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The timing and relation of aeolian sand deposition in central Spain to the aeolian sand record of NW Europe

Bateman, M.D.; Diez Herrero, A.

Quaternary Science Reviews 20(5-9): 779-782


ISSN/ISBN: 0277-3791
DOI: 10.1016/s0277-3791(00)00065-2
Accession: 020462167

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Presented here are TL and OSL age determinations on aeolian sediments from four sites around the Guadarrama mountains in Central Spain. These show aeolian activity between 8+ or -1 and 13+ or -1ka. The new data when combined with previously published luminescence data shows an inferred phase of aeolian activity in Central Spain ca. 10-13ka. This is compared to a dataset of luminescence ages from the NW European aeolian record which shows a similarly timed peak. The abrupt climate changes associated with the Younger Dryas occurred during this time and are thought to have caused aeolian activity in NW Europe. The correlation between the two aeolian records presented here is tentatively suggested to indicate that the Younger Dryas may also be the causal mechanism for intensified aeolian activity in Central Spain.

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