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The American genera of Asilidae (Diptera) : key for identification with an atlas of female spermathecae and other morphological details. 3. Key to the genera of Trigonomiminae Enderlein, with description of a new genus and species

Artigas, JN.; Papavero, N.

Boletin de la Sociedad de Biologia de Concepcion 60: 35-42


ISSN/ISBN: 0037-850X
Accession: 021868315

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A key for the identification of the 6 American genera of Trigonomiminae Enderlein: Bromleyus D.E. Hardy, Haplopogon Engel, Holcocephala Jaennicke, Meliponomima gen. n. Orrhodops Hull, and Seabramyia Carrera is presented, with illustration of spermathecae and other morphological details. Meliponomima martensis gen. n., sp. n. (type-locality: brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Dona Marta) is described.

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