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Evaluation of rockfish (Sebastes spp.) population declines from microsatellite data

Narum, Shawn R.; BE Heifetz, J; Dicosimo, J; Gharrett, AJ; Love, MS; OConnell, VM; Stanley, RD

Biology, Assessment, and Management of North Pacific Rockfishes): 167-183


Accession: 020998417

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Rockfish (genus Sebastes) have been a heavily targeted fishery on the west coast of North America for several decades. Eighteen species of rockfish were tested for evidence of reduced population size using microsatellite data from recently published literature. Long-term effective population size was calculated from expected heterozygosity, (1,299 SE +/- 67.9), S. ruberrimus (1,339; point estimate), and S. paucispinis (1,369; SE +/- 36.9). However, effective size values varied greatly depending on mutation rate (slow, medium, and fast rates) and mutation model (stepwise versus infinite allele) chosen.

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