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Efeitos respiratorios de inseticidas piretroides em operarias de Atta sexdens rubropilosa Forel, 1908 e Atta laevigata (F. Smith, 1858) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Takahashi, M.; Hebling-Beraldo, MJA.

Anais da Sociedade Entomologica do Brasil 152: 209-217


Accession: 020916367

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The respiratory effects of pyrethroid insecticides (permethrin, cypermethrin and fenvalerate) were investigated on workers of leaf-cutting ants Atta sexdens rubropilosa Forel, 1908 and Atta laevigata (F. Smith, 1858), topically treated with LD50 values. All the compounds caused an increase in the rate of oxygen consumption of the insects, during a certain period of time. The intensity of effects varied according to the insecticide type; however permethrin and fenvalerate produced the highest increase in oxygen consumption in A. sexdens rubropilosa and A. laevigata, respectively.

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