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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 21478

Chapter 21478 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Sankarankutty, C.; Medeiros, GF.; Silva, ACC.; Mendonca, KMC., 1997:
On an unusual concentration of Sagitta tenuis Conant in the estuary of Potengi, Natal, Brazil

Pillai, CS.; Mohan, M.; Kunhikova, KK., 1983:
On an unusual massive recruitment of the reef fish Ctenochaetes strigosus (Bennet) (Perciformes: Acanthuridae) to the Minicoy Atoll and its significance

Kulkarni, GM.; Kemparaju, S.; Mohan, M.; Bhat, U.; Purandhara, C., 1991:
On an unusually heavy catch of black pomfret, Formio niger by purse seine along Dakshina Kannada coast

Krishna Pillai, S.; Ambrose, JD.; Sivadas, M., 1989:
On an unusually large sea cow Dugong dugon landed at Mandapam, Gulf of Mannar

Oliva, O., 1979:
On anabantid fish of the genus Trichopsis.

Morgiel, J.; Olszewska, B., 1981:
On analogies in development of foraminifer fauna in the Moroccan Riff and Polish external Carpathians

Rita, H.; Ranta, E., 1993:
On analysing species incidence

Kasiynov, AN.; Smetanin, MM., 1981:
On analysis of sclerite series of pike perch scales from the Rybinsk Reservoir

Yanohara, Y., 1985:
On analysis of transmission dynamics of trematode infection 1. Centrocestus formosanus infection in Miyakojima, Okinawa

Anonymous, 1972:
On anatomical characteristics of pharynx and larynx innervation in Rangifer tarandus.

Lu, B.; Song, D., 1993:
On anatomical morphology of Octonoba sinensis Simon

Zhang Fuji., 1985:
On anatomy of the skeletal system of Liua shihi (Liu) (Amphibia: Hynobiidae)

de Bruyne, RH., 1983:
On and around the Ijmuiden south pier.

Raven, H., 1980:
On and near the Roggenplaat.

Jin, J.Z.; Weng, C.; Yeh, C-I.; Gordon, J.A.; Ruthazer, E.S.; Stryker, M.P.; Swadlow, H.A.; Alonso, J-Manuel., 2007:
On and off domains of geniculate afferents in cat primary visual cortex

Famiglietti, E V.; Jr., 1983:
On and off pathways through amacrine cells in mammalian retina: the synaptic connections of 'starburst' amacrine cells

Chellappa, NT.; Abul Kader, H.; Krishnaswamy, S., 1976:
On animal and algal associations in a freshwater sponge

Asimov, DA.; Shakiev, ESh.; Kozhabaev, MK., 1991:
On animal orientobilharsiosis and fascioliasis in Karakalpakia

Emetz, VM., 1983:
On annual dynamics of the size structure of imagoes in populations of Acilius canaliculatus (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae) from the lakes in recreational and preserved territories

Mukanov, SM., 1986:
On anophelogenicity of urban waterbodies in the city of Ustinov

Anonymous, 1976:
On anterior tooth wear at Krapina and Ochoz

Christiansen, J., 1981:
On ants.

Bhagat, RC., 1987:
On aphids damaging medicinal plants and their aphidiid parasitoids in Kashmir Valley, India

Guldemond, JA., 1990:
On aphids, their host plants and speciation: a biosystematic study of the genus Cryptomyzus

Harvey, PH.; Paxton, RJ., 1981:
On aposematic coloration: a rejoinder

Ponomarenko, Al, 2001:
On appearance of Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) in Dnipropetrovsk Region

Grebenshchikova, VM., 1978:
On apple variety preference in codling moths.

Sazanov, AM., 1979:
On applicability of specificity criterion of trematodes in the taxonomy of the Lymnaeidae

Kogan, VA., 1985 :
On application of exponential equations for embryogenesis rate as a function of temperature in hydrobionts

Smetanin, MM.; Kasyanov, AN., 1980:
On application of the principal component method to the study of fish growth

Massjuk, NP.; Lilitskaya, GG., 2000:
On approaches to the preparation of the checklist of green flagellates (Chlorophyta) of Ukraine

Faryabi, B.; Datta, A.; Dougherty, E.R., 2007:
On approximate stochastic control in genetic regulatory networks

Omodeo, P., 1984:
On aquatic Oligochaeta Lumbricomorpha in Europe

Furuya, Y., 1983:
On aquatic Tipulidae larva, Dicranomyia sp., collected in the estuary of the Hijikawa River

Furuya, Y., 1980:
On aquatic lepidopterous larvae, Cataclysta sp. CA, collected in the Hijikawa River

Golubev, NS., 1980:
On area of distribution of Pelodytes caucasicus (Amphibia, Pelobatidae)

Platnick, NI., 1991:
On areas of endemism

Gevorkyan, AS.; Semerdzhyan, GA., 1980:
On arginase of Oligotricha ciliata

Shipman, P.; Bosler, W.; Davis, K., 1982:
On arguments for the 'butchering' of giant geladas

Kaszab, Z., 1981:
On arid territories' faunal history.

Mendez, M.O.; Bianchi, A.M.; Montano, N.; Patruno, V.; Gil, E.; Mantaras, C.; Aiolfi, S.; Cerutti, S., 2008:
On arousal from sleep: time-frequency analysis

Soejono, RP., 1995:
On artefacts of Early Man in Indonesia

Tagiltsev, AA., 1978:
On arthropod nidicoles of migratory birds in natural foci of arbovirus infections

Kariluoto, K., 1978:
On artificial diets for insects

Zhmurova, EKh.; Kravchenko, ZN.; Vdovenko, NE., 1982:
On artificial propagation of semi-anadromous species of fish in the Azov Sea-Don River area

Gashout, SF., 1983:
On aspects of the reproductive biology of the common sea anemone Actinia equina

Wolff, M., 1989:
On assessing a fish species role in its community by stomach and gut content analysis: a critical note with suggestions

Wassersug, R., 1992:
On assessing environmental factors affecting survivorship of premetamorphic amphibians

Gallucci, VF., 1979:
On assessing population characteristics of migratory marine animals

Bernstein, C., 1987:
On assessing the role of spatially-heterogenous density-independent host mortality on the stability of host-parasitoid systems

Verity, PG.; Paffenhofer, GA., 1996:
On assessment of prey ingestion by copepods

Anonymous, 2007:
On assessment of sustainability of crops and cropping system - some new measures

Tsvetkov, VI., 1992:
On assessment of the locomotoric function of the pectoral girdle and fins in actinopterygian fishes

Petit, DR.; Petit, KE.; Grubb, T.C.; Jr., 1985:
On atmospheric moisture as a factor influencing distribution of breeding birds in temperate deciduous forest

Yaginuma, T., 1978:
On availability of some scientific names of Japanese spiders

Yaginuma, T., 1983:
On availability of the name of a Japanese gnaphosid spider 'Scotophaeus striatus Kishida 1912'

Artiukhin, YuB., 1995:
On avifauna of the Commander Island

Borodin, OV., 1988:
On avifauna of the Uljanovsk region

Bhargava, HN.; Jain, AK.; Singh, D., 1984:
On background related chromatic response in the cave fish, Nemacheilus evazardi (Day)

Kuznetsov, A.P.; Lebkova, N.P., 2002:
On bacterial origin of mitochondria in eukaryotes in the light of current ideas of evolution of the organic world

Strathmann, RR., 1981:
On barriers to hybridization between Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis (O.F. Muller) and S. pallidus (G.O. Sars)

Skelton, Paul., 1993:
On bass in Blindekloof - the impact of an alien predator on a wilderness stream

Lindeman, GV.; Subbotin, AE., 1983:
On bat flight in Transvolga semi-deserts with clay soil

Dulitsky, AI.; Stenko, RP.; Karpenko, OV., 1986:
On bats protection in the Crimea

Jacobi, EF., 1981:
On bears & bombs.

Gotwald, W.H.; Jr., 1988:
On becoming an army ant

Burger, J., 1981:
On becoming independent in herring gulls: parent-young conflict

Rasulov, M., 1981:
On bees (Hymenoptera, Apoidea) of the Fergansk Valley.

Smirnov, AM.; Lugansky, SN., 1987:
On bees senotainiosis

Sergienko, GD., 1978:
On beetle mites (Acariformes, Oribatei) fauna in oak forests of the Dniester-Dnieper Province of the Ukrainian forest-steppe zone

Abul Lab, J., 1979:
On beg bugs (Hemiptera, Cimicidae) in Iraq

Zinner, H., 1985:
On behavioral and sexual dimorphism of Telescopus dhara Forscal 1776 (Reptilia: Serpentes, Colubridae)

Morev, YuB., 1980:
On behavioral reactions of tubificids (Oligochaeta) with respect to ground and food

Nazyrova, RI.; Karpov, NA., 2000:
On behaviour of Desmana moschata L. in captivity

Saporova, A., 1989:
On behaviour of Phrynocephalus h. helioscopus in clay desert of south-western Turkmenistan

Mochek, AD.; Maldes-Munoz, E., 1984:
On behaviour of fish in the coastal tropical community on the shelf

Fedosenko, AK.; Blank, DA., 1982:
On behaviour of the Siberian ibex (Capra sibirica) during the period of reproduction in North Tian-Shan

Rezanov, AG.; Khrokov, VV., 1983:
On behaviour of the black-bellied sandpiper (Calidris alpina L.) during the autumn migration and wintering

Wilkinson, RS., 1979:
On being 'stared and grinned at by the vulgar'

Unitt, P., 1985:
On being a bird in Borrego

Douglas, N., 1978 :
On being an Australian in Australia. I don't want a cement stork

Voss, Gl, 1980:
On being big or little in cephalopods

Poiani, Aldo., 1995:
On bell miners, farmers and the role of metaphors in science: a reply to Loyn

Spassky, AA., 1988:
On belonging of Hymenolepis macrorchida (Kotlan, 1921) to the genus Idiogenoides (Cestoda, Davaineidae)

Bakanov, AI., 1984:
On benthos of the Sheksna reach of the Rybinsk Reservoir

Zezina, ON., 1978:
On benthos research in the west part of the Peruvian basin and at nearby regions of the east Pacific rise

van Noordwijk, Arie, J., 1995:
On bias due to observer distribution in the analysis of data on natal dispersal in birds

Okano, Kikumaro, 2003:
On bibliographical account for Compte-Rendus des Seances de la Societe Entomologique de Belgique

Meeus, H.; Meeus, M L., 1985:
On bill colour of immature yellow-legged herring gulls Larus cachinnans at the Bosphorus

Oreel, GJ., 1981:
On bill colour of pomarine skua

Schwarzbaum, PJ., 1988:
On bimodal respiration in Corydoras paleatus (Pisces, Callichtyidae)

Anonymous, 1972:
On binary subdivision of the Assel stage in the basin of the River Myezen based upon the study of fusulinids

Borisova, VI., 1978:
On biocenotic associations of birds with arthropods

Borisova, VI., 1978:
On biocoenotic associations of birds with arthropods

Volovnik, SV., 1982:
On biocoenotic relations between Cynanchum acutum and some insects

Anonymous, 1972:
On biocoenotic relations of Simuliidae larvae with some fish species of the Obi and Irtysh Basin.

Barrett, Scott., 1995:
On biodiversity conservation

Mirabdullaev, IM.; Rakhmatullaeva, GM.; Kuzmetov, AR.; Turemuratova, GI.; Belozub, LG.; Bazarova, NN., 1997:
On biodiversity of Crustacea in Uzbekistan

Stalmakova, GA., 1977:
On bioecological characteristics of the chief species of benthic crustaceans in Ladoga Lake

Hou Xuguang., 1998:
On biological characteristics of significant economical abalones in the world

Wang Bo.; Zhang Xilie.; Sun Piexi., 1998:
On biological characters and artificial seedling-rearing techniques of mantis shrimp (Oratosquilla oratoria)

Sergeeva, Ng, 2000:
On biological diversity of hydrogen suplide zone in the Black Sea

Sharpilo, VP., 1979:
On biological essence of reservoir parasitism and its significance in evolution of helminths' life cycle

Nersesov, IL.; Protasov, VR.; Sidorin, AYa., 1985:
On biological indications of earthquakes

Barabasheva, YuM.; Fedorov, VD., 1981:
On biological meaning of parameter of the model of relative abundance of species

Andrienko, EK., 1985:
On biological milioration in spawning grounds of Coregonus sardinella in the southern part of the Gulf of Ob.

Levin, VS., 1989:
On biological role and origin of echinoderm toxic glycosides

Blagosklonov, KN., 1988:
On biological significance of bird bridal demonstrative behavior

Anonymous, 1972:
On biological-economic characteristics of nelma in Enisei River.

Talborg, NB., 1988:
On biology and distribution of Mesidotea entomon glacialis in the Caspian Sea

Auezova, GA., 1987:
On biology and ecology of blood-sucking biting-midges from Dzhungarian Alatau

Orlov, Vn, 1991:
On biology of Agriotes infuscatus (Coleoptera, Elateridae) in the west Caucasus

Lopatin, OE., 1986:
On biology of Culex pipiens L. (Diptera, Culicidae)

Talposh, VS., 1990:
On biology of European grey wagtail (Motacilla cinerea cinerea) in the Ukrainian Carpathians

Korgina, EM., 1983:
On biology of Giratrix hermaphroditus (Turbellaria)

Mian, Afsar., 2003:
On biology of Houbara bustard (Chlamydotis undulata macqueenii) in Balochistan, Pakistan: animal populations sharing habitat

Mian, Afsar., 2003:
On biology of Houbara bustard (Chlamydotis undulata macqueenii) in Balochistan, Pakistan: faunal associations

Mian, Afsar., 2003:
On biology of Houbara bustard (Chlamydotis undulata macqueenii) in Balochistan, pakistan: influence of vegetative characters on distribution

Smirnov, PK., 1979:
On biology of Meriones meridianus Pall

Nechaev, VA., 1984:
On biology of Mugimaki flycatcher of Sakhalin Island

Burukovsky, RN.; Romensky, LL., 1992:
On biology of Nematocarcinus africanus (Decapoda, Natantia, Nematocarcinidae)

Ivanitsky, VV.; Shevchenko, EV., 1992:
On biology of Pere David's snow finch in the Tuva and the Altai

Krivosheina, MG., 1987:
On biology of Setacera aurata (Stenhammar) (Diptera, Ephydridae)

Shirkina, NI., 1981:
On biology of Thaumatomonas lauterborni de Saedeleer, 1931 (Zoomastigophorea Calkins; Protozoa)

Okshtein, IL., 1987:
On biology of Trichoplax sp. (Placozoa)

Usova, ZB.; Semushin, RD., 1981:
On biology of blood-sucking species from the morsitans group (Diptera, Simuliidae)

Klimov, PB., 1998:
On biology of development of the acarid mite Sancassania mandzhur (Acari, Acaridae)

Chernysheva, NB., 1983:
On biology of free living stages of Paraergasilus rylovi Markewitsch, 1937, of north west of the USSR

Mian, Afsar., 1998:
On biology of houbara bustard (Chlamydotis undulata macqueenii) in Balochistan, Pakistan: breeding

Karabanowicz, J.; Kompowski, A., 1994:
On biology of reproduction of blue bream, Abramis ballerus (L., 1758), in the lower part of river Odra, Lake Dabie and Szczecin Lagoon

Burukovsky, RN., 1992:
On biology of shrimp Systellaspis debilis (A. Milne-Edwards, 1881) (Decapoda, Natantia, Oplophoridae)

Drobelis, E., 1990:
On biology of some birds of prey in Lithuania

Murkina, NV., 1981:
On biology of tadpoles of the common toad Bufo bufo (L.), in the Maritime territory, USSR

Mavlyanova, RD.; Davletschina, AG.; Nomozov, A., 1995:
On biology of termite, Anacanthotermis turkestanicus

Volobuyev, VV., 1987:
On biology of the 'Sakhalin charr' Salvelinus leucomaenis (Pallas) of the Okhotsk Sea mainland coast

Nasarov, YuN.; Trukhin, AM., 1985:
On biology of the Falco peregrinus and Bubo bubo on islands of the Great Peters Bay (south Primorye)

Andronov, VA., 1985:
On biology of the Mandarin duck in the Khingan Reserve

Yakubovich, VYa., 1982:
On biology of the egg phase of Aedes albopictus Skuse mosquito development

Shatilov, OA., 1985:
On biology of the little known species of the bark beetles (Coleoptera, Ipidae) in Altay

Il'yashenko, VYa., 1979:
On biology of the saxaul sparrow (Passer ammodendri nigricans)

Yurshenko, G.; Turova, G., 1998:
On biology of the tachinid-fly Carcelia matsukarehae Shima (Diptera, Tachinidae) in Primorye Territory

Lapatev, AA., 1993:
On biology of the white-cheeked starling Spodiopsar cineraceus in Primorie, Russian Far East

Friedmann, VS.; Matveenko, BL.; Bolshakov, NM., 2001:
On biology of woodpeckers and some faunistic notes from the south of Primorye Region, Far East

Daniel, A.; Nagabhushanam, AK.; Chakrapany, S., 1979:
On bioluminescent Noctiluca swarms associated with the movement of extensive shoals of flying-fishes and schools of dolphins in the northern Arabian Sea in February, 1974

Khvedelidze, MA., 1989:
On biomagnetic field of wheat weevil

Grachiov, II.; Uzbekov, V.; Shereshkov, V., 1981:
On biomechanical properties of the suckling reflex

Nikonov, AA., 1994:
On bioprecursors of the Crimea, 1927, earthquake

Ananiashvili, G., 1999:
On biostratigraphy of Middle Miocene sediments of eastern Paratethys

Semenova, NL., 1986:
On biotope homology based on the example of White Sea benthos.

Mukanov, SM., 1981:
On biotopic distribution and dynamics of activity of blood-sucking midges (Culicoides pulicaris punctatus) in the southern Urals

Mandic, D., 1980:
On bird diseases.

Ginn, Peter., 1993:
On birds drinking

Karthikeyan, S.; Prasad, JN., 1991:
On birds frequenting water puddles

Clancey, PA., 1981:
On birds from Gough Island, central south Atlantic

Clancey, PA., 1980:
On birds from the mid-Okavango Valley on the South West Africa/Angola border

Fedorov, VG.; Kantaeva, LN., 1978:
On birds of natural foci of tick borne encephalitis (TBE) and Omsk haemorrhagic fever (OHF) in Omsk region

Ilyashenko, VYu., 1986:
On birds of the basin of the upper Zeya

Shekarova, ON.; Mokievsky, VO.; Golovina, EV.; Markina, NV., 1985:
On birds preservation in Arnasai system of lakes (Uzbekistan)

Lubarskaya, OD.; Galimova, DN., 1984:
On bivalves of the family Pisidiidae and their parasites in Tatar A.S.S.R

Ryzhova, LN.; Kupchinskij, BS., 1984:
On blood cells in the bream Abramis brama orientalis Berg (Cyprinidae) from the Bratsk Reservoir and Lake Kokotel

Hussein, MF.; Hilmy, AM.; El-Domiaty, NA., 1978:
On blood sugar of Cyprinus carpio L. and Bagrus bayad Rupp

Turchenko, LN., 1982:
On bloodsucking mosquito attack activity in the eastern part of Azerbaidjan

Lewis, JGE., 2002:
On blue geophilomorph centipedes with comments on other unusual coloration

Morton, ES.; Geitgey, MS.; McGrath, S., 1978:
On bluebird 'responses to apparent female adultery'

Power, HW., 1980:
On bluebird cuckoldry and human adultery

Quilez-Badia, G.; McCollin, T.; Josefsen, K.D.; Vourdachas, A.; Gill, M.E.; Mesbahi, E.; Frid, C.L.J., 2007:
On board short-time high temperature heat treatment of ballast water: a field trial under operational conditions

Perrin, N., 1998:
On body size, energy and fitness

Hartwig-Scherer, Sigrid., 1996:
On body-weight prediction in human evolution

Anonymous, 2007:
On bone and joint tuberculosis: Two decade study of 53 cases

Moroz, TG., 1980:
On bottom biocoenoses in the lower Drieper flow

Borodich, ND.; Lavrov, VL., 1983:
On bottom fauna of the Bolshoy Igris River

Struyf, K., 1987:
On botulism and its control in the Domein Planckendael.

Reitlinger, EA., 1980:
On boundary between Bogdanovsky and Krasnopolyansky horizons (foraminifers of the Homoceras zone)

Catchpole, E.A.; Freeman, S.N.; Morgan, B.J.T., 1993:
On boundary estimation in ring recovery models and the effect of adding recapture information

Gaudzinski, Sabine., 1996:
On bovid assemblages and their consequences for the knowledge of subsistence patterns in the Middle Palaeolithic

Prozorovskaya, EL., 1987:
On brachiopods of the Tithonian deposits of western central Asia.

Tobias, VI., 1994:
On braconid parasitic wasp of the genus Microchelonus Szepl. (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) of the Baikal region

Danilov, VN., 1978:
On branching of frontal hairs in the Culex (Neoculex) territans Walk. larvae (Diptera, Culicidae)

Sagitov, NI., 1990:
On bream stock formation during the first years of the Tuyamuyunskoye Reservoir creation

Prakash, S.; Wishard, SK.; Saxena, RK., 1987:
On breeding and rearing the freshwater prawn Macrobrachium choprai in closed water systems

Poulicek, Miloslav, 1994:
On breeding and reproduction of the African gecko Pachydactylus capensis vansoni in the terrarium.

Mikhtaryants, EA., 1984:
On breeding biology of the Commander Island's wren - Troglodytes troglodytes pallescens

Kaverkina, NP., 1988:
On breeding biology of the collared pratincole (Glareola pratincola) in southeastern Kazakhstan

Mambetzhumaev, AM., 1993:
On breeding biology of the southern booted warbler (Hippolais rama) in the Lower Amu-Darya River

Li, X., 1986:
On breeding ecology of the red-bellied tragopan (Tragopan temminckii)

Zhou, L.; Sog, Y.; Wang, Q.; Feng, S., 1998:
On breeding habit and nestling growth of lesser blue-winged pitta

Munthe-Kaas Lund, H., 1980:
On breeding of Somateria mollissima in inner Oslofjord

Pecina, P., 1992:
On breeding of bearded tit in captivity

Efimenko, NN., 1995:
On breeding of the Olian willow warbler (Phylloscopus neglectus) in Central Kopet Dag Mountains, Turkmenistan

Petrov, VS.; Nechaev, VA., 1987:
On breeding of the common snipe (Gallinago gallinago) in the region of the Lower Don River

Kalyakin, VN., 1995:
On breeding of the great skua (Stercorarius skua) at Vaigach Island

Knysh, VP., 1995:
On breeding of the whiskered tern (Chlidonias hybrida) in the middle reaches of the Desna River, Ukraine

Aksenova, AS., 1982:
On breeding places of Culex pipiens pipiens L. and C. p. molestus Forsk. in a large town

Markovich, NYa.; Proskuryakova, AM., 1986:
On breeding sites of Anopheles messeae Fall. mosquitoes in the Sayan Water Reservoir and in the under water of the Enisei nearby the Sayano-Shushenskoe hydro construction

Shilo, RA.; Bateneva, MA., 1989:
On breeding some species of Mustelidae at Novosibirsk Zoo

Anonymous, 1972:
On buffalo gnats fauna in the tularemia focus of Central Yakutia.

Fraser, DM., 1985:
On building a balanced library for the Ontario birder

Wiseman, AJ., 1979:
On building a better bird trap

Waghmare, KB.; Karbhari, JP.; Aravindakshan, M., 1990:
On bumper catches of lizard fishes at Sassoon Dock, Bombay

Keskula, T.; Luig, J., 1996:
On butterflies (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera) in Polar Urals in July 1992

Karsholt, O., 1988:
On butterflies from Madeira, with a check list

Tong Xuesong.; Qian Zuqi.; Zhou Hongqing.; Takakura, T.; Nagami, K., 1989:
On butterflies recorded from the Wuyanling Nature Reserve - a Sino-Japanese joint study

Sugihara, H.; Hashizume, F.; Rivo Robinson, A., 2000:
On butterflies recorded from the tropical thorn thicket in south Madagascal in 1998~1999

Murphy, DD.; Ehrlich, PR., 1984:
On butterfly taxonomy

Hall, Martin, A., 1996:
On bycatches

Kavun, VYa., 1991:
On cadmium excretion by bivalve molluscs

Dogan, S., 2003:
On caligonellid mites from Turkey (Acari: Caligonellidae)

Potter, EF., 1984:
On capitalization of vernacular names of species

Arimoto, I., 1979:
On caprellids with drafing sea woods from Kodomari, Fukui Pref., Japan

Troy, S.; Middleton, D.; Phelan, J., 1997:
On capture, anaesthesia and branding of adult male New Zealand fur seals Arctocephalus forsteri

Jessup, D.A., 1992:
On capturing bighorn sheep

Andrew Hill, 1976:
On carnivore and weathering damage to bone

Dej, E.; Nikitenko, G., 1980:
On carnivores and symbionts of Porthetria dispar L. (Hemiptera) in the lower Dnieper area

Lovaty, F., 1985:
On cas de bigamie chez le pinson des arbres (Fringilla coelebs L.)

Pavlyuk, R.S., 1978:
On cases of dragonflies taking plant nourishment.

Aikimbaev, MA.; Martinevskij, IL.; Altukhov, AA.; Ivanov, SI.; Surov, VF., 1985:
On cases of isolation of the pathogen Pasteurella from saiga in February-March 1984 in Uralsk region.

Sinitzyn, AA., 1983:
On cases of the pine marten preying on hedgehogs in the western Siberian forest-steppe

Harkonen, TJ., 1987:
On catching and freeze branding harbour seals

Baerends, GP., 1986:
On causation and function of the pre-spawning behaviour of cichlid fish

Kodolov, LS., 1986:
On causes of depression of sable fish Anoplopoma fimbria of the Bering Sea

Klevezal, GA.; Sukhovskaya, LI., 1982:
On causes of differences in the optical density of dentine layers in mammalian teeth

Severtsov, AS., 1986:
On causes of evolutionary stability of populations in nature

Kranz, H.; Peters, N.; Bresching, G.; Stich, HF., 1980:
On cell kinetics in skin tumours of the Pacific English sole Parophrys vetulus Girard

Nilsson, JR., 1981:
On cell organelles in Tetrahymena with special reference to mitochondria and peroxisomes

Knyazev, AV., 1982:
On centennial changes of numbers of small plant-eating mammals of the Darigangi Steppe (Mongolia)

Klopfer, PH., 1985:
On central controls of aggression

von Salvini-Plawen, L., 1992:
On certain Caudofoveata from the VEMA-Expedition

Belov, VV., 1984:
On certain Far East species of the genus Cinygmula McDunnough (Ephemeroptera, Heptagenidae) mentioned in Soviet literature in the light of results of recent taxonomic studies.

Suleimanov, IS., 1988:
On certain Saccamminidae (Foraminifera) from the Mesozoic and Cainozoic of the east of our country.

Pai, RM.; Shanbhag, SV., 1989:
On certain aspects of amphibian blood

Gupta, RC.; Midha, M., 1994:
On certain aspects of breeding biology of common babbler, Turdoides caudatus (Dumont)

Shantibala, K.; Varatharajan, R.; Singh, TK., 1995:
On certain biotic interactions between prey and predators with reference to Cervaphis rappardi indica Basu (Homoptera: Aphididae) and its natural enemies

Milovidova, NYu.; Kiryukhina, LN.; Avdeeva, SU., 1986:
On certain dependences of the benthos infusoria number on physicochemical properties of bottom sediments

Pogodin, AG., 1982:
On certain developmental stages of Euphausia pacifica

Kanarev, G., 1978:
On certain differences in breeds and hybrids of silkworms obtained from parents raised in different ecological conditions

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