Fundamental studies for establishing rockfish culture techniques. 6. On the favourable contents of protein and lipid in compound food a young rockfish, Sebastes thompsoni (Jordan et Hubbs)

Ikehara, K.; Nagahara, M.

Bulletin of the Japan Sea National Fisheries Research Institute 29: 103-110


Accession: 021072707

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The favorable contents of protein and lipid were detected in compound food used for raising a young rockfish, S. thompsoni. The favorable protein content is 47% in lipid-excluded compound food; addition of lipid effectively accelerates the growth of fish. The effect of lipid appears to annex more than 10%. Pollack oil shows its effect at C; at higher temperatures, C, corn oil is more effective for growth. The higher the content of pollack oil in food, the higher content of fat is in muscles of reared fish.