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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 20566

Chapter 20566 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

do Prado Idemilson Donizete Mariano; de Souza Newton Moreira, 2004:
Use of laser granulometer as granulometric analyses tool of lateritic soils

Senftle, J.; Landis, C.; Zigler, A., 1995:
Use of laser heated cavity spectroscopy for rapid trace element analysis in the field

Keller Arturo, A.; Kram Mark, 1999:
Use of laser induced fluorescence to detect DNAPL and fluorophore mixtures in-situ

Vitasek, J.; Svek, M.; Vitula, A., 1994:
Use of laser techniques in deformation surveys

Potapov, O.A.; Matveyev, Y.F.; Potapova, K.F., 1975:
Use of lasers for interpretation of aeromagnetic survey data

R.J.W.lker; J.D.F.ssett; D.S.S.mons, 1988:
Use of lasers in mass spectrometry with applications to geochemistry

Matthews, J.V.Jr., 1975:
Use of late Cenozoic beetle fossils for dating and correlation

Musiyenko, L.N., 1964:
Use of lateral refracted waves in the determination of the structure of the crystalline basement

J.S.N.gami; D.F.V.llibor, 1991:
Use of lateritic fine-grained soils in road pavement base courses

A.B.S.mon; J.G.esecke; G.B.dlo, 1973:
Use of lateritic soils for road construction in north Dahomey

Wilcox, D.A., 1999:
Use of latitude, geomorphic setting, elevation, and wave exposure to differentiate and cluster Great Lakes wetlands

Morimoto, N., 1981:
Use of lattice imaging in the study of minerals

Belevantsev, V.I.; Kolonin, G.R.; Peshchevitskiy, B.I., 1982:
Use of laws of stepwise ligand replacement in estimating the stability constants of mixed complexes in geochemically important systems

Herbert, W.F.ely; Harold Seitz, 1970:
Use of lead 210 as a tracer of transport processes in the stratosphere

Voerkelius, S.; Eichinger, L.; Hoelzl, S., 1992:
Use of lead and nitrate isotopes to identify the source of lead contamination in a deep aquifer

de D.M.cheli S.M.; de Wexler, S.B.; Cassibba, R.O.; Fernandez, S., 1986:
Use of lead in high-level radioactive waste containers; study of corrosion resistance

Church Stanley, E.; Alpers Charles, N.; Vaughn, R.B.; Briggs, P.H.; Slotton, D.G., 1999:
Use of lead isotopes as natural tracers of metal contamination; a case study of the Penn Mine and Camanche Reservoir, California

Church, S.E., 1994:
Use of lead isotopes to fingerprint sources of heavy-metal contamination in the environment

Ikramuddin Mohammed, 1996:
Use of lead isotopes to identify the source of lead contamination in rivers, lakes and groundwaters

Mazeika Jonas, 2006:
Use of lead-210 and carbon-14 in investigations of peat accumulation in Aukstumala raised bog, western Lithuania

Panayotou Kate, 2002:
Use of lead-210 dating to identify Recent sedimentation in estuaries; case study of Minnamurra River estuary

Iledare, W.O., 1994:
Use of least squares to estimate gas-well gas recoverable reserves and first-year gas production

Jones, L., 1968:
Use of levelings to study ground movements

Parson Larry, E.; Lillycrop, W.J.ff; Klein, C.J.hn; Ives Russell, C.P.; Orlando, S.P.ul, 1997:
Use of lidar technology for collecting shallow water bathymetry of Florida Bay

Anonymous, 2007:
Use of lidocaine in canine constipation

Caruso Vincent, 2001:
Use of light detection and ranging (LIDAR) technology for mapping hypsography and hydrology

Coplen Tyler, B., 1996:
Use of light environmental isotopes to delineate hydrologic processes

Katsinis, D., 1994:
Use of light hydrocarbons as traces in geochemical exploration in the Cassandra-Chalkidiki Peninsula

Deevey, E.S.; Stuiver, M.; Nakai, N., 1963:
Use of light nuclides in limnology

Kroeger, E.B.ne; Chugh, Y.P., 2001:
Use of lightweight flyash blocks to construct fills on sensitive soils

Nandi, B.N.; Macphee, J.A.; Chornet, E., 1987:
Use of lignite as blending coal for blast furnace coke

Townsend, F.C., 1979:
Use of lime in levee restoration

Shoval, S.; Beck, P., 2005:
Use of lime technology in the manufacture of domestic Iron Age storage jars

Leidolph Lars; Schreiter Peter; Werner Beate, 2000:
Use of lime-rich lignite ashes to form an ettringite-material

Shanker, N.B.bu; Maruti, G., 1989:
Use of lime-soil piles for in-situ stabilization of Black Cotton soils

Myers James, D., 1973:
Use of limestone in Iowa road construction

Foose Michael, P.; Barsotti Aldo, F., 1999:
Use of limestone resources in flue-gas desulfurization power plants in the Ohio River valley

Fuller, W.H.; Artiola, J., 1978:
Use of limestone to limit contaminant movement from landfills

Gomez Jesus, E.; Robinson Helen, D.; Cadden Allen, W., 2006:
Use of limited mobility grout for shallow foundations in karst

Ullner, H.A., 1988:
Use of line source for measurements of the thermal conductivity

Baumgardner Robert, W.Jr., 1991:
Use of lineament attributes from four independent studies to predict production from coalbed methane wells in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado

Baumgardner, R.W.Jr., 1994:
Use of lineament attributes to predict coalbed methane production in the northern San Juan Basin

Silbaugh David; Rauch Henry, W.; Werner Eberhard, 1985:
Use of lineaments and resistivity surveying for fracture zone identification and natural gas exploration in the Benson Sand interval of north-central West Virginia

Rauch Henry, W., 1984:
Use of lineaments as exploration tools for natural gas and ground water in Martin County, Kentucky

Rahardjo, H.; Fredlund, D.G.; Vanapalli, S.K., 1992:
Use of linear and nonlinear shear strength versus matric suction relations in slope stability analyses

Yurtsever, Y.; Payne, B.R.; Gomez Martos, M., 1986:
Use of linear compartmental simulation approach for quantitative interpretation of isotope data under time variant flow conditions

Doronin, A.Ya, 1968:
Use of linear correlation of chemical analyses as a qualitative genetic indicator of iron-ore deposits

Cicioni, G.; Giuliano, G., 1992:
Use of linear programming for groundwater resources planning

Shalayev, S.V., 1965:
Use of linear programming in geophysics

Fleck William, B., 2000:
Use of linear programming techniques to design an optimal containment system for a contaminant plume in a shallow aquifer at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

Falk Paulette, K.; McSweeney Kevin, 1995:
Use of linear sand dunes to reconstruct Pleistocene periglacial conditions

Oliva Gutierrez Gladstone, 1978:
Use of linear transformations in gravity and magnetic fields to solve tectonic-structural problems in part of western Cuba

Greif Vladimir; Sassa Kyoji; Fukuoka Hiroshi, 2004:
Use of linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) sensors in the monitoring of cultural heritage; case study of Bitchu-Matsuyama Castle

Suryanarayana, K.V., 1973:
Use of lineation in the determination of folds

Stella, A.; Panzitta, F.; Gandini, G.; Boettcher, P.J., 2007:
Use of linked loci as individuals or haplotypes for marker-assisted breed assignment

Obermeier Stephen, F., 1996:
Use of liquefaction-induced features for paleoseismic analysis; an overview of how seismic liquefaction features can be distinguished from other features and how their regional distribution and properties of source sediment can be used to infer the location and strength of Holocene paleo-earthquakes

Goleva, R.V.; Mel nikov F.P., 1972:
Use of liquid inclusions in rocks and minerals to the study of stages of formation of metasomatic rocks

Reddi, L.N.; Poduri, R., 1997:
Use of liquid limit state to generalize water retention properties of fine-grained soils

Smith Cole, L., 1976:
Use of lithium and chloride concentrations in ground water for lithium exploration

Brueckner, H.P.; Drews, G.; Kritsotakis, K.; Tobschall, H.J., 1986:
Use of lithium borate fusion in the instrumental analysis of major elements in soils and rocks

del Pozo Gomez Miguel; Hidalgo Juan; Ninerola Pla Segismundo, 1987:
Use of lithium chloride (Li (super +) ) as tracer of karstic conduits

Nelson Alan, R., 1986:
Use of lithofacies codes in paleoseismological studies of normal faults in unconsolidated sediments

Newall, P.S.; Newall, G.C., 1989:
Use of lithogeochemistry as an exploration tool at Redmoor sheeted-vein complex, East Cornwall, Southwest England

Ryan Christopher, M.; Wall Gary, R.; Hanchar Dorothea, W., 1994:
Use of lithologic and gamma logs to define the areal extent of a clay confining unit overlying a glacial-drift aquifer, Montgomery County, New York

de la Fuente Juan; Elder Don; van de Water Richard; Lehman Anne, 1996:
Use of lithologic and geomorphic map compilations in ecosystem analysis; central Klamath Mountains (Klamath National Forest)

Matveyev, A.V., 1970:
Use of lithologic data in the correlation of moraine horizons in Byelorussia

Klubova, T.T.; Medvedeva, A.M.; Surkova, G.I., 1982 :
Use of lithologic-palynological criteria for the migration of oil in some oil- and gas-bearing regions of the Soviet Union

Lukashev Konstantin, I.; Lukashev Valentin, K., 1969:
Use of lithological and geochemical methods in studies of Quaternary sediments in Byelorussia

Korenevskii, S.M. (Korenevskiy, S.M), 1985:
Use of lithological parameters and natural reference models for quantitative resource prediction of potash-magnesian salts

Krugovykh, V.V.; Fedotova, V.A.; Borisov, V.A.; Fedotov, A.N.; Sidoras, S.D., 1990:
Use of lithostratigraphic, biostratigraphic, and magnetostratigraphic methods in geological surveying; example from the Permian-Triassic Tunguska Syneclise

Daniel Patricia, L.; Farr, M.R.ndy, 1996:
Use of lithostratigraphy, magnetostratigraphy, and rock magnetic parameters in correlation of rocks associated with the Sauk-Tippecanoe Sequence boundary in northern Arkansas

Schmidt Elzbieta; Stelmach Marcin, 1977:
Use of local condensing resistance network in analog modelling of water bearing strata

Yamamoto Jorge Kazuo, 1987:
Use of local fits of multiquadric equations for digital surface modelling

Ross Robert, M.; Allmon Warren, D., 2005:
Use of local geology and modern analogs in museum-based geoscience education to foster earth science literacy

A.A.id; M.H.ssain; S.D.O.fi, 2002:
Use of local soil for the decontamination of liquid radioactive wastes at PINSTECH

Pigache, R., 1980:
Use of loess in the manufacture of autoclaved cellular concrete

Schoeppel, R.J.; Gilarranz, G., 1965:
Use of log temperatures as a criterion for the evaluation of regional geothermal gradients; test case, Oklahoma

Davis, R.J., 1987:
Use of log-derived parameters for completion design enhancement in the Medina Formation

Oujang Jian; Ma Zungyuan; He Dengchan; Xiao Yiyue; Tian Hung, 1984:
Use of logging data in sedimentology

Hawkins William, K.; Gearhart Marvin, 1968:
Use of logging in uranium prospecting

Friedman Laurie, R.; Porter Keith, A.; Scawthorn Charles, R., 1992:
Use of logic tree analysis for earthquake emergency planning in critical facilities

Belyayev, V.I.; Khudoshina, M.Y., 1989:
Use of logic-informational models for management of natural resources

Castro, E.; Lay, V., 1975:
Use of logs composed of mobile petroleum in the Peruvian jungle

Nesterov, V.V., 1997:
Use of long baseline interferometry to measure lithospheric deformations

Michel, R.L., 1990:
Use of long term tritium data to study small river basins

Mauk, F.J.; Mahrer, K.D., 1988:
Use of long-period seismometers to determine induced fracture geometry

Anderson Don, L., 1963:
Use of long-period surface waves for determination of elastic and petrological properties of ice masses, Chapter 6

Kanamori Hiroo; Given Jeffrey, W., 1982:
Use of long-period surface waves for rapid determination of earthquake source parameters; II, Preliminary determination of source mechanisms of large earthquakes (M (sub s) > or =6.5) in 1980

Hiroo Kanamori; Jeffrey, W.G.ven, 1981:
Use of long-period surface waves for rapid determination of earthquake-source parameters

Aki Keiiti, 1960:
Use of long-period surface waves for the study of earthquake mechanism

Brindley, G.W., 1974:
Use of long-spacing alcohols and alkanes for calibration of long spacings from layer silicates, particularly clay minerals

Everdingen, R.O. van; Banner, J.A., 1979:
Use of long-term automatic time-lapse photography to measure the growth of frost blisters

Trexler Joel, C.; Jordan Frank; Ruetz Carl; Chick John; Loftus William, F.; Perry Sue, A., 2003:
Use of long-term monitoring data for fishes and macroinvertebrates in the development of performance measures for the Modified Water-Delivery Project

Frimpter Michael, H., 1992:
Use of long-term observation well data to estimate ground-water levels for site investigations

Robert, L.M.chel; Roy, A.S.hoeder, 1994:
Use of long-term tritium records from the Colorado River to determine timescales for hydrologic processes associated with irrigation in the Imperial Valley, California

Keefe Cynthia, M.; Sharp John, M.J., 1981:
Use of longitudinal conductance in estimating transmissiveity of granular aquifers in northern Missouri

Galin, D.L., 1979:
Use of longitudinal conductance in vertical electrical sounding and vertical electrical sounding-induced potential method for solving hydrogeological problems

Garca Hector, H., 1969:
Use of longitudinal sections in volume calculations

Baum Rex, L.; Fleming Robert, W., 1991:
Use of longitudinal strain in identifying driving and resisting elements of landslides; with Suppl. Data 91-19

Gupta Indra, N.; Zhang Tian Run; Wagner Robert, A., 1996:
Use of low and high frequency Lg and other regional phases from underground nuclear explosions for monitoring CTBT

Prins, E., 2008:
Use of low cost Landsat ETM+ to spot burnt villages in Darfur, Sudan

Sahu, S.J.; Roy, S.; Bhattacherjee, R.; Jana, J.; Banerjee, P.; Dalal, S.S.D.y, 1999:
Use of low cost natural material for removal of arsenic in ground water

Anonymous, 2007:
Use of low intensity ultrasound in fat back from pigs with different genetic background

Anonymous, 2007:
Use of low intensity ultrasound in the Longissimus dorsi muscle from pigs with different genetic background

Knitter Clifford, C.; Haskell, K.G.; Peterson, M.L., 1993:
Use of low plasticity silt for soil liners and covers

Moreda Pineiro, J.; Beceiro Gonzalez Elisa; Alonso Rodriguez Elia; Gonzalez Soto Elena; Lopiz Mahia Purificacion; Muniategui Lorenzo Soledad; Prada Rodriguez Prada, 2001:
Use of low temperature ashing and microwave acid extraction procedures for As and Hg determination in coal, coal fly ash, and slag samples by cold vapor/ hydride generation AAS

Shoval, S.; Beck, P., 2005:
Use of low temperature sintering technology in the manufacture of domestic Iron Age cooking pots

Keenan Richard, S.; Gardner Leonard, R.; Dickerson, J.R., 1993:
Use of low-cost electronic data acquisition devices for a long-term hydrologic study

Charlet, J.M., 1968:
Use of low-energy gamma spectra in the analysis of radioactive minerals; examples of applications

Lalou, C.; Lambert, G.; L.R.ulley J.C.; Sanak, J., 1970:
Use of low-level alpha -ray spectrometry to determine trace elements present in natural mineral substances

Beckwith, G.H.; Slemmons, D.B.rton; Weeks, R.E., 1991:
Use of low-sun angle photography for identification of subsidence-induced earth fissures

Kutateladze, S.S.; Moskvicheva, V.N.; Petin, Y.M., 1980:
Use of low-temperature heat carriers in geoengineering and for use of secondary energy resources at industrial enterprises

Red kin Y.R.; Voytenko, A.M.; Teplyakov, P.A., 1973:
Use of low-temperature luminescent spectroscopy to determine the content of aromatic compounds in sea water

Wergin William, P.; Foster James; Rango Albert; Josberger Edward, G.; Erbe Eric, F.; Murphy Charles, A.; Pooley Christopher, 2004:
Use of low-temperature scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to observe cryobionts in snow and ice

Masyukov, V.V.; Galyavich, A.S., 1969:
Use of luminescence analysis of lateral samples for evaluation of oil productivity of reservoirs of western Bashkiria

Alveirinho Dias Joao; Taborda Rui; Ferreira Oscar; Moita Patricia, 1992:
Use of luminescence in studies of coastal dynamics from the Mira-Tocha Zone; preliminary results

Sinel nikov V.Ye, 1970:
Use of luminescence to investigate organic materials of purified and untreated river waters

Berczi, S.; Boldoghy, B.; Kummert, J.; Varga, T.; Szilagyi, I., 2005:
Use of lunar soil and lunar surface rocky materials in insulation of buildings on the Moon

Culler, T.S.; Muller, R.A.; Renne, P., 1997:
Use of lunar spherules to determine the terrestrial cratering rate over the last 3 billion years

Harmon, B.G.; Urash, R.N.M., 1974:
Use of lynes inflatable packers in solution mining

Verman Manoj; Jethwa, J.L., 1988:
Use of machine tunnelling and NATM to improve tunnel advance rates in India

Mantz Peter, A.; L.W.nxue, 1992:
Use of machine vision in bedform studies

Smith James, G.; Berg Henry, C., 1973:
Use of machine-processable field notes in a wilderness mapping project (Granite Fiords area), southeastern Alaska

Smith James, G.; Berg Henry, C., 1973:
Use of machine-processable field notes in the Coast Mountains of southeastern Alaska

Kirick Christine, M.; Hayes Benjamin, R., 1998:
Use of macroinvertebrates as indices of groundwater quality in a karst aquifer, Nippenose Valley, Pennsylvania

Matveyev, V.S.; Kritsuk, L.N.; Baskakova, I.N., 1990:
Use of magnetic and gravimetric methods to study ground ice

Swanson Clarence Otto, 1935:
Use of magnetic data in Michigan iron ranges

Foote Robert, S., 1992:
Use of magnetic field aids oil search

Pawse Archana; Beske Diehl Suzanne; Marshall, S.A., 1998:
Use of magnetic hysteresis properties and electron spin resonance spectroscopy for the identification of volcanic ash; a preliminary study

Faleh Ali; Bouhlassa Saidati; Sadiki Abdelhamid; Garcia Carmelo Conesa, 2005:
Use of magnetic measurements in identifying sediment sources; case of the Abdelali watershed, eastern Rif, Morocco)

Hammouda, H., 1993:
Use of magnetic method to assist in oil exploration in the southern part of the Gulf of Suez, Egypt

Clarke, M.A.; Morris, W.A., 1992:
Use of magnetic mineral surveys in tracking alteration levels in acid generating mine tailings

CAnon Tapia Edgardo, 1992:
Use of magnetic mineralogy of basaltic rocks in the identification of magma sources

Brusilovskiy, Y.V.; Gorodnitskiy, A.M.; Merkur yev S.A.; Sochevanova, N.A., 1993:
Use of magnetic modeling to investigate seamounts of the Somali Basin

Mishen kin B.P., 1965:
Use of magnetic recording in deep seismic investigations

Waugh John Russell, I.I.; Fairhurst David, L.; Wells Gary, 2005:
Use of magnetic resonance logs to evaluate aquifer characteristics along the freshwater/ saline-water interface of the Edwards Aquifer

Andreyev, S.I.; Genin, B.L., 1968:
Use of magnetic surveying in studying the young volcanogenic formations of the southern part of the koryak upland

Rochette, P.; Aubourg, C.; Lamarche, G.; Vialon, P., 1987:
Use of magnetic susceptibility and anisotropy in the framework of a deep borehole in the Subalpine zone

Dubinchik, E.Y.; Putintsev, V.K., 1970:
Use of magnetic susceptibility and density for subdividing the intrusives of the Bureya and Khanka massifs

Sargent, K.A., 1965:
Use of magnetic susceptibility and grain density in identification of basalt flows at the Nevada Test Site

Andrade, C.; Miranda, J.M.; Freitas, M.C.; Baptista, M.A.; Cachao, M.; Munha, J.M.; Silva, P., 1998:
Use of magnetic susceptibility methods for the identification of tsunami deposits in the Tagus Estuary

Virina, Y.I.; Svitoch, A.A., 1975:
Use of magnetic susceptibility of rocks during the studies of Recent sediments of Chukchi Peninsula

Zavoyskiy, V.N., 1982:
Use of magnetic susceptibility tensor for solving problems in structural geology

James, H.Bourne, 1993:
Use of magnetic susceptibility, density, and modal mineral data as a guide to the composition of granitic plutons

Lomakin, A.B.; Molchanov, O.N.; Pospelov, S.G., 1971:
Use of magnetic well-logging in the exploration for copper-nickel deposits in the Pechenga area

Pippett Timothy, D.J.; O.D.nnell Paul; Hankin Stuart, I.; Blundell Craig, A., 1995:
Use of magnetics for the location of environmental contamination

Nazarov, V.P., 1965:
Use of magnetometers and a magnetic circuit on space apparatus abroad

Afanas yev B.M., 1967:
Use of magnetometry in exploring the iron ore deposits of east sayan

Risk, G.F.; Caldwell, T.G.; Bibby, H.M., 1999:
Use of magnetotelluric signals from 50 Hz power lines for resistivity mapping of geothermal fields in New Zealand

Khachay, O.A.; Khachay, Y.V., 1993:
Use of magnetotelluric sounding data for solving inverse problem of system of mantle convection equations

Vilenchik, A.M.; Golubkov, V.V., 1967:
Use of magnetotelluric sounding in the Caspian basin

Krasnobayeva, A.G., 1970:
Use of magnetotelluric surveys in tectonic zoning of the Urals

Lespinat, P.A.; Hetier, J.M.; Thomann, C.; Chone, T.; Dimon, A., 1976:
Use of maize uniformly labelled with C-14 for studying organic materials in three soils; Andosols, Mollisols, and Oxisols

Szecsody Jim, E., 1983:
Use of major ion chemistry and environmental isotopes to delineate groundwater flow in Eagle Valley, Nevada

Spilde, M.N.; Papike, J.J., 1993:
Use of major- and minor-element mapping to measure chemical variability in diogenite pyroxenes

Cramer Steven, P., 1997:
Use of managed pulses in flow to stimulate outmigration of juvenile salmon

Eversole William, H.; Corgan James, X., 1985:
Use of maps in Tennessee government

Orlova, A.V.; Mitrofanova, T.F., 1971:
Use of maps in economic geology regionalization

Laforest, L.; Moulin, P.; Schwalm, M-Sophie.; L.J.unne, P.; Chretin, S.; Kitio, B.; Massol, J.; Van Ganse, E., 2006:
Use of margarine enriched in phytosterols by patients at high cardiovascular risk and treated by hypolipidemic drugs

Robnett Quentin, L., 1983:
Use of marginal and waste materials in highway construction; an overview

Parizek Richard, R.; Battaglia Anthony; Jones Daniel, R., 1984:
Use of marginal lands; an idea whose time must come

MacGregor Lucy; Sinha Martin, 2000:
Use of marine controlled-source electromagnetic sounding for sub-basalt exploration

Billington Edward, D., 2000:
Use of marine geophysical methods to guide underwater repairs to a pumped storage plant reservoir foundation

Vronskiy, V.A., 1979:
Use of marine palynology in petroleum geology

Hughes, W.Brian, 1992:
Use of marine-seismic profiling to study ground-water contamination at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

Obmoryshev, K.M., 1969:
Use of mass spectrometry in studying the formation of reservoir rocks in oil deposits of Byelorussia

Wright, T.L.; Helz, R.T., 1976:
Use of mass-balance equations to evaluate models of magma genesis

Heuer, E.; Hansen, A.; Flake, M., 1999:
Use of material flow analyses as an instrument for optimization of agricultural companies in water conservation districts

Bottlikova, A.; Drdos, J., 1976:
Use of mathematical and statistical methods for study of indicative features of species in Liptov cupholes

Smirnov, L.Y.; Chimshidova, A.G., 1970:
Use of mathematical logic in the interpretation of aerial photographs

Savinskiy, I.D.; Grudev, A.P.; Petrova, A.A., 1975:
Use of mathematical methods and automatic data processing in increasing the accuracy of ore reserve calculations and in the construction of isopleth maps

Kuchay, V.K.; Chuchadeyev, D.N., 1983:
Use of mathematical methods in remote sensing for solution of geologic problems

Abradkhmanov, R.F.; Kudryasheva, Z.N.; Popov, V.G., 1995:
Use of mathematical methods in studying processes of oil brine and river water mixing

Manuk yan D.A., 1968:
Use of mathematical methods to model hydrogeologic conditions

Kalf, F.R.; Wooley, D.R., 1976:
Use of mathematical modelling techniques as an aid in understanding alluvial aquifer systems near Wagga Wagga, N.S.W

Bonnet, M.; Vancon, J.P.; Vandenbeusch, M., 1983:
Use of mathematical models and optimisation techniques for groundwater management

Haefner, F.; Kammel, D.; Pohl, P., 1978:
Use of mathematical models for indirect exploration of aquifers; means for rationalizing hydrogeologic studies

Tyagi, A.K., 1979:
Use of mathematical models in evaluating drought effects on groundwater systems

Tilmant, G., 1973:
Use of mathematical models in karstic hydrogeology

Polikarpochkin, V.V., 1970:
Use of mathematical models in studying some problems of the placers theory

Tucker, D.L.; Kibler, D.F.; Monser, J.R.; White, L.C.; Pawloski, B.L., 1975:
Use of mathematical models in the Palo Alto Marshland Rehabilitation Project

Papazafiriou Zafizis, G., 1977:
Use of mathematical models in the solution of hydrologic problems

Ippolito, F., 1973:
Use of mathematical models in the study of fractured aquifers

Atkinson, P.A., 1984:
Use of mathematical models to predict effects of mining under stored waters

Saulnier, G.J.J.; Goddard, K.E., 1982:
Use of mathematical models to predict impacts of mining energy minerals on the hydrologic system in northwestern Colorado

Schwarz Jehoshua, 1982:
Use of mathematical programming in the management and development of Israel's water resources

Xanthopoulos, T.S., 1977:
Use of mathematical simulation and electronic calculations in hydrology

Shpil man V.I., 1970:
Use of mathematical statistics during calculation of predicted oil and gas reserves in western Siberia

Gudok, N.S.; Sokratov, B.G., 1973:
Use of mathematical statistics for studying breaks in sedimentation

Khachay, O.A.; Shupletsov, Y.P., 1998:
Use of mathematical theory of entropy for analysis of time processes in stress-strained media

Gilchrist Lachlan, 1939:
Use of mathematics in the delineation of magnetic and electric anomalies

Klaos, E.; Odinets, V., 1990:
Use of matrix-modifiers in atomic-absorption determination of chromium in argillites

Dong, W.M.; Bao, A.B.; Shah, H.C., 1984:
Use of maximum entropy principle in earthquake recurrence relationships

Born George, H.; Tapley Byron, D.; Ries John, C., 1984:
Use of mean sea surface height for altimeter accuracy monitoring

Joyner, W.B.; Fumal Thomas, E., 1984:
Use of measured shear-wave velocity for predicting geologic site effects on strong ground motion

Tedesco Steven, A.; Bowler Jack, 2003:
Use of mechanical logs to evaluate gas in place in Pennsylvanian age coals

Gardescu Ionel Ion; Billings Martin Hewett, 1937:
Use of mechanical sand analyses for correlation purposes

Kuznetsov, I.V.; Salomatin, V.N., 1991:
Use of mechanical-electrical effects registered at shear deformation as criteria of rock disintegration

Martel Stephen, J.; Hestir Kevin, 1998:
Use of mechanically-based fracture growth algorithms in hydrologic inverse modeling

Bida, M.N., 1969:
Use of mechanized equipment on the Ukhta-Torzhok line

Kuznetsov, I.V.; Salomatin, V.N., 1991:
Use of mechanoelectric effects recorded during shear strains as criteria for rock disintegration

Inazaki Tomio; Inouchi Yoshio; Nakano Tsukara, 1995:
Use of medical X-ray CT scanner for nondestructive and quantitative analysis of lake sediments

Kring David, A., 1985:
Use of melt inclusions in determining liquid lines of descent

Evans, B.S., 1982:
Use of membranes in a mining subsidence problem

Olofinskaya, V.N., 1969:
Use of membranes made of ion-exchange resin to construct models of mediums of finite resistivities

Grandstaff David, E., 1972:
Use of mercuric bromide as a heavy liquid

Jenne, E.A.; Chao, T.T.; Heppting, L.M., 1968:
Use of mercurous chloride to recover trace amounts of gold from waters

Dugerdil, Y.; E.J.; Jaffe, F.C., 1975:
Use of mercury as a pathfinder for buried base-metal deposits in the Parkejaure area, Swedish Lapland

Gealy Wendell Baum, 1929:
Use of mercury for determination of volume of rock specimens in Russell porosity apparatus

Saha, J.G.; McKinlay, K.S., 1975:
Use of mercury in agriculture and its relationship to environmental pollution

Friedrich, G., 1971:
Use of mercury in geochemical exploration (abstr.)

Gustavson, John, B., 1976:
Use of mercury in geochemical exploration for Mississippi Valley type of deposits in Tennessee

Turrero, M.J., 1990:
Use of mercury porosimetry in physical parameters quantification of granitic materials of Berrocal, Central System

Keith Stanley, B.; Maughan Jerald, R.; Laux Daniel, P., 1988:
Use of metal chemistry and petrochemistry to screen epithermal Hg-Sb-As occurrences for gold metallization

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Use of metal prospecting results; the role of mercury

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Use of metal/ Fe plots for detection of polluted sediments

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Use of metallometric testing in kimberlite search

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Use of metals to judge movements of sediments in Hereford and Townsend inlets, New Jersey

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Use of metamorphic history to identify accreted terranes; possibilities and pitfalls

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Use of metastability of thermogenetic magnetic state of rocks for identifying their thermoremanent magnetization

Matson Michael, 1991:
Use of meteorological satellites for detecting and tracking volcanic clouds

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Use of methanotrophs in an above-ground reactor to treat groundwater contaminated with trichloroethylene

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Use of methanotrophs to degrade TCE in electrokinetic field

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Use of method of natural orthogonal components in magnetic survey

Rajaram Mita, 1983:
Use of method of natural orthogonal components in magnetic survey studies

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Use of methods of cluster analysis for engineering-geological subdivision of loess strata

Agul nik I.M.; Avramenko, V.I.; Petkevich, N.Y., 1968:
Use of methods of form recognition in prospecting for local uplifts on the basis of gravity survey results

Zarayskiy, V.N.; Kiselev, G.N., 1989:
Use of methods of geometry of the Earth's interior for the choice of direction to extract mineral resources from quarries

Bylinskaya, L.N., 1967:
Use of methods of mathematical statistics for determining the relation of the elevation of floodplains to recent crustal movements

Agul nik I.M.; Avramenko, V.I., 1968:
Use of methods of recognition of samples for prospecting for structures of third order on the basis of geophysical data

Semerkin, V.I., 1969:
Use of methods of statistic correlation of gravitational and seismic data for construction of geologic and structural maps

Metz Robert, 1982:
Use of micro- and macro-structures to differentiate between raindrop impressions and those of rising- bubble origin

Baker, R., 1981:
Use of micro-computers for the solution of seepage problems by the boundary element method

Khmelevskoy, V.K., 1973:
Use of micro-electrical sounding in land drainage surveys

Germinario Mark, P., 1996:
Use of micro-resistivity imaging tools in developing Lower Pennsylvanian Morrow channel sandstone reservoirs, Cheyenne, Kiowa and Lincoln counties, Colorado

Beny, C.; Laperche, V.; Bodenan, F., 2002:
Use of microRaman spectrometry in the identification of different arsenic compounds from a polluted site

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Use of microbial enrichments for the study of the anaerobic degradation of cholesterol

Kuhn, D., D.; Boardman, G., D.; Craig, S., R.; Flick, G., J.J.; Mclean, E., 2008:
Use of microbial flocs generated from tilapia effluent as a nutritional supplement for shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei, in recirculating aquaculture systems

Metge David, W.; Harvey Ronald, W.; Becker Matthew, 2002:
Use of microbial surrogates for injection and recovery tests in fractured-rock and granular aquifers

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Use of microcomputer graphics to teach waterflooding concepts

Gao Jingchang; Wang Guangjie, 1994:
Use of microcomputer in automated lineament detection from remotely sensed imagery

Gao Jingchang; Wang Guangjie; L.D.chang, 1990:
Use of microcomputer in processing satellite remote sensing data

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Use of microcomputer models in developing vadose one monitoring strategies

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Use of microcomputer-based integrated remote sensing/ DIS technology for gold exploration, Round Mountain District, Nevada

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Use of microcomputers for engineering purposes in the Norwegian mining industry

Salazar Lista Edmundo, 1985:
Use of microcomputers for increasing productivity in geology

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Use of microcomputers for laboratory data acquisition and analysis powers

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Use of microcomputers in Earth sciences libraries

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Use of microcomputers in accessing and processing online petroleum data

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Use of microcomputers in ground-water basin modeling

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Use of microearthquakes in the study of the mechanics of earthquake generation along the San Andreas fault in central California

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Use of microearthquakes to determine mechanism of faulting, stresses, and other source characteristics in the Nevada region

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Use of microelement composition of carbonate rocks to predict buried karst

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Use of microethnographic strategies to analyze some affective aspects of learning-cycle-based minicourses in paleontology for teachers

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Use of microfine cement and Type III Portland cement for dam foundation grouting, Los Vaqueros, CA

Feng Weimin, 2002:
Use of microgastropod diversity as indicators of the late Quaternary palaeoenvironment of Nansha Islands, South China Sea

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Use of microgravimetric measurements in the Frasch processes for mining sulfur

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Use of microhardness in identifying microinclusions of columbite

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Use of microinformatics in mineral exploration

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Use of microlithologies as illustrated by some New York sedimentary rocks

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Use of micrometer gauges for linear measurement in thin sections

McCarthy Paul, J.; Martini, I.P.ter; Leckie Dale, A., 1998:
Use of micromorphology for palaeoenvironmental interpretation of complex alluvial palaeosols; an example from the Mill Creek Formation (Albian), southwestern Alberta, Canada

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Use of microorganisms in the exploitation and mineralogy of gold ores

Dimitrakopoulos, P., 1984:
Use of micropenetration tests in the study of velocities and shear stress which caused erosion of two soils

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Use of microprocessor controlled equipments in resistivity and induced polarization methods for mining and ground water prospecting

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Use of microradiography to distinguish source of uranium and thorium in mica lamprophyres of southern Siberia

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Use of microresistivity from the dipmeter to improve formation evaluation in thin sands, Northeast Kalimantan, Indonesia

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Use of microseismic monitoring in the development and management of the Soultz-sous-Forets hot dry rock geothermal reservoir

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Use of microseismic sounding in engineering investigation of mudflows, Tien Shan

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Use of microseismic surveys in the study of landslides

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Use of microseisms in storm diagnosis

Donn, W.L., 1976:
Use of microseisms to study the upper atmosphere

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Use of microwave remote sensing data to monitor spatio temporal characteristics of surface soil moisture at local and regional scales

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Use of migration coherency panels for velocity model determination

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Use of milarite in determining the K/ Ar absolute age

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Use of mild-heat treatment following high-pressure processing to prevent recovery of pressure-injured Listeria monocytogenes in milk

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Use of military training doctrine to predict patterns of maneuver disturbance on the landscape; I, Theory and methodology

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Use of military training doctrine to predict patterns of maneuver disturbance on the landscape; II, Validation

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Use of mine tailings in construction materials

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Use of mined-out space in greater Kansas City

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Use of mineral inclusions in solving wall rock alteration problems

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Use of mineral magnetic measurements to fingerprint suspended sediment sources; approaches and techniques for data analysis

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Use of mineral magnetic measurements to fingerprint suspended sediment sources; results from a linear mixing model

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Use of mineral magnetic records from late Quaternary loess-Palaeosols sequences in N. China for palaeoclimatic reconstruction

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Use of mineral solid solutions to measure gradients in the chemical potentials of volatile components in regionally metamorphosed rocks

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Use of mineral thermometric and radiogenic heat productivity data to estimate paleoheat flow in Precambrian terraines

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Use of mineral thermometry and barometry for the prospective basis of the oil- and gas- bearing content of deep-buried beds; example of the Carpathian Foredeep

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Use of mineral thermometry in determining the formation of fluorite mineralization in west Transbaikalia

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Use of mineralogic and geochemical studies in metallogenic studies with the lead-zinc deposits of Central Asia as an example

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Use of mineralogic criteria for the calculation, correlation, and establishment of genetic and evolutionary relations of granitoid formations

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Use of mineralogical analysis for correlation of ashes from the Shiveluch Volcano

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Use of mineralogical analysis for separation of Paleogene, Neogene and Anthropogene deposits in Byelorussia

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Use of mineralogical analysis in geotechnical assessment of rock strata for coal mining

Ward, C.R., 2003:
Use of mineralogical analysis in risk assessment for coal mining

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Use of mineralogical and geochemical data for high resolution stratigraphic correlation of a Middle Ordovician K-bentonite

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Use of mineralogical and hydraulic properties of sediments to identify environmental impact of construction activity on adjacent wetland areas; a case history

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Use of mines as future disposal sites; reasons, requirements and conceptions

Scott Jonathon, C., 1984:
Use of minicomputers in water-resources investigations

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Use of mining and industrial wastes as raw materials in the manufacturing of Portland cement

Emery, J.J., 1975:
Use of mining and metallurgical wastes in construction

C.S.inivasan; S.K.A.ora; R.K.Y.ji, 1997:
Use of mining and seismological parameters as premonitors of rockbursts

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Use of mining exploration soil sampling to define the pollution level of the industrial sites; relevance and disagreement

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Use of mining industrial wastes as resources for the production of technical and construction materials

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Use of mining-contaminated sediment tracers to investigate the timing and rates of historical flood plain sedimentation

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Use of mixed surfactants to improve mobility control in CO (sub 2) flooding

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Use of mode-converted waves in marine seismic data to investigate the lithology of the sub-bottom sediments in Isfjorden, Svalbard

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Use of model compounds in the study of the retardation of carbonate diagenesis

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Use of model for relating geochemical prospecting data to geological attributes of a region, South Mountain, Pennsylvania

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Use of model triclinical gyrotropical media for approximation of a complex geological sequence

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Use of model-generated Fe (super 3+) ion activities to compute Eh and ferric oxyhydroxide solubilities in anaerobic systems

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Use of model-generated ferric ion activities for calculations of redox potentials and ferric oxyhydroxide solubilities; comprehensive update and comparison with experimental results

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Use of modeling for interpretation of the magnetic field of the Tashtagol iron ore deposit

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Use of modeling in engineering studies of fractured massifs

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Use of modeling to enhance the microbiological safety of the food system

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Use of models based on modern peat deposits to predict the distribution of mineral matter in coals

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Use of models in DNAPL source zone remediation assessment; exploring the potential benefits of partial mass removal in nonuniform formations

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Use of models in geotechnology

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Use of models in the design and monitoring of in situ remediation measures

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Use of models to estimate hydraulic conductivity of a till barrier layer, and potential effects of RCRA corrective action scenarios

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Use of modern X-ray equipment to solve fine problems of structural mineralogy by the example of the crystal structure of babefphite BaBe(PO (sub 4) )F

Gomm, H.; Peters, L., 1993:
Use of modern directional drilling techniques to drill gas cavern boreholes

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Use of modern equipment and techniques in the planning and development of water resources

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Use of modern generic names for plant fossils

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Use of modern pollen-morphologic data in support of the theory of continental drift; methodology review; the genera Impatiens and Anemone

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Use of modified doorstoppers for rock stress change monitoring

D.N.V.leeva; F.Y. Akhmadullina; Kh. N.M.kaev; D.G.P.bedimskii, 2007:
Use of modified gelatin for producing prolonged-action forms of a veterinary antibiotic

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Use of modified hydropunch for cost-effective groundwater sampling

Bishop, C.F.H.; Gash, A.J.; Mathas, E.; Finlayson, I., 2007:
Use of modified packaging with cut flowers

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Use of moldavites in jewels production

Anonymous, 2007:
Use of molecular marker scar in the identification of Fusarium subglutinans, causal agent of mango malformation

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Use of molecular parameters and trace elements in oil-oil correlation studies, Barinas Sub-basin, Venezuela

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Use of mollusk paleoecology to determine the prehistoric topography

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Use of molten salt cell for experimental deformation of quartz and feldspar; preliminary results

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Use of molybdenum as a guide to porphyry copper exploration

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Use of moments for interpretation of gravity and magnetic anomalies due to two-dimensional structures

Brown Adrian, 1983:
Use of monitoring data for other than regulatory purposes

S.G.C.en; J.Z.ao, 1998:
Use of monitoring records and management system in Ertan cavern construction

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Use of monoenergetic x-ray sources in x-ray fluorescence analysis; recent developments and applications in mineral industries

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Use of monte carlo techniques in optimum design of the deconvolution process

Banasik Piotr; Goral WlLadyslLaw; Maciaszek Jadwiga; Szewczyk Jacek, 2003:
Use of more active surveying network (ASG-PL) to monitor dislocations in Upper Silesia industrial area

Anonymous, 2007:
Use of more cloprostenol in synchronization systems

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Use of morphologic studies in locating local tectonic structures, Ust-Silga deposit

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Use of morphological and physiological characters, and molecular markers to evaluate the genetic diversity of three clementine cultivars

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Use of morphometric methods for detecting morphostructural boundaries of the Balkhar-Digora Zone

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Use of morphometric methods in a structural-geomorphic investigation of the Yeloguy-Kellog group of uplands

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Use of morphometric methods in structural and geomorphologic studies of the Yelogui-Kellog uplifts, western Siberia

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Use of morphometric methods in the study of Cuban weathering crust containing ferronickel

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Use of morphometrical characteristics in the estimation of ground water resources in the Lena basin

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Use of morphostructural analysis to show halokinesis during the Miocene-Pliocene-Quaternary in the southern Aquitaine

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Use of moss culture as bioaccumulator for the biomonitoring of metal contamination in continental waters

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Use of movements in determining the stability of natural ground

Brande Scott, 2005:
Use of movie animation of still images in the geoscience lecture; Imagemat!cs Still-Motion Creator and PowerPoint presentations

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Use of mud in diamond core drilling

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Use of multi-dimensional and factor analyses when studying regularities in variations of gas-oil saturation pressure

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Use of multi-parameter sensitivity analysis to determine relative importance of factors influencing natural attenuation of mining contaminants

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Use of multi-point measurements for collection of groundwater data

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Use of multi-proxy flood records to improve estimates of flood risk; lower River Tay, Scotland

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Use of multi-tool geophysics surveys to identify structures of a 2nd to 4th century Roman fort, Humayma, Jordan

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Use of multi-wave seismic surveying in the Middle-Ural region

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Use of multiattribute transforms to predict log properties from seismic data

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Use of multibeam bathymetry in a regional geophysical survey in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland

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Use of multichannel dynamic inversion for study properties of terrigenous and carbonate reservoir rocks

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Use of multicomponent seismic data for oil-water discrimination in fractured reservoirs

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Use of multidate spectral data and GIS techniques for assessing vegetation response to anomalous biogeochemical conditions at a mineralized site in S.E. Missouri

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Use of multidimensional graphic models to solve applied problems of oil and gas geology

Fang Hsai Yang; Mikroudis, G.K., 1991:
Use of multidomain expert systems for environmental assessment of slope stability and landslides

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Use of multielectrodes system MUCEP to study the soil cover in the Orleans area

Fred Kofi Boadu, 2003:
Use of multifractal seismic waveform parameters to characterize the hydraulic properties of fractured media; numerical experiments

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Use of multifrequency radar images for botanical and lithologic mapping in an arid terrain

Srivastava Hari Shanker; Patel Parul; Manchanda, M.L.; Adiga, S., 2003:
Use of multiincidence angle RADARSAT-1 SAR data to incorporate the effect of surface roughness in soil moisture estimation

Caughron Willie, R., 1996:
Use of multimedia as an aid for outreach

Hooke Roger, L.B.; Wells Stephen, G.; McFadden, L.D.; Ritter, J.B., 1990:
Use of multiparameter relative-age methods for age estimation and correlation of alluvial fan surfaces on a desert piedmont, eastern Mojave Desert, California; discussion and reply

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Use of multiple data sets in geophysical modeling; application to delineation and interpretation of the Long Valley, California, magma chamber

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Use of multiple dating methods to constrain ages of deformed terraces along the San Joaquin Fault, north central California

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Use of multiple den sites by Eurasian badgers, Meles meles, in a Mediterranean habitat

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Use of multiple external drift

Fowler John, W.; Hetznecker Sarah, M., 1985:
Use of multiple geophysical techniques in the characterization of a waste disposal site

J.N.Walsh, 1992:
Use of multiple internal standards for high-precision, routine analysis of geological samples by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry

Delance, J.H., 1974:
Use of multiple linear regression analysis in systematic paleontology

Hinterlong Gregory, D., 1996:
Use of multiple log curves to predict permeability in a dolomite reservoir, San Andreas of Welch Field, Dawson County, Texas

Klein, R.B.; Bernhardt, D.E.; Rogers, V.C., 1987:
Use of multiple pathway computer codes for assessment of health effects from low level radioactive waste

Johnson Donald, L., 1982:
Use of multiple pedogenesis models as conceptual aids in Quaternary geologic research

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Use of multiple profile shooting and methods of interpretation of obtained data

Smith, C.R.; Pope, R.; DeMaster David, J., 1990:
Use of multiple radiotracers to elucidate pulsed advective mixing of deep-sea sediments

Agterberg, F.P.; Katsube, T.J.; Lew, S.N., 1985:
Use of multiple regression for petrophysical characterization of granites as a function of alteration

Jarrett, G.Lynn, 1994:
Use of multiple regression models and locally weighted scatter-plot smoothing to evaluate the effects of independent environmental factors on dissolved-oxygen dynamics in streams affected by differing land use

Kuznetsova, N.P.; Umperovich, N.V.; Dreyvitser, A.A., 1971:
Use of multiple seismic reflections for correlation of exploratory reflections by discrete systems of analysis

McDermott Eugene, 1937:
Use of multiple seismometers

Noponen Ilkka, 1987:
Use of multiple sources to discriminate between true and virtual reflectors in imaging VSP data

Corcho Alvarado, J.A.; Barbecot, F.; Purtschert, R.; Aeschbach Hertig, W.; Kipfer, R., 2007:
Use of multiple tracers for studying the inter-relationsihps between climate and recharge conditions of groundwater in a region of France; the past half-millennium

Benson, M.A., 1972:
Use of multiple-regression analysis in the design of a stream-gauging network; practice in the USA

Evans Diane; Schenk Leslie, 1985:
Use of multipolarization SAR for mapping in a sedimentary basin

Anderson, L.D.; Delaney, M.L., 2005:
Use of multiproxy records on the Agulhas Ridge, Southern Ocean (Ocean Drilling Project Leg 177, Site 1090) to investigate sub-Antarctic hydrography from the Oligocene to the early Miocene

Vaughan Robin, A.; A.R.wili M.S., 2002:
Use of multiresolution and multitemporal remote sensing data for sand study around Al-Hassa Oasis

Podwysocki, M.H.; Segal Donald, B.; Abrams, M.J., 1983:
Use of multispectral scanner images for assessment of hydrothermal alteration in the Marysvale, Utah, mining area

Podwysocki, M.H.; Segal, D.B., 1981:
Use of multispectral scanner images for assessment of hydrothermal alteration in the Marysvale, Utah, mining district

Hook Simon, J.; Abbott Elsa, A.; Grove Cindy; Kahle Anne, B.; Palluconi Frank, D., 1999:
Use of multispectral thermal infrared data in geological studies.; 3

Denys, C., 1992:
Use of multivariate analyses for paleoenvironmental interpretation; the case of the South African Plio-Pleistocene rodents

Proenza Fernandez Joaquin, A.; Batista Rodriguez Jose; Terrero Abella Adela Caridad, 1994:
Use of multivariate analysis in the evaluation of the water quality that supplies Moa

Grey Melissa; Smith Paul, L.; Haggart James, W., 2005:
Use of multivariate morphometrics to evaluate mode of evolution in Buchia bivalves from the Upper Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous of Grassy Island, British Columbia

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Use of multivariate numerical analysis in the treatment of regional hydrogeological problems

Ring Joshua, H.; Kudo Albert, M.; Cascadden Tracey, E., 1997:
Use of multivariate statistical analysis (Roy's test, discriminant analysis) in distinguishing different magma sources; an example from the Zuni-Bandera volcanic field, NM

Wong, H.K., 1990:
Use of multivariate statistical analysis in geology; two examples

Davis John, C.; Foerster Hans Juergen, 2000:
Use of multivariate statistical methods in interpreting granitic plutons

Rudi, K.; Zimonja, M.; Trosvik, P.; Naes, T., 2007:
Use of multivariate statistics for 16S rRNA gene analysis of microbial communities

Smith Steven, M.; Sanzolone Richard, F.; Colman John, A., 1989:
Use of multivariate techniques for background and anthropogenic-source analysis of trace elements in streambed materials in the upper Illinois River basin in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin

Herrera, F.; Castillo, J.E.; Chica, A.F.; López Bellido, L., 2007:
Use of municipal solid waste compost (MSWC) as a growing medium in the nursery production of tomato plants

Iglesias Teixeira, B.; Carral Vilarino, E.; Seoane Labandeira, S.; Lopez Mosquera, M.E., 1997:
Use of mussel shells as lime in soils of Galicia, northwestern Spain

Vedekhin, A.F.; Balugina, N.M.; Pavlov, Y.P., 1968:
Use of nai(tl) tablets in counters recording gamma-radiation in the plateau regime

Vruk, K.; Nomokonov, V.P.; Perakh Yu; Tomas, B., 1979:
Use of narrow shaping for the suppression of secondary waves

Goldstein Barry, S., 1996:
Use of national parks in credit-granting geology field courses in the Colorado Plateau and Death Valley

Aber, S.W., 1980:
Use of native rock in early stone churches of Denmark

Joseph, C.; Donville, B.; Soulie, M.; Touet, F., 1987 :
Use of natural (super 15) N isotope tracing to reveal mixtures in complex aquifers

Vozoff, K.; Halpin, D.; Lahman, H.S.; Orange, A.S., 1969:
Use of natural EM fields in exploration of sedimentary areas

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Use of natural analogs to assess high-level radioactive waste repository performance

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Use of natural and anthropogenic resources by Olrog's Gull Larus atlanticus: implications for the conservation of the species in non-breeding habitats

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Use of natural and artificial accretion on the north coast of Spain; historical trends and assessment of some environmental and economic consequences

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Use of natural and artificial radioactive tracers in ground-water hydrology

Colella Carmine, 1993:
Use of natural chabazite and phillipsite for removal of heavy metals from wastewater

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Use of natural electromagnetic fields in prospecting

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Use of natural gamma logs correlated to potassium-oxide content in determining the stratigraphy of basalt and sediment at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory

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Use of natural gas compositions to identify Michigan Basin petroleum systems

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Use of natural isotopic tracers in studying the functioning of a karstic system; O-18 contents of three systems in the Pyrenees, France

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Use of natural materials for the inhibition of iron oxidizing bacteria involved in the generation of acid mine drainage

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Use of natural materials from northern Russia for the isolation of radioactive wastes and spent nuclear fuel

Vinograd, N.A., 1999:
Use of natural mineralized waters in national economy of Russia

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Use of natural neutron flux in geochronology of U-bearing minerals

Scarito, G.; Salamone, A.; Vito Zizzo, G.; Agnello, S., 2007:
Use of natural products for the control of powdery mildew of rose plants

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Use of natural products for zeolite synthesis; V, Self-bonded zeolite pellets from rhyolitic pumice

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Use of natural radioactivity in tracing the source and direction of littoral drift

Schuessler, F., 1983:
Use of natural rocks in the building and construction sector in Yemen

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Use of natural sediment tracers in urbanized waterfront areas of Lake Ontario, Canada

Wei Keqin; Liu Ruifen; Wang Zhixiang; Liu Bangliang; Zhao Wenghong, 1984:
Use of natural tritium as a tracer in investigating deep karst ground water in the area of Wujiangdu Power Station

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Use of natural underground reservoirs for control of surface runoff

Gaboriau, H.; Hau, J.M.; Magni, P., 1996:
Use of natural zeolite for environmental protection; collection of elementary treatment data

Munson, R.A., 1976:
Use of natural zeolites for encapsulation and storage of gas

Rustamov, S.M.; Bashirova, Z.Z.; Nasiri, F.M.; Yagubov, A.I.; Muradova, A.A., 1988:
Use of natural zeolites for purification of industrial waste waters from toxic organic chlorine compounds

Ugurlu Aysenur; Pinar Aytunc, 2004:
Use of natural zeolites for wastewater treatment

Ming, D.W.; Allen, E.R., 2001:
Use of natural zeolites in agronomy, horticulture, and environmental soil remediation

Reed, P.C.; Sargent, M.L.; Gross, D.L., 1983:
Use of natural-gamma logging for characterization of bottom sediment in the Mississippi River

J.B.Metcalf, 1991:
Use of naturally-occurring but non-standard materials in low-cost road construction

Coyne Lelia, M.; Banin Amos; Carle Glenn, C.; Orenberg James, B.; Scattergood Thomas, W., 1988:
Use of near infrared correlation spectroscopy for quantitation of surface iron, adsorbed water and stored electronic energy in a suite of Mars soil analog materials

Coyne Lelia, M.; Banin Amos; Carle Glenn, C.; Orenberg James, B.; Scattergood Thomas, W., 1988:
Use of near infrared correlation spectroscopy to quantitate surface iron, adsorbed water and stored electron energy in a suite of Mars soil analog materials

Anonymous, 2007:
Use of near infrared spectroscopy to measure mechanical properties of solid wood

Landro Martin; Strandenes Sverre; Vaage Svein, 1989:
Use of near-field measurements to compute far-field marine source signatures; evaluation of the method by comparison with accurate far-field measurements

Podwysocki Melvin, H.; Salisbury John, W.; Vergo Norma, 1985:
Use of near-infrared spectra to distinguish between sedimentary cherts and hydrothermal silica associated with disseminated gold deposits

S. S. S. Rathore, ; M. R. Paulsen, ; V. Sharma, ; V. Singh,, 2007:
Use of near-infrared spectroscopy for monitoring fermentation in a corn dry grind ethanol process

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Use of negative sorption in studies of ion fixation by hydrobiotite

Amundsen, H.E.F.; Dahlgren, S.; Dalland, A.; Dreyer, T.; Mearns, E.W., 1998:
Use of neodymium isotope stratigraphy in reservoir management and exploration

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Use of neotectonic maps to estimate prospects for Quaternary placers in the Zirabulak-Ziaetdin Mountains, Uzbekistan

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Use of nepheline in K-Ar dating

Gerling, E.K.; Morozova, I.M.; Sprintsson, V.D.; Vinogradov, D.P., 1969:
Use of nepheline in K-Ar geochronology

Bursik, M.; Rogova, G., 2006:
Use of neural networks and decision fusion for lithostratigraphic correlation with sparse data, Mono-Inyo Craters, California

Roethe Gunter; Tarantola Albert, 1991:
Use of neural networks for inversion of seismic data

Sadiq Tanvir; Gharbi Ridha, B.; Juvkam Wold Hans, C., 2003:
Use of neural networks for the prediction of frictional drag and transmission of axial load in horizontal wellbores

Yingxin Zhou; Xiping Wu, 1994:
Use of neural networks in the analysis and interpretation of site investigation data

Bruntz Merribeth, 1989:
Use of neural networks to do pattern recognition tasks in geoscience applications

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Use of neuromimetic networks for the automatic location of microseismic events

Daniel Rico; Ana, B.M.rtín-Diana; Catherine Barry-Ryan; Jesus, M.F.ías; Gary, T.M.H.nehan; Jose, M.B.rat, 2008:
Use of neutral electrolysed water (EW) for quality maintenance and shelf-life extension of minimally processed lettuce

Vaganov, P.A.; Meyyer, V.A.; Shtangeyeva, I.V., 1977:
Use of neutron activation analysis for the investigation of biogeochemical aureoles; for example, mercury ores under permafrost conditions

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Use of neutron activation analysis logging in mineral exploration programs

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Use of neutron capture gamma radiation for determining grade of iron ore in blast holes and exploration holes

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Use of neutron logs to estimate the position of the water table in mud rotary drillholes

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Use of neutron methods for monitoring migration of oil beyond the oil-bearing periphery

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Use of neutron-gamma logging in study of natural gas reservoirs

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Use of new bacteriophages as groundwater tracers; decay rate and adsorption

Vitrik, V.G.; Petunin, O.I.; Maas Antonius; Stasenko, V.M.; Andrusiv, V.A., 1998:
Use of new generation inhibitor fluid as reserve to raise drilling parameters of deep wells

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Use of new geologic maps in recent exploration for coal in Kentucky

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Use of new geological methods to explore Kovdor complex mineral resource deposits

Yu. A.B.gdasarov; S.L.F.ngerov, 1994:
Use of new methods of compaction for soils prone to slump-type settlement

Baranowski Josef, 1969:
Use of new methods of mapping in geologic exploration

Jacquet, J., 1970:
Use of new techniques for determining regional water balances and their representation by mathematical models

Motz, J.E.; Edwards, T.W.D.; Buhay, W.M., 1997:
Use of nickel-tube pyrolysis for hydrogen-isotope analysis of water and other compounds

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Use of nitrogen isotopes to identify nitrogen contamination of the Sherwood sandstone aquifer beneath the City of Nottingham, United Kingdom

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Use of nitrogen-15 as an internal standard in determining the amount of radiogenic argon

Zadorozhnyy, I.K.; Volynets, V.F., 1968:
Use of nitrogen-15 in the solid phase for determination of radiogenic argon

Townsend, M.A.; Macko, S.A., 2004:
Use of nitrogen-15 isotope method in soils and ground water to determine potential nitrogen sources affecting a municipal water supply in Kansas, USA

Szabo Zoltan; Rice, D.E.; Bohlke, J.K., 1994:
Use of nitrogen-isotope ratios and flow-path analysis to evaluate sources of dissolved nitrate in an unconfined aquifer, New Jersey coastal plain

Mazor Emanuel; Bosch Adi, 1990:
Use of noble gases to determine boundary conditions in ground water and petroleum system models

Kruglyakov, V.V., 1968:
Use of noise analysis in marine electrical surveying for neotectonic constructions

Warick, M.B.own; Tamás D.G.deon; David, I.G.oves, 2003:
Use of noise to augment training data; a neural network method of mineral-potential mapping in regions of limited known deposit examples

Szarka, L.; Menvielle, M., 1998:
Use of non-conventional approach in magnetotellurics

Leonard, G.; Ben Horin, Y.; Bartal, Y.; Steinberg, D.; Zaslavsky Paltiel, I., 2004:
Use of non-detects in the analysis of seismic events

Chalov, P.I.; Svetlichnaya, N.A.; Tuzova, T.V., 1973:
Use of non-equilibrium uranium to the determination of the linkage between inland bodies of water in the past

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Use of non-explosive sources of activation in structural seismic surveys

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Use of non-linear constitutive soil models in engineering practice; some personal experiences

Ding, D.-Lu; Liu, W.-Hong; Ou, C.-Hsiewn, 2007:
Use of non-linear regression to evaluate drag force and volume coefficient of structure of square cage

Dario Albarello; Marco Mucciarelli; Enzo Mantovani, 1989:
Use of non-parametric correlation tests for the study of seismic interrelations

Lovering Tom, G., 1962:
Use of non-parametric statistical tests in the interpretation of geological data

Banks David; Morland Geir; Frengstad Bjorn, 2005:
Use of non-parametric statistics as a tool for the hydraulic and hydrogeochemical characterization of hard rock aquifers

Labonne Maylis; Ben Othman Dalila; Luck Jean Marc, 2002:
Use of non-radioactive, mono-isotopic metal tracer for studying metal (Zn, Cd, Pb) accumulation in the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis

Martin Thomas, R., 1995:
Use of non-rubble structures for reducing shoreline erosion at Dade County, FL

Pcha Jan, 1966:
Use of non-tidal effects from records of tidal observations in studying Recent crustal movements

Simpkins William, W.; Johnson Beth, L.; Eidem James, M.; Weis Michael, R., 1993:
Use of non-traditional piezometer installation techniques for hydrogeological studies in the Walnut Creek watershed

Shaub, Y.B., 1969:
Use of nonlinear electrical conductivity for detecting disseminated sulfide ores

Chekhutskiy, G.A., 1984:
Use of nonlinear fan filtering in processing deep seismic sounding and continuous seismic profiling data

Kushner, S.G., 1994:
Use of nonlinear models in soil mechanics

Kalinin, A.V., 1978:
Use of nonlinear spectral transformations for suppressing multiple waves connected with the water-air boundary

Chaperon, A.; Labadens, B., 1983:
Use of nonlinear sweeps for generation of high frequency data in Vibroseis

M.A.M.cDonald; D.B.C.arke, 1991:
Use of nonparametric ranking statistics to characterize magmatic and post-magmatic processes in the eastern South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia, Canada

O.A.S.alimova; N.V.S.nyutina, 2007:
Use of nontraditional plant raw material in formulating meat and plant food products

Puri Harbans, S.; Dickau Bruce, E., 1969:
Use of normal pores in taxonomy of Ostracoda

Mantei Erwin, J.; Gutierrez Melida; Zhou Yiadong, 1996:
Use of normalized metal concentrations in the Mn oxides/ hydrous oxides extraction phase of stream sediments to enhance the difference between a landfill emission plume and background

Meyer, G.; Chambellan, D.; Caillot, A.; Migniot Claude, 1984:
Use of nuclear density gauges for studying and measuring silt deposit formation and density in the laboratory and in situ

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Use of nuclear geophysical methods for monitoring during development of oil fields in the tatar a.s.s.r

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Use of nuclear instrumentation in ground water hydrology

Boult, P.J.; Ramamoorthy, R.; Theologou, P.N.; East, R.D.; Drake, A.M.; Neville, T., 1999:
Use of nuclear magnetic resonance and new core analysis technology for determination of gas saturation in Pretty Hill Sandstone reservoirs, onshore Otway Basin

Kim Kyung Hoe; Chen Songhua; Watson, A.T.d, 1992:
Use of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging for determining distribution of fluid saturation during multiphase displacement in porous media

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Use of nuclear physics and isotope methods for landslide and mudflow investigation

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Use of nuclear quadrupole resonance in mineral investigations

Anonymous, 2007:
Use of nucleus herd-MOET technique on dairy cattle development (A review)

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Use of numerical basin models in hydrocarbon exploration; integration of physics and chemistry with geology

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Use of numerical electromagnetic and electrical modeling in exploration for massive sulfides

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Use of numerical ground water flow models for master planning of water resources; conditions and restrictions

Shipman Taylor, D.; Befus Kevin, M.; Clark James, A.; Hooyer Thomas, S., 2005:
Use of numerical isostatic deformation models and GIS to predict ice sheet history, lake levels and paleohydrology of eastern Wisconsin during late glacial times

Stallman, R.W., 1983:
Use of numerical methods for analyzing data on ground water levels

Anonymous, 2007:
Use of numerical methods in hop breeding - concept of an expert system

Westaway Rob, 2005:
Use of numerical modeling in investigations of Quaternary crustal deformation in the UK

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Use of numerical models for the management of estuarine resources

Cohen Robert, M., 1987:
Use of numerical models in hazardous waste site studies

Filipe Frederic; Sausse Judith, 2004:
Use of numerical photogrammetry to characterize fracture surfaces

Krynicki Tadeusz, 1973:
Use of numerical recorders in seismic field surveys in France

O.D.ll P.M.; Rogers, W.L., 1978:
Use of numerical simulation to improve thermal recovery performance in the Mount Poso Field, California

Carle, S.F.; Carrigan, C.R., 2002:
Use of numerical simulation to understand vadose zone flow and transport

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Use of numerical terrain models for automatic recognition of certain geologic and geomorphologic forms

Kecskemeti, T., 1971:
Use of nummulite index fossils in the study of paleogeographic conditions

Golev, B.T., 1969:
Use of nummulitids in the zoning of Paleogene

Carmichael, L.M.; Pfaender, F.K., 1994:
Use of nutrient supplements to increase the microbial degradation of PAH in contaminated soils

Anonymous, 2007:
Use of nylon clamp, catgut and emasculator to prevent hemostasy in ovariectomy in mares

Chikin, N.N.; Zaydel son M.I., 1971:
Use of observation well arrays in the Kuibyshev area in analyzing aquifers in water-pressure systems of producing horizons, with the B (sub 2) layer of the Bobrikovo horizon as an example

Chang, C.Y.; Power, M.S., 1988:
Use of observational data in evaluating theoretical models of ground response

Rogers Ralph, D., 1989:
Use of observational patterns in geology

Roether, W., 1979:
Use of oceanic tracers to determine the uptake of excess CO (sub 2) into the ocean

Kurowska Ewa, 2005:
Use of old data for innovative mapping techniques in geothermal exploration

Kitsunezaki Choro; Setoyama Hidetoshi, 1985:
Use of old maps, especially land register maps of Meiji Age, for investigating earthquake damage; an example from Matsumi-machi, Araya, Akita

Grice, R.H., 1979:
Use of old well water analyses in quality change trend interpretation

Byl Tom, D.; Farmer James, J., 2001:
Use of oligonucleotide hybridization probes and polymerase chain reaction to determine the source of fecal contamination in karst terranes

Ouessar, M.; Raboudi, L., 2002:
Use of olive wastewater margine for the stabilisation of earthen dikes in the arid zones of Tunisia

Hanson Gilbert, N., 1983:
Use of olivine and plagioclase saturation surfaces for the petrogenetic modeling of recrystallized basic plutonic systems

Christopher, S.M.nikas; Kevin, R.B.yer, 1988:
Use of on-site chemical analyses in the identification of groundwater contamination sources affecting the Rockaway Borough well field

Kerans Charles, 1995:
Use of one- and two-dimensional cycle analysis in establishing high-frequency sequence frameworks

Brooks Benjamin, A.; Allmendinger Richard, W.; Garrido Ivan, 1994:
Use of one-dimensional spatial analyses to characterize the deformational evolution of an Andean fault population in the El Teniente Mine, central Chile

Bain Roger, J., 1994:
Use of ooid microfabrics in paleoenvironment interpretation

Lewis, R.O., 1978:
Use of opal phytoliths in paleo-environmental reconstruction

Rossow, W, 1991:
Use of operational satellite data for study of clouds and radiation in climate

Winchell Alexander Newton, 1910:
Use of ophitic and related terms in petrography

Ting Francis, T.C.; Tsai Louis, L.Y., 1989:
Use of optical axis of vitrinite as a paragenetic indicator of thermal maturation and tectonic structure

Ting, F.T.C., 1983:
Use of optical axis of vitrinite as an indicator of paleo- and in situ-stresses and paragenetic relationship of coalification and tectonic framework

Ting Francis, T.C., 1982:
Use of optical axis of vitrinite as an indicator of paleo-and insitu-stresses in coal and coal-bearing strata

Ting Francis, T.C., 1985:
Use of optical axis of vitrinite as an indicator of paragenetic relationship of coalification and tectonic framework

Ting Francis, T.C., 1987:
Use of optical axis of vitrinite as an indicator of paragenetic relationship of coalification and tectonic structure and the effects of anisotropism on physical and chemical properties of coals

Spangler Lawrence, E.; Bird Phillip, E.; Thrailkill John, 1984:
Use of optical brightener and direct yellow dyes for water tracing in the inner Bluegrass karst region, Kentucky

Potapov, O.A.; Shekhtman, G.A., 1970:
Use of optical filtration for interpreting vertical seismic profiling, VSP

Zhang Guo dong; L.Z.i sen; Han Yan ben, 1987:
Use of optical observations of astronomical time and latitude for monitoring major earthquakes and for geophysical research

Kozin, S.G.; Konstantinov, G.N., 1985:
Use of optimization for selecting inhomogeneously magnetized models of iron ore fields

Maxwell Ted, A.; Grant John, A.; Johnston Andrew, K.; Campbell Bruce, A.; Kilani Ali, 2002:
Use of orbital and ground-penetrating radar to understand climate change on Earth and Mars

Salas, F.; Pineda, M., 1977:
Use of orbital images for the analysis of vegetation in Central Venezuela

Pruitt Evelyn, L., 1965:
Use of orbiting research laboratories for experiments in coastal geography

Blanchard Roland, 1931:
Use of ore guides

Sullivan, E.J.; Nava, R., 1999:
Use of organic and inorganic solutes in tracing oil-field salt-water sources; delineation of recent versus historic sources

Hope Rebecca, S.; Leithold Elana, L., 1996:
Use of organic carbon to monitor the physical modification of a shelf event layer, Northern California

Gauthier, B.; Disnar, J.R.; Fourmont, P.; Trichet, J., 1988:
Use of organic materials for tactical exploration; the Malines Pb-Zn-Ba deposit, Gard, France

Pasley Mark, A.; Hazel Joseph, E., 1990:
Use of organic petrology and graphic correlation of biostratigraphic data in sequence stratigraphic interpretations; example from the Eocene-Oligocene boundary section, St. Stephens Quarry, Alabama

Cornford, C.; Lawrence, S.R., 1993:
Use of organics in modelling thermal history and timing of hydrothermal ore deposition

Leggo, P.J.; Ledesert, B., 2001:
Use of organo-zeolitic fertilizer to sustain plant growth and stabilize metallurgical and mine-waste sites

Boldt-Leppin, B.E.; Haug, M.D.H.adley, J.V., 1996:
Use of organophilic clay in sand-bentonite as a barrier to diesel fuel

Cadena Fernando; Cazares Enrique, 1996:
Use of organozeolites for the removal of organic contaminants from water

Donnay, J.D.H.; Takeda Hiroshi, 1963:
Use of orthogonal repeats in oblique systems

Gin, S.; Jegou, C.; Vernaz, E., 2000:
Use of orthophosphate complexing agents to investigate mechanisms limiting the alteration kinetics of French SON 68 nuclear glass

Soto Miguel, A.A.faro; Vilar Orencio Monje, 2006:
Use of osmotic techniques in confined compression testing of unsaturated soils

van Harten, R., 1986:
Use of ostracodes to recognize downslope contamination in paleobathymetry and a preliminary reappraisal of the paleodepth of the Prasas Marls (Pliocene), Crete, Greece

Kontrovitz Mervin; van Harten Dick, 1987:
Use of ostracodes to recognize downslope contamination in paleobathymetry and a preliminary reappraisal of the paleodepth of the Prasas Marls (Pliocene), Crete, Greece; discussion and reply

Palacios Fest, M.R.; Cohen, A.S.; Anadon, P., 1994:
Use of ostracods as paleoenvironmental tools in the interpretation of ancient lacustrine records

Williams, P.James, 1985:
Use of otoliths for stock characterization of American shad feeding in the Bay of Fundy

Messieh Shoukry, N., 1972:
Use of otoliths in identifying herring stocks in the southern Gulf of Saint Lawrence and adjacent waters

Halihan Todd; Love Andrew, J.; Cook Peter, G., 1999:
Use of outcrop, well, and creek data to develop a regional conceptual model of the fractured rock aquifer of the Clare Valley, South Australia

Mabee Stephen, B.; Hardcastle Kenneth, C., 1995:
Use of outcrop-based observations as indicators of subsurface fluid flow in fractured granodiorite, Raymond, CA

Whitney Philip, R., 1975:
Use of oxide-coated stream gravels in geochemical surveys; a test case

Woods, T.L.; Garrels, R.M., 1986:
Use of oxidized copper minerals as environmental indicators

Lee Kwang Sik; Kim Yongje, 2005:
Use of oxygen and hydrogen isotopes to determine the transit times of recharge water in a volcanic soil profile

Kendall Carol; Silva, S.R.; Chang, C.C.; Campbell, D.H.; Burns, D.A.; Shanley, J.B., 1994:
Use of oxygen and nitrogen isotopes to trace sources of nitrate in hydrologic systems

Novoselov, R.I.; Makotchenko, Y.V., 1999:
Use of oxygen as an ecologically clean reagent to oxidize base and precious metals and sulfide minerals

Wenner, D.B., 1980:
Use of oxygen isotope data for delineation of magmatic flow in the Elberton Pluton of the N.E. Georgia Piedmont

Thure, E.C.rling; Donald, L.B.ggs; Carl, F.V.ndra; Harry, J.S.ec, 1975:
Use of oxygen isotope ratios in correlation of tuffs, East Rudolf Basin, northern Kenya

Janssen Janelle; Murray Haydn, H., 1983 :
Use of oxygen isotopes in determining kaolin genesis

Clayton, R.N., 1997:
Use of oxygen isotopes to constrain the nebular and asteroidal modification of chondritic materials

Gazis Carey; Taylor Hugh, P.J., 1993:
Use of oxygen isotopes to trace a zone of meteoric-hydrothermal fluid flow along a Hercynian fault system; Vosges, N.E. France

Mal tseva V.I.; Yesikov, A.D., 1989:
Use of oxygen-deuterium diagrams to construct evolutionary models of the isotopic composition of thermal waters of various origin

Krulikas Richard, K., 1992:
Use of oxygen/ hydrogen isotopes in generalizing recharge areas, Lee County, Florida

Robson Stanley, G., 1993:
Use of packers and transducers in aquifer tests in Castle Pines, Colorado

Hose Louise, D.; Cole Kenneth, L.; Mayer Larry; Haman Jon, F., 1983:
Use of packrat middens to determine rates of cliff retreat in the eastern Grand Canyon, Arizona; discussions and replies

Wallroth Thomas, 1994:
Use of palaeohydrogeology for predictions of the long-term conditions at a nuclear waste repository site

Zeyen, H.; Pares, J.M.; Pous, J., 1989:
Use of palaeomagnetic data in interpretation of aeromagnetic anomalies in NE Spain

Gregory A Zielinski, 2000:
Use of paleo-records in determining variability within the volcanism-climate system

Schneider, W., 1983:
Use of paleobotanic methods in lignite prospection

Markovich, Y.M., 1986:
Use of paleobotanical data for detailed neighboring correlation of certain Jurassic coal seams

Stanishcheva, O.N., 1967:
Use of paleocarpologic analysis for stratigraphic subdivision of the Quaternary deposits of the Yenisei River bottom

Whisonant Robert, C.; Giesen Jonathan, H.; Maloney Lorri, A., 1985:
Use of paleocurrent data from imbricate intraclasts to recognize shallower vs. deeper carbonate shelf environments in the Upper Cambrian of southwestern Virginia

Surmilova, Y.P.; Potashova, M.N.; Barskaya, V.F.; Shul gina V.S., 1986:
Use of paleoecological studies in Lower Devonian-upper Emsian stratigraphy of the Indigirka-Kolyma Interfluve for large-scale mapping

Vagin, S.B., 1990:
Use of paleogeologic and paleohydrogeologic reconstructions for assessing oil-gas potential

Dolitskiy, V.A.; Kucheruk, Y.V., 1974:
Use of paleogeological sections in exploration for oil and gas

Pronicheva, M.; Eventov Ya, 1974:
Use of paleogeomorphologic methods for oil and gas exploration

Jarrett Robert, D., 1991:
Use of paleohydrologic investigations in developing a flood warning system

Rasanen Johanna; Kauppila Tommi; Salonen Veli Pekka, 2004:
Use of paleolimnological methods in preparing for implementation of the EU water framework directive; the example of naturally eutrophic lakes

Soloyanis, S.C.; Brown, L.L., 1978:
Use of paleomagnetic characteristics in interpretation of glaciotectonic structures in lodgement tills

Chebanenko, I.I., 1972:
Use of paleomagnetic data in determining the orientation of tectonic stress axes

Ivanov, N.A., 1968:
Use of paleomagnetic methods to determine some elements of the tectonics of the rocks of the urals

King John, W., 1982:
Use of paleomagnetic secular-variation records for correlation and dating of rapid environmental changes

Halls, H.C., 1991:
Use of paleomagnetism in Precambrian terranes

Murthy, G.S., 1985:
Use of paleomagnetism in classifying dike swarms from coastal Labrador

King John; Peck John, 2001:
Use of paleomagnetism in studies of lake sediments

Varga Robert, J.; Gee Jeff, S., 2000:
Use of paleomagnetism to solve fundamental geologic problems in the evolution of the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus

Murav yev I.S.; Grigor yeva A.D.; Yermoshkin, N.V.; Shulikov, Y.S., 1984:
Use of paleontological data for a predictive evaluation of carbonate raw materials; for example at Samarskaya Luka

Yeroshevskaya, R.I.; Petrov, S.D.; Bol shun G.A.; Pershina, A.I.; Maksimova, I.V., 1984 :
Use of paleontological data for predicting Devonian bauxite deposits on the eastern slope of the Polar Urals

Howe Henry Van Wagenen, 1943:
Use of paleontology by the oil industry

Atakan, K.; Ojeda, A., 2001:
Use of paleoseismic data in seismic hazard analysis; examples from Europe

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Use of paleoseismic dislocations in the study of seismic regimes with an example from the Pleistocene region (northeast Fergana) affected by the Chatkal earthquake of 1946

Pereira Alex, D.C., 1998:
Use of paleosols for the relative age determination of Quaternary deposits at the northern littoral of Ilheus, Bahia, Brazil

Bondareva, M.S.; Pimenova, L.V., 1981:
Use of palinspatic constructions to detect subthrust structures

Sawyer Mark, J.; Keegan James, B., 1996:
Use of palynofacies characterization in sand-dominated sequences, Brent Group, Ninian Field, UK North Sea

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Use of palynologic assemblage-types in Wealden correlation

Podgaynaya, N.N., 1991:
Use of palynologic method during studies of dispersed organic materials

Royse, F.Jr., 1981:
Use of palynology in oil and gas exploration of the Wyoming - northern Utah - eastern Idaho thrust belt

Clavet Daniel; Dubois Jean Marie, M., 1979 :
Use of panchromatic aerial photography in hydromorphic inventories of salmon-bearing rivers

Jambusaria, B.B.; Lattoo, P.S.; Dave, C.G.; Kishnari, R.P., 1992:
Use of panel diagram in geotechnical investigation of dam site; a case study of Ozat-II Water Resources Project

Anonymous, 2007:
Use of papain as tenderizing agent for buffalo tripe

Zanini Taismar; Corsino Antonio Raimundo, 1988:
Use of parameters of geological monitoring in reservoir evaluation

Cooley Austin, I.; Chen Wei; Norris Robert, D., 2002:
Use of parent/ daughter product relationships for evaluating sequentially degrading chemicals in groundwater

T.T.Chao, 1984:
Use of partial dissolution techniques in geochemical exploration

Banno, S., 1974:
Use of partial solution of multi-component equilibria; case study on pyroxene-bearing assemblages

Beaudry Charles, 2005:
Use of partial/ selective extraction soil geochemistry in focusing exploration in Matagami, Quebec, an established VMS mining district

Woods (Vuds, R.T.; Fleischer (Fleysher, R.L.; Price (Prays, P.B., 1973:
Use of particle tracks in geochemistry and geochronology (including data from the second tektite fall in Australia) and exploration for natural transuranium elements

Orzol Leonard, L.; Truni Margot, 1996:
Use of particle-tracking techniques with a numerical groundwater flow model to estimate zones of transport for wells

Slater Philip, N.; Mckenney Dean, B., 1970:
Use of passband interference filters in multispectral photography

Grau, J.I., 1987:
Use of passive piles for slope stabilization

Rosen Michael Robert; Leiker Thomas, J.; Goodbred Steven, L., 2006:
Use of passive samplers for detecting vertical gradients and potential sources of organic contaminants to Lake Mead, Nevada, U.S.A

Wilson, S., M.; Serre, M., L., 2007:
Use of passive samplers to measure atmospheric ammonia levels in a high-density industrial hog farm area of eastern North Carolina

Grasso Neal, C.; Whetzel James, 2005:
Use of passive soil gas surveys to expedite and focus site investigation activities at contaminated sites

Cambridge, M., 1995:
Use of passive systems for the treatment and remediation of mine outflows and seepages

Geibel Nicholas, M., 2006:
Use of passive-diffusion bag samplers to profile low-level trichloroethene concentrations in ground-water extraction wells

Thornton Kent; Stober Jerry; Jones Ron; Scheidt Dan, 2002:
Use of path analysis to integrate the effects of multiple stressors on mercury contamination in the Everglades ecosystem

Gustavsson, N., 1982:
Use of pattern classification methods in till geochemistry

Boissonnade Auguste Claude; Dong, W.M.; Liu, S.C.; Shah Haresh, C., 1984:
Use of pattern recognition and Bayesian classification for earthquake intensity and damage estimation

Boissonnade, A.C.; Dong, W.M.; Shah, H.C., 1982:
Use of pattern recognition in seismic intensity and damage assessment

Virtanen Kimmo; Kujala Kauko; Ilmavirta Ilkka; Nenonen Keijo; Huttunen Eero; Rinne Jukka, 2001:
Use of peat as the aquiclude layer in landfills

Selin Pirkko, 1999:
Use of peatlands in Finland

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Use of pebble counts to evaluate fine sediment increase in stream channels; discussion and reply

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Use of pedology in the engineering classification of some fine graded soils of Senegal

Blaha, P.; Vlastnik, M., 1992:
Use of penetration in evaluating shallow-depth refraction seismic data for engineering geological purposes

Hrazdilova, I., 1982:
Use of penetration tests in geotechnical survey of sludge beds

Smith Peter; Goodman William; Cole Ronald; Abbott Laura, 1993:
Use of penetrative investigations and pumping test data to revise large scale maps of surficial aquifers in northern Cattaraugus County, New York

Ferronskii, V.I. (Ferronskiy, V.I), 1977:
Use of penetrometric coring techniques and methods for geological and hydrogeological research on friable rocks

Limaye, S.D.; Limaye, U.S., 1995 :
Use of percolation tanks in recharge augmentation in semi-arid hard rock terrain in western India

Raghu, D.; Lifrieri, J.J.; Rhyner, F.C., 1984:
Use of percussion probes for the design and construction of foundations in and on carbonate formations

Raghu, D.; Antes David, R.; Lifrieri Joseph, J., 1987:
Use of percussion probes to determine rock mass quality of cavernous carbonate formations before and after grouting

Burton, R.C., 1998:
Use of perforation tunnel permeability as a means of assessing cased hole gravelpack performance

Hasiotis, S.T.; Hannigan, R.E., 1991:
Use of periodic acid schiff (PAS) in the identification of possible lungfish burrows in the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation of southeastern Utah and western Colorado

Zhukov, A.V.; Kamenetskiy, S.P., 1969:
Use of perlite in industry and in counstruction works

Taspinar Beyhan; A.N.ran, 1999:
Use of perlite in wall tile production

Zafirovski, S.; Jasmakovski, B.; Zlatanovic, V.; Pavlovski, B., 1988:
Use of perlites in the ceramic industry

Vostokova, A.V., 1976:
Use of permafrost map series for planning and prediction purposes

Michon, D.; Laurent, J.; Blondin, E., 1993:
Use of permanent borehole phones for gas storage reservoir monitoring

Deflandre Jean Pierre, D.; Laurent Jean, O.; Layotte Pierre Claude; Huguet Frederic, M.; Verdier Francois, 1996:
Use of permanent downhole geophones as a tool for reservoir behavior characterization

Deflandre, J.P.; Laurent, J.; Blondin, E., 1993:
Use of permanent downhole geophones for microseismic surveying of gas storage reservoir

Lee Der, H.; Juang, C.H.ein, 1988:
Use of permeability as an index to characterize internal structural changes and fracture mechanism

Samaniego Bordiu, J.; Fuentes Cantillana Isusi, J.L., 1988:
Use of personal computers for the interpretation of well logs

Gel man R.N.; Kopylova, A.F., 1983:
Use of perspective aerial photography for regime observations of coastal processes

Davidson, J.M.; Rao, P.S.C., 1979:
Use of pesticide and soil parameters for management of pesticide waste disposal sites

Nutter Wade, L.; Bush Parshall, B.; Neary Daniel, G.; Dowd John, F., 1985:
Use of pesticide simulation models for assessing pesticide contamination of surface and groundwaters

Helling, C.S., 1979:
Use of pesticide-soil data for evaluating land disposal of toxic organic wastes

Seery David, B., 2006:
Use of pesticides to mitigate the effects of plague

Beskin, S.M.; Zhabin, A.G.; Kudryavtsev, Y.K.; Filatov, Y.I., 1996:
Use of petrochemical and geochemical peculiarities of granite formations to explore for rare metal mineralization

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Use of petrofabric and photoelastic means in comparing stress distribution analyses in rocks

Mason, J.M.; Gabriel, W.J., 1996:
Use of petrographic analysis in environmental site investigations; a case study

Maxon, C.L.; Robinson, D.C., 1994:
Use of petroleum hydrocarbon fingerprinting techniques to predict sediment PAH toxicity

Buchkovskiy, S.S.; Buchkovskaya, M.I.; Gol denberg B.Y., 1978:
Use of petroleum light absorption coefficients for control of deposit development

Schneidermann Nahum; Otis Robert, M., 1997:
Use of petroleum systems in risk assessment of plays and prospects

Sakhautdinov, A.B.; Yumasheva, L.R., 2000:
Use of petrophysical links for evaluation of reservoir filtration-capacity characteristics by core data

Crowell Eric; Bennion, D.B.ant; Shaw David; King Howie, 1995:
Use of petrophysical measurements to determine by-passed pay potential

Goni, J.; Jaurand, M.C.; Caye, R., 1975:
Use of phase contrast microscopy for the identification of fibrous mineral particles present in the human lung

Grove, T.L.; Juster, T.C., 1986:
Use of phase transitions and decomposition reactions in pyroxenes as cooling rate speedometers

Bol shakov A.M.; Yegorov, A.G., 1988:
Use of phase-equilibrium degassing in gas investigations

Sinha, B.B.; Adam, J., 1981:
Use of phenyl acetic acid in determination of iron

Anonymous, 2006:
Use of phosphorus fertilizers and sustainable development of agriculture

R.L.Nanda, 1978:
Use of photo interpretation technique for survey of highway material resources

Doerningsfeld Walter, W., 1963:
Use of photogeology and geomorphic criteria to locate subsurface structures

Mennessier, G., 1977:
Use of photogeology in northern Picardy, France

Robertson, G.R.; MacRae, A.M.R.; Tribe, J.; Sibley, D.W.; Smith, D.H., 1982:
Use of photogrammetric methods for mine slope deformation surveys

Joo, T.; Stogicza, I., 1984:
Use of photogrammetric methods on the prospection zone of Maza-Sud

Longworth, T.I., 1977:
Use of photogrammetry in an investigation of the failure of the face of a deep brickpit in Oxford Clay

Brookhart Joseph Warren, 1958:
Use of photogrammetry in mapping beach ridges of glacial Lake Agassiz in Traill County, North Dakota

Nikolayev, N.A.; Kravtsova, V.I.; Markova, T.A., 1976:
Use of photographs from the resource satellite ERTS for landscape mapping and analysis of landscape dynamics

Wilson John Tuzo, 1947:
Use of photographs to interpret the structure of part of the Canadian Shield

Bernstein, K.H.; Kleinstaeuber, G.; Schreiber, A.; Hartnick, D., 1979:
Use of photography in geological underground documentation, particularly in vein deposits

Izbicki John, A.; Delima Virginia, A.; Hansen Bruce, P., 1989:
Use of photography, seismic reflection, and ground-penetrating radar to determine lithology of streambed and aquifer deposits

Filatov, N.A.; Barkovsky, V.M. (Barkovskiy, V.M., 1990:
Use of photomechanical and combined modelling to investigate the supports of mine workings at great depth

Vedekhin, A.F., 1966:
Use of photomultipliers in scintillation counters

Anan yeva A.A.; Zhilin, Y.A.; Kulistikova, Z.I., 1977:
Use of phototriangulation in gravity surveys in Transbaikalia

Karpov, B.V.; Vorob yev V.P.; Kazakov, V.T.; Persiyantsev, M.N.; Tkachuk, V.I., 1997:
Use of physical fields to predict paraffin intrusion during oil production

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Use of physical methods for deep-seated points in western Uzbekistan

Lisin, A.S.; Yevstigneyev, V.V.; Medvedev, F.A.; Yaganshin, M.V.; Krupin, V.V.; Uvarov, V.A.; Kuksa, Y.I.; Kotok, V.V., 1988:
Use of physical modelling for interpreting the Khibiny experiment data

Sell Karen, S.; Herbert Bruce, E.; Schielack Janie, 2004 :
Use of physical models and information technology to explore student difficulties in developing rich mental models of complex Earth & environmental systems

Knoblauch, H.; Wanker, R.; Goekler, G.; Polz, M., 2001:
Use of physical models for validating an Euler/ Euler approach for sediment transport processes

Dunin, F.X., 1975:
Use of physical process models

Kempton John, P.; Hackett James, E., 1962:
Use of physical properties in subsurface studies of glacial materials

Matrosov, I.I., 1977:
Use of physical properties of quartz for estimating the variation in acid-base properties of the medium during formation of rare-metal pegmatite

Jeffrey, A.B.yer; Charles, D.C.ift, 1993:
Use of physical property data and testing in the design of curtain wall

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Use of physical rock properties in paleotectonic analysis

Krainov, S.R.; Ryzhenko, B.N., 1981:
Use of physicochemical modeling in the study of interactions in the water-rock system and the hydrodynamic conditions of its application to real hydrogeochemical processes

Zinchenko, Y.K.; Ivanova, I.S.; Istratov, S.V.; Ishchenko, Y.A.; Pankov, V.N.; Pankov, M.V.; Shalagina, L.A., 1996:
Use of physics in mathematical models for analysis and planning of exploration of low-permeability reservoirs

Weaver Charles, E., 1987:
Use of physils for geologic interpretation

Lee Willis Thomas, 1914:
Use of physiography in the study of Rocky Mountain stratigraphy

Lima e Cunha Maria do Carmo; Costa Antonio Flavio Uberti; Eerola Toni Tapani; Ferlin Carlos, A., 1993:
Use of phytogeochemical methods to detect polluting substances in a waste deposit of Estancia Velha, Rio Grande do Sul

Mulabdic, M.; Miklin, Z.; Bruncic, A., 1998:
Use of piezocone in site investigation for the Danube-Sava Canal

Robertson, P.K.; Campanella Richard, G.; Gillespie, D.; Greig, J., 1986:
Use of piezometer cone data

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Use of piezometers boreholes for karst investigations (a preliminary communication)

Dror Gil; Ronen Daniel, 1998:
Use of piezometers for calculation of vertical specific discharge in bottom sediments of Lake Kinneret, Israel

Tremblay, M.; Eriksson, L., 1987:
Use of piezometers for in situ measurement of permeability

Strutynsky Andrew, I.; Sainey Timothy, J., 1992:
Use of piezometric cone penetration testing and penetrometer ground water sampling for volatile organic contaminant plume detection

Strutynsky Andrew, I.; Sainey Timothy, J., 1990:
Use of piezometric cone penetration testing and penetrometer groundwater sampling for volatile organic contaminant plume detection

Arshba, E.T., 1990:
Use of pile fields with an increased pile spacing under geologic-engineering conditions typical for the Abkhaz ASSR

Rabinovich, I.G.; Bagdasarov, Y.A.; Chakhvadze, A.G.; D. yachenko G.I.; Bozhko, E.A., 1990:
Use of pile foundations in soils classed as type II in terms of proneness to slump-type settlement and compacted with wetting

Filatov, A.V.; Shchvets, B.Y., 1971:
Use of pile-columns at the Karaganda metallurgical plant

Petruk, W.; Sikka, D.B., 1987:
Use of pink lepidolite and tourmaline in prospecting for lithium at the Boanerge lithium deposit, Goias, Brazil

Loen Jeffrey, S., 1995:
Use of placer gold characteristics to locate bedrock gold mineralization

Spomer, L.A., 1994:
Use of planetary soils within CELSS: the plant viewpoint

Anonymous, 2007:
Use of plant extracts on whitefly control in tomato grown in greenhouse

Spaulding, W.G. (investigator), 1980:
Use of plant fossils to interpret Pleistocene and Holocene climates and hydrologic conditions

Ramos Fernandez, F., 1974:
Use of plant species on artificial slopes, relation with the method and techniques used

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Use of plants in the European Palaeolithic; a review of the evidence

Whitton, B.A.; Say, P.J.; Wehr, J.D., 1981:
Use of plants to monitor heavy metals in rivers

Brandao Perpetua Maria Carvalho, 1984:
Use of plastic detectors in auto-radiomicrographic studies of radioactive minerals from the uraniferous province of Lagoa Real, Bahia

Anonymous, 2007:
Use of plastic mats in the lying area of pig houses. Positive effects on lying behaviour and skin damage on the limbs

Veeken, C.A.M.; Walters, J.V.; Kenter, C.J.; Davies, D.R., 1989:
Use of plasticity models for predicting borehole stability

Datta, M.; Gulhati, S.K.; Dadu, U.S.; Kaushik, N.P., 1995:
Use of plate load tests for bearing capacity evaluation in silts

Long Gary, L.; Pecora William, C., 1988:
Use of plays and field size distributions in Minerals Management Service's assessment of undiscovered domestic petroleum resources

Isphording Wayne, C., 1984:
Use of plotter-digitizer systems in environmental geology-engineering geology instruction

Belyakov, V.A.; Ivanyukovich, G.A.; Dul yanov V.I.; Nazarov, A.R., 1978:
Use of plutonium-238 as a source in X-ray fluorescence testing of lead-zinc ores

Falaleyev, L.A.; Gubashev, S.S., 1979:
Use of pneumatic supports for non-pillared hollow spaces from thin coal seams

McGuffey, V.; Iori, J.; Kyfor, Z.; Athanasiou Grivas Dimitri, 1981:
Use of point estimates for probability moments in geotechnical engineering

Brookins Douglas, G.; Vogler Herbert, A.; Cohen, J.J., 1983:
Use of poisoned land/ inland seas for low level radioactive waste disposal

Arvidson, R.E.; Guinness, E.A.; Izenberg, N.R., 1996:
Use of polarimetric SAR for assessment of changes associated with the 1993 and 1995 Missouri River floods in the Jameson Island, Missouri region

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Use of polarimetric and interferometric radar data for flood routing models; first results for the Missouri River

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Use of polarographic methods for the determination of tin in geological samples

Smith, H.G., 1962:
Use of polaroid film in neutron and x-ray diffraction

Pant Surendra Raj, 1997:
Use of pole-pole and Schlumberger electrode arrangement of electrical resistivity measurement for landslide investigation; a case study

Pride, D.E., 1977:
Use of polished rock slabs to facilitate hand specimen studies

Roulier, M.H.; Fuller, W.H., 1978:
Use of pollutant movement predictions to improve selection of disposal sites

Demoling, L.Aldén.; Bååth, E., 2008:
Use of pollution-induced community tolerance of the bacterial community to detect phenol toxicity in soil

Allen John Robert Laurence, 1964:
Use of polyester resin emulsion in thin-sectioning unconsolidated laboratory sands

Berkovitz Barry, C.; Long Christopher, S., 1995:
Use of polymer slurries for drilled shaft construction

Byl Tom, D.; Farmer James, J., 2001:
Use of polymerase chain reaction and oligonucleotide hydribidization probes to determine the source of fecal contamination in karst terranes

Helbig, V., 1985:
Use of polysiloxanes for rehabilitation of retaining walls

Alekseychik Mitskevich, L.S., 1971:
Use of polytomic tables in revising the species of Haplophragmoides

Wiles William, W., 1959:
Use of pore concentration in the tests of planktonic Foraminifera for correlation of Quaternary deep-sea sediments

X.B.; Kamath, J.; Yortsos, Y.C.; Lee, S.H., 1997:
Use of pore network models to simulate laboratory corefloods in a heterogeneous carbonate sample

X.B.omin; Kamath Jairam; Yortsos Yanis, C.; Lee Seong, H., 1999:
Use of pore-network models to simulate laboratory corefloods in a heterogeneous carbonate sample

Margason, G.; Symons, I.F., 1969:
Use of pore-pressure measurements to control embankment construction

Douglas, W.S., 1994:
Use of porewater extracts to identify the cause of toxicity in marine and estuarine sediments

Demurov, G.M., 1991:
Use of porosity measurement to determine residual water-saturation

Barwise, A.J.G., 1983:
Use of porphyrins as a maturity parameter for oils and sediments

Thompson Amy, G.; Karlstrom Karl, E., 1993:
Use of porphyroblast-matrix relationships to solve a complex polyphase geologic history in middle Proterozoic rocks of central New Mexico

Hare Paul, W., 1987:
Use of portable photoionization meters to assess the lateral and vertical distribution of contaminants at hazardous waste facilities; a case study

Menard, G.; Rochette, P., 1992:
Use of post-metamorphic remagnetization for a study of tectonics and late thermal evolution in the Western Alps, France

da Gama, C.Dinis, 1992:
Use of post-mining underground space for waste disposal

Sain Kalachand; Reddy, P.R., 1997:
Use of postcritical reflections in solving the hidden-layer problem of seismic refraction work

Anonymous, 2007:
Use of potassium permanganate in the sugar apple post-harvest preservation

Sinichka, A.; Vysotskiy, E.; Kislik, V., 1986:
Use of potassium-salt horizons to predict hydrocarbon deposits

Rapp, R.H., 1997:
Use of potential coefficient models for geoid undulation determinations using a spherical harmonic representation of the height anomaly/ geoid undulation difference

Webster Steve; Thomas Owen; Johnston Anthony; Burton Gary, 2004:
Use of potential field data and modelling to complement detailed geological mapping in the Goulburn-Braidwood area, New South Wales

Masajiro Imoto, 2005:
Use of potential foreshocks to estimate the short-term probability of large earthquakes, Tohoku, Japan

Clarke Thomas, L.; Stubblefield William, L.; Swift Donald, J.P., 1983:
Use of power spectra to estimate characteristics of sand ridges on continental shelves

Garshol Knut, F., 1998:
Use of pre-injection and spilling in front of hard-rock TBM excavation

Dzombak David, A.; Ghosh Rajat, S.; Luthy Richard, G.; Smith John, R., 1997:
Use of precipitation for in situ treatment of cyanide-contaminated groundwater

Anderson Thomas, W., 1996:
Use of precipitation-altitude relations in regional groundwater flow model analyses

Gourinard, Y., 1978:
Use of precision criteria for potassium-argon ages; conventional and generalized

Byer Gregory, B.; Mundell John, A., 2003:
Use of precision mapping and multiple geophysical methods at the historic Reese Cemetery in Muncie, Indiana

Thalheim, K.; Fiedler, H.J., 1985:
Use of precision micromesh sievers for analyzing particle size distribution and obtaining the grainsize fractions of soil

Soudiere, J., 1969:
Use of predetermined curves for analyzing olivine with the electron microprobe

Ashkinadze Konstantin, 2004:
Use of preserved wood foundations for structural rehabilitation of failed basements of old residences

Dominguez Cuesta, M.J.; Jimenez Sanchez, M.; Rodriguez Garcia, A., 1996:
Use of press achives in the study of slope instability in Asturias, Spain

Reynolds Anthony David, 2002:
Use of pressure data to indicate vertical and lateral compartmentalisation in the Chirag culmination of the ACG oil field, South Caspian

Bourdet Dominique; Ayoub, J.A.; Pirard, Y.M., 1989:
Use of pressure derivative in well-test interpretation

Bruggeman, G.A., 1983:
Use of pressure generators in solving three-dimensional salt-fresh ground-water problems

Funkhouser Ron, A., 1993:
Use of pressure transducers to gather time drawdown data in single-hole pump tests, Wellston area, Oklahoma

Palen, W.A.; Narasimhan, T.N., 1980:
Use of pressure transient analysis in modeling the hydraulic fracturing process

Nayak, N.V., 1979:
Use of pressuremeter in geotechnical design practice

Volossov, A.G.; Tikhomirov, V.S.; Lisitzin, V.R.; Dorofeeva, V.A. (Dorofeyeva, V.A.; Barsukov, V.L., 1979:
Use of primary aureoles in prospecting and evaluation of tin and gold deposits of the Soviet Far East

Protsenko, I.V., 1983:
Use of primary aureoles of mercury, arsenic, and antimony for study of the structure of the Chernokurgan mercury ore show

Barnes, H.L.; Lavery, N.G., 1976:
Use of primary dispersion for exploration of mississippi-valley type deposits

Mudry, J.; Blavoux, B., 1986:
Use of principal component analysis (on reduced central variables) for the study of the hydrokinematic functioning of three karst aquifers of southeastern France

Singhal, B.B.S.; Chachadi, A.G., 1982:
Use of principal component analysis in hydrochemical interpretations; an example

Parkash, B.; Bajpai, I.P., 1972:
Use of principal component analysis of study of dispersal behaviour of ions in groundwater

Michaels, P., 2001:
Use of principal component analysis to determine down-hole tool orientation and enhance SH-waves

Shrestha, S.; Kazama, F.; Nakamura, T., 2008:
Use of principal component analysis, factor analysis and discriminant analysis to evaluate spatial and temporal variations in water quality of the Mekong River

Melloul Abraham, J., 1995:
Use of principal components analysis for studying deep aquifers with scarce data; application to the Nubian Sandstone aquifer, Egypt and Israel

Coffrant, D.; Potdevin, J.L.; Lardeaux, J.M.; Marquer, D., 1986:
Use of principal components analysis to study the relationship between deformation and chemical differentiation in metamorphic rocks

Punning, J.M., 1994:
Use of principles of actualism in paleogeographical researches

Nagornyy, V.N.; Nagornyy, Y.N., 1990:
Use of principles of coal metamorphism for reconstruction of pre-inversion dip of Donets Basin coal deposits

V.S.Dolgov, 2007:
Use of priobiotics in animal husbandry

Locher, H.G., 1985:
Use of probabilistic methods in geotechniques

Myers Kenneth, 1993:
Use of probability based analyses in geological and geotechnical engineering

Bruxvoort, K.J.; Dupon, D.; Paulson, O.A.; Runnells, D.D., 1997:
Use of probability distributions to define baseline ground water quality at a uranium mill site

Kolomenskiy, Y.N., 1968:
Use of probability theory for the solution of some problems in engineering geology

Webb, E.K.; Anderson Mary, P.; Aiken, J.S., 1991:
Use of process simulation models to estimate the heterogeneity of hydraulic conductivity

Skirvin Susan, M., 1991:
Use of processed Landsat thematic mapper data to detect surface soil moisture over mountain pediments, south-eastern Arizona

Erskine Daniel, W.; Bergman Patrick, W.; Wacker Dave, L., 2002:
Use of produced water for oil and gas drilling in the San Juan Basin

Rafa Labedi, 1990:
Use of production data to estimate volume factor, density and compressibility of reservoir fluids

Cordiner, F.S.; Carlson, G.E.; Scheve, D.F., 1979:
Use of production logging and reservoir simulation to improve waterflood conformance and oil recovery from Hemlock Reservoir, McArthur River Field, Alaska

Wiseman, G., 1978:
Use of progammable pocket calculators in geotechnical computations

Corneil Hampton Gaskill; Suttle Andrew, D.J., 1959:
Use of prompt nuclear devices for the recovery of thermal energy

Cogbill Allen, H.; Steck Lee, K., 1997:
Use of propagation path corrections to improve regional event locations in Western Canada

Steck Lee, K.; Velasco Aaron, A.; Cogbill Allen, H., 1998:
Use of propagation path corrections to improve regional seismic event location in western China

Makarova, L.N., 1982:
Use of properties of clays to estimate filtration and capacity parameters of rocks

Richard Thomsen; Lark Thorling, 2003:
Use of protection zones and land management restore contaminated groundwater in Denmark

Persons, A.K.ren; Lynch, F.L.o; Brown Lewis, R., 2003:
Use of protein assays to quantify microorganisms in a sandstone reservoir

Anonymous, 2007:
Use of proteins as diagnostic tool to discriminate between Trypanosoma vivax and Trypanosoma evansi infections

Shestopalov, V.M.; Boyarko, V.L., 1981:
Use of prototype modeling for estimating natural groundwater resources

Camuffo Dario; Sturaro Giovanni, 2004:
Use of proxy-documentary and instrumental data to assess the risk factors leading to sea flooding in Venice

Anonymous, 2007:
Use of pruning and mineral fertilizer affects soil phosphorus availability and fractionation in a gliricidia/maize intercropping system

Stowell Harold, H.; Tinkham Doug, K.; Zuluaga Carlos, A., 2001:
Use of pseudosections for predicting metamorphic mineral assemblages in pelitic rocks; examples for an average pelite

Weiss Emanuel, 1980:
Use of pseudosources in a constant-density, ground-water flow model to simulate a variable-density, quasi-static brine

Lee, K.S., 1997:
Use of pseudosteady-state solution to predict productivity of a fractured well with spatially varying fracture geometry

Nuhfer, E.B.; Dalles, M.P., 1988:
Use of public lands in the teaching of geology; developing guidebooks for less accessible areas

Manner Barbara, M., 1988:
Use of public lands in the teaching of geology; environmental atlas for an urban area

Glass Gary, B., 1974:
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