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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 21689

Chapter 21689 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tamm, E.P.; Loyer, E.M.; Faria, S.C.; Evans, D.B.; Wolff, R.A.; Charnsangavej, C., 2007:
Retrospective analysis of dual-phase MDCT and follow-up EUS/EUS-FNA in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

Cambridge, M.L.; How, J.R.; Lavery, P.S.; Vanderklift, M.A., 2007:
Retrospective analysis of epiphyte assemblages in relation to seagrass loss in a eutrophic coastal embayment

Muñoz, E.; Argüelles, D.; Areste, L.; Miguel, L.San.; Prades, M., 2008:
Retrospective analysis of exploratory laparotomies in 192 Andalusian horses and 276 horses of other breeds

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective analysis of gynecological sarcomas

Martell, S.J.D.; Walters, C.J.H.lborn, R., 2008:
Retrospective analysis of harvest management performance for Bristol Bay and Fraser River sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka)

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective analysis of interleukin-2 therapy in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma who had received prior antiangiogenic therapy

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective analysis of levetiracetam prescribing patterns and trends among women of reproductive age from 2003 to 2007

Shanta, V.; Swaminathan, R.; Rama, R.; Radhika, R., 2007:
Retrospective analysis of locally advanced noninflammatory breast cancer from Chennai, South India, 1990-1999

Tan, Q.; Christiansen, L.; Brasch-Andersen, C.; Zhao, J.Hua.; Li, S.; Kruse, T.A.; Christensen, K., 2007:
Retrospective analysis of main and interaction effects in genetic association studies of human complex traits

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective analysis of mortality during pulmonary rehabilitation

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective analysis of peripheral blood stem cell transplantation

Kim, E.Kyung.; Kang, H.Jin.; Park, J.Ah.; Choi, H.Soo.; Shin, H.Young.; Ahn, H.Seop., 2007:
Retrospective analysis of peripheral blood stem cell transplantation for the treatment of high-risk neuroblastoma

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective analysis of presurgical evaluations for patients with intractable temporal lobe epilepsy

Gruzov, LN.; Mashtakova, GP., 1983:
Retrospective analysis of primary production in the pelagial of the Black Sea north-western part

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective analysis of routine preoperative chemotherapy on effectivity and survival of 61 inflammatory breast cancer patients

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective analysis of selection applied to a ratio.

Pusineri, C.; Ravier, C.; Fromentin, J M., 2002:
Retrospective analysis of the bluefin tuna Nordic fisheries data

Newton, H.B.; Dalton, J.; Goldlust, S.; Pearl, D., 2007:
Retrospective analysis of the efficacy and tolerability of levetiracetam in patients with metastatic brain tumors

Simodaira, K.; Yokohata, Y., 1999:
Retrospective analysis of the numbers of four species of small mammals captured in Hiwa, Hiroshima Prefecture, based on the records in Hiwa Museum for Natural History

Keresztes, K.; Szollosi, Z.; Simon, Z.; Tarkanyi, I.; Nemes, Z.; Illes, A., 2007:
Retrospective analysis of the prognostic role of tissue eosinophil and mast cells in Hodgkin's lymphoma

Fan, K.; Chang, J.T.; Liao, C.; Chen, I.; Lin, C.; Chen, Y., 2007:
Retrospective analysis of the treatment result of postoperative radiotherapy on intermediate risk oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma

Mu-Xiang-Dong; Wang-Guang-Fa; Diao-Xiao-Li; Zhang-Wei; Li-Hai-Chao; Li-Gui-Lian; Que-Cheng-Li; He-Bing, 2007:
Retrospective analysis of three cases of pulmonary mucormycosis

Schulze, M.; Stotz, N.; Rassweiler, J., 2008:
Retrospective analysis of transurethral resection, second-look resection, and long-term chemo-metaphylaxis for superficial bladder cancer: indications and efficacy of a differentiated approach

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective analysis of treatment outcome for hepatitis C genotype 4 in a community hospital

Anonymous, 2008:
Retrospective analysis of treatment outcomes and medical care of patients with neurogenic detrusor over activity (NDO) receiving BOTOX

A.L.chet; P.J.tteau; J.T.más; E.R.chard, 2008:
Retrospective approach to investigating the early life history of a diadromous fish: allis shad Alosa alosa (L.) in the Gironde-Garonne-Dordogne watershed

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective assessment of islet cell autoantibodies in pancreas-organ donors

Borisov, VM., 1988:
Retrospective assessment of the abundance of commercial fishes on the basis of apparent and actual mortality coefficients

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective biological dosimetry by FISH

Leonard, R.C.; Kreckmann, K.H.; Sakr, C.J.; Symons, J.Morel., 2007:
Retrospective cohort mortality study of workers in a polymer production plant including a reference population of regional workers

Greenway, Loren, W., 2007:
Retrospective cohort study of ventilator weaning outcome at promise specialty hospital in Utah

Giguère, S.; Slade, J.K.; Sanchez, L.C., 2008:
Retrospective comparison of caffeine and doxapram for the treatment of hypercapnia in foals with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective comparison of famotidine and pantoprazole for the prevention of upper castrointestinal bleeding in mechanically ventilated patients

Shah, K.K.; Sheikh, M.Y.; Shah, K.K.; Singh, M.; Singh, J., 2007:
Retrospective comparison of in-hospital rebleeding rates in non-variceal UGI bleeding demonstrates the superiority of clips

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective comparison of initial operative times for RALP from three different urology practices in a major academic oncologic institution

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective comparison of magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) with endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) in the diagnosis of pancreaticobiliary diseases

Lang, B.; Fu, B.; OuYang, J-Zhi.; Wang, B-Jun.; Zhang, G-Xi.; Xu, K.; Zhang, J.; Wang, C.; Shi, T-Ping.; Zhou, H-Xia.; Ma, X.; Zhang, X., 2007:
Retrospective comparison of retroperitoneoscopic versus open adrenalectomy for pheochromocytoma

McHugh, J.C.; Galvin, P.L.; Murphy, R.P., 2007:
Retrospective comparison of the original and revised McDonald criteria in a general neurology practice in Ireland

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective comparison of transplant outcomes in patients with multiple myeloma according to induction therapy with thalidomide/dexamethasone (TD) with or without bortezomib (VTD)

Akkaya, C.; Sarandol, A.; Cangur, S.; Kirli, S., 2007:
Retrospective database analysis on the effectiveness of typical and atypical antipsychotic drugs in an outpatient clinic setting

Wamelink, M.M.C.; Struys, E.A.; Gonzales, M.; Valayannopoulos, V.; Saudubray, J.M.; Jakobs, C., 2007:
Retrospective detection of transaldolase deficiency in amniotic fluid

Rooker, J.R.; Holt, S.A.; Wells, R David; Turner, J.P.; Pratt, C., 2004:
Retrospective determination of trophic relationships among pelagic fishes associated with Sargassum mats in the Gulf of Mexico

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective diagnosis of fatal BP180-Deficient non-herlitz junctional epidermolysis bullosa suggested by immunofluorescence (IF) antigen-mapping of parental carriers bearing enamel defects (vol 127, pg 1772, 2007)

Simirskii, VN.; Takenov, Z.A.; Mikhailov, AT., 1985:
Retrospective electrophoretic analysis of individual precipitates from dried and stained gels after immunoelectrophoresis of lens proteins

Klevno, V.A.; Kolkulin, V.V.; Kadochnikov, D.S.; Zigalenko, D.G., 2007:
Retrospective epidemiological analysis of occupational infection morbidity in state forensic-medical expert institutions in 1990-2005

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective evaluation of clinical outcomes in HER2-positive advanced breast cancer patients progressing an trastuzumab-based therapy in the pre-lapatinib era.

Sevgili, M.; Gokcen, A., 2008:
Retrospective evaluation of hydatid cases between the years 2000-2005 detected in Sanliurfa, Turkey

Jessup, D.A.; Miller, R.; Eric.; Bolin, C.A.; Kock, M.D.; Morkel, P., 1992:
Retrospective evaluation of leptospirosis in free-ranging and captive black rhinoceroses (Diceros bicornis) by microscopic agglutination titers and fluorescent antibody testing

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective evaluation of the diagnostic process and treatment of metabolic bone disease in 366 patients admitted with fragility fracture

Anonymous, 2005:
Retrospective evaluation of time-to-positivity of synovial and CAPD fluids tested in BacT/Alert bottles

Bauer, ON.; Belibova, EK., 1982:
Retrospective index: diseases and parasites of fishes and aquatic invertebrates (State literature for 1979-1980).

Bartling, S.H.; Stiller, W.; Grasruck, M.; Schmidt, B.; Peschke, P.; Semmler, W.; Kiessling, F., 2007:
Retrospective motion gating in small animal CT of mice and rats

Anonymous, 2008:
Retrospective on three years of ring trials on detection of Trichinella muscle larvae in pork to assess diagnostic laboratories in Slovakia

Anonymous, 2008:
Retrospective outcome analysis of one-stage penile urethroplasty using flap or graft in a homogeneous series of 62 patients

Reijnders, PJH., 1992:
Retrospective population analysis and related future management perspectives for the harbour seal Phoca vitulina in the Wadden Sea

Fu, C.; Quinn, T.J.; II.; Adkison, M.D., 1999:
Retrospective projection using Monte Carlo simulation: an application of a length-based model to Kachemak Bay pink shrimp

Schott, G.; Reichel, M.; Junkermann, H.; Becker, N., 2007:
Retrospective quantification of background incidence and stage distribution of breast cancer for the mammography screening pilot project in Wiesbaden, Germany

Torpey, D.C.; Olino, T.M.; Klein, D.N., 2007:
Retrospective reports of parenting in depressed adults with and without comorbid panic disorder and social anxiety disorder

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective review of blood transfusion requirements of adult patients on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)

Jachens, A.W.; Chu, D.S., 2008:
Retrospective review of methotrexate therapy in the treatment of chronic, noninfectious, nonnecrotizing scleritis

Ko, A.L.; Song, K.; Ellenbogen, R.G.; Avellino, A.M., 2007:
Retrospective review of multilevel spinal fusion combined with spinal cord transection for treatment of kyphoscoliosis in pediatric myelomeningocele patients

Tomita, T.; Tomita, T., 1986:
Retrospective review of retinal circuitry

Gelblum, Jeff, 2007:
Retrospective review of serum AED levels in patients experiencing breakthrough seizures presenting to a metropolitan emergency department

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective review of urine specimens diagnosed as positive by fluorescence in situ hybridization from patients without evidence of urinary tract cancer

Suter, Glenn, W., 1993:
Retrospective risk assessment

Morrison, S.; Prostredny, J.; Roa, D., 2008:
Retrospective study of 28 cases of cholecystoduodenostomy performed using endoscopic gastrointestinal anastomosis stapling equipment

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective study of 468 patients in Morocco with nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Mabiala-Babela, J.R.; Makosso, E.; Senga, P., 2008:
Retrospective study of 61 cases of multifocal tuberculosis in children in Brazzaville, Congo

Taema, M.M.; Bull, J.C.; Macgregor, S.K.; Flach, E.J.; Boardman, W.S.; Routh, A.D., 2008:
Retrospective study of Campylobacter infection in a zoological collection

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective study of canine lymphoma in period 1990-2004, north region of Parana

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective study of radiographies with radius and ulna fractures in dogs

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective study of the HLA system in patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia

Ottl, P.; Hohmann, A.; Piwowarczyk, A.; Hardenacke, F.; Lauer, H-Christoph.; Zanella, F., 2008:
Retrospective study on the evaluation of the TMJ by MRI using a newly developed standardized evaluation form

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrospective survey of children treated for relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia (Complete Remission (CR) Rates): A report from

Sun, N-ling.; Wang, H-yi., 2007:
Retrospective survey on clinical characteristics and therapy management for hospitalized patients with essential hypertension in Beijing

Liska, M.; Panzner, P.; Gutova, V.; Hanzlikova, J.; Malkusova, I.; Hrasko, V., 2007:
Retrospektive Analyse einer zwischen 1989 und 2006 mit allergenspezifischer Immuntherapie behandelten Patientengruppe

Hennig, C.; Tsokos, M., 2007:
Retrospektive Analyse von 5108 padiatrischen Krankenakten unter traumatologischen und rechtsmedizinischen Aspekten

Fan, J.; Brindley, P., 1998:
Retrotransposable elements in the Schistosoma japonicum genome

Jungmann, A.; Tönjes, R.R., 2008:
Retrotransposition: another obstacle for xenotransplantation?

de Ruiter, M.T.; de Valk, H.A.; Meis, J.F.G.M.; Klaassen, Cé.H.W., 2007:
Retrotransposon insertion-site context (RISC) typing: a novel typing method for Aspergillus fumigatus and a convenient PCR alternative to restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis

Brady, T.L.; Fuerst, P.G.; Dick, R.A.; Schmidt, C.; Voytas, D.F., 2007:
Retrotransposon target site selection by imitation of a cellular protein

Sabot, F.; Kalendar, R.; Jaeaeskelainen, M.; Wei, C.; Tanskanen, J.; Schulman, A., H., 2006:
Retrotransposons: Metaparasites and agents of genome evolution

Agada, F.O.; Coatesworth, A.P.; Grace, A.R.H., 2007:
Retroverted epiglottis presenting as a variant of globus pharyngeus

Blakemore, Rob., 1998:
Retrovescus, a new genus of opisthogastric earthworm from Tasmania

Anonymous, 2007:
Retroviral SIN vector platform from basic biology to clinical application

Buchholz, C.J.; Duerner, L.J.; Funke, S.; Schneider, I.C., 2008:
Retroviral display and high throughput screening

Leroux, C.; Mornex, J.F., 2008:
Retroviral infections in sheep and the associated diseases

Lackner, A.A.; Lowenstine, L.J.; Marx, P.A., 1990:
Retroviral infections of the CNS of nonhuman primates

Sweeney, C.L.; Lin, Y.; Gerson, S.L., 2007:
Retroviral insertion and temozolomide selection promote T-cell lymphomas in tumor-prone mice

Cui, J-Wei.; Li, Y-Jun.; Sarkar, A.; Brown, J.; Tan, Y-Hui.; Premyslova, M.; Michaud, C.; Iscove, N.; Wang, G-Jun.; Ben-David, Y., 2007:
Retroviral insertional activation of the Fli-3 locus in erythroleukemias encoding a cluster of microRNAs that convert Epo-induced differentiation to proliferation

Mitsuhashi, J.; Tsukahara, S.; Suzuki, R.; Oh-hara, Y.; Nishi, S.; Hosoyama, H.; Katayama, K.; Noguchi, K.; Minowa, S.; Shibata, H.; Ito, Y.; Hatake, K.; Aiba, K.; Takahashi, S.; Sugimoto, Y., 2007:
Retroviral integration site analysis and the fate of transduced clones in an MDR1 gene therapy protocol targeting metastatic breast cancer

Anonymous , 2007:
Retroviral vector-producing mesenchymal stem cells for tumor tracking

Rossi, M.S.; Pesce, C.G.; Reig, O.A.; Kornblihtt, A.R.; Zorzópulos, J., 1993:
Retroviral-like features in the monomer of the major satellite DNA from the South American rodents of the genus Ctenomys

Lutz, H.; Isenbugel, E.; Lehmann, R., 1994:
Retrovirus serology in snow leopards and other wild felids in European zoos

Ellis, J.; Hotta, A.; Rastegar, M., 2007:
Retrovirus silencing by an epigenetic TRIM

Anonymous, 2007:
Retrovirus-mediated RNA interference

Anonymous, 2008:
Retrovirus-mediated cell labeling

Amsterdam, A.; Hopkins, N., 1999:
Retrovirus-mediated insertional mutagenesis in zebrafish

Sverdlov, E.D., 2000:
Retroviruses and primate evolution

Baillie, G.J.; Wilkins, R.J., 1998:
Retroviruses in the common brushtailed possum (Trichosurus vulpecula)

Bowser, P.R.; Casey, J.W., 1993:
Retroviruses of fish

Rubel, A.; Lutz, H.; Hauser, B.; Schupbach, J.; Schneider, J.; Joller, H., 1988:
Retrovirusinfektion bei Zwergmeerkatzen (Cercopithecus talapoin) im Zurcher Zoo: mit Lentiviren Kreuzreagierende Antikorper und Reverse Transkriptase nach Lymphozytenstimulation

Anonymous, 1998:
Retsenziia na publikatsiiu: Reviziia Lestremiinae (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) Golarktiki.

Lotan, M.; Ben-Zeev, B., 2007:
Rett syndrome. A review with emphasis on clinical characteristics and intervention

Lotan, Meir, 2007:
Rett syndrome. Guidelines for individual intervention

Anonymous, 2007:
Rett syndrome: 50 years' history of a still not well known condition FT SINDROME DE RETT: 50 A OS DE HISTORIA DE UN TRASTORNO AUN NO BIEN CONOCIDO

Anonymous, 2007:
Rett syndrome: Bone mass determination in girls and mice

Percy, A.K.; Lane, J.B.; Childers, J.; Skinner, S.; Annese, F.; Barrish, J.; Caeg, E.; Glaze, D.G.; MacLeod, P., 2008:
Rett syndrome: North American database

Anonymous, 1996:
Rettet Episyrphus balteatus (De Geer, 1776)!

Rogner, M., 1985:
Rettet die Erdkroten. Schutzzaune kontra Strassentod

Anonymous, 2000:
Rettili & reti: ottobre 1996

Anonymous, 1977:
Rettili del Gebel Uweinat

Massa, B. di Palma, MG., 1988:
Rettili, anfibi e uccelli terrestri delle isole circum-siciliane

Anonymous, 2001:
Rettung der Riesenschildlkroeten auf Galapagos

Pfeiffer, K., 1985:
Rettung der grossten Mehlschwalbenkolonie (Delichon urbica) in Berlin (West)

Haslinger, G., 1981:
Rettung dur die letzten Brachvogel der Perger Au

Meier, Guntram, G., 2004:
Rettung fuer Hutias - die verschollenen Nagetiere Kubas

Bungener, Werner., 1992:
Rettung fur den Balistar?

Dingji, Y., 1988:
Rettung fur den Japanischen Ibis?

Denzau, G.; Denzau, H.; Schurmann, A., 1988:
Rettung fur den Konigstiger

Richarz, K., 1985:
Rettung fur die Kleine Hufeisennase

Johnson, William., 1993:
Rettung fur die Robben?

Altmann, D., 1980:
Rettung junger Wolfe, Canis lupus, durch Eltern

Nowak, E., 1987:
Rettungsaktion Schopfkasarka

Anonymous., 1995:
Rettungsaktion fur den Huchen

A.F.emming; H.A.A.ams, 2007:
Rettungsdienstliche Versorgung beim Massenanfall von Verletzten (MANV)

Jonaitis, V., 1996:
Retu bei nykstanciu entomofaunos rusiu ivertinimo ir apsaugos pagrindiniai principai

Weinberger, N.M., 2008:
Retuning the brain by learning, literature, and logic: Reply to Suga

Benware, A.; Nelson, PL., 1986:
Return a Gift to Wildlife completes a successful third year

Stedman, SJ., 1984:
Return and recovery rates for banded purple finches

Stedman, SJ., 1989:
Return and recovery rates for purple finches banded in Williamson County, Tennessee

Peartree, Ed., 1994:
Return data on some bird species banded at Honey Creek Natural Area

Smith, GR., 1992:
Return of Cyclura carinata to Pine Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI

Nobbs, David., 1999:
Return of Erythromma najans to Wheatfen

Wallace, K.; Henry, R., 1985 :
Return of a Catskill native

Leibel, WS., 1988:
Return of a classic. The true port cichlid

Horan, J., 1987:
Return of a native

Weinberg, S., 1992:
Return of a native. An international effort brings the golden lion tammarin back to Brazil

Bangs, E., 1991:
Return of a predator: wolf recovery in Montana

Sealy, SG. den Haan, HE., 1985:
Return of a red-eyed vireo: a transient or breeder?

Green, J.; Green, R., 1985:
Return of an orphaned otter to the wild

Nickerson, MA., 1980:
Return of captive Ozark hellbenders, Cryptobranchus alleganiensis bishopi, to site of capture

Stratton, P.; Sinaii, N.; Segars, J.; Koziol, D.; Wesley, R.; Zimmer, C.; Winkel, C.; Nieman, L.K., 2008:
Return of chronic pelvic pain from endometriosis after raloxifene treatment: a randomized controlled trial

Kawata, Ken., 1997:
Return of el lobo: a recovery program coming of age

Huits, R.M.H.G.; Bremmer, R.; Enting, R.H.; Sprenger, H.G.; van Assen, S., 2007:
Return of meningeal symptoms in a patient treated for cryptococcal meningitis

Foster, RW.; Bagatell, C.; Fuss, HJ., 1981:
Return of one year old pink salmon to a stream in Puget Sound

Hillman, CN.; Sharps, JC., 1978:
Return of swift fox to northern Great Plains

Horn, David., 2000:
Return of the American burying beetle

Jungius, H., 1985:
Return of the Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx)

Anonymous, 2007:
Return of the Condor

Anonymous., 1989:
Return of the Egyptian vulture

Stephenson, Brent., 2004:
Return of the New Zealand storm petrel

Boeren, Jan, 2007:
Return of the Red-backed shrike to the Meinweg?

Cooke, BWC., 1982:
Return of the Thames salmon?

Palmer-Ball, B.; Jr.; Boggs, G., 1991:
Return of the Woodburn Lakes, 1989; part 2

Palmer-Ball, B.; Jr.; Boggs, G., 1991:
Return of the Woodburn lakes, 1989; part 1

Whitaker, B., 1986:
Return of the bandit quail

Thornton, C., 1982:
Return of the bighorns

Ilani, G., 1986:
Return of the black vulture

Opdyke, B.N.; Walker, J.C.; Walker, J.C., 1992:
Return of the coral reef hypothesis: basin to shelf partitioning of CaCO3 and its effect on atmospheric CO2

Wingate, DB., 1979:
Return of the eagle

Walton, J., 1983:
Return of the frog

Dawson, N., 1991:
Return of the giants

Mech, LD.; Nowak, RM., 1981:
Return of the gray wolf to Wisconsin

Mead, C., 1984:
Return of the hobby

Cloudsley-Thompson, John., 2002:
Return of the inquisition? A presonal view

Anonymous., 1985:
Return of the large blue

Bloxham, Mike, G. , 1999:
Return of the marbled white and arrival of the ringlet

Kreider, JE., 1988:
Return of the marten

Newman, LH., 1982:
Return of the migrants. Butterfly movement in autumn

McCollough, M., 1987:
Return of the native 2

Cauble, C., 1986:
Return of the native. The Park Service calls for reintroduction of Yellowstone's missing predator the wolf

Russon, Anne, E., 2002:
Return of the native: cognition and site-specific expertise in orangutan rehabilitation

Charlton, T., 1984:
Return of the natterjack

Zimmerman, DR., 1974:
Return of the nene. A survival story in search of a happy ending

Tomlinson, D., 1985:
Return of the otter

Edwards, Rob., 1997:
Return of the pelican

Schepers, F. van Asseldonk, E.; Linsen, F., 1992:
Return of the peregrine Falco peregrinus as a breeding bird in The Netherlands?

Mckeating, G., 1978 :
Return of the peregrine falcon

Glinski, R.; Ambrose, S., 1990:
Return of the peregrine falcon in the southwest and Alaska. From the brink of extinction

Taylor, G.; Cofield, T., 1980:
Return of the peregrines

Dickman, C., 1986:
Return of the phantom dibbler

Bruning, DF., 1985:
Return of the pink pigeon

Carter, Ian, 2003:
Return of the red kite

Kidder, C., 1992:
Return of the red wolf

Bass, G., 1987:
Return of the red wolf - one of America's most endangered mammals comes home

Rockingham-Gill, DV., 1992:
Return of the red-billed oxpecker in the Makonde District

Hirokawa, J.; Hamada, T.; Higuchi, T., 2003:
Return of the reed bunting Emberiza schoeniclus to its breeding grounds in western Hokkaido

Vander Werf, K., 1981:
Return of the river otter

Love, JA., 1980:
Return of the sea eagle

Vernon, A., 1992:
Return of the takahe

Strassburger, S., 1979:
Return of the unicorn

Ilani, G., 1986:
Return of the white tailed eagle

Harvey, MS., 1990:
Return of the white-letter hairstreak

Ward, J., 1984:
Return of the whooper

Anonymous., 1979:
Return of the wildcat

Cruys, G.; Cantera, L.E.; Jr., 1980:
Return of the wolf eels

Thiel, R.; Riel, P.; Neumann, R.; Winkler, H., M.; Boettcher, U.; Groehsler, T., 2008:
Return of twaite shad Alosa fallax (Lacepede, 1803) to the Southern Baltic Sea and the transitional area between the Baltic and North Seas

Kler, Tejdeep Kaur., 2004:
Return of white scavenger or Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) in Punjab

Anonymous, 2007:
Return rate to epilepsy clinic following inpatient non-epileptic seizure diagnosis

Handford, P., 1980:
Return rates among highland rufous-collared sparrows

Martin, T.E.; Clobert, J.; Anderson, D.R., 1995:
Return rates in studies of life history evolution: are biases large?

Bauldry, V.M.; Biemborn, D.; Arcese, P., 1996:
Return rates of migrating adult eastern bluebirds in relation to sex, winter weather and population size

Colwell, MA.; Oring, LW., 1989:
Return rates of prairie shorebirds: sex and species differences

Nez Perce Tribal Fisheries/Watershed Program., 2004:
Return spawning/rearing habitat to anadromous/resident fish within the fishing creek to legendary Bear Creek analysis area watersheds: 2002-2003 Final Report, Project No. 200204000

Nelson, JB., 1985:
Return to Azraq

Longley, William, H., 1995:
Return to Boot Lake Scientific and Natural Area. Anoka County, MN. Breeding bird census, 1994

Anonymous, 2008:
Return to Dor al-Talha - Paleontological reconnaissance of the early tertiary of Libya

Atebara, N., 1983:
Return to Galapagos

Elliott, Bev., 1995:
Return to Great Barrier Island

Beslier, M.-Odile.; Whitmarsh, R.B.; Wallace, P.J. et al., 2001:
Return to Iberia. Covering leg 173 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution, Lisbon, Portugal, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, sites 1065-1070, 15 April-!5 June 1997

Cole, M., 1992:
Return to Madagascar

Tomlinson, D., 1990:
Return to Mongolia

Duggleby, TR., 1989:
Return to Spitsbergen. Observations from Signedalen, Krossfjorden, NW Spitsbergen 16 July - 6 August 1988

Tuttle, MD., 1990:
Return to Thailand

Michalski, John., 1993:
Return to Thailand with Brother Amnuay Pinratana, January 2-22, 1993

Lubowitz, J.H.; Ayala, M.; Appleby, D., 2008:
Return to activity after knee arthroscopy

Sleiman, J.; Garrigue, V.; Vetromile, F.; Mourad, G., 2007:
Return to dialysis after renal allograft loss: is dialysis treatment initiated too late?

Anonymous, 2007:
Return to paid and unpaid activities after radiotherapy for early stage breast cancer

DeCaro, J.A.; Worthman, C.M., 2008:
Return to school accompanied by changing associations between family ecology and cortisol

Naal, F.D.; Fischer, M.; Preuss, A.; Goldhahn, J.; von Knoch, F.; Preiss, S.; Munzinger, U.; Drobny, T., 2007:
Return to sports and recreational activity after unicompartmental knee arthroplasty

Anonymous., 1979:
Return to the Holy Land

Purtymun, B., 1987:
Return to the Kingdom of Tonga

Jensen, Jv, 1988:
Return to the Wilberforce-Huxley debate

Anonymous, 2006:
Return to the natural nesting beach: A transition from protected egg hatcheries in a recovering sea turtle species

Spinney, Laura., 1995:
Return to the wild

Brill, Randall, L., 1994:
Return to the wild as an option for managing Atlantic bottlenose dolphins

Wells, Rs, 1989:
Return to the wild: completion of a 'dolphin sabbatical'

Pearce, F., 1992:
Return to turtle bay

Verrell, PA., 1985:
Return to water by juvenile amphibians at a pond in southern England

Kominski, G.F.; Pourat, N.; Roby, D.H.; Cameron, M.E., 2008:
Return to work and degree of recovery among injured workers in California's Workers' Compensation system

White, R.L.; Cohen, S.P., 2007:
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Reubicacion sistematica del genero Ugnius (Hemiptera, Coreidae)

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Reumatoid atrhitis, early recognition is early diagnosis and treatment

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Reunion Chilena de Investigacion Antarctica

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Reunion Island - still a land of tortoises

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Reunion de comunicaciones cientificas Asociacion Paleontologica Argentina celebracion del 40o aniversario 24 de noviembre de 1995

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Reunion de trabajo con especialistas en herpetologia para categorizacion de especies segun estado de conservacion

Anonymous, 1997:
Reunion de trabajo de especialistas en mamiferos acuaticos para categorizacion de especies segun estado de conservacion

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Reunion du 14 decembre 1996. Les Trochidae: les Calliostomatinae Thiele, 1924 (2eme partie: quelques especes d'Europe, d'Afrique, d'Asie et d'Oceanie)

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Reunion du 21 octobre 1995: la systematique des Trochoidea

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Reunion in Florida - hydrilla, a weevil, and a fly

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Reunion para la estandardizacion de les tecnicas de lectura e interpretacion de la edad en los otolitos de la sardina Mediterranea (Sardina pilchardus Walb.)

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Reunion satellite: modelos y metodologias internacionales de exploracion de la biodiversidad. Inventario de la biodiversidad en Colombia

Anonymous, 1997:
Reunion satellite: modelos y metodologias internacionales de exploracion de la biodiversidad. Los derechos de las comunidades locales sobre sus recursos geneticos: una vision del grupo ad-hoc sobre biodiversidad

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Reuniting young wild mammals with their mothers. Successful reunions benefit wildlife and caregivers

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Reusable tissue culture growth chambers

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Reuse of industrial wastewater for the irrigation of ornamental plants

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Reuse of nests and nest materials by several species of passerines

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Reuse of other species nests by lark sparrows

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Reuselse Moeren. Inventarisatie Project 1998/1999

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Reusesterretjie in die Vrystaat

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Reuss bands 40 years in same location

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Reuss' collection of cheilostome bryozoans from Venetia stored in Natur-Historisches Museum Wien: a proposed revision

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Reussiana, new name replacing Reussia Maksimova, 1972 (Trilobita)

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Reussite de la reproduction artificielle de barbeaux (Barbus barbus (L.)) eleves en captivite. Perspectives pour la mise en place d'un programme de restauration des populations dans le bassin de la Meuse

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Reussite de quatre nichees successives chez le Martin-pecheur d'Europe (Alcedo atthis) au cours de la meme saison

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Reussites et echecs d'une regle simple de prevision des infestations du criquet pelerin au Sahel

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Reuze-zeeegels bij Bakkum

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Rev Vulpes vulpes og mar Martes martes i boreal skog: har habitatfragmenteringen medfort okt predasjonstrykk?

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Rev. Edward Allworthy Armstrong, BA, MA, Hon MA (1900-1978)

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Rev. William Hincks (1794-1871) and the early development of natural history at Queen's College (University College), Cork

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RevPAR growth to resume in the third quarter of 2002

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Revaccination with locally-produced vi typhoid polysaccharide vaccine among chinese school-aged children: safety and immunogenicity findings

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Revalidacao de Astyanax rupununi Fowler, 1914 (Teleostei, Characidae) e descricao de duas especies novas para o genero

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Revalidacao de Chortinus Aldrich e consideracoes sobre C. bequaerti Aldrich com descricao de terminalia masculina (Diptera, Muscidae, Cyrtoneurininae)

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Revalidacao de Sarcopromusca Townsend, 1927 (Diptera, Muscidae, Muscinae)

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Revalidacao de Sarcopromusca Townsend, 1927 com redescricao de S. pruna (Shannon & Del Ponte, 1926) (Diptera, Muscidae, Muscinae) e chave para os generos proximos

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Revalidacao do genero Isigonia Simon, com a descricao de uma especie nova (Araneae, Anyphaenidae)

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Revalidacion de Nepticulina (Borner 1939) (=Monotrysia Brnr., 1939 partim; Nannolepidoptera Krkf., 1948) como nombre del suborden y actualizacion de los Nepticuloidea (Forbes, 1923) de la Peninsula Iberica (Microlepidoptera)

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Revalidacion de Passalus (Pertinax) cognatus Truqui (Coleoptera: Passalidae)

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Revalidacion de Plexaura kuekenthali Moser, 1921 (Octocorallia, Gorgonacea)

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Revalidacion del genero Deltamys Thomas, 1917, con la descripcion de una nueva subespecie de Uruguay y sur del Brasil (Mammalia: Rodentia: Cricetidae)

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Revalidacion y redescripcion de Plasmodium columbae Carini, 1912

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Revalidacion y revision de Steromapedaliodes Forster, con descripcion de dos especies nuevas (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae, Satyrinae)

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Revalidation and recharacterisation of genus Arctata Roepke (Arctiinae: Arctiidae: Lepidoptera)

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Revalidation and recharacterization of the genus Metoeca Warren (Lepidoptera: Pyralidoidea: Nymphulinae)

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Revalidation de Tymolus dromioides (Ortmann, 1892) (Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura, Cyclodorippidae)

Anonymous, 2007:
Revalidation of Cathorops arenatus and Cathorops agassizii (Siluriformes, Ariidae), catfish in the north and northeastern regions of South America FT Revalidacao de Cathorops arenatus e Cathorops agassizii (Siluriformes, Ariidae), bagres marinhos das regioes norte e nordeste da America do

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Revalidation of Channa baramensis (Steindachner 1901), a species of snakehead from northern Borneo (Teleostei: Channidae)

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Revalidation of Leptodactylus plaumanni (Amphibia: Leptodactylidae)

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Revalidation of Phyllocaulis renschi (Mollusca : Gastropoda : Veronicellidae) based on radula and mandible, structures of taxonomic significance for the genus

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Revalidation of genus Chionaema Herrich Schaeffer (Lithosiinae: Arctiidae: Lepidoptera) along with genetalic studies on six species from northern and northeastern India

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Revalidation of genus Satanastra Meyrick along with the revised diagnosis of genus Pycnarmon Lederer (Pyraustinae: Pyralidae: Lepidoptera)

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Revalidation of the generic name Rudiloria Causey 1955 (Polydesmida: Xystodesmidae)

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Revalidation of the genus Echinanthera Cope, 1894, and its conceptual amplification (Serpentes, Colubridae)

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Revalidation of the genus Tournefortiopsis rusby (Guettardeae, Rubiaceae) and a new Guettarda from Costa Rica

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Revalidation of the genus Tropidodipsas Gunther, with notes on the Dipsadini and Nothopsini (Serpentes: Colubridae)

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Revalidation of the spider genus Elaver O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1898 (Aranei Clubionidae)

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Revalidisierung der Gattung Pseudoxiphophorus Bleeker 1860 (Poeciliidae, Osteichthyes)

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Revalidisierung der Gattung Xenophallus Hubbs (Poeciliidae, Osteichthyes)

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Revaluation of soil heavy metals pollution in Zhangshi irrigation area of Shenyang and analysis of Cd forms in soil

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Revascularization before noncardiac surgery: is there an impact of drug-eluting stent thrombosis?

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Revascularization for chronic critical lower limb ischemia in octogenarians is worthwhile

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Revascularization results in the Interventional Management of Stroke II trial

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Revd H.E.J. Biggs (1895-1973): an update of his malacological publications, with a list of the taxa introduced by him in the Mollusca

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Reve - an endangered wildlife area

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Reveal registry: Baseline characteristics of the first 1,226 enrolled patients

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Revealing a role of microRNAs in the regulation of the biological clock

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Revealing biogeographical patterns by nonlinear ordinations and derived anisotropic spatial filters

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Revealing cell cycle control by combining model-based detection of periodic expression with novel cis-regulatory descriptors

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Revealing characteristics of mixed consortia for azo dye decolorization: Lotka-Volterra model and game

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Revealing covariance structures in fourier transform infrared and Raman microspectroscopy spectra: a study on pork muscle fiber tissue subjected to different processing parameters

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Revealing different aggregation pathways of amyloidogenic proteins by ultrasound velocimetry

Anonymous, 2006:
Revealing further microbial diversity at the Great Salt Plains of Oklahoma

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Revealing homologies between body parts of distantly related animals by in situ hybridization to developmental genes: amphioxus versus vertebrates

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Revealing how species loss affects ecosystem function: the trait-based Price Equation partition

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Revealing monsoonal variability of the last 2,500 years over India using sedimentological and foraminiferal proxies

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Revealing negative thinking in recovered major depression: a preliminary investigation

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Revealing of differences in the Antarctic baleen whale stocks on the basis of the analysis of the 'Jacobson's organ' position

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Revealing of the sex chromosome system during male meiosis in the beetle Blaps lethifera Movsh. (Tenebrionidae) using silver staining

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Revealing of two chlorophyll a-protein complexes of the photosystem 2 in Chlamidomonas reinhardii mutants

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Revealing raccoon mysteries

Anonymous, 2008:
Revealing reptiles

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Revealing targeted therapy for human cancer by gene module maps

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Revealing the bifurcation in the unfolding pathways of GFP by using single-molecule experiments and simulations

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Revealing the cellular basis of heart failure

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Revealing the driving forces of mid-cities urban growth patterns using spatial modeling: a case study of Los Angeles, Chile

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Revealing the enigmas of implantation: what is the true impact of ovarian hyperstimulation?

Chung, E.M.L.; Hague, J.P.; Evans, D.H., 2007:
Revealing the mechanisms underlying embolic stroke using computational modelling

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Revealing the multiple structures of serine

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Revealing the secret lives of the little phantoms of the marshes

Pessamilio, Dionizio, M., 1994:
Revegetation of deforested areas in the Poco das Antas Biological Reserve, Rio de Janeiro

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Revegetation of habitat for the helmeted honeyeater, Lichenostomus melanops cassidix, in the Yarra Valley

Svendson, A.; Henry, C.; Brown, S., 2007:
Revegetation of high zinc and lead tailings with municipal biosolids and lime: greenhouse study

Anonymous, 2007 :
Revegetation on steep slopes and in subalpine areas using biennial cover plants: A review of Huter's technique

Chung, S.Karen.; Price, D.D.; Verne, G.Nicholas.; Robinson, M.E., 2007:
Revelation of a personal placebo response: its effects on mood, attitudes and future placebo responding

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Revelation of effective methods for detection of viral nervous necrosis virus gene using polymerase chain reaction in barfin flounder, Verasper moseri

Oatley, Terry, 1996:
Revelations from bird ringing

Lang, R., 1989:
Reverdinus flocciferus Zeller im Monte Baldo-Gebiet in Oberitalien (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae)

Nevin, D., 1985:
Revered and reviled, Minnesota's wolves are in trouble again

Burk, William, R., 1998:
Reverend Charles Valerian Reichart (1910-1997)

Saunders, David., 1994:
Reverend Murray A. Mathew

Johansson, P.; Cobbold, P.H.; Josefsson, J.O., 1992:
Reversal by concanavalin A of the inhibitory effects of extracellular Ca2+ on pinocytosis in Amoeba proteus

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Reversal effect and mechanism of arsenic trioxide on multidrug resistance of gastric carcinoma cells SGC7901

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Reversal in the use of animal matter by the grey partridge Perdix perdix: a comment

Pallaud, B.; Lepoivre, H., 1984:
Reversal learning by a group of baboons living in an enclosure: a case of vicarious learning

Lionello-Denolf, K.M.; McIlvane, W.J.; Canovas, D.S.; de Souza, D.G.; Barros, R.S., 2008:
Reversal Learning Set And Functional Equivalence In Children With And Without Autism

Anonymous, 2007:
Reversal of MDR by synthetic and natural compounds in drug resistant MCF-7 cell lines

Anonymous, 2007:
Reversal of MRI abnormalities and disease progression after umbilical cord blood transplant in two of three siblings with juvenile metachromatic leukodystrophy

Anonymous, 2008:
Reversal of P-glycoprotein-mediated multidrug resistance by cholesterol derived from low density lipoprotein in a vinblasine-resistant human lymphoblastic leukemia cell line (vol 85, pg 638, 2007)

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Reversal of parkinsonism by fetal nerve cell transplants in primate brain

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Reversal of acute renal failure by bortezomib-based chemotherapy in patients with multiple myeloma

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Reversal of arsenic-induced hepatic apoptosis with combined administration of DMSA and its analogues in guinea pigs: role of glutathione and linked enzymes

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Reversal of asymmetry of a crab, Calappa philargius

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Reversal of cardiac dysfunction after long-term expression of SERCA2a by gene transfer in a pre-clinical model of heart failure

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Reversal of cell polarity and actin-myosin cytoskeleton reorganization under mechanical and chemical stimulation

Virgintino, D.; Ozerdem, U.; Girolamo, F.; Roncali, L.; Stallcup, W.B.; Perris, R., 2007:
Reversal of cellular roles in angiogenesis: implications for anti-angiogenic therapy

Naofumi Mukaida; Boryana K. Popivanova, 2007:
Reversal of chronic colitis-associated colon carcinoma progression by tumor necrosis factor blockade

Luo, F.; Yang, C.; Chen, Y.; Shukla, P.; Tang, L.; Wang, L.X.; Wang, Z.Jim., 2008:
Reversal of chronic inflammatory pain by acute inhibition of Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II

Anonymous, 2007:
Reversal of cocaine locomotor sensitization by Daun02-mediated lesions of activated neuronal ensembles in rat nucleus accumbens

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Reversal of cocaine-induced planarian behavior by parthenolide and related sesquiterpene lactones

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Reversal of effects of alkylating agents through the use of prostaglandin E, in the ovotestis of the snail Lymnaea acuminata

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Reversal of elution sequence and selectivity resulting from the use of an ionic liquid as a mobile phase modifier

Anonymous, 2007:
Reversal of endothelial dysfunction in type 1 diabetic non uremic patients after pancreatic islet transplant alone (ITA): US and clinical evaluation

Anonymous, 2008:
Reversal of fortune: Income disparities in cholesterol in the era of statins

Klein, H.L., 2007:
Reversal of fortune: Rad5 to the rescue

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Reversal of habitat degradation in a northern Illinois stream

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Reversal of heroin neurobehavioral teratogenicity by grafting of neural progenitors

Enrico Danzer; Richard S. Finkel; Natalie Rintoul; Michael Bebbington; Erin Simon Schwartz; Deborah M. Zarnow; Scott Adzick; Mark P. Johnson, 2007:
Reversal of hindbrain herniation after maternal-fetal surgery for myelomeningocele subsequently improves brain stem function

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Reversal of iron-induced nephrotoxicity in rats by molsidomine, a nitric oxide donor

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Reversal of life zones in the Hudson Highlands, with reference to the avifauna

Anonymous, 2007:
Reversal of low chimerism. following nonmyeloablative (NM) hematopoietie cell transplantation (HCT) using Pentostatin and donor lymphocyte infusions (DLI).

Preston, RL.; Truong, TT.; Lu, S.; Janssen, SJ., 1990:
Reversal of mercurial inhibition of taurine transport in the coelomocytes of the marine polychaete, Glycera dibranchiata

Wirtu, G.; Pope, C.E.rle; Maclean, R., A.; Godke, R., A.; Paccamonti, D., L.; Dresser, B., L., 2008:
Reversal of motility loss in bongo antelope (Tragelaphus eurycerus Isaaci) spermatozoa contaminated with hyposmotic urine during ellectroejaculation

Hong, L.; Zhao, Y.; Wang, J.; Han, Y.; Guo, W.; Jin, H.; Zhai, H.; Bai, F.; Zhang, X.; Qiao, T.; Chen, Z.; Fan, D., 2007:
Reversal of multidrug resistance of adriamycin-resistant gastric adenocarcinoma cells through the up-regulation of DARPP-32

Collighan, N.; Richardson, J.; Gore, E., 2007:
Reversal of myopia following upper cervical facet joint denervation

O'Shaughnessy, B.A.; Koski, T.R.; Ondra, S.L., 2008:
Reversal of neurologic deterioration after vertebral column resection by spinal cord untethering and duraplasty

Anonymous, 2007:
Reversal of neuromotor and cognitive dysfunction in an enriched environment combined with multimodal early onset stimulation after traumatic brain injury in rats (vol 22, pg 7, 2005)

Zhang, X.; Fei, Y.; Zhang, M.; Wei, D.; Li, M.; Ding, W.; Yang, J., 2007:
Reversal of osteoporotic changes of mineral composition in femurs of diabetic rats by insulin

Anonymous, 2007:
Reversal of overt type 1 diabetes in the nod mouse via combination therapy of murine anti-thymocyte globulin and alpha-1-antitrypsin

Amemiya, S.; Akasaka, K.; Terayama, H., 1979:
Reversal of polarity in ciliated cells of the isolated sea urchin gut

Fernandez, M.; Mejias, M.; Garcia-Pras, E.; Mendez, R.; Garcia-Pagan, J.Carlos.; Bosch, J., 2007:
Reversal of portal hypertension and hyperdynamic splanchnic circulation by combined vascular endothelial growth factor and platelet-derived growth factor blockade in rats

Katircioglu, K.; Ozkalkanli, M.Yasar.; Kalfaoglu, H.; Sannav, S.; Ozgurbuz, U.; Savaci, S., 2007:
Reversal of prilocaine epidural anesthesia using epidural saline or ringer's lactate washout

Hu-Jun; Zhao-Jin-Yao; Jin-Wei; Yang-Jin; Yang-Pei-Man, 2007:
Reversal of resistance to adriamycin in MCF-7/ADM cells by realgar in combination with beta-elemene

Ji, B.-Sheng; Yue, S.-Mei; He, L., 2007:
Reversal of resistance to doxorubicin by CJZ3, a lomerizine amlodipine derivative,in doxorubicin-resistant human myelogenous leukemia (K562/DOX) cells

Flockton, E.A.; Mastronardi, P.; Hunter, J.M.; Gomar, C.; Mirakhur, R.K.; Aguilera, L.; Giunta, F.G.; Meistelman, C.; Prins, M.E., 2008:
Reversal of rocuronium-induced neuromuscular block with sugammadex is faster than reversal of cisatracurium-induced block with neostigmine

Anonymous, 2007:
Reversal of seizure-induced increases in kinase activity and GluR1 phosphorylation by post treatment with AMPAR antagonists in a rat model of hypoxia-induced seizures

Anonymous, 2007:
Reversal of sensori-motor gating deficits by GZR-123-systemically active tripeptoid analogue of neurotensin

Koya, V.; Lu, S.; Sun, Y-Ping.; Purich, D.L.; Atkinson, M.A.; Li, S-Wu.; Yang, L-Jun., 2007:
Reversal of streptozotocin-induced diabetes in mice by cellular transduction with recombinant pancreatic transcription factor pancreatic duodenal homeobox-1: a novel protein transduction domain-based therapy

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Reversal of suppressed metabolism in prolonged cold preserved cartilage

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Reversal of suprascapular neuropathy following arthroscopic repair of massive supraspinatus and infraspinatus rotator cuff tears

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Reversal of systemic hypertension-associated cardiac remodeling in chronic pressure overload myocardium by ciglitazone

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Reversal of the direction of mucus flow on the ciliated pharynx of a sea anemone

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Reversal of the effects of visual deprivation in monkeys

Balderson, J., 1978:
Reversal of the phallic complex in the genera Ciulfina Giglio-Tos and Stenomantis Saussure (Mantodea: Mantidae: Iridopteryginae)

l'Hernault, SW.; Rosenbaum, JL., 1985:
Reversal of the posttranslation modification on Chlamydomonas flagellar -tubulin occurs during flagellar resorption

Bohn, H., 1987:
Reversal of the right-left asymmetry in male genitalia of some Ectobiinae (Blattaria: Blattellidae) and its implications of sclerite homologization and classification

Anonymous, 2007:
Reversal of therapy-resistant cardiogenic shock after intracoronary transplantation of adult autologous bone marrow-derived stem cells FT Erfolgreiche Therapie eines Patienten im therapie-resistenten kardiogenen Schock mit intrakoronarer, autologer Knochenmarkstammzelltransplantation

Koenig, M.A.; Bryan, M.; Lewin, J.L.; Mirski, M.A.; Geocadin, R.G.; Stevens, R.D., 2008:
Reversal of transtentorial herniation with hypertonic saline

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Reversal of tumor induced dendritic cell paralysis: A treatment regimen against cancer

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Reversal potential for monosynaptic EPSP in frog motoneurons

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Reversal potentials corresponding to mechanical stimulation and leakage current in Myxicola giant axons

Gonzalez Andujar, J.L.; Perry, J.N., 1995:
Reversals of chaos in biological control systems

Anonymous, 1996:
Reversao de sexo em tilapia do Nilo, Oreochromis niloticus Trewavas, 1983, induzida por 17-alfa-metiltestosterona: proporcao de sexo e histologia das gonadas

DiPolo, R.; Beauge, L., 1986:
Reverse Na-Ca exchange requires internal Ca and /or ATPase in squid axons

Anonymous, 2007:
Reverse Remodeling - neues Therapieziel bei pulmonaler Hypertonie

Anonymous, 2007:
Reverse anatomical remodeling after resynchronization is associated with reduced ventricular arrhythmias

Ho, P.L.e; Soares, M.B.nto; Yamane, T.; Raw, I., 1995:
Reverse biology applied to Micrurus corallinus, a South American coral snake

Anonymous, 2007:
Reverse breeding: Reproduction of F1 hybrids by RNAi-induced asynaptic meiosis

Anonymous, 2007:
Reverse cardiac remodeling 2 years after marked weight loss from gastric bypass surgery

Ohman, M.D.; Frost, B.W.; Cohen, E.B., 1983:
Reverse diel vertical migration: an escape from invertebrate predators

Anonymous, 2008:
Reverse disparities? Outpatient visit rates among high-deductible health plan members after a first emergency department visit

Doutremepuich, C.; Aguejouf, O.; Eizayaga, F.X.; Desplat, V., 2008:
Reverse effect of aspirin: is the prothrombotic effect after aspirin discontinuation mediated by cyclooxygenase 2 inhibition?

Anonymous, 2007:
Reverse effect of vitamin E on oxidative stress, derivatives and conductivity changes of hemoglobin induced by exposure to cadmium

Anonymous, 2007:
Reverse engineering methodology in broken skull surface model reconstruction

Stigler, B.; Jarrah, A.; Stillman, M.; Laubenbacher, R., 2007:
Reverse engineering of dynamic networks

Maravelakis, E.; David, K.; Antoniadis, A.; Manios, A.; Bilalis, N.; Papaharilaou, Y., 2007:
Reverse engineering techniques for cranioplasty: a case study

Anonymous, 2007:
Reverse genetic analysis of coronavirus replication

Anonymous, 2007:
Reverse genetic approach to exploring genes responsible for cell-wall dynamics in supporting tissues of Arabidopsis thaliana under microgravity conditions

Blandin, S.A.; Levashina, E.A., 2008:
Reverse genetics analysis of antiparasitic responses in the malaria vector, Anopheles gambiae

Pearce, E.J.; Freitas, T.C., 2008:
Reverse genetics and the study of the immune response to schistosomes

Spitzer, B.; Zvi, M.Moyal.Ben.; Ovadis, M.; Marhevka, E.; Barkai, O.; Edelbaum, O.; Marton, I.; Masci, T.; Alon, M.; Morin, S.; Rogachev, I.; Aharoni, A.; Vainstein, A., 2007:
Reverse genetics of floral scent: application of tobacco rattle virus-based gene silencing in Petunia

Anonymous, 2007:
Reverse genetics: Cocaine's mechanisms scrutinized using knockout and mutant rats derived from enu-driven target-selected mutagenesis

Plasterk, R.H., 1995:
Reverse genetics: from gene sequence to mutant worm

Anonymous, 2007:
Reverse hemodynamic remodelling may be possible over time

Nixon, S.; Sieg, A.; Delgado-Charro, M.B.; Guy, R.H., 2007:
Reverse iontophoresis of L-lactate: in vitro and in vivo studies

Harmer, A., 1983:
Reverse migration by red admirals: Vanessa atalanta L

Bowman, R.; Curley, EM., 1986:
Reverse mounting in the American kestrel

Marra, Peter, P., 1993:
Reverse mounting in the black-throated blue warbler

James, PC., 1983:
Reverse mounting in the northwestern crow

Thompson, CF.; Lanyon, SM., 1979:
Reverse mounting in the painted bunting

Soliman, O.I.I.; Geleijnse, M.L.; Theuns, D.A.M.J.; Nemes, A.; Vletter, W.B.; van Dalen, B.M.; Motawea, A.K.; Jordaens, L.J.; ten Cate, F.J., 2008:
Reverse of left ventricular volumetric and structural remodeling in heart failure patients treated with cardiac resynchronization therapy

Gargas, J., 1989:
Reverse osmosis for the fish breeder

Haight, Jay, 1993:
Reverse perspective: basic elephant management or enrichment?

Anonymous, 2007:
Reverse phase protein array analysis of an ER-positive/HER2-positive breast cancer xenograft model reveals distinct resistance mechanisms to HER2 targeted therapy

Anonymous, 2007:
Reverse phase protein microarrays for monitoring biological responses

Anonymous, 2007:
Reverse phase-high performance liquid chromatography method for the analysis of atorvastatin in tablets and nanoemulsion formulation

Lloyd, M.S.; Heeke, S.; Lerakis, S.; Langberg, J.J., 2007:
Reverse polarity pacing: the hemodynamic benefit of anodal currents at lead tips for cardiac resynchronization therapy

Denes, L.; Bori, Z.; Csonka, E.; Entz, L.; Nagy, Z., 2008:
Reverse regulation of endothelial cells and myointimal hyperplasia on cell proliferation by a heatshock protein-coinducer after hypoxia

Nguyen, D.T.; Son, M.S.; Hoang, T.T., 2005:
Reverse regulation of fatty acid degradation relative to fatty acid biosynthesis in P-aeruginosa

Drakos, S.G.; Terrovitis, J.V.; Anastasiou-Nana, M.I.; Nanas, J.N., 2007:
Reverse remodeling during long-term mechanical unloading of the left ventricle

Friehs, I.; Barillas, R.; Scherr, E.; Poutias, D.; Vasilyev, N.V.; McGowan, F.X., 2007:
Reverse remodeling of left ventricular hypertrophy restores the angiogenic potential of the myocardium

Anonymous, 2007:
Reverse remodeling of mitral valve apparatus after cardiac resynchronization therapy: Real time three-dimensional echocardiographic study

Allen, RM., 1992:
Reverse size dimorphism in birds of prey - a review

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Reverse transcriptase mutations in Cambodian CRF01_AE isolates after antiretroviral prophylaxis against HIV Type 1 perinatal transmission

Kaushal, N.; Gawande, S.J.; Kaundal, P.; Garg, I.D., 2007:
Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) based detection of PVS degrees and PVSA strains by using degenerate primers

Anonymous, 2005:
Reverse transcription and primer extension technique to analyze growth response of bacteria and archaea in anaerobic digesters

Anonymous, 2007:
Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction detection of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus

Tester, P.A.; Cohen, J.H.; Cervetto, G., 2004:
Reverse vertical migration and hydrographic distribution of Anomalocera ornata (Copepoda: Pontellidae) in the US South Atlantic Bight

He, W.; Fridberger, A.; Porsov, E.; Grosh, K.; Ren, T., 2008:
Reverse wave propagation in the cochlea

Nakashima, H.; Kumagai, K., 2007:
Reverse-remodeling effects of angiotensin II type 1 receptor blocker in a canine atrial fibrillation model

Frode Svartdal, 2008:
Reversed PREE under multiple schedules: Exploration of a modulation hypothesis

Aharon Tevet; Faiz Khatib; Shahar Finci; Matan J. Cohen; Boris Zuckerman; Rachel Michaelson-Cohen; Sorina Grisaru-Granovsky; Arnon Samueloff, 2007:
Reversed breech extraction maneuver for cesarean deliveries performed in the second stage of labor

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Reversed modes of moult of flight feathers in the blackbrowed albatross Diomedea melanophris

Lydersen, C.; Kovacs, K.M.; Hamill, M.O., 2000:
Reversed molting pattern in starveling gray (Halichoerus grypus) and harp (Phoca groenlandica) seal pups

Selsky, M.I., 1978:
Reversed phase chromatographic analysis of Nostoc and Euglena isoleucyl-tRNAs aminoacylated in vitro in homologous and heterologous systems

Anonymous, 2006 :
Reversed polarity budding in the basal bilaterian Convolutriloba retrogemma (Acoelomorpha : Acoela)

Alexandrov, A.V.; Sharma, V.K.; Lao, A.Y.; Tsivgoulis, G.; Malkoff, M.D.; Alexandrov, A.W., 2007:
Reversed Robin Hood syndrome in acute ischemic stroke patients

Eriksson, Stina., 1993:
Reversed roles.

Pleasants, JM.; Pleasants, BY., 1989:
Reversed sex dimorphism in raptors: can we tell which sex changed size?

Bro-Jørgensen, J., 2007:
Reversed sexual conflict in a promiscuous antelope

Tobler, Michael, 2007:
Reversed sexual dimorphism and courtship by females in the Topaz cichlid, Archocentrus myrnae (Cichlidae, Teleostei), from Costa Rica

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Reversed sexual dimorphism in owls - part 1

Ashman, Linda., 2000:
Reversed sexual dimorphism in owls - part II

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Reversed sexual size dimorphism in birds of prey: revival of an old hypothesis

Temeles, EJ., 1986:
Reversed sexual size dimorphism: effect on resource defense and foraging behaviors of nonbreeding northern harriers

Longland, WS., 1989:
Reversed sexual size dimorphism: its effect on prey selection by the great horned owl, Bubo virginianus

McGillivray, WB., 1987:
Reversed size dimorphism in 10 species of northern owls

Anderson, V.T.; Jr., 1978:
Reversed summer flounder (Paralichthys dentatus L.) from the Middle Atlantic

Anonymous, 2008:
Reversed trend in agricultural markets threatens the needy

Malmqvist, B.; Bronmark, C., 1985:
Reversed trends in the benthic community structure in two confluent streams; one spring-fed, the other lake-fed

Gałat, A.; Degelaen, J.P.; Yang, C.C.; Blout, E.R., 1981:
Reversed unfolding-refolding process of cobra neurotoxin

Li-Wei; Cao-Yong; Wei-Hua; Zhou-Dong-Wu, 2008:
Reversed-phase HPLC determination of shikhmic acid in Illicium Verum Hook F

Stenson, A.C., 2008:
Reversed-phase chromatography fractionation tailored to mass spectral characterization of humic substances

Bhushan, R.; Arya, U., 2007:
Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic, size exclusion chromatographic and polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic studies of glycinin: evidence for molecular species and their association-dissociation

Lebiedzińska, A.; Marszałł, M.Leszek.; Kuta, J.; Szefer, P., 2007:
Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography method with coulometric electrochemical and ultraviolet detection for the quantification of vitamins B(1) (thiamine), B(6) (pyridoxamine, pyridoxal and pyridoxine) and B(12) in animal and plant foods

Gozzini, L.; Montecucchi, PC., 1981:
Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography of dermorphins, opiate-like peptides from amphibian skins

Reinen, J.; Kool, J.; Vermeulen, N.P.E., 2008:
Reversed-phase liquid chromatography coupled on-line to estrogen receptor bioaffinity detection based on fluorescence polarization

Ren, D.; Pipes, G.D.; Hambly, D.M.; Bondarenko, P.V.; Treuheit, M.J.; Brems, D.N.; Gadgil, H.S., 2007:
Reversed-phase liquid chromatography of immunoglobulin G molecules and their fragments with the diphenyl column

Ren, D.; Pipes, G.; Xiao, G.; Kleemann, G.R.; Bondarenko, P.V.; Treuheit, M.J.; Gadgil, H.S., 2007:
Reversed-phase liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry of site-specific chemical modifications in intact immunoglobulin molecules and their fragments

Heinrich, M.; Scheer, M.; Heckmann, M.; Bautz, W.; Uder, M., 2007:
Reversibility and time-dependency of contrast medium induced inhibition of 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyl-tetrazolium bromide (MTT) conversion in renal proximal tubular cells in vitro: comparison of a monomeric and a dimeric nonionic iodinated contrast medium

Wolf, C.M.; Arad, M.; Ahmad, F.; Sanbe, A.; Bernstein, S.A.; Toka, O.; Konno, T.; Morley, G.; Robbins, J.; Seidman, J.G.; Seidman, C.E.; Berul, C.I., 2007:
Reversibility of PRKAG2 glycogen-storage cardiomyopathy and electrophysiological manifestations

Hesthagen, T.; Forseth, T., 1998:
Reversibility of acidification in Norwegian watersheds: are brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) populations recovering?

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Reversibility of cardiac abnormalities in morbidly obese adolescents

Arronet, NJ., 1983 :
Reversibility of heat injury in mature spermatozoa of the mussel Mytilus edulis

Chernysh, SI.; Kratina, NYu., 1987:
Reversibility of hormonally induced changes in the program of imaginal development of the housefly Musca domestica

Zhiteneva, LD.; Kalyuzhnaya, TI.; Zavgorodnyaya, VP., 1978:
Reversibility of pathological changes in adult bester (hybrid between beluga sturgeon Huso huso L. and sterlet Acipenser ruthenus L. caused by acute poisoning (an in vivo hematologic study)

Anonymous, 1977:
Reversibility of pre-emergence development in Artemia salina (L.)

Roisin, Y., 1990:
Reversibility of regressive molts in the termite Neotermes papua

Berhe, N.; Myrvang, Børn.; Gundersen, S.G., 2008:
Reversibility of schistosomal periportal thickening/fibrosis after praziquantel therapy: a twenty-six month follow-up study in Ethiopia

Zhang, L.; Haynie, D.T., 2007:
Reversibility of structural changes of polypeptides in multilayer nanofilms

Banu, S.; Ichihara, S.; Huang, F.; Ito, H.; Inaguma, Y.; Furuhashi, K.; Fukunaga, Y.; Wang, Q.; Kitoh, J.; Ando, H.; Kikkawa, F.; Ichihara, G., 2007:
Reversibility of the adverse effects of 1-bromopropane exposure in rats

Klein, T.; Potgieter, H.C.; Spies, J.H.; van der Watt, J.J.; Savage, N., 1985:
Reversibility of the stabilization effect of sodium molybdate on uterine estrogen and progesterone receptors of the vervet monkey

Gerretsen, P.; Kern, R.Z., 2007:
Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome or primary angiitis of

Gerretsen, P.; Kern, R.Z., 2007:
Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome or primary angiitis of the central nervous system?

Isik, U.; Caliskan, M., 2007:
Reversible EEG changes during rotavirus gastroenteritis

Anonymous, 2008:
Reversible Inhibition of a-Ketoglutarate Dehydrogenase by Hydrogen Peroxide: Glutathionylation and Protection of Lipoic Acid

Hung, T-Hsin.; Lee, Y.; Chang, Y-Yee.; Chong, M-Yoon.; Lin, P-Yen., 2007:
Reversible Pisa syndrome induced by clozapine: a case report

Anonymous, 2008:
Reversible Sialylation: Synthesis of Cytidine 5-Monophospho-N-acetylneuraminic Acid from Cytidine 5-Monophosphate with a2,3-Sialyl O-Glycan-, Glycolipid-, and Macromolecule-Based Donors Yields Diverse Sialylated Products

Anonymous, 2007:
Reversible and irreversible changes in arterial gene expression after initiation of hyperglycaemia in plus -MYCER mice in vivo

Coyer, PE.H.lsey, J.H.; Jr.; Strong, ER., 1981:
Reversible and irreversible effects of pO2 alterations on two groups of Aplysia neurons

Strucksberg, K.H.; Rosenkranz, T.; Fitter, J., 2007:
Reversible and irreversible unfolding of multi-domain proteins

Anonymous, 2007:
Reversible anergy of surface IgM-mediated signaling in the two subsets of chronic lymphocytic leukemia defined by immunoglobulin V-H mutational status

Rafiee, P.; Matthews, CO.; Bagshaw, JC.; MacRae, TH., 1986 :
Reversible arrest of Artemia development by cadmium

Anonymous, 2007:
Reversible bilateral pyramidal tract lesions after hypertensive crisis FT Lesions reversibles des faisceaux pyramidaux apres crise hypertensive et epileptique

Kosaka, T.; Ikeda, K., 1983:
Reversible blockage of membrane retrieval and endocytosis in the garland cell of the temperature-sensitive mutant of Drosophila melanogaster, Shibiretsi

Anonymous, 2007:
Reversible bony changes after treatment with bevacizumab in a child with cutaneovisceral angiomatosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome: A case report and review of the literature

Kanda, J.; Kawabata, H.; Yamaji, Y.; Ichinohe, T.; Ishikawa, T.; Tamura, T.; Furukawa, Y.; Kimura, T.; Kita, T.; Uchiyama, T., 2007:
Reversible cardiomyopathy associated with Multicentric Castleman disease: successful treatment with tocilizumab, an anti-interleukin 6 receptor antibody

McKenzie, J.L.; Gan, O.I.; Doedens, M.; Dick, J.E., 2007:
Reversible cell surface expression of CD38 on CD34-positive human hematopoietic repopulating cells

Takahashi, M.; Tsunemi, T.; Miyayosi, T.; Mizusawa, H., 2007:
Reversible central neurogenic hyperventilation in an awake patient with multiple sclerosis

Matsuura, M.; Yoshioka, T.; Arai, K-i., 1986:
Reversible changes in actin-activated Mg-ATPase activity of fish myosins induced by various effectors

Coyer, P.E.; Halsey, J.H.; Strong, E.R., 1983:
Reversible changes in the intracellular potassium ion activities and membrane potentials of Aplysia L2-L6 neurones in response to normoxia and hypoxia

Ichikawa, T., 1983 :
Reversible changes of adult body color in the olive weevil, Dyscerus perforatus (Roelofs) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

An, S.; Kumar, R.; Sheets, E.D.; Benkovic, S.J., 2008:
Reversible compartmentalization of de novo purine biosynthetic complexes in living cells

Kirkpatrick, JF.; Turner, JW., 1991:
Reversible contraception in nondomestic animals

Anonymous, 2007:
Reversible contraceptive efficacy of methanol extract of aerial parts of Gynandropsis pentaphylla in male albino rats

Anonymous, 2008:
Reversible corpus callosum lesion in Legionnaires' disease: An unusual presentation

Winkler, F.; Gschwendtner, A.; Theisen, D.; Peraud, A.; Straube, A., 2007:
Reversible dementia and corresponding CSF alterations due to intraspinal lumbosacral metastasis of a prostate carcinoma

Sempere, A.P.; Medrano, V.; Berenguer-Ruiz, L., 2008:
Reversible dementia secondary to topiramate

Ward, WW.; Bokman, SH., 1983:
Reversible denaturation of Aequorea green-fluorescent protein: physical separation and characterization of the renatured protein

Xu, Y.; Shvarev, A.; Makarychev-Mikhailov, S.; Bakker, E., 2007:
Reversible detection of proteases and their inhibitors by a pulsed chronopotentiometric polyion-sensitive electrode

Levin, SV.; Gol'fand, KA., 1980:
Reversible displacement of crab axon at the action potential

A.A.bertmelcher; O.V.tavska; M.H.ss; H.W.eczorek, 2008:
Reversible dissociation of V-ATPases: fact or artefact?

Gostimskaya, I.S.; Grivennikova, V.G.; Cecchini, G.; Vinogradov, A.D., 2007:
Reversible dissociation of flavin mononucleotide from the mammalian membrane-bound NADH: ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I)

Ben Abdallah, N.M-B.; Slomianka, L.; Lipp, H-Peter., 2007:
Reversible effect of X-irradiation on proliferation, neurogenesis, and cell death in the dentate gyrus of adult mice

Kang, L.; Poh, A.L.; Fan, S.K.; Ho, P.C.; Chan, Y.W.; Chan, S.Y., 2007:
Reversible effects of permeation enhancers on human skin

Kastner, D.; Kastner, R.; Apfelbach, R., 1982:
Reversible effekte von Cyproteronacetat auf Testosteronspiegel und Hodenmorphologie beim Frettchen

Anonymous, 2007:
Reversible haemodynamic changes of digital perfusion in patients with digital ulcers and scleroderma after bosentan therapy

Anonymous, 2008:
Reversible hemiplegia in a patient with hyperosmolar non-ketotic coma; A reversible neurological insult in a critical ill patient

Shao, Y.; Lu, J.; Cheng, C.; Cui, L.; Zhang, G.; Huang, B., 2007:
Reversible histone acetylation involved in transcriptional regulation of WT1 gene

Desar, I.M.E.; Weemaes, C.M.R.; van Deuren, M.; van der Meer, J.W.M., 2007:
Reversible hypogammaglobulinaemia

Roggendorf, J.; Vent, J.; Maarouf, M.; Haense, C.; Thiel, A.; Fink, G.R.; Hilker, R. , 2008:
Reversible hypogeusia during bilateral thalamic stimulation for essential tremor

Hastings, BE.; Stadler, SG.; Kock, RA., 1989:
Reversible immobilization of Chinese water deer (Hydropotes inermis) with ketamine and xylazine

Boudier, C.; Bousquet, J-Alain.; Schauinger, Sébastien.; Michels, B.; Bieth, J.G., 2007:
Reversible inactivation of serpins at acidic pH

Brestkin, AP.; Brovko, VS.; Zhukovskii, YuG.; Kolchanova, NA.; Mirzabaev, EA.; Rozengart, EV.; Skvortsov, NK.; Sycheva, EN.; Fartseiger, NL. el al., 1986:
Reversible inhibition of acetylcholinesterase of various origins by quaternary phosphonium compounds

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