Section 22
Chapter 21,088

Genetic structure of mulberry from different ecotypes revealed by ISSRs in China: An implications for conservation of local mulberry varieties

Weiguo Zhao; Yuhuang Wang; Tingting Chen; Gaofeng Jia; Xiaoming Wang; Jinliang Qi; Yanjun Pang; Sisi Wang; Zhonghai Li; Yongping Huang; Yile Pan; Yong-Hua Yang

Scientia Horticulturae 115(1): 0-55


ISSN/ISBN: 0304-4238
DOI: 10.1016/j.scienta.2007.07.017
Accession: 021087154

Mulberry is a perennial and economically important plant that has traditionally been used for feeding the silkworm. Evaluating genetic relationship is important for long-term improvement in mulberry yield, quality and resistance, and for germplasm conservation and identification. Population structure and genetic diversity of 8 mulberry populations from different ecotypes in China were analyzed by ISSR markers. Twelve ISSR primers generated a total of 83 amplification products, of which 50 were polymorphic, revealing 60.24% polymorphism among 66 mulberry local varieties, the mean PIC value was 0.1469. The total heterozygosity (H-T), heterozygosity within population (H-S), diversity between populations (D-ST) were 0.1600, 0.0851 and 0.0749, respectively. The coefficient of population differentiation (G(ST)) was 0.4683, indicating that the variations among populations and those within populations contributed 46.8% and 53.2% to the total heterozygosity, respectively. The gene flow (N-m) was 0.5678, suggesting that genetic drift between populations can caused local genetic differentiation and therefore, population divergence. The mean genetic similarity coefficient was 0.8456, genetic similarity coefficient among 8 mulberry populations ranged from 0.8441 to 0.9640, indicating that genetic diversity of different populations existed variation. A dendrogram of all 66 local varieties of mulberry based on the genetic similarity using ISSR markers was generated by UPGMA cluster method. In the dendrograrn, most varieties from the same ecotype clustered together.

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