Section 22
Chapter 21,250

La coquille Saint-Jacques Pecten maximus, temoin de contamination des eaux littorales par les polychlorobiphenyls

Alzieu, C.

Science et Peche 309: 1-11


Accession: 021249768

The contamination of scallops was due to PCB polychlorinated biphenyl and, to a lesser degree, DDE. PCB was identified in all samples and generally in major quantities in the hepatopancreas as compared with the coral and the muscle. The contamination of edible portions (muscle, coral) was considerably below the tolerance generally considered unsafe for consumers. If the results were expressed in proportion to fresh tissue, taking account of the concentration of water which averaged 75% in the muscle and 85% in the coral, the average content in the sample was 7 ng/g in the muscle and 18 ng/g in the coral. This was far below the limit fixed for fishery products (500 ng/g) and there was no risk for the consumer.

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