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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 21577

Chapter 21577 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Cooper, J.E., 1997:
Possible health hazards from birds in the rural environment

Christiansen, JL.; Bickham, JW., 1989:
Possible historic effects of pond drying and winterkill on the behavior of Kinosternon flavescens and Chrysemys picta

Klass, Klaus-Dieter., 1998:
Possible homologies in the proventriculi of Dicondylia (Hexapoda) and Malacostraca (Crustacea)

Fries, I.; Bommarco, R., 2007:
Possible host-parasite adaptations in honey bees infested by Varroa destructor mites

Muller-Schwarze, D., 1984:
Possible human impact on penguin populations in the Antarctic Peninsula area

Orstan, A., 2004:
Possible human-assisted dispersal of Levantina spiriplana (Pulmonata: Helicidae) in western Turkey

Norman, D., 1985:
Possible hybrid chiffchaff/willow warbler

Shingleton, Ken., 2004:
Possible hybrid partridge pigeon x bar-shouldered dove

Ullman, Magnus., 1992:
Possible hybrid pied x black-eared wheatear Oenanthe pleschanka x O. hispanica in eastern Turkey

Conole, LE.; Baverstock, GA., 1994:
Possible hybrid swallow Hirundo neoxena x rustica in Victoria?

Borello, Wendy, D., 2001:
Possible hybrid vulture at Mannyelanong Cape vulture Gyps coprotheres colony, southeastern Botswana

Wilde, Gerry., 1993:
Possible hybridization between blue jays and Steller's jays

Dexter, Coen., 1995:
Possible hybridization of scissor-tailed flycatcher and western kingbird

Cameron Curry, V.; Leigheb, G.; Riboni, E.; Cameron Curry, P., 1987:
Possible hybrids between Lysandra bellargus Rott. and L. hispana H.-S. (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae)

Shirihai, H., 1990:
Possible hybrids between yellow and citrine wagtail in Israel

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible hypophosphatasia in a man with hypophosphatasemia, spinal ankylosis, and recurrent fractures

Abrol, DP., 1993:
Possible immune mechanism in indigenous honeybee Apis cerana indica F. against 'Thai brood sac virus'

Messieh, SN.; Wildish, DJ.; Peterson, RH., 1981:
Possible impact from dredging and spoil disposal on the Miramichi Bay Herring fishery

Dagys, Mindaugas., 1997:
Possible impact of gill net fishing on wintering birds in Lithuanian inshore waters of the Baltic Sea

Palm, T., 1986:
Possible impact of heavy metals on the restoration of commercial stock of the Baltic herring in the near-shore region of the Baltic Sea

Dadswell, MJ.; Melvin, GD.; Williams, PJ.; Brown, GS., 1984:
Possible impact of large-scale tidal power developments in the upper Bay of Fundy on certain migratory fish stocks of the northwest Atlantic

Matsumura, T.; Yuji, K.; Nakamura, T.; Beppu, F.; Kusumi, E.; Hamaki, T.; Kobayashi, K.; Kishi, Y.; Onishi, M.; Kodama, Y.; Tanaka, Y.; Kami, M., 2008:
Possible impact of the NHK special questioning cancer treatment in Japan on clinicians' prescriptions of oxaliplatin

Melvin, GD.; Dadswell, MJ., 1984:
Possible impact of tidal power development on the spawning population of American shad (Alosa sapidissima) in the Annapolis River, Nova Scotia

Di Leonardo, R.; Bellanca, A.; Capotondi, L.; Cundy, A.; Neri, R., 2007:
Possible impacts of Hg and PAH contamination on benthic foraminiferal assemblages: an example from the Sicilian coast, central Mediterranean

Svazas, Saulius., 2001:
Possible impacts of climatic conditions on changes in numbers and in distribution of certain breeding and staging wildfowl species in Lithuania

Shannon, L.J.; Nelson, G.; Crawford, R.J.; Boyd, A.J., 1996:
Possible impacts of environmental change on pelagic fish recruitment: modelling anchovy transport by advective processes in the southern Benguela

Hewson, C.; Fuller, R.; Mayle, B.; Smith, K., 2004:
Possible impacts of grey squirrels on birds and other wildlife

Stringham, SF., 1980:
Possible impacts of hunting on the grizzly/brown bear, a threatened species

Butler, David, J., 2003:
Possible impacts of marine farming of mussels (Perna canaliculus) on king shags (Leucocarbo carunculatus)

Matsushita, K., 1992:
Possible importance of turbulence at the spatial scale of a larval fish visual field on feeding success

Anderson, DIK.; Petty, SJ.; Little, B.; Davidson, M., 1989:
Possible incestuous breeding by yearling barn owls Tyto alba

Baird, RW.; Abrams, PA.; Dill, LM., 1992:
Possible indirect interactions between transient and resident killer whales: implications for the evolution of foraging specializations in the genus Orcinus

Mowry, Christopher, B., 1995:
Possible infanticidal behaviour by a Tana River red colobus Procolobus badius rufomitratus

Yalcin-Ozdilek, S.; Ozdilek, H.-Goksel; Ozaner, F.S.ncar, 2007:
Possible influence of beach sand characteristics on green turtle nesting activity on Samandag Beach, Turkey

Sealy, SG., 1978:
Possible influence of food on egg-laying and clutch size in the black-billed cuckoo

Read, GHL., 1983:
Possible influence of high salinity and low temperature on the distribution of Macrobrachium petersi (Hilgendorf) (Crustacea: Caridea) along the south-east coast of South Africa

Minchin, Dan., 1993:
Possible influence of increases in mean sea temperature on Irish marine fauna and fisheries

Carro, N.; Garcia, I.; Igcio, M.; Mouteira, A., 2004 :
Possible influence of lipid content on levels of organochlorine compounds in mussels from Galicia coast (northwestern, Spain). Spatial temporal distribution patterns

Stabell, OB., 1983:
Possible influence of oil pollution on fish migration?

Damkaer, DM., 1983:
Possible influences of solar UV radiation in the evolution of marine zooplankton

Mcdonald, B.A.; Brooks, W.S.; O'connell, B.E.b, 1995:
Possible insect repellent function of green leaves placed on nests by hawks

Gerhart, J., 1979:
Possible interaction of lions, cheetahs, vultures and tourist vehicles in Amboseli

Anonymous, 1976:
Possible interaction of purine metabolism and oxygen transport in the erythrocytes of sharks?

Pakeman, R.J.; Reid, C.L.; Lennon, J.J.; Kent, M., 2008:
Possible interactions between environmental factors in determining species optima

Ikonen, E.; Parmanne, R., 1992:
Possible interactions between salmon migrations and landings, smolt production, herring abundance, and hydrographic factors in the Gulf of Bothnia, 1976-1990

Tosi, L., 1979:
Possible interactions between social and feeding behaviour in Sinella coeca (Schott) (Collembola)

Allen, A.; Michels, J.; Young, JZ., 1986:
Possible interactions between visual and tactile memories in Octopus

Estrada, J., 1988:
Possible interes de les carreteres per augmentar el nombre de recuperacions d'ocells anellats

Thomas, E.; Townsel, JG., 1979:
Possible interrelationship of multiple -bungarotoxin binding components in the brain of the horseshoe crab Limulus polyphemus

Ripley, SD., 1981:
Possible interspecific hybrids between Columba livia and C. rupestris

Fuszara, M.; Matyjasiak, P., 2000:
Possible interspecific song matching in male blackcaps

Ffrench, Richard, 2000:
Possible intra-regional bird migration in Trinidad and Tobago

Nagasawa, K.; Kakuda, T.; Higashi, Y.; Fujimoto, S., 2007:
Possible involvement of 12-lipoxygenase activation in glucose-deprivation/reload-treated neurons

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible involvement of AGE and MMP-2 in podocyte detachment and loss

Tanigawa, M.; Miyamoto, K.; Kobayashi, S.; Sato, M.; Akutsu, H.; Okabe, M.; Mekada, E.; Sakakibara, K.; Miyado, M.; Umezawa, A.; Miyado, K., 2007:
Possible involvement of CD81 in acrosome reaction of sperm in mice

Kumar, A.; Goyal, R., 2007:
Possible involvement of GABAergic modulation in the protective effect of gabapentin against immobilization stress-induced behavior alterations and oxidative damage in mice

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible involvement of MMP in the production of soluble BAFF in human T cells

Sasaki, T.; Nishihara, H.; Hirakawa, M.; Fujimura, K.; Tanaka, M.; Kokubo, N.; Kimura-Yoshida, C.; Matsuo, I.; Sumiyama, K.; Saitou, N.; Shimogori, T.; Okada, N., 2008:
Possible involvement of SINEs in mammalian-specific brain formation

Tiggemann, R.; Plattner, H., 1982:
Possible involvement of a calmodulin regulated Ca2+-ATPase in exocytosis performance in Paramecium tetraurelia cells

Marinova, G.Vasileva.; Loyaga-Rendon, R.Ygor.; Obayashi, S.; Ishibashi, T.; Kubota, T.; Imamura, M.; Azuma, H., 2008:
Possible involvement of altered arginase activity, arginase type I and type II expressions, and nitric oxide production in occurrence of intimal hyperplasia in premenopausal human uterine arteries

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible involvement of aminopeptidase N in resistance to paclitaxel in ovarian carcinoma cells

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible involvement of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in nucleus to the pars intermedia

Nakakura, T.; Suzuki, M.; Watanabe, Y.; Tanaka, S., 2008:
Possible involvement of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the innervation of dopaminergic neurons from the rat periventricular nucleus to the pars intermedia

Matsushita, T.; Inoue, S.I.; Tanaka, R.; Kondo, M.; Takahashi, Y.; Miyamoto, M.; Kurumatani, H.; Nakaki, T., 2008:
Possible involvement of cyclic AMP as an inhibitory regulator in thrombocyte aggregation induced by collagen in carp Cyprinus carpio

Hamada, K.; Yoshida, M.; Isayama, H.; Yagi, Y.; Kanazashi, S.; Kashihara, Y.; Takeuchi, K.; Yamaguchi, I., 2007:
Possible involvement of endogenous 5-HT in aggravation of cerulein-induced acute pancreatitis in mice

Lee, T.F.; Nuernberger, F.; Wang, L.C.H., 1993 :
Possible involvement of endogenous adenosine in hibernation

Ishizaka, M.; Nagai, A.; Iwanaga, M.; Imamura, M.; Azuma, H., 2007:
Possible involvement of enhanced arginase activity due to up-regulated arginases and decreased hydroxyarginine in accelerating intimal hyperplasia with hyperglycemia

Diwan, V.; Jaggi, A.Singh.; Singh, M.; Singh, N.; Singh, D., 2008:
Possible involvement of erythropoietin in remote renal preconditioning-induced cardioprotection in rats

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible involvement of gamma delta-t cells in the development of chronic graft-versus-host disease after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Sakamoto-Ihara, T.; Suzuki, Y.; Kurusu, A.; Yamashita, M.; Horikoshi, S.; Tomino, Y., 2007:
Possible involvement of mast cells in renal fibrosis in patients with IgA nephropathy

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible involvement of mast cells in the pathogenesis of xanthoma and atherosclerosis upon stimulation with oxidized low-density lipoprotein

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible involvement of mechanosensitive Ca2+-permeable channels in cytoplasimic Ca2+-increases induced by changes in gravity vector.

Yamanishi, T.; Koizumi, H.; Komaki, M.; Ishihama, K.; Adachi, T.; Enomoto, A.; Takao, K.; Iida, S.; Kogo, M., 2007:
Possible involvement of neurons in locus coeruleus in inhibitory effect on glossopharyngeal expiratory activity in a neonatal rat brainstem-spinal cord preparation in vitro

Dhir, A.; Kulkarni, S.K., 2008:
Possible involvement of nitric oxide (NO) signaling pathway in the antidepressant-like effect of MK-801(dizocilpine), a NMDA receptor antagonist in mouse forced swim test

Nadai, M.; Kato, M.; Yoshizumi, H.; Kimura, M.; Kurono, S.; Abe, F.; Saito, H.; Hasegawa, T., 2007:
Possible involvement of organic anion and cation transporters in renal excretion of xanthine derivatives, 3-methylxanthine and enprofylline

Gonzalez-Cortes, C.; Salinas, C.; Pedraza-Chaverri, J.; Santamaria, A., 2007:
Possible involvement of peroxynitrite in the inflammatory response induced by quinolinate in the rat striatum

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible involvement of phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase in the signal transduction of hyperosmotic stress.

Ciarcia, G.; Cardone, A.; Faraone Mennella, MR.; Quesada, P.; Malanga, M.; Farina, B., 1991:
Possible involvement of poly(ADPR) transferase activity in endocrine control of the oviduct in the lizard, Podarcis s. sicula Raf

Pathak, C.; Jaiswal, Y.K.; Vinayak, M., 2007:
Possible involvement of queuine in regulation of cell proliferation

Sawaguchi, T., 1997:
Possible involvement of sexual selection in neocortical evolution of monkeys and apes

Mousa, M.A.; Mousa, S.A., 1999:
Possible involvement of somatolactin in the regulation of sexual maturation and spawning of Mugil cephalus

Dey, Sudip, 1997:
Possible involvement of surface ultra-structural features in utilizing the semi-conductive properties of pigments in chemically coloured insect cuticle

Naruse, M.; Kawasaki, M., 1998:
Possible involvement of the ampullary electroreceptor system in detection of frequency-modulated electrocommunication signals in Eigenmannia

Oba, I.; Inouhe, M., 2007:
Possible involvement of water contents and glutathione levels in photo-inhibited cell elongation in the darkgrown maize plants.

Ezeifeka, G.; Kyougbonche, I.; Umoh, J.; Ezeokoli, C., 1988:
Possible involvement of wild rodents and birds in the epidemiology of some arbovirus infections in Zaria, Nigeria

Fine, M.L., 1982:
Possible lateralization of function in toadfish sound production

Barnes, DKA.; Arnold, RJ., 1999:
Possible latitudinal clines in Antarctic intertidal and subtidal communities encrusting ephemeral hard substrata

Smallshire, D., 1985:
Possible lesser golden plover in the Shepshed area, 1984/5

Moore, CC., 1990:
Possible leucism and partial albinism in Bulwer's petrel

Aldred, RG.; Nixion, M.; Young, JZ., 1982:
Possible light organs in finned octopods

Suggett, D.J.; Houghton, J.D., 1998:
Possible link between sea-turtle bycatch and flipper tagging in Greece

Lee, RF., 1988:
Possible linkages between mixed function oxygenase systems, steroid metabolism, reproduction, molting, and pollution in aquatic animals

J.W.W.nne; M.T.C.ok; B.F.N.wak; N.G.E.liott, 2007:
Possible links between MH polymorphism and resistance to AGD in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar

Kodama, M., 1990:
Possible links between bacteria and toxin production in algal blooms

Pipe, RK.; Coles, JA.; Thomas, ME., 2000:
Possible links between impaired immune function and contaminant levels in mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) sampled from the Venice Lagoon

Robertson, William, 1998:
Possible little blue heron sighting

Willis, EO., 1987:
Possible long-distance pair migration in Cyanerpes cyaneus

Anonymous, 2006:
Possible long-term risk for central nervous system involvement in systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis ?

Anonymous, 2008:
Possible macrocephaly in a ptolemaic child mummy

Fairley, JS., 1981:
Possible mass stranding of pilot whales near Killalla, Co. Mayo

Yanushevich, TA., 1984:
Possible mathematical methods used in the study of bird migration.

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible mechanism of pancreatic b-cell dysfunction by oxidative stress in islet graft: The role of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1) expressed on pancreatic b-cells

Kamiya, K.; Boero, M.; Tateno, M.; Shiraishi, K.; Oshiyama, A., 2007:
Possible mechanism of proton transfer through peptide groups in the H-pathway of the bovine cytochrome c oxidase

Zhegunov, GF., 1987:
Possible mechanism of reorganization of cardiomyocyte plasma membranes in hibernation-arousal-wake cycle of the ground squirrel Citellus undulatus

Ohizumi, Y.; Shibata, S., 1981:
Possible mechanism of the dual action of the new polypeptide (anthopleurin-B) from sea anemone in the isolated ileum and taenia caeci of the guinea-pig

Novikov, B.G.; Maltzev, L.I.; Bannasch, R., 1998:
Possible mechanisms for the achievement of an anomalous high thrust by marine mammals during their acceleration

Yamasaki, D.; Tsujimoto, M.; Ohdo, S.; Ohtani, H.; Sawada, Y., 2007:
Possible mechanisms for the pharmacokinetic interaction between phenytoin and folinate in rats

Hunding, A., 1981:
Possible mechanisms governing mitosis: the mechanism of spindle-free chromosome & movement in Aulacantha scolymantha

Nesterov, VP., 1988:
Possible mechanisms of Na+-induced release of calcium ions from the sarcoplasmic reticulum of skeletal muscle fibres of vertebrates

Shinnick-Gallagher, P., 1980:
Possible mechanisms of action of Gymnodinium breve toxin at the mammalian neuromuscular junction

Kukar, T.; Golde, T.E., 2008:
Possible mechanisms of action of NSAIDs and related compounds that modulate gamma-secretase cleavage

Guderley, H.; Valliere, D.; Lemire, M-J., 1985:
Possible mechanisms of cold resistance in Mytilus edulis

Namoto, S.; Yamada, K.; Katayama, H., 1987 :
Possible mechanisms of lithium transport in fish melanophore

Richardson, V.M.; Staskal, D.F.; Ross, D.G.; Diliberto, J.J.; DeVito, M.J.; Birnbaum, L.S., 2007:
Possible mechanisms of thyroid hormone disruption in mice by BDE 47, a major polybrominated diphenyl ether congener

Gulrajani, R.M.; Roberge, F.A., 1978:
Possible mechanisms underlying bursting pacemaker discharges in invertebrate neurons

Wagner, P.D., 2008:
Possible mechanisms underlying the development of cachexia in COPD

Shukla, N.; Muzaffar, S.; Angelini, G.D.; Zacharowski, K.; Jeremy, J.Y., 2007:
Possible mechanisms underlying the effects of inhaled nitric oxide

Graham, P.; Harris, JM.; Nelson, DG., 1981:
Possible mediators of browntail moth (Euproctis chrysorrhea) dermatitis

Zhao Yijun, Liu Yongding, 1996:
Possible microbial control on the adverse impacts of algae - current information about the relationship between algae and microbes

Estrada, J., 1988:
Possible migracio de xatrac bec llarg (Sterna sandvicensis) per l'interior de la Peninsula Iberica

Sevastopulo, DG., 1980:
Possible migration of Deilephila nerii L. (Lep., Sphingidae)

Sevastopulo, DG., 1980:
Possible migration of Sapelia tavetensis Holl. (Lep., Lymantriidae)

Wilson, JD., 1985 :
Possible mimicry of corn bunting song by grasshopper warbler

Oniki, Y.; Antunes, A.Z.; Willis, E.O., 2000:
Possible mimicry of dangerous large bees and wasps by smallhummingbirds and moths (Aellopos sp.)

Takeda, A.; Kunieda, E.; Takeda, T.; Tanaka, M.; Sanuki, N.; Fujii, H.; Shigematsu, N.; Kubo, A., 2007:
Possible misinterpretation of demarcated solid patterns of radiation fibrosis on CT scans as tumor recurrence in patients receiving hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy for lung cancer

Vaitkeviciene, GB.; Skirkevicius, AV., 1982:
Possible mode of information spreading about the queen's presence in a honey bee family (Apis mellifera L.)

Nakamura, M.; Saito, H.; Ikeda, M.; Tada, S.; Kumagai, N.; Kato, N.; Shimotohno, K.; Hibi, T., 2008:
Possible molecular mechanism of the relationship between NS5B polymorphisms and early clearance of hepatitis C virus during interferon plus ribavirin treatment

Maslova, OV.; Shebunina, NA., 1989:
Possible monitoring criteria for terrestrial biocoenoses pollution with resistant toxicants

Kashiwada, J.; Recksiek, CW., 1978:
Possible morphological indicators of population structure in the market squid, Loligo opalescens

Sydorenko, NP., 1983:
Possible motion of 'two-headed' myosin cross-bridge in insect flight muscles

Pollard, E.; Hall, ML., 1980:
Possible movement of Gonepteryx rahmni (L.) (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) between hibernting and breeding areas

Thresher, RE., 1979:
Possible mucophagy by juvenile Holacanthus tricolor (Pisces: Pomacanthidae)

Crooker, A., 1980:
Possible mycetocytes in the twospotted spider mite

Losito, MP., 1984:
Possible nest-helping by a black-throated green warbler

Bourne, JM.; Parker, SA., 1981:
Possible nest-parasitism in the Australian stiff-tailed ducks (Anatidae: Oxyurini)

Brisse, P., 1981:
Possible nesting of Virginia rail in Chatham County

Watson, L.; Watson, J., 1987:
Possible nesting of pine siskins at Southern Pines, N.C., in 1982

Subbaramaiah, M.; Balavenkatasubbaiah, M.; Purushotham, KR.; Ramamurthi, R., 1985:
Possible neural control of glycogen and total proteins in the apple snail, Pila globosa (Swainson)

Subramanyam, OV.; Ramamurthi, R., 1982:
Possible neuroendocrine control of aestivative metabolism by optic tentacles of the garden snail Cryptozona ligulata

Ball, Addison., 1998:
Possible new pinyon jay breeding record, Meade County

Patel, Piyush., 2002:
Possible new record of Sturnus malabaricus blythii in Valsad district, Gujarat

Kawanishi, K.; Sunquist, M., 2003:
Possible new records of fishing cat from Peninsular Malaysia

Buryi, G.I.; Kasatkina, A.P., 2003:
Possible new skeletal elements of euconodonts

Cook, Bunnie., 1995:
Possible new species of Sassia from Hawaii

Allsopp, Mike., 1997:
Possible new threat to honeybees in South Africa

Fainzilber, Mike., 1992:
Possible new world record size for Cypraea macandrewi Sowerby, 1870

Whitten, AJ., 1982:
Possible niche expansion of the spangled drongo Dicrurus hottentotus on Siberut Island, Indonesia

Duncan, RA., 1983:
Possible nocturnal migration of the eastern kingbird in the Florida Panhandle

Deladoëy, J.; Vassart, G.; Van Vliet, G., 2007:
Possible non-Mendelian mechanisms of thyroid dysgenesis

Barni, S.; Fraschini, A.; Prosperi, E.; Vaccarone, R.; Bernini, F., 1995:
Possible occurrence of amitotic cell division during haemopoiesis in the urodeles

Balachandran, S.; Natarajan, V., 1992:
Possible occurrence of four subspecies of lesser sand plover Charadrius mongolus at Pt. Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu

Wells, AW., 1981:
Possible occurrence of hybridization between Couesius plumbeus and Semotilus margarita

Harris, MA., 1985:
Possible occurrence of inter-specific killing by a Columbian ground-squirrel, Spermophilus columbianus

Choudhury, A., 1992:
Possible occurrence of the grey shrike Lanius excubitor Linn. in Assam

Sathasivam, Kumaran., 2000:
Possible occurrence of the lesser woolly horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus beddomei) in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Nybakken, J., 1988:
Possible ontogenetic change in the radule of Conus patricius of the eastern Pacific

Owen, DF., 1989:
Possible origin of the migratory Cynthia cardui L. (Lep.: Nymphalidae)

Ryder, Jp, 1978:
Possible origins and adaptive value of female-female pairing in gulls

Beebee, TJC., 1984:
Possible origins of Irish natterjack toads (Bufo calamita)

Wu, D.; Qiang, R.; Chen, J.; Seidman, S.; Witters, D.; Kainz, W., 2007:
Possible overexposure of pregnant women to emissions from a walk through metal detector

Archer-Lock, A., 1978:
Possible overwintering as pupae 1977/1978?

Ellis, HA., 1997:
Possible overwintering comma (Polygonia c-album) in Northumberland (VC67)

Riley, DK., 1990:
Possible overwintering in Britain of Autographa gamma Linn. (Lep.: Noctuidae), the silver Y

Raka Dalem, AAG.; Burgin, S., 1996:
Possible overwintering on land by hatchling Chelodina longicollis

Currie, PJ.; Vickers-Rich, P.; Rich, TH., 1996:
Possible oviraptorosaur (Theropoda, Dinosauria) specimens from the Early Cretaceous Otway Group of Dinosaur Cove, Australia

Lake, DC., 1986:
Possible parthenogenesis in the huntsman spider Isopeda insignis (Araneae: Sparassidae)

Aronova, MZ., 1981:
Possible participation of cyclic nucleotides in the function of the photoreceptor cells of the aboral organ of the ctenophore Beroe cucumis

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible participation of fragile sites in her2/neu gene amplification on 17q12-21 chromosome in breast cancer

Elkins, N., 1985:
Possible passage route of Fair Isle yellow-browed bunting

Powell, RA., 1985:
Possible pathways for the evolution of reproductive strategies in weasels and stoats

Andriashev, AP., 1991:
Possible pathways of Paraliparis (Pisces: Liparididae) and some other North Pacific secondarily deep-sea fishes into North Atlantic and Arctic depths

Kupriyanova, LA., 1986:
Possible pathways of karyotype evolution in lizards

Brady, Alan., 1994:
Possible pauraque sighting in New Jersey

Mor, A.; Mayer, A., M.; Levine, A., 2008:
Possible peroxidase functions in the interaction between the parasitic plant, Orobanche aegyptiaca, and its host, Arabidopsis thaliana

Bloom, HD.; Perlmutter, A., 1978:
Possible pheromone mediated reproductive isolation in two species of cyprinid fishes of the genus, Brachydanio

Wu, X.H.; Wang, S.Y.n, 2004:
Possible phosphatized protozoan fossils from the Late Neoproterozoic Doushantuo phosphorites in the Guizhou Province

Taylor, H.L.; Walker, J.M.; Cordes, J.E., 1999:
Possible phylogenetic constraint on clutch size in the parthenogenetic teiid lizard Cnemidophorus neotesselatus

Greenberg, MJ.; Deaton, LE., 1981:
Possible physiological bases for the phylogenetic and zoogeographic distribution of bivalve molluscs in oligohaline and freshwater

Horwath, KL.; Morgan, DW., 1978:
Possible physiological clock associated with the feeding habits of the central mudminnow (Umbra limi) Kirtland

Twiner, M.J.; Trick, C.G., 2000:
Possible physiological mechanisms for production of hydrogen peroxide by the ichthyotoxic flagellate Heterosigma akashiwo

Tyurebaev, SS., 1981:
Possible phytophages for biological control of some weeds of Eurasian origin.

Revelante, N.; Gilmartin, M., 1985:
Possible phytoplankton species as indicators of eutrophication in the northern Adriatic Sea

Boshoff, AF., 1978:
Possible pied kingfisher - clawless otter commensalism

Madge, SG., 1991:
Possible piracy by hobby on Montagu's harriers

Duechs, R.; Foitzik, T., 2008:
Possible pitfalls in the interpretation of microcirculatory measurements

Bundy, G., 1978:
Possible polygamy by red-throated divers

Tella, JL.; Blanco, G., 1994:
Possible predation by little owl Athene noctua on nestling red-billed choughs Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax

Elliot, WM., 1987:
Possible predation of a black rhinoceros calf by a lion

Leskiw, T.; Gutierrez, RJ., 1998:
Possible predation of a spotted owl by a barred owl

Persson, Agneta., 2000:
Possible predation of cysts - a gap in the knowledge of dinoflagellate ecology?

Tucker, JK.; Mapes, RH., 1978:
Possible predation on Nautilus pompilius

Kolodochka, LA., 1985:
Possible predation on Phytoseiulus persimilis (Parasitiformes, Phytoseiidae) by Bryobia lagodechiana (Trombidiformes, Bryobiidae)

Printes, R.C.mbara.; Costa, C.G.imaraes.; Strier, K.B., 1996:
Possible predation on two infant muriquis, Brachyteles arachnoides, at the Estacao Biologica de Caratinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Taylor, PD., 1982:
Possible predatory borings in Late Cretaceous bryozoans

Anonymous, 2008:
Possible predictors of successful cancer prevention programs

Hansinger, MJ., 1980:
Possible presence in Southern Africa of east African taxa: Homo habilis and Australopithecus boisei

Willemsen, RE., 1987:
Possible presence of Testudo graeca ibera on the Peloponnesos, Greece

Brady, A., 1988:
Possible presence of an Antarctic skua in New Jersey waters

Parrish, J.W.; Jr., 2000:
Possible prevention of European starling nesting by southeastern American kestrels at a power substation in southern Georgia

Samain, JF.; Moal, J.; Daniel, JY. le Coz, JR., 1981:
Possible processes of nutritive adaptations for zooplankton: a demonstration on Artemia

Anonymous, 2008:
Possible prognostic value of xanthine oxidoreductase in tumor progression

Bottlender, R.; O'Donnell, M., 2007:
Possible psychotropic effects of Aripiprazole

Allen, PM., 1986:
Possible raids by African goshawk on birds feeding in Acokanthera friesiorum

Taher, H.; Ramakrishnan, K., 2001:
Possible range extension of the peninsular Brooks's flycatcher (Muscicapa poliogenys vernayi) in Andhra Pradesh

Silbernagl, Peter., 1995:
Possible range extension of willow warbler and spotted flycatcher

Holcik, J., 1980:
Possible reason for the expansion of Carassius auratus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Teleostei, Cyprinidae) in the Danube River Basin

Fischer, E.; Molnar, L.; Szucs, I., 1986:
Possible reasons for chloragocyte nuclear swelling under hypoxic conditions and under saline load in the tubificid worm Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri

Cherrett, JM., 1980:
Possible reasons for the mutualism between leaf-cutting ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and their fungus

Bogdanovich, IA., 2000:
Possible reasons of 'nonadaptive' structure of the foot in some Passeriformes

Borshchevsky, VG., 1988:
Possible reasons of variation in annual clutch size of Tetrao urorgallus L

Wassink, A., 1980:
Possible record of Blyth's pipit Anthus godlewskii in the Netherlands

Folkestad, AO., 1987:
Possible record of a rock pigeon at Eiksund, More & Romsdal County, western Norway

Hustler, K., 1986:
Possible red-rumped swallow at Kariba

Anonymous, 2004:
Possible reduction in fungicide application frequency in apple production using rain cut house

Oddie, WE., 1982:
Possible regional variation in olive-backed pipit calls

Doroshenko, PA.; Martynijuk, AE., 1982:
Possible relation between the blocking action of intracellular calcium ions on the calcium inward current in the somatic membrane of snail neurons and intracellular metabolism of cAMP

Zammit, VA., 1978:
Possible relationship between energy metabolism of muscle and oxygen binding characteristics of haemocyanin of cephalopods

Varano, L.; Laforgia, V. d'Uva, V.; Ciarcia, G.; Ciarletta, A., 1978:
Possible relationship between the activity of the adrenal gland and the subcommissural organ in the lizard Lacerta s. sicula Raf

Lough, JM.; Barnes, DJ., 1989:
Possible relationships between environmental variables and skeletal density in a coral colony from the central Great Barrier Reef

Glees, P.; Aloj Totaro, E.; Pisanti, F., 1986:
Possible removal route of osmiophilic material (lipofuscin) from spinal ganglia of Torpedo marmorata

Borchsenius, SN.; Belozerskaya, NA.; Merkulova, NA.; Irlina, IS.; Vorobev, VI., 1977:
Possible repeated replication of a fraction of nuclear DNA in Tetrahymena during a single S-phase

Elbihari, S.; Kawasmeh, Z.A.; Al Naiem, A.H., 1984 :
Possible reservoir host(s) of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in Al-Hassa oasis, Saudi Arabia

Ormerod, SJ., 1990:
Possible resource partitioning in pairs of Phylloscopus and Acrocephalus warblers during autumn migration through a south Wales reedswamp

John, AWG.; Reid, PC., 1983:
Possible resting cysts of Dissodinium pseudolunula Swift ex Elbrachter et Drebes in the northeast Atlantic and the North Sea

Gavrilov, E.I.; Gavrilov, A.E., 2000:
Possible ringing recoveries of relict gull in Bulgaria and Turkey

Malini, S.S.; Ramachandra, N.B., 2007:
Possible risk factors for Down syndrome and sex chromosomal aneuploidy in Mysore, South India

Anonymous, 2008:
Possible role for 5-HT in rat orbitofrontal cortex in the impairment of reversal learning induced by chronic cold stress

Mandley, EN.; Lopo, AC., 1988:
Possible role for a nuclease-sensitive component in the regulation of translation in early development of the sea urchin Lytechinus pictus

Manev, R.; Mrazovac, D.; Manev, H., 2007:
Possible role for interactions between 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX) and AMPA GluR1 receptors in depression and in antidepressant therapy

Izem, L.; Morton, R.E., 2007:
Possible role for intracellular cholesteryl ester transfer protein in adipocyte lipid metabolism and storage

Capasso, M.; Di Muzio, A.; Pandolfi, A.; Pace, M.; Di Tomo, P.; Ragno, M.; Uncini, A., 2007:
Possible role for nitric oxide dysregulation in critical illness myopathy

Flynn, R.J.; Mulcahy, G., 2007:
Possible role for Toll-like receptors in interaction of Fasciola hepatica excretory/secretory products with bovine macrophages

Anonymous, 2008:
Possible role of 2nd to 4th digit ratios (2D : 4D) as a marker for breast cancer risk

Agrawal, A.; Bhattacharya, S., 1990:
Possible role of C-reactive protein in detoxification of mercury

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible role of HMG CoA reductase inhibitor on the oxidative stress induced by advanced glycation endproducts(AGEs) in vascular smooth muscle cell(VSMC) of diabetic vasculopathy

Tsintsadze, JSh.; Gugushvili, GK., 1978:
Possible role of Ixodidae ticks in listeriosis and the distribution of this disease among cattle in Georgia

Alekseev, AN.; Chunikhin, SP.; Rukhkyan, MY.; Stefutkina, LF., 1991:
Possible role of Ixodoidea salivary gland substrate as an adjuvant enhancing the arbovirus transmission

Anonymous, 2006:
Possible role of NT-proBNP (brain natriuretic peptide) in biochemical monitoring of pulmonary hypertension in systemic sclerosis

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible role of Puralpha in neurovascular dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease through the inhibition of Meox2 expression

Mizushima, S.; Takagi, S.; Ono, T.; Atsumi, Y.; Tsukada, A.; Saito, N.; Shimada, K., 2007:
Possible role of calcium on oocyte development after intracytoplasmic sperm injection in quail (Coturnix japonica)

Mandal, S., 1985 :
Possible role of corpora allata and brain on the senescence process of male Schizodactylus monstrosus Drury

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible role of cyclooxygenase-2 in schistosoma-and non-schistosoma associated bladder cancer

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible role of cytokines during epileptogenesis as observed in the focus complex of EL mice

Baron, VD., 1994:
Possible role of electroreception in the behavior weakly electric fishes

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible role of equol status in the effects of isoflavone on bone and controlled trial

Sawada, T.; Kishiya, M.; Kanemaru, K.; Seya, K.; Yokoyama, T.; Ueyama, K.; Motomura, S.; Toh, S.; Furukawa, K-Ichi., 2008:
Possible role of extracellular nucleotides in ectopic ossification of human spinal ligaments

Mio, K.; Kirkham, J.; Bonass, W.A., 2008:
Possible role of extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathway in regulation of Sox9 mRNA expression in chondrocytes under hydrostatic pressure

Anonymous, 2005:
Possible role of food bacteria in women's vaginal health

Hu, X.; Li, T.; Bi, S.; Jin, Z.; Zhou, G.; Bai, C.; Li, L.; Cui, Q.; Liu, W., 2007:
Possible role of hydrogen sulfide on the preservation of donor rat hearts

Chen, S.; Li, L.; Yan, J.; Xu, Z.; Jiao, X., 1997:
Possible role of inositol phospholipid signal transduction system in Dunaliella salina under hypoosmotic shock

Kirchman, D.; Mitchell, R., 1984:
Possible role of lectins in the settlement and metamorphosis of marine invertebrate larvae on surfaces coated with bacteria

Viarengo, A.; Pertica, M.; Mancinelli, G.; Orunesu, M.; Zanicchi, G.; Moore, M.; Pipe, R., 1984:
Possible role of lysosomes in the detoxication of copper in the digestive gland cells of metal-exposed mussels

Claudia Camerino; Maurizio Strippoli; Rosaria Vergari, 2008:
Possible role of oxytocin in energy homeostasis

Huang, Z.; Boubriak, I.; Osborne, D.J.; Dong, M.; Gutterman, Y., 2007:
Possible role of pectin-containing mucilage and dew in repairing embryo DNA of seeds adapted to desert conditions

Ganzhorn, JU.; Abraham, J-P., 1991:
Possible role of plantations for lemur conservation in Madagascar: food for folivorous species

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible role of tyrosine kinase inhibitor and proteasome inhibitor

Gobbetti, A.; Zerani, M.; Bellini-Cardellini, L., 1993:
Possible roles for prostaglandins in breeding processes in female Rana esculenta

Levin, LA.; Gooday, AJ., 1992:
Possible roles for xenophyophores in deep-sea carbon cycling

Anonymous, 1976:
Possible roles of biological rhythms in the osmoregulation of animals

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible roles of endogenous plant viral sequences and transgenes containing viral sequences in both virus resistance and virus emergence

Anonymous, 2006:
Possible roles of extracellular protein and the megaplasmid in the formation of Desulfovibrio vulgaris biofilms

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible roles of glial C/EBP and NF-kappa B in Alzheimer's disease

Lam, Toong Jin., 1995:
Possible roles of hormones in the control of egg overripening and embryonic and larval development in fish

Yasumasu, I., 1979:
Possible roles of polyamines on cleavage in sea urchin eggs

Croll, R., P.; Wang, C., 2007:
Possible roles of sex steroids in the control of reproduction in bivalve molluscs

Anonymous, 2008:
Possible roles of the weakly inward rectifying K+ channel Kir4.1 (KCNJ10) in the pre-Botzinger complex

Ono, E.; Tomioka, Y.; Taharaguchi, S., 2007:
Possible roles of transcription factors of pseudorabies virus in neuropathogenicity

Agar, N., 1988:
Possible sap-sucking by long-tailed tits

Macfarlane, AJ., 1992:
Possible sap-sucking by long-tailed tits and blue tits

O'Shea, Michael, D., 1993:
Possible saw-whet owl nesting records for Empress and Bindloss

Ellis, Martin., 1996:
Possible second brood in Erebia palarica Chapman 1905 (Lep.: Satyridae)

Simpson, Mark, R., 1994:
Possible selective disadvantage of a coat colour mutant in the Arctic ground squirrel Spermophilus parryii

Jehl, J R.; Jr.; Mahoney, SA., 1983:
Possible sexual differences in foraging patterns in California gulls and their implications for studies of feeding ecology

Spottiswoode, Claire., 1993:
Possible short-tailed male paradise flycatcher (again) ?

Maasdorp, RAC. van Zyl, M., 1987:
Possible side effects of insecticides

van den Bergh, LMJ., 1980:
Possible sight records of the subspecies serrirostris and johanseni of the bean goose Anser fabalis

Ross, Dianna., 1999:
Possible sighting of Egyptian vulture on Vienna Game Farm

Campbell, DM., 1977:
Possible sighting of a fisher in Bay County, Michigan

Janssen, L., 1983:
Possible sighting of a wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe leucorrhoea in Antwerpen-Blokkersdijk.

Ross, Dianna., 1999:
Possible sighting of an Egyptian vulture at Vienna Game Farm

Zedekar, K.; Thompson, P.; Thompson, F., 1980:
Possible sighting of an Eskimo curlew in Guatemala

Douglas, John, 1998:
Possible sighting of lesser goldfinch

Tatu, Ketan, S., 1992:
Possible sighting of sooty tern at Vadinar, Gujarat

Wren, J., 1980:
Possible sighting of the Arctic tern at Cairns, north Queensland

Kreba, R., 1981:
Possible sightings of glossy ibis in Saskatchewan

Anonymous, 1977:
Possible significance of migration in ontogenesis of Operophthera brumata and Cosmia trapezina.

Alekseev, AN., 1985:
Possible significance of the optimum infective doses in the malaria agent-vector system

Owen, Denis, F., 1996:
Possible significance of the two forms of Phlogophora meticulosa (Linnaeus, 1758) (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)

David, JR.; Kitagawa, O., 1982:
Possible similarities in ethanol tolerance and latitudinal variations between Drosophila virilis and D. melanogaster

Mkanda, FX., 1991:
Possible solutions for the encouragement of positive public attitudes towards national parks and game reserves in Malawi

Hustler, K.; Williamson, C., 1990:
Possible sooty falcon in north west Matabeleland

Kennett, PH., 1995:
Possible sooty falcon near Chipinge

Lin, S.J.; Hwang, D.F., 2000:
Possible source of tetrodotoxin in the starfish Astropecten scoparius

Lyons, WG., 1981:
Possible sources of Florida's spiny lobster populations

Tucker, MR., 1984:
Possible sources of outbreaks of the armyworm, Spodoptera exempta (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), in east Africa at the beginning of the season

Lewis, JGE., 1985:
Possible species isolation mechanisms in some scolopendrid centipedes (Chilopoda; Scolopendridae)

Gozalo, A.; King, N.; Montoya, E., 1994:
Possible spontaneous mycobacteriosis in an owl monkey

Reeves, RR.; Leatherwood, S.; Papastavrou, V., 1991:
Possible stock affinities of humpback whales in the northern Indian Ocean

Botosaneanu, Lazare., 1997:
Possible sympatric speciation in Hydroptilidae

Van Dongen, P.A.; Hökfelt, T.; Grillner, S.; Verhofstad, A.A.; Steinbusch, H.W., 1985:
Possible target neurons of 5-hydroxytryptamine fibers in the lamprey spinal cord: immunohistochemistry combined with intracellular staining with Lucifer yellow

Holmes, B.; Blanch, H., 2008 :
Possible taxonomic trends in the success of primary aggregate formation in marine sponge cell cultures

Sayers, Bernard., 1996:
Possible thermoregulation of nest boxes by collared scops owls (Otus bakkamoena)

Kuntzsch, V.; Nel, JAJ., 1990:
Possible thermoregulatory behaviour in Giraffa camelopardalis

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible thioredoxin targets of signaling molecules in plasma membranes

Walsh, JF.; Walsh, B., 1983:
Possible thrush 'anvils' in Upper Volta

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible thyreophoran dinosaur tracks from the Lower Jurassic (High-Atlas, Goulmima, Morocco) FT Icnitas de posibles dinosaurios tireoforos del Jurasico Inferior (Alto Atlas, Goulmima, Marruecos)

Schmidt, RE.; Toft, J.D.; II.; Eason, RL.; Hartfiel, DA., 1982:
Possible toxic liver degeneration in black rhinoceroses (Diceros bicornis)

Pierau, F-K., 1983:
Possible transducer mechanisms of peripheral temperature receptors

Roushan, M.Reza.Hasanjani.; Mohraz, M.; Velayati, A.Akbar., 2007:
Possible transmission of hepatitis B virus between spouses and their children in Babol, Northern Iran

Rosenfield, RN., 1981:
Possible transportation of great horned owl young by parent

Anderson, MD., 1994 :
Possible tree-breeding by black swifts Apus barbatus

Cima, F.; Spinazzi, R.; Ballarin, L., 1998:
Possible tributyltin-calmodulin interaction in morpho-functional alterations of ascidian phagocytes

Williams, E.H.; Jr.; Bunkley-Williams, L., 2000:
Possible typhoon displacement of a Chinese goshawk to Guam

Su, Hsun-Pi; Chou, Chen-Ying; Tzeng, Shin-Chan; Ferng, Tien-Lin; Chen, Ya-Lei; Chen, Yao-Shen; Chung, Tung-Ching, 2007:
Possible typhoonrelated melioidosis epidemic, Taiwan, 2005

Dey, Sudip, 1995:
Possible ultrasonic receptor on the bat fly Mystacinobia zealandica

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible underground movement of nitrogen compounds in the torun - Eberswalde Proglacial Stream Valley at the Notec confluence to the Warta River

Misyura, A.N.; Gasso, V.Y.; Ruzina, E.N., 1999:
Possible usage of physiological and biochemical parameters of herpetofauna for bioindicative mapping of a polluted region

Rasnitsyn, SP.; Zvantsov, AB.; Yasyukevich, VV., 1991:
Possible use of Aedes aegypti chrysalis and imago mass for the determination of the amount of consumed blood

Nagasaki, Keizo., 1998:
Possible use of algicidal viruses as microbiological agents against harmful algal blooms

Shieh, C.-Shin.; Duedall, I.W., 1995:
Possible use of ash residues for the construction of artificial reefs at sea

Tucker, L., 1984:
Possible use of bill colour in separating short-toed treecreeper and treecreeper

Butler, RW., 1982:
Possible use of legs as dissipators of heat in flying cliff swallows

Restrepo, Victor, R., 1999:
Possible use of nonparametric recruitment prediction in bluefin tuna projections

Apps, PJ., 1982:
Possible use of shamming by a brown hyaena in an aggressive encounter with a pride of lions

MacCrimmon, HR.; Claytor, RR., 1986:
Possible use of taxonomic characters to identify Newfoundland and Scottish stocks of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L

Perremans, K.; D.B.nt, A.F.; Ollevier, F., 1993:
Possible use of the diversity of featherprints for more accuracy in some bird studies

Bennetts, R.E.; Dreitz, V.J., 1997:
Possible use of wading birds as beaters by snail kites, boat-tailed grackles, and limpkins

Morrison, DA.; Gallagher, KJ., 1984:
Possible use of water turnover rates to estimate food intake in lizards

Thant-Shima, M.; Nakamura, A.; Shimazu, H.; Murao, S.; Sugiyama, T., 1979:
Possible usefulness of Burmese newt Tylotriton verrucosus Anderson, in teratogenesis studies

Greenwood, PJ., 1982:
Possible uses of the developmental embryology of the sea urchin Parechinus angulosus for pollution monitoring in the nearshore marine environment

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible utility of human serum albumin as a NO traffic protein

Anonymous, 2007:
Possible utilization of native grass resources other than as a feed for livestock

Crawshaw, G.J.; Mehren, K.G.; Pare, J.A., 1996:
Possible vaccine-induced viral disease in cheetahs

Lipskaya, NYa., 1986:
Possible value of daily diets of epipelagic squids

Dassanayake, EM.; Hicks, RGT., 1991:
Possible vectors of a potyvirus isolated from passion fruit (Passiflora edulis cv. flavicarpa) in the low country wet Czone of Sri Lanka

Macintyre, I.G.; Bayer, F.M.; Logan, M Amelia, V.; Skinner, H Catherine, W., 2000:
Possible vestige of early phosphatic biomineralization in gorgonian octocorals (Coelenterata)

Herremans, M.; Borello, W.D., 2000:
Possible violet widowfinch in Botswana?

Kirillova, VI., 1991:
Possible ways and mechanisms of the karyotype changes in the planthoppers of the family Delphacidae

Barashev, PP.; Demidov, VV.; Talroze, VL.; Trofimov, VI., 1982:
Possible ways and schemes of affinely addressed, sensitized photomodification of biomacromolecules in vivo

Levich, AP., 1988:
Possible ways of finding dynamics equations in ecology of communities

Orlenev, DP., 1988:
Possible ways of the development of hierarchical suppression of reproductive activity in subordinate individuals within family groups (for example the clawed jird).

Stewart, PA., 1978:
Possible weather-related southward movements of common grackles in early January

Shane, T.G.; Shane, S.J., 1999:
Possible western meadowlark predation on a six-lined racerunner

Hoff, R.D.; Bills, F.L., 1998:
Possible western race of double-crested cormorant at Kingston Steam Plant

Morgan, P., 1984:
Possible white-headed roughwing in Hwange National Park

Lewis, AD., 1982:
Possible widespread misidentification of canaries Serinus in Kenya

Jensen, J-K., 1982:
Possible wintering quarters for MacCormick's skua Stercorarius maccormicki on the New Foundland banks

Fleming, RC., 1979:
Possibly altruistic behavior in a white-breasted nuthatch

King, B., 1988:
Possibly melanistic kittiwake in Cornwall

Saito, T.; Ikoma, A.; Saito, T.; Tamemoto, H.; Suminaga, Y.; Yamada, S.; Kawakami, M.; Suzuki, T.; Sasano, H.; Ishikawa, S-e., 2007:
Possibly simultaneous primary aldosteronism and preclinical Cushing's syndrome in a patient with double adenomas of right adrenal gland

Zavala-Camin, LA., 1986:
Possiveis estrategias de distribuicao e retormo de peixes brefoepipelagicos do Brasil (20S-32S)

Anonymous, 1994:
Possiveis influencias astronomicas evolucao das especies biologicas

Aurelio Vicalvi, M.; Simoes Ferreira, C.; Sequeira Fernandes, AC., 1989:
Possiveis isopodes (Crustacea) na Formacao Irati (Permiano), Sao Mateus do Sul, Parana

Kawada, K.; Yoneyama, M.; Ogita, K., 2007:
Posssible roles of reactive oxygen species in proliferation of neural progenitor cells derived from hippocampus

Trenerry, M.P.; Werren, G.L., 1993:
Possum assemblages in rainforest of the Carbine Uplands, NEQ, with special reference to Hembelideus lemuroides

Jolly, Simon., 1994:
Possum control for the 21st century

Nugent, G.; Sweetapple, P.; Coleman, J.; Suisted, P., 2000:
Possum feeding patterns: dietary tactics of a reluctant folivore

Morrin, P., 1989:
Possum in a kiwi burrow

Fairweather, A.A.; Brockie, R.E.; Ward, G.D., 1987:
Possums (Trichosurus vulpecula) sharing dens: a potential infection route for bovine tuberculosis

Williams, R., 1990:
Possums and gliders

Coleman, JD., 2001:
Possums as vectors of Tb in livestock

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Possums on the move: activity patterns, home ranges, and dispersal

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Possums, articular cartilage and oxygen. A comment on the papers by Archer et al. (1996) and Morrison et al. (1996)

Caterson, B., 1997:
Possums, articular cartilage and oxygen. Addendum

Archer, CW.; Morrison, EH.; Bayliss, MT.; Ferguson, MWJ., 1997:
Possums, articular cartilage and oxygen. Reply

Anonymous, 2008:
Post - Agricultural Succession in the Neotropics BE Myster, RW

Banerji, RK., 1984:
Post Eocene biofacies, palaeoenvironments and palaeogeography of the Bengal Basin, India

Sanguinetti, Y.T.; D.O.nellas, L.P.; Coimbra, J.C., 1992:
Post Miocene ostracodes from Pelotas Basin, southern Brazil. Taxonomy - part 1

Sanguinetti, Y.T.; D.O.nellas, L.P.; Coimbra, J.C.; Ramos, M.I.es F., 1993:
Post Miocene ostracodes from Pelotas Basin, southern Brazil. Taxonomy - part 2

Anonymous, 2007:
Post RFA renal biopsy pathology correlates accurately to radiographic disease status

Anonymous, 2007:
Post WISC-R and TOVA improvement with QEEG guided neurofeedback training in learning problems: 17 cases

Anonymous, 2007:
Post activation levels of the residual SCN- and H2O2 in milk preserved by LP-system

de Groot, J.C.W.; Fiers, M.W.E.J.; van Ham, R.C.H.J.; America, A.H.P., 2007:
Post alignment clustering procedure for comparative quantitative proteomics LC-MS data

Szyndlor, Z., 1984:
Post and present distribution of Aesculapian snake Elaphe longissima (Laurenti) at the territory of Poland

Donald, Chris., 2000:
Post breeding congregations of adult black-throated divers in Wester Ross

Pierce, S., 1989:
Post breeding movements of a ringed plover

Anonymous, 2007:
Post discharge surveillance of surgical site infection

Nakamura, K.; Sekiguchi, K., 1979:
Post embryonic development of a pycnogonid, Propallene longiceps

Johnson, DL.; Wellington, WG., 1980:
Post embryonic growth of the collembolans Folsomia candida and Xenylla grisea at three temperatures

Simovich, Ma, 1979:
Post fire reptile succession

Konrad, PM.; Gilmer, DS., 1986:
Post fledging behavior of ferruginous hawks in North Dakota

Reddy, K.S.render; Bikshapathi, V., 2007:
Post helminth infection on the nitrogen metabolism in the myotomal changes muscles of Channa punctatus

Rama Krishna, GV.; Simha, SS., 1982:
Post helminthic infectional changes in the ovotestis and fecundity rate of Lymnaea luteola (Lamarck)

Anonymous, 2007:
Post herpetic esophageal neuralgia: A new entity?

Vorsanger, G.; Xiang, J.; Jordan, D.; Farrell, J., 2008:
Post hoc analysis of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled efficacy and tolerability study of tramadol extended release for the treatment of osteoarthritis pain in geriatric patients

Anonymous, 2006:
Post hurricane Katrina assessment of microbial indicator levels

Anonymous, 2007:
Post kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis: new observations challenge previous assumptions

Bjorke, H., 1982:
Post larvae investigation

Anonymous, 2007:
Post mastectomy intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) in women

Zwart, P.; Ippen, R.; Flugger, M.; Goritz, F.; Hildebrandt, TB., 1999:
Post mortem findings in a 60 years old Shri Lankan elephant (Elephas maximus maximus) - a case report

Dammrich, K., 1985:
Post mortem report on the female giant panda of the Berlin Zoo

Anonymous, 1975:
Post mortem studies of sea otters, Enhydra lutris L., in California

Anonymous, 2007:
Post myocardial infarction implantation of mesenchymal stem cells engineered to over-express stem cell factor improves cardiac function

Hassall, J., 1983:
Post office baskets solve nest problem

Belousov, I.I.T.mpuori, J.K.K.gan, M.J.A.oko, A.A., 2008:
Post operative changes of testicular size following microsurgery for varicoceles in adolescents

Veeramoni, M.; Ganpule, A.; Bapat, S.; Desai, M., 2008:
Post percutaneus nephrolithotomy bleeding management. Lessons learned in 20 years

Ebrahimi, K.; Ruckle, H.; Harper, J.D.O.nstein, D.K.A.lering, T.E.H.ward, F.; Lilly, M., 2008:
Post prostatectomy multimodality adjuvant therapy for patients at high risk for prostate cancer relapse

Anonymous, 2005:
Post release behaviour of wild and domesticated resident brown trout (Salmo trutta) in canalised and meandering stream sections

Anonymous., 1978:
Post report - Argentina

Anonymous, 1977:
Post report - Bolivia

Anonymous, 1977:
Post report - Chile

Anonymous, 1977:
Post report - Costa Rica

Anonymous, 1977:
Post report - Ecuador

Anonymous., 1978:
Post report - Iran

Anonymous., 1978:
Post report - Iraq

Anonymous, 1977:
Post report - Jamaica

Anonymous, 1977:
Post report - Peru

Anonymous., 1978:
Post report - Portugal

Anonymous., 1978:
Post report - South Africa

Anonymous., 1978:
Post report - Sri Lanka

Anonymous, 1977:
Post report - Uruguay

Anonymous, 2007:
Post resuscitation myocardial microcirculatory dysfunction is ameliorated with platelet glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibition

Anonymous, 2008:
Post sugar cane succession in moist alluvial sites in Puerto Rico

Anonymous, 2007:
Post synthetic acetylation of HMGB1 protein stimulates DNA end-joining

K.M. Page; A. Mendizabal; B. Waters-Pick; S. Avrutsky; M. Reese; V.K. Prasad; J. Kurtzberg, 2008:
Post thaw colony forming units (CFU) is a strong independent predictor of engraftment after unrelated donor umbilical cord blood transplantation (UCBT)

Anonymous, 2008:
Post transcriptional regulation of cellular prion protein in pancreatic and gastric adenocarcinomas

Anonymous, 2007:
Post translational regulation of myoblast cyclin D1 by Trypanosoma cruzi

Anonymous, 2007:
Post transplant autoimmune hemolytic anemia and other cytopenias are increased in very young babies after unrelated donor umbilical cord blood transplantation

Anonymous, 2007:
Post transplant development of a DQA1*0501 dependent alloantibody

Anonymous, 2007:
Post transplant dsa monitoring following lung transplantation

Anonymous, 2007:
Post transplant treatment of hepatitis C: Is there an ideal monitoring parameter?

Anonymous, 2007:
Post transplantation monitoring of HLA antibodies as prelude to tailoring immunosuppression to individual patient

Anonymous, 2006:
Post traumatic osteoarthritis of ankle joint following surgically treated malleolar fractures

Anonymous, 2008:
Post traumatic stress disorder, psychiatric disorders and cardiovascular risks in a VA outpatient population

Anonymous, 2007:
Post treatment with periodic acceleration (pGz) after cardiac arrest decreases acute post resuscitation myocardial stunning in swine

Enomoto, K., 1988:
Post- and presynaptic effects of vesamicol (AH5183) on the frog neuromuscular junction

McQuaid, CD., 1986:
Post-1980 sightings of bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus) from the Spitsbergen stock

Taylor, HW.; Svoboda, J.; Henry, GHR.; Wein, RW., 1988:
Post-Chernobyl 134Cs and 137Cs levels at some localities in northern Canada

Watane, PS.; Thakare, VK., 1987:
Post-Fmbryonic development of the ovary in the thrips, Elaphrothrips greeni (Bengall) (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae)

Anonymous, 2007:
Post-HSCT follow up using FISH technique and STR genetic markers

Anastasakis, GC.; Dermitzakis, M., 1990:
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Post-infarct treatment with erythropoietin gelatin hydrogel sheet improves cardiac function and remodeling through activation of cell-surviving signals, anti-fibrotic and pro-angiogenic effects

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Post-infectious autoimmune basal ganglia disorders

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Post-inturation hypotension during emergency airway management

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Post-ischemic therapy with calcitonin gene-related peptide and beta(2)-adrenergic receptor agonist confers synergistic infarct size reduction

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Post-ischemic time-dependent activity changes of hippocampal CA1 cells of the Mongolian gerbils

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Post-larval American lobsters (Homarus americanus) living in burrows may be suspension feeding

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Post-larval settlement of Pecten maximus L. in culture and effects of environmental conditions

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Post-liver transplant survival in hepatitis C patients is improving,

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Post-logging loss of genetic diversity in a mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla King, Meliaceae) population in Brazilian Amazonia

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Post-marketing surveillance of ischaemic optic neuropathy in male veterans co-prescribed phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors with organic nitrates or alpha-blockers