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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 20710

Chapter 20710 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ruusila, V.; Poysa, H.; Runko, P., 2000:
Characteristics of maternal family lineages in a common goldeneye Bucephala clangula breeding population

Su, Y.C.; Huang, C.P.; Pan, J.R.; Lee, H.C., 2008:
Characteristics of membrane fouling in submerged membrane bioreactor under sub-critical flux operation

Malysheva, AN.; Storey, KB.; Ziganshin, RKh.; Lopina, OD.; Rubtsov, AM., 2001:
Characteristics of membrane preparations of sarcoplasmic reticulum isolated from skeletal muscles of active and hibernating ground squirrels Spermophilus undulatus

Anonymous, 2005:
Characteristics of metallo-beta-lactamase-producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of mice expressing variant allelic combinations of ST8SIAII and ST8SIAIV

Choi, D.H.; Na, S.C.; Park, Y.C.; Huh, S.H.; Cho, B.C., 1999:
Characteristics of microbial abundances in hypoxic water of brackish Lake Shihwa

Gembitsky, AS.; Efremova, GA., 1991:
Characteristics of microbiocenosis of birds nests in protected territories of Byelorussia.

Syvokiene, J.; Mickeniene, L.; Bubinas, A.; Repecka, R.; Voveriene, G., 1999:
Characteristics of microflora of the digestive tract of commercial fish depending on fish feeding

Diamond, M.L.; Cady, R.K.; Mao, L.; Biondi, D.M.; Finlayson, G.; Greenberg, S.J.; Wright, P., 2008:
Characteristics of migraine attacks and responses to almotriptan treatment: a comparison of menstrually related and nonmenstrually related migraines

Weeks, H P.; Jr., 1978:
Characteristics of mineral licks and behavior and visiting white-tailed deer in southern Indiana

Anonymous, 1973:
Characteristics of mollusc digs from detritus - Shellrock lime in the bioherm facies of Moldavian Tortonian.

Neshumova, TV.; Cherepanova, VA., 1985:
Characteristics of motor activity in the Baikal seal

Tsvetkova, AA., 1978:
Characteristics of multiplication of the southern and northern birch mice in the southern Urals

Lin, F.; Liu, L.; Dabrowski, K., 1996:
Characteristics of muskellunge spermatozoa 1: ultrastructure of spermatozoa and biochemical composition of semen

Lin, F.; Dabrowski, K., 1996:
Characteristics of muskellunge spermatozoa 2: effects of ions and osmolality on sperm motility

Yang, L.; Qiu, Q.; Zhang, H-zhong.; Xia, J-xi., 2007:
Characteristics of myocardial postsystolic shortening in patients with coronary artery disease assessed by strain rate imaging

Axon, JR.; Kornman, LE., 1986:
Characteristics of native muskellunge streams in eastern Kentucky

Beebee, T.J.; Fleming, L.; Vincent.; Race, D., 1993:
Characteristics of natterjack toad (Bufo calamita) breeding sites on a Scottish saltmarsh

Measures, L.N.; Anderson, R.C., 1983:
Characteristics of natural infections of the stomach worm, Obeliscoides cuniculi (Graybill), in lagomorphs and woodchucks in Canada

Laimi, K.; Salminen, J.J.; Metsähonkala, L.; Vahlberg, T.; Mikkelsson, M.; Anttila, P.; Aromaa, M.; Rautava, P.; Suominen, S.; Liljeström, M-R.; Sillanpää, M., 2007:
Characteristics of neck pain associated with adolescent headache

Van Reempts, P.; Gortner, L.; Milligan, D.; Cuttini, M.; Petrou, S.; Agostino, R.; Field, D.; den Ouden, L.; Børch, K.; Mazela, J.; Carrapato, M.; Zeitlin, J., 2007:
Characteristics of neonatal units that care for very preterm infants in Europe: results from the MOSAIC study

Murty, AVS., 1987:
Characteristics of neritic waters along the west coast of India with respect to upwelling, dissolved oxygen & zooplankton biomass

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of nerve fibers in the subepidermal nervous plexus - an electron microscopical view

Steger, G.N.; Munton, T.E.; Johnson, K.D.; Eberlein, G.E., 1997:
Characteristics of nest trees and nest sites of California spotted owls in coniferous forests of the southern Sierra Nevada

Anonymous, 2005:
Characteristics of new sugar beet variety against of Rhizomania Rhizomax

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of nisoldipine overdoses: Deadly or just distracting?

Chen-We-Wei; Wang-Yi-Yong; Zhao-Zhi-Chun; Gu-Jiang-Xin, 2007:
Characteristics of nitrous oxide flux in spring wheat field ecosystem in Sanjiang Plain of Northeast China

Miller, S.D.; Tutterrow, V.; Leigh., 1999:
Characteristics of nonsport mortalities to brown and black bears and human injuries from bears in Alaska

Shea, A.M.; Reed, S.D.; Curtis, L.H.; Alexander, M.J.; Villani, J.J.; Schulman, K.A., 2007:
Characteristics of nontraumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage in the United States in 2003

Berninger, E., 2007:
Characteristics of normal newborn transient-evoked otoacoustic emissions: ear asymmetries and sex effects

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of novel wastewater treatment technology by swimming

Zhang-Yan; Wang-Yong-Sheng; Bai-Yu-Hua; Chen-Chen; Lue-Jian; Zhang-Jie, 2007:
Characteristics of novel wastewater treatment technology by swimming bed combined with aerobic granular sludge

Shilova, SA.; Derviz, NV., 1987:
Characteristics of nutrition behaviour in midday gerbilles Meriones meridianus (Rodentia, Cricetidae)

Delany, M.F.; Linda, S.B., 1994:
Characteristics of occupied and abandoned Florida grasshopper sparrow territories

Tomialojc, Ludwik., 1991:
Characteristics of old growth in the Bialowieza Forest, Poland

Howard, Gordon, E., 2002:
Characteristics of one cedar waxwing flock

Anonymous, 1974:
Characteristics of oribatids from pine forests in Krasnoyar Priangaria.

Oka, H.; Yoshioka, M.; Onouchi, K.; Morita, M.; Mochio, S.; Suzuki, M.; Hirai, T.; Ito, Y.; Inoue, K., 2007:
Characteristics of orthostatic hypotension in Parkinson's disease

Ivashin, MV., 1984:
Characteristics of ovarian corpora in dolphins and whales as described by Soviet scientists

Yamanaka, M.; Fujiyoshi, N.; Takasaki, T.; Yoshida, K., 1988:
Characteristics of overwintering sites of the whitespotted bug, Eysarcoris ventralis Westwood (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)

Yan, D.; Olkkonen, V.M., 2008:
Characteristics of oxysterol binding proteins

Swennen, C.; Duiven, P., 1983:
Characteristics of oystercatchers killed by cold-stress in the Dutch Wadden Sea area

Lee, J.S.ok; Jee, B.Y.ung; Sim, D.S.ing, 1999:
Characteristics of parasitic copepod Clavella sp. on the cultured Korean rockfish, Sebastes schlegeli

Talekar, NS.; Hu, WJ., 1997:
Characteristics of parasitism of Plutella xylostella (Lep., Plutellidae) by Oomyzus sokolowskii (Hym., Eulophidae)

Barton, J.C.; Acton, R.T.; Leiendecker-Foster, C.; Lovato, L.; Adams, P.C.; Eckfeldt, J.H.; McLaren, C.E.; Reiss, J.A.; McLaren, G.D.; Reboussin, D.M.; Gordeuk, V.R.; Speechley, M.R.; Press, R.D.; Dawkins, F.W., 2007:
Characteristics of participants with self-reported hemochromatosis or iron overload at HEIRS study initial screening

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of pasture-based animal product production in Kozep-Szigetkoz

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of patients experiencing thromboembolic events during treatment for multiple myeloma: Aspirin may not be adequate thromboprophylaxis in patients with multiple risk factors.

Hauptman, P.J.; Goodlin, S.J.; Lopatin, M.; Costanzo, M.Rosa.; Fonarow, G.C.; Yancy, C.W., 2007:
Characteristics of patients hospitalized with acute decompensated heart failure who are referred for hospice care

Anonymous, 2006:
Characteristics of patients presenting with inflammatory arthritis to a musculoskeletal disease clinic in Dubai

C.T.ng; A.K.walramani; M.E.B.llinger; C.V.bbert, 2008:
Characteristics of patients undergoing oral food challenges in an urban medical center

Sekeres, M.A.; Kantarjian, H.; List, A.; Schoonen, M.; Fryzek, J.; Paquette, R.; Maciejewski, J.P., 2007:
Characteristics of patients with Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) in

Nishimagi, E.; Tochimoto, A.; Kawaguchi, Y.; Satoh, T.; Kuwana, M.; Takagi, K.; Ichida, H.; Kanno, T.; Soejima, M.; Baba, S.; Kamatani, N.; Hara, M., 2007:
Characteristics of patients with early systemic sclerosis and severe gastrointestinal tract involvement

Seren, S.; Bayraktar, U.D.; Ehrinpreis, M.N., 2007:
Characteristics of patients with reflux esophagitis, non-erosive reflux disease and functional heartburn

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of patients with stage I follicular lymphoma (FL) selected for watchful waiting (WW) in the US: Report from the National LymphoCare Study (NLCS)

Efanov, GV., 1980:
Characteristics of peled males matured for the first time

Jenkins, Andrew, R., 2000:
Characteristics of peregrine and lanner falcon nesting habitats in South Africa

Dekker, D., 1979:
Characteristics of peregrine falcons migrating through central Alberta, 1969-1978

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of perforated gastroduodenal ulcers found in military

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of perforated gastroduodenal ulcers found in military men of the urgent service

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of perimenstrual headache

Gorbunov, E.F.; Tsinzerling, V.A.; Semenov, N.V., 2007:
Characteristics of perinatal visceral lesions caused by chlamydia trachomatis

Lewis, RA., 1981:
Characteristics of persistent and transient territorial sites of male blue grouse

LiHePing; ShiShengBo; LiuYuPing; HanFa; WuXueMing, 2008:
Characteristics of photosynthesis and thermal dissipation in Mentha haplocalyx Briq. in Qinghai

Nikulina, VN., 1997:
Characteristics of phytoplanktonic communities in clear water acidic and humic lakes of southern Karelia

Wakeling, B.F.; Rogers, T.D., 1995:
Characteristics of pinon-juniper habitats selected for feeding by wintering Merriam's turkey

Jolliffe, R., 1983:
Characteristics of plain willow warbler

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of planktonic and biofilm cultures of Pseudomonas fluorescens grown on 2-fluorobenzoate

Liu-Fangyan; Zhu-Hua; Shi-Jipu; Chen-Xiaoming, 2007:
Characteristics of plant communities and their soil fertilities in dry-hot valley of Yuanjiang county, Yunnan, China

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of plasma membrane electron transport system in Leishmania donovani promastigotes UR6

Iakovleva, LP., 1985:
Characteristics of pollen collection and flower specialization of various races of honeybees

Novitsky, Ruslan, V., 1996:
Characteristics of polymorphism in the common frog (Rana temporaria) in Byelorussia

Ilinskaya, NB., 1984:
Characteristics of polytene chromosomes with different compactization degrees in larvae of Chironomus plumosus from a natural population

Camphuysen, CJ., 1992:
Characteristics of pomarine skuas stranded in the Netherlands in 1985

Perepelkina, N.U.; Altuhova, L.V., 2007:
Characteristics of populational health of orenburg region inhabitants

Dulic, B.; Mrakovcic, M.; Tvrtkovic, N., 1985:
Characteristics of populations of Sorex alpinus from some regions in Yugoslavia

Alimov, AF., 1992:
Characteristics of populations, communities of hydrobionts and the mass of animals

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of postmenopausal women treated with PTH(1-84) in the hypercalcemia and hypercalciuria

Clarke, S.; Mitchell, G., 1982:
Characteristics of predation by captive primates

Ooi, C.Huey.; Chetty, M.; Teng, S.Wei., 2007:
Characteristics of predictor sets found using differential prioritization

Anonymous, 2008:
Characteristics of pregnancies and offspring following transfer of bovine in vivo embryos assessed by nanorespirometry

Yamakawa, H.; Nonaka, M., 1988:
Characteristics of preserves for Japanese spiny lobster Panulirus japonicus (von Siebold)

Anonymous, 2008:
Characteristics of primary care patients referred to nutritionist and predictors of attendance

Anonymous, 2008:
Characteristics of primary care practices that have adopted strategies to improve the quality of care

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of primary cutaneous B-cell lymphomas: Clinicopathologic features, immunophenotypic profile and prognostic factors

Kikuchi, S-I.; Makino, N., 1990:
Characteristics of progression of squamation and the formation of ctenii in the Japanese flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus

Bregetova, NG., 1978:
Characteristics of progressive evolution in the family Spinturnicidae (Acarina, Mesostigmata, Gamasina).

Okotie, O.T.; Roehl, K.A.; Han, M.; Loeb, S.; Gashti, S.N.; Catalona, W.J., 2007:
Characteristics of prostate cancer detected by digital rectal examination only

Meeks, J.J.L.eb, S.; Kan, D.; Helfand, B.T.S.ith, N.D.G.iffin, C.R.C.talona, W.J., 2008:
Characteristics of prostate cancers detected at low PSA values

Koloskova, TG.; Shishova-Kasatochkina, OA., 1986:
Characteristics of proteolytic enzymes of nematodes of varying localization in relation to the problem of adaptation to parasitization.

Emshoff, Rüdiger.; Kranewitter, R.; Brunold, S.; Laimer, K.; Norer, B., 2008:
Characteristics of pulpal blood flow levels associated with non-segmented and segmented Le Fort I osteotomy

Moon, TW.; Hulbert, WC., 1980:
Characteristics of pyruvate kinases isolated from tissues of the American eel Anguilla rostrata le Sueur

Cai Lizhe.; Tam, N.F.; Wong, Y., 1998:
Characteristics of quantitative distribution and species composition of macrozoobenthos in mangrove stands in eastern Hong Kong

Weigl, M.; Grabner, M.; Helle, G.; Schleser, G.H.; Wimmer, R., 2008:
Characteristics of radial growth and stable isotopes in a single oak tree to be used in climate studies

Sulerzhitskii, LD., 1995:
Characteristics of radiocarbon chronology of the woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) of Siberia and north of eastern Europe

Han, L.; Zhuang, G.; Cheng, S.; Wang, Y.; Li, J., 2007:
Characteristics of re-suspended road dust and its impact on the atmospheric environment in Beijing

Ogawa, Y.; Nakasuga, T., 1988:
Characteristics of recent immigration trend and occurrence of the rice planthoppers in Nagasaki Prefecture

Gribakin, FG., 1981:
Characteristics of receptor signal transmission in vertebrates

Cutrona, S.L.; Woolhandler, S.; Lasser, K.E.; Bor, D.H.; McCormick, D.; Himmelstein, D.U., 2008:
Characteristics of recipients of free prescription drug samples: a nationally representative analysis

Shapiro, AE., 1983:
Characteristics of red-cockaded woodpecker cavity trees and colony areas in southern Florida

Woodrey, MS., 1986:
Characteristics of red-shouldered hawk nests in southeast Ohio

Morris, MMJ.; Penak, BL.; Lemon, RE.; Bird, DM., 1982:
Characteristics of red-shouldered hawk, Buteo lineatus, nest sites in southwestern Quebec

Tietje, W.D.; Bloom, P.H.; Vreeland, J.K., 1997:
Characteristics of red-tailed hawk nest sites in oak woodlands of central California

Liu, W.; Wan, X.; Wang, G.; Zhong, W.; Liu, W., 2003:
Characteristics of relative fatness in Mongolian gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus) in different ages and seasons

Khachunts, AS.; Belekhova, MG., 1986:
Characteristics of representations of auditory and somatosensory systems in the thalamus of turtles: an electrophysiological study

Belskii, E.; Bezel, V.; Lyakhov, A., 1995:
Characteristics of reproductive indices of birds nesting in tree hollows in conditions of technological pollution

Kaneko, T.; Okiji, T.; Kaneko, R.; Suda, H., 2007:
Characteristics of resident dendritic cells in various regions of rat periodontal ligament

Briggs, SV.; Thornton, SA.; Hodgson, PF., 1993:
Characteristics of river red gums used by nesting waterbirds

Hale, PE.; Johnson, AS.; Landers, JL., 1982:
Characteristics of ruffed grouse drumming sites in Georgia

DeStefano, S.; Rusch, DH., 1984:
Characteristics of ruffed grouse drumming sites in northeastern Wisconsin

Schulz, JW.; Bakke, EL.; Gulke, JF., 1989:
Characteristics of ruffed grouse drumming sites in the Turtle Mountains, North Dakota

Salo, LJ., 1978:
Characteristics of ruffed grouse drumming sites in western Washington and their relevance to management

Masuko, T.; Kameyama, Y.; Yokohama, M.; Ishijima, Y., 1992:
Characteristics of rumen contents in Yeso sika deer (Cervus nippon yesoensis)

Ning-Nan, Z.; Da-Ping, X.; Morris, J.; Zeng-Jiang, Y.; Guang-Yi, Z., 2007:
Characteristics of sap flux density and water use of Pinus caribaea plantation in dry season on the Leizhou peninsula

Wheeler, WE.; March, JR., 1979:
Characteristics of scattered wetlands in relation to duck production in southeastern Wisconsin

Kanehiro, H.; Suzuki, M.; Matuda, K., 1985:
Characteristics of schooling behavior by the group size of rose bitterling in the experimental water tank

Anonymous, 2006:
Characteristics of scleroderma patients with secondary Sjogren's syndrome and Sjogren's syndrome overlapping

Borzecka, I., 2003:
Characteristics of sea trout (Salmo trutta m. trutta) from the Drweca River based on scale samples collected between 1988-1992

Vinogradova, EB.; Bogdanova, TP., 1989:
Characteristics of seasonal development of Zygogramma suturalis F

Hashimoto, Y.; Inokuchi, M., 1981:
Characteristics of second order neurons in the dace retina: physiological and morphological studies

Iwakuma, Toshio., 1995:
Characteristics of secondary productivity of chironomid larvae in a pool of Miyatoko Mire

Anonymous, 2008:
Characteristics of seed plant flora in Chongqing, China

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of selected biofuels produced from solid biomass

Labudzki, Leslaw., 1993:
Characteristics of selected biometrical features in the red deer (Cervus elaphus L.) in Wielkopolska.

Maher, W.; Baldwin, S.; Deaker, M.; Irving, M., 1992:
Characteristics of selenium in Australian marine biota

Wasaka, T.; Kida, T.; Nakata, H.; Akatsuka, K.; Kakigi, R., 2007:
Characteristics of sensori-motor interaction in the primary and secondary somatosensory cortices in humans: a magnetoencephalography study

Artyukhin, EN.; Sukhoparova, AD.; Fimukhina, LG., 1978:
Characteristics of sex glands in sturgeon Acipenser gueldenstaedti Brandt, from the area below the dam of the Volgograd Hydrosystem

Kazakov, RV.; Voloshenko, BV., 1979:
Characteristics of sexual products of the muksun males reared in water bodies of the north west

Baydack, RK., 1988:
Characteristics of sharp-tailed grouse, Tympanuchus phasianellus, leks in the parklands of Manitoba

Okoshi, K.; Mori, K.; Nomura, T., 1987:
Characteristics of shell chamber formation between the two local races in the Japanese oyster, Crassostrea gigas

Sato-Okoshi, W.; Okoshi, K., 2008:
Characteristics of shell microstructure and growth analysis of the Antarctic bivalve Laternula elliptica from Lutzow-Holm Bay, Antarctica

Anonymous, 2005:
Characteristics of shiga toxin-, intimin- and hemolysin-producing Escherichia coli ONT : H25 commonly isolated from healthy cattle

Bauer, U.; Dudel, J.; Hatt, H., 1981:
Characteristics of single chemoreceptive units sensitive to amino acids and related substances in the crayfish leg

Lasater, E.M., 1991:
Characteristics of single-channels activated by quisqualate and kainate in teleost retinal horizontal cells

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of site-specific modified Legionella pneumophila Pad mutants in the protozoan host Acanthamoeba castellanii

Kiseleva, MI., 1978:
Characteristics of size composition of bivalve mollusc populations inhabiting different zones of a biotope

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of skin melanoma and determination of efficacy of its treatment by cytogenetic criteria

Dorofeewa, EA.; Kazakov, RV.; Ilyenkova, SA.; Urbanas, EV., 1989:
Characteristics of skull morphology of the Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L., brown trout Salmo trutta and their hybrids

Akhtar, N.; Bargali, H.-Singh; Chauhan, N.P.S., 2007:
Characteristics of sloth bear day dens and use in disturbed and unprotected habitat of North Bilaspur Forest Division, Chhattisgarh, central India

Lee, E.-Jae; Lee, W.-Shin; Rhim, S.-Jae, 2008:
Characteristics of small rodent populations in post-fire silvicultural management stands within pine forest

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of smoker adolescents seeking smoking cessation services FT Caracteristiques des adolescents fumeurs s'adressant aux consultations de tabacologie

Welsh, CJE.; Howard, R.A.; Jr., 1983:
Characteristics of snags influencing their selection by cavity-nesting birds

Adams, D.J.; Gage, P.W., 1979:
Characteristics of sodium and calcium conductance changes produced by membrane depolarization in an Aplysia neurone

Dziuba, S.; Madej, G.; Zbikowska, K., 1979:
Characteristics of soil Acarina in a beech forest reserve

Tong-Chuan; Dong-Yan, 2007:
Characteristics of soil carbon pool in urban ecosystem

Chen-Qing-Qiang; Shen-Cheng-De; Sun-Yan-Min; Yi-Wej-Xi; Xing-Chang-Ping, 2007:
Characteristics of soil organic carbon and its isotopic compositions

Park, H-Seo.; Kim, I-Tae.; Cho, Y-Zun.; Eun, H-Chul.; Kim, J-Hyung., 2007:
Characteristics of solidified products containing radioactive molten salt waste

Halsted, DC., 1980:
Characteristics of some cowries from Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar

Kuzmina, VV.; Kuzmina, EG., 1991:
Characteristics of some digestive enzymes of the sterlet, Acipenser ruthenus

Prather, J.W.; Smith, K.G.; Mlodinow, M.A.; Riley, C.M., 2000:
Characteristics of some fruiting plant species in northwest Arkansas, and the avian assemblages that feed on them

Bach, C.; Dallai, R.; Fanciulli, PP.; Gaju, M., 1986:
Characteristics of some species of Catamachilis (Insecta, Apterygota) observed under scanning electron microscope

Trunov, IA., 1984:
Characteristics of some species of the genus Coelorhynchus Giorna (Osteichthyes, Macrouridae) from the southeast Atlantic. Report 2

Fujita, Kaoru., 1992:
Characteristics of song duration of the varied tit Parus varius

Xi, R-h. et al., 1990:
Characteristics of sound structure of acridoids from Changbaishan Nature Sanctuary

Labutin, YuV., 1988:
Characteristics of spatial distribution and behaviour of the alpine hare (Lepus timidus L.) in Yakutia regarded as species adaptations to north conditions

Hutchinson, P.; Mills, DH., 1987:
Characteristics of spawning-run smelt, Osmerus eperlanus (L.), from a Scottish river with recommendations for their conservation and management

Zhang, J.-xu.; Cao, Y.-ping., 1999:
Characteristics of species and age composition of rodents fed by Asio otus in winter

Schwartz, S.M., 1989:
Characteristics of spontaneous obesity in the Cayo Santiago rhesus macaque: preliminary report

Odate, T.; Sakaoka, K.-ichiro.; Kajiwara, Y.; Imai, K.; Kobayashi, N.; Meguro, T.; Fukuchi, M., 1999:
Characteristics of standard methods of Norpac net towing in the high latitude sea area II. Overtowing under rough sea conditions and estimation of zooplankton abundance

Adegoke, GO., 1986:
Characteristics of staphylococci from man, poultry and some other animals

Bakanov, AI.; Kiyashko, VI., 1980:
Characteristics of statistical processes used for calculation of fish food objects.

Wu, S.; Li, Q.; Wang, W., 1988:
Characteristics of stratigraphical and faunal changes near the Permo-Triassic boundary in the Huayingshan area, Sichuan Province

Sha, Jin-geng., 1998:
Characteristics of stratigraphy and palaeontology of Hohxil, Qinghai: geographic significance

Scrivener, J.Charles, 1994:
Characteristics of streambed gravels and transported bedload in Takla Lake and Middle River tributaries and relationships with spawning sockeye salmon

Soni, VC.; Prasad, BHH., 1988:
Characteristics of striated muscle fibres and their possible relation to growth in Channa punctatus

Boey, R.A.; Wuyts, F.L.; Van de Heyning, P.H.; De Bodt, M.S.; Heylen, L., 2007:
Characteristics of stuttering-like disfluencies in Dutch-speaking children

Vaitkus, G.; Vaitkuviene, D.; Zalakevicius, M.; Svazas, S., 1994:
Characteristics of summer bird migration in the Lithuanian coast of the Baltic Sea

Abanmi, A.; Bakheshwain, S.; E.K.izzi, N.; Zouman, A.Rahman.; Hantirah, S.; A.H.rthi, F.; A.J.mal, M.; Rizvi, S.Sadaf.; Ahmad, M.; Tariq, M., 2008:
Characteristics of superficial fungal infections in the Riyadh region of Saudi Arabia

Fox, GA.; Boersma, D., 1984:
Characteristics of supernormal ring-billed gull clutches and their attending adults

Dalla Venezia, L.; Fossato, VU.; Scarfi, S., 1981:
Characteristics of suspensions of PCB Aroclor 1254 and Corexit 7664 and their short- and long-term effects of Tisbe bulbisetosa

Jayasinghe, G.-Yugantha; Tokashiki, Y.; Kitou, M., 2008:
Characteristics of synthetic soil aggregates produced by mixing acidic Kunigami Mahji soil with coal fly ash and their utilization as a medium for crop growth

Hofmann, W., 1979:
Characteristics of syntopic populations of Eudiaptomus gracilis (Sars) and E. graciloides (Lilljeborg) in three lakes of different trophic levels

Hofmann, W., 1978:
Characteristics of syntopic populations of Eudiaptomus gracilis (Sars) and E. graciloides (Lilljeborg) in three lakes with different trophic level

Anonymous, 2007:
Characteristics of systemic vasculitis in progressive systemic sclerosis - A retrospective clinicopathologic study of 11 autopsy patients

Lu, T-Jang.; Lin, J-Hua.; Chen, J-Ci.; Chang, Y-Ho., 2008:
Characteristics of taro (Colocasia esculenta) starches planted in different seasons and their relations to the molecular structure of starch

Johnsen, R.; Espmark, Y.; Pedersen, HC.; Steen, JB., 1991:
Characteristics of territorial and mating calls in willow ptarmigan Lagopus l. lagopus

Billy, AJ., 1987:
Characteristics of testosterone-sensitive period in development of a unisexual lizard, Cnemidophorus uniparens (Teiidae)

Gerasimchuk, VV., 1986:
Characteristics of the Antarctic sidestripe Pleurogramma antarctica Boulenger (Nototheniidae) from Olaf Prudes Bay (Commonwealth Sea, eastern Antarctic) with additions to the diagnosis of the species

Graham, JJ.; Joule, BJ.; Crosby, CL., 1984:
Characteristics of the Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus L.) spawning population along the Maine coast, inferred from larval studies

Anonymous, 1977:
Characteristics of the Bashkirian bees

Heie, Ole, E., 1995:
Characteristics of the Danish aphid fauna.

Anonymous, 2006:
Characteristics of the HPr kinase/phosphorylase from Leuconostoc mesenteroides SY1 isolated from kimchi, traditional Korean fermented vegetable food

Sanchez Hernandez, L., 2002:
Characteristics of the Iberian wild goat Capra pyrenaica hispanica of Madrona and Sierra Quintana (Spain). The success of private management

Raspopov, IM., 1989:
Characteristics of the Lake Ladoga ecosystem

Lin Jinyan, 1994:
Characteristics of the Late Devonian organic reef in Sanlixia, Zhen'an, Shaanxi Province and its control over the occurrence of Pb-Zn deposits

Qi, M.; Luo, L.; Cheng, H.; Zhu, J.; Yu, G., 2008:
Characteristics of the LrhA subfamily of transcriptional regulators from Sinorhizobium meliloti

Schwarz, W.; Gu, Q.B., 1988:
Characteristics of the Na+/K+-ATPase from Torpedo californica expressed in Xenopus oocytes: a combination of tracer flux measurements with electrophysiological measurements

Beeckman, W. de Bont, AF., 1985:
Characteristics of the Nam Ngum Reservoir eco-system as deduced from the food of the most important fish-species

Yang, Fengqing., 1992:
Characteristics of the Namurian dysaerobic biofacies from Zhongwei and Zhongning regions, Ningxia, China

Sosinski, J., 1978:
Characteristics of the North Sea spurdog (Squalus acanthias L.) stock

Zhang-Wancheng; Xiao-Ziniu; Zheng-Jianmeng; Ren-Juzhang, 2007:
Characteristics of the Nujiang River runoff for a long term and its response to climate change

Uowolo, A., L.; Denslow, J., S., 2008:
Characteristics of the Psidium cattleianum (myrtaceae) seed bank in Hawaiian lowland wet forests

Tsibuls'ka, GM.; Pastukh, SK., 1978:
Characteristics of the Trichogramma haemocytes

Dionne, V.E.; Parsons, R.L., 1981:
Characteristics of the acetylcholine-operated channel at twitch and slow fibre neuromuscular junctions of the garter snake

Gashev, A.A.; Wang, W.; Laine, G.A.; Stewart, R.H.; Zawieja, D.C., 2007:
Characteristics of the active lymph pump in bovine prenodal mesenteric lymphatics

Collins, M.R.; Smith, T.I., 1993:
Characteristics of the adult segment of the Savannah River population of shortnose sturgeon

Afeichuk, LS.; Didenko, EM., 2000:
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Characteristics of the electric reactions of the acoustical nerve and cochlear nucleus of vespertilionidae and Rhinolophidae on change of the stimulus presentation angle

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Characteristics of the embryonic-larval development of the hybrid between carp Cyprinus carpio and Korean sawbelly Hemiculter eigenmanni

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Characteristics of the emergence of Monochamus alternatus, the vector of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (Nematoda : Aphelenchoididae), from Pinus thunbergii logs in Nanjing, China, and of the transmission of

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Characteristics of the menstrual cycle in nonhuman primates 2. Ovulation and optimal mating times in macaques

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Characteristics of the monovoltibe seasonal cycle and obligate diapause in a nictuid moth Charanyca trigrammica Hufn. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)

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Characteristics of the optimum combination of synthetic soils by plant

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Characteristics of the optomotor reaction of fishes acted upon by a pulsed electric field

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Characteristics of the organization of internal control in agricultural credit cooperatives

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Characteristics of the pathogens: Gram-positive bacteria

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Characteristics of the surface of the epidermis in floral nectaries

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Characteristics of the surface of the epidermis in floral nectaries and the receptacle of mountain ash (Sorbus aucuparia L.)

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Characteristik of reproductive ability of pike perch females from South Surkhan Reservoir

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Characteristiques de la composition et de la physiologie des peuplements hauturiers de zooplancton et micronecton de Golfe de Guinee

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Characteristiques ecologiques des cilies de la riviere Maritza

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Characteristis and distribution of Illex illecebrosus

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Characteristization of the development, severity and destructivity of the most serious diseases and pests of industrial plants in Poland

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Characterizatioin of the signaling complex that mediates osteoclastic activation

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Characterization Salmonella Heidelberg from retail meat samples: National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (NARMS): 2002-2004

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Characterization and 16S rDNA identification of thermo-tolerant bacteria isolated from hot springs

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Characterization and Subtyping of Campylobacter jejuni with different antibiotic susceptibility profiles isolated from Turkeys in North Carolina, USA

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Characterization and antibiotic resistance of a 'gliding bacterium' isolated from sheathfish fry (Silurus glanis L.)

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Characterization and antimicrobial activity of natural isolate Lactococcus lactis subsp lactis BGSM1-19 FT KARAKTERIZACIJA I ANTIMIKROBNA AKTIVNOST PRIRODNOG IZOLATA LACTOCOCCUS LACTIS SUBSP. LACTIS BGSM1-19

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Anonymous, 2007:
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Anonymous, 2008:
Characterization and evaluation of natural copal gum-resin as film forming material

Anonymous, 2007:
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Characterization and expression analysis of soybean genes for phosphate transporters

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Anonymous, 2007:
Characterization and identification of dry heat resistant Bacillus isolates

Anonymous, 2005:
Characterization and identification of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli

Anonymous, 2005:
Characterization and identification of three Bacillus spp, not of the Bacillus cereus group, that contain Bacillus anthracis pX02 genes and ORFs

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Anonymous, 2006:
Characterization and immunologic studies of the Cryptococcus neoformans capsular polysaccharide component galactoxylomannan (GalXM)

Anonymous, 2007:
Characterization and immunomodulatory activity of polysaccharides isolated from Artemisia tripartita

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Characterization and isolation of DNA microsatellite primers in wood mice (Apodemus sylvaticus, Rodentia)

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Characterization and isolation of microsatellite loci from the endangered North Atlantic right whale

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Characterization and localization of the Mr=43,000 proteins associated with acetylcholine receptor-rich membranes

Anonymous, 2007:
Characterization and localization of the nonhemolytic phospholipase C of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Anonymous, 2006:
Characterization and lytic activity of lysin of Streptococcus equi bacteriophage P9

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Characterization and management of the commercial sector of the Pohnpei coral reef fishery, Micronesia

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Characterization and microarray analysis of genes in human lymphatic endothelial cells from patients with breast cancer

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Characterization and mode of action of peptides from the corpus cardiacum that stimulate proctodeal muscle in Periplaneta americana

Anonymous, 2005:
Characterization and optimization of a rapid concentration approach Potential applications for bio-threat agents

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Characterization and partial purification of arylsulfatase from the seminal plasma of the sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus intermedius

Anonymous, 2007:
Characterization and phylogenetic analysis of control region of mitochondrial from Takifugu fasciatus

Anonymous, 2006:
Characterization and phylogenetic analysis of novel Spiroplasma sp.

Anonymous, 2007:
Characterization and physicochemical treatment of wastewater from rubber processing factory

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Characterization and physiological function of royal jelly proteins

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Anonymous, 2008:
Characterization and potential use of truncated PCV2 capsid protein

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Characterization and potential use of truncated PCV2 capsid protein and its polyclonal antibody for diagnosis of PCV2 infections

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Characterization and protection on acute liver injury of a polysaccharide MP-I from Mytilus coruscus

Anonymous, 2007:
Characterization and proteomic analysis of a polyunsaturated fatty acids producing fungus, Mortierella alpina

Anonymous, 2006:
Characterization and purification of acrylamidase isolated from the acrylamide-degrading thermophilic bacterium, Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius

Anonymous, 2005:
Characterization and purification of acrylarnidase isolated from the acrylamide-degrading bacterium, Ralstonia eutropha

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Characterization and purification of biliverdin reductase from the liver of eel, Anguilla japonica

Anonymous, 2005:
Characterization and quantification of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in eutrophic coastal marine sediments using 16S rRNA-based approaches and immunofluorescence staining

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Characterization and quantification of methanogenic and methanotrophic bacteria in petroleum contaminated groundwater samples

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Anonymous, 2005:
Characterization and regulation of a S-cerevisiae monothiol glutaredoxin (Grx6) gene and its expression in S-pombe

Anonymous, 2007:
Characterization and regulation of the human TBX22 promoter

Anonymous, 2006:
Characterization and role of ellagitannins of oak wood during the ageing of red wines - interaction with bacteria

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Characterization and selection of hexaploid wheats containing resistance to Heterodera avenae or Mayetiola destructor introgressed from Aegilops

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Characterization and sequence homologies of the DNA of xenosomes and related particles

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Characterization and signature pattern analysis of Korean clade HIV-1 using nef gene sequences

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Characterization and source presumption of wintertime submicron organic aerosols at Saitama, Japan, using the Aerodyne aerosol mass spectrometer

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Characterization and sources of PAHs and potentially toxic metals in urban environments of sevilla (Southern Spain)

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Characterization and stability evaluation of beta-carotene nanoemulsions prepared by high pressure homogenization under various emulsifying conditions

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Characterization and stage-specific change of proteins during the embryonic development of silkworm Bombyx mori

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Characterization and structural analysis of novel mutations in human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase involved in the regulation of resistance to nonnucleoside inhibitors

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Characterization and structural analysis of reassembled chlorosomes

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Characterization and structural modeling of a novel thermostable glycine oxidase from Geabacilus kausuiphilus HTA426

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Characterization and structure analysis of a novel bacteriocin, lacticin Z, produced by Lactococcus lactis QU 14

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Characterization and susceptibility to antiviral agents of herpes simplex virus type 1 containing a unique thymidine kinase gene with an amber codon between the first and the second initiation codons

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Characterization and synaptic connectivity of melanopsin-containing ganglion cells in the primate retina

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Characterization and taxonomic classification of S85, a new Microsporidia, isolated from the silkworm, Bombyx mori L

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Characterization and tissue-specific expression of phosphatidylcholine transfer protein gene from amphioxus Branchiostoma belcheri

Anonymous, 2005:
Characterization and transcriptomic analysis of so4312 and so3778 deletion strains in Shewanella oneidensis

de Andrade Lima, L.R.P.; Bernardez, L.A.; Barbosa, L.A.D., 2007:
Characterization and treatment of artisanal gold mine tailings

Anonymous, 2006:
Characterization and trends of Steptococcus agalactiae infections in a VA hospital population

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Characterization and use of an unprecedentedly bright and structurally non-perturbing fluorescent DNA base analogue

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Characterization and use of the NSC-34 cell line for study of neurotrophin receptor trafficking

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Characterization and variability of isolated Ascosphaera sp. (ascomycotin) in hives of Apis mellifera, in the south-east of the Buenos Aires Province

Sun, F.; Chen, J.; Zhong, L.; Zhang, X-hua.; Wang, R.; Guo, Q.; Dong, Y., 2008:
Characterization and virulence retention of viable but nonculturable Vibrio harveyi

Anonymous, 2007:
Characterization by both analytical and genotoxicological approaches of the gas effluents and clinkers produced by a specific incinerator

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Characterization by immunocytochemistry of ionic channels in Helix aspersa suboesophageal brain ganglia neurons

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Characterization by numerical taxonomy and ribotyping of Vibrio spendidus biovar 1 and Vibrio scopthalmi strains associated with turbot cultures

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Characterization for the soluble protein antigens derived from four developmental stages of Periplaneta fuliginosa

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Characterization in vitro of H+ secretion and H+: Na+ exchange by an organism normally inhabiting a CO2-rich environment: Hymendepis diminuta

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Characterization of (E,E)-farnesol and its fatty acid esters from anal scent glands of nutria (Myocastor coypus) by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and gas chromatography-infrared spectrometry

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Characterization of -adrenoceptors responsible for venom production in the venom gland of the snake Bothrops jararaca

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Characterization of -crystallin from a catfish: structural characterization of one major isoform with high methionine by cDNA sequencing

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Characterization of -crystallins from a hybrid teleostean fish: multiplicity of isoforms as revealed by cDNA sequence analysis

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Characterization of -crystallins from eye lenses of shark: closer structural similarity to mammalian than other piscine -crystallins

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Characterization of -glutamyl transpeptidase from the Rathke's gland secretions of Kemp's ridley sea turtles (Lepidochelys kempi)

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