Studi sugli Homoptera Coccoidea 5. Notizie morfo sistematiche su alcune specie di cocciniglie con descrizione di tre nuove specie di pseudococcidi

Tranfaglia, A.

Bollettino del Laboratorio di Entomologia Agraria Filippo Silvestri 38: 3-28


Accession: 021811306

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An account is given of some Coccoidea from Italy and Greece collected during the years 1977-1980 or deposited in the collection of the Istituto di Entomologia Agraria di Portici (Naples). Records on host plants, localities, and notes on morphology and taxonomy are given for the following species: Allococcus euphorbiae (Ezzat et McConnell), A. inamabilis (Hamb.), Antonina purpurea Sign., Chorizococcus rostellum (Lob.), Dysmicoccus brevipes (Ckll), D.? mackenzei Beard., Phenacoccus eschscholtziae McKenzie, P. gossypii Town. et Ckll., Pseudococcus obscurus Essig, Rhizoecus cacticans (Ham.), Spilococcus cactearum McKenzie, Kermes bacciformis Leon., K. ilicis (L.), K. roboris Four., K. vermilio Planch., Ceroplastes rusci (L.) and C. sinensis Del Guercio. C. nerii Newst. is a junior synonym of C. rusci (L.). Peliococcus vivarensis, Vryburgia rimariae and Spilococcus salviae are described as new. An Eriococcus? sp. nov. is described from Greece.