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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 21207

Chapter 21207 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Schweitzer, C.-Jo; Clark, S.; Gaines, G.; Finke, P.; Gottschalk, K.; Loftis, D., 2008:
Integrating land and resource management plans and applied large-scale research on two national forests

Borin, Linda., 1991:
Integrating law enforcement and wildlife management

De-Block, M.; Slos, S.; Johansson, F.; Stoks, R., 2008:
Integrating life history and physiology to understand latitudinal size variation in a damselfly

Bird, K.E.; Nichols, W.J.; Tambiah, C.R.; Rangel, R., 2003:
Integrating local knowledge and outside science in sea turtle conservation: a case study from Baja California, Mexico

Burger, Joanna., 2000:
Integrating long-term avian studies with planning and adaptive management: Department of Energy Lands as a case study

Adams, LW.; Leedy, DL., 1987:
Integrating man and nature in the metropolitan environment. Proceedings of a national symposium on urban wildlife, 4-7 November 1986 Chevy Chase, Maryland

Verheugt, WJM.; Purwoko, A.; Danielsen, F.; Skov, H.; Kadarisman, R., 1991:
Integrating mangrove and swamp forests conservation with coastal lowland development; the Banyuasin Sembilang swamps case study, South Sumatra Province, Indonesia

Verheugt, WJM.; Purwoko, A.; Danielsen, F.; Skov, H.; Kadarisman, R., 1990:
Integrating mangrove and swamp forests conservation with coastal lowland development; the Banyuasin-Sembilang Swamps' case study, south Sumatra Province, Indonesia

Shepherd, P.C.F.; Evans Ogden, L.J.; Lank, D.B., 2003:
Integrating marine and terrestrial habitats in shorebird conservation planning

Gopalakrishnan, S.; Sharma, R.K.; Rajkumar, K.A.and; Joseph, M.; Singh, V.P.; Singh, A.K.; Bhat, K.V.; Singh, N.K.; Mohapatra, T.M., 2008:
Integrating marker assisted background analysis with foreground selection for identification of superior bacterial blight resistant recombinants in Basmati rice

Babu, R.; Nair, S., K.; Prasanna, B.M.; Gupta, H.S., 2004:
Integrating marker-assisted selection in crop breeding - Prospects and challenges

Swingley, W.D.; Blankenship, R.E.; Raymond, J., 2008:
Integrating Markov clustering and molecular phylogenetics to reconstruct the cyanobacterial species tree from conserved protein families

Pulselli, F.M.; Ciampalini, F.; Leipert, C.; Tiezzi, E., 2006:
Integrating methods for the environmental sustainability: the SPIn-Eco Project in the Province of Siena (Italy)

Davidson, L.A.; B.S.hnell, S.M.ini, PK.N.wman, SA.N.wman, TJ, 2008:
Integrating morphogenesis with underlying mechanics and cell biology

Anonymous, 2007:
Integrating morphology, behavior and phylogeny to determine the mechanics and energetics of rorqual lunge-feeding

Mallinson, JJC.; Carroll, JB., 1995:
Integrating needs in great ape accommodation. Sumatran orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus abelii) home-habitat at the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust

Peterson, Charles, H., 2001:
Integrating nutritional physiology and ecology to explain interactions between physics and biology in Mercenaria mercenaria

Anonymous, 2007:
Integrating one of the NTDS with one of the big three. an integrated malaria indicator, parasite prevalence, trachoma indicator, and trachoma prevalence survey in Amhara regional state, Ethiopia

Adams, R.A.; Pedersen, S.C., 2000:
Integrating ontogeny into ecological and evolutionary investigations

Anonymous, 2006:
Integrating paleobiology and developmental genetics: Contributions of

Cleary, J.F., 2007:
Integrating palliative care into head and neck oncology

Anonymous, 2007:
Integrating pathway and linkage information towards candidate gene prioritization

Wingender, E.; Hogan, J.; Schacherer, F.; Potapov, A.P.; Kel-Margoulis, O., 2007:
Integrating pathway data for systems pathology

Fuentealba, L.C.; Eivers, E.; Ikeda, A.; Hurtado, C.; Kuroda, H.; Pera, E.M.; De Robertis, E.M., 2007:
Integrating patterning signals: Wnt/GSK3 regulates the duration of the BMP/Smad1 signal

Anonymous, 2007:
Integrating pharmacology with pharmacovigilance: Developing tools to examine pattern of risks within drug classes in prescription-event monitoring (PEM)

Relyea, R.A., 2004:
Integrating phenotypic plasticity when death is on the line. Insights from predator-prey systems

Carling, M.D.; Brumfield, R.T., 2008:
Integrating phylogenetic and population genetic analyses of multiple loci to test species divergence hypotheses in Passerina buntings

Anonymous, 2007:
Integrating phylogenetic, coalescent, and population genetic approaches to reconstruct the historical biogeography of triaenops

Catchpole, CK., 1992:
Integrating playback: a wider context

Anonymous, 2007:
Integrating poison prevention training and outreach into the EMSC program

Nicholls, Ao, 1998:
Integrating population abundance, dynamics and distribution into broad-scale priority setting

Glass, R.J.; More, T.A.; Stevens, T.H., 1993:
Integrating public values into wildlife management

Anonymous, 2007:
Integrating quantitative trait loci (QTL) with whole-genome data to identify candidate genes controlling growth traits in Plasmodium falciparum

Thariat, J.; Milas, L.; Ang, K.Kian., 2007:
Integrating radiotherapy with epidermal growth factor receptor antagonists and other molecular therapeutics for the treatment of head and neck cancer

Patenaude,G.; Milne,R.; Oijen,M.van; Rowland,C.S.; Hill,R.A., 2008:
Integrating remote sensing datasets into ecological modelling: a Bayesian approach

Reinecke, K.; Loesch, C., 1996:
Integrating research and management to conserve wildfowl (Anatidae) and wetlands in the Mississippi alluvial valley, U.S.A

De Jager, P.L.; Simon, K.C.; Munger, K.L.; Rioux, J.D.; Hafler, D.A.; Ascherio, A., 2008:
Integrating risk factors: HLA-DRB1*1501 and Epstein-Barr virus in multiple sclerosis

Averbeck, Christiane., 2001:
Integrating rural communities, antelope and buffalo conservation in the Lake Mburo area

Santos, C.; Lorite, I.J.; Tasumi, M.; Allen, R.G.; Fereres, E., 2008:
Integrating satellite-based evapotranspiration with simulation models for irrigation management at the scheme level

L.F.iling; R.G.egory; M.H.rstone, 2007:
Integrating science and local knowledge in environmental risk management: A decision-focused approach

Roth, Terri, L., 2002:
Integrating science, technology and animal management to produce the first Sumatran rhino calf in captivity in 112 years

Chaffey, H.; Montevecchi, W.; Neis, B., 2003:
Integrating scientific and local ecological knowledge (LEK) in studies of common eiders in southern Labrador, Canada

Prlić, A.; Down, T.A.; Kulesha, E.; Finn, R.D.; Kähäri, A.; Hubbard, T.J.P., 2007:
Integrating sequence and structural biology with DAS

Brackett, C.D.; Cochran, N.; Coutermarsh, M.; Clay, C.; Kearing, S.; Brooks, B., 2008:
Integrating shared decision making into primary care: Assessing the impact of a colon cancer screening decision aid

Anonymous, 2007:
Integrating signaling theory and whole-organism performance into a functional understanding of threat displays

Locke, M.A.; Zablotowicz, R.M.; Reddy, K.N., 2008:
Integrating soil conservation practices and glyphosate-resistant crops: impacts on soil

Mintseris, J.; Pierce, B.; Wiehe, K.; Anderson, R.; Chen, R.; Weng, Z., 2007:
Integrating statistical pair potentials into protein complex prediction

Wolf, G.T., 2007:
Integrating surgery into treatment paradigms for organ preservation: tailoring treatment to biology improves outcomes

Bradshaw, Dana, S., 1993:
Integrating the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Program with traditional wildlife management: a state perspective

Flynn, D.; Lehnhardt, J., 1995:
Integrating the Specialized Training and Reinforcement System (STARS) into the elephant management program at the National Zoological Park

Richard, L.; Gauvin, L.; Gosselin, Céline.; Ducharme, F.; Sapinski, J-Philippe.; Trudel, M., 2008:
Integrating the ecological approach in health promotion for older adults: a survey of programs aimed at elder abuse prevention, falls prevention, and appropriate medication use

Bohlen, P.J.; Parmelee, R.W.; Blair, J.M., 2004:
Integrating the effects of earthworms on nutrient cycling across spatial and temporal scales

Parkes, John, P., 1996:
Integrating the management of introduced mammal pests of conservation values in New Zealand

Porter, Karen, G., 1996:
Integrating the microbial loop and the classic food chain into a realistic planktonic food web

Pepe, M.S.; Feng, Z.; Huang, Y.; Longton, G.; Prentice, R.; Thompson, I.M.; Zheng, Y., 2007:
Integrating the predictiveness of a marker with its performance as a classifier

Emery, M.; Goodson, A.; David.; Datta, S., 1993:
Integrating theodolite and video tracking data

Huey, RB.; Stevenson, RD., 1979:
Integrating thermal physiology and ecology of ectotherms: a discussion of approaches

Anonymous, 2007:
Integrating transcriptional and metabolic profiling to unravel secondary metabolite biosynthesis in plants

Anonymous, 2007:
Integrating transcriptome, metabolome and phosphoproteomic approaches in stress signal transduction

Gasana, M.; Vandebriel, G.; Kabanda, G.; Tsiouris, S.J.; Justman, J.; Sahabo, R.; Kamugundu, D.; El-Sadr, W.M., 2008:
Integrating tuberculosis and HIV care in rural Rwanda

Fern Terris-Prestholt; Lilani Kumaranayake; Rokaya Ginwalla; Helen Ayles; Ignatius Kayawe; Mary Hillery; Peter Godfrey-Faussett, 2008:
Integrating tuberculosis and HIV services for people living with HIV: costs of the Zambian ProTEST Initiative

Hare, B.; Wrangham, R., 2002:
Integrating two evolutionary models for the study of social cognition

Goolish, Edward, M., 1992:
Integrating two views of foraging

Anonymous, 2007:
Integrating urban and rural plans and promoting the development of rural areas

Anderson, J., E.; Plourde, L., C.; Martin, M., E.; Braswell, B., H.; Smith, M.-Louise; Dubayah, R., O.; Hofton, M., A.; Blair, J.B.yan, 2008:
Integrating waveform lidar with hyperspectral imagery for inventory of a northern temperate forest

Bontoux, N.; Dauphinot, L.; Vitalis, T.; Studer, V.; Chen, Y.; Rossier, J.; Potier, M-C., 2008:
Integrating whole transcriptome assays on a lab-on-a-chip for single cell gene profiling

Williams, Geoff., 1995:
Integrating wild-caught animals into zoos: a case study involving the collection of platypus from the wild

Cutler, MR., 1984:
Integrating wildlife habitat features in agricultural program

Karesh, W.B.; Cook, R.A.; Uhart, M.M.; Lewis, M.N., 1995:
Integrating wildlife health into Argentinean conservation activities and a coastal management plan

Rothe, H.; Konig, A.; Siess, M.; Radespiel, U.; Darms, K., 1987:
Integration adulter Callithrix jacchus-Mannchen in Rumpfgruppen

Anyela Camargo; Francisco Azuaje, 2007:
Integration and analysis of heterogeneous microarray data sources for supporting drug target identification in atherosclerosis

Guthrie, DM., 1983:
Integration and control by the central nervous system

Anonymous, 2007:
Integration and differentiation potential of cells from the different human fetal forebrain regions after transplantation into an acute demyelination model

Anonymous, 2005:
Integration and excision of the gonococcal genetic island of Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Anonymous, 2007:
Integration and expression of the high-molecular-weight glutenin subunit Dy10 gene into Egyptian wheat

Johnstone-Scott, R., 1984:
Integration and management of a group of lowland gorillas at the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust

Badyaev, A.V., 2004:
Integration and modularity in the evolution of sexual ornaments. An overlooked perspective

Anonymous, 2007:
Integration and self regulation of quality management in Dutch agri-food supply chains: a cross-chain analysis of the poultry meat, the fruit and vegetable and the flower and potted plant chains

Sella, G., 1991:
Integration between behavioural ecologists and geneticists: a prospect for the future

Fain, GL., 1981:
Integration by spikeless neurones in the retina

Bachelet, G.; Yacine-Kassab, M., 1987:
Integration de la phase post-recrutee dans la dynamique des populations du gasteropode intertidal Hydrobia ulvae (Pennant)

Rousset, V.; Raibaut, A., 1983:
Integration de nouveaux caracteres structuraux a la systematique des Chondracanthidae (Copepoda, Poecilostomatoida)

Anonymous, 1999:
Integration des Schalenwildes in den Nationalparken

Vicente, N., 1978:
Integration du mercure aux structures cellulaires d'un bivalve (Cerastoderma glaucum Poiret 1789)

Anonymous, 1999:
Integration du trajet chez Blattella germanica (l.) (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae): orientation et distance

Fischer, M., 1991:
Integration einiger Gattungen der Alysiini in ein diagnostisches System (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Alysiinae)

Kirkwood, G.; Constable, A., 2001:
Integration of CPUE data into assessments using the generalised yield model

Funahashi, A.; Jouraku, A.; Matsuoka, Y.; Kitano, H., 2007:
Integration of CellDesigner and SABIO-RK

Barceló-Batllori, Sílvia.; Kalko, S.G.; Esteban, Y.; Moreno, Sílvia.; Carmona, Mía.C.; Gomis, R., 2007:
Integration of DIGE and bioinformatics analyses reveals a role of the antiobesity agent tungstate in redox and energy homeostasis pathways in brown adipose tissue

Anonymous, 2008:
Integration of Genomics and proteomics in dissecting p53 signaling

Blagoveshchenskaya, A.; Cheong, F.Ying.; Rohde, H.M.; Glover, G.; Knödler, A.; Nicolson, T.; Boehmelt, G.; Mayinger, P., 2008:
Integration of Golgi trafficking and growth factor signaling by the lipid phosphatase SAC1

Neilsen, Dave., 1991:
Integration of NAWMP initiative in Alberta agricultural programs

Mussgnug, GL., 1980:
Integration of Nosema locustae with chemical insecticides and entomopoxvirus for control of grasshoppers

Anonymous, 2007:
Integration of Puresperm (R) gradient centrifugation into a bovine IVF protocol using sex sorted spermatozoa

Martin Golebiewski; Saqib Mir; Renate Kania; Olga Krebs; Andreas Weidemann; Ulrike Wittig; Isabel Rojas, 2007:
Integration of SABIO-RK in workbenches for kinetic model design

Anonymous, 2007:
Integration of SIMIA and SIMLAPLOT: A graphical user interface for complex disease simulation and analysis

Anonymous, 2007:
Integration of SSR and SNP markers using an interspecific cross Cicer arietinum x Cicer reticulatum for mapping of ascochyta blight resistance.

Anonymous, 2008:
Integration of Transforming Growth Factor b and RAS Signaling Silences a RAB5 Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor and Enhances Growth Factor-Directed Cell Migration

Anonymous, 2006:
Integration of a Mini-ICEC unit in Mycoplasma capricolum

Motejadded, H.; Altenbuchner, J., 2007:
Integration of a lipase gene into the Bacillus subtilis chromosome: Recombinant strains without antibiotic resistance marker

Anderson, JR.; Combette, C.; Roeder, J-J., 1991:
Integration of a tame adult female capuchin monkey (Cebus apella) into a captive group

Wieland, CM., 1980:
Integration of afferent acoustical sensory information by an interneuron in the prothoracic ganglion of the cricket Acheta domesticus

Anonymous, 2008:
Integration of an electronic portfolio tool within a patient safety education curriculum for residents to promote reflection and feedback on adverse events and near misses

Estaun, V.; Vicente, S.; Calvet, C.; Camprubi, A.; Busquets, M., 2007:
Integration of arbuscular mycorrhiza inoculation in hydroseeding technology. Effects on plant growth and inter-species competition

Endepols, H.; Walkowiak, W., 2001:
Integration of ascending and descending inputs in the auditory midbrain of anurans

Howard, J.Gayle.; Marinari, P.; Wildt, DE., 2002:
Integration of assisted reproductive technology in the recovery of the black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes)

Anonymous, 2008:
Integration of automation and data management to aid in FMRI analysis

Hughes, MR., 1991:
Integration of avian osmoregulatory systems: an overview

Jeon, KW., 1983:
Integration of bacterial endosymbionts in amoebae

Jeon, Kw, 2003:
Integration of bacterial endosymbionts in amoebae

Sakharov, DA.; Kabotyansky, EA., 1986:
Integration of behaviour of a pteropod mollusc by dopamine and serotonin

Semenzin, E.; Critto, A.; Rutgers, M.; Marcomini, A., 2007:
Integration of bioavailability, ecology and ecotoxicology by three lines of evidence into ecological risk indexes for contaminated soil assessment

Huang, H.; Hu, Z-Zhi.; Arighi, C.N.; Wu, C.H., 2007:
Integration of bioinformatics resources for functional analysis of gene expression and proteomic data

Roomi, MW.; Shah, A.H., 1993:
Integration of biological control in Pakistan

ter Maat, A.; Roubos, E.W.; Lodder, J.C.; Buma, P., 1983:
Integration of biphasic synaptic input by electrotonically coupled neuroendocrine caudodorsal cells in the pond snail

Bonello, M.; House, A.A.; Cruz, D.; Asuman, Y.; Andrikos, E.; Petras, D.; Strazzabosco, M.; Ronco, F.; Brendolan, A.; Crepaldi, C.; Nalesso, F.; Ronco, C., 2007:
Integration of blood volume, blood pressure, heart rate and bioimpedance monitoring for the achievement of optimal dry body weight during chronic hemodialysis

Lee, C.L., 2003:
Integration of broodstock replenishment with community-based management to restore trochus fisheries: A new ACIAR-funded project for Australia and the Pacific

Wolcott, DL., 1991:
Integration of cellular, organismal, and ecological aspects of salt and water balance

Jahan-Parwar, B.; Fredman, SM., 1981:
Integration of chemosensory and mechanosensory information in the nervous system of Aplysia

Ache, BW., 1988:
Integration of chemosensory information in aquatic invertebrates

Cassone, V.M.; Brooks, D.S.; Hodges, D.B.; Kelm, T.A.; L.J.n.; Warren, W.S., 1992:
Integration of circadian and visual function in mammals and birds: brain imaging and the role of melatonin in biological clock regulation

Watanabe, M.; Sakagami, M., 2007:
Integration of cognitive and motivational context information in the primate prefrontal cortex

Anonymous, 2007:
Integration of cold signal transduction pathway related to ABA 8 '-hydroxylase in Arabidopsis

Yin, F-Fang.; Wang, Z.; Yoo, S.; Wu, Q.Jackie.; Kirkpatrick, J.; Larrier, N.; Meyer, J.; Willett, C.G.; Marks, L.B., 2008:
Integration of cone-beam CT in stereotactic body radiation therapy

Blackshaw, R., E.; Molnar, L., J., 2008:
Integration of conservation tillage and herbicides for sustainable dry bean production

Robert, A.; Couvet, D.; Sarrazin, F., 2007:
Integration of demography and genetics in population restorations

Bannink, B.A. ., 1984:
Integration of ecological aspects in coastal engineering projects. Part 2

Jorgensen, Sven Erik., 1997:
Integration of ecosystem theories: a pattern. Second revised edition

Zammit, P.S.; Cohen, A.; Buckingham, M.E.; Kelly, R.G., 2007:
Integration of embryonic and fetal skeletal myogenic programs at the myosin light chain 1f/3f locus

Furlong, M., J.; Ju, K.-Hak; Su, P.-Wi; Chol, J.-Kwang; Il, R.-Chang; Zalucki, M., P., 2008:
Integration of endemic natural enemies and Bacillus thuringiensis to manage insect pests of Brassica crops in North Korea

Lin, J.D.; Liu, C.; Li, S., 2008:
Integration of energy metabolism and the mammalian clock

Mills, LR.; Kater, SB., 1989:
Integration of environmental and intracellular signals: the calcium hypothesis for the control of neuronal growth cones

Wingfield, JC.; Hahn, TP.; Doak, D., 1993:
Integration of environmental factors regulation transitions of physiological state, morphology and behaviour

Kurata, H.; Zhao, Q.; Okuda, R.; Shimizu, K., 2007:
Integration of enzyme activities into metabolic flux distributions by elementary mode analysis

Borger, S.; Uhlendorf, J.; Helbig, A.; Liebermeister, W., 2007:
Integration of enzyme kinetic data from various sources

Weinsheimer, S.; Lenk, G.M.; van der Voet, M.; Land, S.; Ronkainen, A.; Alafuzoff, I.; Kuivaniemi, H.; Tromp, G., 2007:
Integration of expression profiles and genetic mapping data to identify candidate genes in intracranial aneurysm

Anonymous, 2007:
Integration of family nursing into the daily care of cancer patients

Wing, ES., 1987:
Integration of floral and faunal data from Hontoon Island, Florida

Siegal, G.; Ab, E.; Schultz, J., 2007:
Integration of fragment screening and library design

Anonymous, 2006:
Integration of fungicides and refrigeration for the control of melon FT Integracao de fungicidas a refrigeracao no controle de podridao pos-colheita em frutos de meloeiro

Anonymous, 2007:
Integration of gene mapping and expression arrays identifies mechanisms by which genes are dysregulated as a result of copy number loss and gain associated with IgH translocations in multiple myeloma

Zhivotovsky, LA., 1992:
Integration of genetic variation in the processes of adaptive evolution

Anonymous, 2007:
Integration of gorilla females into heterosexual captive groups FT Integration weiblicher Gorillas in heterosexuelle Zoogruppen

Goodyear, C.; Phillip, 2002:
Integration of habitat preference into population abundance indices: Robustness tests using simulated data

Meder, A., 1990:
Integration of hand-reared gorillas into breeding groups

Toma, N.G.asnov; Heather Tye; C.O.iver Kappe, 2008:
Integration of high speed microwave chemistry and a statistical 'design of experiment' approach for the synthesis of the mitotic kinesin Eg5 inhibitor monastrol

Sakharov, DA., 1991:
Integration of high threshold whole-body withdrawal in the pond snail

Lercher, M.J.; Pál, C., 2007:
Integration of horizontally transferred genes into regulatory interaction networks takes many million years

Bleckmann, H.; Mogdans, J.; Fleck, A., 1996:
Integration of hydrodynamic information in the hindbrain of fishes

Dyduch Falniowska, A.; Makomaska Juchiewicz, M.; Kazmeirczakowa, R.; Perzanowska, J.; Zajac, K., 1997 :
Integration of information on the Krakow -Czestochowa Jura for conservation purposes: application of CORINE methodology

Crews, D., 1978:
Integration of internal and external stimuli in the regulation of lizard reproduction

Galán, B.; Castañeda, D.; Ortiz, I., 2007:
Integration of ion exchange and non-dispersive solvent extraction processes for the separation and concentration of Cr(VI) from ground waters

Das, C.; Zhang, J.; Denslow, N.D.; Fan, Z.Hugh., 2007:
Integration of isoelectric focusing with multi-channel gel electrophoresis by using microfluidic pseudo-valves

Chen, H.; Zhang, J.; Neff, M.M.; Hong, S-Whan.; Zhang, H.; Deng, X-Wang.; Xiong, L., 2008:
Integration of light and abscisic acid signaling during seed germination and early seedling development

Airan, R.D.; Hu, E.S.; Vijaykumar, R.; Roy, M.; Meltzer, L.A.; Deisseroth, K., 2007:
Integration of light-controlled neuronal firing and fast circuit imaging

Franzreb, K.E.; Lloyd, F.; Thomas., 2000:
Integration of long-term research into a GIS-based landscape habitat model for the red-cockaded woodpecker

Eberhardt, LL.; O'Shea, T.J., 1995:
Integration of manatee life-history data and population modeling

Wilson, MD.; Post, RJ., 1994:
Integration of morphometric, cytogenetic and molecular techniques: a case study of Simulium damnosum

Anonymous, 2008:
Integration of mouse phenome data resources (vol 18, pg 157, 2007)

Anonymous, 2007:
Integration of neglected disease programs in Togo: Evaluation of a pilot project

Joosse, J., 1985:
Integration of nervous, endocrine and functional characteristics in the neuroendocrine system of Lymnaea stagnalis

Cooper, M.A.; Bernstein, I.S.; Fragaszy, D.M. de Waal, F.B., 2001:
Integration of new males into four social groups of tufted capuchins (Cebus apella)

Reichert, H.; Rowell, C.H., 1985:
Integration of nonphaselocked exteroceptive information in the control of rhythmic flight in the locust

Anonymous, 2007:
Integration of organic synthesis and lipases - Total synthesis of symbioramide and (S)-azetidinecarboxylic acid as the examples

Baker, J.N.; Hinds, P.S.; Spunt, S.L.; Barfield, R.C.; Allen, C.; Powell, B.C.; Anderson, L.H.; Kane, J.R., 2008:
Integration of palliative care practices into the ongoing care of children with cancer: individualized care planning and coordination

Anonymous, 2006:
Integration of pan7-1 into the Magnaporthe grisea genome mediated by restriction enzyme FT Integracacao de pAN7-1 no Genoma de Magnaporthe grisea Mediada por Enzima de Restricao

Sónia Duarte; António G.F.rtes; Duarte. M.P.azeres; João C.M.rcos, 2007:
Integration of plasmid DNA purification and molecular therapy agent preparation using aqueous two-phase systems

Page, R., 1987:
Integration of population dynamics for moose management - a review and synthesis of modelling approaches in North America

Zobitz, J.M.; Moore, D.J.P.; Sacks, W.J.; Monson, R.K.; Bowling, D.R.; Schimel, D.S., 2008:
Integration of process-based soil respiration models with whole-ecosystem CO2 measurements

Lange, C.A., 2007:
Integration of progesterone receptor action with rapid signaling events in breast cancer models

Pinsker, HM., 1983:
Integration of reflex activity and central pattern generation in intact Aplysia

Maselli, F.; Chiesi, M.; Fibbi, L.; Moriondo, M., 2008:
Integration of remote sensing and ecosystem modelling techniques to estimate forest net carbon uptake

Kennamer, R.A.; Hepp, G.R., 2000:
Integration of research with long-term monitoring: breeding wood ducks on the Savannah River Site

Swatkoski, S.; Gutierrez, P.; Ginter, J.; Petrov, A.; Dinman, J.D.; Edwards, N.; Fenselau, C., 2007:
Integration of residue-specific acid cleavage into proteomic workflows

Elshoud, G.C.A., 1989:
Integration of respiration and feeding demands in the opercular system of fishes

Granger, D.A.; Kivlighan, K.T.; Fortunato, C.; Harmon, A.G.; Hibel, L.C.; Schwartz, E.B.; Whembolua, G-Lucien., 2007:
Integration of salivary biomarkers into developmental and behaviorally-oriented research: problems and solutions for collecting specimens

Heckroth, H-P.; Fiala, B.; Maschwitz, U., 2001:
Integration of scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccidae) in the south-east Asian ant-plant (Crematogaster (Formicidae) - Macaranga (Euphorbiaceae)) system

Adams, S.L.; Cohen, A.J.; Lassová, L., 2007:
Integration of signaling pathways regulating chondrocyte differentiation during endochondral bone formation

Ana Sebastián-López; Raymond Salvador-Civil; Julián Gonzalo-Jiménez; Jesús SanMiguel-Ayanz, 2008:
Integration of socio-economic and environmental variables for modelling long-term fire danger in Southern Europe

Petrova, NA.; Kiknadze, II.; Michailova, PV., 1986:
Integration of species in the plumosus-group of Chironomidae

Anonymous, 2007:
Integration of testing for, prevention of, and access to treatment for

Penner, M.; Leone, P.A., 2008:
Integration of testing for, prevention of, and access to treatment for HIV infection: state and local perspectives

Anonymous, 2007:
Integration of the cichlid mandible and the evolution of alternate feeding strategies

Petrak, M., 1998:
Integration of the demands of red deer (Cervus elaphus) and man in relation to forestry, hunting and tourism

Riipinen, K-A.; Räisänen, L.; Alatossava, T., 2007:
Integration of the group c phage JCL1032 of Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. lactis and complex phage resistance of the host

Anonymous, 2007:
Integration of the head and forelimb in bipedal hominids

Anonymous, 2006:
Integration of the pattern generation and multiple feedback pathways

Verger, P.; Tressou, J.; Clémençon, S., 2007:
Integration of time as a description parameter in risk characterisation: application to methyl mercury

Anonymous, 2007:
Integration of true three-dimensional scar maps simultaneously displaying the left ventricular anatomy (Derived from CT) and left ventricular scar (Derived from PET) into a clinical mapping system to guide ventricular tachycardia ablations

Liu-Wei; Zhu-Yun-Ping; He-Fu-Chu, 2007:
Integration of various Omics data in biological systems

Ahmet Baschat; Ozhan Turan; Christoph Berg; Sifa Turan; Dolores Moyano; Amarnath Bhide; Henry Galan; Basky Thilaganathan; Sarah Bower; Ulrich Gembruch; Kypros Nicolaides; Christopher Harman, 2007:
Integration of venous doppler and biophysical profile provides optimal delivery timing in fetal growth restriction (FGR)

Newman, EA.; Hartline, PH., 1981:
Integration of visual and infrared information in bimodal neurons of the rattlesnake optic tectum

Lanier, GN., 1983:
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Integrin a2b1 Is the Required Receptor for Endorepellin Angiostatic Activity

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Integrin a9b1 is a receptor for nerve growth factor and other neurotrophins

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Anonymous, 2007:
Integrin alpha(v)beta(3) and osteopontin promote hematogenous metastasis of osteosarcoma cells to the lung

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Integrin alpha-5 beta-1 and fibronectin receptor-ligand pair determines reparative and neovascularization potential of Endothelial Progenitor Cells

Anonymous, 2007:
Integrin alpha-v beta-3 antagonists for use in imaging and therapy

Anonymous, 2007:
Integrin alphav beta 6 is a unique progression marker and target for antifibrotic therapies in liver fibrogenesis

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Integrin avb3 Binds to the RGD Motif of Glycoprotein B of Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus and Functions as an RGD-Dependent Entry Receptor

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Integrin b1 Regulates Phagosome Maturation in Macrophages through Rac Expression

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Integrin b1-mediated matrix assembly and signaling are critical for the normal development and function of the kidney glomerulus

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Integrin beta 1-mediated matrix assembly and signaling are critical

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Integrin beta 4 mediates inflammation in murine ventilator-associated lung injury via endothelial cell MAPK signaling

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Integrin beta 4 partners with HLA Class I molecules to transduce proliferative signals in endothelial cells

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Integrin involvement in dermal condensation formation

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Integrin linked kinase expression in breast cancer patients and relation to lymph node metastasis

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Integrin linked kinase is important in platelet signalling and function

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Integrin regulation of budding in Hydra

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Integrin regulation of caveolin function

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Integrin trafficking and its role in cancer metastasis

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Integrin-linked kinase (ILK) and its binding partners are implicated in the pathogenesis and progression of human chondrosarcomas

Anonymous, 2007:
Integrin-linked kinase and laminin alpha 4 mutations cause human cardiomyopathy

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Integrin-linked kinase localizes to the centrosome and regulates mitotic spindle organization

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Integrin-linked kinase regulates N-WASp-mediated actin polymerization

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Integrins mediate adherence of medulloblastoma cells to extracellular matrix and activate pathways associated with survival and proliferation

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Integrodifferential equations and delay models in population dynamics

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Integrons and superintegrons

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Integuments in echiurans

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Integumentum commune

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Intelcysticus e Inbiocystisus (Mollusca: Neograstropoda: Cystiscidae) dos neuvos generos del Atlantico occidental tropical

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Inteligencia animal e comunicacao

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Intellectual capital reporting

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Anonymous, 2007:
Intense systemic inflammatory response during the acute phase of ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction impacts on prognosis

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Intense ultrasonic clicks from echolocating toothed whales do not elicit anti-predator responses or debilitate the squid Loligo pealeii

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Intensely lithified paleokarst deposits in Okno Cave, Demanovska Valley (Slovakia)

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Intensification and ecologization of plant production in Siberia

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Intensification de la diapause embryonnaire d'Archanara sparganii par la temperature: incidences ecologiques

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Intensification of a diphyllobothriasis focus in the zone of the Kuibyshev Water Reservoir and measures for it's sanitation

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Intensification of a suppressive HAART regimen increases CD4 counts

Klber, M., A.; Saenz, M., O.; Tanner, T., J.; Arheart, K., L.; Pahwa, S.; Liu, F., 2008:
Intensification of a suppressive HAART regimen increases CD4 counts and decreases CD8+T-cell activation

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Intensification of adult ring-billed gall aggression during reproduction and its possible consequences

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Intensification of respiration as a basis of evolutionary development of actinopterygians

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Intensification of the development of phytoplankton in buffer reservoir of coke-chemical plant

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Intensification of therapy and no increase in body mass index with longer disease duration in type 2 diabetes mellitus (ZODIAC-5)

Anonymous, 2007:
Intensified CHOP as first line treatment in poor risk diffuse large B cell non Hodgkin's lymphoma (DLBCL) patients

Anonymous, 2007:
Intensified irinotecan-based neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer: Four consecutive designed studies to minimize acute toxicity

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Anonymous, 2007:
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Intensifying treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with combinations of traditional disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs among patients with persistent disease did not reduce the need for large joint surgery

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Intensitat, Hohe und Richtung von Tag- und Nachtzug im Herbst uber Sudwestdeutschland

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Intensity and effectiveness of horse flies attacks depending on the abundance and location of animals in the herd

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Intensity and type of EEG reactions to a hyperventilation test and their relationship with changes in patients' subjective state of health and some characteristics of the initial EEG pattern

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Intensity dependence of auditory Event Related Potential (ERP) components in unmedicated major depression and healthy controls

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Intensity discrimination in the European starling (Sturnus vulgaris)

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Intensity distribution and impact of scatter for dual-source CT

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Intensity modulated hemithoracic radiation therapy for malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) after pleureciomy/decortication

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Intensity modulated proton therapy and its sensitivity to treatment uncertainties 1: the potential effects of calculational uncertainties

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Intensity modulated proton therapy and its sensitivity to treatment uncertainties 2: the potential effects of inter-fraction and inter-field motions

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Intensity modulated radiation therapy for the treatment of malignant mesothelioma

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Intensity modulated radiation therapy with ultrasound-based daily target localization for clinically localized prostate cancer: institutional experience and acute toxicity outcomes

Anonymous, 2007:
Intensity modulated radiotherapy for oropharyngeal and hypopharyngeal cancers: a short-term result

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Intensity of Neobenedenia girellae (Monogenea: Capsalidae) on the halfmoon Medialuna californiensis (Perciformes: Kyphosidae), examined using a new method of detection

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Intensity of Norway rat reproduction in colonies with different density

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Intensity of agricultural land-use and farmland birds in the Baltic States

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Intensity of development of planktonic algae in water bodies of the treatment works system in the city of Dushanbe.

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Intensity of dyes' sorption by carp eggs as an index of their embryos vitality

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Intensity of energy metabolism of marine fishes in active swimming

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Intensity of exercise recovery, blood lactate disappearance, and subsequent swimming performance

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Intensity of expression of CD 56 (NCAM) antigen on myelomatous plasma cells

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Intensity of female preference quantified through playback setpoints: call frequency versus call rate in midwife toads

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Intensity of gas exchange in hatchery produced young Siberian sturgeon Acipenser baeri Brandt, under muscular load

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Intensity of gas exchange in individual and grouped Siberian sturgeons, Acipenser baeri

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Intensity of gas exchange in young silver carp during the day.

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Intensity of gastropodan metabolism

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Intensity of helminth infections with special reference to nematodes in the fish Lutjanus argentimaculatus (Forss, 1775) Karachi coast

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Intensity of human predation on rocky shores at Las Cruces in central Chile

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Intensity of lipid peroxidation and fatty acid composition in Drosophila melanogaster lines with different adaptive ability

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Intensity of luminal alveolitis in pulmonary tuberculosis

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Intensity of male reproduction in Brandt's vole Microtus brandti

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Intensity of metabolism in bleak fry (Alburnus alburnus L.)

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Intensity of nematode infestation in mandarin orange crop in the Nilgiris Hills region

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Intensity of nest defence is related to offspring sex ratio in the great tit Parus major

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Intensity of oxygen consumption as dependent upon water temperatures in larvae of three Ephemera species

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Intensity of oxygen consumption in common field mice, house mice and striped field mice

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Intensity of oxygen consumption in first-year hybrids of Hypophthalmichthys molitrix x Aristichthys nobilis.

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Intensity of oxygen demand by some fresh-water sponges and its seasonal dynamics

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Intensity of phosphate absorption in the seston of two lakes Karelian isthmus.

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Intensity of phytoplankton development in Veselovskoe Reservoir relative to rearing of phytophagous fish therein

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Intensity of phytoplankton photosynthesis at different depths of the photic area

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Intensity of respiration and efficiency of food assimilation by protozoans

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Intensity of respiration in Daphnia longispina (O.F. Muller) (Cladocera)

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Intensity of some intestinal parasites infecting the maculated toad, Bufo regularis in Damietta Governorate, Egypt

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Intensity of some plankter metabolism in the Saratov Reservoir

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Intensity of spontaneous nuclear polyhedria as affected by extended wintering and silk moth egg hatching at high temperature

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Intensity of statin therapy in relation to myocardial ischemia, troponin T release, and clinical cardiac outcome in patients undergoing major vascular surgery

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Intensity of sugars suction in various parts of bowels of bream (Abramis brama L.) intestine

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Intensity of total metabolism in certain planktonic copepods in the Indian Ocean tropical part

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Intensity of zooplankton metabolism

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Intensity temperature factor effect on Artemia biological characteristics at different salinity

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Intensity, density and index of infection of Acanthosentis antspinis Verma et Datta 1929 in Mystus seenghala Sykes, 1839

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Intensity, energy and erosivity attributes of rainstorms in the KwaZulu-Natal Drakensberg, South Africa

Anonymous, 2007:
Intensity-modulated proton- versus photon radiotherapy for locoregional, left sided breast cancer: a dose-comparison to heart and ipsilateral lung

Anonymous, 2007:
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) with cocurrent taxane-based chemotherapy for locally-advanced head and neck cancer (LAHNC): Toxicities and efficacy

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Intensity-modulated radiation therapy and helical tomotherapy: its origin, benefits, and potential applications in veterinary medicine

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Intensity-modulated radiation therapy dose prescription, recording, and delivery: patterns of variability among institutions and treatment planning systems

Anonymous, 2008:
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy dose prescription, recording, planning systems

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Intensity-modulated radiation therapy in head and neck cancer: prescribed dose, clinical challenges and results

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Intensity-modulated radiation therapy in the treatment of head and neck cancer involving the base of the skull

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Intensity-modulated radiotherapy for head and neck cancer of unknown primary: toxicity and preliminary efficacy

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Intensity-modulated radiotherapy with concurrent chemotherapy for previously irradiated, recurrent head and neck cancer

Kim, R.Y.; McCarty, H.; Caudell, J.; Popple, R.; Shen, S.; Duan, J., 2007:
Intensity-modulated whole pelvic radiotherapy (IM-WPRT) for intact cervical cancer: Comparison with conformal 4-field WPRT and sensitivity of organ sparing effect to margin size

Anonymous, 1999:
Intensive Nutzung des Feuerdorns durch Gimpel Pyrrhula pyrrhula

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Intensive Teichwirtschaft in der Oberlausitz - Einflusse auf Lekensraum, Lebensgerneinschaft und Wasserchemismus

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Intensive Zugplanbeobachtung im Herbst 1991/92

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Intensive alligator harvest on Salvador Wildlife Management Area, Louisiana, 1986-1990

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Intensive and extensive monitoring of anthropogenic stresses associated with amphibian survivorship

Anonymous, 2007:
Intensive blood pressure reduction in patients with increased cardiovascular risk with high-dose combination therapy of 160 mg valsartan plus 25 mg hydrochlorothiazide. Results of the MACHT II observational study FT Starke Blutdrucksenkung durch hochdosierte Kombinationstherapie von MACHT-II-Beobachtungsstudie

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Intensive care and anesthetic maintenance in intraperitoneal hyper tension

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Intensive care for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

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Intensive care of infant chimpanzees

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Intensive care services in the Veterans Health Administration

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Intensive care unit environmental cleaning: an evaluation in sixteen hospitals using a novel assessment tool

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Intensive care unit management of patients with status epilepticus

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Intensive census of nocturnal raptors in Biscay

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Intensive chemotherapy followed by consolidative myeloablative chemotherapy with autologous hematopoietic cell rescue (AuHCR) in young children with newly diagnosed supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumor (sPNETs): Report of the head start I and II experience

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Intensive chemotherapy regimen (LMB86) for St Jude stage IV AIDS-related Burkitt lymphoma/leukemia: a prospective study

Anonymous, 2008:
Intensive conditioning regimen of etoposide (VP-16), cyclophosphamide transplantation for relapsed and refractory Hodgkin's lymphoma

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Intensive cultivation of new strains of microalgae

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Intensive cultivation of various strains of Coregonus lavaretus, Coregonus peled, and hybrids during the first two rearing seasons

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Intensive culture of pike-perch fry with live food

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Intensive culture of the common barbel, Barbus barbus (L.) for restocking

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Intensive culture of walleye: factors affecting the ability of juveniles to utilize a dry diet

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Intensive culture potential of Penaeus vannamei

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Intensive deer-farming as a business

Gontero, P.; Fiorito, C.; Lucca, F.; Tizzani, A.; Brausi, M., 2008:
Intensive dose gemcitabine in cis of the bladder: First results of a phase II study

Anonymous, 2006:
Intensive exercise therapy after hospitalization due to rheumatic diseases is the dominant strategy over usual care, results form the dapper study

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Intensive feeding activity by gulls near Skomer Island, Dyfed

Guix, J.C.rlos; Ruiz, X., 1998:
Intensive folivory by Thraupis sayaca (Emberizidae: Thraupinae) in southeastern Brazil

Andersson, G., 1992:
Intensive hunting on Aland during the spring.

Anonymous, 2007:
Intensive induction chemotherapy followed by early high-dose therapy outcome, for patients with hepatosplenic T-Cell lymphoma: A single institution experience

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Intensive insulin therapy and pentastarch resuscitation in severe sepsis

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Intensive insulin therapy improves endothelial function and microvascular reactivity in young people with type 1 diabetes

Anonymous, 2007:
Intensive intravenous insulin treatment in patients admitted to an intensive care unit

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Intensive larval rearing of sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax: a model of zootechnical research in aquaculture

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Intensive management of moose at high density: Impediments, achievements, and recommendations

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Intensive management of the Burmese brow-antlered deer Cervus eldi thamin for effective captive breeding and conservation

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Intensive migration of waders (Charadriiformes) on barrier-lakes on lower Silesia in 1978

Anonymous, 2007:
Intensive monitoring of adverse events (AE) to antiretroviral drugs (ARV) in Ghana

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Intensive monitoring: biology of amphibians in Canada

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Intensive night migration of long-tailed tits Aegithalos caudatus

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Intensive oral antiplatelet therapy for reduction of ischaemic events including stent thrombosis in patients with acute coronary syndromes treated with percutaneous coronary intervention and stenting in the TRITON-TIMI 38 trial: a subanalysis of a randomised trial

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Intensive rearing of larval and juvenile vimba, Vimba vimba (L.), fed natural and formulated diets

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Intensive rearing of riverine cyprinids

Gregory, J., 1979:
Intensive rearing of young roach (Rutilus rutilus (L.)) at 20C

Boyd, H., 1983:
Intensive regulation of duck hunting in North America: its purposes and achievements

Colombe, Steve., 1998:
Intensive repeat boat surveys reveal important wintering seabird populations in the Channel

James, C.M.; Abu Rezeq, T., 1989:
Intensive rotifer cultures using chemostats

Anonymous, 2007:
Intensive safety monitoring of HAART during PMTCT in Ghana

Meltofte, H., 1986:
Intensive shooting in coastal areas.

Abbass, A.; Sheldon, A.; Gyra, J.; Kalpin, A., 2008:
Intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy for DSM-IV personality disorders: a randomized controlled trial

Anonymous, 2007:
Intensive statin therapy reduces risk of cardiovascular disease beyond occurrence of the first event: Analysis of the incremental decrease in endpoints through aggressive lipid lowering trial

Schramm, H.L.; Jr.; Kraai, J.E.; Munger, C.R., 1999:
Intensive stocking of striped bass to restructure a gizzard shad population in a eutrophic Texas reservoir

Svazas, S.; Zalakevicius, M., 1991:
Intensive summer movements of the great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopus major) in the Lithuanian coastal areas

Anonymous, 2007:
Intensive supportive care and cytokines promote recovery of Hematopoiesis after total body irradiation (TBI) without hematopoietic stem cell support

Anonymous, 2005:
Intensive the proportion of the main component pieces of carcass resulting from young rams intensive fattened

Anonymous, 2007:
Intensive treatment strategies may not provide superior outcomes in mantle cell lymphoma: Overall survival exceeding seven years in a large cohort of patients managed primarily with conservative therapies

Anonymous, 2006:
Intensive treatment with MTX of early rheumatoid arthritis patients is beneficial when compared to conventional treatment with MTX: A two year study

Verstappen, S.M.M.; Jacobs, J.W.G.; van der Veen, M.J.; Heurkens, A.H.M.; Schenk, Y.; ter Borg, E.J.; Blaauw, A.A.M.; Bijlsma, J.W.J., 2007:
Intensive treatment with methotrexate in early rheumatoid arthritis: aiming for remission. Computer Assisted Management in Early Rheumatoid Arthritis (CAMERA, an open-label strategy trial)

Fredrickson, L.H.; Laubhan, M.K., 1994:
Intensive wetland management: a key to biodiversity

Anonymous, 2007:
Intensively timed induction (ITI) chemotherapy in adults with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML)

Anonymous, 1999:
Intensiver Vogelzug im Spatherbst als Folge einer Stauentladung

Wagner, U., 1984:
Intensives Schwanzwippen beim Kampflaufer (Philomachus pugnax)

Dayen, M.; Fiedler, HH., 1990:
Intensivhaltung von Flugenten

Zimmermann, H., 1982:
Intensivierung der Fischproduktion unter Berucksichtigung des Wasservogelschutzes im Teichgebiet Lewitz

Jungwirth, M., 1986:
Intensivierungsmoglichkeiten bei der Brutaufzucht und Setzlingsproduktion bei der Asche (Thymallus thymallus L.)

Steffens, R., 1981:
Intensivproduktion und Vogelwelt

Anonymous, 2003:
Intensywny przelot bekasika Lymnocryptes minimus pod Wroclawiem wiosna 1998 i 1999 roku

Anonymous, 1998:
Intensywny przelot gesi Anser albifrons i Anser fabalis oraz miejsca ich koncentracji w polnocnym pasie srodkowej czesci Pomorza jesienia 1995 roku

Anonymous, 1997:
Intensywny przelot rybitwy bialoskrzydlej Chlidonias leucopterus w okolicach Kola

Czechowski, P.; Jedro, G., 2002:
Intensywny przelot szponiastych w dolinie odry k. Czerwienska (Pow. Zielonogorski)

Anonymous, 2007:
Intention-to-treat analysis reporting and application in the Randomized Controlled Trials of drug therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

de Waal, Frans BM., 1992:
Intentional deception in Primates

Sahakyan, L.; Delaney, P.F.; Waldum, E.R., 2008:
Intentional forgetting is easier after two "shots" than one

Pérez, A.; González-Vicent, M.; Ramirez, M.; Sevilla, Ján.; Madero, L.; Díaz, M.Angel., 2007:
Intentional induction of mixed haematopoietic chimerism as platform for cellular therapy after HLA-matched allogeneic stem cell transplantation in childhood leukaemia patients

Anonymous, 2008:
Intentional induction of mixed haematopoietic chimerism as platform transplantation in childhood leukaemia patients

Anonymous, 2007:
Intentional intravenous injection of a cocktail of copperhead venom & methamphetamine

Pickering, T., D.; Skelton, P.; Sulu, R., J., 2007:
Intentional introductions of commercially harvested alien seaweeds

Dextrase, A.J.; Coscarelli, M.A., 2000:
Intentional introductions of nonindigenous freshwater organisms in North America

Richard, A.Anderson, 2007:
Intentional manipulation of endocrine status in male contraception

Robert Kozma, 2008:
Intentional systems: Review of neurodynamics, modeling, and robotics implementation

Ma, X.; Bangxi, X.; Yindong, W.; Mingxue, W., 2003:
Intentionally introduced and transferred fishes in China's inland waters

Milera, JF.; Cortes, I., 1984:
Intento de copula de un molusco prosobranquio con uno pulmonado

Leckebusch, C., 1979:
Intento de cria de Oxyura leucocephala en la laguna de Medina (Cadiz)

Anonymous, 1994:
Intento de nidificacion de Larus audouinii de tercer ano

Anonymous, 2001:
Intenzivni odchov larev okouna ricniho (Perca fluviatilis L.) v laboratornich podminkach s pouzitim starterove krmne smesi a zive potravy

Aguigwo, JN., 1993:
Inter and intra-specific hybridization of Clarias albopunctatus (Nichols and Lamonte) and Heterobranchus longifilis (Cuvier and Valenciennes) in natural and artificial conditions

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Inter and intra-specific variation of the shell of two species of the tropical freshwater snail Bellamya (Mollusca: Prosobranchia)

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Inter and intraspecific interactions between red-tailed hawks and great horned owls in central Ohio

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Inter and intraspecific variation in acute thermal tolerance in Daphnia

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Inter and intraspecific variation in composition of herbivore-induced synomones that attract predatory mites

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Inter and intratissue communication during amphibian development

Dugan, Pj, 1979:
Inter estuarine movements of shorebirds. (Abstract of contribution to the WSG Nottingham meeting)

Mitra, A.; Trivedi, S.; Choudhury, A., 1994:
Inter relationship between gross primary production and metal accumulation by Crassostrea cucullata in the Hooghly Estuary

Anonymous, 2007:
Inter simple sequence repeats system optimization and fingerprinting for Longan

Scott, M.; Barbour, A., 1992:
Inter- and intra- batch variability in energy resources of eggs and larvae of farmed turbot, Scophthalmus maximus L

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Inter- and intra-axonal variations in morphology and metabolic activity of the crayfish medial giant axon

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Inter- and intra-genomic heterogeneity of the intervening sequence in coli

Civitelli, M.V.; Consentino, P.; Capanna, E., 1989:
Inter- and intra-individual chromosome variability in Thamnomys (Grammomys) gazellae (Rodentia, Muridae) B-chromosomes and structural heteromorphisms

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Inter- and intra-individual variation in body temperatures of the Galapagos land iguana (Conolophus pallidus)

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Inter- and intra-population differences in the effects of temperature on postdiapause development for Delia radicum

Turnock, WJ.; Boivin, G., 1997:
Inter- and intra-population differences in the effects of temperature on postdiapause development for Delia radicum

Shank, CC., 1985:
Inter- and intra-sexual segregation of chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) by altitude and habitat during summer

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Inter- and intra-specific agonistic behaviour of ospreys (Pandion haliaetus) near their nest sites

Smith, TB., 1991:
Inter- and intra-specific diet overlap during lean times between Quelea erythrops and bill morphs of Pyrenestes ostrinus

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Inter- and intra-specific variability in ribosomal DNA sequence in the internal transcribed spacer region of corals

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Inter- and intra-specific variation in hatching success and embryonic development of five species of salmonids and Thymallus thymallus

Crockford, T.; Wommack, KE.; Johnston, IA.; McAndrew, BJ.; Mutungi, G.; Johson, TP., 1991:
Inter- and intra-specific variation in myosin light chain and troponin 1 composition in fast muscle fibres from two species of fish (genus Oreochromis) which have different temperature-dependent contractile properties

H.H.ang; P.A.T.dd; D.C.J.Y.o, 2008:
Inter- and intra-specific variation in the facial colours of Perisesarma eumolpe and Perisesarma indiarum (Crustacea : Brachyura : Sesarmidae)

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Inter- and intra-specific variation in the susceptibility of eucalypts to the snout beetle Goniopterus scutellatus Gyll. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

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Inter- and intra-specific variation of lepidopteran insects using molecular techniques

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Inter- and intra-specific variation on sensitivity of larval amphibians to nitrite

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Inter- and intra-specific zooplankton predation: some evidence from field analysis of the zooplankton community of Round Valley Reservoir Hunterdon County, and Jersey U.S.A

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Inter- and intra-subject variability in ethanol pharmacokinetic parameters: effects of testing interval and dose

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Inter- and intrafractional tumor and organ movement in patients with cervical cancer undergoing radiotherapy: a cinematic-MRI point-of-interest study

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Inter- and intrageneric trends in apparent racemization kinetics of amino acids in Quaternary molluscs

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Inter- and intraindividual variation in the NORs on the chromosomes of Bufo stejnegeri (Anura, Bufonidae)

Anonymous, 2007:
Inter- and intraindividual variation of feed intake and metabolic parameters of dairy cows related to energy supply

Brueckner, Martina., 2001:
Inter- and intrapopulation differentiation in Percus strictus and Percus grandicollis - RAPD-analysis in two closely related carabid species

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