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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 21288

Chapter 21288 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bruhn, M., 2008:
Lifestyle characteristics and health promotion

Mullen, K.; Tomayko, E.J.; Ramanathan, R.; Feeney, L.A.; Evans, E.M.; Wilund, K.R., 2007:
Lifestyle factors and coronary artery calcification in healthy elderly

Ryan, C.W.; Huo, D.; Stallings, J.W.; Davis, R.L.; Beer, T.M.; McWhorter, L.T., 2007:
Lifestyle factors and duration of androgen deprivation affect bone mineral density of patients with prostate cancer during first year of therapy

de Jong, F.A.; Sparreboom, A.; Verweij, J.; Mathijssen, R.H.J., 2008:
Lifestyle habits as a contributor to anti-cancer treatment failure

Wu, R-Rong.; Zhao, J-Ping.; Jin, H.; Shao, P.; Fang, M-Sheng.; Guo, X-Feng.; He, Y-Qun.; Liu, Y-Jun.; Chen, J-Dong.; Li, L-Hua., 2008:
Lifestyle intervention and metformin for treatment of antipsychotic-induced weight gain: a randomized controlled trial

Baeck, G.-Wook; Takita, T.; Yoon, Y.-Ho, 2008:
Lifestyle of Korean mudskipper Periophthalmus magnuspinnatus with reference to a congeneric species Periophthalmus modestus

Péter, S.; Regöly-Mérei, A.; Biró, L.; Nagy, K.; Arató, Görgyi.; Szabó, C.; Vámos, A.; Martos, E.; Antal, M., 2007:
Lifestyle of school children: representative survey in metropolitan elementary schools. Part one

Anonymous, 2008:
Lifestyle or life-saving medicines? A primary healthcare professional

O'Loughlin, J.; Maximova, K.; Tan, Y.; Gray-Donald, K., 2007:
Lifestyle risk factors for chronic disease across family origin among adults in multiethnic, low-income, urban neighborhoods

Anonymous, 2007:
Lifestyle-induced changes in transferrin are associated with changes in insulin sensitivity

Saito, S.; Heller, T.; Yoneda, M.; Takahashi, H.; Nakajima, A.; Liang, J.T., 2007:
Lifestyle-related diseases of the digestive system: a new in vitro model of hepatitis C virion production: application of basic research on hepatitis C virus to clinical medicine

Anonymous, 2007:
Lifestyle-related diseases: Perspectives for primary prevention and treatment in animal models and humans - Introduction

Irigaray, P.; Newby, J.A.; Clapp, R.; Hardell, L.; Howard, V.; Montagnier, L.; Epstein, S.; Belpomme, D., 2007:
Lifestyle-related factors and environmental agents causing cancer: an overview

Brock, Jim., 1999:
Lifestyles of the scaled and beautiful: desert orangetip

Brock, Jim, 2002:
Lifestyles of the scaled and beautiful: orange skipperling

Winner, Beatrice E., 1993:
Lifestyles of the seashells

Lohr, B.; Varela, AM.; Santos, B., 1991:
Lifetable of Allotropa sp. (Hym.: Platygasteridae), parasitoid of the cassava mealybug, Phenacoccus manihoti (Hom.: Pseudococcidae)

Ferrari, P.; Jenab, M.; Norat, T.; Moskal, A.; Slimani, N.; Olsen, A.; Tjønneland, A.; Overvad, K.; Jensen, M.K.; Boutron-Ruault, M-Christine.; Clavel-Chapelon, Fçoise.; Morois, S.; Rohrmann, S.; Linseisen, J.; Boeing, H.; Bergmann, M.; Kontopoulou, D.; Trichopoulou, A.; Kassapa, C.; Masala, G.; Krogh, V.; Vineis, P.; Panico, S.; Tumino, R.; van Gils, C.H.; Peeters, P.; Bueno-de-Mesquita, H.Bas.; Ocké, M.C.; Skeie, G.; Lund, E.; Agudo, A.; Ardanaz, E.; López, D.C.; Sanchez, M-Jose.; Quirós,, 2007:
Lifetime and baseline alcohol intake and risk of colon and rectal cancers in the European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition (EPIC)

L.G.lliard, J.F.; Cote, J.; Fitze, P.S., 2008:
Lifetime and intergenerational fitness consequences of harmful male interactions for female lizards

Mishra, N.Kumar.; Cereda, C.; Carota, A., 2007:
Lifetime basilar migraine: a pontine syndrome?

Cory-Slechta, D.A.; Virgolini, M.B.; Rossi-George, A.; Thiruchelvam, M.; Lisek, R.; Weston, D., 2008:
Lifetime consequences of combined maternal lead and stress

J.D.B.lland; J.R.B.itton; I.G.C.wx, 2007:
Lifetime consequences of variable 0 year group length in riverine populations of chub Leuciscus cephalus (L.)

Grob, D.; Brunner, N.; Namba, T.; Pagala, M., 2007:
Lifetime course of myasthenia gravis

Chavez-MacGregor, M.; van Gils, C.H.; van der Schouw, Y.T.; Monninkhof, E.; van Noord, P.A.H.; Peeters, P.H.M., 2008:
Lifetime cumulative number of menstrual cycles and serum sex hormone levels in postmenopausal women

Clutton Brock T.H., 1991:
Lifetime data and the measurement of selection

Anonymous, 2008:
Lifetime exposure to family violence: Implications for the health of older African American women

Togashi, Katsumi, 2007:
Lifetime fecundity and female body size in Paraglenea fortunei (Coleoptera : Cerambyeidae)

Ohgushi, T., 1991:
Lifetime fitness and evolution of reproductive patterns in the herbivorous lady beetle

Herbst, S.; Pietrzak, R.H.; Wagner, J.; White, W.B.; Petry, N.M., 2007:
Lifetime major depression is associated with coronary heart disease in older adults: results from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions

Fincke, OM., 1982:
Lifetime mating success in a natural population of the damselfly, Enallagma hageni (Walsh) (Odonata: Coenagrionidae)

Cordero Rivera, A.; Andres Abad, J.A.gel, 1999:
Lifetime mating success, survivorship and synchronized reproduction in the damselfly Ischnura pumilio (Odonata: Coenagrionidae)

Sutedja, N.A.; Veldink, J.H.; Fischer, K.; Kromhout, H.; Wokke, J.H.J.; Huisman, M.H.B.; Heederik, D.J.J.; Van den Berg, L.H., 2007:
Lifetime occupation, education, smoking, and risk of ALS

Kim, S.-Yeon; Torres, R.; Dominguez, C., A.; Drummond, H., 2007:
Lifetime philopatry in the blue-footed booby: a longitudinal study

Anonymous, 2008:
Lifetime prevalence of infertility and infertility treatment in the

Oakley, L.; Doyle, P.; Maconochie, N., 2007:
Lifetime prevalence of infertility and infertility treatment in the UK: results from a population-based survey of reproduction

Lee, S.; Fung, S.C.; Tsang, A.; Liu, Z.R.; Huang, Y.Q.; He, Y.L.; Zhang, M.Y.; Shen, Y.C.; Nock, M.K.; Kessler, R.C., 2007:
Lifetime prevalence of suicide ideation, plan, and attempt in metropolitan China

Charnov, E.L.; Warne, R.; Moses, M., 2008:
Lifetime reproductive effort

Anonymous, 2008:
Lifetime reproductive output in a female common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus): a case study.

Scharer, L.; Wedekind, C., 2000:
Lifetime reproductive output in a hermaphrodite cestode when reproducing alone or in pairs: a time cost of pairing

van Balen, JH. van Noordwijk, AJ.; Visser, J., 1987:
Lifetime reproductive success and recruitment in two great tit populations

Dickinson, JL., 1988:
Lifetime reproductive success and sperm competition in the milkweed leaf beetle (Labidomera clivicollis, Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Rowley, I.; Russell, EM., 1988:
Lifetime reproductive success in Malurus splendens, a co-operative breeder

le Boeuf, BJ.; Reiter, J., 1988:
Lifetime reproductive success in northern elephant seals

Coulson, JC., 1988:
Lifetime reproductive success in the black-legged kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla)

Bryant, DM., 1988:
Lifetime reproductive success of house martins

McCleery, RH.; Perrins, CM., 1988:
Lifetime reproductive success of the great tit, Parus major

Anonymous, 2007:
Lifetime risk for breast and ovarian cancer in postmenopausal BRCA carriers: cause for concern?

Anonymous, 2007:
Lifetime risk of diabetes: the AusDiab study

Saunders, A., 1990:

Evans, E W.; II., 1981:
Lifeways of predatory stinkbugs: feeding and reproductive patterns of a generalist and a specialist (Pentatomidae: Podisus maculiventris and Perillus circumcinctus)

Marcussen, Thomas, 2007:
Liflol er dod - leve engfiol! En kritisk morfologisk gjennomgang av komplekset i Norge

Chakravarty, AS., 1984:
Lifons and solitons: a strong resemblance

Nakamura, Raymond., 1994:
Lift and drag on inclined sand dollars

Berrigan, D., 1991:
Lift production in the flesh fly, Neobellieria (=Sarcophaga) bullata Parker

Telford, M.; Harold, AS., 1982:
Lift, drag and camber in the northern sand dollar, Echinarachnius parma

Ito, Y.; Akao, Y.; Shimazawa, M.; Seki, N.; Nozawa, Y.; Hara, H., 2007 :
Lig-8, a highly bioactive lignophenol derivative from bamboo lignin, exhibits multifaceted neuroprotective activity

Dessailly, B., H.; Lensink, M., F.; Orengo, C., A.; Wodak, S., J., 2008:
LigASite - a database of biologically relevant binding sites in proteins with known apo-structures

Yonge, CM.; Morton, B., 1980:
Ligament and lithodesma in the Pandoracea and the Poromyacea with a discussion on evolutionary history in the Anomalodesmata (Mollusca: Bivalvia)

Wavreille, G.; Seraphin, J.; Chantelot, C.; Marchandise, X.; Fontaine, C., 2007:
Ligament fibre recruitment of the elbow joint during gravity-loaded passive motion: an experimental study

Roseti, L.; Buda, R.; Cavallo, C.; Desando, G.; Facchini, A.; Grigolo, B., 2007:
Ligament repair: a molecular and immunohistological characterization

Hollingshead, H., E.; Borland, M., G.; Billin, A., N.; Willson, T., M.; Gonzalez, F., J.; Peters, J., M., 2008:
Ligand activation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-beta/delta (PPAR beta/delta) and inhibition of cyclooxygenase 2 (COX2) attenuate colon carcinogenesis through independent signaling mechanisms

Agarwal, A.; Saraf, S.; Asthana, A.; Gupta, U.; Gajbhiye, V.; Jain, N.K., 2007:
Ligand based dendritic systems for tumor targeting

Huang, S.H.; Rio, D.C.; Marletta, M.A., 2007:
Ligand binding and inhibition of an oxygen-sensitive soluble guanylate cyclase, Gyc-88E, from Drosophila

Anonymous, 2007:
Ligand binding by the estrogen receptor

Liu, S-Yen.; Tsai, M-Yi.; Chuang, K-Pin.; Huang, Y-Fang.; Shieh, C-Chang., 2008:
Ligand binding of leukocyte integrin very late antigen-4 involves exposure of sulfhydryl groups and is subject to redox modulation

Boteva, R.; Severov, S.; Beltramini, M.; Bubacco, L.; Giacometti, GM.; Salvato, B., 1990:
Ligand binding on the hemocyanins from Octopus vulgaris (Octopoda) and Rapana thomasiana (Gastropoda)

de Witt, RJW.; Arents, JC. van Driel, R., 1982:
Ligand binding properties of the cytoplasmic cAMP-binding protein of Dictyostelium discoideum

Gasymov, O.K.; Abduragimov, A.R.; Glasgow, B.J., 2008:
Ligand binding site of tear lipocalin: contribution of a trigonal cluster of charged residues probed by 8-anilino-1-naphthalenesulfonic acid

Witzemann, V.; Raftery, M., 1978:
Ligand binding sites and subunit interactions of Torpedo californica acetylcholine receptor

Robacker, KM.; Hodgson, E., 1982:
Ligand binding studies with microsomal cytochrome P-450 from the housefly Musca domestica L

Giardina, B.; Chiancone, E.; Ascoli, F.; Antonini, E., 1981:
Ligand binding to heme proteins with high relative molecular mass

Ander, M.; Luzhkov, V., B.; Aqvist, J., 2008:
Ligand binding to the voltage-gated Kv1.5 potassium channel in the open state - Docking and computer simulations of a homology model

Hepp, A.F.; Himmelwright, R.S.; Eickman, N.C.; Solomon, E.I., 1979:
Ligand displacement reactions of oxyhemocyanin: comparison of reactivities of arthropods and molluscs

Yamashita, T.; Bouzhir-Sima, L.; Lambry, J-Christophe.; Liebl, U.; Vos, M.H., 2007:
Ligand dynamics and early signaling events in the heme domain of the sensor protein Dos from Escherichia coli

Sator, V., 1978:
Ligand effectors of isolated and membrane bound acetylcholine receptor from Torpedo californica

Anonymous, 2008:
Ligand effects on the protein ensemble: Unifying the descriptions of ligand binding, local conformational. fluctuations, and protein stability

de Souza Otero, A.; Hamilton, SL., 1984:
Ligand induced variations in the reactivity of thio groups of the -subunit of the acetylcholine receptor from Torpedo californica

Anonymous, 2007:
Ligand interaction scan: A general method for engineering small molecule ligand-sensitive protein alleles

Mautner, HC.; Jumblatt, JE.; Marquis, JK., 1981:
Ligand interactions of axonal membranes

Mautner, H.G.; Jumblatt, J.E.; Marquis, J.K., 1980:
Ligand interactions of crustacean axonal membranes

Nienhaus, K.; Knapp, J.E.; Palladino, P.; Royer, W.E.; Nienhaus, G.Ulrich., 2007:
Ligand migration and binding in the dimeric hemoglobin of Scapharca inaequivalvis

Joo, C.K.; Kim, H.S.; Park, J.Y.; Seomun, Y.; Son, M.J.; Kim, J.T., 2008:
Ligand release-independent transactivation of epidermal growth factor receptor by transforming growth factor-beta involves multiple signaling pathways

Anonymous, 2007:
Ligand specificity of adhesins in the fungal pathogen Candida glabrata

Noy, N., 2007:
Ligand specificity of nuclear hormone receptors: sifting through promiscuity

Anonymous, 2007:
Ligand specificity, structure activity relationship studies in the opioid system

Pello, O.M.; Martínez-Muñoz, L.; Parrillas, Vónica.; Serrano, A.; Rodríguez-Frade, Jé.Miguel.; Toro, Mía.José.; Lucas, P.; Monterrubio, Mía.; Martínez-A.C.; Mellado, M., 2008:
Ligand stabilization of CXCR4/delta-opioid receptor heterodimers reveals a mechanism for immune response regulation

Fleischhacker, A.S.; Matthews, R.G., 2007:
Ligand trans influence governs conformation in cobalamin-dependent methionine synthase

de Rome, P.J.; Jamieson, D.D.; Taylor, K.M.; Davies, L.P., 1980:
Ligand-binding and pharmacological studies on dopamine and octopamine receptors in the heart of the bivalve mollusc, Tapes watlingi

Strange, P.G.; Dowdall, M.J.; Golds, P.R.; Pickard, M.R., 1980:
Ligand-binding properties of a muscarinic acetylcholine receptor from Torpedo electric organ

Jazbutyte, V.; Arias-Loza, P.-Anahi; Hu, K.; Widder, J.; Govindaraj, V.; Von-Poser-Klein, C.; Bauersachs, J.; Fritzemeier, K.-Heinrich; Hegele-Hartung, C.; Neyses, L.; Ertl, G.; Pelzer, T., 2008:
Ligand-dependent activation of ER beta lowers blood pressure and attenuates cardiac hypertrophy in ovariectomized spontaneously hypertensive rats

Stoddard, C.D.; Gilbert, S.D.; Batey, R.T., 2008:
Ligand-dependent folding of the three-way junction in the purine riboswitch

Zhang, S.; Rowlands, C.; Safe, S., 2007:
Ligand-dependent interactions of the Ah receptor with coactivators in a mammalian two-hybrid assay

Birtwistle, M.R.; Hatakeyama, M.; Yumoto, N.; Ogunnaike, B.A.; Hoek, J.B.; Kholodenko, B.N., 2007 :
Ligand-dependent responses of the ErbB signaling network: experimental and modeling analyses

Eskandari, S.; Prychyna, O.; Leung, J.; Avdic, D.; O'Neill, M.A., 2007:
Ligand-directed dynamics of adenine riboswitch conformers

Minarik, Aín.; Humenik, M.; Li, S.; Huang, Y.; Krausch, G.; Sprinzl, M., 2007:
Ligand-directed immobilization of proteins through an esterase 2 fusion tag studied by atomic force microscopy

Michel, M.C.; Alewijnse, A.E., 2007:
Ligand-directed signaling: 50 ways to find a lover

Genest, D.; Garnier, N.; Arrault, A.; Marot, C.; Morin-Allory, L.; Genest, M., 2008:
Ligand-escape pathways from the ligand-binding domain of PPAR gamma receptor as probed by molecular dynamics simulations

Jiang, J.-Zhong; Cai, C., 2008:
Ligand-free Suzuki coupling reaction catalyzed by Pd/C in microemulsion

Lyons, L.S.; Rao, S.; Balkan, W.; Faysal, J.; Maiorino, C.A.; Burnstein, K.L., 2007:
Ligand-independent activation of androgen receptors by Rho GTPase signaling in prostate cancer

Liu, J.; Plotnikov, A.; Banerjee, A.; Suresh Kumar, K.G.; Ragimbeau, J.; Marijanovic, Z.; Baker, D.P.; Pellegrini, S.; Fuchs, S.Y., 2008:
Ligand-independent pathway that controls stability of interferon alpha receptor

Yang, S.; Park, K.; Turkson, J.; Arteaga, C.L., 2007:
Ligand-independent phosphorylation of Y869 (Y845) links mutant EGFR signaling to stat-mediated gene expression

Engelhard, A.; Bauer, R.C.; Casta, A.; Djabali, K.; Christiano, A.M., 2008:
Ligand-independent regulation of the hairless promoter by vitamin D receptor

Anonymous, 2008:
Ligand-induced conformational changes and conformational dynamics in

Taraban, M.; Zhan, H.; Whitten, A.E.; Langley, D.B.; Matthews, K.S.; Swint-Kruse, L.; Trewhella, J., 2008:
Ligand-induced conformational changes and conformational dynamics in the solution structure of the lactose repressor protein

Anonymous, 2005:
Ligand-induced conformational changes in a Staphylococcus epidermidis fibrinogen-binding adhesin

Chan, J.; Whitten, A.E.; Jeffries, C.M.; Bosanac, I.; Mal, T.K.; Ito, J.; Porumb, H.; Michikawa, T.; Mikoshiba, K.; Trewhella, J.; Ikura, M., 2007:
Ligand-induced conformational changes via flexible linkers in the amino-terminal region of the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor

Kim, D-Suk.; Gusti, V.; Dery, K.J.; Gaur, R.K., 2008:
Ligand-induced sequestering of branchpoint sequence allows conditional control of splicing

Ehrick, R.S.; Capaccio, M.; Puleo, D.A.; Bachas, L.G., 2007:
Ligand-modified aminobisphosphonate for linking proteins to hydroxyapatite and bone surface

Anonymous, 2007:
Ligand-receptor interactions and membrane structure investigated by

Thormann, E.; Simonsen, A.C.; Nielsen, L.K.; Mouritsen, O.G., 2007:
Ligand-receptor interactions and membrane structure investigated by AFM and time-resolved fluorescence microscopy

Li, J.Hua.; Hamdan, F.F.; Kim, S-Kyung.; Jacobson, K.A.; Zhang, X.; Han, S-Jun.; Wess, Jürgen., 2008:
Ligand-specific changes in M3 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor structure detected by a disulfide scanning strategy

Pyrkov, T.V.; Priestle, J.P.; Jacoby, E.; Efremov, R.G., 2008:
Ligand-specific scoring functions: improved ranking of docking solutions

Bhattacharya, S.; Hall, S., E.; Li, H.; Vaidehi, N., 2008:
Ligand-stabilized conformational states of human beta(2) adrenergic receptor: Insight into G-protein-coupled receptor activation

Hagihara, M.; Goto, Y.; Nakatani, K., 2008:
Ligand-stabilized hairpin structures interfere with elongation of human telomere

Pastorino, F.; Marimpietri, D.; Brignole, C.; Paolo, D.; Pagnan, G.; Daga, A.; Piccardi, F.; Cilli, M.; Allen, T.; Ponzoni, M., 2007:
Ligand-targeted liposomal therapies of neuroblastoma

Su, C-Chia.; Nikaido, H.; Yu, E.W., 2007:
Ligand-transporter interaction in the AcrB multidrug efflux pump determined by fluorescence polarization assay

Anonymous, 2007:
Liganded versus unliganded estrogen receptor: A potential explanation

Besselièvre, Fçois.; Mahuteau-Betzer, F.; Grierson, D.S.; Piguel, S., 2008:
Ligandless microwave-assisted Pd/Cu-catalyzed direct arylation of oxazoles

Newman, M.C.; Jagoe, C.H., 1994:
Ligands and the bioavailability of metals in aquatic environments

Damdimopoulos, A., E.; Spyrou, G.; Gustafsson, J.-Ake, 2008:
Ligands differentially modify the nuclear mobility of estrogen receptors alpha and beta

Guo, J.P.; Myers, A.C.; Choi, O.; Lee, H.S.; Zhu, Z.; Hudson, S.A.; Brummet, M.; Bovin, N.V.; Crocker, P.R.; Bochner, B.S., 2007:
Ligands for Siglec-8 and Siglec-F: Binding characteristics and tissue distribution

Ghiran, I.; Glodek, A.; Weaver, G.; Lawler, M.R.; Daha, N.; Klickstein, L.B.; Nicholson-Weller, A., 2007:
Ligated CRl forms large clusters in the erythrocyte membrane

Anonymous, 2007:
Ligation of TLR5 by flagellin converts tolerogenic dendritic cells into activating dendritic cells through inhibition of IL-10 production

Anonymous, 2007:
Ligation of mhc molecules with anti-mhc antibodies can induce autoimmunity: Novel mechanism in the immunopathogenesis of chronic rejection of allografts

Yona, S.; Lin, H-Hsien.; Dri, P.; Davies, J.Q.; Hayhoe, R.P.G.; Lewis, S.M.; Heinsbroek, S.E.M.; Brown, K.Alun.; Perretti, M.; Hamann, Jörg.; Treacher, D.F.; Gordon, S.; Stacey, M., 2007:
Ligation of the adhesion-GPCR EMR2 regulates human neutrophil function

Morishima, H.; Kajiwara, K.; Akiyama, K.; Yanagihara, Y., 2007:
Ligation of Toll-like receptor 3 differentially regulates M2 and M3 muscarinic receptor expression and function in human airway smooth muscle cells

Anonymous, 1998:
Ligdia adustata en Eupithecia abietaria: nieuw voor de provincie Antwerpen (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)

Kearn, GC., 1980:
Light & gravity responses of the oncomiracidium of Entobdella soleae and their role in host location

Fukayama, S.; Takahashi, H., 1983:
Light - and electron microscopic studies on changes of the coelomic epithelium of the Japanese brook lamprey Lampetra reissneri, during the spawning period

Hentschel, Hartmut, 1998:
Light -and electronmicroscopy of the aglomerular kidney of the pipefish, Syngnathus typhle, with a survey of the occurrence of this kidney type in other teleosts

Schanz, F.; Senn, P.; Dubinsky, Z., 1997:
Light absorption by phytoplankton and the vertical light attenuation: ecological and physiological significance

Fahnenstiel, G.L.; Lohrenz, S.E.; Kelly, K.; Millie, D.F.; Schofield, O.M., 2001:
Light absorption characteristics of individual phytoplankton cells from a natural community: examples from Lake Michigan during the winter period

Picot, M.; Cusumano, P.; Klarsfeld, Aé.; Ueda, R.; Rouyer, Fçois., 2007:
Light activates output from evening neurons and inhibits output from morning neurons in the Drosophila circadian clock

Thompson, S.; Stewart, R.; Smith, J.A.; Self, C.H., 2007:
Light activation of anti-CD3 in vivo reduces the growth of an aggressive ovarian carcinoma

Castano, JA., 1981:
Light adaptation and lateral inhibition in the vertebrate retina

Titlyanov, EA., 1991:
Light adaptation and production characteristics of branches differing by differing age and illumination of the hermatypic coral Pocillopora verrucosa

Walz, B.; Coles, JA.; Poitry, S.; Levy, S., 1986:
Light adaptation and the light-induced increase in intracellular Ca2+ (and Na+) are spatially localized in bee photoreceptors

Anonymous, 2007:
Light adaptation in cone vision involves switching between receptor

Itzhaki, A.; Perlman, I., 1984:
Light adaptation in luminosity horizontal cells in the turtle retina

Soo, F.S.; Detwiler, P.B.; Rieke, F., 2008:
Light adaptation in salamander L-cone photoreceptors

Xu, X.; Stange, C.-Florian; Richter, A.; Wanek, W.; Kuzyakov, Y., 2008:
Light affects competition for inorganic and organic nitrogen between maize and rhizosphere microorganisms

Boczar, BA.; Prezelin, BB., 1986:
Light and MgCl2-dependent characteristics of four chlorophyll-protein complexes isolated from the marine dinoflagellate, Glenodinium sp

Anonymous, 2007:
Light and Plant Development BE Whitelam, GC Halliday, KJ

Munk, O., 1982:
Light and camouflage - strategies in the deep sea.

Rado, R.; Gev, H.; Goldman, BD.; Terkel, J., 1991:
Light and circadian activity in the blind mole rat

Chalker, BE.; Dunlap, WC.; Jokiel, PL., 1986:
Light and corals

Klein, SEB., 1984:
Light and dark pulses phase shift the circadian locomotor rhythm of the house sparrow

Anonymous, 1977:
Light and dark uptake of nitrate and ammonium by large dinoflagellates: Pyrocystis noctiluca, Pyrocystis fusiformis and Dissodinium lunula

Chamberlain, S.C.; Barlow, R.B., 1979:
Light and efferent activity control rhabdom turnover in Limulus photoreceptors

Werner, HJ.; Rutherford, K.; Thomas, R.; Consentino, K., 1978:
Light and electron microscope aspects of the epithelium of the small intestine of the snake, Typhlops pusilla

Roth, J.; Lucocq, JM.; Charest, PM., 1984:
Light and electron microscope demonstration of sialic acid residues with the lectin from Limax flavus: a cytochemical affinity technique with the use of fetuin-gold complexes

Lester, RJG.; Doubrovsky, A.; Paynter, JL.; Sambhi, SK.; Atherton, JG., 1987:
Light and electron microscope evidence of baculovirus infection in the prawn Penaus plebejus

Yu, Y.; Liu, F.; Su, X., 1996:
Light and electron microscope observation on lung structure of in Yunnan tree shrew

Yamamoto, Y.; Suzuki, K., 1984:
Light and electron microscope observations and prey specificities of an algophorous amoeba from Japanese freshwater

Werner, HJ.; Rutherford, K.; Varnau, K., 1979:
Light and electron microscope observations of the epithelium of the stomach of the snake, Typhlops pusilla

Cheung, WW-K.; Lai, L-M., 1986:
Light and electron microscope observations of the midgut of the lychee stinkbug, Tessaratoma papillosa Thun. (Heteroptera: Tessaratomidae)

Inouye, I.; Pienaar, RN., 1988:
Light and electron microscope observations of the type species of Syracosphaera, S. pulchra (Prymnesiophyceae)

Marin, B.; Hoef-Emden, K.; Melkonian, M., 1996:
Light and electron microscope observations on Tetraselmis desikacharyi sp. nov. (Chlorodendrales, Chlorophyta)

Wargo, AA., 1979:
Light and electron microscope studies of changes in gastric tissues of the channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus (Rafinesque), as related to feeding times

Lukina, NA., 1984:
Light and electron microscope studies of the ovarian follicular epithelium in the early oogenesis of Raja clavata

Sakla, AA., 1983:
Light and electron microscope studies on Sarcocystis species from the stripped skunk, Mephitis mephitis in Iowa, U.S.A

Musko, IB., 1988:
Light and electron microscope studies on the alimentary canal of Cyclops vicinus

Shazly, Mohammed Abd-Allah., 2000:
Light and electron microscope studies on the life cycle of Hepatozoon stellio sp. nov. 1. Erythrocytic stages and meerogony inside the Egyptian agamid lizard Agama stellio

Shazly, Mohammed Abd-Allah., 2000:
Light and electron microscope studies on the life cycle of Hepatozoon stellio sp. nov. 2. Gamogony and sporogony inside the definitive hard tick Hyalomma impeltatum, with notes on its experimental transmission

Purrini, K.; Rohde, M., 1988:
Light and electron microscope studies on two new protists Coelosporidium schalleri n. sp. and Coelosporidium meloidorum n. sp. (Protista) infecting natural populations of the flea beetle Podagrica fusciocornis, and flower beetle Mylabris maculiventris

Anderson, T.J.; Newman, L.J.; Lester, R.J., 1993:
Light and electron microscope study of Urosporidium cannoni N. Sp., a haplosporidian parasite of the polyclad turbellarian Stylochus sp

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Lightly salted

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Lightmicroscopic observations on cochlear development in horseshoe bats (Rhinolophus rouxi)

Coulson, RN., 1984:
Lightning in the epidemiology of bark beetle infestation

Oakleaf, B., 1989 :
Lightning strikes twice

White, David., 1994:

Limpus, C.; Carter, RW.; McLean, S., 1981:
Lights and hatchling turtles: an education program

Anonymous, 2007:
Lights in the Deep

Herring, R., 1984:
Lights in the night sea

Rizzo, V., 2007:
Lights, camera, actin! The cytoskeleton takes center stage in mechanotransduction. Focus on "Mapping the dynamics of shear stress-induced structural changes in endothelial cells."

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