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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 21385

Chapter 21385 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yang, X.; Chen, J.; Xu, Q.; Zhao, R., 2007:
Muscle type-specific responses of myoD and calpain 3 expression to recombinant porcine growth hormone in the pig

Anonymous, 1974:
Muscle ultrastructure in Catenula lemnae (Dug.) (Turbellaria, Archaeophora)

Luther, P.K.; Munro, P.M.; Squire, J.M., 1996:
Muscle ultrastructure in the teleost fish

Anonymous, 2008:
Muscle using umbilical artery smooth muscle cells reseeded on acellular corporal collagen matrices in vitro and in vivo

Rajan, V.R.; Mitch, W.E., 2007:
Muscle wasting in chronic kidney disease: the role of the ubiquitin proteasome system and its clinical impact

Mastrocola, R.; Reffo, P.; Penna, F.; Tomasinelli, C.Elena.; Boccuzzi, G.; Baccino, F.Maria.; Aragno, M.; Costelli, P., 2007:
Muscle wasting in diabetic and in tumor-bearing rats: role of oxidative stress

Anonymous, 2008:
Muscle wasting in intensive care patients: Ultrasound observation of

Stickland, N.C., 1978:
Muscle weights and succinic dehydrogenase distribution in the hind limb musculature of two rodents (Thryonomys gregorianus and Pedetes capensis) with different locomotory habits

Ferreira, L.F.; Reid, M.B., 2007:
Muscle-derived ROS and thiol regulation in muscle fatigue

Usas, A.; Huard, J., 2007:
Muscle-derived stem cells for tissue engineering and regenerative therapy

Arsic, N.; Mamaeva, D.; Lamb, N.J.; Fernandez, A., 2008:
Muscle-derived stem cells isolated as non-adherent population give rise to cardiac, skeletal muscle and neural lineages

Türkölmez, K.; Tokgöz, Hüsnü.; Reşorlu, B.; Köse, K.; Bedük, Yşar., 2007:
Muscle-invasive bladder cancer: predictive factors and prognostic difference between primary and progressive tumors

Kumar, A.; Harris, T.E.; Keller, S.R.; Choi, K.M.; Magnuson, M.A.; Lawrence, J.C., 2007:
Muscle-specific deletion of rictor impairs insulin-stimulated glucose transport and enhances Basal glycogen synthase activity

Schertzer, J.D.; van der Poel, C.; Shavlakadze, T.; Grounds, M.D.; Lynch, G.S., 2007:
Muscle-specific overexpression of IGF-I improves E-C coupling in skeletal muscle fibers from dystrophic mdx mice

Quinn, L.S.; Anderson, B.G.; Plymate, S.R., 2007:
Muscle-specific overexpression of the type 1 IGF receptor results in myoblast-independent muscle hypertrophy via PI3K, and not calcineurin, signaling

Zhu, D.; Yang, Z.; Luo, Z.; Luo, S.; Xiong, W.C.; Mei, L., 2008:
Muscle-specific receptor tyrosine kinase endocytosis in acetylcholine receptor clustering in response to agrin

Baodong Sun; Stephen Hauschka; Andrew Bird; Richard Auten; Dwight Koeberl, 2008:
Muscle-targeted gene therapy in glycogen storage disease type II with adeno-associated virus serotypes 7, 8, and 9

Moerman, D.G.; Fire, A., 1997:
Muscle: structure, function, and development

Anonymous, 2007:
Muscleblind-like protein (MBNL1) as marker of molecular pathology of

Wissocq, J-C., 1981:
Muscles a striation oblique et a striation transversale chez les annelides polychetes

Blackburn, L., 2007:
Muscles and lungs help move lymph

Alexander, RM., 1989:
Muscles for the job

Janis, C.M., 1983:
Muscles of the masticatory apparatus in two genera of hyraces (Procavia and Heterohyrax)

Brown, AC.; Trueman, ER., 1982:
Muscles that push snails out of their shells

Asmundsson, I.M.; Mortenson, J.A.; Hoberg, E.P., 2008:
Muscleworms, Parelaphostrongylus andersoni (Nematoda: Protostrongylidae), discovered in Columbia white-tailed deer from Oregon and Washington: implications for biogeography and host associations

Kadota, S.; Orito, T.; Kikuchi, T.; Uwano, T.; Kimura, I.; Kimura, M., 1991:
Musclide-A1, -A2, and -B, cardiotonic potentiating principles from musk

de Mello Ferreira, M.J.dy.; Valle de Lacerda, P., 1993:
Muscoides sinantropicos associados ao lixo urbano em Goiania, Goias

de Lillo, E.; Porcelli, F. di Palma, A., 1991:
Muscolatura degli stiletti chelicerali edella pompa faringeale in Penthaleus major (Duges) (Acari: Eupodoidea, Penthaleidae)

de Marzo, L., 1991:
Muscolatura e strutture annesse nel ricettacolo seminale dei coleotteri

Doguzhaeva, LA.; Kabanov, GK., 1988:
Muscole scars in ammonoids

Julian, R.J.; Beveridge, T.J.; Galt, D.E., 1985:
Muscovy duck mortality not caused by Haemoproteus

Griffiths, TA., 1978:
Muscular and vascular adaptations for nectar-feeding in the glossophagine bats Monophyllus and Glossophaga

Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa; Juliane Kulessa, 2007:
Muscular architecture of Milnesium tardigradum and Hypsibius sp (Eutardigrada, Tardigrada) with some data on Ramazottius oberhaeuseri

Anonymous, 2008:
Muscular aspects of chorea-acanthocytosis

Anonymous, 2007:
Muscular buffer capacity as a determinant of performance

Arnold, A.S.; Thelen, D.G.; Schwartz, M.H.; Anderson, F.C.; Delp, S.L., 2007:
Muscular coordination of knee motion during the terminal-swing phase of normal gait

Inokuchi, S., 1983:
Muscular differentiation of the Primates

Anonymous, 2007:
Muscular disease: An adverse reaction of rosuvastatin

Ng, K.P.; Smith, C.R.; Isenberg, D.A., 2007:
Muscular dystrophy mimicking refractory idiopathic inflammatory myositis: a trio of cases

de Lima, A.R.; Nyengaard, J.R.; Jorge, A.A.L.; Balieiro, J.C.C.; Peixoto, C.; Fioretto, E.T.; Ambrósio, C.E.; Miglino, M.A.; Zatz, M.; Ribeiro, A.A.C.M., 2007:
Muscular dystrophy-related quantitative and chemical changes in adenohypophysis GH-cells in golden retrievers

Pettersson, J.; Hindorf, U.; Persson, P.; Bengtsson, T.; Malmqvist, U.; Werkström, V.; Ekelund, M., 2007:
Muscular exercise can cause highly pathological liver function tests in healthy men

Kimball, Richard, 2008:
Muscular mormonism

Barre, H.; Cohen-Adad, F.; Duchamp, C.; Rouanet, JL., 1989:
Muscular nonshivering thermogenesis in birds

Anonymous, 2006:
Muscular organization of the rhopalial stalk in Cubomedusae (Cnidaria)

Anonymous, 2008:
Muscular pain mechanisms: Brief review with special consideration of delayed-onset muscle soreness

Glombiewski, J.Anna.; Tersek, J.; Rief, W., 2007:
Muscular reactivity and specificity in chronic back pain patients

Guillot, A.; Lebon, F.; Rouffet, D.; Champely, S.; Doyon, J.; Collet, C., 2007:
Muscular responses during motor imagery as a function of muscle contraction types

Akimov, IA.; Yastrebtsov, AV., 1987:
Muscular system and elements of the skeleton of the parasitic mite Spinturnix vespertiliones (Gamasina Spinturnicidae)

Akimov, IA.; Yastrebtsov, AV., 1983:
Muscular system of female Varroa jacobsoni (Parasitiformes, Varroidea), an honey-bee parasite. 2. Walking limb and idiosome muscles

Casanueva, M.E., 2001:
Muscular system of the Amblyomma americanum larvae (Acari: Ixodidae)

Gorgol, VT.; Yastrebtsov, AV., 1987:
Muscular system of the mite Cheyletus eruditus (Trombidiformes, Cheyletidae)

Yastrebtsov, AV., 1987:
Muscular system of the oribatid mites Hermannia gibba and Hermanniella grandis (Oribatida, Acariformes)

Lewis, J.T.; Wang, K.K.; Abraham, S.C., 2008:
Muscularis mucosae duplication and the musculo-fibrous anomaly in endoscopic mucosal resections for barrett esophagus: implications for staging of adenocarcinoma

Anonymous, 1999:
Musculatura asociada al primer y segundo arco visceral de algunos anuros leptodactilidos

Anonymous, 1994:
Musculatura craneal de tres especies del genero Liophis (Serpentes: Colubridae)

Aguilera, O., 1987:
Musculatura de los arcos branquiales, arco hioideo y operculo en peces Sciaenidae del Atlantico oeste y rios de America

Manzano, Adriana, S., 1995:
Musculatura de los miembros de Phyllomedusa sauvagii (Anura: Hylidae)

Anonymous, 1998:
Musculatura de los miembros y de las cinturas en Bolitoglossa adspersa (Peters, 1863) (Urodela, Plethodontidae)

Aguilera, O., 1983:
Musculatura facial de peces escienidos (Perciformes: Sciaenidae) del Atlantico oeste y rios de America

Boneti Marull, S.; Molinas de Ferrer, M., 1986:
Musculatura intrinseca de l'epididim de Dina lineata (O.F. Muller, 1774) (Hirudinea, Erpobdellidae)

Bodini, R., 1981:
Musculatura locomotora de la viudita (Callicebus torquatus). Sus implicaciones funcionales y filogeneticas

Shevchenko, VG., 1986:
Musculature of Tetrapodili (Acariformes) and the problem of their segmental structure

Berrios-Ortiz, A., 1986:
Musculature of adult Epicauta segmenta (Say) (Coleoptera: Meloidae). Part 1, head

Ovchinnikova, OG., 1986:
Musculature of male genitalia in flies of the superfam. Stratiomyoidea (Diptera)

Vronskij, AA.; Gilevich, SA., 1978:
Musculature of oropharynx and tongue in dolphins

Razowski, J., 1981:
Musculature of the male genitalia in Tortricinae (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)

Ovchinnikova, OG., 1987:
Musculature of the male genitalia in flies of the family Coenomyiidae and systematic position of this family among the lower Brachycera (Diptera)

Ovtshinnikova, Olga, G., 1994:
Musculature of the male genitalia of Pantophthalmidae and systematic position of this family among Brachycera Orthorrhapha (Diptera)

Sahgal, S.; Bhatti, U., 1980:
Musculature of the male genitalia of yellow wasp Polistes olivaceus (de Geer)

Solustri, C.; Morello, E.; Froglia, C., 2003:
Musculista senhousia (Benson in Cantor, 1842) (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) in the coastal waters of the Adriatic Sea (Italy)

Anonymous, 2007:
Musculoske letal modelling and finite element analysis of lizard skulls

Lorusso, A.; Bruno, S.; L'Abbate, N., 2007:
Musculoskeletal complaints among Italian X-ray technologists

Shiue, H-Sheng.; Lu, C-Wei.; Chen, C-Jong.; Shih, T-Shen.; Wu, S-Chi.; Yang, C-Yuh.; Yang, Y-Hui.; Wu, T-Neng., 2008:
Musculoskeletal disorder among 52,261 Chinese restaurant cooks cohort: result from the National Health Insurance Data

Dohyung Kee; Sun Rim Seo, 2007:
Musculoskeletal disorders among nursing personnel in Korea

Vanden Berge, JC., 1992:
Musculoskeletal features of the craniocervical system in birds: a review of selected descriptive morphology and the corresponding morphological nomenclature

Anonymous, 2007:
Musculoskeletal manifestations and rheumatic symptoms in patients with cystic fibrosis

Anonymous, 2007:
Musculoskeletal pain and quality of life in the Health Care System population of Embu, Sao Paulo District, Brazil

Choobineh, A.; Tabatabaei, S.Hamidreza.; Mokhtarzadeh, A.; Salehi, M., 2007:
Musculoskeletal problems among workers of an Iranian rubber factory

Ferrell, W.R.; Tennant, N.; Baxendale, R.H.; Kusel, M.; Sturrock, R.D., 2007:
Musculoskeletal reflex function in the joint hypermobility syndrome

Anonymous, 2007:
Musculoskeletal response to altered mechanical demand is tissue specific and influenced by genetic make-up

Anonymous, 2006:
Musculoskeletal scaling of the hindlimb of kangaroos and wallabies (Superfamily Macropodoidea)

Anonymous, 2008:
Musculoskeletal stress markers and their utility in distinguishing between obesity and athleticism.

Wahlström, J.; Burström, L.; Hagberg, M.; Lundström, R.; Nilsson, T., 2007:
Musculoskeletal symptoms among young male workers and associations with exposure to hand-arm vibration and ergonomic stressors

Naschitz, J.E.; Rosner, I., 2008:
Musculoskeletal syndromes associated with malignancy (excluding hypertrophic osteoarthropathy)

Anonymous, 2007:
Musculoskeletal ultrasonography: Interreader agreements and a learning curve of three ultrasonographers with different experience

Anonymous, 2007:
Musculoskeletal ultrasonography: Learning by doing

Anonymous, 2007:
Musculoskeletal ultrasound in the rheumatology outpatient clinic: experience from a single centre in Ireland

Sustaita, D., 2007:
Musculoskeletal underpinnings to differences in killing behavior between North American accipiters (Falconiformes: Accipitridae) and falcons (Falconidae)

Bucci, Alessandro., 1995:
Musculus (Musculista) senhousia (Benson) nel mar Adriatico (Bivalvia: Mytilidae)

Kendrick, GW.; Slack-Smith, S., 1982:
Musculus imus (Bartsch) in Western Australia

Anonymous, 1999:
Musculus tumida (Hanley, 1843) (Bivalvia, Mytilidae) im Manteltier Ciona

Anonymous, 1998:
Musee de Zoologie Activites 1997

Anonymous, 1999:
Musee de Zoologie Activites 1998

Tortonese, E., 1982:
Musei Naturalistici Italiani e ricerca scientifica

Anonymous, 2003:
Musei scientifici e formazione scolastica: problemi, risorse, strumenti, Atti del Convegno, Roma - Museo Civico di Zoologia, 9-11 Novembre 2000

Anonymous, 2001:
Museibiblioteket - en resa i tid och rum

Lithander, Leif, 2002:
Museisamlingar anvands till systematisk forskning med molekylara metoder

Anonymous, 2000:
Museo civico di Storia Naturale di Venezia: indice generale delle pubblicazioni (1927-1999)

Figini, A.; Gomez, G.; Carbonari, J.; Huarte, R.; Zubiaga, A., 1984:
Museo de La Plata. Radiocarbon measurements 1

Anonymous, 2004:
Museo de Paleontologia de Josa (Teruel)

Maes, J-M., 1991:
Museos entomologicos en Nicaragua

Almaca, Carlos, 2000:
Museu Bocage: ensino e exibicao

Nomura, H., 1991:
Museu Entomologico Fritz Plaumann

Anonymous, 2007:
Museu Nacional Serie Livros BE Lavrado, HP deSaViana, M

Anonymous, 2000:
Museu el Cau del Tauro

Gorczyca-Skala, J.; Scibor, G., 1984:
Museum Geological, Geological Sciences Institute, Wroclaw University

Anonymous., 1988:
Museum Stemmler. Carl Stemmler und sein Museum

Duellman, WE.; Fritts, T.; Leviton, AE., 1978:
Museum acronyms

Mitchell, J.C., 1982:
Museum and literature records for the rainbow snake (Farancia erythrogramma Palisot de Beauvois)

Anonymous., 1981:
Museum bird collections

Payne, R.B.; Sorenson, M.D., 2003:
Museum collections as sources of genetic data

Fjeldsa, J., 1987:
Museum collections of birds - relevance and strategies for the future

Schram, FR., 1992:
Museum collections: why are they there?

Anonymous, 2002:
Museum d'Histoire Naturelle de La Rochelle. Rapport d'activites 2001

Bourgat, Robert., 1994:
Museum d'Histoire naturelle de Perpignan (France)

Growther, PR., 1987:
Museum file 12: City of Bristol Museum and Art Gallery Geology Department

Pennisi, E., 1988:
Museum focuses on arthropods

Anonymous, 1974:
Museum habitat groups

Katsuyama, T.; Suzuki, T., 1998:
Museum information system in Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History

Boschung, Herbert., 1988:
Museum jar closures

Wilde, M.; Urhahne, D., 2008:
Museum learning: a study of motivation and learning achievement

Glab, H.; Kosydarski, A., 1984:
Museum of Anthropology, Jagellonian University

man in t'Veld, L., 1990:
Museum of Natural History, Rotterdam.

Wiktorowa, J., 1984:
Museum of Natural History, Wroclaw University. Department of Invertebrates

Tomialojc, L., 1984:
Museum of Natural History, Wroclaw University. Department of Vertebrates (birds, mammals)

Kak, M., 1984:
Museum of Natural History, Wroclaw University. Section of Insects

McGrath, G., 1984:
Museum of Natural History, the University of Kansas. Annual Report 1983

Beiersdorf, K.; Smagowicz, K., 1984:
Museum of Zoology, Jagellonian University

Anonymous, 2007:
Museum of moulages of "Andreas Sygros" Hospital in Athens

Jakubowski, G.; Maczynska, S.; Popiel-Barczyk, E., 1984:
Museum of the Earth, Polish Academy of Sciences

Anonymous, 2008:
Museum opportunities for public science education.

Hancock, E.; Geoffrey., 1993:
Museum pests from pigeon nests

Learner, RJ., 1985:
Museum poetry and songs

Whitfield, J.B.; Cameron, S.A., 1994:
Museum policies concerning specimen loans for molecular systematic research

Debus, SJS.; McAllan, IAW.; Mead, DA., 1993:
Museum specimens of the red goshawk Erythrotriorchis radiatus. 1. Annotated list of specimens

Debus, SJS.; McAllan, IAW.; Mead, DA., 1993:
Museum specimens of the red goshawk Erythrotriorchis radiatus. 2. Morphology, biology and conservation status in eastern Australia

Remsen, J V.; Jr., 1997:
Museum specimens: science, conservation and morality

Huber, Markus., 1995:
Museum zu Allerheiligen, Naturkundliche Abteilung, Jahresbericht 1994

Olson, JD.; Patten, DR., 1980:
Museum-zoo relations and the Arabian oryx

Chambers, Susan., 2000:
Museums and biodiversity

Fraser, J., 2004:
Museums and civility

Wyse Jackson, P.; Knell, S., 1994:
Museums and fossil excavation - A thematic set of papers arising from the Scunthorpe meeting: December 1992

Hamada, T.; Takahashi, T.; Matsushima, Y.; Okuno, K., 2000:
Museums and their social functions in Japan

Harney, T., 1988:
Museums cooperate in identification of largest flying seabird

Culotta, E., 1992:
Museums cut research in hard times

Anonymous, 1977:
Museums in Manitoba

Taylor, M., 1984:
Museums in Perth: a short history on the centenary of the Perthshire Natural History Museum

Bruton, MN.; Liebowitz, A., 1994:
Museums in a new South Africa: the case of the J.L.B. Smith Institute of Ichthyology

Swiecimski, J., 1991:
Museums of Natural History in Italy: stylistyc tendencies in the exhibition design

Mathiasson, Sven., 1993:
Museums of natural history - do we need their collections in the time of molecular biology?

Olmi, Giuseppe., 2001:
Museums on paper in Emilia-Romagna from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries: from Aldrovandi to Count Sanvitale

Bagarinao, Teodora, 1997:
Museums, gardens, zoos, and wildlife breeding centers in the Philippines

Anonymous, 2002:
Museumsornithologe in der Provinz

Davis, R.L., 1993:
Mushroom bodies and Drosophila learning

Xi, W.; Peng, Y.; Guo, J.; Ye, Y.; Zhang, K.; Yu, F.; Guo, A., 2008:
Mushroom bodies modulate salience-based selective fixation behavior in Drosophila

Helfrich-Förster, C.; Wulf, Jörg.; de Belle, J.Steven., 2002:
Mushroom body influence on locomotor activity and circadian rhythms in Drosophila melanogaster

Hoeksema, BW., 1993:
Mushroom corals (Scleractinia: Fungiidae) of Madang Lagoon, northern Papua New Guinea: an annotated check-list with the description of Cantharellus jebbi spec. nov

Anonymous, 2007:
Mushroom extracts having anticancer activity

Kauserud, Håvard.; Stige, L.Christian.; Vik, J.Olav.; Okland, R.H.; Høiland, K.; Stenseth, N.Chr., 2008:
Mushroom fruiting and climate change

Semenova, MN.; Tihonov, BM., 1993:
Mushroom mosquito - the field mushroom pest

Griessmayr, P.C.; Gauthier, M.; Barber, L.G.; Cotter, S.M., 2007:
Mushroom-derived Maitake PETfraction as single agent for the treatment of lymphoma in dogs

Angelucci, F.; Ricci, E.; Padua, L.; Sabino, A.; Tonali, P.Attilio., 2007:
Music exposure differentially alters the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor and nerve growth factor in the mouse hypothalamus

de Lust, R., 1993:
Music from the throat of a bird: the nightingale.

Särkämö, T.; Tervaniemi, M.; Laitinen, S.; Forsblom, A.; Soinila, S.; Mikkonen, M.; Autti, T.; Silvennoinen, H.M.; Erkkilä, J.; Laine, M.; Peretz, I.; Hietanen, M., 2008:
Music listening enhances cognitive recovery and mood after middle cerebral artery stroke

Kurita, A.; Takase, B.; Okada, K.; Abe, S., 2007:
Music therapy in very elderly cerebral vascular disorders patients with dementia

Ross, S.; Cidambi, I.; Dermatis, H.; Weinstein, J.; Ziedonis, D.; Roth, S.; Galanter, M., 2008:
Music therapy: a novel motivational approach for dually diagnosed patients

Kenna, M.A., 2008:
Music to your ears: is it a good thing?

Leon van Noorden; Dirk Moelants, 2007:
Music, movement, sound and time; Papers from the 10th Rhythm Perception and Production Workshop

Foster, GN., 1982:
Musical Helochares

Murphy, JC., 1989:
Musical amphibians of Chicagoland

Milovanov, R.; Huotilainen, M.; Välimäki, V.; Esquef, P.A.A.; Tervaniemi, M., 2008:
Musical aptitude and second language pronunciation skills in school-aged children: neural and behavioral evidence

Dance, SP., 1985:
Musical molluscs

Lewis, DE., 1987:
Musical nests

Anonymous, 1998:
Musikalische Fruherziehung bei Blasshuhnern (Fulica atra)

Schneider, K., 1985:
Musikalische Ornithologie. Vogeldarstellungen in der Instrumentalmusik. Eine Bibliographie

Dreyer, W., 1987:
Musikanten im grunen Rock

Cutler, B., 1979:
Musing of a jack pine savage 2

Cutler, B., 1978:
Musings of a jack pine savage 1 (first part)

Shasky, Don., 1995:
Musings of an itinerant malacologist. Engina lanceolata (Kuroda and Habe, 1971), Plagiostropha opalus (Reeve, 1845), and Bacula lamberti (Souverbie, 1875)

Cutler, B., 1978:
Musings on a jack pine savage 1 (second part)

Konings, Ad., 1991:
Musings on the evolution of cichlids

Campbell, K.E.; Jr., 1991:
Musings on the origin of birds. Facts and dogma in conflict

Sutton, Richard., 2004:
Musk beetle Aromia moschata (L.) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) recorded from a garden in Camberley, Surrey

Hajslova, J.; Gregor, P.; Chladkova, V.; Alterova, K., 1998:
Musk compounds in fish from Elbe River

Shrestha, MN., 1990:
Musk deer Moschus chrysogaster: musk extraction from live deer

Turpin, M.C.; Dell, J., 1991:
Musk duck feeding on vertebrates

Griffin, P., 1980:
Musk lorikeets at Troy Park, Swan River

Still, J., 1984:
Musk oxen in Norway.

Pronin, NM.; Zhaltsanova, D-SD.; Noskov, VT., 1983:
Musk rat number dependence upon water level and helminthiasis

Christiansen, J., 1988:
Musk turtle (Sternotherus odoratus) a good terrarium turtle.

Townsend, B., 1986:

Seward, A., 1985:
Musk-oxen - statewide harvest and population status

Anonymous, 2007:
Musk-positive myasthenia gravis in a polish population

Laanetu, N., 1986:
Musk-rat as prey for carnivores

Alm, Torbjorn, 2007:
Muskat Myristica fragrans i folketradisjonen i Norge

Bielfeld, Horst, 1992:
Muskatfink is nicht gleich Muskatfink

Anonymous, 1995:
Muskatfinken (Lonchura punctulata)

Kruger, H.; Achazi, R., 1985:
Muskel. Uber den gelben (phasischen) und weissen (tonischen) Anteil der Schalenschliessmuskeln von Anodonta cygnea

D'haese, J.; Ditgens, A., 1985:
Muskel. Zum Kontraktionsmechanismus des schraggestreiften Muskels

Peters, M.; Kobayashi, M., 1985:
Muskel. Zur Physiologie eines Polyplacophoren - Muskels

Ganslosser, U., 1981:
Muskelansatze, knochenstarke, hand- und Fu Bwurzelskett einiger Baumkanguruharten (Dendrolagus Muller, 1838)

Becker, G., 1989:
Muskelfelder eines kirkbyiden Ostracoden aus dem Perm - Beschreibung und Analyse

Dombeck, MP., 1986:
Muskellunge habitat with guidelines for habitat management

Meyer-Rochow, V-B., 1983:
Muskeln - wie funktionieren sie?

Anonymous, 2007:
Muskelschwund bei Mausen gebremst

Anonymous, 2003:
Musketadun arratoiaren, Ondatra zibethicus (Linnaeus, 1766) behaketa Ezkurran (Nafarroan)

Sreenivasa Rao, E.; Koteswara Rao, SR., 1999:
Muskmelon (Cucumis melo), a new host of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner)

Alendal, E., 1979:
Muskox cow most likely with twins in the Dovre Mountains, Norway

Miller, FL.; Gunn, A., 1984:
Muskox defense formations in response to helicopters in the Canadian high Arctic

Lassen, P., 1984:
Muskox distribution and population structure in Jameson Land, northeast Greenland, 1981-1983

Anonymous, 2007:
Muskox husbandry

Dieterich, RA., 1984:
Muskox medical practices

Will, RT., 1984:
Muskox procurement and use on Banks Island by nineteenth century Copper Inuit

Raillard, M.; Svoboda, J., 1989:
Muskox winter feeding strategies at Sverdrup Pass, Ellesmere Island, N.W.T

Rich, MS., 1979:
Muskox: the bearded one

Lundh, NG., 1979:
Muskoxen in Harjedalen.

Alendal, E., 1984:
Muskoxen in captivity in Europe and Asia, April 1983

Uspenski, SM., 1984:
Muskoxen in the USSR: some results of and perspectives on their introduction

Grauvogel, CA., 1984:
Muskoxen of northwestern Alaska: transplant success, dispersal, and current status

Robus, Ma, 1980:
Muskoxen range use in the Arctic National Wildlife Range, Alaska

Hoeve, R.; Wijlaars, L.C., 1992:
Muskrat Ondatra zibethicus (L., 1766).

Anonymous, 1975:
Muskrat damage control

Peneston, W.T.; Lacki, M.J.; Vogt, F.; Daniel., 1992:
Muskrat ecology in a rich fen wetland

Strautman, E.; Bekenov, A., 1972:
Muskrat habitat in the forest-steppe and steppe regions of northern Kazakhstan and their productivity.

McCabe, TR.; Wolfe, ML., 1981:
Muskrat population dynamics and vegetation utilization: a management plan

Marakov, SV.; Shiryaev, VV., 1978:
Muskrat population in Pribalkhash up to and after the flow regulation of Ili River.

Kroll, RW.; Meeks, RL., 1985:
Muskrat population recovery following habitat re-establishment near southwestern Lake Erie

Parmalee, P.W., 1989:
Muskrat predation on softshell turtles

Carroll, D., 1981:
Muskrat research in New York

Chashchukin, VA., 1987:
Muskrat selectivity in water macrophytes eating up

Simpson, MR.; Boutin, S., 1989:
Muskrat, Ondatra zibethicus population responses to harvest on the Old Crow Flats, Yukon Territory

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Mutant AhpC peroxiredoxins suppress thiol-disulfide redox deficiencies

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Mutant L Homologue 1 (MLH1): a possible new immunohistochemical marker

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Mutant PfCRT does not confer high levels of chloroquine resistance to

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Mutant p53 proteins bind selectively supercoiled DNA

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Mutant serine acetyltransferase

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Mutants in Cryptococcus neoformans with increased susceptibility to melanization substrate

Anonymous, 2005:
Mutants in the Pst phosphate transport system of uropathogenic Proteus mirabilis are attenuated in an experimental murine model of UTI

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutants in the study of plant CO2 signaling

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Mutare area

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Mutated SSCP profiles of c-myc proto-oncogene in bladder's papillary urothelial (transitional cell) neoplasms: A molecular approach to cell proliferation, gene expression, grade, stage and recurrence

Anna Simon; Ravikanth Maddipatti; Heiyoung Park; Hirsh Komarow; Daniel L. Kastner; Richard M. Siegel, 2007:
Mutated TNF-receptor type 1 in TNF-receptor associated periodic syndrome (TRAPS): TNF-independent hyper-responsiveness through ER-retained, misfolded receptors

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Mutated and non-mutated TP53 as targets in the treatment of leukaemia

Anonymous, 2006:
Mutated citrullinated vimentin as a candidate autoantigen for diagnosis and monitoring of disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis

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Mutated glutathione-S-transferase reduced airway inflammation in murine model

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Mutated response regulator graR is responsible for phenotypic conversion of Staphylococcus aureus from heterogeneous vancomycin-intermediate resistance to vancomycin-intermediate resistance

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Mutation I136V alters electrophysiological properties of the Na(v)1.7 channel in a family with onset of erythromelalgia in the second decade

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Mutation adjacent to the active site tyrosine can enhance DNA cleavage and cell killing by the TOPRIM Gly to Ser mutant of bacterial topoisomerase I

Anonymous, 2008:
Mutation adjacent to the active site tyrosine can enhance DNA cleavage topoisomerase I

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Mutation analysis in a family with oculocutaneous albinism manifesting in the same generation of three branches

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Mutation analysis in families with 21-hydroxylase deficiency

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Mutation analysis in nephronophthisis using a combined approach of homozygosity mapping, CEL I endonuclease cleavage, and direct sequencing

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Mutation analysis of CHRNA1, CHRNB1, CHRND, and RAPSN genes in multiple pterygium syndrome/fetal akinesia patients

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Mutation analysis of DJ1 gene in patients with autosomal recessive early-onset Parkinsonism bb

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutation analysis of FH and FLCN and Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) susceptibility

Anonymous, 2007 :
Mutation analysis of GNPTAB gene in 24 japanese mucolipidosis II and

Anonymous, 2006:
Mutation analysis of Staphylococcus aureus isolates demonstrating trailing linezolid (LZD) endpoints in microdilution MIC assays

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Mutation analysis of adenosine A2a receptor gene and interaction study with dopamine D2 receptor gene in schizophrenia

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Mutation analysis of endothelin-B receptor gene in patients with Hirschsprung disease in Taiwan

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutation analysis of exons 1 and 2 of CTNNB1 (Beta catenin) in invasive breast carcinomas

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Mutation analysis of oxisterol-binding-protein gene in patients with age-related macular degeneration

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Mutation analysis of the EGFR-NRAS-BRAF pathway in melanomas from black Africans and other subgroups of cutaneous melanoma

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Mutation analysis of the NSD1 gene in patients with autism spectrum disorders and macrocephaly

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Mutation analysis of the Vangl2 coding region revealed no common cause for Tetralogy of Fallot

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Mutation analysis of the checkpoint kinase 2 gene in colorectal cancer cell lines

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Mutation analysis of the hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated channels HCN1 and HCN2 in idiopathic generalized epilepsy

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Mutation analysis of the parkin and PINK1 genes in American Caucasian early-onset Parkinson disease families

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Mutation and inhibition studies of mevalonate 5-diphosphate decarboxylase

Anonymous, 2008:
Mutation and intron 1 polymorphism of the epidermal growth factor receptor, and its relationship with gefitinib sensitivity in Korean patients with non-small cell lung cancer

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutation and methylation analysis of WWOX and CYLD on 16q; Potential tumor suppressor genes in myeloma

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Mutation and phenotypic spectrum in patients with cardio-facio-cutaneous and Costello syndrome

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Mutation and reversion frequencies of different Sulfolobus species and strains

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Mutation as a stress response and the regulation of evolvability

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Mutation at different sites in the Nostoc punctiforme cyaC gene, encoding the multiple-domain enzyme adenylate cyclase, results in different levels of infection of the host plant Blasia pusilla

Venkatesan, R.N.; Treuting, P.M.; Fuller, E.D.; Goldsby, R.E.; Norwood, T.H.; Gooley, T.A.; Ladiges, W.C.; Preston, B.D.; Loeb, L.A., 2007:
Mutation at the polymerase active site of mouse DNA polymerase delta increases genomic instability and accelerates tumorigenesis

Roose, M.L.; Williams, T.E., 2007:
Mutation breeding

Phulari, S.S., 2007:
Mutation breeding in Urginea indica I. Effect of ultraviolet light treatment on morphological characters of Urgenia indica

Phulari, S.S., 2007:
Mutation breeding in Urginea indica II. Effect of ultraviolet light treatment on karyomorphological characters of Urgenia indica

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Mutation des Hausgimpels Erythrina mexicana oder ehem. mexikanischer Karmingimpel

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Mutation detection of ATP2C1 gene in Chinese patients with Hailey-Hailey disease

Li, L.; Li, L-yun.; Zhong, C-gao.; Gao, B-di.; Lu, G-xiu., 2007:
Mutation detection of PKD1 gene in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney diseases

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutation frequency of c-KIT and platelet derived growth factor receptor alpha (PDGFRA) tyrosine kinase gene in Saudi gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs)

Anonymous, 1996:
Mutation im Zeichnungsmuster von Cynotilapia afra

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutation in FGF3 causes absent inner ear development and microtia

Ayene, I.S.; Biaglow, J.E.; Kachur, A.V.; Stamato, T.D.; Koch, C.J., 2007:
Mutation in G6PD gene leads to loss of cellular control of protein glutathionylation: mechanism and implication

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutation in MPV17 as a cause of mtDNA depletion in a Spanish boy presenting with leukodystrophy and hepatic insufficiency

Adaimy, L.; Chouery, E.; Megarbane, H.; Mroueh, S.; Delague, V.; Nicolas, E.; Belguith, H.; de Mazancourt, P.; Megarbane, A., 2007:
Mutation in WNT10A is associated with an autosomal recessive ectodermal dysplasia: the odonto-onycho-dermal dysplasia

Kumemura, H.; Harada, M.; Yanagimoto, C.; Koga, H.; Kawaguchi, T.; Hanada, S.; Taniguchi, E.; Ueno, T.; Sata, M., 2008:
Mutation in keratin 18 induces mitochondrial fragmentation in liver-derived epithelial cells

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutation in mpzl3, a novel gene encoding a predicted adhesion protein, in rough coat (rc) mice with severe skin and hair abnormalities (vol 127, pg 1375, 2007)

Cheng, L.; Wang, F.; Shou, H.; Huang, F.; Zheng, L.; He, F.; Li, J.; Zhao, F-Jie.; Ueno, D.; Ma, J.Feng.; Wu, P., 2007:
Mutation in nicotianamine aminotransferase stimulated the Fe(II) acquisition system and led to iron accumulation in rice

Silvestre, A.; Cabaret, J., 2002:
Mutation in position 167 of isotype 1 -tubulin gene of Trichostrongylid nematodes: Role in benzimidazole resistance?

Monserrat, L.; Hermida-Prieto, M.; Fernandez, X.; Rodríguez, I.; Dumont, C.; Cazón, L.; Cuesta, M.G.; Gonzalez-Juanatey, C.; Peteiro, Jús.; Alvarez, N.; Penas-Lado, M.; Castro-Beiras, A., 2007:
Mutation in the alpha-cardiac actin gene associated with apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, left ventricular non-compaction, and septal defects

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutation in the gene KRT10 leading to bullous congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma without palomoplantar hyperkeratosis

Singh, V.-Pratap; Sinha, N.; Ramesh, V.; Tewari, S.; Khan, F.; Agrawal, S., 2007:
Mutation in the gene encoding sterol regulatory element binding protein (SREBP-2) in hyper-cholesterolaemic subjects

Anonymous, 2008:
Mutation in the gene for epithelial cell adhesion molecule is responsible for Congenital Tufting Enteropathy

Gonzalez-Santos, J.Maria.; Cao, H.; Duan, R.Cathleen.; Hu, J., 2007:
Mutation in the splicing factor Hprp3p linked to retinitis pigmentosa impairs interactions within the U4/U6 snRNP complex

Lee, J.-Seok; Krause, R.; Schreiber, J.; Mollenkopf, H.-Joachim; Kowall, J.; Stein, R.; Jeon, B.-Young; Kwak, J.-Yeon; Song, M.-Kyong; Patron, J.-Pablo; Jorg, S.; Roh, K.; Cho, S.-Nae; Kaufmann, S., H.E., 2008:
Mutation in the transcriptional regulator phol? contributes to avirulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Ra strain

Liu, Z. , L.; Yuan, S.; Liu, W. , J.; Du, J. , B.; Tian, W. , J.; Luo, M. , H.; Lin, H. , H., 2008:
Mutation mechanism of chlorophyll-less barley mutant NYB

Anonymous, 2005:
Mutation of AmiC, encoding an N-acetylmuramyl-L-alanine amidase homologue in Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Anonymous, 2008:
Mutation of Escherichia coli cytosine deaminase significantly enhances molecular chemotherapy of human glioma (vol 14, 1111, 2007)

Lee, Y-Wha.; Lee, K.Wook.; Ryu, J.Won.; Mok, J.Oh.; Ki, C-Seok.; Park, H.Kyu.; Kim, Y.Joo.; Kim, S.Jin.; Byun, D.Won.; Suh, K.Ill.; Yoo, M.Hi.; Shin, H.Bong.; Lee, Y.Kyoung.; Kim, C-Hee., 2008:
Mutation of Glu78 of the AVP-NPII gene impairs neurophysin as a carrier protein for arginine vasopressin in a family with neurohypophyseal diabetes insipidus

van der Merwe, Mé.; Bjornsti, M-Ann., 2007:
Mutation of Gly721 alters DNA topoisomerase I active site architecture and sensitivity to camptothecin

Chen, S.; Hu, T.; Zhang, J.; Chen, J.; Chen, K.; Ding, J.; Jiang, H.; Shen, X., 2007:
Mutation of Gly-11 on the dimer interface results in the complete crystallographic dimer dissociation of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 3C-like protease: crystal structure with molecular dynamics simulations

Hudson, G.; Amati-Bonneau, P.; Blakely, E.L.; Stewart, J.D.; He, L.; Schaefer, A.M.; Griffiths, P.G.; Ahlqvist, K.; Suomalainen, A.; Reynier, P.; McFarland, R.; Turnbull, D.M.; Chinnery, P.F.; Taylor, R.W., 2007:
Mutation of OPA1 causes dominant optic atrophy with external ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, deafness and multiple mitochondrial DNA deletions: a novel disorder of mtDNA maintenance

Pavel, E.; Nadella, K.; Towns, W.H.; Kirschner, L.S., 2007:
Mutation of Prkar1a causes osteoblast neoplasia driven by dysregulation of protein kinase A

Anonymous, 2006:
Mutation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa retS delays the onset of microbial keratitis, but enhances ultimate disease severity

Yee, N.S.; Gong, W.; Huang, Y.; Lorent, K.; Dolan, A.C.; Maraia, R.J.; Pack, M., 2007:
Mutation of RNA Pol III subunit rpc2/polr3b Leads to Deficiency of Subunit Rpc11 and disrupts zebrafish digestive development

Zeng, J.; Liu, Y.; Wu, L.; Li, D., 2007:
Mutation of Tyr375 to Lys375 allows medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase to acquire acyl-CoA oxidase activity

Anonymous, 2006:
Mutation of ZP3 gene and its effects on litter size and teat number in sows

Anonymous, 2005:
Mutation of a Campylobacter jejuni DNA methylase affects expression of multiple genes, motility, and epithelial cell adherence and invasion

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutation of a Campylobacter jejuni trigger factor ortholog affects protein expression and virulence characteristics

He, X.; van Waardenburg, R.C.A.M.; Babaoglu, K.; Price, A.C.; Nitiss, K.C.; Nitiss, J.L.; Bjornsti, M-Ann.; White, S.W., 2007:
Mutation of a conserved active site residue converts tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase I into a DNA topoisomerase I-dependent poison

Xu, C.; Moellering, E.R.; Fan, J.; Benning, C., 2008:
Mutation of a mitochondrial outer membrane protein affects chloroplast lipid biosynthesis

Chen, L.; Marquardt, M.L.; Tester, D.J.; Sampson, K.J.; Ackerman, M.J.; Kass, R.S., 2007:
Mutation of an A-kinase-anchoring protein causes long-QT syndrome

Hwang, H.Jin.; Dilbeck, P.; Debus, R.J.; Burnap, R.L., 2007:
Mutation of arginine 357 of the CP43 protein of photosystem II severely impairs the catalytic S-state cycle of the H2O oxidation complex

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutation of epidermal growth factor receptor in hormone sensitive and refractory prostate cancers

Shih, M-Chun.; Hsu, N-Chi.; Huang, C-Che.; Wu, T-Shoon.; Lai, P-Yen.; Chung, B-Chu., 2008:
Mutation of mouse Cyp11a1 promoter caused tissue-specific reduction of gene expression and blunted stress response without affecting reproduction

Holland, K.D.; Kearney, J.A.; Glauser, T.A.; Buck, G.; Keddache, M.; Blankston, J.R.; Glaaser, I.W.; Kass, R.S.; Meisler, M.H., 2008:
Mutation of sodium channel SCN3A in a patient with cryptogenic pediatric partial epilepsy

Kloeckener-Gruissem, B.; Vandekerckhove, K.; Nürnberg, G.; Neidhardt, J.; Zeitz, C.; Nürnberg, P.; Schipper, I.; Berger, W., 2008:
Mutation of solute carrier SLC16A12 associates with a syndrome combining juvenile cataract with microcornea and renal glucosuria

Nakano, Y.; Longo-Guess, C.M.; Bergstrom, D.E.; Nauseef, W.M.; Jones, S.M.; Bánfi, B., 2008:
Mutation of the Cyba gene encoding p22phox causes vestibular and immune defects in mice

Gonzales, P.R.; Walston, T.D.; Camacho, L.O.; Kielar, D.M.; Church, F.C.; Rezaie, A.R.; Cooper, S.T., 2007:
Mutation of the H-helix in antithrombin decreases heparin stimulation of protease inhibition

Montano, M.M.; Doughman, Y.Qui.; Deng, H.; Chaplin, L.; Yang, J.; Wang, N.; Zhou, Q.; Ward, N.L.; Watanabe, M., 2007:
Mutation of the HEXIM1 gene results in defects during heart and vascular development partly through downregulation of vascular endothelial growth factor

Tate, G.; Suzuki, T.; Mitsuya, T., 2007:
Mutation of the PTEN gene in a human hepatic angiosarcoma

Jonathan Silver; Matthias Ernst; Christopher Hunter, 2007:
Mutation of the SOCS3 binding site of gp130 confers acute susceptibility to Toxoplasma gondii infection

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutation of the Wilms' tumor 1 gene is a poor prognostic factor associated with chemoresistance in normal karyotype acute myeloid leukemia

Elles, L.M.Sharpe.; Uhlenbeck, O.C., 2007:
Mutation of the arginine finger in the active site of Escherichia coli DbpA abolishes ATPase and helicase activity and confers a dominant slow growth phenotype

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutation of the phospholipase catalytic domain of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa cytotoxin ExoU abolishes colonization promoting activity

Tam, C.; Lewis, S.E.; Li, W.Y.; Lee, E.; Evans, D.J.; Fleiszig, S.M.J., 2007:
Mutation of the phospholipase catalytic domain of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa cytotoxin ExoU abolishes colonization promoting activity and reduces corneal disease severity

Anonymous, 2008:
Mutation of the von Hippel-Lindau gene alters human cardiopulmonary physiology

Anonymous, 2005:
Mutation of uropathogenic Escherichia coli type 1 pili results in S pili biosynthesis

Fischer, S.; Prykhozhij, S.; Rau, M.J.; Neumann, C.J., 2007:
Mutation of zebrafish caf-1b results in S phase arrest, defective differentiation, and p53-mediated apoptosis during organogenesis

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Mutation process induced by MNNG in different phases of the cell cycle in Chlamydomonas geitleri. 1. Some characteristics of the slow cell cycles

Necas, J.; Tetik, K.; Sulek, J., 1986:
Mutation process induced by MNNG in different phases of the cell cycle in Chlamydomonas geitleri. 3. Quantitative alteration of the mutation spectrum during cell cycle course

Zhang TianBo; Ning XiBin, 2007:
Mutation production of new strains of Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus with stronger free radical scavenging activity

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Mutation rates

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Mutation rates: does complexity matter?

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Mutation screening and functional analysis of low density lipoprotein receptor in a familial hypercholesterolemia family

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Mutation screening in the IRF6-gene in patients with apparently nonsyndromic orofacial clefts and a positive family history suggestive of autosomal-dominant inheritance

Vallespin, E.; Cantalapiedra, D.; Riveiro-Alvarez, R.; Wilke, R.; Aguirre-Lamban, J.; Avila-Fernandez, A.; Lopez-Martinez, M.Angel.; Gimenez, A.; Trujillo-Tiebas, M.Jose.; Ramos, C.; Ayuso, C., 2007:
Mutation screening of 299 Spanish families with retinal dystrophies by Leber congenital amaurosis genotyping microarray

Jennes, I.; Entius, M.M.; Van Hul, E.; Parra, A.; Sangiorgi, L.; Wuyts, W., 2008:
Mutation screening of EXT1 and EXT2 by denaturing high-performance liquid chromatography, direct sequencing analysis, fluorescence in situ hybridization, and a new multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification probe set in patients with multiple osteochondromas

Zheng-Tai-Shan; Wu-Song-Hua; Yang-Zhen; Lu-Hui-Juan; Xiang-Kun-San, 2005:
Mutation screening of GCK gene in Chinese early-onset diabetes population bb

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutation screening of GPIIb and GPIIIa exons by conformation sensitive

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutation screening of high-risk patients with neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses - A convenient way of diagnosis?

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutation showers over the DNA landscape.

Krahe, Rolf., 2000:
Mutation spectacled owls

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutation spectrum and incidence of de novo mutation of Japanese Fabry patients

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Mutation spectrum in non-ketotic hyperlgycinemia

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Mutation spectrum of glycogen storage disease type Ia in Tunisia: implication for molecular diagnosis

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Mutation variability of molecular organization of photosynthetic apparatus pigment system

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Mutation variants generated from nonvirulent coxsackievirus B3 acquire virulence phenotypes by active virus replication

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Mutation, mean fitness, and genetic load

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Mutation-selection balance and the evolution of senescence

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Mutation-selection balance for environmental variance

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Mutation-selection models of codon substitution and their use to estimate selective strengths on codon usage

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Mutation: site-directed mutagenesis for structure-function analyses of the photosystem II reaction center protein D1

Gabriel, Wilfried., 1994:
Mutational Meltdown - Aussterberisiko durch Anhaufung schadlicher Mutationen

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Mutational activation of ErbB2 reveals a new protein kinase autoinhibition mechanism

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutational analyses and interaction studies of BmpH, the Bacteroides fragilis multifunctional conjugation protein

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Mutational analyses of multiple oncogenic pathways in intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms of the pancreas

Anonymous, 2008:
Mutational analyses of packaging signals in influenza virus PA, PB1,

Liang, Y.; Huang, T.; Ly, H.; Parslow, T.G.; Liang, Y., 2007:
Mutational analyses of packaging signals in influenza virus PA, PB1, and PB2 genomic RNA segments

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Mutational analysis and homology modelling of SyrC, the aminoacyltransferase in the biosynthesis of syringomycin

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Mutational analysis and molecular modeling of the nonapeptide hormone binding domains of the [Arg8]vasotocin receptor

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Mutational analysis establishes a critical role for the N terminus of fragile X mental retardation protein FMRP

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Mutational analysis of 65 Wilson disease patients in Hong Kong Chinese: identification of 17 novel mutations and its genetic heterogeneity

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutational analysis of CRYAB-encoded crystallin alpha-B in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Gupta, R.P.; Patrick, K.; Bell, N.H., 2007:
Mutational analysis of CYP27A1: assessment of 27-hydroxylation of cholesterol and 25-hydroxylation of vitamin D

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutational analysis of FMN and NADH binding sites of enterococcus faecalis azoreductase (AzoA)

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutational analysis of JAK1 gene in human hepatocellular carcinomas

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Mutational analysis of NOTCH1, 2, 3 and 4 genes in common solid cancers and acute leukemias

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Mutational analysis of PTPN11 and KRAS genes in Taiwanese children with Noonan syndrome

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Mutational analysis of S12 protein and implications for the accuracy of decoding by the ribosome

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Mutational analysis of Thermus caldophilus GK24 beta-glycosidase: role of His119 in substrate binding and enzyme activity

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Mutational analysis of a helicase motif-based RNA 5 '-triphosphatase/NTPase from bamboo mosaic virus

Haflidadóttir, B.S.; Matthíasdóttir, Sídur.; Agnarsdóttir, Gún.; Torsteinsdóttir, S.; Pétursson, G.; Andrésson, O.S.; Andrésdóttir, V., 2008:
Mutational analysis of a principal neutralization domain of visna/maedi virus envelope glycoprotein

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutational analysis of activation mechanism of Arabidopsis Rab5 group

Soonsanga, S.; Fuangthong, M.; Helmann, J.D., 2007:
Mutational analysis of active site residues essential for sensing of organic hydroperoxides by Bacillus subtilis OhrR

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutational analysis of arca, etra, crp in Shewanella putrefaciens CN32

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutational analysis of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) clones reveals heightened BCR-ABL1 genetic instability and wild-type BCR-ABL1 exhaustion in patients failing sequential imatinib and dasatinib therapy

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutational analysis of histidine residues in the H+/amino acid cotransporter PAT1

Anonymous, 2007:
Mutational analysis of patients with early onset retinal dystrophies

Davis, R.L., 1988:
Mutational analysis of phosphodiesterase in Drosophila

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Mutational analysis of potential pore-lining amino acids in TM IV of the Na(+)/H(+) exchanger

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