Frequencies of encountering habu, Trimeresurus flavoviridis, by the inhabitants in Okinawa Prefecture -the survey method and the estimated relative densities of habu in several towns and villages-

Nishimura, M.; Akamine, H.; Takahira, K.; Hiraiwa, A.; Okudo, H.

Snake 202: 121-132


Accession: 021065956

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Information of encountering habu, Trimeresurus flavoviridis, gathered by visiting the inhabitants mainly in Okinawa Isl. was analysed. about 1/3 of the information was forgotten in a year. The frequencies of encountering habu (F.E. H.) showed concentrated distributions with .alpha. = 0.27 and .beta. = 2.00 in the regression of mean and mean crowding F.E.H. were highest in roads, and farmers showed higher F.E.H. than the other inhabitants. There were not good correlations among the F.E.H. in several environments nor between F.E. H. and morbidities of habu-bites in Okinawa Isl., except in the northern distinct with the highest F.E.H. and morbidity. In the Amami Isls., especially in Tokunoshima Isl. F.E. H. and the morbidities were much higher than Okinawa Isl. Among the methods of density estimation of habu, the informations of F.E.H. may be gathered most easily but may be less reliable. The survey methods of F.E.H. was proposed.