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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 21327

Chapter 21327 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Wannathes, N.; Desjardin, D.E.; Lumyong, S., 2007:
Mating studies, new species, and new reports of Marasmius from northern Thailand

Lee, JC.; Salzburg, MA., 1989:
Mating success and pairing patterns in Bufo valliceps (Anura: Bufonidae)

Kovacs, J., L.; Hoffman, E., A.; Goodisman, M., A.D., 2008:
Mating success in the polyandrous social wasp Vespula maculifrons

Yoshida, T.; Saito, J., 1990:
Mating success of both native Apis cerana japonica and introduced A. mellifera in sympatric condition

Hilden, O., 1983:
Mating system and breeding biology of the little stint Calidris minuta

Bancroft, GT., 1987:
Mating system and nesting phenology of the boat-tailed crackle in central Glorida

Haudry, A.; Cenci, A.; Guilhaumon, C.; Paux, E.; Poirier, S.; Santoni, S.; David, J.; Glémin, S., 2008:
Mating system and recombination affect molecular evolution in four Triticeae species

Warriner, JS.; Warriner, JC.; Page, GW.; Stenzel, LE., 1986:
Mating system and reproductive success of a small population of polygamous snowy plovers

Fischer, EA., 1980:
Mating system and simultaneous hermaphroditism in the coral reef fish, Hypoplectrus nigricans (Serranidae) with discussion of the systematic status of the species in the genus Hypoplectrus

Ono, M., 1988:
Mating system in the giant hornet, Vespa mandarinia japonica Radoszkowski, with specieal reference to its pheromonal regulation

Anonymous, 2007:
Mating system of Tricholoma giganteum

Koford, RR., 1982:
Mating system of a territorial tree squirrel (Tamiasciurus douglasii) in California

McWilliam, AN., 1990:
Mating system of the bat Miniopterus minor (Chiroptera; Vespertilionidae) in Kenya, East Africa: a lek?

Ubukata, H., 1987:
Mating system of the dragonfly Cordulia aenea amurensis Selys and a model of mate searching and territorial behaviour in Odonata

Olsson, M.; Healey, M.; Wapstra, E.; Schwartz, T.; Lebas, N.; Uller, T., 2007:
Mating system variation and morph fluctuations in a polymorphic lizard

Getz, LL.; Pizzuto, TM., 1988:
Mating system, mate preference and rarity of blonde prairie voles, Microtus ochrogaster

Liberg, O.; Johansson, A.; Andersen, R.; Linnell, J.D., 1998:
Mating system, mating tactics and the function of male territoriality in roe deer

Fricke, HW., 1978:
Mating system, resource defence and sex change in the anemonefish Amphiprion akallopisos

Vanpe, C.; Kjellander, P.; Galan, M.; Cosson, J.-Francois; Aulagnier, S.; Liberg, O.; Hewison, A.J.Mark, 2008:
Mating system, sexual dimorphism, and the opportunity for sexual selection in a territorial ungulate

Davies, N.B., 1991:
Mating systems

Barlow, GW., 1991:
Mating systems among cichlid fishes

Wingfield, JC., 1991:
Mating systems and hormone-behavior interactions

Berglund, Anders., 1997:
Mating systems and sex allocation

Suzuki, Y., 1984:
Mating systems and sex ratio control in trichogrammatid egg parasitoids

Cockburn, Andrew., 2004:
Mating systems and sexual conflict

Hanlon, Roger, T., 1998:
Mating systems and sexual selection in the squid Loligo: how might commercial fishing on spawning squids affect them?

Dyrcz, A., 1988:
Mating systems in European marsh-nesting Passeriformes

Hoffmann, Andreas., 1999:
Mating systems in Trichoptera: a little about the little known

Bergerud, AT., 1988:
Mating systems in grouse

Wagner, DL.; Rosovsky, J., 1991:
Mating systems in primitive Lepidoptera, with emphasis on the reproductive behaviour of Korscheltellus gracilis (Hepialidae)

Sassaman, C., 1978:
Mating systems in procellionid isopods: multiple paternity and sperm mixing in Porcellio scaber Latr

Wickman, P-O., 1992:
Mating systems of Coenonympha butterflies in relationship to longevity

Ramos, F.Nunes.; Zucchi, M.Imaculada.; Solferini, V.Nisaka.; Santos, F.A.M., 2007:
Mating systems of Psychotria tenuinervis (Rubiaceae): distance from anthropogenic and natural edges of Atlantic forest fragment

Neudecker, S.; Lobel, PS., 1982:
Mating systems of chaetodontid and pomacanthid fishes at St Croix

Cords, M., 1988:
Mating systems of forest guenons: a preliminary review

Eberhard, William, G., 2000:
Mating systems of sepsid flies and sexual behavior away from oviposition sites by Sepsis neocynipsea (Diptera: Sepsidae)

Parker, P.G.; Waite, T.A., 1997:
Mating systems, effective population size, and conservation of natural populations

Plavcan, J.; Michael., 1999:
Mating systems, intrasexual competition and sexual dimorphism in primates

Dobson, FS., 1984:
Mating systems, population dynamics, and life history patterns in ground squirrels

Johnson, K.; Burley, N.T.ler, 1998:
Mating tactics and mating systems of birds

Tsubaki, Y., 1989:
Mating tactics and sperm competition in a damselfly, Mnais pruinosa

Matsubara, M.; Sprague, D.S., 2004:
Mating tactics in response to costs incurred by mating with multiple males in wild female Japanese macaques

Eckardt, D., 1991:
Mating tarantula spiders: always the new

Sakai, M.; Taoda, Y., 1992:
Mating termination in the male cricket

Dickson, RC., 1994:
Mating times of merlins

Freidberg, A., 1984:
Mating trophallaxis in Diptera

Li-Wen-Qiang; Wang-Yuan-Chao; Zheng-Xiao-Bo, 2007:
Mating type and fertility of Magnaporthe grisea populations from rice in Ningxia Hui autonomous region, China

Sato, E., 1978:
Mating type change after macromolecular regeneration in Paramecium multimicronucleatum

Hatano, K.; Nagase, E.; Takagi, Y., 1979:
Mating type change after macronuclear regeneration in Paramecium multimicronucleatum

Uspenskaia, Z.I.; Iudin, A.L., 2003:
Mating types in the ciliate Dileptus anser. Genetical instability in the mating type system

Gursky, S.; Gursky, K.I., 2003:
Mating, birthing and rearing systems of nocturnal prosimians

Ayala, FJ., 1986:
Mating, genetic variation and fitness

Pandey, GC.; Chaturvedi, JN., 1995:
Mating, host searching and oviposition behaviour of Tetrastichus pyrillae Crawford

Ching, CA.; Velez, M.J.J., 1985:
Mating, incubation and embryo number in the freshwater prawn Macrobrachium heterochirus (Wiegmann, 1836) (Decapoda, Palaemonidae) under laboratory conditions

Bateman, PW.; Toms, RB., 1998:
Mating, mate guarding and male-male relative strength assessment in an African king cricket (Orthoptera: Mimnermidae)

Masuda, Motoyasu., 1998:
Mating, spawning and hatching of the white spotted bamboo shark in an aquarium

Nesis, Kir, N., 1996:
Mating, spawning, and death in oceanic cephalopods: a review

Nair, S.; Agoramoorthy, G., 2002:
Mating- and birth-related behaviour in captive Oriental small-clawed otters

Littlejohn, MJ.; Watson, GF., 1983:
Mating-call structure and genetic compatability across a hybrid zone between Litoria ewingi and L. paraewingi (Anura: Hylidae)

Pilpel, N.; Nezer, I.; Applebaum, S.W.; Heifetz, Y., 2008:
Mating-increases trypsin in female Drosophila hemolymph

Perrigo, GH. von Saal, FS., 1989:
Mating-induced regulation of infanticide in male mice: fetal programming of a unique stimulus-response

Yeoman, RR.; Williams, LE.; Aksel, S.; Abee, CR., 1991:
Mating-related estradiol fluctuations during the estrous cycle of the Bolivian squirrel monkey (Samimiri boliviensis boliviensis)

Carola, V.; Scalera, E.; Brunamonti, E.; Gross, C.; D'Amato, F., 2007:
Mating-related interactions share common features with anxiety in the mouse

Banchetti, R.; Ricci, N.; Cetera, R.; Nobili, R., 1980:
Mating-type dependent cell pairing in Oxytricha hymenostoma Stokes (Ciliata Hypotrichida). 2. The sorting of mating-type traits after macronuclear fusion

Banchetti, R.; Nobili, R.; Ricci, N.; Esposito, F., 1980:
Mating-type dependent cell pairing in Oxytricha hymenostoma. 3. Chromatin mixing after macronuclear fusion

Tsukii, Y., 1988:
Mating-type inheritance

Anonymous, 2007:
Mating-type locus control of cell identity

Kitamura, A., 1988:
Mating-type substances

Smurov, AO., 1995:
Matireals on fauna of ciliates Tintinnina (Polyhymenophora, Oligotrichida) of modern Aral Sea (small sea)

Banfield, GEA., 1994:
Matobo Raptor Research Group report - 1993

Banfield, Gea, 1993:
Matobo Raptor Research Group report- 1992

Banfield, GEA., 1992:
Matobo raptor research group report - 1991

Banfield, GEA., 1995:
Matobo raptor research group report - 1994

Banfield, GEA., 1997:
Matobo raptor research group report - 1996

Mas-Coma, S.; Roset, F.; Mantoliu, I., 1985:
Matovius galemydis sp. n. (Trematoda: Lecithodendrioidea), a parasite of Galemys pyrenaicus (Geoffroy, 1811) (Insectivora: Talpidae) in Spain. Proposal of Combesia gen. n. and Matoviinae subfam. n

Poulicek, M.; Jeuniaux, C., 1981:
Matrice organique de la coquille et position phyletique de Neopilina galatheae (mollusques, monoplacophores)

Anonymous, 2000:
Matrices organiques intrasquelettiques des scleractiniaires recifaux: evolution diagenetique precoce de leurs caracteristiques biochimiques et consequences pour les processus de cimentation

Anonymous, 1988:
Matrichnaya model' populyatsii severnykh olenei s uchetom ekofiziologicheskikh pokazatelei.

Poluzzi, A.; Teolis, A.; Bersani, A., 1985:
Matrici di similarita in paleoecologia. Una applicazione a tre sezioni del limite Tortoniano-Messiniano

Anonymous, 2007 :
Matrigel and endothelial progenitor cells enhances engraftment in subcutaneous islet transplantation

Anonymous, 2008:
Matrigel-induced acinar differentiation is followed by apoptosis in

Szlávik, V.; Vág, János.; Markó, Károly.; Demeter, Kél.; Madarász, Eília.; Oláh, I.; Zelles, T.; O'Connell, B.C.; Varga, Gábor., 2007:
Matrigel-induced acinar differentiation is followed by apoptosis in HSG cells

Chapais, B., 1991:
Matrilineal dominance in Japanese macaques: the contribution of an experimental approach

Pusenius, J.; Viitala, J.; Marienberg, T.; Ritvanen, S., 1998:
Matrilineal kin clusters and their effect on reproductive success in the field vole Microtis agrestis

Ehardt, CL.; Bernstein, IS., 1986:
Matrilineal overthrows in rhesus monkey groups

Yokoyama, Y.; Grünebach, F.; Schmidt, S.M.; Heine, A.; Häntschel, M.; Stevanovic, S.; Rammensee, H-Georg.; Brossart, P., 2008:
Matrilysin (MMP-7) is a novel broadly expressed tumor antigen recognized by antigen-specific T cells

Anonymous, 2008:
Matriptase and survivin expression associated with tumor progression microarray analysis of immunostaining scores with clinicopathological parameters

Bugge, T.H.; List, K.; Szabo, R., 2007:
Matriptase-dependent cell surface proteolysis in epithelial development and pathogenesis

Egunjobi, JK., 1979:
Matrix approach to population dynamics

Entry, J.A.; Sojka, R.E., 2007:
Matrix based fertilizers reduce nitrogen and phosphorus leaching in three soils

Anonymous, 2007:
Matrix degradation in prostate cancer

Mohan, MV., 1981:
Matrix diagram for the presentation of seasonal intensity data of shipworm

Larrea, M., T.; Zaldivar, B.; Farinas, J., C.; Firgaira, L., G.; Pomares, M., 2008:
Matrix effect of aluminium, calcium and magnesium in axially viewing inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry

Dobbie, H.; Unwin, R.J.; Faria, N.J.R.; Shirley, D.G., 2007:
Matrix extracellular phosphoglycoprotein causes phosphaturia in rats by inhibiting tubular phosphate reabsorption

Anonymous, 2007:
Matrix gamma-carboxyglutamic acid protein (MGP) levels in type 2 diabetic patients with or without chronic kidney disease (CKD). Their correlation with insulin resistance and Lp(a) levels

Evans, LA.; Macey, DJ.; Webb, J., 1993:
Matrix heterogeneity in the radular teeth of the chiton Acanthopleura hirtosa

Neuhaus, P.; Grote, D.; Sander, W., 2008:
Matrix isolation, spectroscopic characterization, and photoisomerization of m-xylylene

Anonymous, 2008:
Matrix metafloproteinase-9 is up-regulated by CCL21/CCR7 interaction involved in CCL21-driven B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia cell invasion and migration

Burggraf, D.; Martens, H., K.; Dichgans, M.; Hamann, G., F., 2007 :
Matrix metal loproteinase (MMP) induction and inhibition at different doses of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator following experimental stroke

Anonymous, 2007:
Matrix metalloelastase (MMP12) expression in giant cell arteritis lesions

Colotti, C.; Angeli, V.; Del-Ry, S.; Maltinti, M.; Vittorini, S.; Giannessi, D., 2007:
Matrix metalloprotease-2 and-9 concentration and activity in serum and culture medium samples: a methodological reappraisal

Anonymous, 2007:
Matrix metalloprotein expression in gastrointestinal stromal tumors

Tentes, I.; Asimakopoulos, B.; Mourvati, E.; Diedrich, K.; Al-Hasani, S.; Nikolettos, N., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-2 and MMP-9 in seminal plasma

Shin, H.Phil.; Lee, J.Il.; Jung, J-Ho.; Yim, S-Vin.; Kim, H.Jeong.; Cha, J.Myung.; Park, J.Beom.; Joo, K.Ro.; Hwang, J.Seok.; Jang, B-Kuk., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-3 polymorphism in patients with HBV related chronic liver disease

Hellman, N.E.; Spector, J.; Robinson, J.; Zuo, X.; Saunier, S.; Antignac, C.; Tobias, J.W.; Lipschutz, J.H., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase 13 (MMP13) and tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase 1 (TIMP1), regulated by the MAPK pathway, are both necessary for Madin-Darby canine kidney tubulogenesis

Nawata, M.; Saito, K.; Nakayamada, S.; Tanaka, Y., 2006:
Matrix metalloproteinase 3 (MMP-3) is a useful parameter for non-responder in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) treated with infliximab

Sawey, E.T.; Johnson, J.A.; Crawford, H.C., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase 7 controls pancreatic acinar cell transdifferentiation by activating the Notch signaling pathway

Lau, A.C.; Duong, T.T.; Ito, S.; Yeung, R.S.M., 2008:
Matrix metalloproteinase 9 activity leads to elastin breakdown in an animal model of Kawasaki disease

Kong, Michele YF; Gaggar, Amit; Li, Yao; Winkler, Margaret; Blalock, J Edwin; Clancy, JP, 2009:
Matrix metalloproteinase activity in pediatric acute lung injury

Hlatky, M.A.; Ashley, E.; Quertermous, T.; Boothroyd, D.B.; Ridker, P.; Southwick, A.; Myers, R.M.; Iribarren, C.; Fortmann, S.P.; Go, A.S., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase circulating levels, genetic polymorphisms, and susceptibility to acute myocardial infarction among patients with coronary artery disease

Anonymous, 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase circulating levels, genetic polymorphisms, coronary artery disease

Alford, S.H.; Vrana, M.S.; Waite, L.; Heim-Hall, J.; Sylvia, V.L.; Williams, R.P., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase expression in high grade soft tissue sarcomas

Anonymous, 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase expression in nontumoral pancreas, pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia and ductal pancreas carcinoma: Role in carcinogenesis and prognosis

Yamaguchi, M.; Jadhav, V.; Obenaus, A.; Colohan, A.; Zhang, J.H., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibition attenuates brain edema in an in vivo model of surgically-induced brain injury

Defamie, V.; Laurens, M.; Patrono, D.; Devel, L.; Brault, A.; Saint-Paul, M-Christine.; Yiotakis, A.; Barbry, P.; Gugenheim, J.; Crenesse, D.; Dive, V.; Huet, P-Michel.; Mari, B., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibition protects rat livers from prolonged cold ischemia-warm reperfusion injury

Anonymous, 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase protects against HIV-1 Tat-induced neurotoxicity by decreasing nitrosative and oxidative stress and by inhibiting HIV replication

Tang, L-Jiang.; Chen, X-Feng.; Zhu, M.; Jiang, J-Jun.; Lu, X-Ben.; Du, Y-Xi.; Wang, B.; Fang, C-Feng.; Xue, Y-Sheng.; Shen, W-Feng., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase-1, -3, and -9 gene polymorphisms and the risk of idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy in a Chinese Han population

Schneider, F.; Sukhova, G., K.; Aikawa, M.; Canner, J.; Gerdes, N.; Tang, S.-Man-Timothy; Shi, G.-Ping; Apte, S., S.; Libby, P., 2008:
Matrix metalloproteinase-14 deficiency in bone marrow-derived cells promotes collagen accumulation in mouse atherosclerotic plaques

Velinov, N.; Aebersold, D.; Haeni, N.; Hlushchuk, R.; Mishev, G.; Weinstein, F.; Sedlacek, R.; Djonov, V., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase-19 is a predictive marker for tumor invasiveness in patients with oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma

Skittone, L.K.; Liu, X.; Tseng, A.; Kim, H.T., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase-2 expression and promoter/enhancer activity in skeletal muscle atrophy

Delgado-Enciso, Ián.; Cepeda-Lopez, F.R.; Monrroy-Guizar, E.A.; Bautista-Lam, J.R.; Andrade-Soto, M.; Jonguitud-Olguin, G.; Rodriguez-Hernandez, A.; Anaya-Ventura, A.; Baltazar-Rodriguez, L.M.; Orozco-Ruiz, M.; Soriano-Hernandez, A.D.; Rodriguez-Sanchez, I.P.; Lugo-Trampe, A.; Espinoza-Gomez, F.; Michel-Peregrina, M.L., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase-2 promoter polymorphism is associated with breast cancer in a Mexican population

Baraldo, S.; Bazzan, E.; Zanin, M.Elena.; Turato, G.; Garbisa, S.; Maestrelli, P.; Papi, A.; Miniati, M.; Fabbri, L.M.; Zuin, R.; Saetta, M., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase-2 protein in lung periphery is related to COPD progression

Cho, W.Jung.; Chow, A.K.; Schulz, R.; Daniel, E.E., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase-2, caveolins, focal adhesion kinase and c-Kit in cells of the mouse myocardium

Anonymous, 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase-2-1575 G/A polymorphism as a risk factor for aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Anonymous, 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase-2-790 T/G polymorphism is associated with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage in a polish population

Skoog, T.; Ahokas, K.; Tiala, I.; Pasonen-Seppanen, S.; Tammi, R.; Elomaa, O.; Saarialho-Kere, U., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase-21 (MMP-21) expression is associated with differentiation and upregulated by retinoic acid in keratinocytes

White, A.J.; Duffy, S.J.; Walton, A.S.; Ng, J.Fuu.; Rice, G.E.; Mukherjee, S.; Shaw, J.A.; Jennings, G.L.; Dart, A.M.; Kingwell, B.A., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase-3 and coronary remodelling: implications for unstable coronary disease

Cheong, J.Youn.; Cho, S.Won.; Lee, J.A.; Lee, K.Jae.; Wang, H.Jung.; Lee, J.Eun.; Kim, J.Hong., 2008:
Matrix metalloproteinase-3 genotypes influence recovery from hepatitis B virus infection

Anonymous, 2008:
Matrix metalloproteinase-3 induction in rat brain astrocytes: focus on

Szklarczyk, A.; Conant, K.; Owens, D.F.; Ravin, R.; McKay, R.D.; Gerfen, C., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase-7 modulates synaptic vesicle recycling and induces atrophy of neuronal synapses

Cho, Y.Beom.; Lee, W.Yong.; Song, S.Yong.; Shin, H.Jung.; Yun, S.Hyeon.; Chun, H-Kyung., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase-9 activity is associated with poor prognosis in T3-T4 node-negative colorectal cancer

Anonymous, 2006:
Matrix metalloproteinase-9 activity leads to coronary artery aneurysm formation in a model of Kawasaki disease

Thornton, P.; Pinteaux, E.; Allan, S.M.; Rothwell, N.J., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase-9 and urokinase plasminogen activator mediate interleukin-1-induced neurotoxicity

Anonymous, 2008:
Matrix metalloproteinase-9 determines intestinal cell differentiation by activating notch 1: Role of mmp-9 in the pathogenesis of colitis

Oliveira-Silva, P.; Jurgilas, P.B.; Trindade, P.; Campello-Costa, P.; Perales, J.; Savino, W.; Serfaty, C.A., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase-9 is involved in the development and plasticity of retinotectal projections in rats

Anonymous, 2008:
Matrix metalloproteinase-9 is required for tumor vasculogenesis but

Anonymous, 2008:
Matrix metalloproteinase-9: One enzyme, multiple actions

Sarkar, N.; Banerjee, J.; Hanson, A.J.; Elegbede, A.I.; Rosendahl, T.; Krueger, A.B.; Banerjee, A.L.; Tobwala, S.; Wang, R.; Lu, X.; Mallik, S.; Srivastava, D.K., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinase-assisted triggered release of liposomal contents

Maolood, N.; Hardin-Pouzet, H.; Grange-Messent, V., 2008:
Matrix metalloproteinases MMP2 and MMP9 are upregulated by noradrenaline in the mouse neuroendocrine hypothalamus

Yamaguchi, K.; Kawata, N.; Nagane, Y.; Igarashi, T.; Ichinose, T.; Hirakata, H.; Takimoto, Y.; Takahashi, S., 2008:
Matrix metalloproteinases and its related proteins are prognostic factors of low grade renal cell carcinoma without metastasis

Jones, J.A.; McNally, A.K.; Chang, D.T.; Qin, L.Abigail.; Meyerson, H.; Colton, E.; Kwon, I.L.Keun.; Matsuda, T.; Anderson, J.M., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in the foreign body reaction on biomaterials

Anonymous, 2008:
Matrix metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in vascular remodeling

Raffetto, J.D.; Khalil, R.A., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in vascular remodeling and vascular disease

Gureli, M.; Erdem, O.; Vural, C., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinases and their tissue inhibitors expressions in invasive cutaneous melanomas

Jin, D.; Sheng, J.; Yang, X.; Gao, B., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinases and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases expression in human cerebral ruptured and unruptured aneurysm

Järvinen, T.M.; Kanninen, P.; Jeskanen, L.; Koskenmies, S.; Panelius, J.; Hasan, T.; Ranki, A.; Saarialho-Kere, U., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinases as mediators of tissue injury in different forms of cutaneous lupus erythematosus

Ethell, I.M.; Ethell, D.W., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinases in brain development and remodeling: synaptic functions and targets

Anonymous, 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinases in brain ischemia

Miller, C.M.; Page-McCaw, A.; Broihier, H.T., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinases promote motor axon fasciculation in the Drosophila embryo

Mok, W.; Boucher, Y.; Jain, R.K., 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinases-1 and -8 improve the distribution and efficacy of an oncolytic virus

Anonymous, 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinases: Mediators of pathology and regeneration in

Anonymous, 2007:
Matrix metalloproteinases: Multifunctional effectors of inflammation in nervous system diseases

Mcdonald, D.B.; Caswell, H., 1993:
Matrix methods for avian demography

Rodin, EY.; Greenberg, R.; Nelson, B., 1988:
Matrix methods of approximating classical predator-prey models

Karczmarski, L.; Cockcroft, V.G., 1998:
Matrix photo-identification technique applied in studies of free-ranging bottlenose and humpback dolphins

Hayward, G.D.; McDonald, D.B., 1997:
Matrix population models as a tool in development of habitat models

Waibler, Z.; Detje, C.N.; Bell, J.C.; Kalinke, U., 2007:
Matrix protein mediated shutdown of host cell metabolism limits vesicular stomatitis virus-induced interferon-alpha responses to plasmacytoid dendritic cells

Ragan, M.A., 1992:
Matrix representation in reconstructing phylogenetic relationships among the eukaryotes

Anonymous, 2007:
Matrix screening method

Mansilla, E.; Drago, H.; Sturla, F.; Bossi, S.; Salas, E.; Marín, G.H.; Ibar, R.; Soratti, C., 2007:
Matrix superhighways configurations: new concepts for complex organ regeneration

Hallam, Sheffield, 2007:
Matrix turnover - Mechanisms and Common Denominators: A joint British society for matrix biology Biochemical Society Focused Meeting

Soriano, B.D.; Hoch, M.; Ithuralde, A.; Geva, T.; Powell, A.J.; Kussman, B.D.; Graham, D.A.; Tworetzky, W.; Marx, G.R., 2008 :
Matrix-array 3-dimensional echocardiographic assessment of volumes, mass, and ejection fraction in young pediatric patients with a functional single ventricle: a comparison study with cardiac magnetic resonance

Jessome, L.; Hsu, N-Yeen.; Wang, Y-Sheng.; Chen, C-Hsuan., 2007:
Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mechanism study with dihydroxybenzoic acid isomers as matrices

Kim, J-Seo.; Kim, J-Hyun.; Kim, H-Joon., 2008:
Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization signal enhancement of peptides by picolinamidination of amino groups

C.B.S.ltis; B.B.F.leta; T.I.W.od; M.M.M.ntaring; M.R.N.lson, 2008:
Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time of flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectroscopy (ms): A novel method of evaluating in vitro changes in Fel D1, domestic cat major antigen, over time

Anonymous, 2007:
Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF) as a new tool in diagnostic investigation of nail disorders

Kajiwaira, Hideyuki, 2007:
Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of flight mass spectrometry for rice (Oryza sativa L.) seed phytochemicals

Lin, S-Yao.; Shih, S-Hung.; Wu, D-Chyang.; Lee, Y-Chern.; Wu, C-I.; Lo, L-Hua.; Shiea, J., 2007:
Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry for the detection of hemoglobins as the protein biomarkers for fecal occult blood

Sun, M-Chuan.; Chen, C-Dong.; Huang, Y-Shan.; Wu, Z-Siang.; Ho, Y-Peng., 2008:
Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-MS-based relative quantification of peptides and proteins using iodoacetamide and N-methyliodoacetamide as labeling reagents

Miller, Thomas, J., 2001:
Matrix-based modeling of blue crab population dynamics with applications to the Chesapeake Bay

Bock, C.; Gowik, P.; Stachel, C., 2007:
Matrix-comprehensive in-house validation and robustness check of a confirmatory method for the determination of four nitrofuran metabolites in poultry muscle and shrimp by LC-MS/MS

Young, E.W.K.; Wheeler, A.R.; Simmons, C.A., 2007:
Matrix-dependent adhesion of vascular and valvular endothelial cells in microfluidic channels

Masri, M.; Lombardero, Gán.; Velasquillo, C.; Martínez, Vín.; Neri, R.; Villegas, H.; Ibarra, C., 2007:
Matrix-encapsulation cell-seeding technique to prevent cell detachment during arthroscopic implantation of matrix-induced autologous chondrocytes

Anonymous, 2007:
Matrix-glycan interactions in Schwann cells

Jones, C.W.; Willers, C.; Keogh, A.; Smolinski, D.; Fick, D.; Yates, P.J.; Kirk, T.B.; Zheng, M.H., 2007:
Matrix-induced autologous chondrocyte implantation in sheep: objective assessments including confocal arthroscopy

Yang, K.; Palm, J.; König, J.; Seeland, U.; Rosenkranz, S.; Feiden, W.; Rübe, C.; Rübe, C.E., 2007:
Matrix-Metallo-Proteinases and their tissue inhibitors in radiation-induced lung injury

Anonymous, 2008:
Matrix-producing carcinoma of the breast: Clinicopathologic features associated with locoregional recurrence and survival

Hamalainen, M.; Yeh, W-C., 2000:
Matrona cyanoptera spec. nov. from Taiwan (Odonata: Calopterygidae)

Anonymous, 2007:
Mats of antibacterial nanofibers by electrospinning

Bernard, C.; Fenchel, T., 1995:
Mats of colourless sulphur bacteria. 2. Structure, composition of biota and successional patterns

Anonymous, 2007:
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Mature placental teratoma case report

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Mauersegler (Apus apus) ubernachtet an einer Aussenwand

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Mauersegler - Uberleben im Harz entdeckt

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Mauersegler Apus apus in Bad Arolsen 2003

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Mauersegler Apus apus mit asymmetrisch wachsenden Fluegel- und Schwanzfedern

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Maulbrutende Labyrinthfische

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Maulwurf (Talpa europaea) entgeht Zugriff eines Hermelins (Mustela erminea) durch Flucht ins Wasser

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Maur - til nytte eller skade?

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Mausebussard (Buteo buteo) fangt taglich Wollhandkrabben

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Mausebussard (Buteo buteo) plundert Nest eines Piroles (Oriolus oriolus)

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Mausebussard Buteo buteo belagert Sperber Accipiter nisus

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Mausebussard Buteo buteo jagt Schnaken Tipulidae

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Mausebussard Buteo buteo plundert Wacholderdrosselnest

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Mausebussard fischt Frosche

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Mausebussard gegen Schwarzspecht

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Mausebussard greift junge Turmfalken

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Mausebussard jagt einem Hermelin Beute ab

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Mausebussard sucht Regenwurmer

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Mausebussardbrut mit 6 fluggen Jungvogeln!

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Mausebussarde (Buteo buteo) versuchen Fischadler (Pandion haliaetus) Beute abzubetteln

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Mausebussarde Buteo buteo fliegen im Verband mit ziehenden Kranichen Grus grus

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Mauser der Laufschiene beim Hausrotschwanz Phoenicurus ochruros?

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Maximilian Prinz zu Wied - Leben und Wirken. Biographische Streiflichter

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Maximizing the adequacy of medication treatment in controlled trials

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Maximizing the humane potential of traps - the Vital and the Contibear 120

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Maximizing the potential of marine organism collections for both pharmacological and systematic studies

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