Upper Pliocene-Pleistocene sediments in the Wanganui Basin; field excursion notes, Vinegar Hill to Rewa Hill, Rangitikei River valley

Seward Diane (leader)

Geological Society of New Zealand Miscellaneous Publication 35B: B4


Accession: 020555268

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The Wanganui Basin is filled with sediments, to a maximum thickness of 4,800 m in the section through the Rangitikei River Valley, ranging in age from Pliocene to recent. The strata dip at low angles (6-10 degrees ) to the south and southwest. The Pliocene sequence is dominantly marine muds and fine sands while the Pleistocene is composed generally of coarser clastics with a tephric component very dominant at some points. The sediments from Vinegar Hill south to Rewa Hill are the subject of this excursion. Estimates of the age of this sequence have been made using paleomagnetic stratigraphy and fission track dates on tephra horizons.