinite in reduced groundwaters; implications for nuclear waste disposal

Gruner John Walter, 1933:
The solubilities of metallic sulphides in alkali sulphide solutions

Ashmyan, K.D.; Skripka, V.G.; Namiot, A.Y., 1984:
The solubilities of methane and nitrogen in water at high temperatures and pressures

Wanty, R.B.; Chatam, J.R.; Langmuir Donald, 1987:
The solubilities of some major and minor element minerals in ground waters associated with a sandstone-hosted uranium deposit

Red kin A.F.; Omel yanenko B.I., 1988:
The solubilities of uranium oxides in water at 773 K and 100 MPa

Rafal skiy R.P., 1982:
The solubilities of zinc, lead, and silver sulfides in hydrothermal solutions

Simon L Clegg; Peter Brimblecombe, 1990:
The solubility and activity coefficient of oxygen in salt solutions and brines

Fenlon Barbara, J.; Polya David, A., 1991:
The solubility and complexing of platinum and palladium in subcritical hydrothermal fluids

Tingle Tracy, N.; Green Harry, W.I.I.; Finnerty Anthony, A., 1985:
The solubility and diffusivity of carbon in olivine

Tingle Tracy, N.; Green, H.W.; Finnerty Anthony, A., 1986:
The solubility and diffusivity of carbon in olivine; implications for carbon in the Earth's upper mantle

Tingle Tracy, N.; Green Harry, W.; Finnerty, A.A., 1986:
The solubility and diffusivity of carbon in olivine; implications for upper mantle evolution

Tarlinskiy, I.I.; Kaz min L.A., 1977:
The solubility and forms of transfer of chalcanthite in the open system CuSO (sub 4) .5H (sub 2) O-H (sub 2) O at temperatures of 8-50 degrees C

Mucci Alfonso, 1991:
The solubility and free energy of formation of natural kutnahorite

Kogarko, L.N.; Krigman, L.D.; Krot, T.V., 1988:
The solubility and geochemistry of phosphorus in magmas

Helz, G.R.; Holland, H.D., 1965:
The solubility and geologic occurrence of strontianite

Dong Faqin; Huang John; Wan Pu, 1996:
The solubility and health effect of fibrous brucite (FB)

Sherman, L.A.; Barak, P., 1993:
The solubility and kinetics of dissolution of dolomite in Ca-Mg-HCO (sub 3) / CO (sub 3) solutions at 25 degrees C

Yuan Feng; Zhou Taofa; Yue Shucang, 2001:
The solubility and liquid content of granitic magma in the Nurt area, Altai Mountains, China

Holland, H.D.; Malinin, S.D., 1979:
The solubility and occurrence of non-ore minerals.; 2

Dingwell, D.B.; O.N.ill H.S.C.; Ertel, W.; Spettel, B., 1994:
The solubility and oxidation of nickel in silicate melt at low oxygen fugacities; results using a mechanically assisted equilibration technique

Logan Terry, J. (investigator), 1994:
The solubility and potential for water contamination of arsenic in coal combustion wastes when used for coal mine remediation

Bayliss, S.; Ewart, F.T.; Howse, R.M.; Smith Briggs, J.L.; Thomason, H.P.; Willmott, H.A., 1988:
The solubility and sorption of lead-210 and carbon-14 in a near-field environment

Rempel, K.U., 2006:
The solubility and speciation of molybdenum in water vapour at high temperatures and pressures; applications to porphyry Mo ore deposits

Moretti, R.; Ottonello, G., 2002:
The solubility and speciation of sulfur in silicate melts; development of the conjugated Toop-Samis-Flood-Grjotheim (CTSFG) model

Dove Patricia, M.; Rimstidt, J.D.nald, 1984:
The solubility and stability of scorodite

Dove Patricia Martin; Rimstidt, J.D.nald, 1985:
The solubility and stability of scorodite, FeAsO (sub 4) .2H (sub 2) O

Bischoff James, L.; Fitzpatrick John, A.; Rosenbauer Robert, J., 1993:
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