Section 22
Chapter 21,897

The cDNA sequences of the sea urchin U7 small nuclear RNA suggest specific contacts between histone mRNA precursor and U7 RNA during RNA processing

Strub, K.; Galli, G.; Busslinger, M.; Birnstiel, M.L.

EMBO Journal 3(12): 2801-2807


ISSN/ISBN: 0261-4189
PMID: 6084590
Accession: 021896717

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3' Processing of sea urchin H3 histone pre-mRNA depends on a small nuclear RNP which contains an RNA of nominally 60 nucleotide length, referred to below as U7 RNA. The U7 RNA can be enriched by precipitation of sea urchin U-snRNPs with human systematic lupus erythematosus antiserum of the Sm serotype. We have prepared cDNA clones of U7 RNA and determined by hybridization techniques that this RNA is present in sea urchin eggs at 30-fold lower molar concentration than U1 RNA. The RNA sequences derived from an analysis of eight U7 cDNA clones show neither homologies nor complementarities to any other know U-RNAs. The 3' portion of the presumptive RNA sequence can be folded into a stem-loop structure. The 5'-terminal sequences would be largely unstructured as free RNA. Their most striking feature is their base complementarity to the 3' conserved sequences of histone pre-mRNAs. Six out of nine bases of the conserved CAAGAAAGA sequence of the histone mRNA precursor and 13 out of 16 nucleotides from the conserved palindrome can be base paired with presumptive U7 RNA sequence, suggesting a unique hybrid structure for a processing intermediate formed from histone precursor and U7 RNA.

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