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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 20460

Chapter 20460 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mariucci Maria Teresa; Mueller Birgit, 2003:
The tectonic regime in Italy inferred from borehole breakout data

Romanenko, B.I., 1968:
The tectonic regime in the southern Dniester-Prut interfluve during the Pontian regression

Glebovitskiy, V.A., 1986:
The tectonic regime of metamorphism and the evolution of the geothermal condition of the lithosphere

Bourgois Jacques; Pautot Guy; Bandy William; Boinet Thierry; Chotin Pierre; de Lepinay Bernard Mercier; Monlau Jacques; Sosson Marc; Huchon Philippe; Monge Felix; Pelletier Bernard; von Huene Roland, 1987:
The tectonic regime of the Andean continental margin off Peru

Khain, V.Ye, 1987:
The tectonic regime of the Catarchean and Archean

Yossi Mart, 1984:
The tectonic regime of the southeastern Mediterranean continental margin

E.R.mly M.F.; Salloum, G., 1974:
The tectonic regioning of the basement rocks of the Eastern Desert of Egypt

Vozarova, A.; Vozar, J., 1992:
The tectonic relation between the Meliata Zone and Turna Nappe, southern Slovakia

Vogel, T.A.; Cambray, F.W., 1990 :
The tectonic relationship between large ash-flow eruptions and mid-crustal intrusions; Timber Mountain Tuff, Nevada and Black Mountain plutonic complex, Death Valley, California

Constenius Kurt, 1983:
The tectonic relationship between the Kishenehn Basin and the Lewis thrust salient

Niu Baogui; Liu Zhigang; Ren Jishun, 1993:
The tectonic relationship between the Qinling Mountains and Tongbai-Dabie Mountains with notes on the tectonic evolution of the Hehuai Basin

Tao Ruiming, 1995:
The tectonic relationship between the southwestern part of the East China Sea and the northern part of the Taiwan Strait

Halls, H.C.; Palmer, H.C., 1990:
The tectonic relationship of two early Proterozoic dyke swarms to the Kapuskasing structural zone; a paleomagnetic and petrographic study

Guieu Gerard; Philip Jean, 1972:
The tectonic relationships between the Nerthe and Etoile Massifs (France) in the Graffiane Synclinal Valley northwest of Marseilles

W.Q.da; L.L.ling; Zhou Fuhong, 1984:
The tectonic relationships between the sea area east of China and its adjacent areas based on aeromagnetic data

Hilgenberg, J., 1974:
The tectonic relationships of the Harzgeroede Zone between Rottleberode and Wippra

Hayes Davis, B., 1977:
The tectonic relationships of the Hillabee Chlorite Schist to the adjacent rock units in southern Cleburne County, Alabama

Savochkina, Y.N., 1971:
The tectonic relationships of the Quaternary volcanic rocks to the Neogene deposits in the Tagil-Tikhaya Watershed area, Kamchatka

Thomson, S.N.; Herve, F.; Stoeckhert, B.; Brix, M.R.; Adriasola, A., 2000:
The tectonic response of the southern Chilean Andes to a subducting mid-ocean ridge; an investigation using fission track thermochronology

X.Binggao, 1997:
The tectonic reversion in the early Yenshanian and the embryonic form of Weiyuan Anticline, Weiyuan area, Sichuan

Brumbaugh, D.S., 1987:
The tectonic role of regional lineament systems in northern Arizona as expressed by intraplate seismicity

Tarchimayev, T.B., 1974:
The tectonic scheme of the Baikalids of western Khamar-Daban Range

Aliyev, A.K.; Abdurashitov, C.U., 1981:
The tectonic scheme of the northwestern Apsheron Peninsula region as an important element in the argument justifying the promising orientation of prospection for oil and gas deposits

Zhao Xikui; Cao Zhenglin; W.X.ngwei; Liu Hao; Dai Sulan; Zhao Zejiang, 1998:
The tectonic sedimentary synthetic analysis of Gengma Basin in western Yunnan

Cortes Jose Maria, 1994:
The tectonic segmentation of the Uspallata Depression; Mendoza, Argentina

Sengupta, P.R.; Agarwal, N.K., 1998:
The tectonic segments of northeastern India and associated gold mineralisation

Sastri, V.V.; Datta, A.K., 1972:
The tectonic setting and Mesozoic and Cenozoic paleogeography of the western part of the Indian subcontinent

Tang Yaoqing; L.Y.lun, 1986:
The tectonic setting and age of the ophiolites in the eastern Qinling Mountains

Smit, C.A., 1982:
The tectonic setting and chemical classification of the granites of the eastern marginal zone of the Namaqualand metamorphic complex

Brathwaite, R.L., 1988:
The tectonic setting and control of gold deposits in New Zealand

Zhao Fengqing; Sun Dazhong; Zhang Huimin, 1995:
The tectonic setting and crustal evolution of pre-Caledonian metamorphic basement in Huaxia Block, southeastern China

Koukouvelas, I.; Mpresiakas, A.; Sokos, E.; Doutsos, T., 1996:
The tectonic setting and earthquake ground hazards of the 1993 Pyrgos earthquake, Peloponnese, Greece

Yan Yaoyang, 1992:
The tectonic setting and evolution of the Ji'an Group in southern Jilin Province

Tillman, J.Edward, 1980:
The tectonic setting and evolution of the Sanandaj-Sirjan ranges, Esfahan, Iran

Jia Dong; Wang Xin, 1986:
The tectonic setting and evolution of the post-Proterozoic ophiolites in continental margins of Yangtzi Plate

Hausmann, S., 1984:
The tectonic setting and host lithologies of certain sulphidic copper-lead-zinc deposits in Southern Africa

Flottmann Thomas; Haines Peter; James Pat; Belperio, A.P., 1996:
The tectonic setting and internal structure of the Cambrian Kanmantoo Basin, Southeast Australia

Nisbet, E.G., 1982:
The tectonic setting and petrogenesis of komatiites

Clout, J.M.F., 1988:
The tectonic setting and plumbing system of the Golden Mile, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Liao Zongting; Chen Huangjing; Zhang Qizuan; Liu Dexuan, 1994:
The tectonic setting and significance of volcanic rocks in northern Guangxi

Hooper Peter, R., 2003:
The tectonic setting and source of the Columbia River Basalt Group; CRBG

Brown Bruce, A.; Greenberg Jeffrey, K., 1982:
The tectonic setting of Archean and Proterozoic rocks of northern and central Wisconsin; a new interpretation

Morrison, D.A.; Phinney William, C.; Maczuga, D.E., 1987:
The tectonic setting of Archean anorthosites

Rankin, D.W.; Popenoe, P.; Klitgord, K., 1978:
The tectonic setting of Charleston, South Carolina

Misra, K.S., 1981:
The tectonic setting of Deccan volcanics in southern Saurashtra and northern Gujarat

Lee, S.M., 1974:
The tectonic setting of Korea with relation to plate tectonics

Kumarapeli, P.S.; Saull, V.A., 1966:
The tectonic setting of Montreal

Marzocchi Warner; Scandone Roberto; Mulargia Francesco, 1993:
The tectonic setting of Mount Vesuvius and the correlation between its eruptions and the earthquakes of the Southern Apennines

Thorpe, R.S., 1984:
The tectonic setting of active Andean volcanism

Nelson JoAnne, 1991:
The tectonic setting of alkaline porphyry suite copper-gold deposits in the Canadian Cordillera

Matsuda Seiji; Ogawa Yujiro, 1990:
The tectonic setting of allochthonous blocks in sedimentary melange as interpreted from geochemistry of greenstones and time relationship between sediments; an example in Southwest Japan

Atkin, B.P.; Brewer, T.S., 1990:
The tectonic setting of basaltic magmatism in the Kongsberg, Bamble and Telemark sectors, Southern Norway

Udintsev, G.B.; Agapova, G.V.; Beresnev, A.F.; Suzyumov, A.Y., 1976:
The tectonic setting of deep-water trenches in the southwestern Pacific mobile belt

Sugden, T.J.; Deb, M.; Windley, B.F., 1990:
The tectonic setting of mineralization in the Proterozoic Aravalli-Delhi orogenic belt, NW India

Ellwood Brooks, B.; Wenner David, B., 1980:
The tectonic setting of southern Piedmont granites as inferred from isotopic and magnetic data

Maiden Ken, 1980:
The tectonic setting of strata-bound copper deposits; a comparison of the Stuart Shelf, South Australia, with other copper-bearing regions

O.Driscoll, E.S.T., 1989 :
The tectonic setting of sulphide nickel deposits in the Western Australian Shield as shown by major gravity lineaments

Johnston, S.T., 1988:
The tectonic setting of the Aishihik Batholith, SW Yukon

C.P.D.P.essis; F.W.lraven, 1990:
The tectonic setting of the Bushveld Complex in Southern Africa; Part 1, Structural deformation and distribution

Davey, E.J.; Smith, E.G.C., 1983:
The tectonic setting of the Fiordland region, South-West New Zealand

Swain Greg; Hand Martin; Barovich Karin; Schwarz Michael, 2004:
The tectonic setting of the Hiltaba Suite; magmatism and mineralisation linked to the collision of northern Australia and the Mawson continent

Elliot, D.H., 1976:
The tectonic setting of the Jurassic Ferrar Group, Antarctica

Grobler, N.J.; Botha, B.J.V.; Smit, C.A., 1977:
The tectonic setting of the Koras Group

Lee, S.M., 1973:
The tectonic setting of the Korean peninsula

X.J.nyuan; Luo Zhetan; Peng Dajun; Luo Zhili, 1993:
The tectonic setting of the Mesozoic S-type granites in northeastern China and discussion on the paired granitoid belts

Bigelow Phillip, K., 1984:
The tectonic setting of the Montesano Formation (late Miocene), Southwest Washington

Wetherley Simon; Harris Lyal, B.; Ridley John, R., 1994 :
The tectonic setting of the Mount Barren Group, Albany-Fraser Orogen, W.A.; implications for basin formation and subsequent deformation during a compressional orogeny in eastern Gondwana

Yerkes, R.F., 1994:
The tectonic setting of the Northridge earthquake

Y.Ziye, 1988:
The tectonic setting of the Qinzhou Basin, Guangxi during the Silurian to Mid-Devonian time

Barnes Sarah Jane; Sawyer, E.W.; Boyd, R.; Tucker, R., 1988:
The tectonic setting of the Rana layered intrusion

Kingma, J.T., 1957:
The tectonic setting of the Ruahine-Rimutaka range

Mart, Y., 1987:
The tectonic setting of the Seychelles, Mascarene and Amirante plateaus in the western equatorial Indian Ocean

Natal in Boris, A.; Sengor, A.M.C.lal, 1994:
The tectonic setting of the Tien Shan within the Altaid orogenic collage

Gregg, D.R., 1961:
The tectonic setting of the Tongariro volcanoes, New Zealand

Gurov, Y.P.; Gurova, Y.P., 1967:
The tectonic setting of the dike belts of the Stanovoy range

Hofmann Joachim, 1970:
The tectonic setting of the fluorite veins in the lower Harz region

Perez, O.; Jacob, K.H., 1979:
The tectonic setting of the large Gulf of Alaska earthquake of February 28, 1979

Yardley, B.W.D.; Baldwin, C.T.; Vine, F.J., 1982:
The tectonic setting of the northern British Isles in Early Ordovician times

Balla Zoltan; Baksa, C.; Foldessy, J.; Havas, L.; Szabo, I., 1980:
The tectonic setting of the ophiolites in the Bukk Mountains, North Hungary

Zhang Zixiong; L.L.de, 1985:
The tectonic setting of the volcanic rock series in the Sanchahe area, Lanping County, Yunnan

Tao Mingxin; X.Y.ngchang; Cheng Jianfa; Shen Ping, 1999:
The tectonic setting, typical gas pools and exploration direction of coal-type gas provinces in China

Tao Mingxin; X.Y.ngchang; Chen Jianfa; Shen Ping, 1998:
The tectonic setting, typical gas pools, and exploration direction of coal-type gas provinces in China; I, Coal-type gas in the upper Paleozoic

Fahrig Walter, F., 1987:
The tectonic settings of continental mafic dyke swarms; failed arm and early passive margin

Tazieff, H., 1973:
The tectonic significance of Afar

Berry, R.F.; Crawford, A.J., 1988:
The tectonic significance of Cambrian allochthonous mafic-ultramafic complexes in Tasmania

Giusy Lavecchia; Francesco Stoppa, 1996:
The tectonic significance of Italian magmatism; an alternative view to the popular interpretation

Fink, L.K.nneth Jr.; Harper, C.T.wsend; Stipp, J.J.; Nagle, F., 1972 :
The tectonic significance of La Desirade; possible relict sea floor crust

Alvarez, W., 1976:
The tectonic significance of Mediterranean volcanoes

Phillips, E.R.; Barnes, R.P.; Merriman, R.J.; Floyd, J.D., 1995:
The tectonic significance of Ordovician basic igneous rocks in the Southern Uplands, Southwest Scotland

Wyborn, D., 1991:
The tectonic significance of Ordovician magmatism in the eastern Lachlan fold belt

Chamalaun, F.H.; Grady, A.E.; Von Der Boch, C.C.; Hartono, H.M.S., 1981:
The tectonic significance of Sumba

Vearncombe, J.R., 1982:
The tectonic significance of Triassic dolomite and cargneule in the Gran Paradiso region, Western Alps

M.K.iyi; Sun Demei, 1987:
The tectonic significance of Wulingshan gravity gradient zone

Raouzaios Adamandia; Lister Gordon, 1994:
The tectonic significance of a major porphyroblastic event during high pressure metamorphism in Alpine times in the Aegean Sea, Greece

Gordon, S.L.ster; Adamandia Raouzaios, 1996:
The tectonic significance of a porphyroblastic blueschist facies overprint during Alpine orogenesis; Sifnos, Aegean Sea, Greece

Dunlap, W.J.; Lister, G.S., 1998:
The tectonic significance of a porphyroblastic blueschist facies overprint during Alpine orogenesis; Sifnos, Aegean Sea, Greece; discussion and reply

Jackson, T.A.; Smith, T.E., 1979:
The tectonic significance of basalts and dacites in the Wagwater Belt, Jamaica

Flower, M.F.J.; Levine, H.M.; van der Laan Sieger, R., 1985:
The tectonic significance of boninite in the Troodos Ophiolite

Elders Christopher, F., 1988:
The tectonic significance of changing sediment provenance in the Southern Uplands of Scotland

Goldstrand Patrick, M., 1988:
The tectonic significance of clastic sedimentary rocks in the northern Wallowa Terrane, N.E. Oregon and W. Idaho

Steltenpohl Mark, G.; Bartley John, M., 1983:
The tectonic significance of cross-folds and backfolds in the Norwegian Caledonides

Devine Fionnuala; Murphy Donald, C., 2004:
The tectonic significance of eclogites in the northern Canadian Cordillera, Yukon, Canada

Fyfe, W.S., 1978:
The tectonic significance of granitic liquids

Putirka Keith; Busby Cathy, J., 2007:
The tectonic significance of high-K (sub 2) O volcanism in the Sierra Nevada, California

Mastella Leonard; Mizerski WlLodzimierz, 2002:
The tectonic significance of longitudinal strike-slip movements in Paleozoic rocks of the Swiety Krzyz Mountains

R.A.Price, 1967:
The tectonic significance of mesoscopic subfabrics in the southern Rocky Mountains of Alberta and British Columbia

Sheynmann, Y.M., 1966:
The tectonic significance of occurrences of ultrabasic rocks beneath the oceans

Oliver Peter, 1992:
The tectonic significance of paleomagnetic results from the Triassic and Jurassic Murihiku sedimentary rocks of the Kawhia region, North Island, New Zealand

Dixon, J.E.; Fitton, J.G.; Frost, R.T.C., 1981:
The tectonic significance of post-Carboniferous igneous activity in the North-Sea Basin

Andersen Torgeir, B.; Berry Henry, N.I.V.; Lux Daniel, R.; Andresen Arild, 1998:
The tectonic significance of pre-Scandian (super 40) Ar/ (super 39) Ar phengite cooling ages in the Caledonides of western Norway

Wilson Gilbert, 1961:
The tectonic significance of small scale structures, and their importance to the geologist in the field

W.F.F.hrig; K.W.C.ristie; E.H.C.own; D.J.nes; N.M.chado, 1986:
The tectonic significance of some basic dyke swarms in the Canadian Superior Province with special reference to the geochemistry and paleomagnetism of the Mistassini swarm, Quebec, Canada

Chapman Carleton Abramson, 1941:
The tectonic significance of some pegmatites in New Hampshire

Heidecker, E., 1964:
The tectonic significance of structures in some Grenville rocks

Tondi Emanuele; Mattioni Luca; Shiner Peter; Mazzoli Stefano; Cello Giuseppe, 2004:
The tectonic significance of the Argille Varicolori unit in the frame of the geodynamic evolution of the Southern Apennines; Italy

Cello, G.; Morten, L.; D.F.ancesco A.M., 1991:
The tectonic significance of the Diamante-Terranova unit (Calabria, southern Italy) in the Alpine evolution of the northern sector of the Calabrian Arc

Peterson Edward, E., 1985:
The tectonic significance of the Porphyritic Red Granite, Dickinson County, Michigan

Baldacci, F.; Plesi, G., 1987:
The tectonic significance of the Soraggio Window and its relationship to Oligo-Miocene sandstone flysch along the Soraggio Valley-Monte Cusna-Monte Prampa section

Feiss, P.G.offrey; Wesolowski David, J., 1990:
The tectonic significance of the Uwharrie (Albemarle contact in the central Carolina volcanic slate belt (CVSB); isotopic and chemical evidence

Wolfe Caleb Wroe; Swarzenski Wolfgang, V., 1960:
The tectonic significance of the erosion surfaces in northwestern Maine

Bell, J.S., 1971:
The tectonic significance of the foothills belt in the Venezuelan coast ranges

Gang Huangfu; Wang Hai; Wang Jinan; Han Ming, 1990:
The tectonic significance of the fractal dimensions of the drainage systems

Topping David, J., 1996:
The tectonic significance of the greater Amargosa Chaos-Buckwheat-Sperry Hills basin

Posehn Gary, A.; Genereux James, A.; Mantaring, A.M., 1992:
The tectonic significance of transform faults within a portion of the greater Sarawak Basin

Chain, V.E. (Khain, V.Ye), 1986 :
The tectonic situation for the evolution and accumulation of petroleum and natural gas in the territories of the USSR

Zitellini Nevio; Chierici Francesco; Sartori Renzo; Torelli Luigi, 1999:
The tectonic source of the 1755 Lisbon earthquake and tsunami

Nesmeyanov, S.A.; Voyeykova, O.A.; Mindel, I.G.; Prokof yev D.I.; Khayme, N.M., 1994:
The tectonic stability assessment of nuclear power plant grounds; example of South Ural nuclear power plant

Mason, R., 1975:
The tectonic status of Bitlis Massif

Mason, R., 1975:
The tectonic status of the Bitlis Massif

Scheidegger Adrian, E., 1965:
The tectonic stress and tectonic motion direction in the Pacific and adjacent areas as calculated from earthquake fault plane solutions

Wan Tianfeng, 1984:
The tectonic stress field and its significance in regional geological surveys

Deng Junguo; Liu Zerong, 1993:
The tectonic stress field during the formation of oil and gas accumulations and the accumulation of oil and gas

Deng Qidong; Zhang Yuming; X.G.ilin; Fan Futian, 1979:
The tectonic stress field in China and its relation to plate movement

Zhao, S.; Mueller, R.D., 2001:
The tectonic stress field in eastern Australia

Roth Frank; Fuchs Karl; Zoback, M.D.; Hickman, S.H., 1995 :
The tectonic stress field in eastern Europe; knowns and unknowns

Huang Fuming; M.T.ngzhu; L.Q.nfang; Huang Peiyu; Wang Jing, 1995:
The tectonic stress field in the northern part of North China

X.Z.onghuai; Wang Suyun; Huang Yurui; Gao Ajia, 1989:
The tectonic stress field of Chinese continent deduced from a great number of earthquakes

Wan Tianfeng; Zhu Hong, 1989:
The tectonic stress field of the Cretaceous-early Eocene in China

Scheidegger Adrian, E., 1967:
The tectonic stress in the vicinity of the Alps

Jin Zhenming; Ding Jun; Huang Kekuan, 1989:
The tectonic stress-field characteristics of the Neocathaysian tectonic system of the Tieshan District, Daye, Hubei and the study method of it

Allouc Jacques; L.R.ux Jacques, 1994:
The tectonic strip of Sommepy-Tahure, Marne

Krylov Kirill, A.; Silantyev Sergey, A.; Krasheninnikov Valery, A., 2005:
The tectonic structure and evolution of south-western Cyprus

Til man S.M., 1967:
The tectonic structure and main features of the geologic development of northeastern Asia

Kharin, G.S.; Udintsev, G.B., 1982:
The tectonic structure and sedimentary rocks of Jan Mayen Ridge

Kramer, W., 1976:
The tectonic structure and significance of lamprophyres and dolerites in the Saxothuringicum-Lugicum

Wrede, V., 1979:
The tectonic structure in the northern border of the Harz Mountains near Goslar

Vidovic, M.D.; Moicevic, M., 1974:
The tectonic structure of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lazurkin, D.V., 1968:
The tectonic structure of Lena-Anabar synclinozium

Suveyzdis, P.I., 1975:
The tectonic structure of Lithuania

Boulos, F.K.; Morgan, P.; Hennin, S.F.; E.S.yed A.A.; Melik, Y.S., 1980:
The tectonic structure of Northeast Africa from gravity data

Brodskiy, A.Y.; Slapoguzov, A.P.; Yakovlev, A.T., 1972:
The tectonic structure of Paleozoic deposits in the central part of the Astrakhan anticline

Andjelkovicj, M. (Andelkovic M), 1978:
The tectonic structure of Yugoslavia

Mokshantsev, K.B., 1968:
The tectonic structure of oil-gas-bearing regions of Yakutia

Vrzhosek, A.A., 1978:
The tectonic structure of southern Primorye

Brdarevic, M.; Oluic, M., 1979:
The tectonic structure of the Adriatic Sea floor

Reutter, K.J., 1973:
The tectonic structure of the Chilean mountain range in the southern part of Atacama; short note

Burov, Y.P.; Semevskij, D.V. (Semevskiy, D.V., 1979:
The tectonic structure of the Devonian graben (Spitsbergen)

Watznauer, A., 1968:
The tectonic structure of the German Democratic Republic within the framework of central Europe

Paul Bossart; Dorothee Dietrich; Antonio Greco; Robert Ottiger; John, G.R.msay, 1988:
The tectonic structure of the Hazara-Kashmir syntaxis, southern Himalayas, Pakistan

Polak Milan, 1975:
The tectonic structure of the Krizna and Choc nappes in the Velky and Maly Rozsutec mountains

Konygin, V.G.; Leonov, M.G.; Loshmanov, Y.V., 1989:
The tectonic structure of the Kurganak Zone of the southern Tien Shan

Steuerwald, K.; Wolff, M., 1985:
The tectonic structure of the Lippe Synclinorium and the Luedinghausen Synclinorium between Marl and Luedinghausen, Westphalia

Butcher, N.E., 1962:
The tectonic structure of the Malvern hills

Saakyan, P.S., 1935:
The tectonic structure of the Novolevinsky pyrites-field

Vozar, J., 1979:
The tectonic structure of the basement of the Tertiary in central Slovakia

Krasil shchikov A.A., 1977:
The tectonic structure of the folded basement of Kanin Peninsula

Greiling, R.; Skala, W., 1979:
The tectonic structure of the phyllite series of West Crete

Chakabayev, S.Y.; Avrov, V.P.; Bulekbayev, Z.Y., 1980:
The tectonic structure of the region connecting the southern part of the Uralian Foreland basin with the Caspian Depression

Muresan Mircea, 1968:
The tectonic structure of the southern part of the crystalline-Mesozoic zone of the eastern Carpathians

Goyzhevskiy, A.A., 1975:
The tectonic structure of the southern slope of the Ukrainian Shield and the history of its development

Muratov, M.V., 1966:
The tectonic structure of the western part of Central Asia

Wojciechowska, I., 1977:
The tectonic structures in the northeastern part of the Klodzko area (Sudetes, Poland)

Bieler David, B., 1986:
The tectonic studies of A. J. Bull

Hills, E.Sherbon, 1956:
The tectonic style of Australia

Uchupi, Elezar, 1989:
The tectonic style of the Atlantic Mesozoic rift system

Vicente Jean Claude, 2000:
The tectonic style of the High Cordillera of Mendoza (Argentine); geometric, rheologic and chronologic constraints on section balancing

Dercourt, J.; D.W.ver P.; Fleury, J.J., 1976:
The tectonic style of the Tripolitza Nappe in the northern Peloponnesus, Greece

Uchupi Elazar; Ross David, A., 1986:
The tectonic style of the northern Red Sea

Alexander Livnat; Avi Lifshitz; Akiva Flexer, 1987:
The tectonic style of the southern Arava Rift margins, Israel; alternating stress fields in wrench-rifting processes

Temiz, H.; Poisson, A.M.; Guezou, J.C.; Tutkun, S.Z., 1991:
The tectonic style, timing and rate of shortening at the eastern end of the Sivas Basin, Kemah, Turkey

Tollmann Alexander, 1969:
The tectonic subdivision of the Alps and the Carpathian arc

Torres Roldan, R.L., 1979:
The tectonic subdivision of the Betic Zone (Betic Cordilleras, southern Spain); its significance and one possible geotectonic scenario for the westernmost Alpine Belt

Martignole Jacques, 1990:
The tectonic subdivision of the Grenville Province

Prijac Christophe; Doin Marie Pierre; Gaulier Jean Michel; Fleitout Luce, 1999:
The tectonic subsidence of the Paris Basin; a result from the extensional collapse of the Variscan Belt?

Crawford Maria Luisa; Hollister Lincoln, S., 1986:
The tectonic surge; a result of melt enhanced strain at collisional plate boundaries

Rial, M.J.A., 1973:
The tectonic system of Tacagua and its relation to the seismicity of the Caracas region

L.J.mao; F.L.angzuo, 1978:
The tectonic system of a mercury ore belt in southwestern China and its influence upon the mercury ore

A.Ou, 1982:
The tectonic system of the Chiansi region, Hebei Province, by X-ray determination

Kozin, V.V., 1984:
The tectonic systems and landscapes as objectives of study and petroleum exploration

Lei Zhenming; Fei Shuying, 1980:
The tectonic systems controlling the formation and deformation of the Mesozoic coal series, Fujian Province

Wang Erkang; Liu Cong; Shao Yuying, 1989:
The tectonic transformation of Hercynian-Indosinian palaeo-continental margin in southeastern China

Yin Yiqiu, 2001:
The tectonic types of migmatite formation and their comparison in southern China

Holubec, J., 1974:
The tectonic units in the core of the Bohemian Massif

Yin Gongming; L.Y.nchou; Zhao Hua; L.W.nlun; L.L.; Guo Shilun, 2001:
The tectonic uplift of the Hua Shan in the Cenozoic

Barton, C.M., 1976:
The tectonic vector and emplacement age of an allochtonous basement slice in the Olympos area, N.E. Greece

Dudauri, O.Z.; Ketskhoveli, D.N.; Togonidze, M.G.; Shengelia, D.M., 1973:
The tectonic wedge of Paleozoic crystalline rocks in the upper reaches of the river Atsgara, Abkhazia

Pandeli, E.; Bertini, G.; Castellucci, P., 1991:
The tectonic wedges complex of the Larderello area (southern Tuscany, Italy)

Perez Estaun, A., 1971:
The tectonic window of Villabandin, Narcea Antiform, Leon

Bhargava, O.N., 1980:
The tectonic windows of the Lesser Himalaya

Shilo, N.A.; Til man S.M., 1981:
The tectonic zones of northeastern USSR and the formation of its continental crust

Frisch, W.; Kuhlemann, J.; Dunkl, I.; Kazmer, M.; Bruegel, A., 1997:
The tectonic, geologic and morphologic development of the Eastern Alps since the Oligocene

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