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Neuronal organization of the optic tectum in the river lamprey, Lampetra japonica: a Golgi study

Iwahori, N.; Kawawaki, T.; Baba, J.

Journal für Hirnforschung 39(3): 409-424


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8359
PMID: 10536874
Accession: 021406091

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The neuronal and laminar organization of the optic tectum (OT) in the river lamprey was studied using the rapid Golgi method. Based primarily on the distribution pattern of the dendrites, the OT neurons were divided into vertical, horizontal and stellate neurons. The river lamprey OT shows a laminar structure consisting of eight concentric strata. The stratum ependymale consists of several rows of ependymal cells. The stratum cellulare periventriculare contains one to two rows of vertical neurons. The stratum fibrosum periventriculare is thin and contains a few vertical neurons. The stratum cellulare et fibrosum internum consists of several alternating cellular and fibrous layers: a large variety of vertical and horizontal neurons are distributed in this stratum. The stratum fibrosum centrale consists of compact horizontal fiber bundles, among which a few horizontal neurons are disseminated. In the stratum cellulare et fibrosum externum, numerous fibers run horizontally in a loosely organized plexus; various types of vertical, horizontal and stellate neurons are distributed among these fibers. The stratum opticum is the main terminal area of the optic nerve, and contains stellate and horizontal neurons. The stratum marginale is a thin layer and consists of sparse populations of vertical and horizontal neurons. Besides the above outer to inner laminar structure, the OT is divided into medial (m-OT) and lateral parts (1-OT), based primarily on the distribution pattern of the dendrites. The dendrites of neurons in the m-OT are distributed almost exclusively within the OT. On the other hand, the dendrites of some neurons in the 1-OT extended into the confines of the torus semicircularis (TS), and conversely, the dendrites of some neurons in the TS are distributed in the 1-OT. These findings are discussed in relation to the neuronal and laminar organization of the OT in other lamprey species and to recent hodological studies.

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