Section 22
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Investigations on the epidemiology of leishmaniases in Kenya. 5. Breeding habitat of Phlebotomus duboscqi (Diptera: Psychodidae) , a vector of Leishmania major in Marigat, Baringo district, Kenya

Mutinga, MJ.; Kamau, CC.; Kyai, FM.

Insect Science and its Application 76: 727-729


Accession: 021223065

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Studies on breeding sites of Phlebotomus duboscqi, a vector of Leishmania major, were intensified in Marigat, Baringo District, Kenya using the soil incubation technique, following the previously successful attempt to look for sandfly breeding sites. Soil samples obtained from nest areas of the animal burrows yielded Phlebotomus duboscqi and Sergentomyia ingrami. These two species had been shown to harbour L. major parasites inside animal burrows. Other phlebotomine sandflies recovered from these same breeding sites included P. martini, P. rhodhaini, S. bedfordi, S. africanus, S. antennatus and S. graingeri.

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