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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 20608

Chapter 20608 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Galay, B.F., 1987:
Water-soluble salts as paleogeographic indicators of loess strata in Ciscaucasia

Chasovnikova, Y.V., 1968:
Water-soluble salts in ion-salt complexes in the rocks of the eastern Pamirs

Fedorova, T.A.; Bochko, R.A., 1991:
Water-soluble salts of Bazhenovo Formation as criterion for distinguishing of reservoir zones

W.S.aoxing; Gong Zitong; Huang Biao, 1997:
Water-soluble selenium in main soil types of China and in relation to some soil properties

Ewing, K.; Loomis, S.; Lougeay, R., 1969:
Water-spout on Kaskawulsh Glacier

Coe Jack, 1957:
Water-spreading activities of the California Department of Water Resources

Balch William, T.; Jans Melvin, 1957:
Water-spreading activities of the Kern County Land Company and North Kern Water Storage District

Laverty Finley, B., 1957:
Water-spreading activities of the Los Angeles Flood Control District

Sieckman Donald, L., 1957:
Water-spreading activities of the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation at Fresno

Freeman, V.M., 1974:
Water-spreading as practiced by the Santa Clara Water-Conservation District, Ventura County, California

Bliss Eldred, S.; Johnson Curtis, E., 1957:
Water-spreading research and research needs in the Soil and Water Conservation Research Division

Krone Ray, B., 1957:
Water-spreading research by the Sanitary Engineering Research Laboratory, University of California

Hall Warren, A., 1957:
Water-spreading research by the University of California Agricultural Experiment Station

Chen Xi chang, 1981:
Water-stored structure and water abundance of red beds in northern Sichuan Province

Osterkamp, W.R., 1996:
Water-supply and water-quality problems related to urban growth, Loiza Basin, Puerto Rico

Becher, A.E. (investigator), 1980:
Water-supply capability of carbonate rock, south-central Pennsylvania

Becher, A.E. (investigator), 1979:
Water-supply capability of shale in south-central Pennsylvania

Hall, W.E., 1946:
Water-supply coastal area between Foxton and Levin

Meinzer Oscar Edward, 1934:
Water-supply conditions in the drought-stricken region

McFarland, E.Randolph, 2002:
Water-supply constraints in the Virginia coastal plain resulting from elevated ground-water salinity in the Chesapeake Bay impact structure

Ryckborst, H., 1981:
Water-supply constraints on oil sufficiency through heavy-oil development by Western Canadian oil industry

Schulz, M., 1983:
Water-supply management problems in salt-dome areas of Northwest Germany

Peck Michael, F.; Abu Ruman Malek; Clarke John, S.; Georgakakos Aris, P., 2000:
Water-supply potential of a seepage pond near Brunswick Georgia

Garza, R.; Krause, R.E., 1993:
Water-supply potential of the upper Floridan Aquifer in the vicinity of Savannah, Georgia

Zack Allen (investigator), 1980:
Water-supply supplement from Intercoastal waterway

Gill, S. A., 1971:
Water-supply work in Fiji

Lemdahl, G., 1990:
Water-surfaces as insect traps and some consequences for palaeontomology

Hillier, D.E. (investigator), 1978:
Water-table aquifers in the Boulder-Fort Collins-Greeley area of the Front Range Urban Corridor

Stokes William Lee, 1968:
Water-table bedding; Colorado Plateau

Winter, T.C. (investigator), 1978:
Water-table configuration related to lake seepage

Winograd Isaac, J.; Szabo Barney, J., 1988:
Water-table decline in the south-central Great Basin during the Quaternary; implications for toxic waste disposal

Hall Morris, D., 1981:
Water-table declines associated with the decommissioning of an infiltration basin

Doss, P.K., 1989:
Water-table dynamics in the Miller Woods wetland system; Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Evans, K.; Wyatt, F., 1983:
Water-table effects on crustal deformation measurements; a case history

Russell, R.J., 1978:
Water-table effects on seacoasts

Hurwitz Shaul; Kipp Kenneth, L.; Ingebritsen, S.E.; Reid Mark, 2003:
Water-table elevation within volcanic edifices along the Cascade Range; insights from numerical simulations

Isaacs John, D.; Bascom Willard Newell, 1949:
Water-table elevations in some Pacific Coast beaches

Ben Miloud Khaled; Seguin Maurice, K.; Stein Jean, 1989:
Water-table fluctuation in a basin underlain by discontinuous permafrost, northern Quebec

M.A.Marino, 1973:
Water-table fluctuation in semipervious stream-unconfined aquifer systems

Keen, K.L.; Pfannkuch, H.O., 1992:
Water-table fluctuations and variable storativity; linking the unsaturated and saturated zones

Grillot Jean Claude; Raunet, M.; Ferry, L., 1990:
Water-table fluctuations in weathered crystalline rocks in a high-altitude humid intertropical zone; high plateau region of the Malagasy Republic

Kechavarzi, C.; Dawson, Q.; Leeds-Harrison, P.B.; Szatylowicz, J.; Gnatowski, T., 2007:
Water-table management in lowland UK peat soils and its potential impact on CO2 emission

Anderson, M.P., 1976:
Water-table mounding beneath septic tank systems

Hurwitz Shaul; Ingebritsen Steven, E., 2004:
Water-table position in stratovolcanoes of the Cascade Range; implications for volcanic hazards

Soren, J. (investigator), 1978:
Water-table recovery causes flooding problems

Zaluski Marek, H.; Osborne Thomas, J.; Olson Keith, B., 1984:
Water-table response to change in storage on the Greenfield Bench irrigation district

Kuiper Logan, K., 1991:
Water-table rise due to magma intrusion beneath Yucca Mountain

Malisheva, L.L., 1980:
Water-thermal regime of soils of the right-bank wood-steppe of the Ukraine

Van Impe, W.F.; Bouazza, A., 1996:
Water-tight liners for waste disposal sites; recent developments

Quiles Aparisi, E., 1987:
Water-tightness of cement in dams and permeable beds

Mizier, M.O., 1994:
Water-tightness of hydraulic structures; each one has a solution

Drew, D.P.; Newson, M.D.; Smith, D.I., 1970:
Water-tracing of the Severn tunnel, Great Spring

M.D.ynoux; J.N.P.oust; J.D.rand; E.M.rino, 1990:
Water-transfer cylindrical structures in the late Proterozoic eolian sandstones in the Taoudeni Basin, West Africa

Yamada, J., 1971:
Water-tube tiltmeter observations at Aburatsubo as compared with precise levellings along the Miura Peninsula

Barton, M.; Hamilton, D.L., 1982:
Water-undersaturated melting experiments bearing upon the origin of potassium-rich magmas

Massari, F.; Ghibaudo, G.; D.A.essandro A.; Davaud, E., 2001:
Water-upwelling pipes and soft-sediment-deformation structures in lower Pleistocene calcarenites (Salento, southern Italy)

Hammond, S.E.; Augenstein, T.W.; Moffatt, R.L., 1991:
Water-use computations

Parker Michael; Thompson James, G.; Reynolds Robert, R.J.; Smith Michael, D.; Templin William, 1995:
Water-use conservation forecasts for the Salinas River Valley Basin Management Plan; estimates for block pricing

Callahan James, A.; Barber Nancy, L., 1989:
Water-use data collection program in Mississippi

Pierce Robert, R.; Barber Nancy, L., 1983:
Water-use data input for aquifer and streamflow models

Shabman Leonard, 1990:
Water-use forecasting; benefits and capabilities

Murray, C.R., 1972:
Water-use inventory; practice of the United States Geological Survey

Cordes, E.H. (investigator), 1983:
Water-use monitoring equipment

Prudic David, E., 1996:
Water-vapor movement through unsaturated alluvium in Amargosa Desert near Beatty, Nevada; current understanding and continuing studies

Munoz, R.; Renard, R.; Urbain, G.; Coutures, J.P., 1983:
Water-vapor solubility in liquid diopside

Fornes, V., 1979:
Water-vermiculite systems in the near infrared

Schwalm, H.E., 1961:
Water-wall storage

Anonymous, 2005:
Water-washed diseases

G.H.ngkan; Zhang Lingsu; L.X.; Wang Jing; Yang Changchun; Gong Minggang, 1991:
Water-water vapor transfer of trace metal ions in natural water cycle

Iio Yoshihisa; Sagiya Takeshi; Kobayashi Yoji; Shiozaki Ichiro, 2002 :
Water-weakened lower crust and its role in the concentrated deformation in the Japanese Islands

Iio Yoshihisa; Sagiya Takeshi; Kobayashi Yoji; Shiozaki Ichiro, 2003:
Water-weakened lower crust and its role in the concentrated deformation in the Japanese islands

Carles Patricia; Lapointe Philippe, 2005:
Water-weakening of carbonates under stress; new insights into pore-volume compressibility measurements

Griggs, D.T.; Blacic, J.D., 1965:
Water-weakening of silicates

Price Charles, E., 1963:
Water-well drilling practice in south-central Nevada

Horick Paul, J., 1992:
Water-well inquiries

Per Sander, 1997:
Water-well siting in hard-rock areas; identifying promising targets using a probabilistic approach

Balfe Mike, 2007:
Water-wise strategy for Australia's minerals industry

Stewart, J.W., 1963:
Water-yielding potential of weathered crystalline rocks at the Georgia Nuclear Laboratory

Stewart, J.W., 1962:
Water-yielding potential of weathered crystalline rocks at the Georgia nuclear laboratory

Mink John; Bauer Glenn, 1988:
Water.; 3

Ohta Takeshi, 2000:
Water/ energy exchanges in the taiga region

Wohletz Kenneth, 2002:
Water/ magma interaction; some theory and experiments on peperite formation

Kortekaas, T.F.M., 1985:
Water/ oil displacement characteristics in crossbedded reservoir zones

Wiltschko David, V.; Budai Joyce, M., 1987:
Water/ rock interaction during deformation of the Absaroka thrust sheet, Idaho-Wyoming-Utah thrust belt; the control of structural position

Cander Harris, S., 1990:
Water/ rock interaction efficiency and seawater dolomitization in the Eocene Avon Park Formation, Floridan Aquifer

Marques, J.M.; Aires Barros, L.; Graca, R.C.; Matias, M.J.; Basto, M.J., 2000:
Water/ rock interaction in a CO (sub 2) -rich geothermal area (northern Portugal); an (super 18) O/ (super 16) O and (super 2) H/ (super 1) H isotope study

Zhang Zheru, 1996:
Water/ rock interaction in open systems; experimental studies and modeling

Gevrek Ali Ihsan, 2000:
Water/ rock interaction in the Kizilcahamam geothermal field, Galatian volcanic province (Turkey): a modelling study of a geothermal system for reinjection well locations

Petrucci, E.; Sheppard, S.M.F.; Turi, B., 1993:
Water/ rock interaction in the Larderello geothermal field (southern Tuscany, Italy); an (super 18) O/ (super 16) O and D/ H isotope study

Torres Alvarado, I.; Satir, M.; Metz, P., 1995 :
Water/ rock interaction studies at the active geothermal field Los Azufres, Mexico

Zeeh, S.; Walter, U.; Kuhlemann, J., 1998:
Water/ rock interactions and fluid flow in the eastern and southern Alps (Austria, Germany, Italy, and Slovenia)

Joseph, J.B.; Whitelaw, K., 1980:
Water/ rock interactions during artificial recharge of a sand aquifer in the London Basin

Gooding James, L.; Allton Judith, H., 1991:
Water/ rock interactions in carbonaceous chondrites; possible fingerprints for in-situ comet-nucleus analysis

Gooding James, L.; Allton Judith, H., 1991:
Water/ rock interactions in experimentally simulated dirty snowball and dirty iceball cometary nuclei

Chen Zhengsheng; Zhang Ligang, 1989:
Water/ rock interchange process and mineral deposit exploration

Read David, L.; Nnadi, F.N., 2002:
Water/ sediment interaction in Lake Apopka from wind driven waves

Anonymous, 2007:
Water/sediment quality assessment and SOD studies in Kzlrmak River at the Black Sea coast of Turkey

Thomas, J.F.eley III.T.mothy J.S.one; Gary, J.S.iegel Jr.; Andrea McNemar; Michael Nemeth; Brian Schimmoller; James, T.M.rphy; Lynn Manfredo, 2008:
Water: a critical resource in the thermoelectric power industry

Back, W., 1975:
Water; A Primer

Wije Chand; Meo Mark, 1998:
Water; Oklahoma's vital resource

Moebs Noel, N.; Sames Gary, P., 1989:
Water; a hazard and a nuisance

Cameron Eion, M.; Marmont Christopher; Hall Gwendy, E.M., 1997:
Water; a medium for exploration in northern terrains

Escartin Hernandez, C.M., 1998:
Water; a mineral resource

Luhr Hans Peter, 1986:
Water; a natural resource in danger

Griggs William, 1979:
Water; a neglected resource

Parfit Michael, 1993:
Water; a portrait in words and pictures

Paulson, E.G., 1964:
Water; a prime raw material

Harrison, I.B.; Henton, M.B., 1982:
Water; a renewable resource?

Smith, R.L., 1976:
Water; a reusable resource

Payen Gerard, 2003:
Water; a social and economic good

Wiedenbeck, M.; Rocholl, A.; Koepke, J., 2001:
Water; a source of systematic error in quantitative SIMS analyses of hydrous glasses

Luehr, H.P., 1986:
Water; an endangered resource

Groves Chris, 2002:
Water; caves and karst

Davis Joan, S., 1999:
Water; communicator in Moon-Earth relationships

Nace, R.L., 1964:
Water; essential factor of economic development

Cunningham William, L.; Grannemann Norman, G.; Barlow Paul, M., 2002:
Water; hydrogeology

Lakshmi Venkat; Njoku Eni, G.; Jackson Thomas, J., 2002:
Water; hydrology

Lombard James, P., 1987:
Water; lifeblood of civilization in the Salt River valley

Ford John, 1993:
Water; more than meets the eye

Lopez Cadenas de Llano, F., 1981:
Water; natural resource

Thonon Pierre; Talbo Henri, 1999:
Water; perspective on the history of waterworks

Miller, E.Willard, 1990:
Water; quantity, quality and the future

Tucker Mary Evelyn, 2001:
Water; sacred and profane

Mosonyi Emil, 1968:
Water; survival problem for mankind

Singer, S.Fred, 1971:
Water; the Department of the Interior's systematic management of a resource

Agnew Allen, F., 1964:
Water; the first of things

Youngs, E.G., 1975:
Water; the fountain of opportunity

Sharma, K.N., 1998:
Water; the fulcrum of ancient Indian socio-religious traditions

Subba Rao, S., 1973:
Water; the natural resource of strategic value for the welfare of the people

Trattner Henry, 1977:
Water; the new mineral

Ramsay, C.R., 1978:
Water; time's relentless sculptor

Angino, E.E. (chairperson); Craun, G.F.; Feder, G.L.; Jennett, J.C.; Skougstad, M.W.; Smith, I.C.; Wixson, B.G., 1978:
Water; trace elements in solution

Lewis Douglas, D., 1957:
Water; where is it? How much?

Hitchcock Harry, A., 1994:
WaterGage II; an alternative for present water-stage instruments

Salingar Yigal, 2001:

Coertze, F.J. (convener); Button, A.; Eriksson, K.A.; Jansen, H.; Malherbe, S.J.; Smit, P.J.; Visser, J.N.J.; Walraven, F.; Kent, L.E., 1980:
Waterberg Group

Mcparland, C.E.; Paszkowski, C.A., 2007:
Waterbird assemblages in the Aspen Parkland of western Canada: the influence of fishes, invertebrates, and the environment on species composition

Murphy, W.L.; May, J.R., 1983:
Waterborne acoustics in geotechnical applications

Shields Gordon; Grossman Scott; Humphrey Alan, 2004:
Waterborne geophysical surveys on shallow river impoundments

Mose, D.G.; Mushrush, G.W., 1994:
Waterborne radon concentration as a function of well productivity

Mushrush George, W.; Mose Douglas, G., 1993:
Waterborne radon concentrations in Prince William County in northern Virginia

Dyck, A.V.; Scott, W.J.; Lobach, J., 1983:
Waterborne resistivity/ induced polarization survey of Collins Bay, Wollaston Lake

Grossman, I.G., 1969:
Waterborne styrene in a bedrock aquifer in the Ledyard area, southeastern Connecticut

Grossman, I.G., 1970:
Waterborne styrene in a crystalline bedrock aquifer in the Gales Ferry area, Ledyard, southeastern Connecticut

Brandonisio, O., 2006:
Waterborne transmission of Giardia and Cryptosporidium

Haff Peter, K., 2001:

Bateman Richard, M., 1984:
Watercut prediction from logs run in fieldspathic sandstones with fresh formation waters

Bau Domenico; Gambolati Giuseppe; Teatini Pietro, 2000:
Waterdrive dynamics and enhanced land subsidence over productive gas fields; application to Dosso degli Angeli Reservoir, Ravenna, Italy

Marker Margaret, E., 1971:
Waterfall tufas; a facet of karst geomorphology in South Africa

Autin Whitney, J., 1993:
Waterfalls and travertine in the Tunica Hills, Mississippi

Geyer Alan, R.; Snyder Donna, M., 1983:
Waterfalls in Pennsylvania

Sprouse Peter, 1982:
Waterfalls of Xilitla

Nicod, J., 1986:
Waterfalls of travertine dams of the upper Argens (Var); preliminary study

Nott Jonathan; Price David, 1999 :
Waterfalls, floods and climate change; evidence from tropical Australia

Pearl Richard, M., 1974:
Waterfalls; an appreciation

Pearl, R.M., 1974:
Waterfalls; an explanation

Pearl, R.M., 1975:
Waterfalls; an explanation (cont.')

Howard James, J.; Vedvik Anne, 2003:
Waterflood alteration of chalk petrophysical properties and its effect on log interpretation models

Nolen Hoeksema, R.C.; Avasthi, J.M.; Pape, W.C.; E.R.baa A.W.M., 1994:
Waterflood improvement in the Permian Basin; impact of in-situ-stress evaluations

Wilt Michael, J.; Yamane, K.; Osato, K.; Okamura, H.; Tsuneyama, F.; Watanabe, H.; Mizohata, S., 2000:
Waterflood monitoring experiment using crosshole electromagnetic and seismic techniques at Los Hills oil field; frequency domain electromagnetic tomography

Watanabe, H.; Tsuneyama, F.; Mizohata, S.; Saito, A.; Osato, K.; Shoji, Y., 2000:
Waterflood monitoring experiment using crosshole electromagnetic and seismic techniques at Lost Hills oil field

Flaherty, G.M.; King, G.R.; Maloney, T.R.; Domingos, F., 1997:
Waterflood opportunities in Block O, Cabinda, Angola

Lemen, M.A.; Burlas, T.C.; Roe, L.M., 1990:
Waterflood pattern realignment at the McElroy Field; Section 205 case history

Pierce Richard Lacy; Garrity Martin, J., 1960:
Waterflood performance, Upper Terminal zone, Fault Block VB, Wilmington Oil Field

Hopkins John, C.; Wood James, M.; Krause Federico, F., 1991:
Waterflood response of reservoirs in an estuarine valley fill; upper Mannville G, U, and W pools, Little Bow Field, Alberta, Canada

Thakur, G.C., 1998:
Waterflood surveillance techniques; a reservoir management approach

Neuhart, D.M.; Spatz, J.A.; Hagedorn, K.D.; Reynolds, S.L.; Flynn, J.; Brice, B.W., 1995:
Waterflood-WAG project design in compartmentalized West-End reservoirs at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Schechter David, 2002:
Waterflooding and CO (sub 2) injection in the naturally fractured Spraberry Trend area

Yang Wensheng; Liang Guangzhong, 2000:
Waterflooding characteristics of the Anan Sandstone reservoir, Huabei Field, China, at a middle/ late stage of development

Gulick, K.E.; McCain, W.D.J., 1998:
Waterflooding heterogeneous reservoirs; an overview of industry experiences and practices

Huang, W.; Kaetzer, T.; Bowlin, K., 1996:
Waterflooding in a tight sandstone reservoir with horizontal injector and producer at New Hope Shallow Unit, Texas

Yang Shigang, 2003:
Waterflooding interpretation method for siltstone reservoirs at high watercut stage

Zhu Yushuang; Kong Lingrong; Qiu Zhihao; Sun Wei; Lin Baojun, 1997:
Waterflooding is not the main cause of low recovery efficiency of Chang-6 Reservoir in Ansai Oilfield

Qiu Yinan; Chen Ziqi; X.S.ice, 1982:
Waterflooding of channel sandstone reservoirs

E.Khatib Noaman, 1997:
Waterflooding performance of communicating stratified reservoirs with log-normal permeability distribution

Rubin, Y.I.; Dzyuba, V.I.; Nikitin, V.T., 1995:
Waterflooding technology for development of oilfields with high water encroachment

Prentice, R.S., 1985:
Waterflooding the Grayburg Formation on the J. L. Johnson AB lease; experience in the Johnson Field

Shirif, E.; Ali, S.M.F.rouq, 2000:
Waterflooding under bottom-water conditions; an analytical model for two-layer reservoirs

Niko, H.; Ovens, J., 1995:
Waterflooding under fracturing conditions; from theoretical modelling to field processes

Rivas Gomez Santiago, 1983:
Waterflooding will benefit some gas reservoirs

Endsley Doug, 1983:
Waterflow Gallup, South (oil)

Racine, C.H.; Walsh, M.E.; Collins, C.M.; Roebuck, B.D.; Gossweiler, W., 1991:
Waterfowl mortality in Eagle River Flats impact area, Anchorage, Alaska

Jiang-Shan; Ge-Zhen-Ming; Pei-En-Le; Xu-Xiao-Jun; Sang-Li-Li; Wang-Tian-Hou, 2007:
Waterfowl nocturnal behavior at the artificial wetlands behind the Chongming Dongtan seawall in winter

Brister Brian, S.; Lammons Lance, 2000:
Waterfracs prove successful in some Texas basins

Fuglevand Paul, F.; Clough Herb, F.; Faris, J.R.chard; Brigham James, E., 1986:
Waterfront electic cone penetration testing

Fridley Harry Marion, 1940:
Watergaps by solution and piracy; a reply

Hutchinson, D.R.; Detrick Robert, S.J.; Grow, J.A., 1982:
Watergun versus airgun; a comparison

Knighton, A.D.; Nanson, G.C., 2000:
Waterhole form and process in the anastomosing channel system of Cooper Creek, Australia

Knighton, A.D.vid; Nanson Gerald, C., 1994:
Waterholes and their significance in the anastomosing channel system of Cooper Creek, Australia

Bize, J., 1983:
Wateringues aquifer; a particularity in salt water intrusion; low sloped coast with high variations of tide levels

Kennerley, P., 1992:
Waterjet longhole drilling in coal seams

Geringer, G.J., 1990:
Waterkop Suite

Pavey Richard, R., 1985:
Waterlain Till on the southern shore of Lake Erie

Kalm Volli; Kadastik Ene, 2001 :
Waterlain glacial diamicton along the Palivere ice-marginal zone on the West Estonian Archipelago, eastern Baltic Sea

Davis George Hamilton; Worts George Frank Jr.; Wilson Harry Dennis Jr., 1955:
Waterlevel fluctuations in wells, 10

Thomas, I.L.; Child, R.C.; Richards, S.R.L.; Brodie, J.W., 1978:
Waterline mapping of the Krakatau Islets using Landsat imagery

Jain, S.K.; Shukla, M.K., 1996:
Waterlogged hazard zonation using RS and GIS technique in a part of Sharda Sahayak command area

Navalawala, B.N., 1991:
Waterlogging and its related issues in India

Kalubarme, M.H.; Sahai Baldev; Bapat, M.V., 1985:
Waterlogging and salinity in Fotewadi Canal Command (Gujarat); a remote sensing case study

Uppal, H.L., 1974:
Waterlogging in Punjab and the suspected buried ridge in the sub-alluvium

Singh, J.; Singh, R., 1972:
Waterlogging in Punjab; its causes and remedies

Anonymous, 1996:
Waterlogging in the Upper Great Southern 1987-1993

Akinfiev, S.A. (Akinfiyev, S.A.; Baulin, V.V.; Dzektser, E.S., 1986:
Waterlogging of built-up areas

Real, D.; Warden, J.; Sandral, G., A.; Colmer, T., D., 2008:
Waterlogging tolerance and recovery of 10 Lotus species

Dhiman, S.C.; Sharma Hari Shankar, 1991:
Waterlogging; a geo-environmental hazard in arid land irrigation; a case study of Ganganagar District, (Rajasthan)

Huston, D.L.; Kuronen, U.; Stolz, J., 1995:
Waterloo and Agincourt prospects, northern Queensland; contrasting styles of mineralization within the same volcanogenic hydrothermal system

Scott, K.M., 2005:
Waterloo base metal deposit, Mt Windsor Sub-province, NE Queensland

Schwalb Howard, 1968:
Waterloo field, Monroe County, Illinois

Miller, C., 1998:
Waterloo: drill core examination

Pinto Victor; Font, X.; Casas, A.; Rivero, L.; Carmona, J.M.; Viladevall, M., 2000:
Watermap; a programme for management and statistical treatment of geochemical data in contaminated watersheds

Clark Murlene, W.; Jessick Dacia, 1995:
Watermass related changes in the size distribution of Nuttallides umbonifera

Althaus, E., 1979:
Watermelon and moor's crown

Morawski Wojciech, 1988:
Watermorainic sediments; origin and classification

Schipull, K., 1978:
Waterpockets in sandstones in the central Colorado Plateau

Chistyakov, G.Y.; Nogovitsin, D.D.; Yakushev, M.V.; Konstantinov, A.F., 1970:
Waterpower and energy resources of the Anabar River Basin

Anonymous, 1979:
Waterpower classification-preservation of reservoir sites

Anonymous, 1980:
Waterpower classification; preservation of resource sites

Young, L.L.; Colbert, J.L.; Gaskill, D.L.; Piper, A.M., 1965:
Waterpower resources in Nehalem River basin, Oregon, with sections on Geology of sites

Mozumdar, B.K.; Singh, R.D., 1974:
Waterproofing of Stonedust

Mann, A.W., 1980:

Friedman, G.M.; Mukhopadhyay, P.K.; Moch, A.; Ahmed, M., 2000:
Waters and organic-rich waste near dumping grounds in the New York Bight

Tilling Robert, I.; Jones Blair, F., 1996:
Waters associated with an active basaltic volcano, Kilauea, Hawaii; variation in solute sources, 1973-1991

Rice, C.A., 1999:
Waters co-produced with coalbed methane from the Ferron Sandstone in east-central Utah; chemical and isotopic composition, volumes, and impacts of disposal

Ruggieri, M., 1981:
Waters for Teramo Province from the Gran Sasso Tunnel of Italy

Dzvelaya, M.F.; Aliyev, A.A., 1969:
Waters from Georgian mud volcanoes

Rolshausen, F.W.; Jessen Frank Weldon, 1943:
Waters from the Frio Formation, Texas Gulf Coast

Ball Max Waite, 1925:
Waters from the Green River shale

Watts, A.M., 1980:
Waters like blood

Noble Edwin, A., 1960:
Waters of compaction as an ore-forming fluid

Nikanorov, A.M.; Shalayev, L.N., 1973:
Waters of condensation in oil fields of the Terek-Sunzha region

Kleymenov, V.F., 1968:
Waters of terrigenous Devonian sediments in the Volga-Ural artesian basin

Mekhtiyev, S.F.; Rachinskiy, M.Z.; Fridman, D.N., 1971:
Waters of the 7th horizon and the NKP suite in the southwestern Apsheron Peninsula and their relationship to the quantitative distribution of hydrocarbons in deposits

Campbell William, P., 1932:
Waters of the Red Coulee area

Stabler Herman, 1931:
Waters of the Salt Creek-Teapot Dome uplift

Labus Krzysztof; Bednarczyk SlLawomir, 2000:
Waters of the Szczakowa sand pit (Poland); high quality in danger

Lane Alfred Church, 1905:
Waters of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Russell, W.J.; Rodgers, K.A., 1977:
Waters of the Western Springs catchment, Auckland

Gordon Arnold, L.; Tchernia Paul, 1972:
Waters of the continental margin off Adelie Coast, Antarctica

Ramsey Elmer, W.; Hinkle Kenneth, R.; Benander Laurence, E., 1970:
Waters of the dismal swamp

Schmassmann Hansjoerg, 1950:
Waters of the earth

MacPhail Donald, D.; Smith Albert, W.; Vermeer Donald, E., 1969:
Waters of the land; drainage patterns

Coffin Reuben Clare; DeFord Ronald Kinnison, 1934:
Waters of the oil-and gas-bearing formations, Rocky Mountains

Schoeneich Krzysztof, 1973:
Waters related to oil deposits and occurring in Permian rocks underlying salt formations of the Foresudetic Monocline

Ewing Thomas, E., 2000:
Waters sweet and sulphurous; the first artesian wells in San Antonio

Lindgren Waldemar, 1935:
Waters, magmatic and meteoric

Gussone Nikolaus, 2000:
Watersampling for Ra-226 analysis

Fraser Rolland, 1995:
Waterscape characteristics of Nebraska Sand Hills lakes, derived from Landsat TM

Bottcher Adelbert, B.; Jacobson Berry, M.; Hiscock Jeffery, G., 2004:
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