Section 22
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Ideal ratios of isoleucine, methionine, methionine plus cystine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine relative to lysine for white leghorn-type laying hens of twenty-eight to thirty-four weeks of age

Bregendahl, K.; Roberts, S.A.; Kerr, B.; Hoehler, D.

Poultry Science 87(4): 744-758


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-5791
PMID: 18339997
DOI: 10.3382/ps.2007-00412
Accession: 021157998

Seven separate experiments were conducted with Hy-Line W-36 hens to determine the ideal ratio of Arg, Ile, Met, Met+Cys, Thr, Trp, and Val relative to Lys for maximal egg mass. The experiments were conducted simultaneously and were each designed as a randomized complete block design with 60 experimental units (each consisting of 1 cage with 2 hens) and 5 dietary treatments. The 35 assay diets were made from a common basal diet (2,987 kcal/kg of ME; 12.3% CP; 4.06% Ca, 0.47% nonphytate P), formulated using corn, soybean meal, and meat and bone meal. The true digestible amino acid contents in the basal diet were determined using the precision-fed assay with adult cecectomized roosters. Crystalline L-Arg (free base), L-Ile, L-Lys.HCl, DL-Met, L-Thr, L-Trp, and L-Val (considered 100% true digestible) were added to the basal diet at the expense of cornstarch to make the respective assayed amino acid first limiting and to yield 5 graded inclusions of the assayed amino acid. Hens were fed the assay diets from 26 to 34 wk of age, with the first 2 wk considered a depletion period. Egg production was recorded daily and egg weight was determined weekly on eggs collected over 48 h; egg mass was calculated as egg production x egg weight. The requirement for each amino acid was determined using the broken-line regression method. Consumption of Arg did not affect egg mass, thus a requirement could not be determined. The true digestible amino acid requirements used to calculate the ideal amino acid ratio for maximum egg mass were 426 mg/d of Ile, 538 mg/d of Lys, 253 mg/d of Met, 506 mg/d of Met+Cys, 414 mg/d of Thr, 120 mg/d of Trp, and 501 mg/d of Val. The ideal amino acid ratio for maximum egg mass was Ile 79%, Met 47%, Met+Cys 94%, Thr 77%, Trp 22%, and Val 93% on a true digestible basis relative to Lys. The ideal Met and Met+Cys ratios were verified in an ensuing identical experiment with 52- to 58-wk-old hens.

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