Section 21
Chapter 20,628

Yu. A. Meshcheryakov's contribution to the problem of earthquake prediction; 80th birthday

Pevnev, A.K.

Geomorfologiya 2000(4): 24-39


ISSN/ISBN: 0435-4281
Accession: 020627934

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Application of the deformational (geodetic) method to earthquake prediction gives good results. The development of a strong earthquake source occurs in a straight manner, and the only valuable indication is the flexible bend of rocks in the source. The upper boundary of the large source, the Earth's surface, undergoes a corresponding bend as well. The method of exact prognosis of the place and the maximum intensity of future earthquake by means of geodetic measurements is described. The way to real forecasting of the earthquake in the epicenters revealed by geodetic measurements is outlined.

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