Fundamental studies for establishing rockfish culture techniques. 5. Feeding experiments on young rockfish, Sebastes thompsoni and Sebastes schlegeli during summer season

Ikehara, K.; Nagahara, M.; Yamada, Y.; Naiki, K.

Bulletin of the Japan Sea National Fisheries Research Institute 31: 57-63


Accession: 021072706

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Growth rate, food efficiency and survival rate for young S. thompsoni fed on 2 kinds of diet were determined in 2 kinds of rearing system. Diets used were raw jack mackerel muscle and compound feed. A laboratory tank with running water of relatively low temperature and a cage at sea of higher temperature were used. These rates were also determined for young S. schlegeli fed on the compound feed in the running water system. Experiments occurred during the summer. In the running water system, the growth rate and food efficiency in S. thompsoni fed on the raw fish were higher than those fed on the compound feed. Similar data for raw fish at sea were not available. The final survival rate of the fish reared in the running water was higher than that in the cage at sea in each kind of feed. The fish in temperatures higher than C showed lower feeding activities regardless of the kind of feed and the rearing systems. Some took no notice of raw fish and died. S. schlegeli actively fed at higher temperature and achieved high food efficiency and high growth.