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Description de deux nouveaux Peltamigratus et d'une population d'Hoplolaimus galeatus (Nematoda: Tylenchida) de la province de Cordoba, Argentine

Doucet, ME.

Nematologica 261: 34-46


ISSN/ISBN: 0028-2596
DOI: 10.1163/187529280x00549
Accession: 020827559

Two new species Peltamigratus Sher, 1964 and a population of H. galeatus (Cobb, 1913) Thorne, 1935 recovered from natural sites at Cordoba (Argentina) are described and figured. Both species of Peltamigratus are characterized by lateral fields with a regular pattern of areolae in the phasmidial region. P. longistylus sp. nov., is from soil around the roots of Cassia aphylla. This species is composed only of females which are characterized by long stylets (33.5 to 37.0 .mu.m). It is similar to P. thornei Knobloch, 1969 but it differs in the presence of rings in the labial region, in the weakly developed epiptygma and the absence of a post-anal intestinal sac. P. longistylus is close to P. holdemani Sher, 1964, but differs in morphometric characters, in having a longer stylet, in the shape of the basal knobs of the stylet and in the absence of males. P. perscitus sp. nov., from a meadow, is characterized by the presence of both sexes. It resembles P. striatus Smit, 1971, but differs in many morphometric characters and in the form of lateral fields; it is also close to P. holdemani Sher, 1964 but differs in having an annulated labial region, a little developed epiptygma, longer spicules and a bursa with an entire border.

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