Histochemical observations on the pyloric caeca of Asterias rubens (Echinodermata, Asteroidea) in relation to the reproductive cycle

van der Plas, AJ.; Voogt, PA.

Journal of Morphology 1782: 179-186


ISSN/ISBN: 0362-2525
DOI: 10.1002/jmor.1051780208
Accession: 021135206

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The pyloric ceca of the starfish A. rubens were investigated histochemically during the reproductive cycle. The median duct and the side lobes reacted differently. The median duct reacted positively for acid phosphatases and G-6-P dehydrogenase, whereas the side lobes reacted positively for alkaline phosphatases, neutral lipids and fatty acids. In the transition zone between the median duct and the side lobes, the reaction for alkaline phosphatases and neutral lipids increased toward the side lobes. The function of the enzymes and the histochemical results are discussed in relation to the function of the pyloric ceca and to the reproductive cycle.