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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 20476

Chapter 20476 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Allen, J.C., 1990:
The writing program and the senior program; an example of mutual reinforcement

Eriksson Susan, C.; Farmer Kim; Harkrader Ellen, 1999:
The writing project; an interdisciplinary study of earth science, biology, social science and language arts through a school/ museum/ partnership

Morin, P.; Permingeat Francois, 1972:
The writings of C. Guadefroy

Hough Jack Luin, 1959:
The written word

Ager Derek, V., 1987:
The wrong shape

Higgins Michael, D., 1998:
The wrong way to determine true crystal size distributions (CSD) and the right way using the CSD corrections computer program

Hurlbut Cornelius, S.Jr., 1957:
The wurtzite-greenockite series

Mao, H.K.ang; Shu Jinfu; Fei Yingwei; H.J.ngzhu; Hemley Russell, J., 1996:
The wustite enigma

Ellenberger, F.; Santarelli, N., 1974:
The x schists of Montagne Noire, Caroux, Espinouse

Foresti Elisabetta; Riva di Sanseverino Lodovico, 1969:
The x-ray crystal and molecular structure of an organic mineral; simonellite, C (sub 19) H (sub 24)

Sahu, K.C., 1969:
The x-ray properties of clinopyroxenes from rocks of Kilimanjaro, Tanganyika

Johnson, M.P.; Davison, P.A.; Ruban, A.V.; Horton, P., 2007:
The xanthophyll cycle pool size controls the kinetics of non-photochemical quenching in Arabidopsis thaliana

Heidtke Ulrich, 1982:
The xenacanthid Orthacanthus senckenbergianus from the Rotliegende (Lower Permian) of the Palatinate

Lambert, J.L.M.; Stone, P., 1988:
The xenolith suite in the southern serpentinite of the Ballantrae Complex, south-west Scotland

Bruet, F., 1987:
The xenoliths in the lavas of Quito Volcano, Ecuador

T.D.S.indle; J.H.J.nes, 1997:
The xenon isotopic composition of the primordial Martian atmosphere; contributions from solar and fission components

Sabu, D.D.; Manuel, O.K., 1976:
The xenon record of element synthesis

Hartman Christine, M., 1978:
The xylem of Drepanophycus spinaeformis

Nirei Hisashi, 1987:
The y beam seismic zone accompanying island arcs facing the Northwest Pacific Ocean and the Kantoh forearc basin of Japan

Ward, A.W.; McCauley, J.F.; Grolier, M.J., 1977:
The yardangs at Rogers Playa, California

Baric, L., 1970:
The year 1969; a commemorative year in crystallography

Kaminski Michael, A., 2004:
The year 2000 classification of the agglutinated Foraminifera

Houston John, 2001:
The year 2000 storm event in the Quebrada Chacarilla and calculation of recharge to the Pampa Tamarugal Aquifer

Brun Edmond, A., 1972:
The year 2000? in 30 years!

Stewart Harris, B.Jr., 1983:
The year ahead in higher-level marine education

Goddard, I., 1990:
The year in PNG

Sorensen Kai, 2000:
The year in focus, 1999

Sorensen Kai, 2001:
The year in focus, 2000

Sorensen Kari, 2002:
The year in focus, 2001

D.Agnese Joseph, 2001:
The year in science

Warnick Richard, 1999:
The year of Utah wilderness; lessons from 1984

Anonymous, 2007:
The year of extreme weather

Anonymous, 1972:
The year plan by 25 of December

Self Stephen (reviewer), 1993:
The year without a summer? World climate in 1816; book review

Cataldi Raffaele, 1999:
The year zero of geothermics

Dawes Peter, R., 2001:
The year's publications; a review with listing for 2000

Day Arthur Louis, 1928:
The year's volcanological publications

Inouchi Noboru; Hosono Taketsune, 1987:
The yearly change of the ground movement detected by the precise levelling surveys connecting Kakegawa to Omaezaki, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Ivanenkov, V.N.; Bordovskiy, O.K., 1979:
The yearly chemical balance of the ocean

Semenov, S.M.; Iskandarov, N.G., 1979:
The yearly fluctuation of ground-water levels

Anonymous, 2005:
The yellow cat; updates on hepatic lipidosis

Sergeev, V.M. (Sergeyev, V.M.; Kononov, O.V.; Barsanov, G.P., 1974:
The yellow coloration of Icelandic spar

Shiikawa Makoto, 1957:
The yellow earth (Odo) associated with the limonite deposits of marshy type

Watson Thomas Leonard, 1904:
The yellow ocher deposits of the Cartersville District, Bartow County, Georgia

Couper Robert, H., 1900:
The yellow ocher mines of the Cartersville District, Georgia

Chauris, L., 1994:
The yellow stone of Logonna

Pal Indra; Chauhan Keder, N., 1970:
The yellow water zone of Uttar Pradesh, India

Anonymous, 2007:
The yew Taxus baccata L. population within the area of Sanctuary of the Passion in Kalwaria Pacawska (Przemyskie Foothills)

Anonymous, 2007:
The yield and content of some chemical components in fruits of common medlar (Mespilus germanika L.). Part I: Yield

Anonymous, 2007:
The yield and content of some chemical components in fruits of common medlar (Mespilus germanika L.). Part II: Content of some chemical components in fruits of common medlar (Mespilus germanika L.)

Anonymous, 2007:
The yield and fruit quality of two plum cultivars on different rootstocks

Lin, L.H.ng; Slater Greg, F.; Sherwood Lollar Barbara; Lacrampe Couloume Georges; Onstott, T.C., 2005:
The yield and isotopic composition of radiolytic H (sub 2) , a potential energy source for the deep subsurface biosphere

Kniesel Josef, 1969:
The yield capacity of ground-water horizons in the middle Bunter of Thuringia

Anonymous, 2006:
The yield characters and biological characteristics of Yuanjing35, an extra-early maturing variety of late japonica rice

Meade Charles; Jeanloz Raymond, 1986:
The yield strength of MgO to 40 GPa

Knox Reed Jr., 1969:
The yield strength of meteoritic iron

Anonymous, 2007:
The yielding and the content of selected macroelements in plant parts of old and new cultivars of cereals cultivated in ecological farms

Frydman, S.; Zeitlen, J.G.; Alpan, I., 1974:
The yielding behavior of particulate media

Smith, P.R.; Jardine, R.J.; Hight, D.W., 1992:
The yielding of Bothkennar clay

Korhonen, K.H.; Karstunen, M.; Lojander, M., 1991:
The yielding of anisotropic cohesive soils

Bowie William, 1922:
The yielding of the earth's crust

Jones Bob, 2004:
The yin-yang of beryl

Anonymous, 2005:
The yogurt years: new flavours, expanding sub-sectors and increased value are important elements of the European yogurt market

Arad Arnon; Ecker Amos; Olshina Avi; Neev David; Shachnai Emmanuel; Hall John, K.; Bakler Nathan; Ben Avraham Zvi, 1978:
The young (post lower Pliocene) geological history of the Caesarea structure; discussion and reply

Fuchs Werner, 1980:
The young Alpine phase; geological evolution from the upper Eocene into the present

Stephan Hans Juergen, 2001:
The young Baltic advance in the western Baltic Depression

Nair, H.; Gerstell, M.F.; Yung, Y.L., 1993:
The young Sun and photochemistry of the primitive Martian atmosphere

Walter, F.M., 1992:
The young Sun and the protoplanetary environment

Zhang Youxue, 1998:
The young age of Earth

Houng Kun Huang; Chen Tsen tue, 1971:
The young alluvial soils of Taiwan

Nicol, A., 1998:
The young and the restless at GNS

Hobden Barbara, 1998 :
The young and the restless; attracting, involving and retaining young scientists in the Geological Society

Lukina Nina Vladimirovna, 1991:
The young graben of Teletskoye Lake

Nakamura, N.; Unruh, D.M.; Tatsumoto, M., 1978:
The young magmatic event in the Nakhla achondrite parent body

Garfunkel, Z.; Almagor Gideon, 1986:
The young structure of the sea floor off northern Israel

Savu Haralambie, 2001:
The young trachybasalts on the territory of Romania; a comparative study

Grundmann, G.; Morteani, G., 1985:
The young uplift and thermal history of the Central Eastern Alps (Austria/ Italy); evidence from apatite fission track ages

Vikhter, B.Y.; Yeremenko, G.K.; Chmyrev, V.M., 1975:
The young volcanic carbonatite complex in Afghanistan

Joyce Bernard, 2003:
The young volcanic province of southeastern Australia; physical volcanology and eruption risk

Joyce Bernard, 2001:
The young volcanic province of southeastern Australia; volcanic risk evaluation and the community

Joyce Bernard, 2004:
The young volcanic regions of southeastern Australia; early studies, physical volcanology, and eruption risk

Burri Conrad; Tatar Yusuf; Weibel Max, 1967:
The young volcanic rocks of the Bodrum peninsula, southwest Turkey

Jura Dominik, 1995:
The young-Alpine morphotectonics of the Silesian Carpathian Foredeep and the Recent geodynamics of the Upper Silesian coal basin

Peteet Dorothy, M., 1986:
The younger Dryas in North America; modelling, data analysis, and speculation

Moerner Nils Axel, 1970:
The younger Dryas stadial

Ford Trevor, D.; Breed William, J., 1974:
The younger Precambrian fossils of the Grand Canyon

Lippolt, H.J.; Rittmann, K.L., 1984:
The younger Variscan history of granites in the southeastern Black Forest; Ar-40/ Ar-39 investigations in mica

Wang Hong; L.J.anfen; Zhang Yufa; Zhang Jinqi; L.F.nglin, 2000:
The younger cheniers (shell banks) on the west coast of Bohai Bay; morphology, structure and polygenetic processes

Klijn, J.A., 1990:
The younger dunes in the Netherlands; chronology and causation

Renne Paul, R.; Deino Alan, L., 2000:
The younger frontier of 40Ar/ 39Ar dating

Vail, J.R., 1979:
The younger granite-type post-orogenic igneous province of North-East Africa

Soliman Mostafa, M., 1987:
The younger granites and ring complexes of the Southeastern Desert of Egypt and their relation to mineralization

Gerold, G., 1985:
The younger relief and soil development in the basin of Tarija, southern Bolivia

Robinson Edward, 1958:
The younger rocks of Saint James and Trelawny

Bisewski Lothar, 1971:
The younger upper Carboniferous of the borehole North Germany 8 at Bentheim

Narbonne Guy, M.; Saylor Beverly, Z.; Grotzinger John, P., 1995:
The youngest Ediacara-type fossils in Southern Africa

Jarrar, G., 2001:
The youngest Neoproterozoic mafic dyke suite in the Arabian Shield; mildly alkaline dolerites from South Jordan; their geochemistry and petrogenesis

Kerr, A.; Dunning, G.R.; Tucker, R.D., 1993:
The youngest Paleozoic plutonism of the Newfoundland Appalachians; U-Pb ages from the St. Lawrence and Francois granites

Kotov Alexander (Kotov Aleksandr); Anisimova Irina Valerievna; Kovach Victor; Salnikova Ekaterina (Salnikova Yekaterina); Smelov Alexander (Smelov Alexksandr); Berezkin Vasiliy; Zagornaya Nadezhda, 2004:
The youngest Precambrian greenstone belt of the Siberian Craton; age, geochemical features and tectonic setting

Breiter, K., 1994:
The youngest Variscan magmatic rocks in the southern part of the Bohemian Massif; example Homolka granite

Anthi Liati; Dieter Gebauer; C.Mark Fanning, 2003:
The youngest basic oceanic magmatism in the Alps (Late Cretaceous; Chiavenna Unit, Central Alps); geochronological constraints and geodynamic significance

Edith Kristan-Tollmann; Alexander Tollmann, 1994:
The youngest big impact on Earth deduced from geological and historical evidence

Frest, T.J.; Kolata, D.R.; Mapes, R.H., 1985:
The youngest carpoid; occurrence, affinities, and life mode of a Pennsylvanian mitrate from Oklahoma

Tanaka, K.L.; Scott, D.H., 1987:
The youngest channel system on Mars

Huebscher Christian; Spiess Volkhard; Breitzke Monika; Weber Michael, E., 1997:
The youngest channel-levee system of the Bengal Fan; results from digital sediment echosounder data

Gazdzicki, A., 1978:
The youngest conodonts from the sub-Tatric Rhaetian of the Tatra Mountains

Millan, G.; Pszczolkowski, A., 1982:
The youngest deposits in the metamorphic sequence of the Escambray Massif

Perez Wendy; Freundt Armin, 2006:
The youngest highly explosive basaltic eruptions from Masaya Caldera (Nicaragua); stratigraphy and hazard assessment

Beyth Michael; Heimann Ariel, 1999:
The youngest igneous event in the crystalline basement of the Arabian-Nubian Shield, Timna igneous complex

Dong Zhiming, 1985:
The youngest labyrinthodont fossil in earth history is discovered in the Sichuan Basin

C.Tambussi, M.Ubilla and D.Perea, 1999:
The youngest large carnassial bird (Phorusrhacidae, Phorusrhacinae) from South America (Pliocene-early Pleistocene of Uruguay)

Jaggar Thomas Augustus Jr., 1931:
The youngest lava flow on the mainland of the United States

Wojcik Antoni; Jugowiec Malgorzata, 1998:
The youngest members of the folded Miocene in the Andrychow region (southern Poland)

Lemcke Kurt, 1972:
The youngest molasse deposit in the northern Alpine foreland

Vossler, SM.; Magwood, JPA.; Pemberton, SG., 1989:
The youngest occurrence of the ichnogenus Didymaulichnus from the Upper Cretaceous (Turonian) Cardium Formation

Kotlarczyk Janusz, 1983:
The youngest olistostrome in the flysch deposits of the Skiba Nappe (Polish Carpathians)

Lee, I.W.; U.T.dahide, 1992:
The youngest pyroclastic flow deposit from Toya Caldera in Southwest Hokkaido, Japan

Cadez Franci, 1980:
The youngest sedimentary rocks unconformably overlying Carboniferous beds at Idrija

Sardi Otto, 1969:
The yttria-stabilized isometric phase of zirconia

Staples Edward, J., 2001:
The zNose; a new electronic nose technology for analytical exploration of the chemical world which surrounds us all

Figueroa, A.J., 1964:
The zacamboxo fault

Morley Lawrence, W., 2001:
The zebra pattern

Pathak, N.; Obara, T.; Mangos, S.; Liu, Y.; Drummond, I.A., 2007:
The zebrafish fleer gene encodes an essential regulator of cilia tubulin polyglutamylation

Kallivretaki, E.; Eggen, R.I.L.; Neuhauss, S.C.F.; Kah, O.; Segner, H., 2007:
The zebrafish, brain-specific, aromatase cyp19a2 is neither expressed nor distributed in a sexually dimorphic manner during sexual differentiation

Gramlich Meier, R.; Gramlich, V., 1982:
The zeolite A debate; how wrong is a nearly correct space group?

Watanabe Jun; Funahashi Mitsuo, 1967:
The zeolite alteration series of Tobata perlite

Stojanovic Dobrica, 1972:
The zeolite composition of volcanic tuff and sedimentary rocks in Serbia

Stamatakis, M.G.; Hall, A.; Hein, J.R., 1996:
The zeolite deposits of Greece

Ivanov, I.P.; Gurevich, L.P., 1976:
The zeolite facies of regional metamorphism

Coombs, D.S.; Ellis, A.J.; Fyfe, W.S.; Taylor, A.M., 1959:
The zeolite facies, with comments on the interpretation of hydrothermal syntheses

Zen, E. an, 1961:
The zeolite facies; an interpretation

Mandarino Joseph, A., 1999:
The zeolite group

Benn James Harrison, 1944:
The zeolite minerals with emphasis on a locality near Washington

Kelly, M., 1998:
The zeolite story

Kotel nikov A.R.; Bychkov, A.M.; Zyryanov, V.N.; Akhmedzhanova, G.M.; Gavlina, O.T., 1995:
The zeolite to feldspar phase transition; a method to create radionuclide-capturing aluminosilicate matrices

Cortesogno, L.; Lucchetti, G.; Penco, A.M., 1976:
The zeolite, carbonate, and sulfide association of the Campegli Mine; a mineralization example under conditions of a hydrothermal model during the ultimate phase of Alpine tectonics

Dyer, A., 1979:
The zeolites

Fricke Gottfried, 1971:
The zeolites chabazite and phillipsite from the essexitic rocks of the Kaiserstuhl

Hentschel, G.; Vollrath, R., 1977:
The zeolites in basalt of Ober-Widdersheim, Vogelsberg

Walker Thomas Leonard; Parsons, A.L., 1922:
The zeolites of Nova Scotia

Whitehouse Marjorie, J., 1938:
The zeolites of Queensland

Jeffery, K.L.; Henderson, P.; Subbarao, K.V.; Walsh, J.N., 1988:
The zeolites of the Deccan Basalt; a study of their distribution

Jones Bob, 2007:
The zeolites; Part 1, Stilbite, stellerite and analcime

Kraeutner, H.G., 1968:
The zeolitic facies of the banatite hydrothermal metamorphism

Alexiev, B. (Aleksiyev B); Coutin, D.P.; Brito, A., 1974:
The zeolitic rocks south of Santa Clara, Las Villas, Cuba

Giret, A.; Yerdier, O.; Nativel, P., 1991:
The zeolitisation model of Kerguelen Islands, South Indian Ocean

Ghiara, M.R.; Lonis, R.; Petti, C.; Franco, E.; Luxoro, S.; Balassone, G., 1997:
The zeolitization process of Tertiary orogenic ignimbrites from Sardinia (Italy); distribution and mining importance

Cerri Guido; Oggiano Giacomo, 2002:
The zeolitized epiclastics of eastern Logudoro; a key bed within the volcano-sedimentary succession of northern-central Sardinia (Italy)

Lenzi, G.; Cassano, G., 1988:
The zeolitized tuffs of Mount Vulture (Basilicata, Italy); mineralogical and physico-chemical study for use as decontaminants for radioactive solutions

Zharkov, V.N.; Trubitsyn, V.P.; Tsarevskiy, I.A., 1975:
The zero isotherms of high pressure phases of geophysical and cosmochemical substances

Beasley Craig, J.; Lynn Walt, 1991:
The zero velocity layer; migration from irregular surfaces

L.K.npeng; Liu Yexin; L.Y.nda; Fan Cunkui, 1997:
The zero-crossing property of wavelet transform and improvement of both seismic signal-to-noise ratio and resolution

LaCoste Lucien, 1988:
The zero-length spring gravity meter

Denham, L.R.; Palmeira, R.A.R.; Farrell, R.C., 1985:
The zero-offset stack

Lynn Walt; Mackay Scott; Beasley Craig, J.; Chambers Ron; Connelly Darrell, L., 1989:
The zero-velocity layer; efficient wave-theoretical treatment of complex overburdens

Beasley, C.; Lynn Walt, 1992:
The zero-velocity layer; migration from irregular surfaces

Caldenius Carl, 1960:
The zero-year varve of the Swedish geological time scale; a rectification

Hurford Anthony, J.; Green Paul, F., 1983:
The zeta age calibration of fission-track dating

Vochten, R., 1983:
The zeta-potential and its applications on solubility and flotability of minerals

S.C.owdhury; J.A.K.tchener, 1975:
The zeta-potentials of natural and synthetic chrysotiles

Shcherbak, N.P., 1965:
The zhitomir granites and monzonites of the head-water region of the teterev

Tanner William Francis Jr., 1958:
The zig-zag nature of Type I and Type IV curves

Livingstone, A., 1991:
The zinc analogue of ktenasite from Smallcleugh and Brownley Hill mines, Nenthead, Cumbria

Avigour Avi; Shiloni, Y.; Levy, Y., 1985:
The zinc and cadmium contents of the phosphorite layers in the Arad Valley compared to that of other fields

Beidelman, J.C., 1920:
The zinc and lead deposits of Gaspesia

Ingham Albert Irwin, 1940:
The zinc and lead deposits of Shawangunk Mountain, New York

Branner John Casper, 1902:
The zinc and lead deposits of north Arkansas

Clarke, W.C., 1907:
The zinc belt of Claiborne and Union counties, Tennessee

Klaus, D., 1986:
The zinc collection in the Museum Schloss Bernburg; 200 years of progress in Bernburg mineral collecting, 1783-1983

Robinson William Orrin; Lakin Hubert William; Reichen Laura, E., 1947:
The zinc content of plants on the Freidensville zinc slime ponds in relation to biogeochemical prospecting

Gurney, J.J.; Ahrens, L.H., 1973:
The zinc content of some ultramafic and basic rocks

Bain Harry Foster, 1904:
The zinc deposits of Missouri

Gault Hugh Richard, 1944:
The zinc deposits of the Groundhog Basin, Wrangell District, southeastern Alaska

Hawkins, B.W., 1968:
The zinc lode orebodies of the Broken Hill lode

Schaeffer Reinhard, 1974:
The zinc mine Emilie Theodora at Plettenberg in the Sauerland

White Douglas, 1909:
The zinc mines of southern Nevada

Large Ross, R.; Huston David, L., 1986:
The zinc number , a new geochemical discriminator for mineral exploration in the Mount Read Volcanics

Schmidt Thome, M., 1975:
The zinc ore mining industry in the USA

Payne, C.A., 1904:
The zinc ores of Virginia

Anonymous, 1928:
The zinc resources of Arizona

Phillips William Battle, 1901:
The zinc-lead deposits of southwest Arkansas

Hill James Madison, 1913:
The zinc-lead deposits of the Yellow Pine District, Nevada

Aye, F., 1978:
The zinc-lead-copper deposits of Bodennec and Porte-aux Moines; first possible models of mineralization of the central Armorican Paleozoic volcano-sedimentary trough

Sampson Edward, 1957:
The zinc-manganese deposits of the Franklin-Sterling region

Novak Milan; Cerny Petr; Selway Julie, B., 1999:
The zinnwaldite-masutomilite-elbaite granitic pegmatite from the Trebic Durbachite Massif at Kracovice; a complex pegmatite related to the NYF family

Buffetaut, E., 1988:
The ziphodont mesosuchian crocodile from Messel; a reassessment

Bandy Mark Chance, 1948:
The zircon

W.J.ashan; Liu Dunyi; Jin Lowgguo, 1986:
The zircon U-Pb age of metamorphosed basic volcanic lavas from the Hutuo Group in the Wutai Mountain area, Shanxi Province

Nie Fengjun; Zhang Hongtao; Chen Qi; Meng Liangyi; Qiu Ganlin; L.D.lun, 1991:
The zircon U-Pb age of metamorphosed basic volcanic rocks from the Bainaimiao Group in Inner Mongolia

Cui Wenyuan; Wang Changqiu; Sun Chengzhi; Zhang Yuye, 1991:
The zircon U-Pb ages of Archean metamorphic rocks in western Liaoning-Chifeng area

Bortnikov, N.S.; Savel eva G.N. (Savel yeva G.N.; Matukov, D.I.; Sergeev, S.A. (Sergeyev, S.A.; Berezhnaya, N.G.; Lepekhina, E.N.; Antonov, A.V., 2005:
The zircon age of plagiogranites and gabbros based on SHRIMP data; Pleistocene intrusion in the MAR rift valley, 5 degrees 30.6'-5 degrees 32.4'N

Caruba, C.; Boucarut, M.; Turco, G., 1973:
The zircon and other accessory minerals of esterellite; relations with the petrogenesis of this calc-alkalic intrusion of the Alpine cycle

Baadsgaard, H.; Nutman, A.P.; Bridgwater, D.; Rosing, M.; McGregor, V.R.; Allaart, J.H., 1984:
The zircon geochronology of the Akilia association and Isua supracrustal belt, West Greenland

Sutton, S.R.; Zimmerman, D.W., 1979:
The zircon natural method; initial results and low level TL measurement

Grieco, G., 2001:
The zircon-bearing chromitites of the phlogopite peridotite of Finero (Ivrea Zone, Southern Alps); evidence and geochronology of a metasomatized mantle slab

C.M.P.inter; J.R.A.hworth; R.A.I.er, 1988:
The zircon-thorite mineral group in metasomatized granite, Ririwai, Nigeria; 1, Geochemistry and metastable solid solution of thorite and coffinite

C.M.P.inter; J.R.A.hworth; R.A.I.er, 1988:
The zircon-thorite mineral group in metasomatized granite, Ririwai, Nigeria; 2, Zoning, alteration and exsolution in zircon

Slater, A.Cownley, 1936:
The zirconia deposits of Brazil

Sighinolfi, G.P., 1967:
The zirconium content in some standard rock samples

Zajac, I.S.; Miller, R.; Birkett, T.; Nantel Suzie, 1984:
The zirconium, yttrium, niobium and beryllium deposit of the Strange Lake alkalic complex, Quebec-Labrador

Pupin, J.P., 1978:
The zircons from Permian acid volcanic rocks of Esterel; a new argument for a Permian Corso-Provencale magmatic province

Fransolet, A.M.; Tack, L., 1992:
The zircons of Matongo, Burundi, and their significance

Caruba, R.; Iacconi, P.; Johnsen, O., 1981:
The zircons of Narssarssuk, Greenland

Hoppe Guenter, 1967:
The zircons of a pyroclastic rock from the Silurian of Hasselfelde, Harz mountains

Scarenzi, D.; Hermitte, D.; Menot, R.P.; Piboule, M., 1985:
The zircons of the Chamrousse-Tabor ophiolitic plagiogranites and of the Riouperoux-Livet trondhjemites (external crystalline massifs, French Alps); typology, morphology and petrogenetic implications

Tsvetkova Goleva, V., 1969:
The zircons of the Rila granites as a correlation feature

Medd, A.W., 1966:
The zoarial development of some membranimorph Polyzoa

Zook, H.A.; Cooper, B.L.; Potter, A.E., 1997:
The zodiacal light as observed with the Clementine startracker cameras; calibration and image analysis procedures

Ibbotson, P., 1965:
The zonal arrangement of secondary mineral assemblages on the Tavua goldfield, Fiji

Vaytekunene, G.K., 1981:
The zonal classification of the upper Lower Devonian of the Baltic region from spores

Thomas, D.E., 1960:
The zonal distribution of Australian graptolites

Tabachnikova, I.P., 1979:
The zonal distribution of Eocene deposits of the Aral region from calcareous nannoplankton

Glezer, Z.I., 1979:
The zonal distribution of Paleogene Mediterranean paleobiogeographic regions within the borders of the USSR from Silicoflagellata

Zakharov, V.A., 1979:
The zonal distribution of boreal Upper Jurassic and Neocomian deposits from Buchia

Maennil, R., 1972:
The zonal distribution of chitinozoans in the Ordovician of the east Baltic area

Baymukhamedov, K.N.; Abdurakhmanov, A.A., 1989:
The zonal distribution of gold ore formations of one of the regions of western Uzbekistan

Skvortsova, K.V., 1973:
The zonal distribution of molybdates and uranium-molybdates in oxidized zones

Kemp James Furman, 1922:
The zonal distribution of ores

Kemp James Furman, 1921:
The zonal distribution of ores around igneous centers

Balaschow, I.A. (Balashov, I.A.; Turanskaja, N.W. (Turanskaya, N.V.; Bratischkow, R.C. (Bratishkov, R.K.); Beyer, W. (reviewer), 1976:
The zonal distribution of rare earths in the oceans

Chaffee, Maurice, A., 1976:
The zonal distribution of selected elements above the Kalamazoo porphyry copper deposit, San Manuel District, Pinal County, Arizona

Chaffee, M.A., 1975:
The zonal distribution of selected elements above the Kalamazoo porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit, San Manuel, Arizona

Ota Yoshihisa, 1960:
The zonal distribution of the non-marine fauna in the upper Mesozoic Wakino subgroup (Studies of the molluscan fauna of the non-marine upper Mesozoic Kwanmon group, part 5)

Osadchaya, D.V., 1986:
The zonal division of the Lower Cambrian of the Altai-Sayan fold belt

F.T.eyer; E.H.rrero-Bervera; V.H.u; S.R.H.mmond, 1985:
The zonal harmonic model of polarity transitions; a test using successive reversals

Demina, L.I.; Volobuyev, M.I., 1983:
The zonal metamorphic rock complexes of the Sangilen Highland (Tuva) and their ore potential

Winchester, J.A.; Chinner, G.A., 1978:
The zonal pattern of metamorphism in the Scottish Highlands and the displacement along the Great Glen Fault; discussion of paper by G. A. Chinner

Winchester, J.A., 1981:
The zonal pattern of metamorphism in the pre-Dalradian rocks of the Scottish Caledonides

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Thematic Area: Animal Biotechnology and Genetic Resources

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Thematic paper: protective functions of coastal forests and trees against wind and salt spray

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Thematic paper: role of forests and trees in protecting coastal areas against cyclones

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Thematic paper: synthesis of the protective functions of coastal forests and trees against natural hazards

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Thematic paper: the role of coastal forests and trees in protecting against coastal erosion

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Thematic paper: the role of forests and trees in protecting coastal areas against tsunamis

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