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Revision of the genera of the tribe Stigmoderini (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) a discussion of phylogenetic relationships

Revision of the genera of the tribe Stigmoderini (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) a discussion of phylogenetic relationships

Invertebrate Taxonomy 3(3): 291-361

ISSN/ISBN: 0818-0164

The tribe Stigmoderini is revised: the highly derived ovipositor provides evidence that the tribe is monophyletic. A scheme of evolution of the buprestid ovipositor is postulated. The genera of Stigmoderini are delineated and relationships between them are analysed using traditional Hennigian methods. Synapomorphic characters which suggest conflicting relationships are examined, the probability of homoplasy assessed, and a cladogram constructed which best fits the available data. The female acessory gland, a structure not recorded previously in any buprestid, accorded high weight and supports the monophyly of Themognatha, Calodema and Metaxymorpha. Thermognatha and Castiarina are elevated to generic status, monotypic Hypostigmodera is synonymised with Castiarina, and species groups are distinguished in Calodema and Metaxymorpha. A key to genera is provided. Generic characters are reviewed and taxonomically significant structures are illustrated with line drawings or scanning electron micrographs.

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