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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 21776

Chapter 21776 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tchi, Y., 1982:
Some tabulate corals from Heitai Formation in eastern Heilongjiang Province

Chi. Y.-y., 1982:
Some tabulate corals from Late Middle Devonian in Baijingshan district of Dahinganling

Tong Yongsheng., 1982:
Some taligrads from Upper Paleocene of the Nanxiong Basin, Guangdong

Jolly, A., 1978:
Some tall tails: remarkable lemurs of Madagascar

Kumawat, DA.; Jawale, AK., 2004:
Some taxa of Volvocales new to Maharashtra

Anonymous, 2007:
Some taxa of diatoms new to Maharashtra

Krsmanovic, L.; Purger, JJ.; Mikes, M., 1986:
Some taxonomic characters and age of the common hamster, Cricetus cricetus L., in the area of Vojvodina (Yugoslavia)

Mylnikov, AP., 1992:
Some taxonomic features of Cercomonadidae

Woodham, A.; Chambers, S., 1994:
Some taxonomic problems of bi-tentaculate cirratulids

Xu, Jian, 2002:
Some taxonomic problems of the Hynoiidae

Campaner, AF., 1984:
Some taxonomic problems within the Arietellidae (Calanoida)

Kawai, T.; Isobe, Y., 1979:
Some taxonomic relationships of the genera Schistoperla Banks and Kiotina Klapalek

Anganuzzi, Alejandro, A., 1996:
Some technical issues regarding the study of fisheries interactions

Maassen, WJM., 1989:
Some techniques for collecting molluscs.

Dulepova, EP., 1997:
Some tendences in interannual dynamic of zooplankton communities of western Kamchatka waters

Prisova, NL.; Prisov, EA., 1987:
Some tendencies and features of domestication of birds.

Shintov, V.; Garvilov, G.; Pashkin, V.; Shpak, V.; Blagoderov, A.; Kirlan, D., 1979:
Some tendencies in dynamics of fish abundance of New Zealand Plateau

Duval, DM., 1978:
Some tentative speculations about the olfactory sense of 3 common pest species of slugs, Agriolimax reticulatus (Muller), Milax budapestensis (Hazay) and Arion hortensis together with practical application of this knowledge in the study of behaviour and control of these animals

Middlemiss, FA., 1991:
Some terebratulid brachiopods from the Cretaceous of Helgoland

Satheesan, Sm, 1989:
Some termite-feeding birds in India

Anonymous, 1977:
Some termites in Bogor Botanic Garden

Stonik, VA., 1986:
Some terpenoid and steroid derivatives from echinoderms and sponges

Hancock, EG., 1988:
Some terrestrial flatworm records from the Glasgow area

Nunomura, N., 1980:
Some terrestrial isopod crustaceans from Toyama City, middle Japan

Sumner, AT., 1983:
Some terrestrial molluscs from Crete

Van Rompu, EA.; D.S.et, WH.; Coomans, A., 1995:
Some terrestrial tardigrades from Zimbabwe

Sakai, K., 1984:
Some thalassinideans (Decapoda: Crustacea) from Heron Is., Queensland, eastern Australia, and a new species of Gourretia from east Africa

Bell, K.N., 1993:
Some thecamoebians from South Gippsland

E.Beshbeeshy, M., 1995:
Some thecate hydroids associated with Posidonia oceanica (L.) delile meadows in the Egyptian Mediterranean waters

Drake, JA., 1986:
Some theoretical and empirical explorations of structure in food webs

Aoki, K., 1991:
Some theoretical aspects of the origin of cultural transmission

Tyshchenko, VP., 1981:
Some theoretical aspects of the problems of qualitative and quantitative interrelationships of photoperiodism in insects.

Altes, RA., 1988:
Some theoretical concepts for echolocation

Tillman, MF., 1978:
Some theoretical considerations in the application of recruitment models to sei whale stock assessments

Sharma, GK., 1986:
Some theoretical considerations regarding in-vitro culture of Plasmodium vivax

Zombori, L., 1985:
Some theoretical problems on the suitability on entomological expressions.

Feld, D., 1986:
Some thought on the Compendium of Seashells

Rosenthal, Steve, 1994:
Some thoughts about East Coast shelling

de Bartolome, JFM., 1981:
Some thoughts about Marmorana Hartmann 1844

Anonymous, 2007:
Some thoughts about ecological aspects concerning site specific information related soil compaction and trafficability of vehicles

Suffia, D., 1982:
Some thoughts about space

Cohen, N., 1983:
Some thoughts about the possible early phylogeny of MHC-recognition

Kozak, M., 2007:
Some thoughts about translational regulation: forward and backward glances

Patrick, R., 1984:
Some thoughts concerning the importance of pattern in diverse systems

Cooter, Jon., 1999:
Some thoughts on 'English' names for British Coleoptera

Catlow, Graham., 1997:
Some thoughts on Paul Irven's attitude to environmental enrichment Ratel Vol. 24, No. 3

Richman, DB., 1978:
Some thoughts on Walckenaer's names for salticids after an examination of Abbot's drawings

Benson, PA., 1982:
Some thoughts on a vivaria furniture

Mason, Paul., 1996:
Some thoughts on a winter in the Haddenham Fens

Jobanek, George, A., 1994:
Some thoughts on acorn woodpeckers in Oregon

Irven, Paul, M., 1997:
Some thoughts on behavioural and environmental enrichment

Stillwell, A., 1992:
Some thoughts on captive breeding

Dymott, J., 1980:
Some thoughts on cichlid behaviour and its consequences

Harris, RK., 1981:
Some thoughts on condition factor indicies with respect to larval walleye pollock Theragra chalcogramsma (Pallas) in the southeastern Bering Sea

Speight, Martin., 2000:
Some thoughts on corridors and invertebrates: the hoverfly (Diptera: Syrphidae) fauna of Abies/Picea forests in temperate West/Central Europe

Eick, E., 1982:
Some thoughts on deer management today

Wilson, J., 1980:
Some thoughts on meadow pipit migration

Day, DH., 1981:
Some thoughts on our cranes

Nowak, Ronald, M., 1993:
Some thoughts on panther study: a personal view

Budrys, Eduardas., 1993:
Some thoughts on parapsides

Gardiner, BOC., 1986:
Some thoughts on red admirals in winter: a theory of non-hibernation

Garcia, EF., 1990:
Some thoughts on species differentiation

Freeman, David., 1997:
Some thoughts on storing and displaying a shell collection

Reed, EH., 1979:
Some thoughts on taxonomy

Clark, GA., 1988:
Some thoughts on the black skull: an archeologist's assessment of WT-1700 (A. boisei) and systematics in human paleontology

Mak, A.Saito, Tyler, J.Goepfert and Jason, T.Ritt, 2008:
Some thoughts on the concept of colimitation: Three definitions and the importance of bioavailability

Margalef, R., 1982:
Some thoughts on the dynamics of populations of ciliates

Hart, Mb, 1983:
Some thoughts on the ecology (and palaeoecology) of the arenaceous Foraminiferida: a workshop report

Blossom, J., 1981:
Some thoughts on the exhibition of Chelonia in captivity

Stirling-Aird, Patrick., 1996:
Some thoughts on the long term prospects of golden eagles and peregrines in central Scotland, southwest Perthshire and beyond

Armstrong, AL., 1990:
Some thoughts on the occurrence of lesser crested tern Sterna bengalensis in the vice-county of Durham during summer 1990

Smith, SV., 1985:
Some thoughts on the past, present and future of studies on coral reef community metabolism

Smith, Russell, L., 1992:
Some thoughts on the treatment of tarantula fungal infections

Crabbe, M., 1995:
Some thoughts on vivarium construction

R.I.Millichamp, 1976:
Some thoughts on water abstraction on migratory fish rivers

Rightmire, Jean, E., 2001:
Some threatened U.S. snakes: five species on the red list

Hansen, SO., 1988:
Some threatened beetle species of Norwegian deciduous woodland.

Foster, G., 1981:
Some tips on Potteric Carr

Christiansen, J., 1988:
Some tips on care of three 'new' tortoises.

Mondal, CK., 1996:
Some tips on health management of cheetah and other carnivores in National Zoological Park New Delhi

Liebetrau, S., 1979:
Some tips on packing and shipping fish

Bunge, M., 1979:
Some topical problems in biophilosophy

Kawashita, Takahashi, 1995:
Some topics of Coleoptera in Bonin Islands

Nakamura, Y.; Ishii, M., 1997:
Some topics of Japanese butterfly in 1966

Vitvitskaya, LV.; Nikonorov, SI.; Tikhomirov, AM.; Zagriichuk, VP.; Abtahi, B.; Vorobeva, EI., 1997:
Some toxicants influence on young Russian sturgeon behaviour and toxicoprotector effects of biologically active substances

Sofian-Azirun, M.; Ahamad, M., 1992:
Some toxicological and esterase studies on insecticide resistance in Plutella xyllostella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae)

Sitthichaikasem, S., 1978:
Some toxicological effects of phosphate esters on rainbow trout and bluegill

Okuda, S.; Terata, K.; Sakai, S., 1982:
Some trace elements in the hemolymph of dermapterous and orthopteroid species (1), chemotaxonomic studies on dermapterous and orthopteroid insects. 6

Okuda, S.; Sugiura, S.; Terata, K.; Sagai, S., 1986:
Some trace elements of dermapterous & orthopteroid species (4). Chemotaxonomic studies on dermapterous & orthopteroid insects 11

Okuda, S.; Sugiura, S.; Terata, K.; Sakai, S., 1987:
Some trace elements of dermapterous & orthopteroid species (5). Chemotaxonomic studies on demapterous & orthopteroid insects 13

Okuda, S.; Sugiura, S.; Terata, K.; Sakai, S., 1989:
Some trace elements of dermapterous & orthopteroid species (7). Chemotaxonomic studies on dermapterous & orthopteroid insects 17

Okuda, S.; Hoshiba, E.; Sugiura, S.; Terata, K.; Sakai, S., 1985:
Some trace elements of dermapterous & orthopteroid species. 3. Chemotaxonomic studies on dermapterous & orthopteroid insects 9

Okuda, S.; Hoshiba, E.; Terata, K.; Sakai, S., 1984:
Some trace elements of dermapterous and orthopteroid species (2) Chemotaxonomic studies on dermapterous and orthopteroid insects. 8

Okuda, S.; Sugiura, S.; Terata, K.; Sakai, S., 1988:
Some trace elements of dermapterous and orthopteroid species (6). Chemotaxonomic studies on dermapterous and orthopteroid insects 14

Wang, Yue., 2004:
Some trace fossils after the Frasnian-Famennian extinct in Dushan area, southern Guizhou Province, China

Doughty, PS., 1980:
Some trace fossils from the Silurian rocks in Co. Down

Bhadane, V., V.; Patil, G., C.; Mali, P., Y., 2008:
Some traditional herbal formulations in the treatment of rheumatism from Jalgaon district, Maharashtra

Machida, M.; Araki, J., 1994:
Some trematodes and cestodes in fishes from off eastern Hokkaido, northern Japan

Machida, M.; Araki, J., 1992:
Some trematodes and cestodes in fishes from the Okhotsk Sea off Hokkaido, Japan

Zhang, Tongfu., 1996:
Some trematodes from amphibians and reptiles in Sichuan Province, with description of a new species (Trematoda: Digenea)

El-Naffar, MK.; Saoud, MF.; Hassan, LM., 1984:
Some trematodes from some fishes of Lake Nasser at Asswan including a new Astiotrema, Astiotrema lazeri n. sp

Zhang, T.; Yang, M., 1994:
Some trematodes of fishes from Sichuan Province with descriptions of a new species (Trematoda: Digenea)

Shoop, WL.; Corkum, KC., 1981:
Some trematodes of mammals in Louisiana

Nguyen Thi Le,, 1986:
Some trematodes of the freshwater intermediate hosts in the Phungthuong area (Phuctho-Hanoi)

Smrz, J., 1981:
Some trends in anageny of male reproductive organs in the suborder of Adephaga (Coleoptera)

Ghilarov, MS., 1980:
Some trends in evolutionary insect taxonomy

Wallace, C., 1979:
Some trends in the evolution of the chromosomes in the Bovidae

Svare, B., 1988:
Some trends in the responses studied and the species employed by behavioral endocrinologists

Novikov, YuV., 1986:
Some trends of distribution and migration of common pelagic fishes of the northwestern Pacific Ocean

Anonymous, 1970:
Some trends of karyological evolution in the Anura

Albaladejo, JD.; Arthur, JR., 1989:
Some trichodinids (Protozoa: Ciliophora: Peritrichida) from freshwater fishes imported into the Philippines

Anonymous, 1977:
Some trombiculid larvae of Sakaeraj forest

Keith-Lucas, Michael., 1996:
Some tropical interactions (mainly between plants and insects)

Gatt, Paul., 2001:
Some true flies (Insecta: Diptera) reared from a nest of the Spanish sparrow (Passer hispaniolensis) in Malta

Schramm, M., 1988:
Some trypanorhynch tapeworms found in marine fish

Vijayalakshmi, C.; Vijayalakshmi, J.; Gangadharam, T., 1996:
Some trypanorhynchid cestodes from the shark Scoliodon palasorrah (Cuvier) with the description of a new sp. Tentacularia scoliodoni

Yu, C-m.; Wang, H-j., 1981:
Some tube-like fossils from the Early Tertiary of northern Jiangsu

Mason, C.; Yochelson, EL., 1985:
Some tubular fossils (Sphenothallus: 'Vermes') from the Middle and Late Paleozoic of the United States

Chen, M.; Chen, Y.; Qian, Y., 1981:
Some tubular fossils from Sinian-Lower Cambrian boundary sequences, Yangtze Gorge

Sprague, J., 1981:
Some turrids from Westernport

van den Berg, E.; Spaull, VW., 1985:
Some tylenchid nematodes from Aldabra Atoll with a description of a new species

Vincent, J., 1984:
Some type localities in the 1980 S.A.O.S. checklist of southern African birds

Ellis, J., 1981:
Some type specimens of Isopoda (Flabellifera) in the British Museum (Natural History), and the isopods in the Linnaean Collection

Soares, MJ.; Brazil, RP.; Tanuri, A. de Souza, W., 1987:
Some ultrastructural aspects of Crithidia guilhermei n. sp. isolated from Phaenicia cuprina (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

Miller, O.L., 1984:
Some ultrastructural aspects of genetic activity in eukaryotes

Lepore, E.; Sciscioli, M.; Gherardi, M., 1993:
Some ultrastructural aspects of oocytes during vitellogenesis in two species of Balanus (Crustacea, Cirripedia)

Kozłowska, M.; Kilarski, W., 1980:
Some ultrastructural aspects of sarcomere formation during the muscle differentiation in Urodela (Amphibia)

Azevedo, C.; Corral, L., 1986:
Some ultrastructural aspects of the life cycle of Haplosporidium lusitanicum, with special reference to spore maturation

D'yachkova, LN., 1979:
Some ultrastructural characteristics of evolutionary development of interneuronal synapses

Detcheva, R. de Puytorac, P.; Groliere, CA., 1981:
Some ultrastructural characteristics of the polysaprobic ciliate Trimyema compressum

Seravin, LN.; Gerassimova, ZP., 1988:
Some ultrastructural features of Trichoplax adhaerens (type Placozoa) feeding on dense plant substrate

Storch, V.; Alberti, G.; Rosito, R.; Sotto, F., 1985:
Some ultrastructural observations Tubiluchus philippinensis (Priapulida), a new faunal element of Philippine coastal waters

Hoda, FAS., 1991:
Some ultrastructural studies on kidney of catfish (Clarius lazera)

Anderson, R., 1987:
Some uncommon Carabidae (Coleoptera) from south Dublin/Wicklow

Woodcock, B., 2001:
Some uncommon Staphylinidae (Col.) from South Aberdeenshire (VC 92) including Euryporus picipes (Paykull)

Belcher, H.; Swale, E., 1996:
Some uncommon algae from Cambridgeshire waters

Carr, R., 1983:
Some uncommon aquatic Coleoptera in Kent

Owen, John, 1997:
Some uncommon beetles from Headley Warren, Surrey

Kaspiris, P.; Tsiambaos, P., 1984:
Some uncommon cephalopods from western Korinthiakos Gulf (Molusca -Dibranchiata)

Coldwell, JD., 1991:
Some uncommon insects found around Barnsley 1988-90

Coldwell, JD., 1993:
Some uncommon insects from two waste-ground sites in South Yorkshire

Frank, RJ.; Ronald, K., 1982:
Some underwater observations of hooded seal, Cystophora cristata (Erxleben), behaviour

Barklow, William, E., 1997:
Some underwater sounds of the hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius)

Hannappel, U.; Paulus, HF., 1991:
Some undetermined Helodidae larvae from Australia and New Zealand: fine structure of mouthparts and phylogenetic position

Williams, A., 1991:
Some unexpected beetles in S. Essex

Seshachar, BR.; Balakrishna, TA.; Shakuntala, K.; Gundappa, KR., 1982:
Some unique features of egg laying and reproduction in Ichthyophis malabarensis (Taylor) (Apoda: Amphibia)

Green, ED.; Baker, C., 1997:
Some unique parasitic specialisations of the ostrich feather louse Struthiolipeurus struthionis

Tsytsulina, EA., 1998:
Some unknown in literature records of the giant noctule, Nyctalus lasiopterus (Shreber , 1780) in Caucasus

Hanson, TC., 1979:
Some unpleasant Brazilian flies

Cropper, P.; Smith, M., 1992:
Some unpublicized Australasian 'Sea Serpent' reports

Stafford, J., 1986:
Some unpublished notes of R.H. Fox and Dr. J. Cowper

Kime, RD., 2003:
Some unpublished records of centipedes identified by Dr. E.H. Eason

Inoue, H., 1980:
Some unrecorded and rarely known Pyralidae from Japan

Anonymous, 1977:
Some unrecorded mites from house dust samples in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Sidorenko, VS., 1996:
Some unrecorded species of Drosophilidae from Viet Nam

Heckford, R.J., 1989:
Some unseasonal larval dates

Korotkova, Gp, 1984:
Some unsolved problems of evolution of ontogenesis

Hill, DE., 1978:
Some unusual Phidippus audax from northern Florida

Springsteen, Fj, 1985:
Some unusual Philippine shells

Springsteen, FJ., 1985:
Some unusual Philippine shells. 4

Werner, YL., 1995:
Some unusual accidental herpetological finds from Cyprus and Lebanon, including a new Ptyodactylus (Reptilia: Lacertilia: Gekkonidae)

Hayes, Brian., 1997:
Some unusual and fascinating Marginella from the eastern Cape Province of South Africa

Malicky, H., 1991:
Some unusual caddisflies (Trichoptera) from southeastern Asia. (Studies on caddisflies of Thailand, No. 5)

Lopez Fernandez, Alfredo, 1997:
Some unusual cetacean strandings and sightings on the Galician coast, north-west Spain

Grandcolas, PJ., 1986:
Some unusual effects of grazing on Orthoptera populations in Berry (France)

Hayes, Brian., 1994:
Some unusual endemic South African molluscs

Webb, G.; Simpson, J., 1985:
Some unusual food items for the southern blotched blue-tongue lizard Tiliqua nigrolutea (Quoy and Gaimard) at Bombala, New South Wales

Kozial, John., 1994:
Some unusual fritillaries from Saskatchewan

Gillham, E., 1993:
Some unusual hybrid ducks

Parsons, M., 1982:
Some unusual idigenous Macrolepidoptera at Ninfield, east Sussex in July 1982

Thatcher, Vernon, E., 2001:
Some unusual morphological features of Amazonian fish parasites (Cymothoidae)

Buchanan, JB., 1987:
Some unusual observations of dunlins in Washington

Tebbutt, Peter., 1994:
Some unusual observations of the green-veined white (Pieris napi L.)

Ellis, DH.; Glinski, RL., 1980:
Some unusual records for the peregrine and pallid falcons in South America

Sonter, C.; Mack, J.; Schramm, P., 1984:
Some unusual records of birds seen in the Sunraysia and Riverland districts of Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia

Breife, B., 1985:
Some unusual records of hovering birds of prey

Jennings, MC., 1985:
Some unusual seabirds from the Red Sea

Anderson, Roland, C., 1993:
Some unusual shell damage

Springsteen, FJ., 1985:
Some unusual shells from a sack of rubbish

Gray, WN., 1980:
Some unusual snails of Lake Malawi

Parsons, M., 1980:
Some unusual spring moths at Ninfield, Sussex

Dring, P., 1981:
Some unusual tree swallow nest records

Seebeck, John, 1994:
Some urban wombats

Hussain, SA., 1991:
Some urgent considerations for the conservation of Narcondam Island

Shamachary.; Samson, MV.; Krishnaswami, S., 1980 :
Some useful correlation studies of silkworm and its products such as cocoon, pupa, shell and egg weight

Voskuil, R., 1989:
Some useful discoveries from Bretagne.

Gabriel, R., 1993:
Some useful tips

Anonymous, 2007:
Some valuable fatty acids exposed from wedge clam Donax cuneatus (Linnaeus)

Chen, D.; Guan, Z., 1987:
Some values of the blood biochemistry measured in Lipotes vexillifer

Krizek, George, O., 1993:
Some vanessas of the Northern Hemisphere

Angermeier, WF.; McLean, J.; Minvielle, D., 1986:
Some variables affecting feeding cycles in the opossum

Manger, AP.; Khadzhinskii, VG., 1992:
Some variations in the development of the septum of locomotory muscles of fish.

Ekawa, K., 1986:
Some variations of Fulgoraria hamilleri in Fukui Prefecture

Uhthoff-Kaufmann, Raymond, R., 1996:
Some varieties of Strangalia maculata (Poda) (Cerambycidae) occurring in the British Isles

Nikaido, A.; Kikuchi, Y., 1983:
Some vertebrae of sharks from the Miocene Nawashiroda Formation, Ibaraki Prefecture, northeast Japan

Faithfull, I., 1990:
Some vertebrate predators of the green Monday cicada Cyclochila australasiae (Donovan) in Melbourne

Troadec, M-Berengere.; Kaplan, J., 2008:
Some vertebrates go with the GLO

Trautman, MB., 1981:
Some vertebrates of the prairie peninsula

Morris, KD.; Rice, GE., 1981:
Some vertebrates recorded on a visit to Queen Victoria Spring in December 1977

Kolosova, EG., 1978:
Some vertical distribution patterns of zooplankton of the White Sea determined by the recurrent group

Verseput, MP., 1990:
Some veterinary aspects of general reptile husbandry

Howell, Fc, 1981:
Some views of Homo erectus with special reference to its occurrence in Europe

Vujic, A.; Glumac, S., 1993:
Some views on Syrphidae (Diptera) phylogeny

Kvantaliani, IV.; Sharikadze, MZ., 1980:
Some views on the systematics of the Parahoplitidae (Ammonoidea)

Anonymous., 1986:
Some visits to off-islands

Nielsen, A.-Busse; Jensen, R.-Bartholdy, 2007:
Some visual aspects of planting design and silviculture across contemporary forest management paradigms - Perspectives for urban afforestation

Gibson, JA., 1980:
Some wader notes from Cumbrae

Mohapatra, K.K.; Rao, P., 1992:
Some wader records from coastal Andhra Pradesh

Rashid, S.; Scott, D., 1988:
Some waders of the Sunderbans mangrove forest, Bangladesh

Gharib, S.M.; Soliman, A.M., 1998:
Some water characteristics and phyto-zooplankton relationship in Lake Edku (Egypt) and adjacent sea

Anonymous, 2007:
Some water quality indices in small watercourses in urbanized areas FT NIEKTORE WSKAZNIKI JAKOSCI WODY MALYCH CIEKOW NA TERENIE ZURBANIZOWANYM

Shilova, SA., 1982:
Some ways of artificial changes in the population structure of small Mammalia

Poslavskij, AN., 1979:
Some ways of birds adaptation to living conditions in north deserts during the embryonic period of development

Ksents, AS.; Ksents, GKh., 1988:
Some ways of realizing the adaptive potential of species during the formation of urbanised populations (on the basis of mouse like rodents).

Krushinsky, LV.; Shkolnik-Yarros, EG., 1982:
Some ways to study the relations between the rational activity of mammals and the brain morphology

Kuschel, G., 1990:
Some weevils from Winteraceae and other hosts from New Caledonia

Huggert, L., 1981:
Some west Palaearctic and Australian species of Idrini (Hymenoptera, Proctotrupoidea: Scelionidae)

Schowalter, DB., 1978:
Some western Canada bat records

Drake, Cm, 2002:
Some wetland Diptera of a disused brick-pit

Ludwig, Dieter, 1996:
Some wetland counts 1996

Sleeman, DP., 1988:
Some whale arches in County Cork

Pivorunas, A., 1984:
Some whales and dolphins found in the waters off the northeast coast

Follen, D.; Sr.; Luepke, K.; Luepke, J.; Cold, C., 1987:
Some white red-tails in Wisconsin

Billard, R., 1993:
Some whys and wherefores in fish endocrinology?

Ferriday, N.; Edwards, P., 1990:
Some wildlife records of our reserve, spring to autumn 1989

Yanagita, Y.; Iizuka, N., 1999:
Some winter/spring moths on the slope of Mt Fuji

Limpus, A., 1986:
Some wonders from down under

Krijger, C., 1990:
Some wood dwelling hoverfly larvae reared.

Hunt, Philip., 1994:
Some you can some you can't and some just maybe

Litvinova, NF.; Guseva, VS., 1989:
Some zonal peculiarities in locusts groupings structure

Anonymous, 1977:
Some zoo geographical peculiarities of Curculionidae (Coleoptera).

Simic, S.; Radisic, P.; Vujic, A., 1994:
Some zoogeographical and ecological characteristics of the species Cheilosia griseifacies Vujic (Diptera: Syrphidae)

Drugescu, C., 1988:
Some zoogeographical aspects in Romania's Carpathian Mountains

Kadar, Z., 1978:
Some zoogeographical aspects of the NW African vertebrate fauna in historical times: archeological and cultural historical methods in the research

Frankenhuis, MT., 1991:
Some zoonotic diseases of birds, mammalian pets and captive animals (a review)

Tuson, John., 1996:
Some zoos of Poland and the former East Germany

Hodge, PJ., 1979:
Somerset Coleoptera, including several new county records

Liebert, T.; Sutton, R.; Leaver, K., 1994:
Somerset Lepidoptera 1993

Liebert, T.; Sutton, R., 1996:
Somerset Lepidoptera 1995

Liebert, T.; Sutton, R., 1993:
Somerset Lepidoptera records 1992

Scott, H., 1985:
Somerset Levels and Moors

Wells, E.A.; Wells, H., 1994:
Somerset bat group

Wells, E., 1989:
Somerset bats

Anonymous., 1981:
Somerset birds 1980

McGeogh, JA.; Silcocks, TB.; Paull, DE.; Slade, BE.; Ballance, DK.; Rabbitts, B.; Wilson, MG.; Bundy, AJ., 1982:
Somerset birds 1981

Levy, ET.; Levy, DA., 1991:
Somerset hoverfly records 1990

Levy, ET.; Levy, DA., 1992:
Somerset hoverfly records 1991

Levy, ET.; Levy, DA., 1993:
Somerset hoverfly records 1992

Levy, ET.; Levy, DA., 1994:
Somerset hoverfly records 1993

Levy, ET.; Levy, DA., 1995:
Somerset hoverfly records 1994

Levy, ET.; Levy, DA., 1996:
Somerset hoverfly records 1995

Bolt, I.; Duff, A., 1994:
Somerset moth group

Howell, P., 1988:
Somerset otter diet: a new study

Hancock, S., 1992:
Somerset owl survey

Wilson, M., 1986:
Somerset plant gall records

Serjeant, T.; Westbrook, D., 1994:
Somerset waterscan

Dawson, Jim., 2001:
Something a little different

Leskovsek, J., 1988:
Something about belfries, used as nest sites by owls

Lenkowa, A., 1986:
Something about the Australian lily-trotter.

Bank, R., 1978 :
Something about the mollusc fauna from the Italian place of Madonna di Campiglio (Dolomites of Brenta).

McFadden, G.; Gilson, P., 1995:
Something borrowed, something green: lateral transfer of chloroplasts by secondary endosymbiosis

Suhr, Rolf., 1994:
Something completely different. The Kattegat Centre Aquarium.

Murphy, D.; Si-Hoe, S.L.; Brenner, S.; Venkatesh, B., 1998:
Something fishy in the rat brain: molecular genetics of the hypothalamo-neurohypophysial system

Miller, R., 1986:
Something for the future

Masing, V., 1982:
Something has changed

Rae,I.D., 2008:
Something in the air: connections between global warming, ozone depletion, POPs and particulates

Anonymous, 2007:
Something lost, something gained: Effects of 14,000+ years of erosion on dinosaur fossil resources, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada

Burgess, WE., 1979:
Something new in the subfamily Loricariinae

Petuch, E., 1979:
Something new: Cypraea (Siphocypraea) donmoorei Petuch, 1979

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Something of value: the meaning of collections

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Something old, something new, but not borrowed and not blue

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Something scary lurks out there

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Something special for Mr Average

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Something worthwhile that's easy: banking bird DNA

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Sometimes less is just less: Reply to Agmo

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Sometimes the Great Conflagrations

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Sometimes the graceful flourish

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Song sparrow mimics song of northern cardinal

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Song sparrow nest in tree cavity

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