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Caddis flies (Insecta : Trichoptera) in the collection of the State Museum of Natural History, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Lviv

Szczesny, B.; Godunko, R., J.

Acta Zoologica Cracoviensia Sernvertebrata 50B(2): 27-43


DOI: 10.3409/000000007783995156
Accession: 020677535

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The collection includes 1429 specimens representing 177 species/subspecies; 159 specimens belonging to 32 species are determined herein, and determinations of further 174 specimens of 54 species are corrected. The largest share of caddis flies were collected, identified and prepared by J. DZIEDZIELEWICZ from the second half of 19(th) century to 1916. All specimens had been originally preserved dry but were moved to alcohol prior to the current identification. The collection comprises 177 specimens of all Carpathian species described by DZIEDZIELEWICZ (seven taxa), by KLAPALEK (three taxa) and by SCHMID (two taxa). Among them there are lectotypes of two species (Chionophylax czarnohoricus (DZIEDZIELEWICZ), male and Drusus carpathicus DZIEDZIELEWICZ (male), syntypes of 2 taxa (Chionophylax subradiata KLAPALEK Isogamus aequalis (KLAPLEK)), Apatania carpathica SCHMID. There are also 33 paralectotypes representing six species and 33 specimens of five species with the status locus typicus. A list of incorrectly identified or labelled taxa is presented.

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