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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 20800

Chapter 20800 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Brom, T.G.; Dekker, R.W.R.J., 1992:
Current studies on megapode phylogeny

Imaizumi, K.; Hara, H.; Ito, Y.; Takuma, K.; Nunomura, A., 2007:
Current studies on neuronal death and neurodegenerative diseases

Tamaki, A., 1986:
Current studies on species interactions and community ecology of macrobenthos in intertidal flats: a review

Sheng, H.; Lu, H., 1980:
Current studies on the rare Chinese black muntjac

Barry, S.J.; Jennings, M.R.; Smith, H.M., 1996:
Current subspecific names for western Thamnophis sirtalis

Kaiser, A.D.; Applegate, K.E.; Ladd, A.P., 2007:
Current success in the treatment of intussusception in children

Chessick, C.A.; Perlick, D.A.; Miklowitz, D.J.; Kaczynski, R.; Allen, M.H.; Morris, C.D.; Marangell, L.B., 2007:
Current suicide ideation and prior suicide attempts of bipolar patients as influences on caregiver burden

Anonymous, 2007:
Current survey of Ephedra stands (Ephedra helvetica, Ephedraceae, Gnetales) in South Tyrol FT Aktuelle Bestandsaufnahme des Meertraubels (Ephedra helvetica, Ephedraceae, Gnetales) in Sudtirol

Norsk Ornitologisk Forening., 1982:
Current tasks and measures in oil pollution situations.

Mires, D., 1983:
Current techniques for the mass production of tilapia hybrids as practiced at Ein Hamifratz fish hatchery

Zantop, T.; Kubo, S.; Petersen, W.; Musahl, V.; Fu, F.H., 2007:
Current techniques in anatomic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Anonymous, 2007:
Current technology for estrous synchronization and timed insemination of gilts.

Sokolov, VE.; Bolshakov, VN.; Shilov, IA.; Chernova, OF., 1986:
Current tendencies in mammalian ecology

Sergeev, MG.; Stolyarov, MV., 1997:
Current tendencies in studies on the ecology and biological diversity of orthopteran insects of Russia.

Katz, B.; Patel, P.; Duffy, L.; Waites, K.B., 2005:
Current tetracycline susceptibilities for Ureaplasma species in the United States

Dae Jae Kim; Joon Sang Lee, 2007:
Current theories for mechanism of stomatal opening: Influence of blue light, mesophyll cells, and sucrose

Toft, CA., 1991:
Current theory of host-parasite interactions

Nakano, T., 2008:
Current therapies for malignant pleural mesothelioma

Pakalnis, A., 2007:
Current therapies in childhood and adolescent migraine

O'Connor, RJ., 1990:
Current thinking on United Kingdom bird monitoring

Marelli, DC., 1981:
Current thoughts on the systematic status of members of the bivalve genus Mytilopsis Conrad, 1857

van den Elzen, R.; Schuchmann, K-L.; Schmidt-Koenig, K., 1990:
Current topics in avian biology. Proceedings of the International Centennial Meeting of the Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft

Taft, C.A.; D.S.lva, V.Barreto.; D.S.lva, C.Henrique.Tomich.De.Paula., 2008:
Current topics in computer-aided drug design

Corbet, P S. ., 1986:
Current topics in dragonfly biology

Bhaskaran, G.; Friedman, S.; Rodriguez, JG., 1981:
Current topics in insect endocrinology and nutrition. A tribute to Gottfried S. Fraenkel

Zimmermann, E.; Newman, J.D.; Jurgens, U., 1995:
Current topics in primate vocal communication

Gosliner, T.M. .; Chaney, H.W. ., 1995:
Current topics in the biogeography of mollusks symposium

Araya, K.; Kon, M., 1996:
Current topics of the phylogeny of the families of Scarabaeoidea (Coleoptera)

Kitamura, C., 1988:
Current topics on insect sex pheromone studies in Republic of China (Taiwan)

D.R.nzi, M. .; Vicente Pardo Alonso, M. .; Belinchon, M. .; Penalver, E. .; Montoya, P. .; Marquez-Aliaga, A. ., 2002:
Current topics on taphonomy and fossilization

Yamane, Seiki., 1997:
Current topics on the food habits of ants

Fujioka, Masayuki., 2003:
Current topics on the scarabaeid beetles of the world (1)

Chaudhary, R.; Clarke, P., 2007:
Current transfusion practices for platelets and fresh, frozen plasma in UK tertiary level neonatal units

Anonymous, 2007:
Current treatment approaches in a population-based sample with hand osteoarthritis: Comparison with EULAR recommendations

Iser, D.M.; Sasadeusz, J.J., 2008:
Current treatment of HIV/hepatitis B virus coinfection

Anonymous, 2007:
Current treatment of diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats FT A kutyak es a macskak emberre atterjedo betegsegeinek kockazata a jelenlegi megiteles szerint

Dusheiko, G.; Antonakopoulos, N., 2007:
Current treatment of hepatitis B

Markowitz, J., 2007:
Current treatment of inflammatory bowel disease in children

Moellering, R.C., 2008:
Current treatment options for community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection

Aristoteles, A.N.G.agounidis; Ulrich Germing; Carlo Aul, 2007:
Current treatment strategies in low-risk myelodysplastic syndromes

Ng, K.K.; Poon, R.T., 2007:
Current treatment strategy for hepatocellular carcinoma

Anonymous, 2007:
Current treatments of dermatomyositis and polymyositis FT Aktuelle Therapien der Dermatomyositis und Polymyositis

Louette, M., 1987:
Current trends in African ornithological research

Rhona Mahony; Michael E. Foley; Colm O’Herlihy, 2007:
Current trends in Irish perinatal mortality

Beamish, RJ.; McFarlane, GA., 1987:
Current trends in age determination methodology

Mehendiratta, V.; DiMarino, A.J.; Cohen, S., 2007:
Current trends in clinical utility of esophageal motility studies

Lofts, B.; Holmes, WN., 1985:
Current trends in comparative endocrinology. Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Comparative Endocrinology, Hong Kong, 7-11 December 1981. Volume two

Lofts, B.; Holmes, WN., 1985:
Current trends in comparative endocrinology. Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Comparative Endocrinology. Hong-Kong, 7-11 December 1981. Volume one

Webb-Robertson, B-Jo.M.; Cannon, W.R., 2007:
Current trends in computational inference from mass spectrometry-based proteomics

Cheng, Y.; Wu, X.; Yang, X.; Hines, A.H., 2008:
Current trends in hatchery techniques and stock enhancement for Chinese mitten crab, Eriocheir japonica sinensis

Anonymous, 2008:
Current trends in human genomic science in relation to the dissection of human variation.

Walker, RJ., 1982:
Current trends in invertebrate neuropharmacology

Gladden, L.Bruce., 2008:
Current trends in lactate metabolism: introduction

Berlim, M.T.; Fleck, M.P.; Turecki, G., 2008:
Current trends in the assessment and somatic treatment of resistant/refractory major depression: an overview

Brilli, M.; Fani, R.; Liò, P., 2007:
Current trends in the bioinformatic sequence analysis of metabolic pathways in prokaryotes

Anonymous, 2008:
Current trends in the development of sports shoes FT Aktuelle Trends in der Sportschuhentwricklung

Salaj, J., 1987:
Current trends in the stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous units and their application in the West Carpathians.

Anonymous, 2008:
Current trends in the therapy for ankylosing spondylitis - Results of a patient survey FT Aktuelle Trends in Diagnosestellung und Therapie der Spondylitis ankylosans - Ergebnisse einer Patientenbefragung

Anonymous, 2007:
Current trends in ureteroscopic practice

Chakraborty, N.; Mukherjee, A.; Santra, S.; Sarkar, R.Nath.; Banerjee, D.; Guha, S.Kamal.; Chakraborty, S.; Bhattacharyya, S.Kumar., 2008:
Current trends of opportunistic infections among HIV-seropositive patients from Eastern India

Mazboudi, O.; Lababidi, H.M., 2007:
Current trends of prophylaxis for deep vein thrombosis in a tertiary care hospital in Lebanon

Tu, S-Ming.; Lin, S-Hwa., 2008:
Current trials using bone-targeting agents in prostate cancer

Desai, A., 2007:
Current understanding of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

Aoba, T.; Yagishita, H., 1995:
Current understanding of structure, properties, and function of amelogenin

Tagawa, Masatomo, 1996:
Current understanding of the presence of hormones in fish eggs

Guo, H.; Yi, W.; Song, J.K.; Wang, P.George., 2008:
Current understanding on biosynthesis of microbial polysaccharides

Needham, M.L.; Webb, A.I.; Baynes, R.E.; Riviere, J.E.; Craigmill, A.L.; Tell, L.A., 2007:
Current update on drugs for game bird species

Anonymous, 2007:
Current use of antiepileptic drugs in women with epilepsy who are of childbearing age

Anonymous, 2006:
Current use of biologics and other dmards in a sample of 1579 patients with rheumatoid arthritis receiving routine clinical care in 9 western European countries

Hancock, DA., 1992:
Current use of legal size and associated regulations in Australian and Papua New Guinean fisheries

White, Jan., 1997:
Current vaccination use in North American wildlife rehabilitation

Mutsin'sh, AN., 1979:
Current velocities and behaviour of young fish

Leslie, A J.; Jr. van Dyke, JM.; Nall, LE., 1982:
Current velocity for transport of grass carp eggs

Reiter, M.A.; Carlson, R.E., 1986:
Current velocity in streams and the composition of benthic mats

Anonymous, 2007:
Current view on physiologic role of calcium in human organism

Scoville, D.H.; Sato, T.; He, X.C.; Li, L., 2008:
Current view: intestinal stem cells and signaling

Leenman, E.E., 2007:
Current views of the histogenesis and pathogenesis of Hodgkin lymphoma

Pertseva, Mn, 1988:
Current views on the evolution of hormone systems - hormone receptors.

Fraser, RDB.; MacRae, TP., 1980:
Current views on the keratin complex

Scharrer, B., 1983:
Current views on the mechanism of release of neurosecretory products

Kulkarni, K.M.; Roth, D.B.; Prenner, J.L., 2007:
Current visual and anatomic outcomes of pneumatic retinopexy

Anonymous., 1992:
Current world literature. Genomes and evolution

Kakuma, Shinichiro., 2000:
Current, catch and weight composition of yellowfin tuna with FADs off Okinawa Island, Japan

Zeiske, W.; Van Driessche, W.; Ziegler, R., 1986:
Current-noise analysis of the basolateral route for K+ ions across a K+-secreting insect midgut epithelium (Manduca sexta)

Winston, JE., 1979:
Current-related morphology and behaviour in some Pacific coast bryozoans

Keuper, A.; Breckow, J., 1984:
Current-source-density (CSD) analysis of the senso-motor-transition of vibro-acoustic signals in the CNS of Locusta migratoria

Boehlert, GW., 1988:
Current-topography interactions at mid-ocean seamounts and the impact on pelagic ecosystems

Copenhagen, D.R.; Owen, W.G., 1980:
Current-voltage relations in the rod photoreceptor network of the turtle retina

Chung, K.Fan., 2007:
Currently available cough suppressants for chronic cough

Kawakatsu, M.; Nishino, M.; Ohtaka, A., 2007:
Currently known exotic planarians from Japan

Schanz, A.; Polte, P.; Asmus, H.; Asmus, R., 2000:
Currents and turbulence as a top-down regulator in intertidal seagrass communities

Hurwitz, I.; Ophir, A.; Korngreen, A.; Koester, J.; Susswein, A., J., 2008:
Currents contributing to decision making in neurons B31/B32 of Aplysia

Erreger, K.; Grewer, C.; Javitch, J.A.; Galli, A., 2008:
Currents in response to rapid concentration jumps of amphetamine uncover novel aspects of human dopamine transporter function

Frith, CA.; Leis, JM.; Goldman, B., 1986:
Currents in the Lizard Island region of the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon and their relevance to potential movements of larvae

Stuart, AE.; Hayashi, JH.; Moore, JW.; Davis, RE., 1986:
Currents in the synaptic terminals of barnacle photoreceptors

Doukravets, GM., 1998:
Currents status of the Balkhash perch (Perca schrenki) population in the Ili river basin

Pelzer, D.; Trautwein, W., 1987:
Currents through ionic channels in multicellular cardiac tissue and single heart cells

Tazaki, K.; Cooke, I.M., 1986:
Currents under voltage clamp of burst-forming neurons of the cardiac ganglion of the lobster (Homarus americanus)

Anonymous, 2008 :
Curricula for clinical practice guidelines in us internal medicine residency programs: A national survey study

Anonymous, 2007:
Curriculum development for the theory-driven, research guided, school-based Staying Healthy-Asthma Responsible and Prepared Education

Anonymous., 1979:
Curriculum di Vittorio Parisi 1976-1978

Vickery, Vernon, R., 1999:
Curriculum vitae and publcations of Vernon Randolph Vickery Professor, Curator and Emeritus Curator (1948-1999)

Anonymous., 1996:
Curriculum vitae of Emeritus Professor Katsuo Kanehisa

Anonymous., 1995:
Curriculum vitae of Professor Kazuo Kawada

Borawa, JC.; Kerby, JH.; Huish, MT.; Mullis, AW., 1978:
Currituck sound fish populations before and after infestation by Eurasian water-milfoil

Ng, PKL., 1990:
Currothelphusa asserpes gen. nov., sp. nov. (Crustacea Decapoda Brachyura Sundathelphusidae) from a cave in Halmahera, Moluccas

Dewick, Stephen., 2000:
Curry Farm, Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex

Anonymous, 2007:
Curry cuisine: perceptions of Indian restaurants in Malaysia

Epstein, J.A., 2008:
Currying favor for the heart

Anonymous, 2008:
Currying favor with central inhibitory circuits. Focus on: "Effects of TRPA1 Agonists mustard oil and cinnamaldehyde on lumbar wide-dynamic range neuronal responses to innocuous and noxious cutaneous stimuli in rats"

Blue, M.L., 2008:
Curse of the Vampire Vine

Pinhao, RC., 1975:
Curso de eomologia para malariologistas. 2 - Morfologia dos mosquitos (adultos)

Ferreira, NC., 1973:
Curso de protozoologia 1969/70. Licoes 11 e 12 - leishmanias

Ferreira, NC., 1973:
Curso de protozoologia 1969/70. Licoes 7.a, 8.a e 9.a - tripanossomas polimorfos

Costa, AJ.; Nogueira, CZ.; Costa, JO., 1978:
Curso natural das helmintoses gastrintestinais em bezerros nascidos durante a estacao seca em Guaira, Estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil

Starke, WA.; Machado, RZ.; Honer, MR.; Zocoller, MC., 1983:
Curso natural das helmintoses gastrintestinais em bufalos no municipio de Andradina (SP)

Argilagos, S., C.; Lopez, M., L., 2007:
Curso virtual simed para la superacion continuada del profesional farmadutico asistencial. experiencia cubana

Maclean, GL.; Urban, EK., 1986:
Cursorius, coursers

de Jong, R., 1982:
Curt Eisner, 28.4.1890-30.12.1981

Villwock, W., 1984:
Curt Kosswigs ichthyologische Forschungen - ein Beitrag zur Faunengeschichte Anatoliens und zu Phanomanen der Evolution am Beispiel anatolischer Zahnkarpfen (Pisces: Cyprinodontidae)

Knolle, F., 1992:
Curt Panzke

Anonymous, 2008:
Curt Richter: A life in the laboratory, Jay Schulkin (Ed.); Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, Maryland, 2005, Cost US$49.95. ISBN 0-8018-8073-4 (vol 45, pg 360, 2005)

Mayr, E., 1980:
Curt Stern

Blount, J.D.; Gamble, J., 1998:
Curtailed by a carapace: function and form in tortoise enclosures at Newquay Zoo

Chabert, C.C.; Merrilees, D.A.; Neill, M.G.; Eden, C.G., 2008:
Curtain dissection of the lateral prostatic fascia and potency after laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: a veil of mystery

P. Merilees; C. Chabert; C. Eden, 2007:
Curtain dissection of the lateral prostatic fascia and potency following laparoscopic radical prostatectomy - A veil of mystery

Gabrys, Grzegorz., 1992:
Curteria southcotti sp. n. from Poland with redescription of C. episcopalis (C.L. Koch, 1837) comb. nov. (Acari: Actinedida: Erythraeidae)

Cobb, L.; Jansen-Jacobs, M.J.; Van-Der-Ham, R.W.J.M., 2007:
Curtia ayangannae, a new species of gentianaceae from the pakaraima mountains, guyana

Crosskey, Roger., 1998:
Curtis Sabrosky (1910-1997)

Anonymous., 1997:
Curtis W. Sabrosky (1910-1997)

Arnaud, P.H.; Jr., 2001:
Curtis Williams Sabrosky (1910-1997)

McAlpine, JF., 1987:

Takada, H., 1985:
Curtonotidae and Drosophilidae from Ussuriysk, U.S.S.R

Meinhardt, H.; Quadros, A., F.; Araujo, P., B., 2007:
Curva de crescimento de Balloniscus glaber Araujo & Zardo (Crustacea, Isopoda, Oniscidea) no Parque Estadual de Itapua, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

d'Incao, F., 1979:
Curva de crescimento do 'camarao rosa' (Penaeus paulensis Perez-Farfante, 1967) na Lagoa dos Patos, RS, Brazil

Anonymous, 1996:
Curva de crescimento e criacao de Eurhizococcus brasiliensis (Hempel) (Homoptera: Margarodidae) sobre beterraba em laboratorio

Giamas, M.T.resa Duarte. dos Santos, R.A.aro.; Vermulm Junior, H.; Campos, E.C.rdozo. de Camara, J.J.se Casari., 1994:
Curva de crescimento estimada atraves de aneis etarios em escamas e tamanho da primeira maturacao gonadal de Astyanax schubarti Britski, 1964 (Pisces, Osteichthyes, Characidae) na represa de ibitinga, estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil

Barbieri, G.; Barbieri, MC., 1988:
Curva de maturacao, tamanho de primeira maturacao gonadal e fecundidade de Astyanax bimaculatus e Astyanax fasciatus, da represa do Lobo, Estado de Sao Paulo (Osteichthyes, Characidae)

Toledo, F., SA. de Godoy, MP. dos Santos, EP., 1986:
Curva de migracao do curimbata, Prochilodus scrofa (Pisces, Prochilodontidae) na bacia superior do Rio Parana, Brasil

de Mello, JTC. dos Santos, EP.; Bezzera e Silva, JW. de Oliveira Chacon, J.; Oriani Farias, J., 1978:
Curva de rendimento da curimata pacu, Prochilodus argenteus Spix in Spix & Agassiz, no acude publico 'Cajazeiras' (Pio 9, Piaui, Brasil) (Actinopterygii, Characidae, Prochilodinae)

Bezerra e Silva, JW.; Pereira dos Santos, E. de Mello, JTC., 1982:
Curva de rendimento do camarao, Macrobrachium spp. (Deapoda Palemonidae), do Acude publico Cedro (Quixada, Ceara, Brasil)

de Oliveira Chacon, J. dos Santos, EP. de Mello, JTC.; Bezerra e Silva, W., 1984:
Curva de rendimento do piau comum, Leporinus fridericii (Bloch, 1797), do acude publico 'Quixeramobim' (Quixeramobim, Ceara, Brasil)

Bezerra e Silva, JW. de Oliveira Chacon, J. dos Santos, EP. de Mello, JTC.; Duarte, E. de A., 1980:
Curva de rendimento do tucunare pinima, Cichla temensis (Humboldt, 1833), do acude publico 'Estevam Marinho' (Curemas, Paraiba, Brasil) (Pisces, Actinopterygii, Cichlidae)

Anonymous, 1996:
Curva de sobrevivencia e estimativa de entropia em Chrysomya megacephala (Diptera, Calliphoridae)

Valdecasas, AG.; Camacho, AI., 1983:
Curva de tendencia, diversidad taxonomica y curva de rarefaccion en hidracnelas (Acari, Parasitengona)

Cicolani, B.; Manilla, G., 1978:
Curva di crescita in popolazioni di Rhabditis axei (Nematoda: Rhabditidae) in un nuovo terreno colturale

Ramos, IM., 1988:
Curva populacional de ninfas de Deois incompleta (Walker, 1851) (Homoptera, Cercopidae) na zona de mata Umida de Pernambuco

Agostinho, CA.; Silva, MA.; Torres, RA.; Lima, SL., 1991:
Curvas de crescimento de ras-pimenta, Leptodactylus labyrinthicus (Spix, 1824)

Passos-Martins, E.-Florencio; Aleixo-Da-Silva, J.-Antonio; Ferreira, R.-Luiz-Caraciolo; Jankovski, T.; De-Brito, C.-Carlos-Ramos, 2007:
Curvas de indice de sitio para leucena no agreste de Pernambuco

Rodrigues, JD.; Mota, A. de Moraes, MN.; Ferreira, AE., 1978:
Curvas de maturacao gonadal e crescimento de femeas de pirambeba, Serrasalmus spilopleura Kner, 1859 (Pisces, Cypriniformes)

Dos Santos, R.A.aro.; D.C.mara, J.J.se Casari.; Campos, E.C.rdozo.; Mandelli, J.J., 1991:
Curvas de maturacao gonadal e crescimento de femeas de saguiru prata, (Steindachnerina insculpta Fernandez-Yepez, 1948), capturadas na represa de Ibitinga, estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil

dos Santos, R.A.aro.; Campos, E.C.rdozo. da Camara, J.J.se Casari.; Mandelli, J.J., 1991:
Curvas de maturacao gonadal e crescimento de femeas de tambiu, Astyanax bimaculatus Linnaeus, 1758 (Characiformes, Characidae), na Represa de Ibitinga, Estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil

da Cruz, JF., 1978:
Curvas de rendimento de lagosta, Panulirus argus (Latreille) e Panulirus laevicauda (Latreille), da costa do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte-Brasil

Anonymous, 1997:
Curvas de voo da traca do limoeiro, Prays citri (Milliere) (Lepidoptera, Yponomeutidae), num pomar de limoeiros, em Mafra e evolucao do grau de ataque

Anonymous, 2000:
Curvas de vuelo de Helicoverpa armigera (Huebner, 1808) (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) en el cultivo del algodonero de Andalucia occidental

Anonymous, 2000:
Curvas de vuelo de Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders, 1843) (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae), gusano rosado del algodonero, en Andalucia occidental

Villaronga, P.; Maeso, J.; Torrell, A.; Barrios, G., 1985:
Curvas de vuelo e influencia de los factores climaticos sobre Zeuzera pyrina L. (Lepidoptera: Cossidae), plaga en los avellanos del Campo de Tarragona

Aguirre-Segura, A.; Pascual, F., 1992:
Curvas de vuelo observados en las proximidades de Almeria (Espana) para algunas especies de Aphidini (Homoptera, Aphididae) con especial atencion a aquellas que tienen interes agricola

Aguirre-Segura, A.; Pascual, F., 1994:
Curvas de vuelo registradas a lo largo de un ano completo para distintas especies de Macrosiphini (Homoptera, Aphididae) en Almeria

da Conceicao Rodrigues, MA.; Pires de Carvalho, M. da G., 1980:
Curvas paleoclimaticas com base em foraminiferos de testemunhos da plataforma sul-Brasileira

Anonymous, 2007:
Curvature based method for selecting features from an electrophysiologic signal for purpose of complex identification and classification

Anonymous, 2007:
Curvature of Lagomorph upper cheek teeth

Axelrod, HR., 1983:
Curvature of the spine

Iwamoto, K.; Hayakawa, T.; Murate, M.; Makino, A.; Ito, K.; Fujisawa, T.; Kobayashi, T., 2007:
Curvature-dependent recognition of ethanolamine phospholipids by duramycin and cinnamycin

Ricci, C., 1978:
Curve di popolazioni di Philodina roseola (Rotifera Bdelloidea)

Ivanov, L., 1979:
Curve patterns of the reproduction of fish populations

Follen, D G.; Sr., 1987:
Curve-billed thrasher Wisconsin's second record

Dinsmore, S.; Sorensen, T.; Gifford, D., 1988:
Curve-billed thrasher in Manona County

Koes, Rudolf., 1999:
Curve-billed thrasher winters in St. Claude, Manitoba

Anonymous, 2007:
Curved ultrasonic end effector

Jairajpuri, MS.; Rahman, MF., 1982:
Curvidorylaimus curvionchus n. gen. n. sp. (Nematoda: Dorylaimida) from Arunachal Pradesh, India

George, GG., 1982:
Cuscuses Phalanger spp.: their management in captivity

Anonymous, 2007:
Cushing's syndrome FT Sindrome di Cushing

Gueven, A.; Gueluemser, O.; Oezgen, T., 2007:
Cushing's syndrome and adrenocortical insufficiency caused by topical steroids: Misuse or abuse?

Hawks, Catharine, A., 1992:
Cushion and subdivider for mid-sized skulls in storage boxes or trays

Anonymous, 2007:
Cushion inside a cushion patient interface

Anonymous., 2003:
Cushman Foundation membership directory 2003

I.Z.N.; Opinion 1376., 1986:
Cuspidaria (Rhinoclama) adamsi Morgan & Heppell, 1981 designated as type species of Rhinoclama Dall & Smith, 1886 (Mollusca, Bivalvia)

de Boer, Jaap, H., 1993:
Cuspidariidae of the middle Atlantic region collected during the Dutch CANCAP expeditions

Melius, Michael., 1995:
Custer County ruby-throated hummingbird record

Borchardt, R., 1986:
Custom build your own power filter

Farrugia, C.P., 2008:
Custom ceramic posts and cores: an overview of rationale and a new use for a proven technology

Wu, J.; Kandavelou, K.; Chandrasegaran, S., 2007:
Custom-designed zinc finger nucleases: what is next?

Anonymous, 2007:
Custom-length self-expanding stent delivery systems with stent bumpers

Anonymous, 2007:
Custom-made mouthguards and prevention of orofacial injuries in sports FT INDIVIDUALNI SPORTSKI STITNIK ZA ZUBE I PREVENCIJA OROFACIJALNIH SPORTSKIH OZLJEDA

Szabuniewicz, B., 1980:
Customary avoidance of mating between blood relations in woodpeckers.

Anonymous, 2007:
Customary land tenure system and combating desertification in rural areas of Burkina Faso

Aswani, S.; Albert, S.; Sabetian, A.; Furusawa, T., 2007:
Customary management as precautionary and adaptive principles for protecting coral reefs in Oceania

Wright, S.D.; Nugent, G.; Parata, H.G., 1995:
Customary management of indigenous species: a Maori perspective

Foster, KB.; Poggie, J J.; Jr., 1993:
Customary marine tenure and mariculture management in outlying communities of Pohnpie State, Federated States of Micronesia

Anonymous, 2007:
Customer satisfaction measurement as a factor of identification of customer satisfaction attributes in case of a food product FT Pomiar satysfakcji klienta czynnikiem identyfikujacym atrybuty satysfakcji klienta z produktu spozywczego

Hanny, N.N.sution; Felix, T.M.vondo, 2008:
Customer value in the hotel industry: what managers believe they deliver and what customer experience

Schmutz, B.; Reynolds, K.J.; Slavotinek, J.P., 2008:
Customization of a generic 3D model of the distal femur using diagnostic radiographs

Stone, N.N.; Potters, L.; Davis, B.J.; Ciezki, J.P.; Zelefsky, M.J.; Roach, M.; Fearn, P.A.; Kattan, M.W.; Stock, R.G., 2007:
Customized dose prescription for permanent prostate brachytherapy: insights from a multicenter analysis of dosimetry outcomes

Fernaeus, S-Erik.; Ostberg, P.; Hellström, A.; Wahlund, L-Olof., 2008:
Cut the coda: early fluency intervals predict diagnoses

Charpentier, R., 1980:
Cut worm control with insect virus - a final report

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