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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 20936

Chapter 20936 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Effects of disturbance size and location on extinction dynamics
, Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science 70(1): 7-8 (1995)

Effects of disturbed flow on endothelial cells
, Annals of Biomedical Engineering 36(4): 554-562 (2008)

Effects of diuretics on sodium, potassium, chloride and water transport across the seawater eel intestine
, Zoological Science (Tokyo): 34: 605-612 (1986)

Effects of diurnal feeding rhythms, species composition and vertical migration on the grazing impact of calanoid copepods in the Skagerrak and Kattegat
, Ophelia 283: 215-230 (1988)

Effects of divalent cations on actions of informational molecules on melanophores of Zacco temmincki
, Memoirs of the Faculty of Science Shimane University 15: 49-56 (1981)

Effects of divalent cations on amino acid and divalent cation fluxes in gills of the bivalve mollusc, Mytilus californianus
, Journal of Experimental Zoology 212(3): 389-396 (1980)

Effects of divalent cations on biphasic potassium contractures and on contractile inactivation in low calcium solutions in frog single twitch muscle fibers
, Japanese Journal of Physiology 34(6): 961-972 (1984)

Effects of divaricoside on intracellular free calcium concentration in single ventricular myocytes of guinea pig
, Zhongguo Yaolixue Yu Dulixue Zazhi 21(5): 381-384 (2007)

Effects of diverse mammalian and nonmammalian gonadotropins in a rat granulosa cell bioassay for follicle-stimulating hormone
, General and Comparative Endocrinology 73(3): 368-373 (1989)

Effects of diversified pond carp culture. 5. Comparison of development of zooplankton and bottom fauna in ponds with different carp production
, Acta Hydrobiologica 3(7): 157-163(Supplementum 1 (1996)

Effects of docetaxel and novel titanocene analogues on cell death in prostate cancer following downregulation of Id-1 and the IAPS
, European Urology Suppl.s 7(3): 276 (2008)

Effects of docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acids on blood lipid profile in hypercholesterolemic children
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of domain size on the persistence of populations in a diffusive food-chain model with Beddington-DeAngelis functional response
, Natural Resource Modeling. Fall; 143: 335-367 (2001)

Effects of domestic and industrial pollution on distribution and abundance of aquatic oligochaetes in the Forth Estuary
, Helgolaender Meeresuntersuchungen 33(1-4): 384-392 (1980)

Effects of domestic pollution in Izmir Bay (Turkey)
, Helgolaender Meeresuntersuchungen 33(1-3): 393-400 (1980)

Effects of domestic wastewater effluent on the water quality and aquatic macroinvertebrates in a Sharp County, Arkansas stream
, Arkansas Academy of Science Proceedings 47: 82-85 (1993)

Effects of domestication on brain structure and behavior in mammals
, Human Evolution 36: 473-485 (1988)

Effects of domestication on predation mortality and competitive dominance; Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project Monitoring and Evaluation Report 2 of 7
, BPA Report DOE BP ; 00013756-2: Unpaginated (2004)

Effects of dominance on the probability of fixation of a mutant allele
, Journal of Mathematical Biology 56(3): 413-434 (2008)

Effects of domoic acid on the gonadotropin releasing hormone (GT1-7) netaronal cell line
, BIOS 78(4): 132-137 (2007)

Effects of donepezil in patients with moderate-to-severe Alzheimer's disease discontinuing memantine monotherapy
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of donepezil on markers for central cholinergic neurotransmission
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of donor age on cellular resistance to oxidative stress in short-lived versus long-lived rodents
, Unknown (2006)

Effects of dopamine on ATP-sensitive potassium channels in porcine coronary artery smooth-muscle cells
, Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology 51(2): 196-201 (2008)

Effects of dopamine on the Aplysia burster R15
, Brain Research 304(1): 83-91 (1984)

Effects of dopaminergic agents on monoamine levels and motor behaviour in planaria
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. C Comparative Pharmacology and Toxicology 74(1): 27-29 (1983)

Effects of dopaminergic drugs on gonadotropin release of feral catfish (Silurus asotus)
, Shengming Kexue Yanjiu 51: 84-87 (2001)

Effects of dopaminergic drugs on innate pheromone-mediated reward in female mice: a new case of dopamine-independent "liking."
, Behavioral Neuroscience 121(5): 920-932 (2007)

Effects of dopaminergic modulation on the integrative properties of
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of dopaminergic modulation on the integrative properties of the ventral striatal medium spiny neuron
, Journal of Neurophysiology 98(6): 3731-3748 (2007)

Effects of dorsal aorta cannulation on the stress response of channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)
, Fish Physiology and Biochemistry 12(5): 439-444 (1994)

Effects of dorsal aortic cannulation on the respiration and haematology of Mediterranean living Scyliorhinus canicula L
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A: 814: 879-883 (1985)

Effects of dorsal versus ventral shear loads on the rotational stability of the thoracic spine: a biomechanical porcine and human cadaveric study
, Spine 32(23): 2545-2550 (2007)

Effects of double brooding on productivity of crested caracaras
, Auk 115(4): 979-987 (1998)

Effects of double-wave trapping light on the forecast and control of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner)
, Entomological Knowledge 36(1): 7-10 (1999)

Effects of down- and up-shocks from rapid changes of salinity on survival and growth of estuarine phytoplankters
, Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture Kyushu University 53(1): 81-87 (2008)

Effects of downregulation of inhibin alpha gene expression on apoptosis and proliferation of goose granulosa cells
, Journal of Genetics and Genomics 34(12): 1106-1113 (2007)

Effects of doxorubicin on bone mineral content and density in rats
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of doxorubicin on telomerase and apoptosis in doxorubicin resistant and sensitive MCF-7 cells
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of draining and desilting a small weir on downstream fish and macroinvertebrates
, Regulated Rivers Research and Management 9(4): 263-277 (1994)

Effects of dredging and dumping on benthos of Saint John harbour, Canada
, Marine Environmental Research 151: 45-57 (1985)

Effects of dredging on egg to fry emergence survival, timing and juvenile Atlantic salmon abundance, Debert River, Nova Scotia
, Canadian Technical Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2023 i-viii, 1-34 (1995)

Effects of dried and ensiled apple pomace from puree making on performance of finishing lambs
, Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 11(2): 294-297 (2008)

Effects of dried distillers grain with solubles on grow-finish pig performance.
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of dried sewage sludge on meadow vole (Microtus pennsylvanicus) populations in two grassland communities
, Journal of Applied Ecology 193: 759-772 (1982)

Effects of dried sewage sludge on meadow vole populations in two grassland communities
, Dissertation Abstracts International B Sciences and Engineering, 417: 2459 (1981)

Effects of drift sprays of Endosulfan, applied for tsetse-fly control, on breeding little bee-eaters in Somalia
, Environmental Pollution Series A Ecological and Biological 411: 11-22 (1986)

Effects of drift sprays of endosulfin, applied for tsetse fly control, on honeybees (Apis mellifera) in Somalia
, Journal of Apicultural Research 271: 40-48 (1988)

Effects of drilling mud on seven species of reef-building corals as measured inthe field and laboratory
, Elsevier Oceanography Series, 27A 433-453 (1980)

Effects of drilling mud on the growth rate of the reef-building coral, Montastrea annularis
, Elsevier Oceanography Series, 27A 455-470 (1980)

Effects of drilling muds on behavior of American lobster, Homarus americanus in water column and substrate exposures
, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 395: 675-690 (1982)

Effects of drought on American coot, Fulica americana, reproduction in Saskatchewan parklands
, Canadian Field-Naturalist 1052: 267-273 (1991)

Effects of drought on Rana virgatipes
, Bulletin Of The Philadelphia Herpetological Society 28: 32 (1981)

Effects of drought on green pygmy-geese and comb-crested jacanas in Northern Territory
, Emu 791: 37-39 (1979)

Effects of drought on the water balance of selected forest sites and the evaluation of a drought risk
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of drought on weight, survival and breeding success of agile antechinus (Antechinus agilis), dusky antechinus (A-swainsonii) and bush rats (Rattus fuscipes)
, Wildlife Research 34(6): 437-442 (2007)

Effects of drought stress and N supply on the growth, biomass partitioning and water-use efficiency of Sophora davidii seedlings
, Environmental and Experimental Botany 63(1-3): 248-255 (2008)

Effects of drought stress at different growth stages on grain yield and milling quality of rice
, Zhongguo Shuidao Kexue 21(6): 643-649 (2007)

Effects of drought stress on ascorbic acid contents and activities of related metabolic enzymes in apple leaves
, Unknown (2008)

Effects of drought stress stimulated by polyethylene glycol on growth and some physiological characteristics of root in rice seedlings with low potassium tolerance
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of drug hydrophobicity on liposomal stability
, Chemical Biology and Drug Design 71(1): 3-7 (2008)

Effects of drugs on the fetuse
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of dry yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) inclusion on the quality of rabbit carcass and on rabbit meat composition FT Efeitos da inclusao da levedura seca (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) sobre a carcaca e na composicao da carne de coelhos
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of drying temperature and particle size on hydration properties of dietary fiber powder from lime and cabbage by-products
, International Journal of Food Properties 10(4): 887-897 (2007)

Effects of dual endothelin receptor blockade on sympathetic activation
, Unknown (2008)

Effects of dual endothelin receptor blockade on sympathetic activation and arrhythmogenesis during acute myocardial infarction in rats
, European Journal of Pharmacology 580(1-2): 241-249 (2008)

Effects of "dual focus" mutual aid on self-efficacy for recovery and quality of life
, Administration and Policy in Mental Health 34(1): 1-12 (2007)

Effects of dummy radio transmitters on the behavior of largemouth bass
, Proceedings of the Annual Conference Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 36: 351-357 (1982)

Effects of dummy ultrasonic transmitters on juvenile coho salmon
, American Fisheries Society Symposium 7: 353-356 (1990)

Effects of dump nests and habitat on reproductive ecology of wood ducks, Aix sponsa (Linnaeus)
, Dissertation Abstracts International B Sciences and Engineering 404: 1583-1584 (1980)

Effects of dung beetles on the soil structure.
, Vakblad voor Biologen 664: 78-81 (1986)

Effects of duramycin on cardiac voltage-gated ion channels
, Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 377(1): 87-100 (2008)

Effects of duration and intensity of sifting pupae of various ages on adult fly eclosion and flight capability of the Mediterranean fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae)
, Journal of Economic Entomology 755: 773-776 (1982)

Effects of duration of varicocele on the outcome of varicocelectomy
, Wuhan Daxue Xuebao (Yixue Ban) 29(1): 109-112,A5 (2008)

Effects of dutasteride and serenoa repens on micro vessel density and bleeding during transurethral prostate resection
, European Urology Suppl.s 7(3): 172 (2008)

Effects of dutasteride on prostate growth in the large probasin-large T antigen mouse model of prostate cancer
, Journal of Urology 178(4 Pt 1): 1521-1527 (2007)

Effects of dwelling conditions on cardiovascular parameters in spontaneously hypertensive rats
, Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology 34(Suppl. 1): S45-S46 (2007)

Effects of dynamic and static handgrip exercises on hand and wrist volume
, European Journal of Applied Physiology 103(1): 41-45 (2008)

Effects of dynamic compression on lentiviral transduction in an in vitro airway wall model
, American Journal of Physiology. Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology 294(1): L79 (2008)

Effects of dystocia, fetotomy and caesarian sections on the liver enzymes activities and concentrations of some serum biochemical parameters in dairy cattle
, Animal Reproduction Science 105(3-4): 384-391 (2008)

Effects of earlier sea ice breakup on survival and population size of polar bears in western Hudson bay
, Journal of Wildlife Management 71(8): 2673-2683 (2007)

Effects of early adult experience of host selection in insects: some experimental and theoretical results
, Journal of Insect Behavior 11: 3-15 (1988)

Effects of early binocular enucleation on auditory and somatosensory coding in the superior colliculus of the rat
, Brain Research 1191: 84-95 (2008)

Effects of early cannabinoids treatment on TMEV-IDD outcome
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of early environments on monkey cortex neuroanatomical changes following somatomotor experience: effects on layer 3 pyramidal cells in monkey cortex
, Behavioral Neuroscience 1013: 341-346 (1987)

Effects of early feeding experience on chemical preference of the northern water snake, Natrix s. sipedon (Reptilia, Serpentes, Colubridae)
, Journal of Herpetology 132: 165-169 (1979)

Effects of early fouling communities formed in the field on settlement and metamorphosis of cyprids of the barnacle, Balanus amphitrite Darwin
, Biofouling 12(1-3): 119-131 (1998)

Effects of early gentling and early environment on emotional development of puppies
, Applied Animal Behaviour Science 110(3-4): 294-304 (2008)

Effects of early growth on blood pressure of infants of British European and South Asian origin at one year of age: the Manchester children's growth and vascular health study
, Journal of Hypertension 26(3): 412-418 (2008)

Effects of early mowing on regrowth of lucerne
, Pratacultural Science 24(3): 56-61 (2007)

Effects of early nutrition restriction on growth performance and carcass quality of broilers
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of early nutritional interventions on the development of atopic disease in infants and children: the role of maternal dietary restriction, breastfeeding, timing of introduction of complementary foods, and hydrolyzed formulas
, Pediatrics 121(1): 183-191 (2008)

Effects of early perturbation of the renin-angiotensin system on cardiovascular remodeling in spontaneously hypertensive rats (vol 42, pg 93, 2005)
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of early postnatal hypernutrition on nephron number and long-term renal function and structure in rats
, American Journal of Physiology. Renal Physiology 293(6): F1944-9 (2007)

Effects of early pregnancy diagnosis using ultrasonography on the subsequent embryo and fetal loss in dairy cows
, Unknown (2008)

Effects of early skip-a-day feed removal and litter material on broiler live and processing performance and litter bacterial levels
, Unknown (2008)

Effects of early social experience on activity and object investigation in the ferret
, Developmental Psychobiology 15(1): 75-80 (1982)

Effects of early thinning regime and tree status on the radial growth
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of early versus late ibuprofen and indomethacin on pulmonary prostanoids in neonatal rats
, Unknown (2008)

Effects of early visual deprivation on perceptual and cognitive development
, Progress in Brain Research 164: 87-104 (2007)

Effects of early weaning on survival and growth of captive white-tailed deer
, Proceedings of the Annual Conference Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 50: 379-385 (1996)

Effects of early-weaning on captive white-tailed deer fawns
, Proceedings of the Annual Conference Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 50: 386-390 (1996)

Effects of earthworm and micro-organism on soil nutrient and heavy metal
, Unknown (2008)

Effects of ecdysterone on nucleolar activity in salivary glands of Sciara ocellaris
, Caryologi 383(4): 309-317 (1986)

Effects of ecdysterone, inokosterone and eyestalk ablation on limb regeneration in the fiddler crab, Uca pugilator
, Journal of Experimental Zoology 2032: 257-270 (1978)

Effects of echinacoside on striatal extracellular levels of monoamines neurotransmitters in 6-hydroxydopamine lesion rats
, Zhongguo Yaolixue Tongbao 23(10): 1305-1308 (2007)

Effects of ecoethological factors in the survival of young ring billed gulls of Ile de la Couvee, Quebec
, Colonial Waterbirds 91: 46-60 (1986)

Effects of ecological and environmental gradients on coexistence of interacting species
, Mathematical and Computer Modelling 11: 907-909 (1988)

Effects of ecological changes on the malaria vectors Anopheles funestus and the Anopheles gambiae complex of mosquitoes in Accra, Ghana
, Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 87(2): 75-81 (1984)

Effects of ecological factors on radial growth and wood density components of sessile oak (Quercus petraea Liebl.) in Northern France
, Forest Ecology and Management 255(3-4): 0-579 (2008)

Effects of ecological factors on the population dynamic of Brachionus calyciflorus - the effect of temperature and food density
, Transactions of Oceanology and Limnology 4: 21-27 (Ser no 66 (1995)

Effects of ecological factors on the population dynamics of Brachionus calyciflorus - the effect of light
, Transactions of Oceanology and Limnology 4): 23-27 (Ser( 74) (1997)

Effects of ecological measures for controlling Plutella xylostella (L.) on arthropod community
, Wuyi Science Journal 1(8): 99-103 (2002)

Effects of ecological variation in two estuaries on growth and survival of the clam Meretrix sp., northern Java
, Phuket Marine Biological Center Special Publication 251: 105-110 (2001)

Effects of ectomycorrhizal fungi on alleviating the decline of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica plantations on Keerqin sandy land
, Yingyong Shengtai Xuebao 18(12): 2693-2698 (2007)

Effects of efferent activity on entrainment of the Aplysia eye
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A: 623: 635-638 (1979)

Effects of egg antibody products on performance of weanling pigs.
, Journal of Animal Science 85(Suppl. 2): 82-83 (2007)

Effects of egg loading on finding and acceptance of host fruit in Ceratitis capitata flies
, Physiological Entomology 19(2): 124-132 (1994)

Effects of egg manipulations on clutch size of Australian wood ducks Chenonetta jubata
, Wildfowl 42: 60-64 (1991)

Effects of egg sac guarding by the female of Lysiteles coronatus (Araneae: Thomisidae)
, Japanese Journal of Entomology New Series 41: 21-29 (2001)

Effects of egg size on early nestling growth: an experiment with the Antarctic petrel
, Journal of Animal Ecology 65(5): 545-555 (1996)

Effects of egg size on fertilization, fecundity and offspring performance: a comparative study between two sibling species of tropical sea urchins (genus Echinometra.)
, Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 5(1): 114-121 (2002)

Effects of eicosanoid biosynthesis inhibitors on the prophenoloxidase-activating system and microaggregation reactions in the hemolymph of Rhodnius prolixus with Trypanosoma rangeli
, Journal of Insect Physiology- ch 50(2-3): 157-165 (2004)

Effects of eight weeks of an alleged aromatase inhibiting nutritional supplement 6-OXO (androst-4-ene-3,6,17-trione) on serum hormone profiles and clinical safety markers in resistance-trained, eugonadal males
, Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 4: 13-13 (2007)

Effects of ekatin on some physical parameters of whole body and tissue cations of the fish Barbus stigma
, Environment and Ecology (Kalyani): 61: 70-72 (1988)

Effects of electric field during incubation of eggs on the hatchability and post-hatch performance of meat chickens
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of electric field treatment of Agropyron mongolicum seeds on seedling growth
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of electric predator-excluding fences on movements of mule deer in pinyon/juniper woodlands
, Wildlife Society Bulletin 193: 331-334 (1991)

Effects of electrical conductivity of hydroponic nutrient solution on leaf gas exchange of five greenhouse tomato cultivars
, HortTechnology 18(2): 271-277 (2008)

Effects of electricity public policies vis-a-vis community organized participation in the eastern region of Antioquia - case study - Asociacion Campesina del Oriente Antioqueno-ACOA
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of electro-acupuncture on PDGF expression in spared dorsal root ganglion and associated dorsal horn subjected to partial dorsal root ganglionectomy in cats
, Neurochemical Research 33(3): 437-443 (2008)

Effects of electroacupuncture in the erythrocyte series of marrow bone and circulating blood of dogs (Canis familiaris, Linnaeus, 1758)
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of electroacupuncture on gastric motility and heart rate variability in conscious rats
, Autonomic Neuroscience 138(1-2): 91-98 (2008)

Effects of electromagnetic fields of millimeter and decimeter wavelengths on the firing of crab mechanoreceptor neurons
, Biofizika 355: 817-820 (1990)

Effects of electron beam and gamma ray irradiation levels in spray-dried animal plasma on nursery pig growth performance.
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of electron beam irradiation on bacillus spore DNA and outer protective structures
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of electron beam irradiation on dry matter degradation of wheat straw in the rumen
, Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 11(4): 676-679 (2008)

Effects of electron donor, acceptor and nutrient availability on the rate and nature of dichloromethane degradation in mixed cultures
, Unknown (2006)

Effects of electronic stability control (ESC) on accidents: a review of empirical evidence
, Accident; Analysis and Prevention 40(1): 167-173 (2008)

Effects of elephant and other wildlife on vegetation along the Chobe River, Botswana
, Occasional Papers Museum of Texas Tech University 48: 1-15 (1978)

Effects of elevated CO2 and temperature on secondary compounds in the needles of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)
, Trees 22(1): 121-135 (2008)

Effects of elevated CO2 and/or O-3 on hornionie IAA in needles of Chinese pine
, Plant Growth Regulation 53(1): 25-31 (2007)

Effects of elevated CO2 concentration and temperature on nutrient accumulation and allocation in Betula albo-sinensis seedlings
, Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao 19(1): 13-19 (2008)

Effects of elevated CO2 concentration on the anti-oxidative system of spring wheat at different bearing stages
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of elevated CO2 on an insect omnivore: A test for nutritional effects mediated by host plants and prey
, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 123(4): 271-279 (2008)

Effects of elevated CO2 on root growth and nutrient uptake in tomato plants under different P application status
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of elevated CO2 on the tolerance of photosynthesis to acute heat stress in C3, C4, and CAM species
, American Journal of Botany 95(2): 165-176 (2008)

Effects of elevated and decreased CO2 concentration in a part of leaves of Phaseolus vulgaris L. on photosynthesis.
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 and tropospheric O-3 on nutrient dynamics: decomposition of leaf litter in trembling aspen and paper birch communities
, Plant and Soil 299(1-2): 65-82 (2007)

Effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration on Betula albosinensis seedling roots
, Shengtaixue Zazhi 26(10): 1674-1678 (2007)

Effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 on invasive plants: comparison of purple and yellow nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus L. and C. esculentus L.)
, Journal of Environmental Quality 37(2): 395-400 (2008)

Effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 on plant root system: A review
, Shengtaixue Zazhi 26(10): 1640-1645 (2007)

Effects of elevated concentrations of Ca, Zn and Cd in sea water on the accumulation of 137-Cs in Mytilus galloprovincialis, Lam
, Unknown (1977)

Effects of elevated ecdysteroids on myostatin expression in the land crab, Gecarcinus lateralis: implications for the molt-associated atrophy of claw muscle
, Unknown (2006)

Effects of elevated hydrogen ion and aluminium concentrations on the survival of amphibian embryos and larvae
, Canadian Journal of Zoology 631: 116-123 (1985)

Effects of elevated nitrogen and phosphorus on coral reef growth
, Limnology and Oceanography 245: 935-940 (1979)

Effects of elevated ozone on growth and yield of field-grown rice in Yangtze River Delta, China
, Journal of Environmental Sciences 20(3): 320-325 (2008)

Effects of elevated sublethal temperature on polyamine metabolism in testis of Helicoperpa assulta
, Korean Journal of Entomology 28(3): 227-236 Serial Number 76 (1998)

Effects of elevated temperature and CO2 on Lepidium sativum L. under ozone pollution
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of elevated temperature on growth & survival of smallmouth bass
, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 1096: 617-625 (1980)

Effects of elevated temperature on sex ratio in a population of hog slaters (Asellus aquaticus L.)
, Izvestiya Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk Seriya Biologicheskaya. Noyabr'-Dekabr'; 6: 758-761 (2000)

Effects of elevated temperature on the epididymis and testis: experimental studies
, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 286: 19-32 (1991)

Effects of eleven flavonoids from the osteoprotective fraction of Drynaria fortunei (KUNZE) J. SM. on osteoblastic proliferation using an osteoblast-like cell line
, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 56(1): 46-51 (2008)

Effects of eleven isothiocyanates on P450 2A6- and 2A13-catalyzed coumarin 7-hydroxylation
, Chemical Research in Toxicology 20(9): 1252-1259 (2007)

Effects of elicitation on the production of phenolic acids in cell culture of Ginkgo biloba L.
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of embryo sex and glucose or fructose in culture media on bovine embryo development
, Reproduction Fertility and Development 20(1): 141-142 (2008)

Effects of embryonic and adult exposure to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin on hepatic microsomal testosterone hydroxylase activities in great blue herons (Ardea herodias)
, Organohalogen Compounds 29: 178-183 (1996)

Effects of embryonic exposure to sublethal concentrations of Dimilin on the photobehavior of grass shrimp larva
, Belle W. Baruch Library in Marine Science 13: 377-396 (1985)

Effects of embryonic testosterone concentration on timing of moult and migratory disposition in juvenile starlings (Sturnus vulgaris)
, Ring 23(1-2): 167-172 (2001)

Effects of emetine on initiation of DNA synthesis in embryonic cells of sea urchin
, Cell Differentiation 13(3): 239-245 (1983)

Effects of emission reductions from the Sudbury smelters on the recovery of acid- and metal-damaged lakes
, Journal of Aquatic Ecosystem Stress and Recovery 6(3): 189-198 (1999)

Effects of emodin on IL-8 secretion and NF-kappa B activation of HT-29 cells
, Zhongguo Yaolixue Tongbao 23(11): 1451-1454 (2007)

Effects of emodin on gene expression profile in small cell lung cancer NCI-H446 cells
, Chinese Medical Journal 120(19): 1710-1715 (2007)

Effects of emotional prosody on auditory extinction for voices in patients with spatial neglect
, Neuropsychologia 46(2): 487-496 (2008)

Effects of emulsified octadecanic acids on gas production and cellulolysis by the rumen anaerobic fungus, Piromyces communis M014
, Anaerobe 14(1): 19-28 (2008)

Effects of emulsified policosanols with different chain lengths on cholesterol metabolism in heterozygous LDL receptor-deficient mice
, Journal of Lipid Research 49(4): 790-796 (2008)

Effects of enalaprilat on acute necrotizing pancreatitis in rats
, Inflammation 30(6): 205-212 (2007)

Effects of endocannabinoid system on the interaction of CD200/CD200r on neuroinflammation
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of endocrine disruptors on obesity
, International Journal of Andrology 31(2): 201-208 (2008)

Effects of endogenous ascorbate on oxidation, oxygenation, and toxicokinetics of cell-free modified hemoglobin after exchange transfusion in rat and guinea pig
, Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 323(1): 49-60 (2007)

Effects of endogenous cathepsins B and L on degradation of silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) myofibrillar proteins
, Journal of Muscle Foods 19(2): 125-139 (2008)

Effects of endogenous cyclotronic ionic resonance (ICR) on macular diabetic edema: preliminary results
, Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine 26(4): 293-298 (2007)

Effects of endogenous ligands on the biological role of human serum albumin in S-nitrosylation
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 364(4): 790-795 (2007)

Effects of endogenous rhythms and light conditions on foraging and predator-avoidance in juvenile plaice
, Journal of Fish Biology 45(Suppl. A): 171-180 (1994)

Effects of endophytic bacteria on toluene and TCE phytoremediation
, Unknown (2006)

Effects of endosulphan on the medial neurosecretory cells of adult male Odontopus varicornis (Dist.) (Pyrrhocoridae: Heteroptera)
, Entomon 43: 223-227 (1979)

Effects of endothelial-targeted overexpression of Nox4 on vascular tone and blood pressure in mice
, Unknown (2007)

Effects of endothelin a receptor antagonist BQ123 on femoral artery pressure and pulmonary artery pressure in broiler chickens
, Asian Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 20(10): 1503-1509 (2007)

Effects of endothelin receptor type-A and type-B antagonists on prostaglandin F2alpha-induced luteolysis of the sheep corpus luteum
, Biology of Reproduction 78(4): 688-696 (2008)

Effects of endotoxin of Bacillus thuringiensis on fecundity and longevity of adult bollworm, Heliothis armigeria (Hubn.)
, Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 255: 180-183 (1982)

Effects of endovascular stent-graft repair and medical therapy on true
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 51(10, Suppl. B): B78 (2008)

Effects of endovesical hyaluronic acid/chondroitin sulfate in the treatment of interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome
, European Urology Suppl.s 7(3): 286 (2008)

Effects of enhanced APG surfactant on leaching and wettability of six bark substrates
, HortTechnology 18(2): 295-300 (2008)

Effects of enhanced UV-A and UV-B radiation on dispersal and drift behaviour of blackfly larvae (Simulium vittatum): preliminary data
, Internationale Vereinigung fuer Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie Verhandlungen 274: 2024-2029 (2001)

Effects of enhanced UV-B radiation on the growth of five bryophytes in Changbai Mountains
, Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao 18(9): 2139-2143 (2007)

Effects of enoximone on peripheral and central chemoreflex responses in humans
, American Journal of Physiology. Heart and Circulatory Physiology 294(1): H322 (2008)

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