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Investigations on the organic drift in North Swedish streams
Limitations of Using Microsoft Excel Version 2016 (MS Excel 2016) for Statistical Analysis for Medical Research
Phloem necrosis of coffee in Surinam
Anatomy of Mystus seenghala IV Nervous system
Integrated farming system for gardenland conditions of Coimbatore district - an over view
Tetrapleure (Tetrapleura tetraptera), an unknown African medicinal and spice plant
The origin and phylogenetic significance of the trochophoran larvae 2. evolutionary significance of the larvae of coelomate worms and mollusks
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
Enterobacter amnigenus. An unusual human pathogen
Influence of Seriboost foliar application on leaf yield and leaf protein content in mulberry (Morus spp.), in relation to silkworm cocoon production
The identity of the lipstick mold of cultivated mushrooms agaricus bisporus
Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
'Pan-sukh' disease of Rice in the Central Provinces
Geological age of the Ptilophyllum flora; a critical reassessment
Study of vitellogenesis in birds; physiological phases & role of folliculin in vitellogenesis
Evaluation of WCT coconut and Komadan coconut
Therapy for acne with saccharomyces boulardii
Evidence for Late Cretaceous N-S dextral shear in the west-central crystalline core, North Cascades, Washington
'Rajeshwari' - a high-yielding white seeded variety of sesame for Andhra Pradesh
Manufacture of Ricotta cheese from whey fortified with skim milk powder using different acidulants
Occurrence of Eutrichophilus mexicanus (Rudow, 1866) and Eutrichophilus lobatus (Ewing, 1936) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae) on Sphiggurus villosus (Cuvier, 1825) (Rodentia: Erethizontidae) in Rio de
Factors affecting fruitfulness in durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.). I. Flowering and pollination
Bronchial cuff pressure change caused by left-sided double-lumen endobronchial tube displacement
Some Biological Applications of Organometallic Compounds
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 21304

Chapter 21304 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Loss of membrane localization and aberrant nuclear E-cadherin expression correlates with invasion in pancreatic endocrine tumors
, American Journal of Surgical Pathology 32(3): 413-419 (2008)

Loss of methylation in imprinting control region of IGF2/H19 genes in prostate cancer (PCA) and high grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (HGPIN)
, European Urology Suppls 7(3): 272 (2008)

Loss of mir-146a function in hormone-refractory prostate cancer
, Rna 14(3): 417-424 (2008)

Loss of mitochondrial NAD(H) during neuronal anoxia and reoxygenation
, Unknown (2008)

Loss of myoepithelium is variable in solid papillary carcinoma of the breast
, Histopathology 51(5): 657-665 (2007)

Loss of nasal saddle on mallard
, Journal of Field Ornithology 572: 170-171 (1986)

Loss of nephrocystin-3 function can cause embryonic lethality, Meckel-Gruber-like syndrome, situs inversus, and renal-hepatic-pancreatic dysplasia
, American Journal of Human Genetics 82(4): 959-970 (2008)

Loss of nephronectin promotes tumor progression in malignant melanoma
, Cancer Science 99(2): 229-233 (2008)

Loss of nesting behavior and the evolution of viviparity in reptiles
, Ethology 884: 331-341 (1991)

Loss of nrf2 exacerbates cardiac hypertrophy and dysfunction in response to pressure-overload
, Unknown (2007)

Loss of nuclear p27 is independently associated with young age at breast cancer diagnosis
, Unknown (2007)

Loss of olfactory receptor genes coincides with the acquisition of full trichromatic vision in primates
, Plos Biology 2(1): E5 (2004)

Loss of opercular paleae in the polychaete annelid Sabellaria alveolata (Linne) (Sabellariidae)
, Ophelia Supplement 5: 333-342 (1991)

Loss of P16 expression and chromosome 9p21 LOH in predicting outcome of patients affected by superficial bladder cancer
, Journal of Surgical Research 143(2): 422-427 (2007)

Loss of p27(Kip1) CDKI is a predictor of poor recurrence-free and cancer-specific survival in patients with renal cancer
, International Urology and Nephrology 39(2): 381-387 (2007)

Loss of p27Kip1 enhances tumor progression in chronic hepatocyte injury-induced liver tumorigenesis with widely ranging effects on Cdk2 or Cdc2 activation
, Carcinogenesis 28(9): 1859-1866 (2007)

Loss of p53 enhances the induction of colitis-associated neoplasia by dextran sulfate sodium
, Carcinogenesis 28(11): 2375-2381 (2007)

Loss of partitioning-defective-3/isotype-specific interacting protein (par-3/ASIP) in the elongating spermatid of RA175 (IGSF4A/SynCAM)-deficient mice
, American Journal of Pathology 171(6): 1800-1810 (2007)

Loss of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma in endothelial cells causes pulmonary arterial hypertension in transgenic mice
, Unknown (2007)

Loss of phospholipid asymmetry and elevated brain apoptotic protein levels in subjects with amnestic mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer disease
, Neurobiology of Disease 29(3): 456-464 (2008)

Loss of phospholipid membrane asymmetry and sialylated glycoconjugates from erythrocyte surface in haemoglobin E beta-thalassaemia
, British Journal of Haematology 141(1): 92-99 (2008)

Loss of phosphorus and nitrogen in runoff and subsurface drainage from high and low input pastures grazed by sheep in southern Australia
, Australian Journal of Soil Research 46(2): 161-172 (2008)

Loss of photoreceptor outer segment in acute zonal occult outer retinopathy
, Archives of Ophthalmology 125(9): 1194-1200 (2007)

Loss of photoreversibility of sunburn cell induction in Monodelphis domestica
, Photochemistry and Photobiology 46(2): 315-317 (1987)

Loss of pico- and nanoplankton cells during concentration by tangential flow filtration
, Journal of Plankton Research 20(6): 1087-1097 (1998)

Loss of plankton in the turbines of hydroelectric power stations and method of its protection
, Vodnye Resursy. Mart-Aprel'; 242: 186-191 (1997)

Loss of plant biodiversity in foothill environments of Mendoza, Argentina. FT Perididas de biodiversidad vegetal en ambientes de cerrilladas pedemontanas de Mendoza, Argentina.
, Unknown (2007)

Loss of potato resistance to nematodes.
, Unknown (1974)

Loss of programmed cell death 4 expression marks adenoma-carcinoma transition, correlates inversely with phosphorylated protein kinase B,
, Unknown (2007)

Loss of programmed cell death 4 expression marks adenoma-carcinoma transition, correlates inversely with phosphorylated protein kinase B, and is an independent prognostic factor in resected colorectal cancer
, Cancer 110(8): 1697-1707 (2007)

Loss of protein kinase PKR expression in human HeLa cells complements the vaccinia virus E3L deletion mutant phenotype by restoration of viral protein synthesis
, Journal of Virology 82(2): 840-848 (2008)

Loss of protein kinase PKR expression in human HeLa cells complements viral protein synthesis
, Unknown (2008)

Loss of putative tumor suppressor EI24/PIG8 confers resistance to etoposide
, Febs Letters 581(28): 5440-5444 (2007)

Loss of rare butterfly and plant species in coastal grasslands
, Natural Areas Journal 11(2): 119-120 (1991)

Loss of responsiveness to melatonin in the aging mouse suprachiasmatic nucleus
, Neurobiology of Aging 29(3): 464-470 (2008)

Loss of roes in winter and their feeding conditions
, Unknown (1972)

Loss of self-control in the complement system and innate autoreactivity
, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1109: 93-105 (2007)

Loss of self-incompatibility and its evolutionary consequences
, International Journal of Plant Sciences 169(1): 93-104 (2008)

Loss of sema4D signaling in platelets impairs the formation and stability of arterial thrombi in vivo and reduces myocardial infarct size
, Unknown (2007)

Loss of seven-up from Drosophila R1/R6 photoreceptors reveals a stochastic fate choice that is normally biased by Notch
, Development 135(4): 707-715 (2008)

Loss of sfrp-1 increases nuclear translocation of beta-catenin and thioredoxin in the heart leading to dilated cardiomyopathy
, Unknown (2007)

Loss of singleminded-2s in the mouse mammary gland induces an epithelial-mesenchymal transition associated with up-regulation of slug and matrix metalloprotease 2
, Molecular and Cellular Biology 28(6): 1936-1946 (2008)

Loss of skeletal muscle strength by ablation of the sarcoplasmic reticulum protein JP45
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 104(50): 20108-20113 (2007)

Loss of small fibers in entrapment neuropathy and their regeneration after surgical decompression in a rat model
, Journal of Neurotrauma 24(10): 1658-1666 (2007)

Loss of solubility of alpha-lactalbumin and beta-lactoglobulin during
, Unknown (2008)

Loss of solubility of alpha-lactalbumin and beta-lactoglobulin during the spray drying of whey proteins
, LWT Food Science and Technology 41(2): 270-277 (2008)

Loss of song variation through cultural drift in nuthatches Sitta europaea: testing an hypothesis
, Avian Science 2(1): 49-57 (2002)

Loss of spastic paraplegia gene atlastin induces age-dependent death of dopaminergic neurons in Drosophila
, Neurobiology of Aging 29(1): 84-94 (2008)

Loss of stearoyl-CoA desaturase 1 inhibits fatty acid oxidation and increases glucose utilization in the heart
, American Journal of Physiology. Endocrinology and Metabolism 294(2): E357-E364 (2008)

Loss of synapses in the entorhinal-dentate gyrus pathway following repeated induction of electroshock seizures in the rat
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 86(1): 71-83 (2008)

Loss of synaptophysin and synaptosomal-associated protein 25-kDa (SNAP-25) in elderly Down syndrome individuals
, Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology 34(1): 12-22 (2008)

Loss of tags from growing juvenile loggerhead turtles in captivity
, Marine Turtle Newsletter 7(2): 8-10 (1996)

Loss of tags, double-tagging and release methods for eastern king prawns, Penaeus plebejus (HESS): laboratory and field experiments
, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 17 May; 1881: 115-131 (1995)

Loss of talin1 in platelets abrogates integrin activation, platelet aggregation, and thrombus formation in vitro and in vivo
, Journal of Experimental Medicine 204(13): 3113-3118 (2007)

Loss of the -catenin homologue aardvark causes ectopic stalk formation in Dictyostelium
, Mechanisms of Development ust; 116(1-2): 117-127 (2002)

Loss of the BH3-only protein Bmf impairs B cell homeostasis and accelerates gamma irradiation-induced thymic lymphoma development
, Journal of Experimental Medicine 205(3): 641-655 (2008)

Loss of the PlagL2 transcription factor affects lacteal uptake of chylomicrons
, Cell Metabolism 6(5): 406-413 (2007)

Loss of the SdhB, but not the SdhA subunit of complex II triggers reactive oxygen species-dependent hypoxia-inducible factor activation
, Unknown (2008)

Loss of the SdhB, but Not the SdhA, subunit of complex II triggers reactive oxygen species-dependent hypoxia-inducible factor activation and tumorigenesis
, Molecular and Cellular Biology 28(2): 718-731 (2008)

Loss of the Y chromosome in Leukemia: a report of 9 patients
, Unknown (2007)

Loss of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor induces hypoxemia, endothelin-1,
, Unknown (2008)

Loss of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor induces hypoxemia, endothelin-1, and systemic hypertension at modest altitude
, Hypertension 51(3): 803-809 (2008)

Loss of the calmodulin-dependent inhibition of the RyR1 calcium release channel upon oxidation of methionines in calmodulin
, Biochemistry 47(1): 131-142 (2008)

Loss of the eukaryotic initiation factor 3f in pancreatic cancer
, Molecular Carcinogenesis 47(3): 235-244 (2008)

Loss of the gene for the subunit of ATP synthase (ATP5A1) from the W chromosome in the African grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus)
, Journal of Molecular Evolution ust; 53(2): 135-143 (2001)

Loss of the group A Streptococcus regulator Srv results in an altered extracellular protein profile and an increase in the production of SpeB
, Unknown (2006)

Loss of the paternal mitochondrion during fertilization
, Zoological Science (Tokyo) 10(1): 31-37 (1993)

Loss of the rho GTPase activating protein p190-B enhances hematopoietic stem cell engraftment potential
, Unknown (2007)

Loss of the tuberous sclerosis complex tumor suppressors triggers the unfolded protein response to regulate insulin signaling and apoptosis
, Molecular Cell 29(5): 541-551 (2008)

Loss of type VII collagen in squamous cell carcinoma results in increased invasion with disorganized epithelial differentiation and epithelial-mesenchymal transition
, Unknown (2008)

Loss of ventricular capture in a pacemaker-dependent patient with device on advisory: is it time to replace the device?
, Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology 18(12): 1340-1341 (2007)

Loss of vertebrate diversity following European settlement of Australian Mediterranean regions
, Rundel, P W Author, Montenegro, G Author, Janksic, F M Author Ecological Studies; Landscape disturbance and biodiversity in Mediterranean-type ecosystems 333-347 (1998)

Loss of vision associated with angioid streaks in beta-thalassemia intermedia
, International Journal of Hematology 87(1): 35-38 (2008)

Loss of visual and retinal function in light-stressed mice
, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 613: 157-164 (2008)

Loss of visual field among patients with birdshot chorioretinopathy
, American Journal of Ophthalmology 145(1): 23-28 (2008)

Loss of zona pellucida binding proteins in the acrosomal matrix disrupts acrosome biogenesis and sperm morphogenesis
, Molecular and Cellular Biology 27(19): 6794-6805 (2007)

Loss of zona pellucida binding proteins in the acrosomal matrix disrupts acrosome biogenesis and sperm morphogenesis (vol 27, pg 6794, 2007)
, Unknown (2008)

Loss processes influencing growth of planktonic bacterial populations in Lake Constance
, Journal of Plankton Research 84: 795-810 (1987)

Loss processes of sinking fecal pellets of zooplankton in the mesopelagic layers of the Antarctic Marginal Ice Zone
, Journal of Oceanography 59(6): 809-818 (2003)

Loss, status and trends for coastal marine habitats of Europe
, Unknown (2007)

Loss- und Sandsteilwande als Nisthabitate fur solitare Bienen- und Wespenarten (Hymenoptera: Aculeata): Artenvergesellschaftung und Besiedlungsfaktoren
, Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Allgemeine und Angewandte Entomologie ruar; 12(1-6): 371-374 (2000)

Loss-of-function mutations in growth differentiation factor-1 (GDF1)
, Unknown (2007)

Loss-of-function mutations in growth differentiation factor-1 (GDF1) are associated with congenital heart defects in humans
, American Journal of Human Genetics 81(5): 987-994 (2007)

Loss-of-function mutations in the filaggrin gene and alopecia areata: Strong risk factor for a severe course of disease in patients comorbid
, Unknown (2007)

Loss-of-function mutations in the filaggrin gene: no contribution to disease susceptibility, but to autoantibody formation against citrullinated peptides in early rheumatoid arthritis
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 67(1): 131-133 (2008)

Loss-of-function of human PINK1 results in mitochondrial pathology and
, Unknown (2007)

Loss-rate of mountain forests and Macrogastra badia
, Ziva, 394: 174 (1991)

Lossablagerungen des 'Profils von Vukovar' und ihre stratigraphische Interpretation
, Geoloski Vjesnik (Zagreb): 38: 45-66 (1985)

Losses among the late invaders
, Habitat Australia 10(2): 3-5 (1982)

Losses and reproduction in reintroduced golden lion tamarins Leontopithecus rosalia
, Dodo: 50-61 (27) (1991)

Losses caused to pomegranate fruits by rodents in arid horticulture
, Geobios New Reports 14(1): 37-38 (1995)

Losses due to insect pests in India
, Bulletin of Entomology 261: 86-91 (1985)

Losses due to wandering dogs and wild predators in wolf-free areas: results of surveys realised in seven breeding territories FT Degats de chiens divagants et de predateurs sauvages hors zone a loups : resultats d'enquetes sur sept territoires d'elevage
, Unknown (2007)

Losses evaluation of the sugar cane silage treated with chemical and microbial additives FT Perdas de silagens decana-de-acucar tratadas com aditivos quimicos e bacterianos
, Unknown (2007)

Losses from Mahanarva posticata in sugarcane
, Proceedings Of The International Society Of Sugar Cane Technologists: 172: 1774-1782 (1980)

Losses in the milk yields of cows caused by the blood-sucking dipterous insects and the protection of cattle with the oxamate repellent in the Leningrad region
, Veterinarni Medicina (Prague): 326: 355-363 (1987)

Losses of Sao Paulo birds are worse in the interior than in Atlantic forests
, Ciencia e Cultura (Sao Paulo) 44(5): 326-328 (1992)

Losses of birch foliage due to insect herbivory along geographical gradients in Europe: a climate-driven pattern?
, Climatic Change 87(1-2): 107-117 (2008)

Losses of eggs and nestlings of the reed bunting, Emberiza schoeniclus, in subalpine birch forest at Ammarnas, Swedish Lapland
, Var Fagelvarld 426: 425-428 (1983)

Losses of juvenile and adult fishes at the Nanticoke Thermal Generating Station due to entrapment, impingement, and entrainment
, Journal of Great Lakes Research 72: 162-170 (1981)

Losses of monel flipper tags from loggerhead sea turtles, Caretta caretta
, Journal of Herpetology 202: 276-279 (1986)

Losses of nitrogen during drying of excreta of the emu
, Poultry Science 618: 1769-1771 (1982)

Losses of offsprings in the population of Lepus europaeus Pall, 1778 at mechanized harvest of alfalfa
, Ekologiya (Sofia): 23: 47-51 (1990)

Losses of re-introduced Geoffroy's marmoset
, Australian Primatology 10(1): 12-13 (1995)

Losses of science. Andrey G. Bannikov
, Ekologiya (Moscow): 2: 95-96 (1986)

Losses of science. Hunting and trapping researcher, explorer, physician (in the memory of Sergei Vasilyevich Lobachev, 1904-1984)
, Byulleten' Moskovskogo Obshchestva Ispytatelei Prirody, Otdel Biologicheskii 91(3): 130-137 (1986)

Losses of seabirds by oil pollution at the German North Sea coast
, Scientia Marina, 1532-3: 749-754 (1989)

Losses of the eastern wild turkey from a stable Alabama population
, Proceedings of the Annual Conference Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 30: 377-385 (1976)

Losses to science. In memoriam Vladimir Vasilevich Vinogradov - a talented naturalist and enthusiastic conservationist.
, Byulleten' Moskovskogo Obshchestva Ispytatelei Prirody, Otdel Biologicheskii 90(1): 108-114 (1985)

Lossy three-dimensional JPEG2000 compression of abdominal CT images: assessment of the visually lossless threshold and effect of compression ratio on image quality
, Radiology 245(2): 467-474 (2007)

Lost British dragonflies
, Oryx 16(4): 316-317 (1982)

Lost England or paradise found?
, Bulletin of the Amateur Entomologists' Society 533(97): 235-240 (1994)

Lost and found
, Journal of the British Tarantula Society 83: 15-16 (1993)

Lost and found - Atlantic precious Wientletrap
, Conchologists of America Bulletin, 144: 66 (1986)

Lost and found. Atlantic precious wentletrap
, Conchologists of America Bulletin, 144: 66 (1986)

Lost and found. The northern hairy-nosed wombat
, Wildlife in Australia 251: 8-11 (1988)

Lost and found: the Mollusca of the Magnesian Limestone of Yorkshire
, Naturalist (Sheffield). January-March; 1241028: 42-45 (1999)

Lost aquarists' paradises (conclusion).
, Aquariumwereld 443: 58-65 (1991)

Lost at sea: where is all the plastic?
, Science 304(5672): 838 (2004)

Lost below the surface
, Natural World (Lincoln) (23): 25-27 (1988)

Lost in French Polynesia: Which strategies for a dengue virus to spread?
, Unknown (2007)

Lost in number space after right brain damage: a neural signature of representational neglect
, Cortex; a Journal Devoted to the Study of the Nervous System and Behavior 44(4): 449-453 (2008)

Lost in the world of functional genomics, systems biology, and translational research: is there life after the Milstein award?
, Cytokine and Growth Factor Reviews 18(5-6): 441-450 (2007)

Lost in translation: facing up to translational research
, Diabetes 56(12): 2841 (2007)

Lost in translation: Interpreting recommended heart healthy behaviours in the everyday world
, Unknown (2007)

Lost life years attributable to stroke among patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation: a nationwide population-based follow-up study
, Neuroepidemiology 29(1-2): 59-65 (2007)

Lost little duck
, Audubon 803: 26-27 (1980)

Lost loons of the northern lakes
, Natural History 959: 58-65 (1986)

Lost mammals of the Greater Antilles: the Summarised findings of a ten weeks field survey in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Puerto Rico
, Dodo 22: 23-42 (1985)

Lost menageries - why and how zoos disappear (part 1.)
, IZN International Zoo News. April-May; 493: 151-163 No 316 (2002)

Lost opportunities: Resident feedback on medical student clinical performance
, Unknown (2008)

Lost pelicanry
, Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 752: 482-485 (1978)

Lost to follow up: contributing factors and challenges in South African patients on antiretroviral therapy
, South African Medical Journal 97(9): 853-857 (2007)

Lost your orientation? Find your way with PtdIns(3,4,5)P3!
, Developmental Cell 13(6): 753-754 (2007)

Lostwood Refuge
, North Dakota Outdoors 441: 10-12 (1981)

Lostwood Refuge. History of vegetation and wildlife
, North Dakota Outdoors 442: 12-14 (1981)

Losungen zum Habichtproblem
, Voegel der Heimat 576: 110-111 (1987)

Losungserscheinungen an Schwammnadeln im Messeler Olschiefer (Mittel-Eozan)
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Turkmenskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskikh Nauk 943: 94-97 (1978)

Losungsmittelintoxikation als mogliche Todesursache bei einem Asiatischen Elefantenbullen (Elephas maximus)
, Unknown (1997)

Losungszahlmethode und Monitoringsystem
, Unknown (1998)

Lot muchowek Contarinia bromicola Marik. et Agaf. (Diptera, Cecidomyiida) na plantacji nasiennej i dziko rosnacych trawostanach stoklosy bezostnej (Bromus inermis Leyss.) w 2001 roku
, Progress in Plant Protection 42(2): 702-705 (2002)

Lot6p, a quinone reductase involved in apoptosis
, Unknown (2007)

Lotgevallen van Corydoras geoffroy en Cataphractus punctatus
, Unknown (2002)

Lotgevallen van Corydoras geoffroy en Cataphractus punctatus. Deel 2: gevolgen van verlies
, Unknown (2002)

Lothar Britz 60 Jahre alt
, Angewandte Parasitologie 22(3): 168-171 (1981)

Lothar Dittrich wird 60
, Zoologische Garten 624: 201-204 (1992)

Lothar Kampfe zum 65. Geburtstag
, Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universitaet Greifswald 37(2-3): 11-12 (1988)

Lothar Zirngiebl (1902-1973) - Bibliographie
, Spixiana 123: 303-306 (1989)

Lothian Ringing Group Report 1993
, Lothian Bird Report 1994); : 103-107 (1994)

Lothian Ringing Group Report 1994
, Lothian Bird Report 1994: 103-107 (1996)

Lothian Ringing Group report 1992
, Lothian Bird Report 1992: 102-107 (1993)

Lothian Ringing Group report 1996
, Lothian Bird Report 1996: 99-104 (1998)

Lothian Ringing Group summary, 1997
, Lothian Bird Report 1997: 91-94 (1998)

Lothian breeding bird atlas 1988-1992
, Lothian Bird Report 1992: 115-117 (1993)

Lothian ringing group recoveries 1985
, Lothian Bird Report 7: 80-82 (1986)

Lothian ringing group recoveries 1986
, Lothian Bird Report 1986: 59-60 (1987)

Lothian ringing group report 1990
, Lothian Bird Report 1990: 90-93 (1991)

Lothian ringing group report 1991
, Lothian Bird Report 1991: 99-104 (1992)

Lothian ringing group report 1995
, Lothian Bird Report 1995: 103-108 (1997)

Lotic biofilm community structure and pesticide tolerance along a contamination gradient in a vineyard area
, Aquatic Microbial Ecology 50(1): 91-102 (2007)

Lotic dragonfly (Anisoptera: Odonata) nymphs of the southeastern United States: identification, distribution and historical biogeography
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Lotic ecosystems of Serra do Cipo, southeast Brazil: water quality and tentative classification based on the benthic macroinvertebrate community
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Lotka-Volterra equations: decomposition, stability, and structure. Part 1: equilibrium analysis
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Lotka-Volterra's model and migrations: breaking of the well-known center
, Mathematical and Computer Modelling 27(4): 51-61 (1998)

Lotta anti-malarica a Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso): trattamento a barriera con insetticida ad azione residua
, Parassitologia (Rome): 282-3: 335-336 (1986)

Lotta biologica con Encarsia formosa Gohan (Hym., Aphelinidae) contro Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westw.) (Rhyn. Aleyrodidae) sa pomodovo in coltura protetta
, Bollettino dell'Istituto di Entomologia della Universita degli Studi di Bologna 43: 139-156 (1989)

Lotta biologica contro Metcalfa pruinosa con Neodryinus typhlocybae: prime esperienze sull'acclimatazione del parassitoide in Emilia-Romagna
, Unknown (1998)

Lotta contro la malaria in Italia e suoi riflessi ecologici
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Lotta integrata e lotta guidata nei frutteti dell'Italia settentrionale
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Lotta integrata e sueprospettive di successo contro Liriomyza trifolii (Burg.) in colture protette del Ragusano
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Lotta integrata in olivicoltura. Valutazione di un modello previsionale di sviluppo per la mosca delle olive, Bactrocera oleae (Gmelin)
, Unknown (2000)

Lotta integrata nelle colture mediterranee
, Unknown (1994)

Lotta integrata nelle foreste mediterranee: un esempio di protezione forestale
, Pubblicazioni dell'Istituto di Entomologia Agraria dell'Universita di Pavia 7: 1-22 (1979)

Lotte (in Piena regola). Perche gli animali combattono? Le osservazioni di un guardiaparco
, Natura e Montagna 271: 4-10 (1980)

Lotteries in communities of sessile organisms
, Trends in Ecology and Evolution 3(11): 303-306 (1988)

Lotus unifoliolatus var. helleri (Fabaceae) phenology and response to simulated mowing
, Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Science 124(1): 6-10 (2008)

Loty blonkowek jako element mechanizmow poznawczych i wskaznik stanu informacyjnego zwierzecia
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Loud calls in wild moor macaques (Macaca maurus): analyses on the movement of the emitter and group members before and after the call
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Loud sing cuckoo
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Loud sounds during feeding in Indian Ocean bottlenose dolphins
, NATO ASI (Advanced Science Institutes) Series Series A Life Sciences 156: 703-706 (1988)

Loudness dependence of auditory evoked potentials is not associated with polymorphisms or haplotypes in the serotonin transporter gene in a community-based sample of German healthy volunteers
, Psychiatry Research 153(2): 183-187 (2007)

Loudness dependence of evoked dipole source activity during acute serotonin challenge in females
, Human Psychopharmacology 23(1): 31-42 (2008)

Loudness growth in individual listeners with hearing losses: a review
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Low erythrocytic glutathion peroxidase-1 activity correlates with hemolytic rate in patients with sickle cell disease and is elevated on hydroxyurea
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Low erythropoietin serum levels are associated with angiographic no-reflow after primary intervention for acute myocardial infarction
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Low expression of IL-15 in adult B-lineage acute lymphoblastic leukemia is associated with central nervous system involvement at initial presentation
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Low expression of ZHX2, but not RCBTB2 or RAN, is associated with poor outcome in multiple myeloma
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Low frequency of antibodies against citrullinated vimentin (MCV) and rheumatoid factor (RF) in unaffected members of multi-case families with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) from Northern Sweden
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Low frequency of colon polyps in association with diverticulosis
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Low frequency of detection of viral genomes in endomyocardial biopsies from patients with dilated cardiomyopathy
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Low frequency of favorable genotypes in pediatric precursor B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients in western Turkey
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Low frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation of the sensitive cortex modifies spatial discrimination threshold of pain in
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Low frequency vibrations in the environment and fish orientation.
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Low identification of alcohol use disorders in general practice in England
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Low idle, low ceiling, and low activity? Energetic answers from a Peromyscus mouse model
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Low incidence of left atrial or left atrial appendage thrombus in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and normal EF who present
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Low incidence of opportunistic infections in CLL patients treated with single agent flavopiridol
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Low inflammatory activity evidenced by hsCRP predicts a benefit from clopidogrel treatment in patients with high risk for cardiovascular events. A substudy from the CHARISMA trial
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Low joining efficiency and non-conservative repair of two distant double-strand breaks in mouse embryonic stem cells
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Low kV and video-rate, beam-tilt stereo for viewing live-time experiments in the SEM
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Low level expression of HSV-1IE genes and clonal expansion of memory effector CD8T cells in human sensory ganglia
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Low levels of 25 hydroxyvitamin D associated with moderate/severe vertebral fractures
, Unknown (2007)

Low levels of CETP and cardiovascular disease risk: A 10 year follow-up study in statin treated patients with ischemic heart disease
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Low levels of CXCL11 in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of patients with systemic sclerosis correlate with development of pulmonary lung fibrosis
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Low levels of DNA ligases III and IV sufficient for effective NHEJ
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Low levels of GPA use are associated with increased gi-related hospitalizations in patients with GI history
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Low levels of LMP2 and LMP7 are associated with reduced susceptibility of tumor cells to cytotoxic T cell-mediated lysis
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Low levels of raf kinase inhibitory protein in growth hormone-secreting pituitary adenomas correlate with poor response to octreotide treatment
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Low levels of awareness of pharmaceutical cost-assistance programs among low-income seniors
, Unknown (2008)

Low levels of circulating CS1, a newly identified multiple myeloma (MM) antigen for a novel humanized HuLuc63 monoclonal antibody, is detected in MM patient sera and correlates with active disease
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Low levels of genetic differentiation among populations of the coral-inhabiting snail Coralliophila violacea (Gastropoda : Coralliophilidae) in regions of the Kuroshio and South China Sea
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Low levels of radiation promote enhanced growth of melanized fungi, suggesting a new form of energy harvesting
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Low levels of serum paraoxonase found in a cohort of Sjogren's syndrome patients
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Low levels of the endogenous endocannabinoid arachidonoylethanolamide implantation of drug-eluting stents.
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Low light reflectance may explain the attraction of birds to defoliated trees
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Low light, bad flight
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Low lymph node count after neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer should not be assumed to represent complete axillary dissection
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Low magnification dental microwear of early and middle Miocene Catarrhines from Africa: Implications for dietary diversity
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Low magnitude mechanical signals reduce risk-factors for fracture during 90-day bed rest
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Low maternal adiposity in early pregnancy is associated with increased vascular resistance in pre-pubertal boys
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Low medically certified sickness absence among employees with poor health status predicts future health improvement: the Whitehall II study
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Low molecular weight chitosans as cheleators of Cu (II) in vitro and in vivo decreased neurotoxicity of amyloid beta-peptide bound with Cu (II)
, Unknown (2007)

Low molecular weight dextran sulfate site-specifically attenuates complement activation induced by ischemia/reperfusion and facilitates tolerance induction in allotransplantation
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Low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) administration in patients suffering from pulmonary embolism and brain metastases (mts): a report of two cases
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Low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) in central venous catheter antithrombotic prophylaxis: meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials
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Low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) versus best supportive care in cancer patients. A meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials
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Low molecular weight heparin in sufficient dose of >= 70 IU/kg as an effective and safe thromboprophylaxis in patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma during conventional VAD induction therapy
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Low molecular weight isoforms of the aggrecanases are responsible for culture system
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Low molecular weight pro-antioxidants and antioxidants from diet: structure and function
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Low morbidity following high dose rate brachytherapy in the setting of prior transurethral prostate resection
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Low physical activity accentuates the effect of the FTO rs9939609 polymorphism on body fat accumulation
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Low phytoestrogen levels in feed increase fetal serum estradiol resulting in the "fetal estrogenization syndrome" and obesity in CD-1 mice
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Low plasma adiponectin exacerbates the risk of premature coronary artery disease in familial hypercholesterolemia
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Low plasma levels of HSP70 in patients with carotid atherosclerosis neutrophil activation
, Unknown (2007)

Low plasma levels of adiponectin are associated with low risk for future cardiovascular events in patients with clinical evident vascular disease
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Low plasma phylloquinone concentration is associated with high incidence of vertebral fracture in Japanese women
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Low pleural fluid albumin could be suggestive of tuberculous pleural effusion
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Low potassium and inorganic carbon concentrations influence a possible phosphorus limitation in Chlamydomonas acidophila (Chlorophyceae)
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Low potency of Chlamydophila LPS to activate human mononuclear cells
, Unknown (2008)

Low potency of Chlamydophila LPS to activate human mononuclear cells due to its reduced affinities for CD14 and LPS-binding protein
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Low potential for drug-drug-interaction of lacosamide
, Unknown (2007)

Low potential for restraint of anadromous salmonid reproduction by beaver Castor fiber in the Numedalslagen River catchment, Norway
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Low prevalence of Listeria monocytogenes in cull sows and pork
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Low profile distal radius fracture fixation plate
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Low pronghorn recruitment - is it an issue?
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Low proportion of male births and low birth weight of sons of flour mill worker fathers
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Low proportion of remission with aggressive initial disease modifying anti rheumatic drug (DMARD) therapy in patients with early inflammatory arthritis (EIA) using DAS, SDAI and CDAI remission criteria
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Low protein Z levels in patients with peripheral arterial disease
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Low protein diets in lactating Mus musculus may increase protein assimilation
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Low radiation dosage CT scan for the detection of small renal calculi
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Low rate of co-infection in patients presenting with Chlamydia trachomatis to a sexually transmitted infection clinic in Galway, Ireland
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Low rate of contrast-induced Nephropathy after CT perfusion and CT angiography in acute stroke patients
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Low rates of homogenisation shown by the DBC-150 satellite DNA exclusively located on microchromosomes of species in the Drosophila buzzatii cluster
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Low ratio mosaic marker chromosomes in prenatal diagnosis
, Unknown (2007)

Low ratios of sodium to potassium in the serum of 238 dogs
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Low recovery rates of high-level aminoglycoside-resistant enterococci could be attributable to restricted usage of aminoglycosides in Indian settings
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Low resistance to adefovir combined with lamivudine: A 3-year study of
, Unknown (2007)

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Low resolution structural models of the basic helix-loop-helix leucine zipper domain of upstream stimulatory factor 1 and its complexes with
, Unknown (2008)

Low resolution structural models of the basic helix-loop-helix leucine zipper domain of upstream stimulatory factor 1 and its complexes with DNA from small angle X-ray scattering data
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Low responsiveness to clopidogrel and sirolimus-or paclitaxel-eluting stent thrombosis
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Low return rates of migratory loggerhead shrikes: winter mortality or low site fidelity
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Low risk HLA genotype is associated with less destruction of beta cells persisting 12 months after diagnosis
, Unknown (2007)

Low risk of complications associated with the fenestrated peritoneal catheter used for intraperitoneal chemotherapy in ovarian cancer
, Gynecologic Oncology 109(1): 39-42 (2008)

Low risk of contamination with automated and manual excision of dried blood spots for HIV DNA PCR testing in the routine laboratory
, Journal of Virological Methods 146(1-2): 397-400 (2007)

Low risk of inhibitor formation in haemophilia patients after a change in treatment from Chinese hamster ovary cell-produced to baby hamster kidney cell-produced recombinant factor VIII
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Low risk of poor metabolic control in pre-pubertal diabetic children treated with insulin pump. The results of the Polish Prospective Pump Study
, Unknown (2007)

Low salinity induces reversible tissue regression in the estuarine sponge Microciona prolifera (Ellis & Solander)
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Low seasonal variation of fish assemblages in Amazonian rain forest streams
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Low selenium status affects arsenic metabolites in an arsenic exposed population with skin lesions
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Low sensitivity of direct MRSA PCR-based tests due to low colony counts from nasal swabs
, Unknown (2007)

Low sensitivity of total lymphocyte count as a surrogate marker to identify antepartum and postpartum Indian women who require antiretroviral therapy
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Low seroprevalence of hepatitis B surface antibody among nursing students in Taiwan: an implication for boosting
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Low serum 25(OH) vitamin D levels (< 20 nmol/l) are associated with myalgia-mild myositis in statin-treated patients
, Unknown (2008)

Low serum IGF-I levels results in cortical Osteopenia but increased life span in elderly
, Unknown (2007)

Low serum IGF-I/GH ratio is associated with abnormal glucose tolerance in acromegaly
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Low serum LDL cholesterol levels and the risk of fever, sepsis, and malignancy
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Low serum and serum-free culture of multipotential human adipose stem cells
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Low serum apolipotrein A1 is predictive of HCC development in patients with viral C cirrhosis
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Low serum estradiol and cardiovascular disease mortality in older men:
, Unknown (2007)

Low serum potassium levels and increased mortality in older adults with chronic heart failure
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Low serum testosterone and mortality in older men
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Low serum total protein and unfavorable pathological subtype are independent unfavorable factors in peripheral T-Cell lymphoma (PTCL) treated in prospective clinical trials; Japan clinical oncology group (JCOG) 0108A study
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Low sex hormone-binding globulin as a predictive marker for insulin resistance in women with hyperandrogenic syndrome
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Low signal intensity and increased anisotropy on magnetic resonance imaging in the white matter lesion after head trauma: unrecognized findings of diffuse axonal injury
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Low single dose of intravenous sotalol causes significant QT interval prolongation
, Unknown (2008)

Low socioeconomic status is a poor prognostic factor for survival in stage I nonsmall cell lung cancer and is independent of surgical treatment, race, and marital status
, Cancer 112(9): 2011-2020 (2008)

Low socioeconomic status, not silent cerebral infarcts, is associated with grade failure in children with sickle cell anemia
, Unknown (2007)

Low sodium status in neonatal increased alclosterone level in adulthood
, Unknown (2007)

Low spatial frequency filtering modulates early brain processing of affective complex pictures
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Low specificity of the Murex fourth-generation HIV enzyme immunoassay in Tanzanian adolescents
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Low strain nanomechanics of collagen fibrils
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