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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 21824

Chapter 21824 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dunaev, EA.; Belov, VV., 1989:
Study of feed spectrum of the Zaisan lizard Phrynocephalus melanurus Eichwald, 1831 (Reptilia: Agamidae) based on excrements

Sharipov, M., 1993:
Study of feeding the nestlinge of big tomtit (Parus major bokharensis Licht.) in the towns of Fergana Valley

Bremner, Peter., 1995:
Study of female cheetah and cubs at Glasgow Zoo

Tonini, C.; Cassani, G.; Massardo, P.; Guglielmetti, G.; Castellari, PL., 1986:
Study of female sex pheromone of leopard moth, Zeuzera pyrina L. Isolation and identification of three components

Horrocks, J., 1982:
Study of feral vervet monkeys in Barbados

Akimova, RF.; Benediktov, II.; Solov'ev, MM., 1978:
Study of fermentative hydrolysis of fat in the presence of Lamblia duodenalis (in vitro)

Jorgensen, Kurt., 1995:
Study of fire-bellied toads on Knudshoved Odde 1994.

Dgebuadze, YuYu., 1986:
Study of fish population patterns in water bodies of Mongolian People's Republic

Taft, EP.; Isakson, JS., 1983:
Study of fish protection methods related to a potential Alaskan hydro power development

Kuznetsov, VV., 1998:
Study of fish reaction on the rope elements oscillations

Ingrid Masaló; Lourdes Reig; Joan Oca, 2008:
Study of fish swimming activity using acoustical Doppler velocimetry (ADV) techniques

Wang, H-C.; Liu, C.; Huang, H-J.; Chung, P-Y.; Huang, K-H., 1996:
Study of fishes in the Chung-Kung stream: species distribution and organochlorine pesticide residues

Sepros, I.; Tisza, G.; Sieto, K., 1989:
Study of flight of microlepidopterous pests by automatized sex pheromone trap (Csopak, 1987)

K.H.V.D.rga Rao; C.R.S.P.llai, 2008:
Study of flow over side weirs under supercritical conditions

Skorobogatov, MA.; Pavlov, SD., 1991:
Study of flow speed orientation in the roach (Rutilus rutilus) juveniles

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of flowering phenology in jatropha (Jatropha Curcas L.)

Bao, Yi-xin., 2001:
Study of fly species diversity in Jinhua urban area

Crevecoeur, L., 1991:
Study of flying insects close to the nature reserve 'Het Wik', Bokrijk-Genk with a new record of Tephritidae for Belgium.

Alfred-Ockiya, JF., 2001:
Study of food habits of goby, Porogobius schlegelii (Gunther, 1861) from Elechi Creek, off Bonny River, Niger Delta, Nigeria

Simchuk, PA.; Markosyan, A.; Simchuk, GV., 1986:
Study of food specialization of a potato tuber moth (Phthorimaea operculella Zeller)

Bhardwaj, S.Piyush.; Singh, S., 2007:
Study of forced degradation behavior of enalapril maleate by LC and LC-MS and development of a validated stability-indicating assay method

Sabry, Suzy, M., 2008:
Study of forced-acid/heat degradation and degradant/impurity profile of phenazopyridine hydrochloride through HPLC and spectrofluorimetric analyses

Martinek, V., 1994:
Study of forest fauna of Diptera (Diptera-Brachycera) in the valley of the Metuje river near Nove Mesto nad Metuji

Oshima, F.; Niwa, F.; Imai, K.; Makino, M.; Oda, K., 2007:
Study of forty-two patients with lateral medullary infarction (LMI) presenting dysphagia

Noel, D., 1979:
Study of fossil and recent coccolithophorids: a reciprocal lesson

Seravin, L.; Minichev, YuS.; Railkin, AI., 1985:
Study of fouling and bio-damage to marine man-made objects (certain results and prospects).

Wang Jianjun.; Huang Zongguo.; L.C.uanyan.; Zheng Chengxing.; Lin Sheng., 1989:
Study of fouling organisms at Tuoji Island in the Bohai Channel

Handa, SM.; Kaur, J.; Gill, TK., 1998:
Study of free amino acids in five different populations of Zygogramma bicolorata Pallister (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Dawood Sharief, S.; Ismail, SA.; Modhideen, HMd., 1985:
Study of free amino acids in the eye of fish, Tilapia mossambica

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of free radical scavenging activity of extracts of leaves of Bergenia by HPTLC-DPPH method

Wu, X.; Li, D.; Li, B.; Geng, X., 2000:
Study of freezing semen technology in arctic fox

Anonymous, 2006:
Study of fungal biodiversity in Camba

Tyagi, R.-Mohan; Aswar, U., M.; Mohan, V.; Bodhankar, S.L.; Zambare, G.N.; Thakurdesai, P., A., 2008:
Study of furostenol glycoside fraction of Tribulus terresteris on male sexual function in rats

Agrawal, BD., 1983:
Study of galls of Aschistonyx baranii Grover (Cecidomyiidae: Diptera) on Crataeva religiosa Forst (family: Capparidaceae)

Anonymous, 1972:
Study of gamasid mites from southern Ural and Zaural.

Zimin, V.B.; Artemyev, A.V.; Lapshin, N., 2001:
Study of geese aggregations and spring bird migration in the Olonets fields in 1999

A.A.uado; B.D.L.s Santos; C.B.anco; F.R.mero, 2008:
Study of gene effects for cotton yield and Verticillium wilt tolerance in cotton plant (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Moulin, N.L.gon.; Wyttenbach, A.; Brunner, H.; Goudet, J.; Hausser, J., 1997:
Study of gene flow through a hybrid zone in the common shrew (Sorex araneus) using microsatellites

Liu, Z.; Yan, S.Frank.; Walker, J.R.; Zwingman, T.A.; Jiang, T.; Li, J.; Zhou, Y., 2007:
Study of gene function based on spatial co-expression in a high-resolution mouse brain atlas

Anonymous, 2008:
Study of genetic diversity between grasspea landraces using morphological and molecular marker

Gavrilenko, T.A.; Antonova, O.Y.; Kostina, L.I., 2007:
Study of genetic diversity in potato cultivars using PCR analysis of organelle DNA

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of genetic diversity of bread wheat genotypes in view point of remotion of assimilates to seed in two normal and drought stress conditions

Khan, I.-Ahmed; Dahot,; Khatri, A., 2007:
Study of genetic variability in sugarcane induced through mutation breeding

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of genetic variability of natural population of Allium roseum L. (Alliaceae) in Tunisia

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of genotype-environment interaction of winter wheat varieties with respect to grain yield

Sivec, I., 1984:
Study of genus Neoperla (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from the Philippines

B.G.nshang.; Liu Huai., 1997:
Study of genus Rhizoglyphus in China

Sarma, R.; Kadam, M., 1984:
Study of germ-cell morphology and the spermatogenic cycle in the slender loris, Loris tardigradus lydekkerianus (Cabr.)

Krasnodembsky, Eg, 1987:
Study of glandular formations in parthenites of some species of trematodes

María Perassolo; Ana María Giulietti; Julián Rodriguez Talou, 2007:
Study of glutamate addition on secondary metabolism of Rubia tinctorum cell suspension cultures

Szabo, G., 1988:
Study of grapevine leaf mites and other mites with a special sieving method

Dawber, M.; Powell, R.D., 1994:
Study of grounding-line sedimentation processes at the Mackay Glacier tongue using a remotely operated vehicle - observations on the seafloor epibenthic community

Oiestad, V.; Moksness, E., 1981:
Study of growth and survival of herring larvae (Clupea harengus L.) using plastic bag and concrete basin enclosures

Warchalowska-Sliwa, E.; Maryanska-Nadachowska, A.; Gorochov, A.V., 1997:
Study of gryllids of the subfamily Landrevinae (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) from Vietnam: karyology and patterns of sperm

Qin, Wei, 1996:
Study of habitat and population structure of Prolosalanx hyalocranius in river

Syam, A., 1978:
Study of habitats and population of anoa (Anoa depressicornis H. Smith) in Mount Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve, north Sulawesi

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of haematological parameters in type 1 diabetic patients and associated autoimmunity

Hardikar, BP.; Gokhale, KS., 2000 :
Study of haematological parameters of sewage-fed fish, Sarotherodon mossambicus (Peters)

Jani, RG.; Sabapara, RH.; Bhuva, CN.; Katatra, RD., 2004:
Study of haematological reference intervals for asiatic wild ass Equus hemionus khur

Sujatha, M.; Lakshmipathi, V., 1993:
Study of haemolymph esterases in three species of crustaceans and two species of insects

Prasolova, MM., 1981:
Study of heat production in water worms Oligochaeta by direct and indirect calorimetry

Luo, M.; Li, J.; Cao, W.; Wang, M., 2008:
Study of heavy metal speciation in branch sediments of Poyang Lake

Azubuike-Iwegbue, C.-Maxwell; Arimoro, F.-Ofurum; Nwozo, S.-Onyenibe, 2007:
Study of heavy metal speciation in sediments impacted with crude oil in the niger delta, Nigeria

Anonymous, 1975:
Study of helminth infections in some dams and reservoirs of Uttar Pradesh

Poljakova-Krusteva, O.; Mizinska-Boevska, Y., 1985:
Study of helminth membranes

Yong-Zhong, C.; Shao-Jeng, P.; Xiang-Nan, W.; Xiao-Hu, Y.; Jun-Hui, H.; De-Bin, W., 2007:
Study of high yield cultivation technologies of oil-tea camellia (Camellia oleifera) - Formulate fertilization

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of high-frequency electromagnetic field effect on some somatic

Vozeh, F.; Donek, A.; Cendelin, J.; Korelusova, I.; Vrba, J., 2007:
Study of high-frequency electromagnetic field effect on some somatic and neuro-behavioral characteristics in healthy and neurodefective mice

Butovsky, RO., 1995:
Study of highway influence upon the ground beetles complex structure (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in agricultural ecosystems using biomass indices

Lee, S J., 1985:
Study of house fly (Musca domestica) population in garbage dump-yards

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of human casualties by Bengal tigers (Panthera tigris tigris L.) in the Sundarbans forest of Bangladesh

Adler, JH.; Yanko, L.; Saliternik, R.; Browne, A., 1984:
Study of hyperglycemia and cataracts within a standardization breeding program for sand rats Psammomys obesus

Bakuradze, AN.; Gugushvili, LN., 1982:
Study of image memory in lower monkeys after ablation of different parts of the cortex around the sulcus principalis

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of immunopathological response in Balb/c mice after infection with ethambutol resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of industrial potato salad microbial quality improvement in Isfahan, Iran

Anonymous, 1975:
Study of infestation of flour by Tribolium castaneum (Herbst), Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, on laboratory bench in Khartoum

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of inhibitory activities and modes of action of green tea and grape seed extracts against L. monocytogenes and E. coli

Chandirasekar, R., 1993:
Study of inorganic ions in the adult Echinococcus granulosus (sheep (liver) dog origin) and sheep fertile (liver) protoscoleces and their fluid

Bujaki, G.; Horvath, Z., 1992:
Study of insect populations active on the soil surface in sunflower stands in different parts of Hungary 1975-1987

Suzuki, Z., 1988:
Study of interaction between longline and purse seine fisheries on yellowfin tuna, Thunnus albacares (Bonnaterre)

Awan, MS., 1988:
Study of interaction between temperatures and complexity of searching conditions and its influence on the voracity of a predaceous pentatomid, Oechalia schellenbergii (Guerin-Meneville)

Ksenzshek, OS.; Gevod, VS.; Omelchenko, AM.; Semenov, SN.; Sotnichenko, AI.; Miroshnikov, AI., 1978:
Study of interaction of cardiotoxin from the venom of cobra Naja naja oxiana with phospholipid membrane model systems

Wang, Z.; Zhang, H.; Li, X-Fang.; Le, X.Chris., 2007:
Study of interactions between arsenicals and thioredoxins (human and E. coli) using mass spectrometry

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of interactions of lectins, isolated from sea invertebrates, with viruses of plants and man

Xu, F.; Bai, S.; Zhang, H.; Wang, J.; Gong, Y.; Li, Y.; Jiang, Q., 2007:
Study of interfractional and intrafractional set-up errors in radiotherapy utilizing KV cone beam computed tomography

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of intestinal time in patients with chronic pancreatitis with

Das, SS.; Sharma, NN., 1994:
Study of intracellular development of Theileria annulata spordozoites

Kaczanowski, A.; Radzikowski, S.; Malejczyk, J.; Polakowski, I., 1980:
Study of intraclonal conjugation in Chilodonelia steini. Evidence of abortive conjugation

Walter, ED.; Valovaya, MA.; Popova, TI., 1979:
Study of invasion by helminths of the planctonic invertebrates of the White Sea

Walter, ED.; Valovaya, MA.; Popova, TI., 1979:
Study of invasion by helminths of the planktonic invertebrates of the White Sea

Winnepenninckx, B. van de Peer, Y.; Peeters, K. de Baere, I.; Moens, L., 1992:
Study of invertebrate and plant globins: templates and evolutionary trees

Landman, N.H.; Winston, J.E., 1999:
Study of invertebrates at the American Museum of Natural History

Tasseva, E.; Georgieva, G.; Panova, M.; Gergova, S.; Gaydajiev, I., 1999:
Study of ixodes ticks (Ixodidae, Acarina) harbouring borreliae in Sofia and its surroundings: 1. Comparative investigation of borrelia presence in ixodes ticks using three methods

Nazneen, S.; Begum, F.; Erum, N.; Jahan, N., 1992:
Study of jaws and radula of some fresh water gastropods in relation to their feeding habits

Zhang, L.-Xiong.; Chonggang Yuan.; Longnian Lin.; Huanmin Wei.; Lifang Lin., 1996:
Study of joint action of mercury and lead on discharges of the antennule-inner ramus nerve of the crayfish (Cambarus clarkii)

Wang Mingli.; Liu Erman.; Chen Fengying.; Zeng Kewen.; Tian Xiuhua., 1998:
Study of karyotype of the great bustard

Gans, Carl., 1996:
Study of lancelets: the first 200 years

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of laparoscopic anatomy of retroperitoneal cavity around kidney

Miao, C-xia.; Zhuo, L.; Gu, Y-ming.; Qin, Z-hui., 2008:
Study of large medical equipment allocation in Xuzhou

Mantrova, LA., 1991:
Study of larval forms of trematodes of the south Turkmenia

Bako, Z.; Sepros, I., 1988:
Study of leaf miner moths in the apple orchards of Hungary in 1987

Soria, M.; Gerlotto, F.; Freon, P., 1993:
Study of learning capabilities of tropical clupeoids using an artificial stimulus

Grey, LP., 1992:
Study of lepidopterous genitalia: chapter 2

Grey, LP., 1992:
Study of lepidopterous genitalia: chapter 3

Srivastava, RP.; Misra, SN., 1981:
Study of lifecycle of Exitianus sp. (family Cicadellidae) and effect of temperature variations an its lifecycle

Macario, A.; Giordano, G.; Setti, L.; Parise, A.; Campelo, J., M.; Marinas, J., M.; Luna, D., 2007:
Study of lipase immobilization on zeolitic support and transesterification reaction in a solvent free-system

Van Nieuwenhuyse, D.; Bekaert, M., 2001:
Study of little owl Athene noctua habitat preference in Herzele (east-Flanders, northern Belgium) using the median test

Tripathi, G.; Shukla, SP., 1987:
Study of liver cytoplasmic and mitochondrial malate dehydrogenases of the freshwater catfish, Clarias batrachus

Anonymous, 2006:
Study of low dose steroid on adjunct to standard treatment for septic shock due to Burkholderia pseudomallei infection in murine model

Ueno, R.; Horiguchi, Y., 1984:
Study of lysosomal enzymes in fish muscle tissues - 6. Distribution of -N-acetylglucosaminidase in tissues of several fish species

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of mRNA expression of the CIITA transactivator in human keratinocytes

Singh, SP., 1996:
Study of male genitalia of some species genus of Pheropsophus (Branchinini: Carabidae: Coleoptera) and its taxonomic importance

Fuller, P., 1988:
Study of mandarin (Aix galericulata) in Bedfordshire

Ingolfsson, A.; Svararsson, J., 1995:
Study of marine organisms round a cathode dumping site in Iceland

Pandey, S.C.; Pandey, S.D., 1989:
Study of maternal behaviour in wild mice: avoidance to retrieve young and increase in cannibalic activity

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of mechanisms explaining spreading multiple copies of the period gene in the W chromosome of Anthearaea pernyi

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of medicinal plants and medicines use in the south of brazil FT Estudo da utilizacao de plantas medicinais e medicamentos em um municipio do sul do Brasil

Datta, SN.; Chatterjee, K., 1989:
Study of meiotic chromosomes of four hunting spiders of north eastern India

Anonymous, 1972:
Study of mesofauna in oak and broad leaved forests of southern Sikhote Alin.

Sano, W.; Kushida, S.; Mitsuoka, H.; Ogura, T.; Ohnishi, Y.; Maeda, M., 2007:
Study of metabolic syndrome and atherosclerosis

Senkbeil, EG., 1980:
Study of metabolism of hemocyanin in the American lobster

Grishchenko, VI.; Belous, AM.; Moiseev, VA.; Zagnaiko, VI.; Zinchenko, VD.; Andrienko, AN.; Trachevskii, VV.; Pashchenko, EA., 1990:
Study of metabolism of phosphorus-containing compounds in the livers of long-tail gophers (Citellus undulatus) by the 31P-NMR method

Taguchi, M.; Yasuda, K.; Toda, S.; Shimizu, M., 1979:
Study of metal contents of elasmobranch fishes: part 1 - metal concentration in the muscle tissues of a dogfish, Squalus mitsukurii

Lin, P.; Ren, H.; Ru, B., 2001:
Study of metallothionein in fishes for Donghu aquatic environment

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of methotrexate-induced pulmonary toxic mechanism of inflammation via p38 MAPK pathway in human bronchial epithelial (BEAS-2B) cells

Kurashvili, B.; Kvesitadze, A.; Ramazashvili, N., 1996:
Study of microelements content in animals invased with parasitic worms and in animals abiding in soil

Cheng Zhenbo.; J.X.aohua.; Lan Dongzhao., 1998:
Study of microfossils in the surface sediments from the CC area of the north-east Pacific Ocean

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of microsatellites in blood, superficial bladder carcinoma and urine sediments

Skryabin, VA., 1984:
Study of microzooplankton in the Ligurian Sea and north-eastern part of the tropical Atlantics

Herczig, B.; Meszaros, Z.; Szeoke, K.; Korolj, TS.; Usakov, DI., 1989:
Study of migrating Lepidoptera in northern Kaukasus

Meszaros, Z., 1986:
Study of migratory Lepidoptera on the Balcar Peninsula

Vyawahare, PM., 1987:
Study of migratory waders of Dhule, Maharashtra

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of mineral incrustations of a new ureteral stent: The Inlay Optima (R) Bard

Zelenov, EYu., 1985:
Study of mink enteritis virus properties for selection of commercial strains

Gal, T., 1990:
Study of mites on the apple orchards of Zala County

Danieljan, FD., 1987:
Study of mixed population of three parthenogenetic species of the rock lizards (Lacerta saxicola complex) in Armenia

Hoshika, S.; Minakawa, N.; Shionoya, A.; Imada, K.; Ogawa, N.; Matsuda, A., 2007:
Study of modification pattern-RNAi activity relationships by using siRNAs modified with 4'-thioribonucleosides

Velimirovic, V., 1978:
Study of mole-rat Spalax leucodon Nordm. in the region of Durmitor

Anonymous, 2008:
Study of molecular mechanism of pregnancy-associated malaria in Indonesia: characterization of Plasmodium falciparum var gene of peripheral and placental isolates.

Anonymous, 2005:
Study of molecular mechanisms of the adaptive response of Escherichia coli to monochloramine using DNA microarray technology

Clark, G R.; II., 1980:
Study of molluscan shell structure & growth lines using thin sections

Cranz, C.; Ishak, B.; Brun, B.; Rumpler, Y., 1986:
Study of morphological and cytological parameters indicating oestrus in Lemur fulvus mayottensis

Shahzad, M.A.mad.; Obaid-ur-Rehman., 1995:
Study of morphology and chaetotaxy of two important lepidopterous larvae of rice

Bahuguna, V.P.; Sharma, R.C., 2001:
Study of morphology of trematode parasites of freshwater fishes of Doon Valley

Chaudhry, AA.; Tahir, M., 1988:
Study of mother offspring behaviour of blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra) under captive conditions of Lahore Zoo

Safarov, K.M.; Ivazov, N.; Nuritdinov, EN., 1985:
Study of motility of nervous processes in Ophisaurus apodus Pall.

Gokhale, KS.; Borgadnkar, SS., 1984:
Study of mud-dwelling animals of Thane Creek in relation with environment

Atamuradov, K.I.; Ashirova, OKh., 1985:
Study of natural complexes of Badkhyz (1886-1982) (Bibliography).

Wu, S.; Kuang, W., 1992:
Study of nautiloids in the Upper Permian Changxingian reefs from Lichuan, west Hubei

Hrzic, A.; Urek, G., 1989:
Study of nematopopulations found in arable land

Vecino, E.; Lara, J.; Alonso, JR.; Miguel, JJ.; Aijon, J., 1989:
Study of neuronal density in the optic tectum of Barbus bocagei

Wang-Jin-Lian; Fang-Meng-Xiang; Yan-Shui-Ping; Luo-Zhong-Yang; Cen-Ke-Fa, 2007:
Study of new blended chemical absorbents to absorb CO2

Casado, P.-Francisco-Javier; Sanchez, A.-Higinio; Montano, L.-Rejano, Y.A.fredo, 2007:
Study of new procedures of elaboration of alkalitreated green table olives, not fermented, preserved by heat treatments

Barbara, G.Stéphane.; Grünewald, B.; Paute, S.; Gauthier, M.; Raymond-Delpech, Vérie., 2007:
Study of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors on cultured antennal lobe neurones from adult honeybee brains

Kumar, P.; Kumar, S., 1987:
Study of non specific (alkaline & acid) phosphatases in the alimentary canal of pyrethrum treated molecricket: Gryllotalpa africana, Linn

Baba, Norihisa., 2001:
Study of northern fur seal behavior by telemetry

Albert, P.; Lacorre Arescaldino, I.; Toublan, B., 1992:
Study of nuclear basic proteins of Physarum polycephalum: differential synthesis during plasmodial cell cycle and spherule germination

Yang, T.; E.A., 1996:
Study of nuclear type of Yellow River carp

Ghosh, TK.; Chatterjee, SK., 1986:
Study of nucleic acids of the nematode Leidynema appendiculata and its host Periplaneta americana

Hiromi-Kakagawa, S.-Maria; De-Brito-Portela-Castro, M.-Ana-Luiza; Martins-Santos, I.-Cristina, 2007:
Study of nucleolus organizing regions by Ag-staining, in situ hybridization and Chromomycin A(3) techniques in Tilapia rendalli (Cichlidae, perciformes) of the River Iguacu Basin, Parana, Brazil

Grigorash, VA.; Spanovskaya, VD., 1976:
Study of nutrition and feeding relations of a species

Aquac, P., 1978:
Study of nutritional requirements and growth of Penaeus merguiensis in tanks by means of purified and artificial diets

de Saint-Georges-Gridelet, D., 1980:
Study of nutritional requirements on the survival of Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of occupational stress with emphasis on gastronomy

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of olive oil packaging in plastic materials FT Etude du conditionnement de l'huile d'olive dans les emballages en plastique

Kossovaya, OL., 1986:
Study of ontogenesis and microstructure in Bothrophyllidae (Rugosa) systematics.

Wang, L.; Liu, X.; Qian, W.; Hou, J.; Lu, H., 1995:
Study of ontogeny of the rhesus monkeys in the Taihang Mountains

Bonnanfant-Jais, M-L.; Mentre, P., 1983:
Study of oogenesis in the newt Pleurodeles waltlii M. 1. Ultrastructural study of the different stages of oocyte development

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of operation of the molecular hinges in human PGK using site-directed mutagenesis

H.Z.ang;; H.B.S.n; J.L.Z.ang; H.O.yang; L.X.n; Y.D.C.uai, 2007:
Study of organohalogen contaminants in yogurt by NAA and GC-ECD

Satpathy, D.; Neelakantan, B., 1981:
Study of ova diameters of different regions in matured ovary of Otolithus argenteus (C and V) from Karwar waters

Lodos, N.; Onder, F.; Simsek, Z., 1984:
Study of overwintering insect fauna and research on flight activity and migration behaviour of some insect species at the spring emergences during the migration period of the sunn pest: Eurygaster integriceps Put. (Heteroptera: Scutelleridae) to the plain of Diyarbakir (Turkey)

Mariojouls, C.; Kusuki, Y., 1992:
Study of oyster biodeposition under culture rafts in Hiroshima Bay

Shabab, M.; Kulkarni, M.J.; Khan, M.Islam. , 2007:
Study of papain-cystatin interaction by intensity fading MALDI-TOF-MS

Farre, M.; Roset, P.N.; Abanades, S.; Menoyo, E.; Alvarez, Y.; Rovira, M.; Baena, A., 2008:
Study of paracetamol 1-g oral solution bioavailability

Cabrera, BD.; Valeza, F., 1979:
Study of paragonimiasis in Sorsogon Province, Philippines. 1. Survey of streams for infection rate in crab intermediate host

Zdun, VI.; Valter, ED., 1990:
Study of parasites and commencals

Guo Mingfang., 1992:
Study of parasitic behavior of Trichogramma. (2) Affect of mating behavior on sex ratio of progeny

Guo Mingfang,.; Zhang Jingye,, 1993:
Study of parasitizing behaviour of Trichogramma (4) - progeny number allocation and sex allocation

Guo Mingfang.; Zhang Jinyye.; L.L.ying., 1992:
Study of parasitizing behaviour of Trichogramma 3.-Sex-controlling behaviour during oviposition

Valin, N.; Flahault, A.; Lassau, F.; Janier, M.; Massari, V., 2007:
Study of partner-related and situational risk factors for symptomatic male urethritis

Qi, Caixia. et al., 1995:
Study of pathogen and prevention and treatment on furunculosis of turtle

Liu, Z. et al., 1988:
Study of pathogenic bacterium Serratia marcescens of rice plant hopper Nilaparvata lugens

Narayan Rao, P.; Narsi Reddy, Y.; Rajashekhar, AV., 1994:
Study of pathological changes in the reproductive system of Copromyza marginatis (Diptera = Adam) due to the infection of Howardula marginatis (nematode)

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of patients having splenectomy due to trauma for long term infectious and vascular complications

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of pectinase produced by termophilic fungi Rhizomucor sp N31 in

Liu, Y.; Liao, W.; Chen, S., 2007:
Study of pellet formation of filamentous fungi Rhizopus oryzae using a multiple logistic regression model

Panchal, KM., 1998:
Study of pelvic bone (os coxae) of the chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes)

Lukjanov, OA., 1991:
Study of permanent inhabitants density and migrants flow in small mammal's populations using the method of animals removal without returning them back

Margarit, G.; Banita, E.; Hondru, N.; Manole, T.; Luca, E., 1987:
Study of pest and useful fauna of the wheat crop in the area of Simnic-Dolj

Viswanathan, R., 1992:
Study of pesticides impact on earthworms using a closed laboratory model ecosystem

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of phospholipase D with recently developed molecular tools

Hoida, O.A.; Kusen', S.I.; Mukalov, I.O., 1975:
Study of phospholipids during embryogenesis of Misgurnus fossilis

Yang, W.-ge.; Lou, Y.-jiang.; Dong, M.-min., 2001:
Study of phospholipids in Palaemon gravieri

Pak, WL., 1979:
Study of photoreceptor function using Drosophila mutants

Jo, D.; Kim, B-Keun.; Kausar, T.; Kwon, J-Ho., 2008:
Study of photostimulated- and thermo-luminescence characteristics for detecting irradiated kiwifruit

Anbuganapathi, G.; Asokan, R.; Baskar, J.; Arul.; Loganathan, M., 1998:
Study of physico chemical parameters and zooplankton in relation to paper mill effluent discharge in Cauvery River System

Nardon, PGZ., 1978:
Study of physiological (weight, fertility, developmental time) and genetical interactions between the host and its symbiotes in the snout beetle Sitophilus sasakii (S. oryzae) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Anonymous, 1975:
Study of phytophagous mites and their integrated control

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Study of phytoplankton in Bogor Botanical Garden ponds

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Study of pine caterpillar techinid flies 2: on the screen of substitute host of techinid flies

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Study of pink footed geese in Lancashire

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Study of plasma induced chemistry by DC discharges in CO2/N2/H2O mixtures above a water surface

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Study of plasma protein C and inflammatory pathways: biomarkers for dimethylnitrosamine-induced liver fibrosis in rats

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Study of polar lipids and fatty acid composition in pylorus caecum of starfish (Asterias amurensis)

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Study of pollination ecology of climbing fig (Ficus pumila L.)

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Study of polyphenol content in the seeds of red grape (Vitis vinifera L.) varieties cultivated in Turkey and their antiradical activity

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Study of population dynamics of Uist greylags

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Study of population ecology of ducks by ringing

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Study of population fluctuation on three psocopteran species

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Study of population fluctuations of local and migratory (aquatic) birds observed in and around Dhule City, Maharashtra

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Study of possibility of vole organism (Microtus socialis Pallas, 1773) to reiterated effects of zinc phosphide

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Study of preparations of bee pollen extracts, antioxidant and antibacterial activity

Anonymous., 1988:
Study of prevalence of Trichinella spiralis in rats, mice and muskrats.

Wang, H.; Zhang, J.; Li, Y.; Lin, K., 1991:
Study of prevention and treatment of the epidemic disease of Hyriopsis cumingii (Lea)

Sheikin, AO.; Tarabajev, C.K., 1991:
Study of prey biomass abundance of Theridium impressum in the apple tree biocenosises of Zailijsky Alatau

Khachatrian, AG., 1987:
Study of processes of photoperiodic regulation of development in Barathra brassicae L. (Noctuidae, Lepidoptera) by the autoradiography method

Durand-Clement, M., 1987:
Study of production and toxicity of cultured Gambierdiscus toxicus

Fabio Nogueira, RH., 1984:
Study of production of food and brood in hives of Apis mellifera infested with the mite Varroa jacobsoni

Gao, Z.; Wilkin, D.; Eapen, L.; Morash, C.; Wassef, Y.; Gerig, L., 2007:
Study of prostate delineation referenced against a gold standard created from the visible human data

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of protection by salicylaldehyde isonicotinoyl hydrazone against hydrogen peroxide- and anthracycline-induced toxicity to cardiac cells

Elkordy, A.A.; Forbes, R.T.; Barry, B.W., 2008:
Study of protein conformational stability and integrity using calorimetry and FT-Raman spectroscopy correlated with enzymatic activity

Kostandyan, DS.; Mirzoyan, VS., 1986:
Study of protein fractions of Grapholitha molesta Busck. in the postembryonal stages of development

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of protein targets for covalent modification by the antitumoral

Anonymous, 1975:
Study of protein variation in the haemolymph in various Bombyx mori races, by electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel.

Xu, F.; He, Y., 2008:
Study of pulmonary surfactant and surfactant protein in rats with lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury

Foo, J.Yong.Abdiel.; Lim, C.Sing., 2007:
Study of pulse transit time oscillations during obstructive sleep apnoea by using a distributed model

Titlic, M.; Matijaca, M.; Marovic, A.; Lusic, I.; Tonkic, A.; Jukic, I.; Karacic, S.; Capkun, V., 2007:
Study of quality of life in patients with multiple sclerosis FT Kvaliteta zivota u oboljelih S multiplom sklerozom

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of rabbiteye blueberry (Vaccinium ashei Reade) in the process of food products

Iwamoto, F.M.; Schwartz, J.; Pandit-Taskar, N.; Peak, S.; Divgi, C.R.; Zelenetz, A.D.; Humm, J.; Abrey, L.E., 2007:
Study of radiolabeled indium-111 and yttrium-90 ibritumomab tiuxetan in primary central nervous system lymphoma

Muntyan, M.S.; Bloch, D.A., 2008:
Study of redox potential in cytochrome c covalently bound to terminal oxidase of alkaliphilie Bacillus pseudofirmus FTU

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Study of reflectance for the graptolites from Lower Yangtze region in Jiangsu, E China

Curtis, D.; Vine, A.E.; Knight, J., 2008:
Study of regions of extended homozygosity provides a powerful method to explore haplotype structure of human populations

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of regulatory T cells in peripheral blood and cutaneous lesions in patients with cutaneous T cell lymphomas: Identification of Sezary syndrome as a treg-deficient disease

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of regulatory proteins of eIF2-alpha subunit phosphatase/protein phosphatase 1 (PP1) during ischemic reperfusion

Martinetto, K.; Cugnasse, J-M., 2001:
Study of relations mouflon/tourism: an essential stage from a long-term management of this species

Khlebovich, WW., 1990:
Study of relations to salinity

Anonymous, 1972:
Study of relative ionic permeability of the membrane of giant muscle fibres of Balanus balanus (L.) and Balanus rostratus (Hoek.) for potassium, sodium and chlorine ions

Xu, K.; Li, C.; Pan, X.; Du, B., 2007:
Study of relieving graft-versus-host disease by blocking CD137-CD137 ligand costimulatory pathway in vitro

Niu, C.; He, Z.; Wang, F. et al., 1997:
Study of reproductive capacity index of Trichinella spiralis in pigs and cats in China

Lvova, AA.; Makarova, GE., 1990:
Study of reproductive cycle

Kabyrov, RR.; Hazipova, RH.; Husainov, ZM., 2000:
Study of resistance limits of soil algae to surface-active substances

Zhang Yuhui.; L.P.peng.; Fang Rongsheng.; M.X.nming.; Xing Lihong., 1991:
Study of retina in Andrias davidianus with IM and SEM

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of rotational setup errors and their dosimetric impacts on head tomography (kV CBCT)

Büchner-Vollmers, A.; Hollenberg, C.P., 1981:
Study of salivary gland specific transcripts in Chironomus tentans by cDNA analysis

Anonymous, 1991:
Study of sea turtles from Piram Island in the Gulf of Cambay (Gujarat, India)

Anonymous, 1976:
Study of seasonal dynamics of biological characters in mature fish

Elia, A.C.ncetta.; Ludovisi, A.; Taticchi, M.I.luminata., 2001:
Study of seasonal variations of glutathione and detoxification enzymes in Lophopus crystallinus Pallas (Bryozoa) from Lake Piediluco (Umbria, Italy)

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of seed maturity and storage longevity in three sorghum cultivars

Anonymous, 2008:
Study of seed yield correlation with different traits of common bean under stress condition

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of selected amino acid biosynthetic pathways in the sulfate reducing bacterium Desulfovibtio vulgaris Hildenborough

McKenna, L., 1985:
Study of selected biochemical parameters in the mussel Mytilus edulis L

Zeng Zhinan.; Chen Mu.; Lin Qi.; Chen Puxian.; Chen Yuezhong., 1994:
Study of semi-artificial spat-collection technique of green mussel, Perna viridis in Dongshan Bay

Sidorova, MA.; Kushnarenko, AI.; Aliokhina, RP.; Belogolova, LA.; Vodovskaya, VV.; Kriazhev, AI., 1997:
Study of semipassing, two-water fish, passing herring and inconnu

Surendran, S., 1994:
Study of serotonergic neurons in the brain of two different species of bats (Rhinolophus lepidus and Rhinopoma kinneari)

Petrova, E.S.; Otellin, V.A., 2007:
Study of serotonin effects on histogenesis of embryonic rat neocortex on a model of ectopic neurotransplantation

Salman, T.A.; Allam, N.A.A.; Azab, G.I.; Shaarawy, A.; Hassouna, M.; El-haddad, O.M., 2007:
Study of serum adiponectin in chronic liver disease and cholestasis

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of serum lipoprotein profile and APOE genotype in Alzheimer's disease

Della Libera, S.; Carlini, R., 1993:
Study of sexual dimorphism in a Mediterranean population of striped dolphins (Stenella coeruleoalba) for analysing metrical skull characters

Anonymous, 1975:
Study of sexual maturation in Samarkand Varicorhinus in South-Surkhan Reservoir.

Gorbatchik, TN.; Kuznetsova, KI., 1986:
Study of shells mineral composition of planktonic Foraminifera

Ellingsen, T.; Bener, A.; Gehani, A.A., 2007:
Study of shift work and risk of coronary events

Sagdieva, PD.; Okhotina, MV., 1979:
Study of shrew ectoparasites (Insectivora, Sorex) in the Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve

Gao Yuren., 1989:
Study of silver pheasants in the wild in China

Schulz, W., 1988:
Study of sipunculans has implications for all marine invertebrates

Narciso, D.; Cubero, J.; Parvez, H.; Rodriguez, A.B.; Barriga, C., 2007:
Study of sleep parameters with actimetry in a stress situation

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of social-psychological predictors toward physical activity among persons with coronary heart disease

Geltzer, YuG.; Bobrov, AA., 1985:
Study of soil Testacida

Kozlov, DP., 1991:
Study of soil nematode influence on Strongylata invasive elements number

Melamud, VV., 1988:
Study of soil-dwelling oribatid mites (Acariformes, Oribatei) on nature reserves of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Parida, S.; Dutta, SK.; Mohanty-Hejmadi, P., 1988:
Study of somatic chromosomes of the toad, Bufo stomaticus Lutkan (Anura: Bufonidae) from Orissa, India

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of some HLA aleles in Alzheimer patients

Negreira, N.; Canosa, P.; Rodríguez, I.; Ramil, M.; Rubí, E.; Cela, R., 2007:
Study of some UV filters stability in chlorinated water and identification of halogenated by-products by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Henry, M.; Gillet, H.; Dedryver, CA., 1988:
Study of some components of BYDV epidemiology in the Rennes Basin

Soyer-Gobillard, M-O., 1995:
Study of some cytoskeletal proteins related to mitosis in dinoflagellates

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of some epigenetic mechanisms involved in chromatin dynamics during animal cytodifferentiation

Mishra, SB.; Narain, S.; Chauhan, R., 1996:
Study of some fresh water turtles of Panchnada

Anonymous, 2006:
Study of some methods used for proving the hygienic behaviour of Portuguese local bee ecotypes FT Estudo de alguns metodos usados para avaliar o comportamento higienico de ecotipos locais de abelhas Portuguesas

Korolev, AM.; Frolov, OYu.; Mazmanidi, ND., 1978:
Study of some physico-chemical characteristics of slimes of the Black Sea picarel under the conditions of oil toxicosis

Obiols, J.; Tomas, X.; San Miguel, A., 1981:
Study of some pollutants on Mytilus sp. and Mugil sp. in the Barcelona coast area

Saharia, VB., 1979:
Study of some population parameters in captive bred tigers

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of some serum trace elements in children with autistic disorder

Anonymous, 2008:
Study of some serum trace minerals in cyclic and non-cyclic surti buffaloes

Sole-Cave, AM.; Kelecom, A.; Kannengiesser, GJ., 1981:
Study of some sponges (Porifera, Demospongiae) from the infralitoral of Guarapari, Espirito Santo, Brazil

Nair, A.; Juwarkar, A.A.; Devotta, S., 2007:
Study of speciation of metals in an industrial sludge and evaluation of metal chelators for their removal

El-Alfy, N.Z.; Abdel-Rehim, AH., 1995:
Study of spermiogenesis of the pulmonate slug Laevicauls alti with particular reference to acrosome formation by transmission electron microscope

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of spot welding of austenitic stainless steel type 304

Anonymous, 2007:

Szep, T., 1992:
Study of spring migration by weather radar in eastern Hungary

Gasyukov, PS.; Dorovskikh, RS., 1998:
Study of stratification scheme efficiency in trawling surveys off South Georgia

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Study of structure of a planktonic community with the aid of inclusion measures

Karlsen, AG., 1980:
Study of structure, growth and integration processes of hydroids colonies in case of laboratory cultivation of Dynamena pumila

Chen, R.; Chai, M.-Juan., 2001:
Study of structure-function alterations of olfactory organ in Hg2+, Cd2+ poisoned Tilapia. sp and the detoxification of Ca2+

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Study of sub-mJ-excited laser-induced plasma combined with Raman spectroscopy under Mars atmosphere-simulated conditions

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Study of sublethal effects of trace metals on marine organisms - the need for some standardisation

Szabo, G., 1989:
Study of sucking pests of grapevine

Wang-Yan-Hong; Yang-Xiao-Dong; Jiang-Cong-Min; Han-Bing, 2007:
Study of surface roughness of denture base resins cured by different heat treatment

De, Jk, 1993:
Study of surface structure of hair of some primates of Indian sub-continent

Sasaki, Y.; Koyama, N.; Yamamoto, H.; Kudo, K.; Hosaka, S., 2000:
Study of surveillance method of coral bleaching area by aircraft remote sensing

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Study of susceptibility and infection sensitivity of some rodent species to the brucellosis causative agent of north reindeers

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Study of susceptibility of house fly Musca domestica vicina to some insecticides and fly population in Aswan Governorate

Fedorova, MV., 1988:
Study of swarming and mating behaviour in mosquitoes Aedes communis in natural population

Molnar, J.; Sepros, I., 1989:
Study of swarming of Phyllonorycter gerasimowi Hering, by using automatic traps

Szarukan, I.; Lesznyak, M., 1992:
Study of swarming of pea moth (Cydia (Laspeyresia) nigricana F.) by using pheromone traps

Kholodkovskaja, EV., 2003:
Study of symbiont faunae of commercial Black Sea bivalve mollusks

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Study of synaptic transmission using a temperature-sensitive Drosophila mutant

Selvatici, R.; Falzarano, S.; Franceschetti, L.; Mollica, A.; Guerrini, R.; Siniscalchi, A.; Spisani, S., 2008:
Study of synthetic peptides derived from the PKI55 protein, a protein kinase C modulator, in human neutrophils stimulated by the methyl ester derivative of the hydrophobic N-formyl tripeptide for-Met-Leu-Phe-OH

Chai, X.; Zhang, L.; Li, W.; Shao, F.; Yang, K.; Ren, Q., 2008:
Study of tactile perception based on phosphene positioning using simulated prosthetic vision

W.Maolin., 1986:
Study of temporal bone of Xujiayao man

Moller, AP., 1982:
Study of terns in Denmark.

Naulleau, Guy., 1992:
Study of terrestrial activity and aestivation in Emys orbicularis (Reptilia: Chelonia) using telemetry

Catherine Brasseur; Danielle Melens; Marc Muller; Guy Maghuin-Rogister; Marie-Louise Scippo, 2007:
Study of the 16 EU-JECFA PAHs interaction with the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) using rat and human reporter cell lines

Al-Jassim, JA., 1993:
Study of the Alveolinidae in Gir Bir Formation (Cenomanian-Turonian) north west of Iraq

Wagele, JH., 1982:
Study of the Anthuridae (Crustacea: Isopoda: Anthuridea) from the Mediterranean and the Red Sea

Anonymous, 2008:
Study of the Chinese herbal medicine feed stuff effects to the milk cows Ea rosette formation rate and EAC rosette formation rate

Medvedev, LN.; Korotyaev, BA., 1980:
Study of the Chrysomelidae fauna (Coleoptera) in Arctic Asia and Kamchatka.

Popescu-Marinescu, V.; Elian-Talau, L.; Prunescu-Arion, E., 1980:
Study of the Danube plankton and benthos of waters in the Tulcea-Siret area

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Study of the Devonian brachiopod genera Yunnanella and Nayunnella

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Study of the Drosophila melanogaster trf2 gene and its protein product

Conforti, Visitacion, 1994 :
Study of the Euglenophyta from Camaleao Lake (Manaus - Brazil). 2. Strombomonas Defl

Conforti, Visitacion., 1995:
Study of the Euglenophyta from Camaleao Lake (Manaus, Brazil). 3. Euglena Ehr., Lepocinclis Perty, Phacus Duj

Wagele, JW., 1980:
Study of the Hyssuridae (Crustacea: Isopoda: Anthuridea) from the Mediterranean and the Red Sea

Yamamoto, M., 1986:
Study of the Japanese Chironomus inhabiting high acidic water (Diptera, Chironomidae) 1

Yamamoto, M., 1990:
Study of the Japanese Chironomus inhabiting high acidic water (Diptera, Chironomidae) 2

Ren-Yufeng; Yang-Jingsui; Zhang-Zhongming; Li-Tianfu, 2007:
Study of the Macaokuang peridotite body from the PP6 drill hole of the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling (CCSD) project

Razafindrajao, Felix., 2000:
Study of the Madagascar teal Anas bernieri and other Anatidae of the western wetlands of Madagascar

Ding, Lian-sheng., 1993:
Study of the Middle and Lower Triassic conodonts biostratigraphy of Jiangsu

Leleshus, VL., 1984:
Study of the Palaeozoic fauna of Tadzhikistan over the last 60 years.

Selfa, J.; Bordera, S., 1995:
Study of the Peninsular Ichneumoninae of the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, 2. Ichneumoninae Stenopneusticae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae)

Koufos, Gd, 1987:
Study of the Pikermi hipparions. Part 1: generalities and taxonomy

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the PortaSCC (R) milk test to estimate somatic cell count (SCC) and detect subclinical mastitis in sheep.

Koste, Walter., 2000:
Study of the Rotatoria-fauna of the littoral of the Rio Branco, south of Boa Vista, northern Brazil

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the Structure of 1A2 Insulator in Drosophila melanogaster

Koufos, GD., 1988:
Study of the Turolian hipparions of the Lower Axios Valley (Macedonia, Greece). 3. Localities of Vathylakkos

Koufos, GD., 1988:
Study of the Turolian hipparions of the Lower Axios Valley (Macedonia, Greece). 4. Localities of Dytiko

Anonymous, 2008:
Study of the Villin Headpiece folding dynamics by combining coarse-grained Monte Carlo evolution and all-atom molecular dynamics (vol 58, pg 459, 2005)

Xiao Guangqing.; Huo Shuanghong.; Tang Renhuan., 1992:
Study of the abnormal effects of rare earth elements on Tetrahymena

Shamrikova, E.V.; Vanchikova, E.V.; Ryazanov, M.A., 2007:
Study of the acid-base properties of mineral soil horizons using pK spectroscopy

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Study of the activity of aminoacyl-tRNA-synthetase in silkworm eggs.

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Study of the activity of ferments of glycin and alanin biosynthesis in the tissues of cocoon insects in the species and hybrid aspects

He, J.-Bo; Wang, Y.; Deng, N.; Lin, X.-Qin, 2007:
Study of the adsotption and oxidation of antioxidant rutin by cyclic voltammetry-voltabsorptometry

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Study of the annual cycle of Frontopsylla semura on Kalmyk ASSR Territory (Caspian north-western plague focus).

Pesheva, M., 1986:
Study of the anomalies in the veining of wings under low temperature in inbred LA and HA Drosophila melanogaster stocks

Azimov, DA.; Mirabdullaev, IM.; Shakarbaev, EB.; Golovanov, VI., 1997:
Study of the aquatic invertebrates as the intermediate hosts of the parasites in the Aral Sea region

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Study of the arginosuccinate lyase produced by triallelic complementation in triploids of Chlamydomonas reinhardi

Voros, Geza., 1992:
Study of the arthropod fauna in alfalfa stands grown for seed production, analysis of the plant protection technology used

Xiong Yan.; L.D.sheng.; Wang Yin.; Peng Guangneng.; Zhang Hemin.; Zhang Guiquan., 2000:
Study of the bacterial isolation, identification and distribution of the feces from giant panda in Wolong Nature Protection Area

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Study of the bark-dwelling spiders (Araneae) on black pine (Pinus nigra). 1

Baklanova, OV.; Chaika, VM.; Anokhina, VP., 1993:
Study of the basic adaptations of the peripheral population of Phthorimaea operculella.

Vinogradov, GA.; Dal, ES.; Komov, VT., 1983:
Study of the basic functions of gills of crayfish (Astacus leptodactylus) under the effects of ammonium salts and overacidity of the environment.; Xiao SongYi; Ren GuoPu, 2008:
Study of the beverage containing collagen protein and L-c beneficial bacteria

Pankova, T.G.; Igonina, T.M.; Kobzev, V.F.; Merkulova, T.I., 2007:
Study of the binding of nuclear proteins from Plasmodium berghei strains with different chloroquine sensitivity to oligonucleotides corresponding to regulatory elements of multidrug resistance (mdr1) gene

Xi, G.; Zheng, Z., 1991:
Study of the biological characteristics of Ducetia japonica Thunberg

Lian Zhenmin.; Zheng Zhemin., 1988:
Study of the biological characteristics of Pedopodisma emiensis

Polyakov, MP.; Naumov, VM.; Kairov, EA., 1986:
Study of the biological resources of the Baltic Sea (1945-1980).

Sichinava, ShG., 1978:
Study of the biology and ecology of mosquitoes of Culex pipiens complex (Culicidae) in Abkhazia

Farkhadov, KT., 1982:
Study of the biology of Gvstocaulus ocreatus Raielliet et Henry, 1907 in Nakhichevan ASSR.

Li, Y-x., 1989:
Study of the bionomics of Amata pascus (Leech), a new natural enemy of scale insect

Pan, R.-ying.; Fang, D.-xing.; He, X., 2003:
Study of the bionomics of Zeuzera coffeae Nietiner

Morawicki, R.O.; Beelman, R.B., 2008:
Study of the biosynthesis of 1-octen-3-ol using a crude homogenate of Agaricus bisporus in a bioreactor

Allakhverdiev, AM.; Yurovsky, VV., 1988:
Study of the biosynthesis of proteins of the falciparum malaria causative agent Plasmodium falciparum in culture at a probable rest state

Vandamme, A., 1987:
Study of the biosynthesis of the haemocyanin in Sepia officinalis

Hall, J.S.; Dougherty, P.L.; Stihler, C.W., 1998:
Study of the black rat on San Salvador Island, Bahamas

Lundberg, Stefan., 1996:
Study of the bottomfauna in Lake Laduviken and Solfangardammen pond

Madsen, J.; Bregnballe, T.; Mehlum, F., 1989:
Study of the breeding ecology and behaviour of the Svalbard population of light-bellied brent goose Branta bernicla hrota

Veltcheva, Iliana G., 1995:
Study of the cadmium content (Cd) in various organs of Leuciscus cephalus L. (Pisces, fam. Cyprinidae) from the River Arda Basin.

Inoue, M.; Ogura, M.; Arimoto, T., 1978:
Study of the catching mechanism of shrimp trap in an experimental tank - 2. Escape behaviour of shrimps (Palaemon paucidens and Pandalus borealis) from trap

Wilcox, DK., 1982:
Study of the cell surface cohesion properties in Dictyostelium discoideum

Santiago, M.A.; Coutinho, H.B.; Pessoa, R.G.; Palmeira, A.D.; Coutinho, V.B., 1983:
Study of the cellular turnover in the small intestine of the lactent Didelphis albiventris

Zakharov, IA.; Sergievskij, SO., 1978:
Study of the changes in composition of Adalia bipunctata within Leningrad and its suburbs

Xiao, Y-j. et al., 1990:
Study of the changes of serum estradiol, progesterone levels and cell portrait of vaginal secretion during the reproductive period of female racoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides)

Gapon, SA.; Kachman, AN.; Frolova, EV., 1978:
Study of the chemoreceptive membrane of identified neurons in the gastropod Planorbis corneus when substances are applied by several means

Ramotsa, J.; Szakolczai, J.; Kovacs-Gayer, E., 1990:
Study of the chlorinated hydrocarbon pollution of fishes in Lake Balaton

Gurycova, D.; Vyrostekova, V., 1989:
Study of the circulation of F. tularensis in natural foci of the Zahorska lowlands and possible ways of influencing it.

Alam, M.-Sayem; Naqvi, A., Z.; Kabir-Ud-Din, 2008:
Study of the cloud point of the phenothiazine drug chlorpromazine hydrochloride: Effect of surfactants and polymers

Vacchi, M.; Bussotti, S.; Guidetti, P.;, G., 1998:
Study of the coastal fish assemblage in the marine reserve of the Ustica Island (southern Tyrrhenian Sea)

Bozzetti, Luigi., 1997:
Study of the collection of Mr. Emmanuel Guillot de Suduiraut with the descriptions of three new gastropod species (Fasciolariidae, Trochidae and Turridae)

Kovacs, Gabor., 1993:
Study of the colony and habitats of the great bustard (Otis tarda) int the region of Hortobagy between 1975 and 1992

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the compatibility between Eucalyptus grandis wood and bark FT Estudo da compatibilidade entre a madeira e as cascas de Eucalyptus grandis e Cimento Portland

Wu, R., 1987:
Study of the consistency, the viscosity and the aggregation of the blood cell of Agkistrodon acutus

Bulet, P.; Hoflack, B.; Porchet, M.; Verbert, A., 1984:
Study of the conversion of GDP-mannose into GDP-fucose in Nereids: a biochemical marker of oocyte maturation

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the correlation between phenotype - Including acute leukemia/MDS- and genotype in Shwachman Diamond syndrome in 60 patients from the french SCN registry

Gao-Rongjie; Du-Min; Sun-Xiaoxia; Pu-Yanli, 2007:
Study of the corrosion resistance of electroless Ni-P deposits in a sodium chloride medium

Halasz, K.; Kiszely, G., 1977:
Study of the dangers of the agricultural chemisation on occasion of a mass death of wild geese

Argemí, A.; Saurina, J., 2008:
Study of the degradation of 5-azacytidine as a model of unstable drugs using a stopped-flow method and further data analysis with multivariate curve resolution

Bianchi, G., 1992:
Study of the demersal assemblages of the continental shelf and upper slope of Congo and Gabon, based on the trawl surveys of the RV 'Dr. Fridtjof Nansen'

Fedorova, VG.; Alekseev, AN.; Chumkhin, SP.; Kurenkov, VB., 1984:
Study of the dependence between the density of taiga ticks Ixodes persulcatus P. Sch., and their virus-carriage in the foci of tick-borne encephalitis in the Novgorod region

L.C.angan.; Guo Wuju., 1987:
Study of the destructive insects of Chinese herbal medicine in Shanxi Province

Petrovic, R., 1986:
Study of the development and harmfulness of the gall midge of the alfalfa flower bud Contarinia medicaginis Kieff

Bachvarov, GK., 1987:
Study of the development cycle of Acanthocephalus ranae (Schrank, 1788) (Echinorynchidae) - parasite on the amphibians in Bulgaria

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Study of the dynamics of the exploited fox (Vulpes vulpes L.) population using a mathematical model

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Study of the early development of Hydatigera taeniaeformis by mehtod of luminescence microscopy

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Study of the effect of Lake Nasser impoundment on growth and age composition of Sarotherodon galilaeus

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Study of the effect of plant density on the growth of maize (Zea mays

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Study of the effect of the antihistamine agent fexofenadine on pruritus associated with asteatotic dermatitis in the elderly

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the effect of the green tea on the crystallization of brushite in the artificial urine with pH 6.5

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Study of the effectiveness of additional reductions in cholesterol and homocysteine (SEARCH): characteristics of a randomized trial among 12064 myocardial infarction survivors

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Study of the effects of environmental parameters on the gas/particle partitioning of current-use pesticides in urban air

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Study of the effects of varying concentrations of STPF on the viability of hydrobionts.

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Study of the eggs of six common prosobranchs of the Pakistani coast

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Study of the energy requirement in adult slow lorises

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the enzymatic profile of E-coli strains isolated from drinking and sea waters in Romania

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Study of the epidemic process in an intensive focus of ascaridiasis by immunological survey of the population. Communication 1. Evaluation of the epidemic process by the results of serological examinations

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Study of the eye and lacrimal glands in experimental iron overload in rats in vivo

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Study of the fauna and the prevalence of blood-sucking and blood-licking flies in connection with the construction of cattle-breeding complexes

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Study of the fauna inhabiting the holdfasts of Laminaria hyperborea (Gunn.) Fosl. along some environmental and geographical gradients

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Study of the feeding of the lanternfish Myctophum nitidulum (Myctophidae, Pisces)

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Study of the feeding rhythms of limpets in Lough Hyne

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Study of the fish fauna in northeastern Jiangxi Province, China

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Study of the flavonoids effect on the AhR-dependent transcription using reporter gene assays

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Study of the free-living Infusoria in some waterbodies of Armenia

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the frequency of BP2-BP3 inversion (Class II) in parents of Angelman and Prader Willi syndrome patients

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Study of the function of the abdominal sense organ of the scallop Patinopecten yessoensis

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Study of the functional role of Bcl-2 family proteins in regulating Ca(2+) signals in apoptotic cells

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Study of the genetic diversity of the Canary Black Pig using DNA microsatellites

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the genetic effects of grain shape-related traits of brown rice and head rice of Oryza sativa var. indica in different environments

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Study of the genetic heterogeneity of SAT-2 foot-and-mouth disease virus in sub-Saharan Africa with specific focus on East Africa

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the genetic polymorphism of the alpha(S1)-casein in goats of Pernambuco State, Brazil. FT Estudo do polimorfismo genetico da alpha(S1)-caseina em cabras, no Estado de Pernambuco, Brasil

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Study of the genetic structure of Greek Leuciscus cephalus (L.) populations

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Study of the genetic structure of the two Greek species of the genus Silurus (Pisces, Siluridae)

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Study of the genital tract during the annual testicular cycle of the soft-shelled turtle, Lissemys punctata punctata (Lacepede)

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Study of the genus Asaperda Bates 1873 (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) especially on the agapanthina species group 4

Komiya, Ziro., 1997:
Study of the genus Asaperda Bates, 1873 (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) especially on the agapanthina species group 1

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Study of the genus Gryllotalpa (Orthoptera, Gryllotalpidae) from China with description of a new species

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Study of the genus Jamides Hubner (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae) 1. Descriptions of the female genitalia of sixteen species from the Malay Peninsula

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Study of the gills from vimba and bream from various reservoirs.

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Study of the grasping spines and teeth of 6 chaetognath species observed by scanning electron microscopy

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Study of the ground beetle fauna in Latvia

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Study of the growth of Biomphalaria glabrata (Say) and other Planorbidae in Guadeloupe (West Indies)

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the growth of the lambs of Ovella Galega sheep breed FT ESTUDIO DEL CRECIMIENTO DE LOS CORDEROS DE LA RAZA OVELLA GALEGA

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Study of the habitat of Anas bernieri in the wetlands of Masoarivo, Antsalova region, Madagascar

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Study of the head Syngamus skrjabinomorpha (Nematoda, Syngamidae) using REM

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Study of the heavy metals in benthic fauna in the Chung-chou aera and the possibility of formulating a biological index

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Study of the histology of the digestins system of the ringnecked pheasant

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Study of the homing in the marine pulmonate Siphonaria grisea L

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Study of the house crow (Corvus splendens) and Indian koel (Eudynamis scolopaceus) with respect to their population and breeding success in Dhule city area (Maharashtra - India)

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Study of the hypoxia-dependent regulation of human CYGB gene

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Study of the icthyocenosis of Beloe Lake (Vologda region) by a modelling method.

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Study of the impact of ghost fishing on snow crab, Chionoecetes opilio, by conventional conical traps

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Study of the importance of the Groot Visriviergebied for shell collectors.

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Study of the imprinting and overlap of insulin and concanavalin-A at the receptor level in a protozoan (Tetrahymena) model system

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Study of the individual contributions of ice formation and freeze-concentration on isothermal stability of lactate dehydrogenase during freezing

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Study of the influence of larval flies on the numbers of free-living forms of ungulate Strongylata.

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Study of the influence of temperature and food on development and reproduction of Amlyselus fallacis (Acarina; Phytoseiidae)

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Study of the influence of the dual herbicide on soil Protozoa

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Study of the interaction between baicalin and bovine serum albumin by multi-spectroscopic method

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Study of the interaction between rabbit cardiac contractile and regulatory proteins. An in vitro motility assay

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Study of the interaction of spin-labeled cytotoxin from venom of the Middle-Asian cobra with liposomes

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Study of the interactions between fluoroquinolones and human serum albumin by affinity capillary electrophoresis and fluorescence method

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Study of the intestinal coccidians from Columba livia intermedia

Mitra, T., 1987:
Study of the intestinal microflora of penaeid prawn Penaeus monodon Fabricius

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the intra-specific variability tolerance to salt stress of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) in the germination stage FT Etude de la variabilite intraspecifique de tolerance au stress salin du pois chiche (Cicer arietinum L.) au stade germination

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Study of the intraspecific allometry of the house mouse Mus musculus L.

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Study of the intraspecific divergence of anchovy Engraulis encrasicholus L

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Study of the ixodic ticks (Acarina, Ixodidae) for Borrelia harbouring in Sofia and surroundings: 2. Study of the number and Borrelia harbouring in ungorged Ixodes ricinus ticks in parks of Sofia city

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Study of the juxtaglomerular apparatus in the wild palm squirrel (Funambulus palmarum)

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Study of the karyotype in two species of bony fish (Teleostei) in the Romanian littoral of the Black Sea: Trachurus mediterraneus ponticus Aleev and Gobius melanostomus melanostomus Pallas

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Study of the lead (Pb), zinc (Zn), and cadmium (Cd) content of Perca fluviatilis L. (Pisces, family Percidae) from the Kardjali dam, River Arda.

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Study of the leaf mining flies (Agromyzidae) on the cereals

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Study of the leafhopper genus Tambocerus (Hemiptera : Cicadellidae) with four new species from China

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Study of the life cycle of Papillio polytes Lepidoptera: Papillionidae

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Study of the life history of Capitella capitata (Polychaeta: Capitellidae) in Amakusa, south Japan including a comparison with other geographical regions

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Study of the linear growth of the bivalve Ruditapes philippinarum from Peter the Great Bay (the Sea of Japan) on the basis of its shell structure

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Study of the live body weight and body characteristics of the African Muscovy duck (Caraina moschata)

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Study of the macrofauna of the 'Vereenigde Harger and Pettemerpolder' (a brackish water area in north Holland).

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Study of the main problems of the biology of blood-sucking and blood-licking flies in the areas of some national-economic units of the Georgian SSR

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Study of the mandible in fresh water prawns-genus Palaemon (Crustacea, Palaemonidae)

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Study of the mature sperm of Uca arcuata collected from Tai Shui mangrove swamp on Taiwan

Anonymous, 1977 :
Study of the mechanism of differentiation between the stream resident form and the seaward migratory form of masu salmon, Oncorhynchus masou (Brevoort). 2. Growth and sexual maturity of precocious masu salmon parr. (2)

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the mechanism of reduction of overoxidized peroxiredoxin by S. cerevisiae sulfiredoxin

Ivanova, VL., 1988:
Study of the migration of mosquito females (Aedes). Communication 2. Migration of young unfed females

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the mitochondrial complex I by blue native electrophoresis in lean and ob/ob mice

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Study of the modification of bovine serum albumin and beta-lactoglobulin by Maillard reaction using mono- and di-saccharides

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Study of the morphological peculiarities of 3 species of trematods , genus Hypoderaeum Dietz, 1909 (Echinostomatidae)

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Study of the morphology and distribution of the dendritic and somatic spines in the granule cells of the olfactory bulb of the tench, Tinca tinca

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the most common inherited thrombophilias in HELLP syndrome patients

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Study of the motility and distributional capasity of sinanthropic cockroachs obtained from the natural biotops and kept together in laboratory conditions

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Study of the motional activity of the scallop Mizuhopecten yessoensis

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Study of the mud dauber (Hymenoptera) nest (mud house)

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Study of the multiplication biology of Eranis defoliaria L

Dall'Asta, R., 1989:
Study of the necrophile fauna in 'Drongengoed' at Ursel (East Flanders) (Coleoptera)

Meng Qingwen., 1984:
Study of the neurocranium of Batomorpha of China

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the new HIV-1 integrase inhibitors mechanism of action using modified substrates

Daguzan, J., 1983:
Study of the nitrogen content and amino-acids composition of the tissues of some Trochidae of the Brittany coast (prosobranch gastropod molluscs)

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Study of the nutritive value of two teleost fishes Nemipterus japonicus (Bloch) and Channa punctatus (Bleeker)

Stranks, T., 1986:
Study of the octopuses of south-eastern Australia

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the operational parameters of mechanical pressing of almonds of Vitellaria paradoxa Gaertn CF (shea tree) FT Etude des parametres operatoires de pressage mecanique des amandes de Vitellaria paradom Gaertn C.F. (karite)

Kao, T.S.; Fu, Y.H.; Hsu, H.W.; Tsai, D.P., 2008:
Study of the optical response of phase-change recording layer with zinc oxide nanostructured thin film

Mizzoni, F.; Cesaro, S.Nunziante., 2007:
Study of the organic residue from a 2600-year old Etruscan plumpekanne

X.C.rpentier; M.D.udon; D.B.zin; G.A.dre; G.M.tzen; E.V.ron; E.F.y; S.M.ngenot; P.A.A.bouy; O.T.axer, 2008:
Study of the organisation and genesis of randall's plaques by physical techniques of characterisation

Carpentier, X.; Daudon, M.; Bazin, D.; Andre, G.; Matzen, G.; Veron, E.; Mangenot, S.; Traxer, O., 2008:
Study of the organization and genesis of Randall's plaques by physical techniques of characterization

Drobysheva, IM., 1978:
Study of the organization of the parenchyma in Convoluta convoluta (Abildgaard) with the help of thymidine autoradiography.

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the origin of Taiwan Yellow cattle and blood protein polymorphism

Anonymous, 2008:
Study of the oviposition behavior and the diet of the nonpollinating fig wasp of Ficus racemosa

Wolf, G.; Vanpachtebeke, M.; Hens, F.; Decleir, W.; Moens, L. van Hauwaert, M-L., 1987:
Study of the oxygen binding properties of Artemia hemoglobins

Anonymous, 1977:
Study of the parasitofauna of freshwater fishes from fish ponds of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1. Monogenous trematodes 2. 1. Ciprinid fish ponds

Kiskaroly, M., 1977:
Study of the parasitofauna of freshwater fishes from fish ponds of Bosnia and Herzegovina A. Monogenous trematodes 1. 1. Ciprinid fish ponds

Kiskaroly, M., 1978:
Study of the parasitofauna of freshwater fishes from fish ponds of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 1 - Ciprinid fish ponds C. Digenous trematodes 1 (Systemtics & morphology)

Kiskaroly, M., 1981:
Study of the parasitofauna of freshwater fishes from fish ponds of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 1. Cyprinid fish ponds. A. Monogenous trematodes 3. (Monogenous trematodes of plant-eating fish.)

Kiskaroly, M., 1982:
Study of the parasitofauna of freshwater fishes from fish ponds of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 1. Cyprinid fishponds A. Monogenous trematodes 4

Zhou Xuejia.; Liu Xinyi.; H.X.anming.; Sun Kunyan.; Y.H.iting.; Zhang Changsheng., 1995:
Study of the parents holding culture and spowning methods of Sinonovacula constricta (Lamarck)

Anonymous, 2006:
Study of the pasteurization process of graviola's pulp

Liu, J.; Wu, J.; Wang, X.; Cai, Z., 2007:
Study of the phase I and phase II metabolism of a mixture containing multiple tanshinones using liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry

Ignatiadis, G.; Andreev, R.; Angelova, R., 1999:
Study of the phenological development of codling moth, Laspeyresia pomonella L. (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) and the damages on apple cultivars with different harvest dates

Maca, J., 1982:
Study of the phenology of some Drosophila species (Diptera) in southern Bohemia

Anonymous, 2008:
Study of the phylogenetic relationships in Platyrrhinae by single locus probe mapping

Anonymous, 2008:
Study of the physiological changes in blood chemistry, humoral immune response and performance of quail chicks fed supplemental chromium

Anonymous, 2006:
Study of the pineapple residual fiber drying

Yousuf, AR.; Pandit, AK., 1989:
Study of the ponderal index in an endemic food fish of Kashmir, Schizothoraichthys niger (Heckel) Misra

Tisza, G., 1988:
Study of the population density of Calepitrimerus vitis Nalepa by using a sticky adhesive tape

Yazdandoost, MY.; Katdare, MS., 2000:
Study of the population density of plankton with respect to physico-chemical characteristics of water in Pune rivers - India

Zhang, Q.-li.; Li, S.-yue.; Chen, Z.; Fu, H.-cun.; Yang, Y.-jie., 2000:
Study of the population dynamics changes of the beneficial and injurious living beings on the field of Bt cotton-33 B

Huang,; Tiang, M.Y.; Wang, M.; Zhen, J.L.; Bi, X.F.n; Chai, Y.S.en; Ye, Z.P.n, 2002:
Study of the population status of Teinopalpus aureus Mell in China

Aripov, T.; Beknazarov, U.; Potievskaya, E.; Sadykov, A.; Omelyanenko, V., 1988:
Study of the possibility of approximating cobra venom cytotoxins in the lipid bilayer plane.

Prokhorov, AF.; Spudis, VK.; Il'chenko, LYa.; Artamonova, AA., 1978:
Study of the possibility of mosquito infection with Wuchereria bancrofti larvae under conditions of the North Caucasus

Anonymous, 1975 :
Study of the possibility of the use of electric stimulation in the motivating zone of the brain as confirmation of environment-reflective activity in whales.

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the possible hormesis effect in an experimental passive tobacco model in the evolution of lung cancer induced by urethane

Madsen, J., 1984:
Study of the possible impact of oil exploration on goose populations in Jameson Land, east Greenland. A progress report

Jacome, Marco A., 1996:
Study of the predatory effect of feral cats on native fauna and introduced rodents in critical areas

Wegner, Z.; Kruminis-Lozowska, W.; Lalko, J.; Bonin, I.; Michalek, D.; Dera, B.; Jankowska-Gan, E.; Arendarczyk, W., 1979:
Study of the presence of Salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria in cockroaches on ocean-going ships. 1. Basic investigations on isolated bacteria strains from Blattella germanica

Prodeus, TV., 1981:
Study of the prevalence of Entamoeba histolytica in the human population of southern regions of the RSFSR. Communication 1. Results of protozoological investigations

Mikheeva, KV., 1984:
Study of the productivity of the species (squirrel) within the confines of its unbroken distribution range.

Germanov, AB., 1985:
Study of the propagation and phenology of Cassida nobilis L. and Cassida nebulosa L. (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) on sugar beet in Bulgaria

Sale, W.S., 1985:
Study of the properties of MgATP2--induced stationary bends in demembranated sea urchin sperm

Gromov, AE.; Rozengart, VI., 1978:
Study of the proton acceptor properties of the blood plasma in a number of vertebrates

Konnov, NP.; Anisimov, PI.; Kondrashkina, KI.; Sinichkina, AA.; Luk'yanova, AD.; Demchenko, TA., 1979:
Study of the proventriculus of the flea Xenopsylla cheopis by means of scanning electron microscopy

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the quality of mixtures of different moisture contents

Korkia, IR., 1980:
Study of the ratio of blood cells during skin transplantation in the rock lizard Lacerta

Nikolaev, TM.; Postnov, AL., 1981:
Study of the rations and the filtration velocities in three species of Cladocera (Crustacea)

Lidija Tetianec; Marius Dagys; Juozas Kulys; Arturas Ziemys; Rolandas Meskys, 2007:
Study of the reactivity of quinohemoprotein alcohol dehydrogenase with heterocycle-pentacyanoferrate(III) complexes and the electron transfer path calculations

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the recombination of bovine herpesvirus 1: virulence of recombinant viruses deleted in the glycoprotein E gene and genomic tracing of recombination events

Liu, D.-meng.; Wang, L.-zhong.; Du, G.; Hu, B.-lin., 2001:
Study of the reflectance cross-plot of optical structure of graptolites in China

Anonymous, 1977:
Study of the regularities of daily activity of the field slug.

Anonymous, 2008:
Study of the relation between the incidence of uterine leiomyomas and

Li, N.F.; Chang, G.J.; Zhang, D.L.; Yao, X.G.; Zhou, L.; Li, T.; Hong, J.; Hu, J.L., 2007:
Study of the relationship between the kazakh's lifestyle and genetic factors, and hypertension, in the north-west of china

Smetkov, MA.; Kriksunov, EA., 1980:
Study of the relationship between the parameters of fish life cycle and the length of abundance oscillation period by using auto-correlation analysis of time series

Tang, H.-yu.; Su, S.-qi.; Yao, W.-zhi., 2003:
Study of the relationship of silver carp and Daphnia longispina with phytoplankton

De-La-Rosa, J.L.; Alvarez, N.; Gomez-Priego, A., 2007:
Study of the reproductive capacity of Trichinella spiralis recovered from experimentally infected mice under-dosed with albendazole or mebendazole

Satybaldina, NK., 1982:
Study of the resistance local changes in the muscle fibres cytoplasm after disruption of T-system

Anonymous, 1999:
Study of the resistance moment at the drive shaft of the Shipka-50 tractor extracting small wood

Ibragimov, II.; Latipov, KSh.; Kadyrov, S.A.; Makhamatkhanov, A., 1989:
Study of the respiratory tracheal system of live silkworm pupae in their cocoons.

van Esch, A. de Wolf, J., 1980:
Study of the retina function in the dolphin (Tursiops truncatus). Summary of the lecture held at the meeting of 20.9.1979.

Anonymous, 2006:
Study of the rheumatological manifestations of inflammatory bowel disease

Kumar Mukhopadhyay, S.; Sahu, C.; Bose, A., 1996:
Study of the ribonucleic acid in five carp eggs

van Loo, G.; Beyaert, R.; Waisman, A.; Prinz, M.; Pasparakis, M., 2007:
Study of the role of FAS-associated death domain protein FADD in brain pathology by conditional gene inactivation

Zhang, Y.; Xiang, L.H.; Zheng, Z.Z., 2007:
Study of the role of SCF/KIT pathway in the treatment of vitiligo with 308nm monochromatic excimer light

Porotikov, VI.; Cherenshchikova, EA.; Filippov, AK.; Mashkovsky, MD.; Yuzhakov, SD., 1984:
Study of the role of transmembrane ionic currents in the mechanism of action of -adrenoblockers

Yau, K.W.; Haynes, L.W.; Nakatani, K., 1987:
Study of the roles of calcium and cyclic GMP in visual transduction

Clippinger, T.L.; Raphael, B.L.; Calle, P.P.; Sheppard, C.; Arland, M.; Ludwig, G.V.; Smith, J.F.; Cook, R.A., 2001:
Study of the safety and serologic response of Japanese encephalitis virus vaccine for protection against West Nile virus in avian model species

Declerck, D., 1987:
Study of the seasonal variation: in the biological condition of Pecten maximus

Majori, L.; Nedoclan, G.; Modonutti, GB.; Daris, F., 1978:
Study of the seasonal variations of some trace elements in the tissues of Mytilus galloprovincialis taken in the Gulf of Trieste

Weltens, R. van Kerkhove, E., 1985:
Study of the secretory activity of single short Malpighian tubules (Formica cunicularia): preliminary results (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

Pyatkov, K.M.; Pyatkova, T.G.; Plyusnina, I.Z., 1994:
Study of the sensitive period of imprinting in wild and domestic goslings

Khoffmann, M.; Rakov, VI., 2003:
Study of the sensitivity of Ceriodaphnia affinis Lill. to the drinking water of Kiev

D.Smet, W.H., 1978:
Study of the serum albumin and globulin of the vertebrates

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the serum level of receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappa B ligand (RANKL) and osteoprotegerin (OPG) in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Burlakov, AB.; Khapchaeva, EV., 1982:
Study of the sexual specificity of hypophysial gonadotropins of Russian sturgeon, Acipenser gueldenstaedti. 1. Biological effect of gonadotropins of low electrophoretic mobility on maturation and ovulation of oocytes of loach, Misgurnus fossilis (Cobitidae)

Zou Renlin.; Chen Zouzhang., 1984:
Study of the shallow-water Gorgonacea from the coast of Guangdong

Garcia-Garcia, P.; Lopez-Lopez, A.; Garrido-Fernandez, A., 2007:
Study of the shelf life of ripe olives using an accelerated test approach

Póvoa, C.P.; Brandeburgo, M.A.M., 2007:
Study of the social hierarchy and territoriality of Calomys callosus Rengger, 1830 (Rodentia: Cricetidae)

Luo Ruiwu.; Yang Chongliang.; Shang Youfen.; L.C.angsong., 1988:
Study of the source of English grain aphid

Peske, L., 1990:
Study of the sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus) population in Prague: the possibility to compare the results of bird breeding distribution mapping and the actual situation

L.J.anrong.; Shi Wancheng.; Liu Xu., 1992:
Study of the spatial pattern for apple leaf mites and predatory natural enemies

Baranikov, YuN.; Okunev, PV., 1981:
Study of the spatial structure in a Parnassius Latr. (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) population from Ural and Siberia.

Turutina, LV., 1982:
Study of the spatial-genetic infra-population structure of two species of vertebrates (Lacerta agilis L., Clethrionomys glareolus Schreb.) by the phenetic method.

Green-Ruiz, Y.A.; Hinojosa-Corona, A., 1997:
Study of the spawning area of the northern anchovy in the Gulf of California from 1990 to 1994, using satellite images of sea surface temperatures

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the spores of species of the Blechnum penna-marina group (Blechnaceae-Pteridophyta) FT Estudios esporales en especies del grupo Blechnum penna-marina (Blechnaceae-Pteridophyta)

Hennemann, B., 1981:
Study of the spread-winged posture in flightless cormorants

Noskov, GA.; Czajkowski, A.; Fertikova, KP., 2001:
Study of the status and trends of migratory bird populations in Russia. Third issue

Woodward, J.D.; Maina, J.N., 2008:
Study of the structure of the air and blood capillaries of the gas exchange tissue of the avian lung by serial section three-dimensional reconstruction

Yin, Y.; Ji, X.; Dong, H.; Ying, Y.; Zheng, H., 2008:
Study of the swelling dynamics with overshooting effect of hydrogels based on sodium alginate-g-acrylic acid

Zhao, B.-hua.; Li, Q.; Yang, Z.-cai.; Duan, X.-lin., 2000:
Study of the technique of living body blood drawing for Cervus nippon sika deer

Lu-Min; Liu-Wei-Qing; Luo-Fei; Wei-Wang-He, 2007:
Study of the thermal stability of Ag nanorod with different crystallographic orientation

Batlle, A.; Altabella, N.; Sabate, J.; Lavina, A., 2008:
Study of the transmission of stolbur phytoplasma to different crop species, by Macrosteles quadripunctulatus

Chou, I.; Yao, W., 1985:
Study of the tribe Gaenini from China. (Homoptera: Cicadellidae).

Charles, D., 1979:
Study of the uptake and fate of bacterial deoxyribonucleic acid in some unicellular algae

Besançon, J-François.; Lagarce, L.; Diquet, B.; Lainé-Cessac, P., 2007:
Study of the use of a spironolactone and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor combination: a population-based analysis

Alvarez-Ayuso, E.; Querol, X., 2007:
Study of the use of coal fly ash as an additive to minimise fluoride leaching from FGD gypsum for its disposal

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the use of vinasse from the cachaca production in alcoholic fermentation and in the production of single cell protein

You-Haitao; Liu-Jiaqi; Liu, Q.; Chu-Guoqiang; Rioual, P.; Han-Jingtai, 2008:
Study of the varve record from Erlongwan maar lake, NE China, over the last 13 ka BP

Zhang, Z.; Zeng, D.; Li, G., 2008:
Study of the volatile profile characteristics of longan during storage by a combination sampling method coupled with GC/MS

Libert, Michel., 1999:
Study of the von Siebold organ and notes on some female genitalia (Lepidoptera)

Seys, J.; Boonefaes, J.; Devos, K.; Vannieuwenhuyze, R., 1991:
Study of the wintering behaviour of hen harrior Circus cyaneus: first results of a colour marking project in the Flemish coastal area

Martinez, A.M.; Rocha, L.; Quiroz, J.; Delgado, J.V., 2007:
Study of the within-breed genetic diversity in the murciano-granadina goat with microsatellites

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of the working conditions of Health Extension Workers in Ethiopia

Ballester, A.; Rovira, J.; Zavatti, J., 1984:
Study of thermal impact produced by cooling systems from a nuclear power plant at the coast of Tarragona, Spain

Rubin de Celis, V.E.; Gassen, D.N.; Valente, V.L.cia S. de Oliveira, A.K.lisz., 1996:
Study of three species of wheat aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae) in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Kmety, E.; Rehacek, J.; Vyrostekova, V.; Kocianova, E., 1989:
Study of ticks for occurrence of Borrelia burgdorferi.

Ahsan, J.; Sinha, SP.; Prasad, M.; Yadava, SC., 1982:
Study of tissue hydration in female Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch) in relation to body weight

Anonymous, 2006:
Study of tools simplified for the physical characterization of the manures and composts

Kimura, M.; Tanaka, T.; Kyo, M.; Ando, M.; Oomori, T.; Izawa, E.; Yoshikawa, I., 1989:
Study of topography, hydrothermal deposits and animal colonies in the Middle Okinawa Trough hydrothermal areas using the submersible 'Shinkai 2000' system

Xie, Q., 1992:
Study of toxicity of triethylamine to aquatic organism

Cabon, J.Yves.; Burel, L.; Jaffrennou, C.; Giamarchi, P.; Bautin, Fçois., 2007:
Study of trace metal leaching from coals into seawater

Sârbu, C.; Einax, Jürgen.W., 2007:
Study of traffic-emitted lead pollution of soil and plants using different fuzzy clustering algorithms

Guo, F.; Song, F.; Zhang, J.; Li, J.; Tang, Y., 2007:
Study of transcription activity of X-box binding protein 1 gene in human different cell lines

Yang Lin.; Long Qingxin.; Wang Xunzhang.; Zhu Wei.; Xie Mingquan., 2000:
Study of transcriptional activities of chicken Eimeria Etp28 Gene in different life stages

Chinabut, S.; Kanayati, Y.; Pungkachonboon, T., 1994:
Study of transovarian transmission of mycobacteria in Betta splendens Regan

Xu, Liangqin., 1993:
Study of transport and prevention and cure of diseases for Colossoma brachypomum breeds

Anonymous, 2005:
Study of treatment for club foot

Bobrovskykh, TK.; Uzenbaev, SD., 1987:
Study of trophic relation between ground beetles and ixodid ticks by means of serological method

Rodríguez-Fariñas, N.; Gomez-Gomez, M.Milagros.; Camara-Rica, C., 2007:
Study of tungstate-protein interaction in human serum by LC-ICP-MS and MALDI-TOF

Braga, J., 1995:
Study of two osseous discrete traits in the occipitocervical region of lowland gorillas

Sánchez, E.; Sabio, J.M.; Jiménez-Alonso, J.; Callejas, J.L.; Camps, M.; de Ramón, E.; García-Portales, R.; de Haro, M.; Ortego-Centeno, N.; López-Nevot, M.A.; Martín, J., 2007:
Study of two polymorphisms of the MHC2TA gene with systemic lupus erythematosus

Gaikwad, A.; Prchal, J.T., 2007:
Study of two tyrosine kinase inhibitors on growth and signal transduction in polycythemia vera

Wu, R.; Zeng, C.; Liu, Q., 1988:
Study of two viruses of forest insects

Li, W.; Zhu, L.; Ni-Guo-Xin; Xu-Xue-Min; Lin-Biao-Yang, 2007:
Study of type III collagen alpha 1 polypeptide chain expression in breast cancer tissues by immunohistochemical staining on tissue microarray

Mark Shamtsyan; Sergey Shilov; Olga Domanova, 2007:
Study of tyrosinases of higher basidiomycetes

Prasad, M.; Badyopadhyay.; Kumar Aditya, A., 1993:
Study of ulcerative syndrome in different fresh water fishes of Bankura, West Bengal

Radadia, B.; Kadiyani, Y.; Parikh, A.; Bhavsar, M., 1990:
Study of various size groups in Metapenaeus affinis, and abiotic factors at Surajbari area in the Gulf of Kuchchh during drought period

Anonymous, 2007:
Study of vegetative reproduction ability of Cynanchum acutum under different thermal conditions

Beer, CG., 1982:
Study of vertebrate communication - its cognitive implications

Pankov, RG.; Uscheva, AA.; Markov, GG., 1986:
Study of vertebrate liver intermediate filaments

Shome, R.; Shome, BR.; Ram, N., 1999:
Study of virulence factors of Aeromonas hydrophila isolates causing acute abdominal dropsy and ulcerative diseases in Indian major carps

Ponirovskiji, EN.; Mel'kumyants, AN.; Lukmanova, NE., 1980:
Study of virulence of Leishmania tropica major strains isolated from great gerbils (Rhombomys opimus Licht.) in different landscape conditions of the Turkmen SSR

Shapiro, YaS., 1978:
Study of virus-carrying ability of four species of slug.

Ponirovsky, EN.; Mizgireva, MF.; Sabitov, EA.; Mamigonova, RI.; Anageldyev, M., 1985:
Study of visceral leishmaniasis focus during its activation in southeastern Turkmenistan

Spyratou, E.; Makropoulou, M.; Serafetinides, A.A., 2007:
Study of visible and mid-infrared laser ablation mechanism of PMMA and intraocular lenses: experimental and theoretical results

Pimolchinda, T.; Boonyaratapalin, M., 1991:
Study of vitamins requirement of sea bass Lates calcarifer Bloch in sea water

Saly, KR., 1992:
Study of whiteflies in 1991 in the Budapest area

Chan, GM., 1994:
Study of yesso scallop larvae and spat feeding

Misina, M., 1987:
Study of zoology and the Department of Zoology and Genetics of the Latvian State University named after P. Stucka

Ponirovsky, EN.; Melkumyants, AN.; Kuznetsova, NA.; Lukmanova, NE., 1983:
Study of zoonose cutaneous leishmaniasis focus on the parts of prospective irrigation along the Kara Kum canal track

H.D.hua.; Yang Guanming.; Fang Shaojin.; Shen Weilin.; Liu Hongbin.; Gao Aigen.; Huang Shuxin., 1988:
Study of zooplankton ecology in Zhejiang coastal upwelling system - zooplankton biomass and abundance of major groups

Saito, Hiroaki., 2002:
Study of zooplankton feeding with a particle encounter model in the fluid

Boavida, MJ.; Crispim, MC., 1993:
Study of zooplankton populations as a 35-year reservoir is being emptied

Anonymous, 2008:
Study on 18 drug-resistant genes associated with beta-lactams in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Anonymous, 2007:
Study on 7S and 11S globulins and subunits of 7S globulin in soyabean seed

Yu, Q.; Lu, L.; Yu, M-cheng.; Liang, Y-lian.; Su, Y-qing.; Wang, D-ming., 2007:
Study on ABO gene polymorphism in Uighur nationality in Xinjiang of China

Anonymous, 2006:
Study on Amyloid using Simulation Technique

Jin Ling.; Zhao Chunxi.; Hui Zhaoli., 2000:
Study on Anatidae biodiversity in Xingkai Lake Natural Reserve in spring

Yan, J-j., 1985:
Study on Anisogammarus (Eogammarus) sp

Anonymous, 2007:
Study on Antihypertensive time-effect and dose-effect of Sancao Jiangya decoction on SHRs

Wang, Y-j.; Zhao, Z-c., 1988:
Study on Aprostocetus sp. - egg parasite of Apriona germari (Hope)

Makihara, H., 1987:
Study on Arhopalus rusticus species group including two species

Ito, N., 1990:
Study on Asian Carabidae, 1. (Coleoptera)

Ho, N., 1990:
Study on Asian Carabidae, 2. (Coleoptera)

Ito, N., 1991:
Study on Asian Carabidae, 3 (Coleoptera)

Ito, N., 1992:
Study on Asian Carabidae, 4 (Coleoptera)

Ito, Noboru., 1993:
Study on Asian Carabidae, 5. (Coleoptera). The species of the genus Coleolissus Bates

Ito, Noboru., 1993:
Study on Asian Carabidae, 6. Species of the genus Oxycentrus Chaudoir (1) (Coleoptera)

Ito, Noboru, 1993:
Study on Asian Carabidae, 7 (Coleoptera). Species of the genus Hyparpalus Alluaud

Ito, Noboru., 1994:
Study on Asian Carabidae, 9. Species of the genus Oxycentrus Chaudoir (3) (Coleoptera)

Xu, W.; Williams, M., 1990:
Study on Beidaihe birds

Anonymous, 2007:
Study on C-reactive protein in zoo animals - with special emphasis on individuals of primates and felids

Anonymous, 2007:
Study on CMY-2 AmpC beta-lactamase mediated by plasmid in Escherichia coli

Komoriya, T., 1984:
Study on Cambaroides japonicus (de Haan) in the northern extremity of the mainland of Japan, and its parasitic Branchiobdellidae. 1. Records from Osorezan, Aomori Prefecture

Liang, X.; Yan, S., 1985:
Study on Caridina (Decapoda, Caridea) from Yunnan, China

Hong, S-J.; Woo, H-C.; Kim, I-T., 1989:
Study on Centrocestus armatus in Korea 1. Infection status of Zacco platypus and Z. temminckii with the metacercariae of C. armatus

Wang, Z.; Qi, Z., 1984:
Study on Chinese species of the family Mytilidae (Mollusca, Bivalvia)

Wang Zhenrui., 1980:
Study on Chinese species of the family Pectinidae (Mollusca, Bivalvia). 1. A new species of the subfamily Propeamussiinae

Shen, Q.; Xu, Q.-Yao.; Zhang, Y.-Feng. et al., 1994:
Study on Chionapis saitamensis Kuwana

Ma, X.; Zhang, S., 2000:
Study on Colubrariidae from China seas, with descriptions of two new species

Cheng Su-quin.; Long Hou-ru., 1987:
Study on Conidiobolus osmodes as a pathogen of the soybean aphid: isolation, cultivation and identification

Zhan, Z.-xiong.; Zheng, Q.-hua.; Chen, Y.-hong.; Huang, Y.-qing.; Zhang, X.-jun.; Hu, Q.-yong., 2003:
Study on Conopomorpha lithchielle Bradley and Conopomorpha sineusis Bradley

Wu, H.; Zheng, L.-Yi., 2000:
Study on Cordyla from China (Diptera: Mycetophilidae)

L.C.aohua.; Xie Wenzao.; Zhou Guojun., 1998:
Study on Crassostrea rivularis as a biomonitor for copper pollution in sea water

Lin,; Li,; Wang, D.Z.; Chen, M.; Yuan,; Hong, H.S.eng, 2001:
Study on DMS and DMSP producing by Alexandrium tamarense

Anonymous, 2007:
Study on DNA electrochemistry biosensor by self-assembling thiol DNA

Gago-Martinez, A.; Comesana-Losada, M.; Leao-Martins, JM.; Rodriguez-Vazquez, JA., 1996:
Study on DSP and PSP toxic profile in Haliotis tuberculata

Chen Delan., 1998:
Study on Darna trima (Moore), a new pest of Cinnamomum camphora Nees. et Eberm

van Mastrigt, Henk., 2001:
Study on Delias from lower montane forest in Irian Jaya, Indonesia (Lepidoptera, Pieridae)

Qiao, G.X.a; Zhang, G.X.e; Zhao, F., 1999:
Study on Diprociphilus gen. nov. from China, with the description of a new species (Homoptera: Pemphigidae)

Anonymous, 2008:
Study on ELISA for quizalofop-p-ethyl

Yang, S.; Wang, S.; Li, A., 1989:
Study on Early Carboniferous fossil communities of Hunan and Guizhou Provinces

Choi, HS., 1991:
Study on Edwardsiella tarda isolated from cultured bastard halibut (Paralichthys olivaceus)

Kobayashi, S.; Takeuchi, T.; Tanabe, M.; Kaneda, Y.; Asami, K.; Fujiwara, T., 1980:
Study on Eimeria falciformis: isolation from the laboratory mouse and charaterization of its life cycle

Bruunn, H.; Krogerus, H., 1985:
Study on Exapate species.

Singh, G., 1983:
Study on Gryllus bimaculatus de Geer collected from Delhi and Bangalore

Anonymous, 2007:
Study on Health Extension Workers: access to information, continuing education and reference materials

Sun, R.; Yang, D., 2000:
Study on Hydroides (Polychaeta: Serpulidae) from waters off China. 1

Wang Youzhi. et al., 1997:
Study on Insectivora in Sichuan Province. 1. Erinaceidae and Talpidae

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