Section 21
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Description de quatre especes nouvelles de cilies heterotriches des genres Nyctotherus Leidy et Paranyctotherus nov. gen. endocommensaux d'un oligochete terricole du Cameroun

Ngassam, P.

Protistologica 192: 167-175


ISSN/ISBN: 0033-1821
Accession: 020827793

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There are 2 types of ciliary patterns in nyctothers endocommensal of an oligochaete worm of the genus Eupolytoreutus from Cameroons. The 1st, which is characterized by an apical secant system on the right side of the cell is related to Nyctotherus, Leidy 1849. For the 2nd type, ascertained by the presence of an apical and a postoral secant system on the right side of the cell a new genus PARANYCTOTHERUS is described. The following new species are described: P. albareti, N. dupouyi, N. polymorphus and N. cardiostomatus.

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