Section 22
Chapter 21,763

Sobrevivencia de Bothrops jararacussu (Serpentes, Viperidae, Crotalinae) mantidas em cativeiro

Leinz, FF.; Janeiro-Cinquini, TRF.; Ishizuka, MM.; Lang, LV.

Memorias do Instituto Butantan (Sao Paulo): 511: 33-38


Accession: 021762577

The group of snakes Bothrops jararacussu maintained in captivity in the Butantan Institute from September 1979 to July 1981, consisting of 42 females and 64 males, was analysed regarding the mortality rate, the seasonal frequency and the survival rate related to the season of the year when the snakes were captured. The authors observed that 50% of the animals died during the first six months following the capture, and there was no significant difference in the mortality. On the other hand, a significant incidence of male mortality was observed in Spring when compared in both sexes focusing the season of the year. Animals captured during Spring and Summer have prolonged survival rates when compared to those taken during Fall and Winter. This fact may be attributed to the greater amount of energy accumulated during those seasons.

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