Studi sui Paederinae-3-1 Medon Steph paleartici con descrizione di nuove specie mediterranee (Col. Staphylinidae)

Bordoni, A.

Bollettino del Laboratorio di Entomologia Agraria Filippo Silvestri 37: 73-125


Accession: 021811335

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Six groups of Medon Steph., instituted on the basis of the metamorphosized structure of .female. V urosternum, are divided into subgroups according to the conformation of the .female. aedeagus examined ventrally, laterally and frontally. Since the study was based on several types and on abundant material from the Mediterraneam basin collected by members of the Geneva Museum, and on material from non-Mediterranean regions, this contribution can be considered a revision of Palearctic Medon. Biogeographic and taxonomic data are given for each species. The following new species are described; from Italy: M. orgianum from Siena, M. dilutum meridionale ssp. nov. from Apulia; from Turkey: M. alexandrinum, M. seleucum, M. orduanum, M. lydicum and M. besucheti. The validity of M. dilutum spelaeum Scriba stat. nov. and M. d. cephalum Koch stat. nov. as subspecies and M. africanum Fauv. as a species is confirmed.