Studies on tiger beetles. 70. - Notes on Cicindela clathrata Dejean, 1825, with a description of a new species from northern Namibia and southern Angola (Coleoptera, Cicindelidae)

Cassola, F.

Journal of African Zoology 15 September; 1074: 355-362


ISSN/ISBN: 0776-7943
Accession: 021821944

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The South African tiger beetle species Cicindela clathrata Dejean, 1825, has been largely misinterpreted in past literature, and incorrectly considered a subspecies of Lophyra brevicollis (Wiedemann, 1823). The rediscovery of Dejean's original specimens in the Paris Museum collections (MNHN), as well as the study of other more recent material from Natal, Orange Free State and Cape Province, indicate it is a distinct species, belonging to the different lineage of Lophyra bertolonia (W. Horn, 1915). Lectotype designation and species re-description are given, and a closely related new species - Lophyra endroedyi n. sp. - is described from northern Namibia and southern Angola.