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Rotifera from Korean inland waters 4. Brachionus and Platyas of Brachionidae (Rotifera: Monogononta)

Chung, CE.; Yoo, HB.; Kim, SY.

Korean Journal of Systematic Zoology 81: 35-55


Accession: 021706780

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The systematic study of freshwater rotifers was conducted on the materials collected from 205 sites in South Korea. As a result, 1 species, 9 subspecies, 2 varieties and 6 forms of two genera, Brachionus and Platyas in Family Brachionidae were identified, of which, 1 subspecies and 4 forms are new to the Korean fauna: Brachionus urceolaris bennini, B. angularis f. bidens, B. quadridentatus f. rhenanus, B. forficula f. minor, and B. forficula f. angularis. Total 134 species, 15 subspecies, 9 varieties and 9 forms representing 14 families 40 genera are now recorded from Korea by adding the 1 subspecies and 4 forms newly described in the present paper.

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