Studi sui Cicindelidi. 43. Una nuova Dromica dell'Angola (Coleoptera Cicindelidae)

Cassola, F.

Redia 68: 33-37


ISSN/ISBN: 0370-4327
Accession: 021811325

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A new Dromica-D. juengeri n. sp., belonging to the group of D. auropunctata Quedenfeldt-is herein described from Calulo, Angola. It appears to be similar to D. strandi W.H., but can be easily recognizable by its smaller size, the lateral declivity of the elytra sudden and narrower, and the elytral markings reduced merely to a small roundish central spot near to, but entirely above, the beginning of the lateral declivity. The three typical specimens, all being unfortunately females, were collected on 1966 by Ernst Junger, a famous German writer having a strong interest on entomology, and especially fond of Tiger Beetles. The new species is therefore dedicated to him.